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The Eriz Era Ends 5.10 (Take 2)

NOTE: ON 4/10/14 WORDPRESS ATE THE PICTURES TO THIS POST.  THEY’RE GONE FOREVER.  I don’t know why we had so much trouble with this post, but whatever, it is what it is.  I tried to restore an older version, but I was unsuccessful.  I will leave the words, but delete the broken picture links.  I apologize for any inconvenience.


Well now!  For those of you who managed to witness The Eriz Era Ends – The Original – well, we’re trying again.  For those of you who missed my temper tantrum original post, WordPress ate it in its entirety.  86 pictures.  Sigh.  But it’s time to move on.

First, I want to extend my gratitude for all the kindness and support I received from you all while I nursed my best good dog Lucas through his illness.  He’s doing very well, and we’re very fortunate to have this time with him.

Now, let’s get back to those zany Zales!  That is why you stopped by, is it not?!  Last time, Gustave died again and left us a daycare van.  Liz and Frond were very attached to one another.  Erik was amazing doctor extraordinaire, if not confusing cook.  Let’s see what in store for us next!

Note: This is one of those filler chapters.  The kids are all teens, so there’s not birthdays every other day.  There’s no births, and it’s an ISBI, so there’s no boyfriends, part time jobs, etc.  It’s fun to play, but it can be a little difficult to post.  So hang in there with me, okay?  Cool.

We begin with Liz glitching and disappearing.

She’s somewhere under that green plumbob.  But a quick outfit change in Forrest’s awesome room (it used to be Cyrus and Changpus, there’s perks to being the first born!) and tada!  She’s back!
Speaking of Forrest, his little square is in the red and he’s pouting, so I go to locate him.

Hmm, here he is, about to have a hotdog eating contest with none other than Brandy, who is now a fairy with pink wings. 😐  and Felicity Offspring.

Forrest opts NOT to participate in the contest and rages about how tired he is.

Go home, Forrest.

Back at home, Flora is awesome and adorable and does her homework!

At a desk!

Frond and Liz are starting to disturb me a little bit.  I think they might be too close.

Because it’s normal to stand there in your underwear and watch your mother eat cake.  😐

Erik and Flora both still have the “learn to drive” wish locked in, so we work on completing that!

She does much better than Erik did when Daisy taught him.  No sidewalk driving from Flora!

Upon completion of her driving test, the Zales FINALLY sell that old Wombago – it was BETTINA’S for heavens sake.  That’s like driving around in your great grandma’s car.  And we buy Flora something nice.

And nice it is!   And pink too!

Here is my Bonehilda, putting away her last dish.  I’ve decided that the Zales can do their own chores, and fix their own appliances.  Bye Bonehilda!

I’ve also decided that if the Zales have less than $100k in the bank, they cannot afford daily maid service.  Being an ISBI, with lots of Zales barely bringing in any money, and the fact that we just bought Flora an expensive car, we have nowhere NEAR $100k.  I’m sure the dogs will really miss her though.  She interacted with them – A LOT.

And shoot.

She’s been gone for mere hours, note it’s still a full moon, and the washing machine breaks.

Erik:  ACHOO!

Bless you!
Erik: *Grumble grumble* always around stupid sick people. *Grumble*
Well, you ARE a doctor, Mr. Delicate.  You HAVE to be around sick people.

Now fix the washing machine.
Thank you Captain Grumpy.

He whined and whined and grumbled while mopping.  See his pouty face?  Poor princess.

Seeing that it’s a full moon, ghosts are out in spades!
Daisy and Erik create a thing of nightmares.
Then we spy Changpu!


(they still look SO much alike!) Through the walls like a boss.

Sleepy Cyrus!



Last but DEFINITELY not least, Abraham Zale!

*Polite applause*

After all of these ghosts, I decide there’s far too many deceased Zales on the lot, and I scoot them across the way to the pretty little fishing hole with the bridge.

It’s far prettier than anything I could have made, so I’m rather pleased with it.  I like how Cyrus is the only one who’s spouses have puny tombstones.

I then captured a pretty bad photo of Duchess, but her lifebar has been full for ages.

She’s like a ticking death bomb.  She could go at any minute!  She’s 51 days old.

Dang it Liz!  Stop breaking the dishwasher!

What exactly are you DOING to the dishwasher when you put your dishes away?  Do you just open the door, throw in the china and then kick it shut?  Because otherwise, I can’t see how you could be causing so much damage…

Erik, of course, goes in for the repair.  Note his green scrubs!  We’re ONE promotion away from his LTW!

*grumbles* I’m a neurosurgeon for heavens sake!  Not some dishwasher repairman!
Cope princess.  You’ll be okay.

Ugh, these two.  It was just a “brighten day” action, which normally would’ve been cute, but the Zales NEVER interact with each other – except these guys.

Liz loves her male mini me.  Frond’s going to have mommy issues, but hey.

The first ghost to haunt the new Zale resting place is Angelica!

The fact that she whips out a trashy romance novel reminds me to put down some ghostie playthings.  I add a waterslide, trampoline, hopscotch board and a sprinkler.  Have to give them something to do on this side of the netherworld.

Angelica instantly locates the waterslide!

Most excellent. 🙂

Here’s Liz doing something besides follow her son around, an brushes Duchess.

Still alive!

It’s nearly freezing out, and Flora is playing in the sprinklers…

She was out here for so long, and she was so cold, I seriously thought she was going to die  (Erik and Liz weren’t around – you’ll see why in a moment) and that Forrest would have to be our TH.

Why weren’t Erik and Liz around?  We got a free vacation notification and I accepted!
Have fun you guys!
I waited and waited, but we never got the option to throw a teen party, so things were nearly unbearably dull.  But, here’s what happened:

Expecting more interesting things, I begin by checking in on all remaining household members.

Frond: Bathroom celebration!
Forrest: Bathroom celebration!
Flora’s thoughts of the fridge save her from freezing to death.
Duchess grabs a snack:
Duke has a sniff:
And Eddie just walks around.

Riveting, yes?  Yes.

Out from under his mother’s thumb, Frond shows us a bit of personality!

*Runs off to the waterslide*

After a few slides, he plays in the sprinklers!


The water toys are very popular lately, I’m not exactly sure why, it’s early fall, and the air is very cold!  But even the dogs are loving it!
I decided I didn’t like Flora’s look, so I gave her a makeover.
And her fish, Tanesha died.

Seeing how Erik isn’t around, she just had to float around in her bowl for days.  Gross.

Frond gave Eddie a bath!

Cuz these teens REALLY know how to rock out while their parents are out of town.  😐

(seriously, it was so boring)

Flora and Forrest actually decided to communicate with one another, and maladjusted Frond didn’t know how to handle it.  So he got in the middle.  Literally.

Frond:  I miss my mommy.  😦

Erik and Liz returned home, THANKFULLY!  The teens were at school, but the second Forrest returned home, he got put in time out!

