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Diving Deep 15.0

Welcome to Generation 15 of the Zale Family ISBI Alphabetcy!  Oscar won the heir poll and is taking over!

As always, good to begin with a Zale check, so we all know who lives in the house!

Rajan is walking inside.
Hi dude.

Natalie is demonstrating my pixelated shadow issue.
Look at the wall and ground.  I’ve been trying to resolve this all over the AMD & Sims Forums.  I never get it worked out.

New TH Oscar is looking thrilled about his new lot in life.
Whatever, buddy.

Outdoor hating Owen is outdoors and looking grumpy.
He’s also off at some school friend’s house.  Looks like fun.  😐

Lastly baby Ferdinand is getting his scratch on.
Good kitty.

Oscar’s first action as TH is to praise the kitty for not destroying the house.
Gotta make sure the kitty is a functional member of this chaos.

Still fighting with blocky shadows…
Oscar looks good, but look at that wall!?!?  UGH!

Nice to see you not looking so grumpy for once.
You’re actually kind of adorable.

Aww, Nat and Rajan play catch.
They both have REALLY high athletic skill, but still manage to pelt each other in the face all the time.
Oscar: Tasty marshmallows.
Natalie:  Ouch.

Hey Oscar?
You need to go find a spouse and make babies.

Dude, this kitten – amirite?
He’s SOOO Cute!

I officially miss you, Natalie, you’ve been so fun!
And you look very beautiful!

Where the hell did you get that thing?
I don’t recall you having one of those?

Oscar wakes up to his first full day in my control…
Enjoys a quick shower…
And then I discovered it’s Snowflake Day!
Due to the incredibly short winter season here in Isla Paradiso, we’re off to the festival!

Out of the very thoughtful bunch, only Oscar & Owen dress accordingly.
Mom & Dad sport their sleepwear.

Natalie seemed to have fallen out of the boat.
I clicked on her, and she had the “Swimming” icon with “Accuse of cheating” queued up.  Um okay…

The boys continue without her.
Onward!  To the festival!

Alright Oscar, let’s look for pretty girls.

Then I realized I couldn’t find Rajan either…
Looks like he fell out of the boat too.  Very few actions in this game are as powerful as “accuse of cheating”.  Natalie was unsuccessful, however.

Back at the festival, Oscar is having  a blast on the half pipe.
In 75 degree weather.  Looks fun!

A little clam chowder from the food vendor.

Then a quick skate on the “frozen” rink with Tamera Han.
She’s a little young, but nothing a cake can’t fix.

Certainly has a unique face.

Whoa, speaking of faces…
The Blue Fawn Han (ha) makes another appearance.  I really like her face!  She’s carrying her son, so clearly in a relationship, but we’ll see!

After getting his face painted, I have Oscar go introduce himself to Fawn.
How damned cute is he?  So cute.

While Oscar chats with Fawn, Honey Hamada dies.
It’s actually a good thing.  She wailed through the entire festival, heartbroken about a deceased lover.  May they be reunited as ghosts.

With that, the brothers head home.
All in all, a rather uneventful and lag-filled visit that was difficult to play.

Upon return to the Zale House, I discover how unbelievably cute Oscar is.
Seriously.  Look at that adorable, insane, painted face.

And now, the game is nearly impossible to play.  Never ending lag and freezes.  I reload and…

I tweak some settings, repair the game in Origin, and the file is still REALLY difficult to play.  So I quit.

Okay – a little more work on the game and settings, and a couple days later, and we’re back in business – at least a little bit.

A quick game of Sim Gnubb (or whatever it’s called) to fulfill a wish for Oscar…
…And then we’re off to the hospital.

Hospital you say?  Our dear Oscar is suffering from terrible hay fever.
He’s off for an allergy shot!

GAH!  Look at this fancy fashion nightmare!
He disturbs me.

So I fix him.
Slightly better.  Still fancy.  Another fun Fawn Han sighting.

After his shot, and since we’re here on the big island, it’s tattoo time!
Gnome o’ the Wrist footsies!

Now we gotta do some diving and work on that LTW!
It starts to rain as soon as Oscar arrives at the already occupied dive spot.  It’s Michael Han, I assume he’s watching us due to our slight affinity towards his wife, Fawn.

Another potential spouse, Sunshine Ichtaca is also out for a dive.
She’s a real cutie!  The two of them met in school as kids.

I discover at this point, that Oscar has just over 20,000 happiness points, so I purchase Oscar his first two bonus traits, observant (a favorite of mine) and iron lungs.  Oscar can now dive without time restraints.

Uh oh – Shark sighting.
The Zale estate is off in the distance.

Oscar spent the whole day in the ocean, is now scuba level 2, and can do some diving.
He also found some things towards his LTW – a smoky quartz and a ruby.

And look!
Another Zale cousin!  YAY Olive!

Oscar sends his gems off for cutting.
I’m looking forward to their return.  I haven’t done much, in all my Sim Years, with stones or collecting.

I buy a way to display them in the home.
It’s gigantic, and if two stones take up that much space, man… this’ll be a challenge.

Last pics of Ferdinand as a baby.  It’s his cat birthday!

Owen is still around.  He had a crappy prom, just ate rotting food…
…and is stinking up the place at a superb level.

A quick up for Oscar’s social need, and then it’s time to hit the seas again.
Father and son chat about their days.  Oscar is freakin’ adorable.

Nice face, rain boy.
What’s wrong?

Excellent!  Let our adventures begin!
Dive time!  Woohoo!

Happy collecting.
We need $40,000 bucks worth of sea loot.

Oscar sees another diver and goes over to say “hi”, but SHARK!
Scary danger!

And then they both peed themselves.
Okay then.  I mean, I’m not judging… not sure what I would’ve done…

Oscar finds a cave, but upon our attempted entrance, he just pops right up on the nearest beach.
I googled it, it’s a known issue, and I’m sure it has a known fix… I haven’t worked on it much.

After hours undersea, and 2 more scuba skill points, Oscar returns home to a very adorable, full grown Ferdy.
He’s nearly as cute now, as he was a baby.  I adore him.

Speaking of cute, Oscar?  You’re way cute.  Obviously not so bright…
Because you clearly cannot eat through your mask, but that’s okay.  I ❤ you anyway.

A little pet care…

A shiny new collar…

And holy crap – what are they doing with that pitch fork?morbid-pitchfork
Defending against the Zombie apocalypse?  Why is it all bloody?

Zombies on the brain, and game glitches and snags, I decide to move all the tombstones off the lot, and over to the cemetery.
Very impressive!  That’s a lot of dead Zales.

Before Oscar can even return home, Helen emerges from the grave.
I take it as a sign the fallen Zales will be happy here.

A good omen, for a good ending.

So I promised I’d get back to these Zales, and for once, I’ve kept my word.  The file is a laggy and complicated mess, but I do want to complete the LTW for Oscar here on Isla Paradiso.  We’ll have to see what the future holds for the game file.

Spouse options are the blue Fawn Han, school friend Sunshine Ichtaca, or I’m hoping Oscar finds a mermaid in his explorations.  So let’s see!  Until next time, Happy Simming!