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Natalie Dies Twice & Heir Poll 15.10

Hi Guys!  Welcome back!  This is another monster post, at over 200 pics & screenshots.  I just kept not finding a good place to stop, ya know?  Everything was just a couple more days away…

Oh yeah!  I also went through and tallied my score!  The last time I had a calculated score was chapter 12.7.  So at the end of this post is actual points!  Yay!

So let’s get started!  Zale Check!
Natalie’s lifebar is full and she’s ready to go play catch with Pax.  Both are thinking of the pool.

Miriam is also thinking about the pool and about to use the bathroom.

Hopefully not in the hydrangeas.

Oscar is sleeping dreaming about Ferdy.

Paisley is helping!

Thanks girl!

Preston is also helping.

And you can’t tell from the pic, but he’s stinky too.

Penny is sleeping.

So is Pete.

Although my guess is not for long, as Ferdy has queued up “Wake up Pete.”

But I love Ferdy, so it’s okay.

Pax decided not to play catch with his grandma and begins his homework on the middle of the kitchen floor.

It reminds me to check the kids for honor roll because POINTS.  No dice, however.

Yay Paisley!  Skilling activity!

I see she’s rolled the Chess Legend LTW, so I lock it in.  I’ve never done it, and she might be heir, so… why not?  I lock it in.

It starts to pour, so Miriam RUNS to save the outside cake.

It’s pretty much all the survive on, so I can understand her urgency.

Owen finally got married!

And man I need to fix his hair.  Make some babies!

It’s a stormy day, and many of the Zales congregate in Miriam and Oscar’s little living quarters.

Natalie and Pax are arguing.  😦

Paisley is still out here playing and has reached level 5 of logic!

You go girl!

Thanks Preston, but you couldn’t have grabbed the stack behind you, too?

Still have to appreciate the idiot help.

Everyone remains adorable and happy.

Including Ferdinand.  Don’t mind Preston, he always looks annoyed with his existence.

Oscar has ANOTHER award to get, so we head out into the rain.

He hops out halfway there, and I get a pop-up that says he missed his own celebration.

Well that’s sad.  😦

But the star was still on the screen, so I attempt to go get the award again.  Success!

And I couldn’t agree more, Riverview IS a better place because Oscar lives there.  ❤

I know you can’t hear this picture, but I got a pop-up about the engine needing repair, and it’s running like CRAP.

I’ll have to work on that.

Ah yes, Penny reminds me she’s childish.

And adorable!

Ferdinand sleeps in the middle of the kitchen floor – Pete seems ALARMED by this.

Oscar is making everyone Goopy Carbonara – except Pete of course, who’s having pancakes.

Or at least Oscar is TRYING to make a meal – the cat is blocking the stove!

Hilarious!  And annoying.

Oscar wakes him up in attempt to get him to move.  He does not.

Look how pleased he looks with himself!  ❤

After watching him roll around and be adorable…

…I tell him to go sleep on the couch.

He doesn’t move though.

But I’m not even mad, look at that face.

He actually had to be reset – he was stuck.

Oscar finally able to resume the meal, decides to stick his hand in the hot pot.

Pretty sure you shouldn’t do that.

MMM, tastes like me.

I left Oscar alone for like, 10 seconds and he ran off to the pool bar to make himself a drink.

I can understand, dear.

Miriam catches Pete in the act of booby trapping the shower.

Can you hurry, Pete?  She really needs to pee.

Or play hopscotch…


Pete:  I do not.

Apparently Sunday mornings are for reading:

Cute. 🙂

Penny!  Bless you, my child.

I didn’t even discover it was dirty before she cleaned it.  Penny FTW!

Pete has taken quite a liking to Ferdy.

Look at the little treat shaped like a fish.  Awwwww.

Natalie is still here, in case you were wondering.

I wasn’t.

Penny again?

Too much!

Pete too?

Who are these Sims?  It’s like the anti-last chapter.

Miriam & Pete merge into one.

Miriam also was trying to clean the bathroom.  And hi Preston.


And now he’s grounded.

The other boys:  This rain, amirite?

Miriam continues to yell at Pete…

…Sheesh, back off lady.

Man, now she looks super sad about it.