It was for setting a booby trap, which I never saw him do – this is noteworthy however, because it’s the first time ever, not just in the Zales, but EVER one of my Sims was put in time out.  I’ve SEEN it in other peoples games, but not mine!  Poor baby was sniffling and stuff.  Aw.

Now that Erik is home, we can dispose of Tanesha’s rotting corpse.


Liz breaks the dishwasher.  Again.

Don’t look at ME like that Liz!  You’re the one who can’t seem to put a dish away without BREAKING things.

I send Erik to fix it, and documented it in case he died.

He doesn’t, and then I remembered that he acquired handy after graduating from University – so I’ll stop documenting every household repair.

Research time!  We’ve got to reach that LTW!

Two in a row would be wonderful!

Liz pets now 56 day old Duchess.

Duchess or her son.  The only two Zales she cares about.

Across the street at the fishy graveyard, Traci haunts!
And ISBI Spousal favorite Leif provides us with this lovely photo op:
Erik, after a quick slice of cold pizza and a broken wrist heads off to work.
No really.  Look.  Who holds pizza like this?

And is it just me?  Or does he look a little – extra affectionate – towards that slice?  You can almost hear him saying “mmmmmmmmm…”
“Not Dead” Duchess has a drink from the koi pond.

The anxiety of her not dying is starting to get to me.  It’s GOING TO BE ANY MINUTE.  I then also discovered that Duke’s lifebar is full.  I have two dogs that could go at any second.  This is not good.

And something DOES die…

GnomeJulia – Laserkatt has passed away.  The other fellow gnomes sat around her tombstone for many days.  It was pretty sweet.

Then Duchess plays with a ball nearly as big as her!

It was adorable and she did it for HOURS.

Flora and Forrest get home from school and immediately do their homework!
Then Eddie has his elder birthday alone, in the dark, in the garden.

All three dogs are elders.
No me gusta.

Meanwhile, I was getting pop ups about table tennis, so I thought I’d go see what was happening.
Why it’s Flora and Frond!

Cute!  But every time Frond does something that doesn’t involve his mother, it’s cute.

While down in the basement checking out the table tennis, I spotted our jellybean bush.  I’d forgotten all about, so Erik’s gonna eat one.
He turned blue.  He does not like it.
Aw, flashback!  Genius couple activity!

I mean, sure, Erik’s blue now, and Liz isn’t preggo, but still.  Aw.

I then spotted a new dog gnome!

I name her Julia to replace the deceased gnome Julia.  I wish it was a uni gnome, but oh well.

Liz managed to pee herself.  Too long at the chess board I guess.


I get a pop up that it’s Forrest’s birthday, and that Flora’s is in only two days.  Since this post is dragging out FOREVER, we’re going to have a double birthday.

Oop, make that a triple.  Shelley is still a teen, we’re going to age her up too.

Man she’s cute.

Party Time!

Here’s elder Evan and Ellen!

I did not recognize Evan.  At all.  Thank you mouseover text.

Elaine is here, looking a little bit haggard.
Evie has also aged to elder, but I totally recognized her!
Triple synchronized birthday!

Shelley goes first!
Before makeover:

I think I’m going to REALLY like her, but I’m worried.  Last time we took a spouse from a teenage relationship, it was Traci, and we all know how much I loved her.  But Leif and Bettina were high school sweethearts, and Leif is my favorite ISBI spouse to date!  So we’ll see.

Flora goes next!


Before makeover:

I’d keep her in that hair if it wasn’t the same hair used on Liz.
Flora rolls proper.  Joining loves the heat, angler, loves to swim, and genius.

Forrest goes last!

He looks terrified!

But it turns out okay!

I did not give him a makeover, and I just kicked him out.  Bye Forrest!  See you at parties!

After Forrest had left, I heard someone still cheering, and lookie here!

It’s Daphne!  She’s lost weight, and looks really happy!  That’s the Daphne I knew from the beginning when I peaked at her in CAS.  It’s nice to see her!

Here’s Flora’s make over!

But you might’ve seen it already.

And I made over Shelley too, and I was GOING to hold it for next post, as a surprise, but since I’m probably going to play and post AGAIN today, well, why not.


I don’t know all her traits because she hasn’t moved in yet, but I know she has family oriented and born saleswoman.  I’m very happy with her.

And that’s all!  This is the end of Erik’s rein of drama, and it’s Flora’s turn to impart her own personality on the Zale house.  Erik only has the tiniest of performance left to earn his LTW, so I’m sure he’ll be fine on his own.  We might actually have another success!  That would make three to date.  Abraham, Daisy and Erik.  Flora’s LTW is creature-robot cross breeder.  Not very exciting, but that’s okay.  We have a nice garden started, so hopefully things will go well for Flora.  Come back to see us soon!

Until then, Happy Simming!

Erik the “Doctor” 5.9

Well!  Hello there Simmers!  I hope everyone had a safe, happy, and lovely holiday!  While I was away in Phoenix, Arizona, the Zales took their longest break to date!  I have to say, I missed them!  I managed to read most everyone’s updates, but I missed playing for sure!  That said, last time Flora aged to teen, and Erik to adult.  Duchess saved our dear Gustave, and Frond became a child.  Let’s move on, yes?  Yes!

Now that Flora is a teen, Erik rolled a wish to teach her to drive!
We still haven’t finished, but they stuck with it for a long time!

Hang in there Erik, I’m sure it’s terrifying!
(I really like this picture.)

And while Erik is out teaching Flora to drive… and in almost the exact same spot… Gustave dies again.  He only got four or five more SimDays after Duchess saved him.

Bye Gussie!  Thanks for the Daycare Van!

Poor Forrest. 😦

Gustave joins the rest of the TH’s and Spouses in the back of the property.

While “Never Look at the Camera” Liz and her favorite child, Frond play tag…

…Death grabs a slice of cake.

Oh wait,  he’s not eating it,  he’s cleaning it up.
Thanks…I guess?

But Daisy stops by!  HI DAISY!

Flora is not nearly as excited to see Daisy as we are…
But she’s pretty!

And here’s Duchess, sleeping in the middle of the floor with her eyes open, dreaming about rocks.
Her lifebar is full, and she shows 47 days.  She’s going to die soon 😦

Erik gets a pop up to perform another job over at the graveyard (again…) But Drake’s there!
And that vampire makes the best faces!
Erik is the finest doctor in all of SimLand.  TRUST ME.  He can whip a gadget out of his bum and prescribe pills as big as your face.  Finest. Doctor. Ever.

While at the cemetery, we waste no time dropping off the rest of the IF’s we’ve acquired since our last visit.
I like how the creepiest ones are sinking into the ground.  *shudder*

We do get to diagnose Drake, however. 
I’m not sure what Erik decides he’s suffering from, but I opt for “Ancientism”.  Drake is VERY old!

After Drake is diagnosed, it’s fancy Arlo Bunch’s turn.
Watch the pen, Mr. Bunch.
Erik: The best in town!  I PROMISE.  SimLogic.

