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Miriam’s Motherhood 15.6

SimNaNoWriMo Update 2!
67 Pictures (again, how funny)
1,033 Words

Welcome back!  It’s time for another Zale Update!  Last time I mistakenly enjoyed all the new little babies in the house, and this time – well, buckle up!  It’s a riot! (ha.)

Zale Check!

Weird, I’d started with Rajan so many times, it’s odd to begin with Natalie.

Feeding a treat to Ferdinand!

Miriam is parenting – with Pax & Preston.

*Foreshadowing:  This is about the last time Miriam is kind, useful, etc…

Oscar is sleeping a well-deserved sleep.

He works so hard!

Newest members Penny & Pete are in their cribs.


Ferdy is very popular considering there’s FIVE babies that could use some sort of interaction.

But these two boys are doin’ okay for now.

And stinkin’ Cute.

(This is very bad)

Here she is!  Hard to photograph in the playpen.  I’m sorry I forgot you, little one.  I’m so sorry.

Back in the house, Miriam is looking very sweet and demure.

After breaking the computer.  Thanks a lot.  Oscar will need to fix that later.

OMG – leave the cat alone.


No.  The blue one.  Your third son.  Pete.

Not the pink one.

I decide to find out where Natalie is off to, not helping.

Ah yes, the rocking chair.  About to pee her pants too.

Right on cue.

Worthless.  Ya’ll worthless.

Yes, Miriam.  Good.  This one.

*slow clapping*

This wouldn’t be TOO bad… except she’s shoving Pax’s head into the light fixture.

And Preston’s swing is on FAST.  *le sigh*

Okay – it’s pretty cute.

But wake up soon, Oscar!

Oh yay!  He heard me!

OMG, Paisley has been screaming for hours.  Fall asleep you little wretch!

Oscar has been ping-pong parenting since he got out of bed…

Since apparently Paisley needed a crib to sleep, I have to put poor Penny on the floor to do a switch-a-roo.  And he’s already so tired!

Right about now Oscar gets invited to a random party that Owen is throwing.  I failed to get the snip, but you’ll see the reminder later.  It starts at 5:59 – okay then.

I know poor guy, I’m exhausted too.

And Nat and Mir are always in the way!  I’m sorry!

Go have some cake.

And a nap.

Just about now I realize Oscar has like 50K happiness points so I grabbed him the better sleep reward.  I have him try to get a nap in before Owen’s party.

Yay!  She’s sleeping!

I predict she will be the worst with bedtime stories.

Here’s the party snip!

And we’re off!

HEY!  Who stole Oscar’s car?

It was Miriam.  I found it in her inventory.  Grr.

Here’s Owen’s house – not sure who else might live here.

It’s cute.

It appears he lives in the garage?

(Walls down on purpose)  He was just standing in there forever.

I make Oscar go in and chat.

Ahoy!  I spot Betty Simovitch.

She looks like she could be the mother of all the faceones.  I also think I saw her marry someone just after this on an SP popup.  It wasn’t Owen.

Also spotted in the house, one Maximus McDermott & Jebidiah Wilson.

And a snot-with-a-cold colored wall.  Charming.

But look at these countertops!

Adorbs, I’ll have to remember that!

This party is lame and everyone is starving.  Thankfully, albeit selfishly, Owen made hotdogs.

Great party hotdog-corner-eating-dude.  Hasta.

5 kids be damned (and oh, they will be)…

…It’s sleep time for these two.

Hmm – apparently Natalie too.  She must’ve inherited Owen’s sleeping bag when he moved out.

Alrighty then.

Only Preston & Pax are doing okay for now.

And it’ll only get worse.

Miriam is awake!

Well no wonder this one is crying… on the bathroom floor.


(She put her back down.)  😐

Oh dear.

Uppies again for Penny…

Complete with suffocation a la boob.  Don’t just stand there pulling faces – DO SOMETHING.

NOT.  THAT.  Aaaaannd, back down.

(Sorry for camera angle, hard to photograph in this bathroom.)

Okay, well – this one is about to get repo-ed, so yeah – help HER.

If you put that starving child in there and walk away…


Miriam Zale?



I’m so sorry Paisley!

At least it woke up floor bag Natalie.

Who stinks.  (And hi Ferdy, things aren’t so great in here).

You know what Natalie?  IF SHE IS BOTHERING YOU SO MUCH…


Miriam:  Who left the screaming baby in here?  That’s gross.


Natalie: Whelp, see ya kid.  You’re obnoxious.

I am SO about to lock them both in a very small room with no doors.  :@ ~!@#$&

I’m sorry Oscar, there was no time to put it to a vote.



Even Owen with the green skin and orange hair could plop a freakin’ bottle down.  Your wife and mother are fools.  FOOLS.

Poor little Penny probably didn’t remember she could even be so comfy.

No longer trapped on the bathroom floor by a filthy toilet.

OMG, Paisley.

She’s all alone and so filthy.

OoOooOOh Miriam.  Don’t you DARE make that face about that poor baby.

The second you put her down Oscar is going to make everything better.

Get outta those stinky jammies.



A little ride on the bee!

Work on that last skill.

Aww, she looks so shy.  Poor little thing.

Oscar is a hero.

And not because he’s a fireman.  Natalie, GTFO of here with your “work” clothes.  Worthless hag.

He cleans up.

He makes sure no one starves.

