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Liebster Award


Wow!  Thanks Sam!  Dear somebodysangel has nominated me for the Liebster Award!  Sam is the author of the competed Maloney WYDC, the in progess Epic Rourke Legacy, and the recently started Young Forever BISBI.  Sam, I’m very touched by your nomination and your sweet message.

The award is to help bloggers with under 3,000 followers to, well, get some new ones (hopefully). Really great idea to help us spread the word about awesome blogs we’ve found.

The Official Rules: 

1. Post the award on your blog.

2. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog.

3. Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserve this award and have fewer than or equal to 3,000 followers.

4. Answer 11 questions posted by the nominator, and ask your nominees 11 questions.

First – I want to point out that Pink , Zefie and Tam would be on my list, but I know for a fact they have already been nominated, so here’s to you!  My honorable mention! ❤

My Nominees Are…

Sammy-Sama – Author of The Bagrov Legacy and the Miller-Yang Legacy.  Sammy is one of the first people to start reading my blog, and she has brought me nothing but wonderful kindness, support and friendship.  Her two blogs, the Bagrovs and the Miller-Yangs are funny, entertaining and a delight to read.  Her struggled with TS3 would have lead many users to quit, but Sammy fights on, and brings some fun and original takes on The Sims.

Velle (dashingsyndrome) – Author of the Landgraabacy – if you want to laugh, oh so very hard, and just every so often feel a couple feels, this is the blog for you.  I learn so much about TS4 when I read her blog!  And I can never get through a post without A. Wanting to play RIGHT NOW, and B. Laughing so hard!

Sam (gryffindork7) – Author of the Dysfunkshinul Legacy – Sam, if you’ve already been nominated, I apologize!  Fun, chaos, and no fat chicks adorn the Dysfunctional Legacy.  Founded somewhere in the space of when trailer met trash, spawns some of the most hilarious SimAntics around.

Plumbawesim – Author of It’s a Small World After All – a Cultural Legacy Challenge.  I love this blog.  The amount of work that goes into it is not lost on me!  I just take snap shots and capture them, but Plumbawesim has created an entire paracosm filled with nuance, detail – and just enough SIMS that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.  A take on Zefie’s Culture challenge, it’s so fun to see how the family moves from generation to generation, culture to culture.

Jenn – Author of so many challenges and blogs that I cannot keep up!  I follow her “junk yard” which links to every thing she endeavors.  Although she probably has many nominations, I just had to save a spot for her.  When I first started this SimBlog business, I found her success and experience intimidating, but there’s nothing but kindness and patience to be found.  Click around and enjoy!  There’s lots of great stuff to be found!

Questions Asked by Nominator:

1. Would you rather have a face clone heir or a Face One heir?
Ugh – neither.  But I do have to say clone.  At least there’s some family there, and they won’t look just like the maid, mailman, repairman, etc.

2. If you could change one aspect of TS3, what would it be?
A more stable, more functional game.  I get so much joy out of it, and so much frustration! 

3. What is your favourite expansion pack? Why? (cliched, but a classic)
This is a fantastic question, and I’m not sure.  I’m torn between Island Paradise and Seasons, but ultimately, I’m going to pick Seasons.  I LOVE the weather, the festival, the moodlets and all the fun activities!

4. Who is your favourite spare in your challenge/legacy?
I’m torn between July, Tahiya & Ike’s daughter, who was overlooked for the Zalien, and Imogene who drown in the pool during a birthday party.  I’m also fond of all of the G Spares, Giselle especially.  And I loved Irene… hmm… too many to choose I’d say!

5. Who was the very first sim you created in CAS? Were they based on anyone?
No idea!  I probably just clicked around… it’s been awhile, ha ha ha.  I know they were not based on anyone.  I have only attempted to make “real” people a couple of times.