Back at home, Frond continues to be Liz’s favorite child.
They stood out here by the pond chatting and gossiping forever in the rain.  How nice for them.

Flora is Erik’s favorite, as he’s constantly rolling wishes about honor roll, driving, talking, etc… so we need to finish that driving skill!  Oh wait! PROM FIRST…
Poor Forrest.  No ones favorite.  I like you dear.  🙂

While they’re off at prom, oh, my dear sweet Zale house.
Duchess: Parrots 😀
Eddie is being taught how to “play dead” by a skeleton.  Fitting.
Frond ROCKS the Zebra!

Oh no!  Duchess has fleas!  I will NOT let her die with fleas!
Bath time!
Good man, Erik.  Take care of Duchess.  She’s a Zale through and through.

PROM ENDS.  Flora was queen (shocking) and Forrest was king (equally shocking).  Forrest got in a fight about something, and he was rejected when asking a “very attractive Sim” to dance.  Flora however… fell in love!  She has a full relationship bar and is a romantic interest with Shelley Hill.  She needed a makeover.  And here she is in CAS!
So.  I took these notes: “Not sure if potential spouse or what, but she’s too cute!”  Hmm.

I then followed her taxi “home”… apparently she lives at the stadium.

Meanwhile – Drake’s time is coming to an end.
Drake Dying

But at home, Flora is awesome and does her homework at 1am after prom.
It looks hard. 

Erik works on his research material for his job while “rocking with flair” freakin’ DIVA.
But at least you aren’t breaking appliances…

…Like Forrest.

He finds it very upsetting.

But while Forrest abandons his desire to break the house, he does his homework.
And Bonehilda?  She saves the day!
It’s so nice not to have cowardly or neurotic Sims about.  You can really reap the benefits of a Bonehilda.  She conflicts with my “no fantasy” ideals, and I HATED her in TS1.  Who the hell gets a BONEMAID.  However, in an ISBI, she’s handy as can be – without fraidy Sims, of course.

Erik, after researching with flair, was very hungry.  He’s read a lot of recipes and worked hard to cook for his family.  AND we buy groceries.  So if he has an option to prepare a meal, and it has a simolean figure buy it, we do not make it.  Here he is cooking.
Dur dee dur… I’m going to crack an egg directly onto a cutting board. This will make mushroom omelets. 

Here is Erik pouring milk directly onto this same surface.
It instantly turned into a bowl which appeared to contain normal omelet ingredients.  😐

Poor SimCooking aside – HI CYRUS!

Ghost Cyrus floated through Frond’s room and woke him up, so he decided to… PRESIDE OVER ROYAL COURT!

How cute is he?  No really.  How cute.  Enjoy him now…
…Cuz his birthday’s coming!  And let’s recall, he rolled “Emperor of Evil” even though he has totally non-evil traits.  Frond is weird.

Erik gets a chance to hold a vaccination clinic.  Instead of being at the graveyard, like always, it’s at the summer festival! (It’s funny that that makes more sense… SimLogic)
Let the summer vaccinations begin!

I’m sure this is the last time we’ll see you alive!

Well.  That escalated quickly.
Bye Drake 😦

Forrest, who was “skipping school” heaven knows what he was up to, and Evie witness Drake’s death.

Then I spot Sam Sekemoto… with his broken heart.
Apparently him and Drake maintained their high school romance all through the years.  Poor thing.  😦

Back at home, Liz and her favorite child Frond celebrate his birthday!

Erik got called back to work, I don’t know where everyone else is…
Aw, these two.  Too cute.

Frond rolls “Can’t Stand Art” to join athletic, ambitious, and excitable.  His LTW is “Emperor of Evil”.
Hmm.  Oh dear.
At least Liz seems thrilled with the outcome.

He’s cute.  He looks like a male Liz, but Gustave’s incredibly dominant eye shape.  I love his round face and purple hair, however.

And, to end this post, Erik has rolled this THREE TIMES:
Divorce liz
NO!  We are NOT divorcing Liz!  Deal with it you DIVA.

So, while I posted this, I decided there will be no heir poll.  Flora will continue the Zale legacy, honoring the boy/girl/boy/girl theme.  She appears to prefer women, so I’m PRETTY sure her and Shelley will wed and adopt a whole slew of boys who I can heir poll for the “G” generation.  There will also be at least one girl child, as I’m sticking to a mini challenge of at least one child of each gender per generation.  I’m looking forward to what comes next, and  I hope you all are too!

Thanks for coming back to the Zales after the holiday break!  Hope to see you again real soon!

Happy Simming!

Duchess Surprises Us All 5.8

Hey There!  What’s new people simulators?  Good stuff I hope!  Last time, everyone mourned Daisy, my Bonehilda was a little less awesome than she used to be, and Erik spent some time exploring the universe with aliens.  Is there alien spawn?  Let’s find out!

We begin with the discovery of a new gnome!
The dog gnome on the far left is hereby christened EVE! Eve writes the roserainbowcy, and you should go visit.  Because this is my party, and I said so.  She makes me laugh.

And then we spot Erik and Flora bonding over books!
Well, Erik is reading his research material for his job, but it’s still cute.

I then was trying to tidy up everyone’s inventory (and locate Angelica’s guitar because reasons to be explained below), and I found this!
It’s a daycare van!  Because Gustave managed to top the daycare “career”!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!  Huzzah!  I’ve never seen one before, even in all my blog reading, so I’m kinda happy about it.  Nothing like a game you can play for years and still find new stuff.

Also in Gus’ inventory were many sketches by Elaine that had appreciated to nearly 80 bucks apiece!  So we hung them in the daycare space!
I did frame them, btw.  I really like these two:

Erik rolled a wish to go to the library, so I had him bring his kids along.
Fun little outing.

Erik uses the “fast learning” to read his research material.

Frond picks out “Zombies? Zombies!”

Forrest goes for “To Hunt or Gather”
Which considering his name, I found both fitting, and funny.

What about Flora you ask?
She goes potty.  Just like Abraham in his very first post… tinkle at “The place that looks like a library”  Aw.  My Zales have come so far!  *sniffle*

Aw, Frond & Erik are so cute…
Getting their read on.

As soon as Erik finishes his research material, he had also rolled a wish to learn the guitar skill.  (Hence why I was inventory searching for Angelica’s guitar).
He looks so happy.  It’s adorable.  HI ANGELICA’S GUITAR!

Dropped in family, “The Offsprings” make a few appearances!  Leon shows up at the library!
He looks old.  But good!

And while Erik plucks away poorly on guitar, I spot a few other familiar faces across the street at the festival.
It’s Lea Offspring and her daughter Kayla!  She was one of the Zale’s romantic interests back in high school.  I am actually quite fond of her look.

Erik is still playing the guitar, and Flora gets bored and sends herself home.
She came, she tinkled, she left.  You can see Forrest being very studious in the window behind her.