Human & Feline.

Fixes everything the family breaks.

And JUST BARELY remembers it’s Pax’s birthday!

A quick cake in the nick of time!


Pax rolls friendly, which he adds to disciplined and eccentric.

I go for eccentric with his hair, and I think he looks adorable.

And since I am SO done with these kids, he can sleep in the treehouse for now.

That’s all for this post!  What a chaotic, hilarious mess!  I can’t believe I said they’d have more “P” kids if there was room in the house.  NO WAY MAN.  NO.  WAY.

Come back soon, and Happy Simming!


Raisin’ Babies 15.5

Hi All!  It’s SimNaNoWriMo!  Welcome to what I hope will be the first update of many this month!
67 Pictures & 1602 Words.

Last time we managed to get a few children of the P generation born, we finally gave Owen a bed, and Rajan continued to putter around the too small house in his old age.  Let’s get started with this time!

Zale Check!

I had left off with the birthday party, so pretty much everyone is here.  Pax, Rajan, Natalie, Unwanted Owen & Miriam.  Don’t mind Pax’s plumbob, I was just clicking to find everyone.

Paisley is in the swing.

Pink burrito extraordinaire.

Preston is in his crib.

Or “A” crib, I should say – they aren’t exactly baby specific.

And Oscar is just standing in the living room.

Owen in the background *TOOT*

Can’t forget Ferdinand!

Looking extra floofy and extra cute while playing with the cat teaser I put out here for him.  Aw.

Oscar gets busy doing all the parenting.

And by parenting, of course I mean…


Owen turns out to be incredibly helpful.

Having his bed in this room is like a built in babysitter.  He’s been great getting all the babies to shut up.

Workin’ on those life skillz.

The house is too small for all my favorite cheat objects, the playpen & the walker… I guess I’ll have to try to skill these Zalets the hard way.

The “idiots” turn out to be rather helpful with the kids – when they’re not in each other’s way.

Very cute.

Aw, look at little Pax and his cute PJs.

His favorite color is black – and for the first time in a long time, I actually used it in his clothing.

Oscar wanted to use the stroller, so he took Paisley out for a walk.

I should probably give him a makeover, all his outfits were for the Island.  *spoiler* I still have not done that.

Pretty night!

Look at all those stars!

I see a pop up that tells me Miriam has gained an athletic skill, so I go to find her and…

…Rajan looks like he’s about to pelt her with that football.  I predict it won’t go well.

I was wrong!  Caught it like a boss!

Threw it a little less so…

WEEE!  Underhand ballet kick toss!

Owen continues to help out.

I mean, he could’ve fed him on the floor, but hey, at least he didn’t just put him in there and leave him.

Good heavens, Natalie!! What did you do to the highchair?

I mean he just had a bottle a minute ago!  Gross.  Looks like Ferdy was sick on it.

Yay!  Another work day!

I’m sure the babies will suffer, but YAY!

Oscar wants to upgrade the firetruck, but someone is already working on it.

It’s good ol’ Hunter Cottoneye, Oscars BFF.  Then an emergency sounded and we couldn’t respond to it.  Boo.  That was it for Oscar’s day.

Back at the house it’s Owen’s birthday!  Oops!  I’d bought him a cake, but I was too late.

Clumsy Miriam tripping in this shot is hilarious.

Owen had dramatic locked in, making him a dramatic equestrian outdoor hating friendly slob.  Not sure how you can love horses but hate the outdoors.  They aren’t an indoor hobby.  He had rolled a wish to be leader of the free world when he was a teen, so I’d locked that in already.

I have him join the politician career, and then it’s ADIOS!

Toodles unwanted green spare.  I hope SP treats you well.  And I gave him a beard because I wanted to.

I had Oscar get to work teaching Pax his life skills and awwww!

I’d forgotten how cute it is!  I’d been using walkers for so long…

With Owen gone, there’s a slot in the house open!

Let’s have another “P” baby!  Girls please!

Miriam actually does a little parenting.

So she is a little bet more than a pretty baby-making factory.  But not much.

Geez Raj – you’re super old.

I feel like you’ve been puttering around here for ages.  104 days, to be exact.  If you feel like dying that’d be okay.

Got a pop up that it’s Natalie’s birthday and Preston & Paisley are due too, so we’ll throw a little party.

We invite Owen of course, and Oscar’s two friends from the firehouse.  Look, I even put down balloons.  *invested*

Marisol from the fire station brought a whole turkey!

And Miriam?  Put on some pants.

Natalie officially gets the party started while Miriam proves best relationship with Preston, and Oscar brings down Paisley.

Miriam must’ve done more than put on pants while I wasn’t looking, because I doubted she’d have any relationship with the kids… Must’ve been busy while I was helping Oscar work.

Oscar has a stroller in his inventory, so instead of carrying Paisley five steps, he whips it out, put in her in it, and walks a few feet.

Makes sense.  Owen is cute and cares.


There’s little old lady Natalie (after makeover).

A bit closer look

I thought she’d keep her lifelong hairstyle.  She looks great!

Newly toddlerfied Preston

And his twin Paisley!

Who has already managed to find her IF.  They’re both adorable little boogers.

Looks like Pax is jealous of his siblings creepy dolls.

Gross.  *Fun fact – they both came with the name Cosmo.

All in all, the party was pretty successful!

