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More Fun Times with the Zales! 12.6

Well hello!  What’s this?  A Zale update?  Awesome!  We’re so glad you stopped by. Last time, I left off with a party that crashed the game mid-makeovers.  (Although that was before the new hardware!  WEE!)  So I’m going to skip this Zale Check, and go straight into birthdays!  The guests are already on the way.

Birthdays – Take Two:

Melody gets the nurturing trait.
She’s pretty cute, even though I gave her a weird outfit.

Mango gets social butterfly.
I still just love him.

Minnie shows us she’s human.
And per Pink’s suggestion, I have dressed her in polka dots.  Her favorite color is pink, however, so I didn’t use Minnie Mouse red.  Lavender was the final Zalien, and she had all human (well, and one plant) children.

Mary keeps the party going…
…Long after it’s over.

Our little barre addict is becoming quite graceful!
Not bad, for a plant!

Melody plays that weird Sims Animal game…
Does anyone remember this?  It’s kind of like SimsVille – something they started, and started promoting, but then totally stopped?  Like the promo video was from 2009.  I’m afraid it’s only use now was so our TS3 Sims could have something else to play.  Anyhoo…

Outerwear Meg gorges on cake.
I still love Meg.  She’s one of my favorites.

Kyle checks out his daughter’s beau.
It’s that Ray guy, I think – Great face, bad hair.

Gah!  Lavender you stop that right now!
She’s totally flirting with her brother in law, Kenji – Livid’s husband!

Meg and Mango are NOT thrilled.
Man, I turn my back for ONE second to catch the rest of the family, and THIS happens?  Good heavens.

Mango still leaves that awesome flower trail.
I love it, I just wish it didn’t have any audio.  It’s kind of creepy and crackly.

Potty time!
Little Minnie was trained her other two skills with the playpen and the walker.

A beautiful, snowy, early morning ride on Lacey.
I’m so over winter, but it’s very pretty.

After ride snuggles.

Lav “loves the cold” Zale makes a snow angel.
Per her wishes.

Video game family bonding.
Lav, Mango and Melody get their sportsing on.

Sorry Meg…
No room for you 😦

OH!  How cute!
She just plopped down on the floor to join in!

Mango loves this thing.
Fine with me, since he’ll be heir and his LTW is the acrobat thingie.  Can’t be bad for his acrobatics to be graceful and strong!

More polka dot Minnie!

She’s a cutie-patootie.
Kinda fun to have a toddler around after all my TS4-ing.

YAY!  Another baby for Livid and Kenji!
Another baby!
I guess flirting with Lavender got Kenji’s motor running.

Ew.  Sorry.

Kyle here is having a very hard time.
He’s about to become delusional.

I have him take deep breaths.
I couldn’t handle him moaning about.  Ugh.

Sheldon invited Meg on a date!  I said YES, let’s see how it goes!
I went to her relationship panel to see how strong her relationship with her boyfriend Sheldon is, only to discover that Sheldon is Mary’s boyfriend.  I knew both girls got a boyfriend/Romantic Interest from Prom, so I assumed it was the correct gentleman phoning the correct M daughter – but NO.  Meg’s RI is Ray.  And she’s now on a date with her sister’s boyfriend.

Nice weather and place for a date!
The junkyard in a snowstorm!

Apparently the “in thing” is to come here and build snowmen.
See that hint of blue behind the shrubbery on the left?  Some dude, NOT Sheldon, making a snowman.

Meg also makes one…
…next to a shredded couch.

Looks like Sheldon stood her up, maybe he realized he called the wrong sister.
Meg made that alien snowman, then sends herself home like a good girl.  I did get a pop up that Sheldon couldn’t make it, but I had missed it at the time.  Well good, that’s a little less scandalous.

I’m sure this will end well, Kyle.
I’m not sure what this trick is supposed to do, all my Sims have ever successfully created is a situation where billiard balls fly at their face.