Daphne shows up at the library too!  Hi Daph!
She looks cute (in the face).  She looks happy.  That dress was Breanne’s formal wear.  Anyone remember her?  Abrahams first born child.

Back at home, Gustave is standing around (like he likes to do) waiting to ROCK!
But he doesn’t feel so well.  😦

Erik:  DAD!

Erik: GASP!
Aw Gus.  I knew it was coming!

Everyone weeps – except Liz.  I have no idea where Liz has even been this whole post.

And sad doggies 😦

Poor Flora!

Flora and Frond: WAAAAAAHH!  Who’s going to prepare meals!?!?
(Which is funny, because Erik does all the cooking…)

Wait.  Duchess?  What are you doing?!?

Gus?  Why aren’t you in the urn?





Gus: I’ve NEVER FELT SO ALIVE! (Except a little bit sleepy)

Duchess did this all on her own.  So much love for my Duchess.
Duchess: Thanks for taking care of us after Momma Daisy left.  Love you Daddy Gustave – LICK
AW.  The smooches.

So I did one of my very few cheating transactions and had Gus do this:
Gus: Thanks Puppy!

Guschess FTW!
I didn’t even know they liked each other that much!  I mean, they played a lot, and he fed her, and brushed her – okay, there were lots of signs that these two had formed a deep bond, but I was busy.  I’m actually glad I didn’t know – because it came as a complete shock.  I barely even caught the photos!

And then, with the Abe/Benji situation fresh in my mind, I save.  IT WORKED!
Gustave is now 97 days, with 118,922 LTH.  I wonder how long this puppy save will work?  Does anyone know if Duchess can save him again?  I honestly wish I liked him more.  I like him fine, he’s not nearly as annoying as Traci, or even Angelica, but I loved Leif…  But the daycare, even though he rocked it, is terrible, and he stands around making stupid faces all the time.  I was ready for him to go.  Why couldn’t Duchess have saved Daisy instead?  Oh well, it is still a very cool thing, and I’m happy!

Frond, however, rolled the LTW of Emperor of Evil after witnessing this scene.  Frond’s traits are: excitable, athletic, and ambitious!  I have NEVER seen a non-evil Sim roll this LTW.  I, following one of the few ISBI rules I actually follow, locked it in.  Evil Frond.

Then I get this pop-up!
Dahlia Death
Dahlia is going to die!  She’s going to die before Dane, the last surviving triplet – with Drake and Daisy already passed on.

And, having death stop by, but reap no souls due to Duchess surprising us all, the ghosts come out!
It’s Abraham and Changpu!  (All together now “EW A GHOST”) 😐
I love cute Erik in his skivvies doing laundry in the background.

Then someone broke the TV…
…(captured in case he dies…he doesn’t)

And!  Here we have FROND ZALE!
Screenshot-36Future Emperor of Evil ladies and gentlemen!  (God he’s cute!)

OH, my Bonehilda is still around… here she is breaking the trash compactor…
And instantly fixing it.
I enjoy having her around.

Gustave’s brush with death has invigorated him.  He’s been rolling things like “buy a street art kit” and “throw a party” and all kinds of weird not-Gussie stuff.  Here he is playing hack (okay, kicky bag) with Forrest!

And then!  It’s a party! Here’s Evie!  Probably still stinky from weeing herself at the last Zale party.
Evie: It smells good in here – maybe it’ll cover up my own aroma.
Behind her is Daphne with a book, and to her right, vampire Geoffrey Landgraab!

And here’s Drake!  He’s as old as Gustave without ever being saved by the profound adoration of a pet!

And close siblings Elaine and Erik enjoy a quick chat.

Ellen made it too!  But she’s busy on the waterslide.

And here’s Evan!  And the unfortunate soul right next to him Griselda Ursine.

Then it’s cake time!  Oh Erik.  You’re so damned CUTE!
So, he rarely smiles, he’s too busy being a grumpy diva.  But look.  When he does smile!?  It’s fantastic. (oldie behind him is a party crasher… I can’t remember who)  I love his smile.  It’s adorable.

But Flora is cute too!
Aw.  Zebra *Soon*


Forrest and Drake:


Daphne (who is now a food merchant?  Weird?  Her random food obsession has escalated.) and Elaine!

Evan?  You okay?

And what would a diva wish for?!?
Aw.  Good luck with that love.

Flora and Forrest!
Aw!  And what does she wish for?  Ask the Zebra.  It *knows*

Flora: WHOOSH!
Zebra: I’m watching you.

“Erik is having a midlife crisis”  oh goodie.

Sparkle Flora!
Flora rolls (good student!) loves to swim.  This joins loves the heat, angler, and genius.  What an intelligent beach bum!

Flora looks beautiful!
And sad.  Maybe all the Zale deaths/near deaths have taken their toll on her.  Because BTW this happened:
Dahlia Dead
We invited her to the party, but she died before it started.  😦

Bonehilda eats CAKE!
I have seen Bonehilda play a lot of hopscotch and drink a lot of juice.  But I haven’t seen her eat.  I love this.  Where does it go????  Duchess was spotted eating off the floor moments later… maybe it just falls right through?

Flora’s makeover!
I put pretty much every hair on her.  I had either used it too recently, or it just looked bad.  Being a heat loving, water loving, fishing Sim, I didn’t think she’d want to do much with her hair.  And loving pink, I felt like she’d embrace that little girly bit about herself, and wear some makeup and pink clothing.  I adore her so much.  Please don’t judge her too harshly by her makeover.  It DOES suit her, and it’s the best I could come up with.  If it bothers me later (true test of whether or not it was a success or failure) I can change it.
**Edit:  Flora also rolled the creature-robot cross breeder LTW sometime during this play session.  I locked it in!

Erik gets a make over too!  I tried to envision a more mature diva, in the midst of a midlife crisis.
And at this point, I realize, that if he was pregnant with alien spawn, we’d know by now.  SO YAY!  NO ALIEN BABIES! (quickly sells telescope)

(Oops, there’s still a telescope) And!  We end with…
Left to Right: Eve, Zefie, Julia (so fitting that it’s the graduation gnome, Julia LOVES uni), Sammy, Amy, and last but not least Pink!
These are my top six commenters!  Honored Zale Style.  FANCY.

See what I did there?  Start with gnomes, end with gnomes?  Am creative genius.

Anyhoo, Happy Simming!  May you play lag-free, glitch-free, freeze-free games, without errors or problems!  Happy Holidays too!

I’ll be in Phoenix, AZ until the 28th.  So we may not see the Zales until the New Year!  I wish you all the best of the season, and so much joy and happiness.  Merry Christmas!