6. If you could create a new TS3 EP, what would it be?
Oh wow, I love this question… SO much has already been accomplished!  More than I could have even imagined really.  I’d rather have the game itself be more stable than add more too it, I think.  I wouldn’t mind some more world travel options…

7. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life (assuming it could sustain you), what would it be?
Grilled Cheese!  Ha!  No joke either, I love grilled cheese!  Or maybe Pizza.

8. What was your favourite childhood movie?
Um… I was obsessed with The Never Ending Story.

9. Did you play video games as a child, or only started when an adult?
Heck yes I did!  Opening up that NES system on Christmas day a zillion years ago was the dawn of a gaming era for me.  I’ve always played games.

10. What animal would you most want as a pet? (fantasy/extinct animals allowed!)
Oh man – tricky!  I recently watched the two How to Train Your Dragon movies, and I’ll take one Toothless please!

11. Do you believe in true love? Is there only one out there for everybody?
I’m going to say no.  I believe in love, and I love my husband, and plan on being with him until the end of my (or his) days – but I do not think there is ONE person for everyone.  I think there are many people out there who can become the love of your current life.  I believe that love is hard work, and you’re only going to get out what you put in… so “true love” and “just one” well – I have to say no, that’s just too romantic.

Questions For my Nominees:

1. Did you every play TS1?  How about any of it’s expansions?

2. Do you like to have the last word?

3. What’s your favorite pizza topping?

4. What is something you want to accomplish in the next 5 years?

5. What’s the last book you read?

6. S’mores – necessary camping treat, or gross?

7. Do you have TS4?  TS3?  TS2?  Name something you like about each one you have.

8. Can you speak Simlish?

9. How many Sims have you intentionally killed, and why?

10. I was asked this question, and I liked it – Who’s your favorite legacy spare?  How about Heir?

11. Do other people in your lives know you play and blog?  Do they care?


Island Life 13.4

Welcome!  The Zales and I are happy you stopped by!  I’ve been loving the new house, and I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s new with our favorite family.

Zale Check!
Mindy is looking very pleased with herself, and her cake.

Mango is parenting little Noah.

Nova and Natalie are at school on this rainy day.

Here we have Nate who just enjoyed his birthday.
Silly little guy.

Skilling Noah begins!
Good heavens this area is bare… much of the house is still like that.

How cute are these two…
Playing tag around the house.

It’s almost time!
Mango will be a PlantSim again before we know it!

Oh town, how I love thee.
So pretty and different from the other worlds.

Mango continues to work hard on his LTW.

No one bothered to watch him.
But he got hungry and took a break.

I had him get a pulled pork sandwich.
Sounded good to me!

While out on the main island, Mango auditions for a couple more gigs.
He got them both.

Back at home, it was the typical demand for bedtime stories.
Run Mindy!

I noticed Mindy was stinky.
She had peed herself.  FAIL!  I’d mark it -5, but clearly I don’t keep score any more.  Oh well, I tried… for a bit.

I have Mango volunteer a story for Natalie, otherwise they’d NEVER get to sleep!
It’s a cute action, too bad it’s so awfully implemented.

The ghosts are out.  And obviously grossed out by how ghostly everyone is.
LtoR: Gustave, Juniper, Daisy passed out, Meredith, Krypton & Changpu.

Hi honey!  Reminder, Imogene drowned in the pool during a party when the Zales lived in Lucky Palms.

I might need more rocking chairs.
Some of the ghosties were route failing due to their desired chair being occupied.

Poor Daisy, she just fainted over and over and over again.
It’s more than she can handle.  Even more ghosts joined the party, but no sign of Abraham. 😦

Nova is in for a rough day.
She’s exhausted and hungry, as well as needing to wee.

It’s time!
I ALMOST flippin’ made another PlantSim baby by “picking” the fruit instead of “tending” the garden.  That would’ve been BAD.

Can’t wait!

Well – that was anti-climactic.
It says he has to get to the science lab, but that’s to cure him, right?  I’ll just let him be.

Mindy… you’re gross.
Do you not see the flies?