No one caught on fire, everyone who was supposed to age up got cake, and no one died!

Confession – I bought three walkers and a playpen.  I just put them all outside.

I couldn’t help it – we were never going to get them skilled!

Oops, spoke too soon.

Lookin’ a little sparkly there, Raj.

Farewell, Rajan!

Thanks for everything!  Sorry very sad Natalie and Oscar.

Um guys?  Where ya goin’?

Apparently Rajan wanted to die in the living room.

Okay then.

Hey!  Someone is expecting!

There’s now two house slots, so maybe we’ll get twins!

Ferdy got fleas.  Gross.

Bath time!  I love how The Sims think this is how bathing a cat goes.  There’s not nearly enough blood and screaming and tears.

I heard this horrible wailing.

You all know that one occasional Sim who cries so realistically and agonizingly that you can’t stand it?  This was Natalie.  I don’t think we have a moodlet manager anymore, so I just cheated it away.  Without guilt.

I cave and buy two more swings too.

I got rid of Owen’s bed and the cute changing station I never used to make room.  A quick “slow” for everyone from Oscar and it’s off to work!

I took this next screenshot to show you guys that the fire was RIGHT next door to the fire station.

But you can’t tell because it didn’t capture the icon… but I was saying to myself it’d be quicker if he ran!

And then he did!

I LOL’d.

A little garage fire…

Not sure how the ground spontaneously combusted, since there’s nothing in here to burn, but a fire is a fire, and we happily put it out.

Oscar got home from his day at work, and I had him parent, scrub, clean, repair, and generally bust his little pixel butt.

He didn’t even pass out or wet himself.  I was very proud of him.

Hey Miriam – how’s that bun coming?

Still baking?  Good.  Good.

Aw, look at the little nuggets.

So happy and adorable.

Back at work for Oscar and there’s another new face at the fire house.

They chat for a bit.  And that couch is awesome, I want it.


It’s a “large house fire”!  Maybe he can actually save some Sims!

Holy cow!

Nice digs.

Now hurry Oscar!

I was so busy playing and trying to make sure I saved the people that I didn’t take any pics of the rescues.  There was a baby on the floor!  We grabbed it first and set it outside.  Then he convinced two other people to run after breaking down a door.  I’ll do better next time with the pictures.  After he’d rescued everyone, he had to resume putting out the fire…

Apparently by standing in it.

You okay there buddy?

While watching Oscar burn, I saw Owen got promoted.

Good job, dude.

Oscar put out the fire with a “B” grade, and earned himself a service award!

We’re off to get it.

And he’s inside.

Riveting stuff.

He actually saved 3 Sims.

I guess maybe only two were innocent?

Back at the house I discovered everyone all in the babies’ room.

Oscar and Miriam had been pretty distant, so I quickly fill up their relationship bar again.

I get to work having Oscar get everything fixed up since his time at work, parenting and such…

…And I hear this strange grunting.  HOLY CROW!  You’re in labor!

I’m sorry, Mir – I didn’t even notice.  Miriam: I shouldn’t have eaten that mac and cheese!

Sorry love, Oscar’s coming – and apparently bringing Pax with him.

Okay then – I don’t recall seeing that happen before… Miriam must’ve been in porch labor for quite some time, for as soon as she walked in she came right back out…

…With a basket!  Yay!

A boy!  BOO!

Meet Pete.  He rolls hates the outdoors and brave.

And a GIRL!  YAY!

Little Penny – she rolls eccentric and grumpy.  I like her already.

And Oscar is officially insane, smiling his serene smile with all these children (in his swim trunks).

That’s all for this post!  There’s now 5 little Zalets running around.  I’d have more if there was room!  We’ll have to see how long Ferdinand & Natalie live…

Come back soon for the next installment!

Makin’ Babies 15.4

Hellooo!  Welcome back to the Zales!  Last time the first of generation P was born, a little boy named Pax – this time, well – read on!

First, I have to share this.  WHAT A DEAL!

You save that one point.  😐

Anyhoo, on with the Zale Check!  First Raj and Nat are being sweet and in love.


Mir and Oscar are sleeping.


Owen is miserable as always.

Sick and tired and hating the outdoors.

Pax is in the swing.

And Ferdy is being adorable wishing for NO shooting stars.

Aw.  Zale check complete.

While Oscar sleeps, Miriam manages to put the swing on SLOW.

It’s a miracle.

Hey Natalie?  Feel free to clean that while you’re there.

You even have a wish to do so…

I have to force Oscar out of bed before he’s fully rested to take care of Pax.

I follow him downstairs where I thought it was raining inside.

I scoured the structure in build mode and couldn’t see any reason for it to be raining inside, then I cleverly noticed that the all-in-one bathroom is broken.  OH.  Plumbing failure.  Got it.

I’ll have Oscar fix it as soon as he’s done cleaning this nasty toilet and getting a bite to eat.

Sorry friend, your mom couldn’t be bothered.

While Oscar is hidden in the “bathroom” Mir cleans up!

Thanks lady!  Natalie still cannot be bothered.

Ugh.  Thanks Raj.  Well done.

And someone else please acknowledge what the HECK is wrong with his NOSTRILS?!?

Owen made it home after going to a friend’s house after school.

He’s in quite the state 😦

Miriam appears to have gained some weight with Pax.

I totally understand, I just don’t see it often?  She was rather thin?