Much affection – Heather (and the Zales)

Zale Family Moves On – 5.7

Hey hey kids!  A LOT happened last time, mostly Daisy’s death and Flora aging into an adorable child.  So with that all behind us, let’s move forward!
We begin with – all of us missing Daisy… Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3
I testingcheatsenabled the pets, but I let every single human Sim mourn Daisy
Forrest has been having a rough time, so I have Erik “Offer to read Bedtime story” just the help him out… Screenshot-4 Listen, son…I know you miss grandma.  I miss her too.  Let’s get some sleep, Okay?
Forrest waits…Screenshot-5 They are SO CUTE: Screenshot-6 Aw.  Erik even does all the voices, while he reads.  Forrest LOVES it… Screenshot-7 Goodnight Forrest… Screenshot-8 I miss her too.
After Forrest falls asleep, Erik lets his diva emotions show: Screenshot-9 Oh honey.  Normally I’d make fun of you, but I’m sad too.

And here the walls are down on purpose to capture everyone’s agony… 😦 Screenshot-10
Then tired, hungry, and ever so very sad… the children go off to school… Screenshot-11
After the school day, Flora returns home tired – Gus flies into action Screenshot-12 I found this so very sweet.  Flora has been yellow/red ever since her Grandma Daisy died.  And Gus hasn’t exactly been on his A-Game.  So the SimStars aligned and we got this sweet moment.  Aw…
BUT!  With Daisy gone, and not freaking out with a Bonehilda around, we can re-awaken her! Screenshot-13 Hmm.  First thing she does is grab this “green salad” from the fridge and put it on the counter. Screenshot-14 And then this one… Screenshot-15 And then this one too… Screenshot-16 Then GUS EATS ONE! Screenshot-17 So okay!  Good!  At least someone is benefitting from Bonehilda’s obsession with food.  I’m assuming she misses eating.  Being skin and bones, and all…

Erik works on his logic skill, and the view is astounding!
Um… until this happens.
(Erik queues up the “investigate light phenomenon” or whatever it is)
Oh no.  He’s going to get abducted!
See you soon Erik.  Please don’t be pregnant with Alien Spawn.  That’s not the direction this ISBI/Alphabetcy/Legacy thing was heading…

OH!  HI!  Did you have a nice time?!?
*Rolls wish to give friendly greeting to ancient alien abductor*
Oh good.  I’m glad you had a nice time… If you’re pregnant with alien spawn, I quit.  Just so you know.

On a way more fun note; GNOME SIGHTING!
I know I’ve said this before, but I love how they’re always together.  I don’t always take a picture when I see them always together, but they’re always together.

So, with the brief interlude of Erik being abducted (NO BABIES NO BABIES NO BABIES) Bonehilda goes back to her new trait of “randomly pulling food out of the fridge”… great.
Bread and Jam.
Oh great.  Then lovely (stinky) Flora finds a green salad and eats it…
Making our DEAREST Bonehilda feel the need to instantly replace it.
I miss my badass Bonehilda that was better than yours.  Now mine sucks – just as much – if not more.

SIM CHECK:  Gustave is 94 days old and has 116517 LTH.  And daycare was not his calling…
Sure Gus.  Brush the dog when ALL of the humans need your help.  It’s cool.
Gus: but Daisy loved all the dogs.  I miss Daisy…
Yes yes, I do too – however you have daycare spawn to take care of… please focus.

FOCUS ON BIRTHDAYS!  (How’s that transition? Epic? I know right?)
So.  Even joking about the transition – and knowing that I both witnessed Gus’ daycare fail, and THREW THIS PARTY, the move from brushing Duchess to Forrest blowing out his candles is a stretch.  EVEN FOR ME.  But, it is what it is, SO!

Elaine is here!  Remember her?  She earned her degree along side TH Erik (with a 4.0 nonetheless), doing far better than him and I *freaking love* how she took Frond to his cake.  I mean, I had Erik click the cake and say “Have Birthday – Frond” and dear, sweet, ELAINE went and got him.  She is seriously the bestest ever forgotten Sim.

But not only Elaine showed up, but we spy Dahlia, Evie and Evan!

And oh Dahlia – must you always rock your crazy at Zale parties?  Also, we spy singular surviving D triplet Drake.
Drake: I’m going to die soon…
Yes, I’m sure you are… I’m sorry Drake…
So here’s Elaine and Frond’s cake time!
So much cute.  And notice that I sold Daisy’s bar.  Aw.  😦
BUT!  It’s party time!
Liz: GO SON!
Sparkly Forrest!
Forrest: Is it done yet?!?
OH hey!  Evie managed to stick around and support her nephew’s birthday!
She looks cute 🙂
But aside from Elaine taking Frond to his cake, and Evie cheering… no other Zales seemed to care about the party.
See?  Drake hung out outside…
Playing with his phone the ENTIRE time…

…And although many Zale guests managed to attend Forrest’s celebration, it’s Frond’s birthday too!Screenshot-45

Frond rolled ambitions to join excitable, and athletic.
Aw.  I love my little Frond.  He’s SO cute!

Forrest, post makeover, is surprisingly a little chubby!  I love him even more for it.  My sweet, kind, Forrest.
Although I know he’s SUPER similar to Erik – at this point, he pulls away from possibly being a clone, and further differentiates himself into his own dear, Forrest.  I love him.

Evie bitched about the party not being that great, and saying she needed to go.  Well yes.  I can say she did indeed, “need to go”.
She pisses herself while the Uni Llama laughs at her.  Priceless Evie.  Way to be.

Holy SHIT!
That’s elder Daphne showing off her figure in her elder bathing suit.  I DID NOT EVEN KNOW SHE WAS HERE!  (She was invited, I just never saw her, until this blinding moment…)

Man!  Evan was still here too!  He’s either stealing – or putting away – our books…

Dahlia was also milling about!  I have NO idea where!?!
Shouldn’t they have all been swarming the cakes during the parties?!?

I am hereby chastised.  The Zale house/property is not so large that I should have lost all these Sims.  I’m SORRY!

Man.  Lone surviving triplet Drake is still here… it’s almost 5 am, but he’s enjoying the hot tub…
And Dahlia continues to abuse the water slide…
Or perhaps it continues to abuse her!

And then we spot Liz.  Oh Liz.
I don’t care how cute you are, and how happy you look, but that is not your bed!

Bonehilda/Gnome party!

And here she is teaching Eddie to shake!

Omg, seriously?  How could this be this cute.  SHE’S A SKELETON!
But Aw.  For reals…

More “awww” the elder gents of the house…
…Gus and Duke.  BELLY RUBS!

Then we spot athletic Forrest working out!

Then Liz clapping over cookies…

Oh man, he’s 90% naked already… I swear, if he comes back alien pregnant, I QUIT.

And here’s Gus eating ice cream.
Because I thought he’d be dead by now.


If Erik has alien spawn, I have NO IDEA what will happen.  I’ll probably put it to poll, if he happens to be “pregnant”… But HEY!  Come back next time!  If Gustave doesn’t die, he’s a freak, and if Erik isn’t pregnant, THANK THE LLAMA!  Until then, cheers and Happy Simming!