If I lived here, I’d never go inside.

He’s a PlantSim!
It happened when I wasn’t looking, so I’m not sure what actually happened.  I’m bummed I missed it!  Makeover is required.

His PlantSimism manifested differently this time, but I embrace it.
I love the golden yellow in his hair.

Please Mindy, for the love of llamas, read the poor thing to sleep.
Don’t let the daylight fool you.  It just means she’s probably been awake for 24 hours.

Natalie went to sleep without a story, but she’s in her sister’s bed.
Oh well.

The glorious flower trail has returned!
It also reset his lifestage – Mindy ages up in one day, I’ll age Mango up too.

Mango completes another gig!

After his performance, he takes a karaoke break.

He got way too hilariously into it.
I mean, he’s on his knees, people.

Mango arrives home to a finally rested Natalie doing her homework.
At 2:30 in the morning.  I don’t think her schedule will ever be right again.

He was still in pretty good shape needs wise, so I sent him to the park to perform for tips.
It was a lovely, quiet night, and the stars were so bright!

By the time the sun came up, however…
He wasn’t doing as well.

Back at home, Mindy is throwing darts.
She rolls wishes to do things like paint, and laundry – no one is stopping you dear!  Feel free!

Mango had to clean up a bit, there’s a party tonight!

Natalie is on her way home.
Like a boss.

Nova is too!
I LOVE that kids can use these things.

Nate had to take a water taxi, I had forgotten to give him a jetski – I fixed that, however.

4 person party!

Have I mentioned I love this house?
That is a sweet place to have a party!

Nova is first, and adds artistic to friendly, snob & genius.
She’s quite lovely!

Mindy is next.  I decide to give her a more tropical makeover – no more sweater dress and boots – I also tone down her makeup, and allow her to wear a color other than red.
(She has white shorts on, LOL)

Natalie adds charismatic to neurotic, couch potato & night owl.
I’m officially obsessed with Natalie now, who’s opted for short hair, and to embrace her curls.

Mango went last, and I have no idea what happened to him.Screenshot-46
I had just fixed his look… OH – this is his new acrobat outfit.

Well, it took me ages to fix his career look, and now he’s late for his gig.
But look!  His flower trail follows him in the water!

For a really long distance!
Screenshot-48Mango managed to perform for about 15 minutes – needless to say, it was not a good show.

❤ ❤ ❤

The sisters appear to be getting along very well!
It makes me happy!  In fact, they each have a wish to be BFF’s with each other.  I lock them in even though it’s not going to happen.

She’s my favorite

But they’re both lovely.
So whoever you pick, will be okay with me.

It’s a lovely Saturday, so Mango takes everyone off to the festival!
Why they didn’t take their boat, I don’t know.

Nor do I understand why everyone showed up in their pajamas!
I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to change when they leave their home lot?

Mango challenges the three women in his life to a hot dog eating contest.
My money is on Natalie, but only because she’s hungry.

Seriously, this is so funny!
Especially because they’re in their pajamas!

Mango wins!
He gets a supply of hotdogs that I forget about until I get the pop up about the disgusting items in his inventory.

Meanwhile, Nate buys some food from the vendor.

And Noah is left sitting in the grass.

BUT – being the experienced Simmer that I am, I plopped a toy in his inventory.
See? I learn things.  Sometimes. He’s ALSO in his pajamas, btw.

This woman skates with an invisible partner.
I reset the guy, but I think he’s doomed.

A little husband and wife bonding.
At least it got Mindy out of her jammies and into her work-out clothes.

The twins helped themselves to sno-cones while Nate heads off to skate.
Super cute, even if their borderline indecent.  And heck, I can just feel the hot brick on their bare feeties.

Mango, with his maxed athletic skill, easily stops all of his wife’s goal attempts.
It was pretty fun to watch.

But, all good things must come to an end.  Noah is sleepy.
And it’s time to get him home.