Like this.
I’m shocked. 😐

Lavender, in her career clothes, gives Minnie a snuggle.
Good ol’ Mango and that barre!

Married couple foosball.
Gotta keep the love alive.

Here’s Melody’s adorable outerwear.
And yes, it’s STILL WINTER.

Uh oh, looks like Kenji’s going to die before his second baby is born.
Adios Kenji
That’s too bad.

Oh!  Never mind!
thoughtful reaper
Well, that’s kind of nice, except it means as soon as the baby pops out, Livid will be a widow with two kids 😦

I’m just passing time, and a little bit bored…
So Kyle and Lavender have some igloo ‘hoo.

AH!  Watch out for that tree!
Or.. just ride right through it…
Because Sims.

Looks comfy, Mango.
I’m obsessed with your leafy skin.  I made his PJ’s lime green briefs just so I could see more of him.  I felt pervy though, so I didn’t snap a picture…

I’m going to miss being able to do this…
Is it REALLY the end of the Zaliens?!?  WOW!

Random note:  Melody rolled the Zoologist LTW while petting the neighbors cat.   Meg rolled Culinary Librarian while… something.  Both were locked in.

The snow is gone!

It just isn’t a Zale update without one.
Broken dishwasher…

The last baby will not be a baby for long!

My my!  His skill seems to be improving!
So fancy!

Too adorable.
What a little peanut.

Oh look, it’s snowing again.

Horsey pic!
Because it’s my party and I said so.

I invited Livid and her daughter Abbey (who is now a child) over.  I really wanted to see Abbey and give her a makeover if needed… but Abbey couldn’t come.
Bummer.  Hurry up and have that baby, Liv!

❤  Sisters.

Livid listened to my request!
Lacy is born
They named her Lacy, like our horse.  Except our horse is “Lacey”.

I’m worried about all the girl births, I’m afraid there might be something wrong with my NRaas Mod.  I have gender set to random, which I’m pretty sure is correct?  I do think I saw a toddler boy though, so maybe we’re fine, it’s just a lot of ladies right now.

It’s quite stormy out, and Leah got startled, so Lavender rushes out to calm her down.
Much better.  Leah looked so panicky, it was sad.

After the weather cleared, they head out for an evening ride.
I’ve had fun with the horses, but I’m a little tired of them.  I’m glad Leah didn’t have a foal.

While out for their ride, Leah went and birthdayed into an elder.
How nice.

Then – uh – Mango got arrested… and they took him away.

So!  We just lost our heir!  Can’t have that now can we.  Let’s check that previous save file.  It’s only four minutes old, go me!

Here he is, safe and sound a friends house.
Watching their crappy TV from their crappy couch.  I’m going to keep an eye on him and make sure he makes it home before curfew.

Leah had her elder birthday again, this time at home.
That looks really awkward and uncomfortable!

Mango is talking to this interesting red girl named Mindy.
She’s an M!  She might have to be spouse!  I mean, she’s red!  I didn’t make her, I never use berry sims… but this town has one red family in it somewhere.  I see their SP pop-ups from time to time.  I think that’ll be fun.  Mindy and Mango, the red girl and the plant.  We’ll have to see what happens.  I use an action and send Mango home, just so we don’t lose him permanently to the police again.

I follow him the whole time, making sure he doesn’t get lost in the fog.

Safe and sound.
We almost lost you buddy, do be careful?

Darn you Kyle!
Quit aging yourself down a day.  I’m still going to age you up when Lavender does, so it’s no use.

Speaking of aging up!  We have a few birthdays today!
Meg gets to stay home from school, since she’s one!  Kyle and little Minnie too!

Ha, you’re both dorks.
I wish Kyle had passed down something other than hair color.

Still dorks.
Nice face, Kyle.  Maybe I’m glad you passed down a little less.

Minnie gets a go too!

A nice small family affair.
Nearly half the crew is at school.