Aw, Ferdy & Mir!

I’m glad they’ve made friends!

Someone moves Pax from the swing to his crib.


Aaaand, now he’s screaming.

Cue angry flailing fists. Thanks a lot, idiots.

Will you two quit bickering about the rocking chairs and help the baby!?!

OMG, OWEN!  Thank you!

*Sings Lion King Theme Song*

As soon as you’re done being awesome, I’m buying you a bed!

Oop, before I could get Owen all situation, mandatory pregnancy zoom shot.

Another “P” is on the way!

Here we go buddy.

You did good.

Sleep tight!

And sweet dreams, neglected one.

Aw, Oscar and Ferdy!

Must be sleepy time in the Zale house.

Hey!  Miriam found the music box!

Oscar rolled a wish for it when he found out Miriam was pregnant with Pax.  It went ignored until this moment.

How sweet.

Pretty adorable.

Owen breaks the computer after the first night’s sleep he’s had in eons.

I found the look on his face priceless.  “What mom, I didn’t do anything wrong, I was just trying to get that free iPad I won.

It’s okay, Natalie, teenagers are hard.

Oscar will fix it.

And he did.

He’s pretty handy now, so no worry about electrocution.

Geez Owen, you’re making friends all over the place.

Don’t make me regret that bed!

I send Oscar out for a jog, as he can’t work for a couple more days.  It earns him a promotion!

Too bad we need to rescue 30 Sims to complete his LTW!  0/30 completed.

Oh heck no!  I spot these two flirting.

And Miriam is about to pass out and starve.

Okay fine, she won’t starve.

But stop flirting with your father-in-law!  Bad Sim!  And feel free to clean up, will ya?

OMG she did.

Thank you.  Now PLEASE.  Go to sleep!

That.  Is not.  A bed.

You’re lucky you’re pretty!

Natalie is a sweet grandma – so precious!

Even if it blocks Miriam from being able to get through.

I have Oscar use his manly wiles on Miriam to get her to sleep in a bed.

It didn’t work, but they do look awfully pleased with themselves.

Their faces made me laugh.

Rajan earns some good grandparent points himself.

I’m sure Natalie and Owen are about to bicker again.

Mir keeps not eating or sleeping, but she seems pretty keen on her husband.

Good.  Stop flirting with the family.

Oscar is clearly hungry, and Miriam rolled a wish to eat spaghetti, so spaghetti it is!

Oscar already ate and left, but the rest of the family makes it for dinner.

And you guys were right!  I was able to drag the leftovers right into the fridge!  Woohoo!  (Well, not “woohoo”, ha ha ha)

In a very strange outfit Miriam goes into labor.

Just getting out of the rocking chair, of course.

Hey look!  Twins!

And routefail dog.

The boy is Preston, an insane light sleeper.
The girl is Paisley, a brave genius.

I was very happy to see we have a girl!  Hopefully we can get another one so we can poll them for heir.

One last thing for this post…

Birthday for Pax!

Isn’t he a cutie!

That’s all for now!  Come back next time!  Eventually Rajan will die, and Owen will age up and move out and we’ll have a couple more house slots for MOAR NOOBOOS.

Happy Simming!

Oops! Let’s Have a Wedding 15.3

Hello!  Welcome back!  The Zales are continuing to establish a presence in Riverview, and I believe I forgot that Miriam and Oscar weren’t married!  Let’s get on with it, shall we?

I begin, as always, with a Zale check.  First I discover a dark and rainy Rajan and Natalie having a disagreement.

Based on the speech bubble, looks like some ignorance was berated.

It is clearly distressing Miriam.

What an odd look on such a pretty face.

Uh oh… Looks like Oscar is suffering from antsimism.

Not good. 😦

I decide to wait and see if any of my mods to help the game run smoothly will find him and fix him.  I try a couple interactions with Mir to see if I can drag him up…

This was a “dip kiss”


Owen is being a good little Sim and trying to do his best to rest up without a bed.

The house is just too small for a bed… I did give him a sleeping bag near the end of this post, maybe he’ll be able to use it and get a full nights sleep.

Hey!  He’s back!

He spun into his chosen sleepwear for the evening and returned to normal.  Yay!

I thought these two rocking chairs on the porch would be picturesque.

Instead they’re just idiot magnets.  Might have to put something else out here… like a bed for Owen… just a thought.  It is a covered porch, so he wouldn’t get wet.  He does hate the outdoors, though… we’ll see.

Come morning, Rajan is offered a job in the science career.

I accept, he’s going to die soon anyway.

A new day dawns for Oscar at the firehouse as well.

I hate that it has a fully built kitchen, but you can’t use the stove, so it’s quick meals only.  I guess they don’t want it burning down? Ha ha ha.  I do hope some coworkers stop by today, part of his job performance depends on meeting them and making friends…

After his quick bite of bread and jam, it’s back to work on the fire alarm.

And hey!  It earns him a promotion!

He’s had a couple now.  Good job, buddy.

I then see Oscar roll a wish I’ve never seen before.

Um, no.  You cannot.  Might have something to do with him being insane?  I’ve never seen a Sim wish for a demotion before.

It’s prom night for Owen!

I hope he has fun and enjoys being crowned prom king.  Because of course he will.

Oscar and Mir have been rolling wishes for pregnancy books, and I didn’t see them in the family bookshelf inventory, so I send Oscar off to buy them.