I love this guy…
…As far as I know, he’s never asked for a bedtime story.  Thanks Nate!

I had Mango out on the town, auditioning for more gigs, and he rolled some snorkel wishes.
So we snorkel in the lagoon.

But it just spurred more wishes, so Mango spent the entire day in the water.
Annoyingly enough, it didn’t fill his “water” need… but it didn’t decay either.  Maybe because it’s salt water?  That makes a little sense I guess.

It was getting dark, but I had to capture a couple scuba shots.
Screenshot-69 Screenshot-70
I think the next couple TH’s will have to do something IP related.  It’s way too fun.  Heck, maybe we’ll do something with mermaids?

Sheesh woman!  No one is stopping you…
…go use one of the MANY bathrooms.

I adore Natalie.
Just look at that face!

Nate was the first to wake up Monday morning.  He made his bed…
…then went downstairs to play.  I thought it was cute.

Another gig!
Mango has unlocked the ball and the ring of fire.  Fun!

I was watching Mango perform, and I got this pop-up:
That is a LOT of vehicles!!!!  Nearly 5,000?!?  Is that even possible!?!  And stupid Phil Han is always stuck aging.

I suspect a fail is in the future…
…he’s EXHAUSTED, just went to sleep, and school is in 45 minutes.  (NOTE:  I had him sleep in class, cheating?  Maybe…I just used the drop down menu when he was in school.)

Ha, he woke up and stretched and yawned…
I don’t really see that action much.

Resting up before his gig tonight.
I know I’m all obsessed with this world, but I could almost FEEL the sunshine.  LOVE it.

Mindy has always been a good mother.
Here she is taking excellent care of Noah (and I TOLD you she had white shorts).

Nova went over to the Scott residence after school.
They have this REALLY cool houseboat.

And a green child.

Mango has a gig, but the boys are having birthdays.  I bought a couple cakes and sent Mango on his way (not wanting to be late, again…) but I had him start Noah’s birthday before he left.
Screenshot-83 Screenshot-81
As soon as Nate gets home, I’ll use Mango to start his birthday too.

But the Zale Island is so remote, it takes about 2 SimHours to get the kids home from school.
Even on the jetski.  NOTE: The Zale children just vaporize to school in the mornings.  I get the pop up that the bus will be there at 8:00am, and then ZARROOOP they teleport to school.  Fine with me!  My guess is because there’s no roads on Zale Island, so there’s no where for the bus to go.

Noah adds rebellious to good & friendly.
He’s super cute.

Fancy Mango worked super hard, even though he missed his sons birthdays.

This one woman nearly lost her mind, watching Mango’s show.
She cracked me UP!  Just LOOK at that face!

Nate finally gets to his cake, and adds bot fan to grumpy and loves the outdoors.
Due to his new “bot fan” trait, he got some futuristic parts to his new look.  I actually really like him!

All 500 laundry baskets in the house were getting full, so I had Mango devote HOURS to doing the household laundry.
Unfortunately, after he’d picked up most of the baskets, his absent minded nature made him plop it down… but FINE.

The dishwasher was also broken, for who knows how long.
The TH’s day is never done.

Which would’ve been a GREAT stopping point… but I have one more screenshot.

Mindy is VERY HAPPY her husband is a PlantSim again…
…the “flower kiss”is back, and she’s THRILLED!

So – that’s all for now!  Next post will get us to an HEIR POLL between Natalie and Nova!  Can’t wait to see what’s next, so come back again soon!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

Deaths, Births, a Move & Ghosts! 13.3

How do I Sims 3?  Oh yeah, Zale Check!  Here’s Kyle in a rocking chair.

Lavender and Mindy are having a chat.

Mango is standing around in his work clothes.
Coffee table has cake.

Minnie is helping out with Natalie.

Nova is in her crib.

And lastly, we have little Nate…
Resting peacefully with the mobile.

Mango gets the girls started on their skills.
Thank heavens for toddler cheating objects!