All because of a small shower prank?

Like all good marriages based on genetics and idiocy, Oscar undermines his wife’s punishment and lets Pete off the hook.

Miriam: Wait, what now?  Nothing dear, nothing.


So go, sheesh.

These two are bonding over comic books.


Pax clearly has nothing better to do *cough* homework *cough* so he’s starts raking leaves.

Preston is having a scintillating conversation with himself.


Preston:  *Shuts salad in fridge* No idea.

Miriam has had a wish to play hopscotch for about 30 years, so Oscar invites her to join him in a game.

I’ve seen this thing be an idiot magnet, but the Zales ignore it.  Oscar won!

Poor Pete is crying.

Must’ve been all that yelling form his mom. 😦

Natalie gets Pax to stop raking to talk about medical stuff.

Hot Air Ballon:  Sup.

Paisley is out here cleaning up leaf piles!

And look!  A chipmunk!

Oscar, left to his own devices, hops in the hot tub in his athletic wear.

I’ve seen him make much worse choices, so hey – enjoy yourself.

I’d forgotten how cute this moodlet is.


Oh Pax, you’re cute.  You earned this after all that raking.

But take a shower.  You’re gross.

He listened!


Now Natalie is raking…

Uh oh – I see sparkles.

And it’s not her birthday.

Pax is first on scene.

Everyone else:  OH NO!

Oscar:  Ah!  This is the LIFE


Cue Misery.

But look at that nice big headstone!

I did not recall Miriam was a coward.

*PLOP*  (not a fail)

Ferdinand arrives and is clearly distraught.

Aaaand, she’s back.

I told you her and Ferdy were close!

I was ready for her to go, but it’s still cool.

I don’t think we’ve had that since Abe?  I’m not sure.  You’re gonna have to let her go eventually, Ferdy, but it was very sweet.

Natalie’s first act after resurrection is to ride this thing…

… to this thing.

Shocking.  Rock out, Nat.

Oscar: My feet are so cute.

I wonder what all the commotion was?  TOES!

Death uses the all-in-one while Miriam reads on the tablet.

Because Sims.

Then Miriam mourns over some flies?


And resumes screaming at Pete.


Paisley:  Pax?  Can you not?

I’m sure that’s super helpful when your sibling is trying to clean up the leaves.

You can do it, Preston.

I believe in you.

I see a bunch of blinking red lights and send Oscar to trigger the pranks.


He thought it was funny!

Miriam would’ve lost her bits.

He looks good in aqua.

And sprayed.

The grill gets one of it’s first uses.

In a rainstorm.  At 2:00 AM.

Um, Pais?  That’s not good.

No fire, just burnt wieners.

Paisley:  Yeah, those are gross.

Leaves them to rot and then runs inside.

This is much better.

Funny, honey.

Oscar?  Not the best weather for this.

*Thunder crashes and lightning strikes*

Thanks Pax…

No worries, your dad will fix it.

I took this picture just because Natalie’s not in a rocking chair.

Only to have her immediately die again.

Natalie:  Not this again.

Death appears, Oscar heads off to work without giving a poop.

The kids are at school, so it’s just Miriam.

At least she notices.

So that’s good.

I make sure Ferdy isn’t around to ruin things save Natalie again.

He’s busy in the cat castle, so we’re good this time.

And down she goes.

Faint, not fail.

Oscar cries at work, and I discover we have a moodlet manager.

It must’ve been in Natalie’s inventory.  DUH.

All fixed!

Sadness BEGONE!

A large housefire!

There’s actually Sims to rescue!

But it took us way too long to extinguish the fire, HURRY OSCAR!

And we fail. His hero GPA tanks.

He goes home to find Pax on the swings.


Sobbing in the hydrangeas.


Excuse me… who are you?

(Rafael Carpenter-Rhodes)

Don’t look so pleased with yourself and the horrifying tofu dog.


Miriam: My children are stinky idiots.

Preston:  My mom is an idiot.
Their faces really show the love.

So I’ve been having trouble with the fire engine.  Oscar has his own now, so it’s not on the lot when he gets there.  He has leave, and return so it’ll appear in the garage.  We’re ignoring an emergency to actually repair it here.