Kyle gets old.
I told him all that time in the sauna was for naught.

We also can’t forget our TH!
It’s Lavender’s birthday too!

Don’t worry Lavender, I’ll get you fixed right up.  *shudder*

Meg, who went first – adds nurturing to loner, shy, easily impressed, and ambitious.
I love those purple eyes!  Thanks Kyle!  I think she’s VERY pretty.

Minnie rolls couch potato to join loner and brave.
I thought she’d have an easy hairstyle (she is lazy, ya know) and want something to hide her face (loner)  She has pretty eyes too, not sure where the color came from exactly.

Old man Kyle.
Screenshot-69He looks rather severe.

And Lavender.
A rare occurrence of still being the TH while an elder!  And I hate to say it, but she aged terribly.  I still love her, though.

And, we’ll end this post on a sad note.
final farewell
Kenji has died, and Livid is now a widow and mother of two.  We’ll keep an eye on her, I promise.

That’s all for now!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  8 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  40 (-200)
Self-Wetting -5:  31 (-155)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  33 (+165)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 9 (+360)
Honor Roll +5:  13 (+65)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  11 (+110)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +515

Livid’s Tragic Life 12.5

Wow!  A Zale update!  I know I’ve been a terrible Zale ISBI – Alphabetcy blogger as of late.  I apologize.  As a lot of you know, I’ve been pretty into TS4, which has been so fun!  So I transferred my Lightning Quick Alphabetcy over to TS4, so I could play both TS3 and TS4 for blogging purposes!

Last time we lost both Krypton and Samali within a few short SimMinutes, had a fail or two, birthdays, and are expecting another nooboo!

So let Zale Check!  Lavender is popping pregnancy stage one and rubbing her new nooboo bump!

Kyle is playing with a robot toy.
Again, reminding me of Ramon, but not as endearing as Ramon, for some reason.

Meg is asleep in this glitched out bunk-bed.
You can see it’s glitched, but what’s really weird about it, is if I go to move it, it replicates itself.  There will be three or four beds there… they sell for zero bucks, so it’s not a money making bed, but still weird.

Our little star Mary is also asleep.
I love the way Sim kids sleep with their arm sticking out like that.

Plant-man mango is up in the treehouse…
…also asleep.  Hmm, I might not have made him a bedroom.  I’ll look into that.

Melody is ruling over her little imaginary kingdom.

Lacey is asleep in her stall.

And lastly, Leah is standing around in the rain by the garage.
There, you’re all reacquainted with the members of the Zale house.

Meg and Mango are my favorites.

Well, and Mary too.

I’m sure Melody will grow on me.
We’ll see.

Kyle is helping take care of the horses, thanks man!
I love that giant pile of hay.

Mango has been spending nearly all his free time at the barre.
He’s getting quite good and can show off many ballet moves to people.  I can’t control him, so I’m not sure what that looks like.  I might have to have him give it a go.

All that hay was making Lavender feel frisky.
They’re still a pretty cute couple.  I just wish Kyle genetics had played a bit more of a role in the children.

The new hay stack I just plopped down (for Lavender’s woohoo wishes) apparently makes the girls miss their grandpa.
I’m not sure why hay would remind them of Krypton… He didn’t spend very much time outside.

Unfortunately, Kyle and lavender about to roll in the hay – with an audience.
A sobbing, wailing audience.  That’s hot.

Melody:  Mom?  what are you doing?

Mary: GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!! *WAILS*
Notice the falling hearts… this was a very weird series of events.

Good heavens sweet child.  Night has fallen and you’re still out here wailing?
I watched her cry and cry and cry for hours on end.

I sent Lavender out to rescue her.

Cheer up arms ACTIVATE!
That looks uncomfortable.

“Do you want to build a snowman?”

It was pretty cute, they talked about death while making it, and Mary finally stopped crying her eyes out.
Thank goodness.