Like baby jails!

Highchairs on the other hand, can be very risky.
I think it was Kyle who put her in here… OMG I’M SO BORED.  Don’t worry – this post gets SO MUCH BETTER.


Hey look it’s momma Mindy!  She finally joins her little family upstairs.
And by “join” I mean play video games, soaking wet – in her nightie.

The girls are fully skilled, so it’s Zale Family Parenting time.
Such lovely objects.

I just thought Mango looked cute.
With his PB&J.  I also realized at this moment that I really want him to be a PlantSim again.  So we’ll stop at three kids (I tell lies) and work on Mango’s gardening skill.

Mindy frequently vanishes for long periods of time, and I find myself forgetting about her. I chased her down and she was again talking to Lavender out in the horse barn.
The two of them interact frequently, but their relationship is pretty neutral.  Mango was sleeping – it’s still weird to have a TH that needs sleep after all those Zaliens.

Mango wakes up, meets his needs, and then begins performing for tips.
It’s too early in the morning though, so the streets are very empty…

…Or perhaps I wished they were.  This incredibly ugly family starts watching him.

No seriously – look at these faces… Mom & daughter:

Other daughter:

Daddy dearest:
Aren’t they totally terrifying?

Whoops – Mindy just got fired – I didn’t realize she was having problems at work.

Ha – she doesn’t seem to mind.
BLAH!  THUMBS DOWN.  (Dude, why is she always dripping wet?)

The time has come!  Mango can finally plant his forbidden fruit seed.
Mango:  Stares intently.
Shh – it’s very serious business.

It’s spooky day, and Mango greets a couple trick-or-treaters.
Spooky day indeed, the top of the house has vanished…

Even with a screaming Natalie in her arms, Mindy and her baby look amazing together.
I’m super happy to have found Mindy.

Minnie is still here – 2 days from her YA birthday so she can move the heck out.
I’m super sick of her.  Should I be?  Probably not.  But I am.

Lavender and Kyle are at the end of their lifebars.
Leah is too…

There’s gonna be a lot of death coming up.

Oop – speak of the devil.
Kyle was a good lookign Sim, but he didn’t pass on his awesome genes, and he was just kind of a non-entity in the legacy – so I wasn’t too sad.

Minne was though.
But we all know how much I care about Minnie so… no feels were had.

It’s Nate’s birthday!  Mango has a gig later today, so we have his little private party a little early.
See?  I learn things.  Sometimes.

He gets green hair.

His favorite color is orange, which is a bit much with his green hair and red skin, but I work it in here and there.
That’s Samali’s nose still passing on, and his mom’s droopy eyes.  He’s kind of odd looking… but I like him… for now.

Well!  What have we here?
I told you I tell lies.

Just after he’s wife mysteriously vomits, Mango’s off to his gig.

Where he promptly sets his ass on fire.
Great job.

Hey – more family news, Sheldon & Mary had a son named Rudolph!
baby boy rudolph
We’ll never get to meet him however.

You brilliant readers you – your suspicions have been confirmed!
Mango & Mindy are having one last baby.

You know?  He’s really not very cute.
But ugly babies need skills too.

Learning with dad.
See the orange?  The seahorses are orange. I told you I worked it in.  I’m STILL SO BORED.

Mindy looks over her three toddlers with one in the oven!

Minnie went and birthday-ed while Mango was in the middle of a show.
I think she actually looks very pretty.  I didn’t even give her a make over and just kicked her out.  She added hot-headed to absent minded, adventurous, ambitious, angler & animal lover.  Isn’t that too many traits?  Am I losing it?  No – that’s too many.  I swear that’s what she had though… I remember noticing how I wish she’d rolled another A trait… whatever, it doesn’t matter.  Oh yeah – she gets that illustrious author LTW.