What a cute bookstore!  Sometimes you just have to love this game.

In an effort to prevent the family from staving, I put Oscar to work grilling some hotdogs.

I’m spoiled by TS4 and being able to drag the leftovers to the fridge myself so they don’t go bad, but I do remember and have Oscar put the uneaten ones away.

The cute little patio area gets its first use!

Made me happy but it gives Oscar the “unfinished” moodlet.  I checked everything in build mode, even the ceiling, and I can’t see anything unfinished.  Bummer.

Meanwhile – SHOCKING!

But he also met a girl!  Betty Simovitch!

Story progression started her on some other romantic endeavors, as she had aged up, but nothing permanent.  Hopefully Owen catches up soon.

Oscar rolled some wishes to buy stuff, and since the lot is huge and the Zales have over $300k in the bank, no problem.

Although I strongly advise against hot tubbing in your hoodie.

Miriam is out here freezing because she won’t get out of the damned rocking chairs.

Go inside, woman!

Thankfully the need to feed herself and her unborn child force her to the refrigerator.


Back at work for Oscar – YAY!  Our second fire!

Lovely town!

Neat furnishings in this house.  I like that the firefighter career allows you to see inside the other homes.

No get busy, Oscar!


Oscar defeats the flames without any difficulties.

While extinguishing the flames, he gets another promotion!

And then we go above and beyond, because Oscar is all about customer service.

Then Oscar rolls a wish that reminds me he and Miriam are not married!

Oopsie doodle!

I make a half-arsed attempt at setting up for a little backyard wedding.

I click on the arch to get the party started and there aren’t any actions available.  Because DUH!  They aren’t even engaged!

Oscar gets right on that.

And she says yes without hesitation.

Let’s try this again, shall we?

Aww, her idle animation while waiting for the ceremony to start is super cute.

Whelp, this is pretty typical for a Zale wedding.

But the show must go on.

Owen is the only one who manages to care and is super sweet.

Remind me to give him a bed somewhere.

Just getting ready to grab a slice of wedding cake and BAM.

Mere hours after her nuptials, Miriam goes into labor.

It’s a BOY!

Pax is welcomed into this world.  He rolled eccentric and disciplined.  Miriam looks a little grumpy, but she DID wish for a girl (which I locked in).  And we DO need girls, as it is a girl’s turn to take over after Oscar is finished.

Oscar rolled a wish to rock with Pax, so I happily oblige.

It’s cute, and besides, an occupied rocker is one less the idiots can be obsessing about.

Miriam manages to finally get her hands on that cake.

Which is good, because she is very hungry.

Oscar puts the automatic parenting machine to work.

And gets right to work on baby number 2!

That’s it for now!  Tune in next time!

Until then, Happy Simming!

The Zales in Riverview 15.2

Hi Guys!  Welcome to another installment of everyone’s favorite pixel people.

Fun story:  I don’t have my notes/captions for these screenshots, but I wanted to attempt to get it uploaded anyway.  We’ll see if I remember what I was thinking when I took the pics.  Wish me luck!  Onward!

This is the one last look at the Zale property in Isla Paradiso.  It was one of my favorite homes I’ve ever played, and I’m sad the Zales barely got to live here.

Before we could move, I needed to make sure I didn’t return the Zales to any world they’d previously resided in.  A quick review of my blog let me know that the Zales have lived in Aurora Skies, Sunset Valley, Monte Vista, Lucky Palms, Twinbrook, and Appaloosa Plains before Isla Paradiso, so I decide they shall reside in Riverview.

They buy this huge and beautiful lot with a cute small house on it.

I forget the name, Cyprus Lane, I think.

The nice garage area has potential.

I turn it into kind of a private love nest for Oscar and Miriam.

I can’t remember if TS3 Sims can walk on half a square to get to the bed or not… we’ll find out.

I finish furnishing the rest of the garage:

Even has a nice little outdoor area.  There’s only the one bathroom in the main house though, so that will probably need to be adjusted.

Here’s the main house:

Rajan and Natalie get a bed, but the large open area I make into a nursery!  Generation P is going to have to sleep somewhere!  Owen can have the couch or something.

Here’s the downstairs.  I think it’s pretty cute… albeit very small.

Well damn…

…I thought so, however.

Thankfully there’s room to extend the loft area without interfering with the stairs.

I wouldn’t mind calling this space home!  I adore it!

The love birds are getting better acquainted.
I think they’re so cute!  And holy cow, the tattoo actually looks like a tattoo and not a blob.

Oscar and Miriam manage to be settling in nicely while the remaining three are standing in what appears to be a rather uncomfortable clump.

Perhaps they left their advanced door-ing skills in IP.

Ferdinand is here!

Ferdinand is ADORABLE.

Oscar manages to score a girlfriend in Miriam.
Good job, buddy!

They enjoy a romantic afternoon in their new loft.

I really think it’s a cute space!

Afterwards, Oscar can’t be a scuba diver anymore, so there’s a new LTW on the horizon.

Due to his brave trait, and the fact that I’ve never done the Firefighter career, I sign Oscar up.

He takes a cab down to the station and it reminds me of two things.  One, I need to buy them a car.  Two:

I haven’t played in Riverview in a VERY long time, and it’s quite pretty!  I had forgotten.

Here we have Oscar checking out his new employment space.

