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Zale Time! Heir Poll! Real Post! 13.5

Holy CRAP!  Can you believe it?  A REAL ZALE UPDATE!  So much time has passed, and yet, those little Zales remain the same.  Let’s get to it, shall we?
ZALE CHECK!  Just so you learn who these pixel people are.
MINDY!  Walking around in her nightie – because that’s how she rolls.
Hi Mindy! *waves*

Mango is also in his pajamas…
What were you two just up to, huh?

Natalie is staring at an off television set.
Perhaps that explains the confused/annoyed look on her face?

Nova is in her room.
Just waking up, it would seem!

Nate is playing computer games.
Very exciting.

Lastly we have little Noah hiding behind a plant.
Noah: Wut?

Mango is still working on his LTW, which if you recall is that acrobat thing.  So I send him off to the festival to perform for tips.
The kids have all gone off to school.

Mindy has come along to, but apparently no one wants to eat hotdogs this afternoon.
Well, you’ll probably win then!

Random Toddler: I CAN’T REACH!
Hee hee hee.

She showed us her hotdog shoveling skills are superior to that guy and his kid.
Good job, Mindy.

I enjoy the two of you.
Very much.

Check out this cute place!
It was a community lot, “visitors welcome”, but I made it a “local watering hole” and added a professional bar.  I think it’s SO CUTE!

Hard life for the TH.  Just working on his “water” need.
Turns out floating doesn’t help him hydrate, but it was fun nonetheless.

Comin’ THROUGH!  Got a GIG!
Hustle Mango!

My my, it seem Mango has gotten awfully fancy…
…A limo!  I didn’t realize you were such a presence in the local acrobatic community.

He walked all over the stage like that, made me LOL.

He does have some pretty sweet skills though.
Not a single singed leaf.

Just another day in the Zale house.
But seriously, HI LACEY! ❤

I just wanted to show off this bathroom.
It’s my favoritest one I’ve ever made.

In fact, Mango should take a bubble bath in it.
I know I would.

It’s Leisure Day!
So Leisure it up!

It’s also the one day a SimYear that the idiots voluntarily use the lounge chairs.
Took me many years of playing to figure this out.

I decide Mango will lead a “Swim here with…” his family to enjoy the holiday.
Sounds fun to me!

Swimming teens!
Hi guys!

**15 day IRL break**

I then decided to comment on the lounge chairs again… Guess I’d forgotten I’d already mentioned it.
Hi Nova.  You lounge, gurl.

Mango has a gig later, so I have him “photosynthesize” while Mindy & Natalie have a chat.
It’s a very strange thing… a PlantSim photosynthesizing…

Nate seems to be having some trouble.  QUICKSAND!
More like a quick “reset”.

I hadn’t seen Noah in awhile.
He’s just off property and heading home.

Although it does look a bit like “Why you little…” a la Homer Simpson.

It may be Leisure Day for some, but Mango’s got a gig!
The reviewer loved the show and said he wanted a pretzel.  Well okay then.
Fun fact:  I worked at a Pretzelmaker for 8 years.

Everyone was fast asleep, but Mango’s needs were still super high, so I had him do some snorkeling just for fun.
Where’s Mango?  A cookie if you find him.

Nice work Nova, there’s oh… I don’t know… 600 fabulous meals, but your burn your own waffles…
…and SCREAM about how hungry you are.  No sympathy.

YAY!  Mango completed his LTW!
Mango LTW
Good on ya…


Aw, sibling bonding… This is uh…….. NOVA and um……. Noah!
Lovely dining room, if I do say so myself.  Having not seen the house for ages or family for ages, I’m rather pleased with the lot.

Nate is here playing video games.
Oops, sky ceiling.

Natalie and her mom Mindy are having a nice chat while Mango sleeps.
I think that means everyone is accounted for.

You know, I forgot how pretty this game can be.

Um Lacey?  You okay there?
I mean not that it matters… you’re already dead.

I found the ghostly galloping horse rather artistic.