Now is when I decide a couple things.  1.  We’re moving.  2.  We’re leaving Lavender and Leah behind.  Both their lives have been fully lived, and Lavender’s inventory has several glitched out items in it that just keep passing from person to person.  They showed up with Juniper, and I’d like to be rid of them.  I started going around the house trying to salvage historic items, but in the end I choose to grab only the graves, the fridge, and Mango’s forbidden fruit seed.  Except I couldn’t find a way to take his seedling… but Mindy had one in his pocket – so we’ll just plant that one when we move.

And – I actually didn’t leave Lavender and Leah behind.  I moved them into the neighbor’s house, killed them, then had Mango go get the graves.  The glitched inventory passed on to the neighbor.  I know it’s not a very glamorous end for a TH and her beloved horse – but as I’m sure you can tell – I can barely handle this boring family in this boring house and this boring blog.  Change was necessary!

Aaaaannnddd… I can’t move the house when a family member is pregnant.   Le sigh.

But, from the looks of things, it should be too much longer.
Good.  I don’t know why I’m always rushing your pregnancies, Mindy – but hurry up will ya?

Now we have to have another birthday party in this house.
I should have invited spares and such – but SO OVER IT.

Natalie went first, and added night owl to neurotic and couch potato.
I figured she’d be too lazy to do much with her hair – and she runs around barefoot, which somehow came across as neurotic to me.  I love her.

Nova little Nova added snob to genius and friendly.
Such different sisters!  Fancy clothes for her snob trait, and glasses for her genius trait.  I love her too.

Have that baby already – I really want to move!


One quick hospital birth…
…And it’s a boy!
He’s red – for now, and I name him Noah.  He’s friendly and good.
Yup – still red!  Mango and Mindy are so cute here.

One final look at a house they’ve lived in for many generations.
It’s slightly bittersweet – it’s one of the few homes I’ve built that I’m very pleased with – but I’m done.  And I’ll confess, I was feeling pretty done with the Zales in general… but well – you’ll see.  It gets better.

Welcome!  To Isla Paradiso!
I’m pretty sure all previous problems I’ve had with this world will not exist now that I have the new graphics card and power supply.  I’m super excited to play with this beautiful world.  The plot of land they bought is on a pretty remote island – it’s the only lot on the land chunk.  That might lead to issues, but if that’s the case, I’ll move within the hood.  I specifically sought out this exact plot, since it owns both land and sea.  Time for me to get building.


I am obsessed with it.  I know it’s pretty basic in design, but I tried to capture the nature of the environment, the beauty of the surroundings, and make kind of an “indoor/outdoor” living with LOTS of plants, and LOTS of windows.  It’s just a shell in that picture above, but I keep at it.

I’ve also down something a bit different.  I took a page out of AutumnRein‘s book – author of the Winters ISBI (which if you aren’t reading you should be)- and built this.
I even added a whole row of rocking chairs to keep the dead comfy, but you’ll see that later.  Every single grave made the trek, except – Samali!  Can you believe that!?!  There’s Abraham, Angelica, Bettina, Benji, Leif, Cyrus, Traci, Changpu, Daisy, Duchess, Gustave, Duke, Erik, Liz, Eddie, Flora, Shelley, Giles, Meredith, Helen, Ramon, Ike, Tahiya, Imogene (still tragic), Juniper, Krypton, Lavender, Lacey, Bailey, Kyle & Leah.  As for Samali, I might add her to the family, since I still have her SimSelf, then kill her just to get her urn… we’ll see!  And it was this… this move, this new build, and the placing of all the urns that I became reinvigorated with the Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy.  I’ve made it so far!

And I’m in love with the new house!  There’s LOTS of bare space, but it’s playable!
I’m so happy with how it has turned out.  I have also turned off winter (which I might reconsider for the festival and holiday lights – might just eliminate hail and snow) Fall is like, three days, Spring is 7 and Summer is 15.  It’s a hot, sunny paradise.

Mango plants his new forbidden fruit seed and hires a maid.

