Hi there!  Click around to catch up, or just re-read about the couples you enjoyed the most!

Generation 1-A
Abraham & Angelica

Generation 2-B
Bettina & Leif

Generation 3-C
Cyrus & Traci

Cyrus & Changpu

Generation 4-D
Daisy & Gustave

Generation 5-E
Erik & Liz

Generation 6-F
Flora & Shelley

Generation 7-G
Giles & Alejandro

Generation 8-H
Helen & Ramon

Generation 9-I
Ike & Tahiya

Generation 10-J

Generation 11-K
Krypton & Samali

Generation 12-L
Lavender & Kyle

Generation 13-M
Mango & Mindy

Generation 14-N
Natalie & Rajan

Generation 15-O
Oscar & Miriam

Generation 16-P
Paisley & Mahmoud

7 thoughts on “Generations

  1. zefiewings

    So I wasn’t really sure where to write this, but I have chosen Breanne and Drake for the Spouse for a Spare thing, if they are available.
    You don’t have to put them up until after the vote, but I do want to check that you have them somewhere to BE put up.
    You have SO MANY great spares, it took forever to narrow it down, but in the end I think I am happy with my choices. How about you?

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! I’m pretty sure I don’t have Breanne, but I’m going to go looking! I LOVED her, so that would be a really cool Sim to have continue a life. Drake, I’m nearly certain I DO have, and I never really got to know Drake, but after young adult birthday, he really blossomed! I think you have made excellent choices! I’ll check in on Breanne and Drake soon. I have dog classes tonight, so it might not be until tomorrow!

    2. Heather Post author

      Okay my dear. I have good news and bad news. The bad news first. I do not have Drake. When it comes to male spares, I only have the most recent. Frond, Forrest, and Graham. I’m super sorry. GOOD NEWS, I surprising had Breanne! You can get her here!

      Let me know if you want one of the more recent Zale men. ❤ Sorry it took me so long!

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi there, I have uploaded a few in the past, to the exchange, but they have been removed. I plan on uploading all available Zales I can locate, and I’ll post that they are available. It will only be a few days before they are all taken down, but at least it’ll give people a chance to grab a couple 🙂

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