You two play nice.  I know you’re hangry, Natalie, but still.
Good ol’ “Berate Ignorance”… such a lovely social interaction.

You’re cute, little guy.  Game not going well?
Eyelids okay?

Hurry up.
I have no one to control and I’m bored.

Don’t look so innocent.  You’re about to pee yourself.
Go find a toilet.

Good girl.
Although I seem to have abandoned my score keeping, no one likes a FAILURE.

That’s a good look for you, Mango.
I like it.

You don’t?
I’m sorry.  And where do you keep your phone when you’re naked?  Because it’s ringing.  And you probably shouldn’t have showered with it either.  SimQuestions.

The Collins family invited themselves over to play.  This is Sha Sha.
Sha Sha Collins.  Seriously.

Mango has a wish to earn such and such Simoleans while performing for tips.
He’s trying his hardest, but no one cares.  It’s a harsh world.

Ooh!  A shell.  Go get it.
It’ll look nice on the coffee table.

Mango, being the annoying whiny pants social butterfly that his is, is desperate for human interaction.  Go make friends.
Aw, they’re making the “Best Buddies” sandcastle together.

So wait… You’re showing him a cat video on your phone…
But your pocket is ringing?  Mysterious buttphone is a possibility.

Mango heads home just after midnight and almost everyone is tucked away in their beds.
Tired, hungry Nova is reading.

I have Mango issue the “Go to Bed!” command.
Her face says “Yeah – whatever.” But she went.

Helen, Changpu, Kyle & Traci come out to haunt, get disgusted by each other’s ghastly appearance… And ROCK!
Note:  I seem to notice that Traci and Changpu frequently haunt together.  I think they’re looking for Cyrus – but he never shows up when they’re both out.

This is Mindy in her nightie (always) on her way to chat with her son.
Topic of conversation?  “Boast about good looks.”  That seems highly inappropriate.

Poor guy, he’s gonna have Mommy issues.
Reminds me of Frond and Liz.

And yeah, Mindy…
…REAL attractive.

Just another beautiful morning in paradise.
Mango is cooking breakfast for his family.  Since Mango has no Hunger Need, I think it’s the first meal he’s ever prepared.

He called the household to the meal, and how seriously cute is this?
Breakfast with (some of) your family before school.  D’aww.

Noah ate too, but inside.
Nova had already left for school.

A little wardrobe ‘hoo with the wife, now that the kids are out of the house.

They both popped out in their formal… I had forgotten about Mindy’s outfit.
I LOVE it.

Then they’re off for a fun afternoon at Rebecca’s!

Who’s Rebecca you ask?  Why Rebecca’s Cafe!
Remember when I converted this place into a local watering hole and added a professional bar?  I love it.

It’s just them and the bartender, and they don’t make eye contact, but it’s still fun.

I realized their interactions had spurred a “date” and they both wanted to see a movie.
So I sent them to the theatre to see “Sharks… On Land!”

While his parents gallivanted around town, Nate was feeling broody.
In the sandbox.  Okay then.

He also had a wish to cut or dye his hair.  So although I had to control him to send him to the mirror, I complied.
A little less height, a little more length.

The show got out, and both Mango and Mindy enjoyed it.
Aw.  (I hate that charisma skill bar, BTW)

But now it’s back to domestic family duties.  It’s a birthday!
Screenshot-69Little Noah is entering teenagehood with the rest of his siblings.

Everyone but Nova is there to celebrate.

She took a moment, but managed to drag herself out of bed to attend as well.
The lure of cake is strong.

Noah rolls animal lover to join rebellious, friendly & good.  A quick trip through CAS and he embraces his rebellious nature with grey dyed tips and streaks (his favorite color) and a more unique hairstyle.
He also rocks guyliner because I think it suits him.  You’ll probably see more of him later.

Mango enjoys a nice bubble bath while the fall frost decorates the large windows.
I know I’ve obsessed about this bathroom… but man, I love it.