Our little snob Nova reads a book out at the fire pit.
Love it.

Natalie is playing pretend in her new room.
Don’t mind the angled line on the wall.  It’s because of the staircase on the other side – I couldn’t get rid of it.  I still love her room.

I’m really looking forward to playing more of this beautiful world.

I think these two are enjoying their new lives of luxury.
And they are painfully adorable.

I had to add a couple places for Watch That Man Go to perform, but it wasn’t too hard.
He’s off to audition!

Have I mentioned how happy I am with this world?
I’m so freakin’ happy.

Not this again.
THAT IS NOT YOUR OUTFIT.  Well, at least it isn’t graduation robes.

Mango has a couple auditions and scores a couple new one-time gigs.
He also didn’t even lose his job performance!  I was shocked, so YAY!

And then, we have… for the first time in a very long time… A Haunting!
It’s Tahiya!

She finds the row of rockers and gets settled.




I couldn’t NOT capture Daisy fainting – as it’s SO DAISY.

I was feeling so nostalgic after seeing all the ghosts.  I’m sure it’ll get old before too long, but for now, I was incredibly happy to see the Zales of the past.

How cool is it to be able to swim right off your own property?

Or just lounge around on a float?
Screenshot-72It’s pretty freakin’ cool!!!

As far as I know there are only a couple lots in Isla Paradiso that offer both land and water – one is incredibly small, and this one that is very remote.  But I think, to get the most out of what this EP has to offer, you gotta have both!  You can moor your boats, and build out over the water… swim right off your own private beach… delightful!

The girls finish their first day of school in the new hood.

They both brought home a friend!
I watched carefully to see how they’d arrive, due to the remote nature of Zale Island, and I learned something important.  Kids can use boats!  Nat and Nova hopped in a water taxi.  The boy had a paddle boat in his pocket, the girl had a – wait for it – JETSKI!  I immediately bought the girls each one, but they haven’t used them yet.  I can hardly wait!

Mango takes off to his first new gig, but travel time between islands takes so long that he’s late!  Oh well, we try his new balancing ball thing.
The show went very well!

That night, Bettina and Eddie haunt!
And Liz!
And I promise not to document every single ghost sighting – it’s just kind of exciting for now.  And I’m kind of waiting for Abraham to appear… 🙂

We’re one step closer to re-PlantSim-izing Mango!
I can hardly wait!

These two are super in love, and super romantic all the time.
It’s freakin’ adorable.

And check out the view from that bed!
Um – yes please!  And the audio in this world, so amazing.  There’s seagulls and you can hear the water… It’s so nice.

I love Mango & Mindy.

Mango has a gig tonight, and tomorrow is both boy’s birthdays, and after that I’ll end this post.  To try to ensure Mango arrives on time, I buy him a motorcycle!
Oh – by the way, the Zales net worth is approx $800k.  With the build they have about $400k in the bank.  It’s actually pretty low for the 13th generation, but when only one person really works, or succeeds in their job (Leif was the much needed early on exception!) it’s slow going!

The gig starts out great!
He’s in his proper outfit, and everyone loves him!

In fact, this woman loved him so much she went into labor!

And then promptly stole the show.

Thanks lady.  Oh well, Mango still did great.

Due to the rain (boo) the boys have an inside birthday.
I really wanted to use their deck over looking the water.  Oh well, there will be lots of birthdays.

Noah ages up looking very similar to his brother.
He has a different mouth though.

A quick trip through CAS and I present toddler Noah.
His favorite color is grey, like his sister Natalie.

Nate adds perfectionist to his traits of loves the outdoors & grumpy.
Peculiar little fellow.

Here is his new big boy room, and that’s that!

Come see me again soon!  Thank you to everyone who reads, follows, comments & lurks.  We’re about halfway through this journey – and I appreciate each and every one of you!  I apologize for the slow in momentum, but I’m back and as excited as ever – so!  Until next time, Happy Simming!