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Horse in the Bathroom; Toddler on Stage 13.2

Phew – I’ve had quite the day… As many of you know, I am the proud parent of a very old Border Collie named Lucas.  I’ll spare you the grizzly details, but we’ve been at the vet the last couple days – and as terrible as the experience has been, my baby is home with me and in good spirits.  He’s 15 years old this month, and there were a lot of years when it was just me and him (and those Sims – HA!) against the world; and I’m so grateful today is not the day I had to say goodbye.

Anyway, you’re not here for my dog, but you’re here for a blog!  Everyone loves a Zale update, and I’ve had these pictures ready for a few days (which is SO UNLIKE ME!) so let’s get to it!

Zale Check!

Old man Kyle is standing around with one of the new babies.
What new baby you say?  I had to crop her out, or else too much stuff got in the way.  You’ll kinda see in a minute.

Lavender is heading out to “whisper” to Lacey.

Mindy and Mango have just woohooed apparently.
Note the scattered hearts everywhere.

Minnie is also hanging out with one of the new babies.
See Kyle back there?  That’s why I had to crop Kyle’s picture, Minnie was photo bombing.

Lacey is bein’ a horse…
…As old horses are wont to do.

And Leah’s off running around…
…Her front legs look weird.  That’s too bad.

Aw… This was a pretty sweet moment for my two old ladies.
Lacey’s lifebar is completely full.

I think our main couple look adorable in their sleepwear.

Hmm, Lavender apparently caught Mindy cheating, while they were standing together having a chat.
Mindy the cheater
I checked her relationships, and she has no RI’s, and just an ex-boyfriend… so I’m not sure what that’s all about.

Kyle, although not the most prominent member of the Zale house, is an adorable and doting grandfather.
He was playing video games, and got up to help baby Natalie with her poopy diaper before she even cried about it.  Aw.  I don’t even know what Kyle’s traits are, as they’re constantly resetting due to his unstable trait.  Maybe he added family oriented while I wasn’t looking.

Uh oh.  I knew this was coming.

Minnie, Kyle and Mindy show up to mourn.
I don’t know why it’s so dark, I obviously have external house lights.  I blame death.

Farewell, Lacey!
First ever Zale horse ❤

Well, if that isn’t terribly sad.
I’m sorry Leah – but you’re an old lady too, so you’ll be with your mom before you know it.

Mindy just threw up!
I guess she DID get pregnant, even before the horse died.

Time to cure everyone.
No more crying.  Mango ran around with the moodlet manager and took care of everyone.

Looks like there’s a favorite baby.
Everyone queued up for Nova, but Natalie needs attention too!

Kyle stole baby Nova.
Don’t they look cute?

Mindy put Natalie in the swing!
She then put it on fast – but whatever.  Mango fixed it.

Because I’m sick of wandering around the house, and Mango wants to become more muscular, I send him to the gym.
And Mary’s there!  Hi Mary!

I have them chat for a bit.
Love running into the spares out and about.

While I was away with Mango at the gym, the camera panned home so Mindy could formally announce her pregnancy.
And a wide-eyed stray dog (just kidding, that’s actually Livid’s dog Max) thinks about Lavender.  Mindy wishes for a boy.  I do too.  Mango rolled a wish for both, so no matter what, he’s gonna be happy.  I think that’s sweet.

Feelin’ the burn!
Ha, guy in the background has some hairy legs!

Wow!  Look at this pretty Sim!
Her name is Leila Shepherd – I really should get out more.

Mango and I had a bit more fun at the gym, trying to accomplish his “more muscular” wish…
…but we were unsuccessful.  Boo.

Since so many people were out and about, I had Mango do a little performing for tips.
Only that one woman cared at all, but it’s still good for his LTW.

In fact, he leveled up!  So he auditions for another gig.
And he got it!  Yay!


I’m glad you’re really excited and keep doing that jazzed animation where you clap and squeal like a teenage girl, but at least put your daughter down.



So this is Livid’s dog Max.  He’s still hanging around.
Lavender must have invited him inside.  I’ll have Mango ask him to head on home soon.

After a nice bubble bath of course.
I love TS3 bubble baths.

Hey!  Mindy’s pregnancy is progressing nicely!
The house is still either glitchy, or there’s something weird with the Forbidden Fruit that Mango is carrying around.  Or you know?  Maybe I accidentally planted one?  I’ll have to check the garden.

Leah, I know it’s raining outside, but get out of the bathroom.
And the hamper.  *resets*

Hey.  Thanks a lot maid.
Although you did heroically put out that fire that one time… so you’re forgiven.  But we’re EVEN!

Mango has his gig, and his uniform isn’t quite right, but at least it’s not graduation robes.
And he’s still green, so that’s a vast improvement.

I have to say…
… that is pretty danged fancy.  He had a great show, and the review said something along the lines of “It wasn’t so amazing that I didn’t miss the rest of the circus, but the acrobatics were fantastic.”  Well, I’ll call that a victory!  Afterwards I had Mango scurry off to the other proprietor and audition again.  He got that gig too.

New nooboo!

It’s a beautiful day for a hospital birth!
Lovely town.

It’s a boy!  Per reader request, I name him Nate!
He rolls grumpy and loves the outdoors!

Now – look closely at the above picture.  Is Nate not the most lovely shade of green!?!

Or is he?!?
Because when Mindy got home with Nate, he’d turned red.  I did NOTHING.  I’m not mad, I love both colors, but what the heck, game?  Maybe that’s why the girls are brown skinned.  They’re layered green/red… We’ll see if Nate changes colors anymore as a newborn.  I’m as interested as you are.  Maybe he’s UV reactive.  Outside, green.  Inside, red.

Oops!  We have birthdays AND Mango has a gig, let’s see if we can get it done.
Can’t wait to see them!

Here’s a quick before makeover shot…
One got Mindy’s hair and one got Mango’s!  It couldn’t be more perfect!!!!!!!  I’m so excited!!!!

Here’s Natalie.  Her favorite color is grey.

Here’s Nova.  Her favorite color is Irish green.

I got so lucky with their favorite colors and both getting one of their parents’ hair colors!  I think Nova’s isn’t identical to Mango’s, but I just love it.  I also think, for the first time in 3 generations, Natalie did not take on Samali’s nose.  Nova seems to have it however, carrying over a trait from the K generation!  Which is pretty cool!  Not moving for so long has allowed quite the genetic family tree to build up.  But with the glitches that we’re having, I might have to move soon.  😦

I decide I’ll have Mango complete this gig, and then I’ll end the post.

So – He had to leave his children’s birthday party!  Someone could at least show up!
I mean, I know it’s raining, but COME ON!  But hey – his outfit is correct!

What the heck dude, we got a show going on here… get off the stage.
I mean if you want to go be an audience member (or two) that’d be great!

No.  No no no… do not put that down here.
Mango juggles knives!  And fire!  And he’s really not very good!

This is not a daycare.
Dude:  Yeah thanks, I didn’t want that thing anymore.  Toodles!

It was not a good show.
toddler ruined it
I blame the toddler.

I was JUST about to click save and quit, when I got one more important pop-up!
another cousin!
Mary and Sheldon are having a baby!  WEEE!!!

That’s all for now!  I hope you enjoyed seeing the Zales again!  Sorry I’ve been neglecting them so much lately.  I bought Dragon Age: Inquisition, and I’ve been playing Tomb Raider and of course there’s those Lightnings… But I’ll try to be better.  The Zales are too special and have come too far to fade away!  So do come back and see us again soon!  Until next time, Happy Simming!
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