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Graduation Acrobat 13.1

Well hello!  Welcome back to another Zale installment!  I can’t believe I’ve almost gone this entire month without getting a post up.  That’s terrible!  So to make up for it, here’s a giant post with lots and lots of pictures!

Last time, I actually held a proper wedding, and Mindy joined the family as the new wife for Mango.  We also discovered that Mango and Mindy can’t seem to procreate in his current plantsim state.  Let’s see what those zany Zales get up to this time?

Zale check!
Kyle has just used the restroom.
Good for him.

Lavender is walking all over the yard in her nightgown.
She’s heading over to the buffet table from the wedding to eat some extra old turkey.

Mindy is also heading that way.
So I quickly deleted everything.

Hungry non-PlantSim mango is hungry near the time travel thing.
He looks so weird.

Melody is asleep.

And so is Minnie.
At first I thought her eyes were open, but that’s just her make-up.

Lacey is just bein’ a horse.

And Leah is playing with the horse ball.
I love it when they do that.

The first TFB has been completed.
I tried to get Mango to eat one of the forbidden fruits in his inventory, and he could not.  I think it’s just a seed and I need to plant it, but Mango doesn’t have high enough gardening skill to plant it.

So I reverted him back to PlantSim colors for now.
There, at least he looks a little more familiar.

Mango needs to audition for a gig if he’s to advance in his acrobat LTW.  We were just on our way to one of the parks, and I got the “A FIRE HAS STARTED ON YOUR HOME LOT!” pop-up!
That’s what I get for trying to be romantic and light a fire for Mango’s proposal to Mindy.

Typical reactions.

The maid saves the day!
Thanks dude.

I went to check on Mango now that the fire was under control…
And the proprietor was flirting with him!  He queued up “talk about family” after a neutral reaction to the flirt, so good for him!

We get down to business, and Mango auditions.

We have a gig Thursday at 8:00 pm.

I have to sell the fireplace to clean up the soot.

Ya know, he’s really cute and I like him.
A little garden tabcast in his ear while he works out.
Also, Hi Lavender in the background!

Aha!  We have vomit!
TFB successful!  I’d like to pretend that’s Mango going to check on her… but no… He’s just going to take a bubble bath.

Whoa!  Lavender autonomously took Lacey out for a ride!  I didn’t know Sims could do that.
Lavender opts for bareback, in her work clothes, in the rain, but hey – still cute.

I put Mango to work in the garden.
Gotta see if we can get that PlantSim back.

I realized a little too late that the girls were at prom.
Here’s Melody.

And Minnie…
Minnie and Jarrod
…started dating Jarrod, and from the looks of him, he’s Mindy’s brother.  Works for me!

Here’s Minnie’s prom look.
A little gothic, but with a pretty pink touch.

How freakin’ cute are little ol’ Lavender and Lacey?
The answer is very.  Very freakin’ cute.

Mindy:  I’m married!

Speaking of marriage!  Meg and Ray are getting married!
Meg n Ray

And Yay!  A baby!
Can’t wait to see what Mandy babies look like!

They both roll wishes for a boy.  Well I want girls!  It’s a girl’s turn to take over!

Mango’s gig is in a few hours, so I have him enjoy a quick chat with his momma.
At least keep their relationship up!

So I was getting ready to take cool pictures of Mango performing, but this is what he looks like on stage.
Graduation acrobat.  With pale skin.  Doesn’t make any sense!

Pleasant little audience.
The guy on the right just kept squealing with excitement.  It was adorable.

Melody went and birthday’d while Mango was performing.

She looks nearly identical?
I was really surprised when her hair and clothes didn’t change.  I mean this is her YA birthday.  She rolled disciplined and was successful in school.

I caught Melody and Minnie fighting in my ugly bathroom.
I decide to kick her out now, but there were no free homes.  I eventually move her in with Maranda Fox, her toddler, two cats and a horse.

I went to check on Mindy, to see how she was doing, and wow!
The whole family all in one place!

Except Lavender.  Oh wait.
There she is.  Near the rocking chair of course.

While I was out placing Melody in someone’s house, I had to check on Livid, her two daughters Abbey and Lacy, and their aunt Meg.

I saw that Abbey had aged to teen, and Lacy to child, so here’s a couple makeovers!

And Lacy:
Samali’s nose continues to thrive across the Zale gene pool!  Fun to see the first Zale cousins.  Very cool!

Out in game you can see Livid is still not an elder.

And Meg seems to be doing really well!
I got a pop up that she and Ray got married later on, not sure I captured it.  He moved in with these four ladies.

Melody, while moved out instantly found love.
Melm& Gil
Looks like some old guy?  Maybe we’ll get another couple cousins!

I saw that Mindy.
I saw you sit, pee, flush, then stand up and pee your self.  -5
First fail in what feels like a long time!

Yes.  That stink is you.
Wetting your pants will do that to ya.

Mango auditions for another gig!
He didn’t get it.

But at least when we go to perform for tips his outfit seems to be working?
Maybe when he gets his next gig, he won’t go all pasty and graduation-like.

Meg showed up and watched for a little bit.
She clapped politely.

Lacey was in serious need of exercise, so I had Mango taker her out for a ride.

It was super cute, even if he looks terrified.

Hey Mindy – have that baby already, I want to end this post.

This face says “Yeah – I’d love to.”
Sorry.  I’m sure the baby will come when it’s ready.

She listened nearly immediately, however.
It’s baby time!

Mango takes her in for a nice, safe, hospital birth.
It was funny, a couple seconds after I snapped this screenshot, they both reacted to the hail.  Forget the hail, you two, you’re having a baby!

It’s a girl!  Excellent!  I name her Natalie, and she’s a neurotic couch potato.  Both rolled.

It’s ANOTHER girl!  Even more excellent!  We’ll already know we’re having an heir poll!
I name her Nova and she’s a friendly genius!

Their beautiful dark skin tone surprised me.
But I’m not disappointed in the slightest!  I can’t wait to see them grow up!

Mango:  They’re perfect.  Let’s make another one.

But for some reason, they couldn’t TFB.
It said the house was full?  But there should be room for one more?  It’s 7 Sims (Lavender, Kyle, Melody, Mango, Mindy, Nova & Natalie) and two horses.  Isn’t the limit 10 w/pets?  Oh well, I’ll guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Even though Mango and Mindy were off distracted, the girls were getting excellent care.
The N’s have begun!

That’s all for this post!  Hopefully I’ll stay a little more active over here with the Zales.  I am not making any promises, though, as the Get to Work expansion for TS4 launches tonight, and will be ready to play just about as soon as I get home from my dog classes this evening.  It was pretty nice to play with these guys though, and I’m super excited to meet the girls.  So who knows!  Until next time, Happy Simming!  ❤