I Wasn’t Ready 5.6

Well!  Hi there friends!  Special shoutout to Zefie, who I just happened to stumble upon, and who makes one of the best Sim blogs I’ve seen.  So!  Last time, not much really happened, just typical lives and times on planet Zale.  Erik was actually happy at a party, for a second.  Forrest aged to child, and Frond to a toddler.  We finally got Liz’s purple hair.  That said, it’s time to move on to THIS post!  YAY!

We begin with Forrest, and a daycare child, Elvira Humphries having a nice little chat!
I think she’s adorable!

Aw look!  Young love!
Elvira: Forrest
Forrest: Dates! 😀

Duke and Eddie are also WAY too cute!
Eddie: Folded Napkins
Note:  I worked in a restaurant in college where I had to fold around 100 of these napkins every day.  I folded them into exactly this shape.  *Flashback*

I was clicking down the family, to see how they were doing, and MANY of them were “stir crazy” so I thought we’d head to the beach on this fine Spring day.
I didn’t give a lot of thought to Elmira – our weekend daycare charge.  We’ll just leave her at home.

Some daycare, let me tell ya…
She seems okay though?  Found the TV.

With the Zale Clan on the way to the beach, I spot this!
So.  I’ve been simming for a LONG time.  The majority spent on TS1 and TS2, and I didn’t have a machine that would run TS3 for AGES – that said – I’ve NEVER seen anything like this!  It’s like a car has been pulled over!  I don’t know if you can tell, but the lights are lit up on the cruiser.  I investigated more closely, and all vehicles were empty.  Bummer.  I watched these two cars for the rest of the Zale’s journey to the shore – nothing happened.  So I testingcheats deleted them.  I keep reading about how cars can cause lag.  I got worried.

And, while the Zales are still on their way to the beach, this happens…
Bye Dane!
Total bummer.  The first spare death of this ISBI/Alphabetcy/Legacy thingamabob.  Dane is one of Daisy’s triplet siblings.  Pretty sad!

BUT!  It’s a time for beach fun!  So – forgetting about the death of a sibling/uncle/brother etc, we move on!  BUT WAIT!
I think this woman is stealing our CAR!!!  Where’s that cruiser now! (Oh wait, I deleted it)

(She isn’t.  She’s actually a police officer – but I had no idea there was another orange wombago in town.)  When I saw this I first thought one of my Zales was disbanding the group, but no.  This Sim also has the same car.  Now if this was one of the three or four colors this car came in originally, I wouldn’t be nearly as surprised as I was to find it elsewhere.  I swear this car doesn’t come in orange as a default option. (Late Edit: Just kidding – it totally does, but still.  If I didn’t still have the car in Erik’s inventory, I would have sworn this lady STOLE it.)

But hey!  The Zales are amidst a fine family outing at the beach!  Let’s see what they get up to!
Eriz plays chess!  It’s good for both their LTW, Liz with science, and Erik with medicine.  But so much nicer in the sun at the beach!

Evan shows up!  He changed his hair.  I like it!
I also like how he’s eyeballing and thinking about Erik.  He looks pretty sharp.

Daisy finds the little bar and makes “quick” drinks!
Aw.  Love it!

Forrest entertains himself in the cutest possible fashion…

And Gus watches the babies and their toys while a Traci look-alike (Is actually a tourist) plays in the ocean.
Taking a great tip from Zefie, I bring toys for the tots.  Otherwise there’s nothing really for them to do at the shore.

I like how carefully he’s walking in thigh deep water.  He looks stupid.  Now, Daisy and Flora are in an action I asked them to do.  I haven’t seen the “play with toddler in ocean” antics, and I didn’t want to interrupt Eriz’s chess game, so I CHEATED (but not for any BIG reason) and asked Daisy to play with Flora in the ocean.

I have no idea why you’d A. Bring a toddler to the beach in his/her fleece pajamas.  (Fleece+Sand=Terrible) or B. Carry them into the surf wearing them – but hey.  SimLogic 😐
It was definitely still adorable.  Aw.

And holy cow!  Look at what Evan was hiding!
I wonder where he got a speedboat?  It has also started raining.  Boo.

While Gustave ignores his single daycare responsibility this happens!
Gus is daycare master
Gus has topped the daycare “career”  well alright!  Good for him!  I can’t believe how happy Elvira’s father was to pick her up.  He gets there, she’s alone, has been for HOURS, and when he asks her where the caretakers went, she says “the beach” and he still manages to find us EXCELLENT caregivers.  *ahem* SimLogic 😐

Again, after reading Zefie’s blog, I decide the Zales need to grocery shop, and no finer time than a rainy Saturday evening!

$400.00+ later…
…but it IS a family of seven.  It’s actually kind of reasonable.  *Author’s Tangent: I remember shopping for clothes in TS2.  I loved it.  I loved them having all those outfits when they got home, easy to change into, and who didn’t love the woohoo in the fitting rooms?

Anyhoo, I get a pop-up that Forrest’s curfew is soon!  Looks like he didn’t make it home with the rest of the family from the beach!
Aww, he’s still in his costume!  Hurry up son!

Meanwhile, at home, Erik is busy potty training the Frond man!

And Forrest makes it home!  He’s drenched and cold, but didn’t get arrested!
YAY!  He’s so sweet!  (love the houndstooth, btw)

Then, I do an elders check.  I was pretty surprised to discover they were this old.
Daisy is 91 days, and has 265,644 LTH
Gus is 90 days, and has 103.611 LTH

And then gnome sighting!
I love how they’re always together!

Then Liz?  She goes and rolls this…
Have baby with Eirk

Note:  I actually tried – but the TFB option was grayed out.  It said the house was too full.  There’s only seven sims, so it must be a combination of the seven sims and three pets… weird?  I don’t know.  Then I thought it might’ve had to do with having a weekend daycare toddler over – but that wasn’t it either.  THEN I REMEMBERED – I titled a post “The Last “F” is Born” and well, we can’t go back on that, can we?  (but I totally would’ve if it was an option…)

Liz actually helps out with the daycare!  I think Liz is great – a little underappreciated, but great nonetheless!

And then, for the first time this ISBI/Alphabetcy/Legacy thing – two toddlers find the block table.  Let the picspam begin!
Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-27
I love how they chat and play “smashy block” (where they each take turns smashing the red block).  Aw.  And their PJ’s too!

I then realize I haven’t seen Forrest in ages.  Maybe even SimDays?  Well here he is!
Asking Elaine to read him a bedtime story!  I didn’t even know Elaine was HERE!  However, being asked to read a bedtime story doesn’t count as an “invite inside” so she never made it in.  Aw.

And then holy cow, Liz’s FIRST EVER day of work!
Come on Liz, make that science LTW happen.  (HA!!)

And these bed blobs?
Gustave and Daisy – dreaming of Eddie.
The daycare has just arrived, and these two are HOURS from waking up.  Erik is at work so…  Yeah…

Here’s how that went…
Lots of this.  Until the children showed up, by then the bed blobs were up.  YAY!

Later that night Duke has a full moon elder birthday!
He looks pretty much the same since he was so gray to begin with.  But aw.  NO ONE CHEERED.  Bad Zales.