Then, being bored, I bought every single book that you can buy.
Note:  It costs $76,157.  However, while dragging them one at a time into the bookcases (regret, regret, regret) his inventory glitched, and all he had left was a young again potion and a death flower.  Oh wait.  It fixed itself.  So that happened.

These two constantly flirt.  Mango’s need to socially interact all the time is actually something I’d consider in the future… he maintains relationships – albeit selfishly.
They’re super cute though.

The kids came home, did their homework and ate cake.
Nova, Nate, Natalie & Noah. (L to R)

So, tomorrow should be prom, and then Nat and Nova can have their birthday.  Then HEIR POLL!

Aw, Eddie came out to sleep on the bed.
These guys should get a pet.

All the kids head off to school, so Mango and Mindy enjoy another day of enjoying their 13 generations of money and a life of leisure.  I’d say they’re “old money”.

No mind that Mindy’s in her nightie.
Mindy’s ALWAYS in her nightie.

They enjoy a nice little swim.

Mindy relaxes while Mango snorkels.

Then, even though it appears rather clear, two hailstones hit Mindy, so she materialized a speedboat from her pocket and headed home.
And left Mango all alone in his romantic sailboat.

Yay!  I was worried the girls would age up before the dance!
But nope!

Natalie went to a friend’s house after school.
Nice digs!

By the time the limo was to arrive, only Nate managed to automatically make it happen.

Natalie managed to arrive…
…Although not dressed for the occasion.

Noah is headed there, under the purple sky…
…and in the rain.

Nova is en route.
And en boat.

Nate was already prom king before Noah even arrived.
Natalie was queen.

Nova, hwoever… MET SOMEONE!
His name is Javon! (He’s the guy with the heart who is NOT her dad)

Most of the kids did their best to hurry home, but even with the advantageous “teleport” method, the fuzz was waiting for them.

Only Natalie, slowly sailing home in what I assume to be a stolen boat is the only one to avoid capture.
Natalie FTW!

Mindy quickly grounds all the kids she can get her hands on.
I love IP, but if you have a job, or a gig, or a curfew… you need like, 4 SimHours to get there.

Three hours later, one smelly, hungry and exhausted Natalie is still on her way home.

She strolls in the door around 3:00 am and doesn’t get noticed.
Or grounded. HA!

Mango goes around and lets everyone off the hook before school.
SimParenting level Undermine.

While his family sleeps, Mango makes some drinks.
Just for fun.

Before the girls’ last school day can even begin, there’s a couple quick birthdays to be had!!
You’ve all seen a million parties, so… without further ado….



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Where Oh Where Have Those Little Zales Gone…

…Answer?  Nowhere.  They’re happy and healthy over here on my PC.

Where have I been?  Nowhere.  I’m happy and healthy over here in my house.  Nothing big has happened, nothing new… I just haven’t felt like playing and posting.

I have 3/4th of a Zale update ready to go, and it’s just 4 SimDays until the YA birthday for Natalie and Nova, and then I could heir poll – but I just haven’t been feeling it.

I always tell people – THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN.  IT IS A FUN HOBBY THAT WE DO BECAUSE IT BRINGS US JOY.  It isn’t that I’ve stopped having fun, or that my lovely Zales don’t continue to bring me joy… I just can’t bring myself to take pictures, make notes, upload, caption and post.  It all sounds like WORK.

So!  I apologize to those of you who might be waiting for an update.  I thank all of you for your patience, and I KNOW you understand.

Today is the 2 year Anniversary of my sign up date on WordPress.  I wish I had a proper post for you, but I thank you for reading, I thank you for following – and I promise I have not abandoned the Zale Family.

(I am considering deleting the Lightning Blog… It’s almost over, and not that epic…)

For hanging in there, here’s a sneak peek into the next post.

Screenshot-13 Screenshot-22 Screenshot-26 Screenshot-32

Stay awesome and hang in there.  I’ll be back.
Until next time, Happy Simming!