It’s rather nice, actually.

Then I realize he’s all allergy-y so it’s off to the medical center for a shot.

He needs athletic skill for his new career, so I make him jog home.   (Look at me remembering why I took this pic…)

The family is pretty hungry, and even though Natalie has excellent cooking skills, no one has any food.  So I make Oscar prepare a meal and call everyone to eat.

I love that feature.  It works too!

After most of the family eat (and I don’t get any pictures – there’s a lot of dirty dishes as proof that you will see later, however).  Owen proves to be very much the teenager and play on the computer way too late.

I, a mature adult, would never do that.  O.o

But good for him, he found the couch!

Ferdinand found his little bed too.

And is indeed the cutest thing.

Raj and Natalie agree.

Awwww ❤

Morning rolls around and a well-rested Oscar is working out.

Rajan photobombs while grabbing a book from the reading nook.

Mir was looking SUPER adorable playing on the family computer.

I think she’s SO pretty!

Oscar heads out the door in his oh-so-cute fireman attire.

Aww.  I swear he has the hidden grumpy trait, he’s always scowling.

Hey!  Look how cool the carpool vehicle is?

I mean – Ambitions was released 8 years ago, I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now.  But I hadn’t – not in game anyway, I know I’d seen it in other people’s blogs.

Wanting to do well in our new career, we maintain the firetruck.

We’re supposed to make friends too, but no one else shows up.

Me, confusing the intention skill table with something that will give Oscar handiness skill waste time on this thing:

Oops.  I swear I’ve played this game before.


Let’s go, Oscar!

Wrong outfit, but that’s okay.  Driving the firetruck for the win!

Woo Woo 4000!

Aha, a small house fire.

With a funny pop-up!

Another wardrobe change…

But at least we’re getting it done!


He did it!

Back at the station another fireman appears!

This is Hunter Cottoneye.  Everything about him seems perfectly suited.

Hey, trait compatibility!

Insane BFF’s five-ever.

Knowing exactly how best to make friends…
WHAMMO!  Ha ha ha!  It was too silly.

Hunter runs off to use the bathroom and…

Let’s just say someone else had to clean up after him.  Gross.

Couldn’t be a fireman post without a fire pole!

Wee!  All-in-all a great first day on the job.

Back at the house I nearly died from the cute.

I very rarely see the pets in laps.  It is adorable beyond all reason.  Even if Raj’s nostrils look like something out of Star Trek.

The family enjoys a meal together…

Sort of… some horrifying waffles for Nat.  Thanks Mir, for helping clean up!

Um, Oscar?  Do not look at the love of your life that way.

I swear he’s grumpy!

He gets over it quick enough and uses the pickup line “I’m a firefighter” on Miriam.

She’s THRILLED with the idea.

Oscar: Wanna see my hose?

She did.  She did want to see his hose.

(hee hee hee)

Meanwhile I hadn’t seen Owen in a while and… welllllll?

He doesn’t appear to be having a very good time.  He’s over at a friend’s house where they managed to do their homework and brush their teeth.

He made it home around 1:00 am and managed NOT to get caught by Riverview’s finest.

He even grabbed a bite to eat.


Poor thing could really use a bed.  Oh well.  FAIL.

With bathroom time becoming challenging I cram one of those all-in-one bathrooms over in Mir and Oscar’s space.

A little too late however.

Really Raj?  Really?  You were –>  <– THIIIIIS close.  FAIL.

Did I mention Owen needs a bed?

He hates the outdoors, so he’s really happy about this.  Oh well, don’t care.

OMG someone clean up!

I meant to have Oscar hire a maid before he left for work, but I forgot and he can’t do it when he isn’t home.

Fixing up the alarm!

Tinkering with the stove!


It was an uneventful workday, but he did get promoted, so yay!
He also managed to meet another coworker.  Her name is in my notes and she’s clearly not as memorable as Hunter Cottoneye, so that’s all the details you get.

Oh wait!  But then this happens.

Looks like Mr. Hose has some explaining to do.

Next time, what will happen?  A shotgun wedding?  The first of generation P!  Tune in to find out!

For now, the game is running well, so I will leave the Zales in TS3.  But the option to switch them will remain open!

Until then, Happy Simming!

An Attempt 15.1

Well hello!  Before I abandon Sims 3 Ship, I decided to give it a shot… here’s what happened!  Fun fact, the first 7 screen shots were over a year old… so here we go.


Our TH Oscar is asleep.  For the next 9 lag-filled Sim Hours.

Natalie has just gotten out of bed and is VERY happy about it.

I’d forgotten how much I liked this house of theirs.

Owen is making some sort of cringe-y face.

Hi dude.

The cat Ferdinand is using the scratching post.

I swear I didn’t completely forget about him or anything.

That’s pretty much it, since Rajan is off at work.  Let’s follow Natalie around while I wait for Oscar to wake up.

Ooh!  Fun with lasers…

Oh look, dirty dishes on the floor.

Because there’s clearly no room on the table.  😐

Rajan is off work now.

Isn’t this post riveting?  Aren’t you riveted?

And now, in the real world, I manage to load the game for the first time in a year.  I don’t even remember how to put the walls down or take a picture, ha ha ha.

Just getting the hang of things…

I *did* wait until she finished showering to attempt this photo.  You’re welcome.

Here we have Rajan stinking up the place in what I *do* remember being my favorite bathroom.