That same night, this zombie, and Lea Grubbs were on our property…
So Lea goes and dies.  Great.

Zombie: RAWR!
Daisy: Hmm.
Lea: Okay!  I’m dead.  And sleepy.
Plantern: GLOWS

Daisy then remembers she’s a coward and… DOWN SHE GOES!
I like how her glasses kind of look like an eye patch.  I had to find something positive with the nine gazillion times I’ve watcher her faint/pass out.

Also, in the midst of this, Forrest rolls the LTW to top the journalism career!  Must’ve been quite the scoop!  I locked it in 🙂

But!  It’s a new day, and WOW!  Look at all the people!
PARTY!  And wowee!  Look at elder Daphne!

Then elder Dahlia & Drake…
Elaine too!

Whose birthday is it?  Why Liz!
And aw.  Look at all the Elder Zales 😦

Forrest: GO MOMMA!
Aw, sweetie.  You’re such a fun, kind Sim!

Sparkly Liz!
Adorable Liz!

Then oh wow, look at Ellen!  That’s the most drastic YA to Adult change I’ve seen in the Zales!
Yes, I promise, that’s Ellen.  Perhaps a female Gustave?  There isn’t much Daisy in that face.  But I also think she looks a bit like Adult Daphne.  Oh well.  Ellen is still awesome in my book!

And of course Daphne has NO TROUBLE finding cake…
…Never mind that everyone else is routefailing.  I’m almost surprised she isn’t chasing the ice cream truck outside the house!

But more importantly, it’s Flora’s birthday too!

Aw.  Gus and Flora! ❤


Aw!  Flora you cutie patootie!


Flora rolls Angler, to join Loves the Heat and Genius.  I’m PRETTY sure this is the first Zale angler.  I’m pretty excited!

Here she is, PREMAKEOVER!
She’s AMAZING.  I took the streaks out of her hair.  Here she is after:
But as much as I like the color of the hair and her clothes, I think I need to put her back into that straight hair she aged up in. Or you know?  I think she might need that straight eyebrow.  Kind of brooding looking – I approve.  I don’t know, we’ll see.  Sims always look different walking around than they do in CAS.  I like her out in the game, SO MUCH.  She is my favorite child Zale to date.

Anyhoo, why thank you party guest!
Who is this guest you ask?  Why, It’s Kate Pistachio!  The Zales old maid!  I didn’t invite her, but if she wants to crash parties and mop up potty, fine with me!

I also found two new gnomes!
Sammy is the bunny doing the face plant, because I think she’d think it’s funny, and Zefie is doing the cute pose with her face in her hands like her picture!  And we already have Julia, Amy & Pink!  YAY GNOMES!

Flora’s room gets a more grown up remodel.
She even has a new goldfish (caught by Daisy!) named Tanesha!  Suits her angler trait.

Too much adorableness!


And then, I’m just getting ready to save and quit.  Like seriously, I was un-paused for SECONDS!




I wasn’t ready to lose you Daisy.  Apparently no one else was either…




(Douchnozzle in the background: GREAT PARTY!!!)

Gus: In denial
Must tidy up!  La la la!
(Duchess: *Sad puppy*)



Ellen and Flora:


Gustave figures it out:

Oh my Daisy:
I’m not ready either…



Goodnight Daisy.
(She’s on the far right with the daisies I found growing in their yard.)
Beloved Wife, Mother, Sister – Sim.

I wasn’t ready.


Firthdays 5.5

Hey There!  The previous Zale experience involved a new birth! Frond!  We saw a unicorn, and Flora was a total cuteness ninja.  Let’s see what happens this time!?!

We begin with damn cute toddlers!
Aw.  Look at the cute.  Did you look?

And here’s Flora in her cute pajamas, that you totally saw last screen shot, but I forgot.
Edit: Oh wait, no, she’s in her cute regular outfit up there! I just love her clothes 🙂
But Erik’s there bein’ all cute and stuff.  Aw…

Then nothing happens forever and I got bored, so I decided to do a ZALE FAMILY CHECK!
Daisy & Gustave
Daisy: She’s 88 days old and has 262,136 LTH, fun fact; she has more than 70 apples in her pocket.  (Deceased family inventory pass down)
Gustave: He’s  87 days old and has 97,450 LTH, fun fact; his highest relationship is with his son Evan.  THE LOSER.  Oh Gus.

She’s 5 days to adulthood, she has 39,996 LTH, fun fact; she hates looking at the camera

Erik (and Eddie)!
He’s 11 days from adulthood, he has 114,119 LTH, fun fact; he occasionally sleeps with his eyes open, and has done this since childhood.

He is 4 days until childhood. 2,409 LTH, fun fact; named after Forest in the Rose Rainbowcy and if you aren’t reading – DO IT!

6 days until childhood.  39,966 LTH, fun fact; I love her pajamas. (although I think I already said that)

Screenshot-8Constipated Burrito.  (Happens to me when I eat burritos – I forgive.)

Hmm… I talked about how bored I was, but perhaps that was because they were all sleeping.  Sleepy Sims are a weird mixture of happy and boring. Like when I got all the burritos/toddlers asleep I was happy.  Then instantly bored.  This is why I ISBI people.

Kinda fun, right?  And who doesn’t like the thawing of the Koi?
(Authors note:  My parents have Koi.  The pond freezes.  It’s SO trippy how you keep Koi alive when it freezes.)

Hmm, Erik rolled this!
Hang with Holly
Cool!  We might have to do that!
*Note: I had every intention of maybe creating some fun times/drama regarding Holly, but Forrest, Flora and Frond kept Erik too busy for “extra-curricular activities”.  Sorry to disappoint.

Too much chaos.  The dogs are barking and squeaking.  Toddlers are peeing and glitching, children are watching TV and the sound.  Oh llama, the sound.  It’s SO NOISY!

So I remove myself- to my Forrest.  The cutie!

And my Flora!  Skillin’ in the walker!  SO MUCH CUTE!

Don’t you roll your eyes at me young lady!
You ARE CUTE!  Accept it!

Elaine then rang the bell!
But Erik’s busy at an emergency at the hospital – so no one will let her in.  😦

Then this fairy guy, Thornton Wolfe showed up with Elaine, and I like him!
Erik gets home in time for an introduction!
Fairy Dude: Can I plant your garden?

Erik also managed to greet his twin Elaine too!
And Liz strips and heads off to play on the water slide.

Note: I do have a Young Again Potion I could use for this Thornton fellow if I so desire!

ERIZ sleeps together for the first time in FOREVER

And then we throw a party!
guest list
That’s a lot of Zales.  A lot of OLD Zales!  I’m sure I’ll have spares dying off soon for the first time this legacy!  (We had to move before the B’s and C’s could die off.)

It’s a Zale “HOW TO DOOR” Seminar!
In case you don’t recall, here they are, front to back, left to right.
Evan, Elaine, and Dane!

And where there’s cake, there’s Daphne!