Mary had also rolled the “visit the graveyard” wish, so I had Lavender take her along.
Take her along you say?

Yes, we have business here.
We lay to rest Krypton, Samali and Bailey the horse.  Except when I put Krypton and Samali’s down, they vanished.  They still occupied space, but were invisible.  Darn.

Just two more hours of this.

28 more minutes.
And we’re done.  It was a very painful mourning period.  Mostly for me.  Listening to the children cry is the absolute WORST.

Fine night for a barbecue.
The little robot gnome assists.

Melody here is about to pass out, wet herself, and perhaps die of starvation.
Maybe she won’t grow on me.

Okay – she won’t wet herself.
Good Simmie.

Or starve to death.
I am pleased.

And then – my game broke.  And turned into this:
I reloaded the save file and it was like this too… scary stuff.  Most of you know I keep four active save files for the Zales.  Every time I think “I should save” I do a “Save As” and I name it “Zales in AP 1” or two, three or four, and then I just save over the next number in the sequence.  So I went back a previous save, and this is where I was.
Lav and Mary at their snowman.  Not too bad.  But I didn’t want to play anymore, after the crash.  And I didn’t play for at least two weeks!


SO!  Here I am again!  Let’s do another Zale Check, since It’s been ages… (and I couldn’t remember everyone’s name even…)

Here’s one sad Lavender out in the snow.

Kyle is asleep in his bed.
One thing I can say about Kyle, he gets lots of sleep.

Meg is taking a bath.
I love that hair I found in the Store.

Mary is out with her mom in the snow.
Such a sweetie.

Mango is also in the tub.
He’s precious.

Melody is presiding over the royal court.
Now lets get to it!

Oh wait, horses.  Here’s Lacey.
Thinking of Leah.

And here’s Leah, looking majestic…
Screenshot-40…Thinking of Lacey.  Aw…

I sent Lavender off to the spa for that $7500 soothing salvation package, and decide to follow Mango around, since I’m PRETTY SURE he’ll be heir.  Even if Lavender’s current pregnancy produces a male (or two!) I’m nearly certain the PlantSim would win the heir poll.
I enjoy him super bunches.

And right about this moment, he rolled this!
Mangos wish
I promised to lock in any rolled LTW’s and this is no exception.  Besides, I’ve barely messed with these professions, and if he wins, it’d be super fun!

He proceeds to play in the leaves/snow outside the barn.

No seriously.
Amazingly adorable.

I so rarely capture it, but I love it when Sims walk into a room, see someone they like, and wave at them.
Well hello to you too, Meg!  ❤

Then Mango went to take ANOTHER bath.
And I realized that his water need had already gotten REALLY low.  That’ll be interesting to get to know more about.  He’d had a bath a rather short time ago.

And not trying to snap photos of little SimBoys taking baths, but check out how amazing his skin is!
I think it’s utterly spectacular!  I had know idea PlantSims were so cool.

Aw, Meg and Melody.
Unfortunately, Meg didn’t fall asleep after that, but it was still cute.  Although turning pages in those gloves seems like it would be impossible.

Father and daughter bonding.
And I love Mary’s outfit.

That’s right!  I’d nearly forgotten there were more options for heir (maybe) in the oven!
I’m looking forward to meeting the new nooboo!

Writing a positive story In Lilac Zale-Hobble.
Lavender will definitely not complete her LTW.  She’s only level 5 of the journalism career, and all the pregnancies have really held her back.  She’d get promoted if she’d just be able to go to work.

Broken dishwasher (because it isn’t a Zale update without one!)
Thanks Melody.

Someone is having a birthday today!  She’s still asleep asleep though, so I’ll let her get her rest first.
Meg is having a veggie burger for breakfast.  Yuck.

Mango!  You’ll catch your death out there in your shorts!
Get your planty self inside!

Lavender cares for the horses on this beautiful winter day.
Bright winter days in Appaloosa Plains has some of the best lighting.