Like ever.  I’d love a bathroom like that.

Oh look!  He’s taking care of his needs!

Good little idiot.

Apparently Owen did something wrong, as he is being scolded for something in the rain.

Hey dude I can control?  You awake yet?

zZzZz Plants make me happy ZzZzZ

I’ll take that as a no.

Ah – I see what Owen must’ve been scolded for…

…setting booby traps.

Oh yeah… I’d completely forgotten about old sim obsession with the rocking chair.

How painfully the memories return.

Nice job, Owen.  Thanks a lot.

I barely remember your existence but I can tell I do not like you.

Hey!  You’re up!

And adorable!  And hungry!

Alright!! Drenched patio floor cake!

Really?  Don’t eat that.

Not as good as you were hoping?

Can’t imagine why.

Enough cake, time to work on that LTW!

My usual joy for the pretty world is completely diminished by the fact that the game is unplayable. 😦

I took like 3 irl minutes for Oscar to get going in the boat, only for the full moon to come, cause him to “freak out” which made him go to land.

I remembered to turn it off… but the delay was annoying.

Finally back on task, it appears the rapture has happened…

…There are abandoned boats EVERYWHERE.  We’ll see how many my mods remove later.  (Note:  It was 120)

Oh yeah, I forgot he was insane…

…Nice swimwear, bud.

That’s better.

I do love how gorgeous the world is underwater.

Hey look!  A mermaid!

I’ve never seen them in the water, only on land.

So I’m no expert, but I think those are the wrong legs/tail there, mermaid.

She heartfarted him and swam over to talk about Kale recipes.

I spot a cave and attempt to explore it.

I’m sure it will glitch.

Yup.  Fastest thing the game has done in a year.

Well fine then, we need to find a spouse anyway…

Before we could head off to the karaoke joint, the mermaid with no tail managed to beach herself and die real quick.

Okay then.  You do you.

Scouting for females, I spot this fashion train wreck.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hah ahahhahahahaha!  Wth?  One of the worse I’ve ever seen.

I took her into CAS just for a rescue, but I got out my scalpel and…


NOOO!  She’s running away!

Put down the MICROPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like hell she is…


I chased her all over the island only to discover she “lives” here.

Well, Oscar will just have to have a quick date with his mailbox, if you catch my drift, and invite her over.

I discover it’s not a reasonable time of day to make a phone call, so I put him to work repairing the tub.

Then Rajan broke the dishwasher.

So Oscar called a repairman…

Look who’s here!

Her name is Miriam Samuels.  She’s a clumsy, bookworm, night owl, virtuoso who likes island music (appropriate), macaroni and cheese and the color aqua.  I think she’s beautiful.

The game is barely running and they stand there staring at each other for 4 sim hours.

Finally, a little conversation.

World destruction and all that.

A quick trait incompatibility…

Whatever, I adore Miriam (which was my grandmother’s name, by the way – fun fact)… so FALL IN LOVE.

Yes.  Good Oscar.

I agree, do this.

Flirt success!

We’re making progress!!

Aaaaannnd… then she hopped off in her boat, partially rendered, in the middle of the date.

…and left.

The game is barely functional.  Took more than 10 real life minutes to save and close…  But Oscar met Miriam and I adore her… I might try to move just the two of them to a new world…. Cheat her into the household… See if it works any better… I doubt I’ll be able to recreate them in a way that pleases me in TS4… so I’m still on the fence about that one!

But for now!  A real (albeit short) update!  Woohoo!

Happy Simming!

Diving Deep 15.0

Welcome to Generation 15 of the Zale Family ISBI Alphabetcy!  Oscar won the heir poll and is taking over!

As always, good to begin with a Zale check, so we all know who lives in the house!

Rajan is walking inside.
Hi dude.

Natalie is demonstrating my pixelated shadow issue.
Look at the wall and ground.  I’ve been trying to resolve this all over the AMD & Sims Forums.  I never get it worked out.

New TH Oscar is looking thrilled about his new lot in life.
Whatever, buddy.

Outdoor hating Owen is outdoors and looking grumpy.
He’s also off at some school friend’s house.  Looks like fun.  😐

Lastly baby Ferdinand is getting his scratch on.
Good kitty.

Oscar’s first action as TH is to praise the kitty for not destroying the house.
Gotta make sure the kitty is a functional member of this chaos.

Still fighting with blocky shadows…
Oscar looks good, but look at that wall!?!?  UGH!

Nice to see you not looking so grumpy for once.
You’re actually kind of adorable.

Aww, Nat and Rajan play catch.
They both have REALLY high athletic skill, but still manage to pelt each other in the face all the time.
Oscar: Tasty marshmallows.
Natalie:  Ouch.

Hey Oscar?
You need to go find a spouse and make babies.

Dude, this kitten – amirite?
He’s SOOO Cute!

I officially miss you, Natalie, you’ve been so fun!
And you look very beautiful!

Where the hell did you get that thing?
I don’t recall you having one of those?

Oscar wakes up to his first full day in my control…
Enjoys a quick shower…
And then I discovered it’s Snowflake Day!
Due to the incredibly short winter season here in Isla Paradiso, we’re off to the festival!

Out of the very thoughtful bunch, only Oscar & Owen dress accordingly.
Mom & Dad sport their sleepwear.