He rolls Easily Impressed to join Athletic and Grumpy.
DEEEERRRRP!  (It’s kinda sad, because I enjoy that hair, but – as we’ve already established, I’m not good with “fantasy” so yeah… Fail.)

Daphne’s Ass PHOTOBOMBS!
Her behind overshadows Elaine and Ellen merging into one, and our singular Drake sighting!
But dat ass!

HA HA HA HA!  ERIK!  First time I’ve seen him happy at a party!

Two milliseconds later…
Perhaps he actually enjoyed a party – accidentally – because Liz took the kids to the cakes!

Aw.  My Zales!
Liz NEVER looks at the camera!

Constipated Burrito on the floor!

Constipated Burrito is sparkly!

I spy pre-makeover purple hair!

However, when it comes to makeovers, FORREST goes first!
I killed the orange tips and highlights to reflect Forrest’s own color choices.

Here he is!  In his purple-haired glory!  He’s cute as a bug!  Where that rather large nose came from, I can’t be sure!  Hmm, I guess it’s Liz’s nose – man style.  It suits Liz better…

And hey!  It wouldn’t be a party without Daphne and cake!
Utensil = Shovel

And why Elaine! Thank you!
Not only did you teach us that ISBI spares can earn university degrees with a 4.0 in “Fine Arts” (we all saw how fine your “arts” were, Elaine…) you cleaned up after the party!  Way to be the most awesome of the most forgotten!  Spare win For The Fail!

And!  That is the end of this post!  It seemed like a fine time to say “until next time!”  Hope to see you again real soon!  Cheers and Happy Simming!

The Last “F” is Born 5.4

Hi Friends!  Last time stuff happened.  Erik’s son Forrest is a mostly clone.  SO!  I’m in a rush, I only have about 30 minutes to get this post up, so let’s see how I do.  It’s 9:26pm, my time.  Here we go!

Daisy and Gustave enjoy being grandparents
Well, Gustave does, Daisy was too slow!

With Flora still a burrito, it’s skillin’ time!
Walker and playpen were used for the other skills.  I love his little outfit by the way.  Aw.  Forrest is adorable.

Duchess has her elder birthday!
What’s happenin’ to muh tail!!!
That pic makes me 😀
Aw, she’s so gray!
And the family, they care!

Here’s clone Forrest bein’ damn cute!
I love this little boy! ❤
I haz a monster…

Oh!  What’s this?!?  ROLL REVERSAL!
Daisy: La di da, gonna rock in the chair, doo de doo
Liz: *rocks*

Daisy: DAMN!  What’s this shit?
Liz: *rocks*


Authors note:  I enjoyed that very much.  Liz FTW!

Also in the basement…
Erik sleeps with his eyes open.  GROSS!  I HATE THAT!

Here’s Liz autonomously parenting, which she does on occasion.  She also refuses to EVER look at the camera…
YES – I know I control the camera angle, but the best angle for the shot always involves Liz looking elsewhere, and she’s so damned cute!  It’s a shame!  I really wanted to show off Forrest’s cute pajamas.  Aw.

Sigh.  There is SO much wrong with this picture.
Can you count the ways?  Daisy faint, Bettina haunting well into the day time, Liz vomiting on Forrest, Dog pee on the rug.  Alas.  The “joy” of an ISBI.

Erik was left alone for 30 seconds, and we all know what that yields…
Spot the Diva!  *Erik: OUCH! MY HAND!*

Erik is busy working hard on his LTW, and doing 90% of the parenting, so I thought we’d use the rocking chair for good instead of evil.
here he is reading his research material and occupying the rocker so everyone else is more productive.  YAY!

And here’s Liz, because she’s adorable and never looks at the camera.
I love her face.  I think she’s a spectacular Sim.

Leif sighting!  My favorite spouse so far! (Liz is doing well though!  But it’s early, I’m pretty sure I still liked Traci at this point!)
Aw.  I love him.
I miss him more than Cyrus. 

Duke and floor pancakes FTW!
Hi Puppy!  And yes, that IS a pancake scrap, because that’s what Gustave was just making.

Daisy eats them up – forever Fancy.
I should’ve named an F-child Fancy.  Like this blog. 

Zale genius spouse activity…
Also, I like Liz’s maternity wear, I feel like it suits her.  Although I can’t understand the shoes!

Oh Erik.  Always the Diva…
Just play the piece already…

Grouchy Liz:
Why haven’t you earned a raise recently?
Erik: You’re one to talk, since the honeymoon and pregnancies, you haven’t even been to work!


She was then starving after the chess match, and sits down to a PB&J
Gus:  Beds 🙂
Screenshot-30Liz: Bin bags *looks away from camera*
Gus: Teddy bears? *exaggerated hand movements*
Liz: Person Person Plus
Liz: *no cares given*

Sims are weird.

That same night, Angelica haunts!

Then Abe and Bettina and Christmas lights!
Of course, the rocking chair cameos.

Abe & Bettina in unison:


In the background in one of the pictures above, you can see a horse!  So I go to investigate…
It’s purdy.  And wants to beg for a promotion.  Because that makes sense.

The women? THEY WANT TO ROCK!!!!!!!
Very pregnant Liz, Traci, Bettina and Daisy all congregated around the rocking chair.  I love how they ALL FAIL – as it sits empty.  You go ladies.  Way to be.

Ghost Traci gets on my nerves and eats our waffles.
You’re already dead.  You don’t need food.  Stahp.

Hi Liz!  You’re enormous!
But yes.  The house does smell lovely.


Sorry Liz.  ISBI.  Your husband is asleep in the basement, and I can’t help you.  Maybe Forrest will come to your rescue when he’s done biting the head off of Mr. Green.

Erik and one of the dogs channel Abraham and sleep through the birth:

IT WAS A SINGLE BIRTH!  I have never had the fertility treatment fail to give me multiples, and they BOTH have it!  Amazing!  Meet Frond!
Liz wants to put him in Flora’s room, but hey.  He rolled athletic & excitable.  He was born on Snowflake Day!  (His brother, Forrest, was born on Spooky Day!  Holiday Births FTW!)  He likes rockabilly, French toast and Irish green.  Very cultured, this one.

And then!  It’s Flora’s birthday!
Oh Erik.  Must you ALWAYS look like a Diva!?!

She sparkly danced, people cheered, etc… (rushed post, remember?!?)

Here she is!
I freakin’ LOVE HER!  She’s no one’s clone let me tell you.  And I’m not going to share her CAS YA picture.  It’s a secret –  you just wait until you see her.  Hopefully you can tell from her toddler picture that she’s pretty badass.  I didn’t get the purple hair in ANY of the children, but Daisy’s hair is almost as good.

Okay, it’s 9:56 – so what’s that, 20 minutes?  Not bad, but makes for a lame post I’m sure!  The holidays are keeping me busier than usual, so we won’t get as many posts this month.  But come back soon to see what’s next for the Zales!  Cheers and hugs and Happy Simming!