Kyle sets fire to a rotten pile of leaves!

I’m scared.
Everything was fine, however.

Kyle:  I want cake.
Later dude.  It’s not for you.

A little winter gardening.  We had money to collect.
Hey?  Is that middle tree dead?  It looks dead.  But I’ve mistakenly thrown away dormant plants before.  I’ll just leave it until spring I guess.

Mary!  Don’t play in that!  It’s rotten!
And Meg?  Why are you raking snow?  That can’t be a good use of your time.

Speaking of Mary!  It’s her birthday!

Mary adds green thumb to absent minded, star quality and friendly.  It was locked in due to indifferent study habits… but I say it was locked in due to snow.  She rarely went to school.
I keep her star make-up, and I just love her violet eyes!  I tried to incorporate a flower of some sort into every outfit to represent her green thumb.  Samali’s genes are very strong, and continue to be dominating the grandchildren.  Although I’m glad she came along to break the alien curse.  Well, and I’m glad to have had her in general, it was way fun.

She seems to like her new look…
…and is ready to take on the world!  RAWR!

Geez Meg, chill out.
Have some cake.

Everyone but Kyle enjoys the birthday celebrations.
Hmm, where IS Kyle?

Oh!  Here he is.
Kyle: Caaaaaaaakkkee.
Yes, Kyle – have some cake.

It took Lavender four SimHours to pick up all the clothes from all the laundry baskets.
Ugh.  I REALLY wish maids did laundry.  I mean, they’ll pick up laundry, and start the machine, but they don’t get the laundry out of the baskets.

OMG!  Mary got a prom date!
Mary gets a date
I didn’t know a prom was looming, and I have no idea who Sheldon is, but heck yes!

Mango gets interesting moodlets.
Have you ever seen that before?  He also had a swan one about “grace” that I’d never seen either.  Are PlantSims known for their grace?  Or is it just because he’s addicted to the ballet barre?  It’s adorable though.

On a cold, winding, desolate road, Lavender jumps out from the safety and comfort of her motive mobile, crams it in her pocket and…
…goes into labor!

HA!  It’s a freakin’ girl.
Lavender looks thrilled.  Green skinned to boot!  Might even be an alien?  Oh, I named her Minnie.  Loner was locked in (even though Lavender was ecstatic through the entire pregnancy) and she rolls brave.

About the same time, Lilac and this guy Ronnie have gotten married!
Lilac & Ronnie
I’m happy for her, especially after her first marriage that left her a widow after a few short days.

Lavender/Minnie whirlwind.

But it is kind of nice to have a new nooboo in the house again.
Aw, parents.

So – now to the part of this post that explains the title.  I’m not sure if any of you recall, but Livid and Kenji had a baby together.  Livid named her Abby.  I could not, for the life of me, locate Livid and Kenji’s house.  Come to find out, Kenji lives right nearby, but not with Livid and Abby!  I thought they all lived together, so I went to invite Lilac and Ronnie over, and Livid and her household over… but when I went to invite Livid, the only member of her house was a dog named Max.  Anyhoo, Lilac and Ronnie show up.
Definitely newlyweds, and apparently blocking the mailbox…

And I cannot find Abby ANYWHERE.  So that’s it. I’m switching households to find her.

And I do.

And it’s a sad, sad state of affairs.

First of all, Livid lives in this dump.
Which in itself isn’t too much of a problem…

But she’s drunker more juiced than a skunk kale at a vegan’s house, and SKIPPING WORK.
Livids sad life
Like seriously.  That’s so flippin’ depressing.

Oh, and Abby?  She’s out on the front porch in the snow.
While her mother gets juiced and tries to get FIRED.

Oh, to top things off, they have a heartbroken dog staring at a wall.
Seriously, he has the heartbroken moodlet from “witnessing a death” and is just staring at the dingy wall in this crappy place.

That’s it.  I’m moving them in with Kenji, Abby’s dad.