Natalie seemed to have fallen out of the boat.
I clicked on her, and she had the “Swimming” icon with “Accuse of cheating” queued up.  Um okay…

The boys continue without her.
Onward!  To the festival!

Alright Oscar, let’s look for pretty girls.

Then I realized I couldn’t find Rajan either…
Looks like he fell out of the boat too.  Very few actions in this game are as powerful as “accuse of cheating”.  Natalie was unsuccessful, however.

Back at the festival, Oscar is having  a blast on the half pipe.
In 75 degree weather.  Looks fun!

A little clam chowder from the food vendor.

Then a quick skate on the “frozen” rink with Tamera Han.
She’s a little young, but nothing a cake can’t fix.

Certainly has a unique face.

Whoa, speaking of faces…
The Blue Fawn Han (ha) makes another appearance.  I really like her face!  She’s carrying her son, so clearly in a relationship, but we’ll see!

After getting his face painted, I have Oscar go introduce himself to Fawn.
How damned cute is he?  So cute.

While Oscar chats with Fawn, Honey Hamada dies.
It’s actually a good thing.  She wailed through the entire festival, heartbroken about a deceased lover.  May they be reunited as ghosts.

With that, the brothers head home.
All in all, a rather uneventful and lag-filled visit that was difficult to play.

Upon return to the Zale House, I discover how unbelievably cute Oscar is.
Seriously.  Look at that adorable, insane, painted face.

And now, the game is nearly impossible to play.  Never ending lag and freezes.  I reload and…

I tweak some settings, repair the game in Origin, and the file is still REALLY difficult to play.  So I quit.

Okay – a little more work on the game and settings, and a couple days later, and we’re back in business – at least a little bit.

A quick game of Sim Gnubb (or whatever it’s called) to fulfill a wish for Oscar…
…And then we’re off to the hospital.

Hospital you say?  Our dear Oscar is suffering from terrible hay fever.
He’s off for an allergy shot!

GAH!  Look at this fancy fashion nightmare!
He disturbs me.

So I fix him.
Slightly better.  Still fancy.  Another fun Fawn Han sighting.

After his shot, and since we’re here on the big island, it’s tattoo time!
Gnome o’ the Wrist footsies!

Now we gotta do some diving and work on that LTW!
It starts to rain as soon as Oscar arrives at the already occupied dive spot.  It’s Michael Han, I assume he’s watching us due to our slight affinity towards his wife, Fawn.

Another potential spouse, Sunshine Ichtaca is also out for a dive.
She’s a real cutie!  The two of them met in school as kids.

I discover at this point, that Oscar has just over 20,000 happiness points, so I purchase Oscar his first two bonus traits, observant (a favorite of mine) and iron lungs.  Oscar can now dive without time restraints.

Uh oh – Shark sighting.
The Zale estate is off in the distance.

Oscar spent the whole day in the ocean, is now scuba level 2, and can do some diving.
He also found some things towards his LTW – a smoky quartz and a ruby.

And look!
Another Zale cousin!  YAY Olive!

Oscar sends his gems off for cutting.
I’m looking forward to their return.  I haven’t done much, in all my Sim Years, with stones or collecting.

I buy a way to display them in the home.
It’s gigantic, and if two stones take up that much space, man… this’ll be a challenge.

Last pics of Ferdinand as a baby.  It’s his cat birthday!

Owen is still around.  He had a crappy prom, just ate rotting food…
…and is stinking up the place at a superb level.

A quick up for Oscar’s social need, and then it’s time to hit the seas again.
Father and son chat about their days.  Oscar is freakin’ adorable.

Nice face, rain boy.
What’s wrong?

Excellent!  Let our adventures begin!
Dive time!  Woohoo!

Happy collecting.
We need $40,000 bucks worth of sea loot.

Oscar sees another diver and goes over to say “hi”, but SHARK!
Scary danger!

And then they both peed themselves.
Okay then.  I mean, I’m not judging… not sure what I would’ve done…

Oscar finds a cave, but upon our attempted entrance, he just pops right up on the nearest beach.
I googled it, it’s a known issue, and I’m sure it has a known fix… I haven’t worked on it much.

After hours undersea, and 2 more scuba skill points, Oscar returns home to a very adorable, full grown Ferdy.
He’s nearly as cute now, as he was a baby.  I adore him.

Speaking of cute, Oscar?  You’re way cute.  Obviously not so bright…
Because you clearly cannot eat through your mask, but that’s okay.  I ❤ you anyway.

A little pet care…

A shiny new collar…

And holy crap – what are they doing with that pitch fork?morbid-pitchfork
Defending against the Zombie apocalypse?  Why is it all bloody?

Zombies on the brain, and game glitches and snags, I decide to move all the tombstones off the lot, and over to the cemetery.
Very impressive!  That’s a lot of dead Zales.

Before Oscar can even return home, Helen emerges from the grave.
I take it as a sign the fallen Zales will be happy here.

A good omen, for a good ending.

So I promised I’d get back to these Zales, and for once, I’ve kept my word.  The file is a laggy and complicated mess, but I do want to complete the LTW for Oscar here on Isla Paradiso.  We’ll have to see what the future holds for the game file.

Spouse options are the blue Fawn Han, school friend Sunshine Ichtaca, or I’m hoping Oscar finds a mermaid in his explorations.  So let’s see!  Until next time, Happy Simming!