There.  All better.
Livid and her daughter Abby at home at Kenji’s nice place.

There’s another dog here, too!  And a horse!  Kenji had these guys.
And Patch
Who already seems to be getting along with Max.  Yay!  SO MUCH BETTER.

Man – story progression really did a number on poor Livid.  I had know idea.

OKAY – Back to the Zales.  Ronnie and Lilac didn’t stick around, which is kind of lame because I wanted to give Ronnie a make-over, but oh well.

How cute are these two, playing in the snow.
FAIL:  They were actually frozen like that and I had to reset them both.

What a good boy, doing his homework.
Our future acrobat heir.

It’s Lacey’s elder birthday!

Sweet gray lady.

Yay!  My shoving them together in the same house got them engaged!
livid engaged
I’m so pleased!  No mind that Livid is a Zombie in the thumbnail.  It’s a full moon.

Lav went to stop by Livid and Kenji’s house, but no one was home, so she waited.
Like all perfectly normal people.  No one home?  Nap on the porch.

It worked!  Livid shows up on her hoverboard.

She also is a zombie and has fleas.
SimLife could be better for her.  I’m tellin’ ya.

Lets see if Lavender can help her out.

Too dark picture is to show us we were successful.
That’s de-zombified, flea-free Livid saying thanks!  Lavender gained entrance, but couldn’t find Abby or Kenji, so she interviewed Livid and left.

Screaming Minnie wakes up the ENTIRE HOUSE because SOMEONE (Kyle!) put her swing on fast.
Now all the kids are awake and exhausted and the school bus will be here soon.  GRR.

WAIT!  It’s a snow day!  How lucky!

Apparently my “no wild horses” gnome is on the fritz.
But aren’t they lovely?

Lavender, being no longer “with child” can ride her horses again!
Just about now I feel like it’s been Winter for A MILLION YEARS.  I do a mouse over?  Spring is in FIVE DAYS…. UGH.

Anyway, time for a ride.

Now that.
Is Fancy.


Prom is in three hours!  We get to meet Mary’s date!
I’m excited!

The limo is here girls!
Meg looks awesome.

And Mary?  That’s NOT your formal.
*sigh* Oh well – have fun!

Hey!  It’s Sheldon!
Not bad at all!  I hope they have a nice time!

Highlights:  Sheldon and Mary go steady!  Meg is prom queen, and Meg starts having “strong feelings” for Ray!
This is Ray:
Hard to tell from the small pic, but looks promising!

Then Mary, who decided to hit the LIBRARY after prom (party on, Mary) gets arrested.

Needless to say, Lavender is less than pleased.
But plus side!  That’s Mary’s formal!

We let her off the hook immediately for two reasons.
One, I get sick of the cycle of skipping school, grounded repeat – and she was at the library for heavens sake.

Kenji and Livid got married!
Heck Yes!

I’m done here, that’ll be $125.00

Livid, you’re here!  With egg rolls!

And Lilac!  She brought lasagna!
Those buttons look a little um, silly, on that coat.

Here’s Sheldon again, Mary’s beau.
Definite potential there!

It’s a birthday party for the three youngest Zales!

We get to see if Minnie is an alien!
I’m excited!

Quite the party!
Kenji, Livid’s husband is the old man in the overalls.

And here’s a proper look at Ray, Meg’s RI.
Bad hair, but I can fix that.  It’ll be interesting to see what he looks like.

So!  Everyone had their cake and sparkles, aged up, and I jotted down all the new traits, etc… but the game crashed during my second make-over.

I know that parties can crash my game, so I saved right before the guests arrived, so no harm there.  However, I’m not interested in doing it again right now, AT ALL, so that’ll be for next time.  I’d let you know their new traits, but since everyone’s were locked in, they’ll get different ones next time.  I was going to end this post right after their make-overs anyway, so now is just as good.  Sort of.

Until next time, my dearests, Happy Simming!