I’ll have to find a way to place it on the lot at home for maintenance.  It’s running SO BAD it’s a priority over the emergency.

He manages to get it to 100% and head off to the hospital for what I assume is another X-ray emergency.

But it’s a llama disaster!

This game and llamas…

He finishes, but only with a C since we were so late.

I manage to plop the Woo-Woo down.

Nothing like working away in the rainstorm.

But it really needed the attention.

Paisley channels her deceased grandma and rocks away.

Ferdy has been okay since Natalie’s death.  I can’t moodlet manage him, so I cheat-cleared the sadness.

He has been an excellent Zale pet and deserves happiness.

Oscar and the Gnome o’ da Wrist make early morning pancakes for the crew.

He calls them to the meal around 4AM since it’ll take them forever to all arrive, routefail, and eat.

A couple of his sons join him.  Aw.

Technically Preston did too, just not at the table.

We have our first trampoline user!

Fun Fact: My husband came in right around here and asked me why that person was in the tree.

It’s Spooky Day!

The Zales climb in the fire engine and it’s off to the festival!

Oscar wants a family photo.

Me too!

Everyone but Penny makes it.  Cute!

Penny was getting ready to eat pie.

I sometimes think she looks like a middle-aged Sim even though she’s still a teen.

Um, how cute is this dog?

He belongs to the Shallow family.

Oscar wanted to get his face painted.


Everyone likes taking pie-eating contest pictures from the front, so I beg to be different.

Paisley & Penny are in the contest.  Penny is filling out like her momma.


Cute pie-covered faces.

Dude in the middle looks downright demonic.  I don’t know who won.

Penny and Pax then start their homework.

No better time or place.

I saw this little ghost girl and had a small heart attack.

I thought she died, but oh yeah – haunted house.

Oscar, being brave, went in all by himself.

He made it out safe and sound.

And OMG, I want that dog!

Hey lady with the bad hair?

They’re not real.  No crying.

Preston also decides this is the best place EVAR for homework.

Do not fail.  This is a good post.

Oscar, ever insane, rides the pony before joining the apple bobbing contest.

I loved their thought bubbles.

Promotion.  Bathtub.  Bench.

Seriously puppy.  Quit following us.

Or I am going to steal you.

He’s SOOOO cute.

Oscar is bobbing away.

Miriam, Pax, Preston & Pete went home on their own.

Pie-face Paisley is about to go into the haunted house.

Penny, who’s clearly getting chonky, is about to enter ANOTHER eating contest.

I lied, Pete didn’t go home, he’s just sad about sitting in a chair.

So I discover Oscar is using a urinal – not really important.

It was his thought bubble I found very entertaining.

They make it home.  Paisley is ghostified from the haunted house and lots of pie faces.

I interrupt this post to bring you an important message.

Everyone who didn’t gorge on pie at the festival is hungry, so Oscar makes food.

I love this pic.  The face paint, the veggies.  Just cute is all.

Penny works on homework.

Pete plays computer games.

Ferdy lives the good life.

Penny flexes her childish trait again.

Still cute.

And still covered in pie, Paisley again channels her inner Natalie.


**I saved and quit, everything was just fine, and now my save file won’t load**  It got half-way through then crashed three times, And then did this… DAMNIT.

Well I learned from one of you to keep 4 versions of the game saved.  This is save 2.  Save 1 is just over 1.5 hours previous.  I’ll have to try that one.  First I try an origin “repair”, attempt to load it one more time.  Not looking forward to losing 1.5 hours of play, and that’s assuming the second file works. Then ORIGIN crashed.  So either the problem is Origin, or my game is so broken it broke Origin.

Save file 2 doesn’t work either.  It just crashed to desktop while loading.

I waited a day after restarting my router and stuff, and tried again.  when I loaded the game, I saw the IP saves were grayed out, so I closed it and it looked like all my expansion packs weren’t being utilized.  I checked all the boxes and we’re back in!

Hi pouty Preston!  I’m so happy to see you!

I don’t even LIKE you and I’m so happy to see you!

Everyone was asleep until I heard the sounds of someone eating.

Still pie-faced Paisley!  She changed into her outerwear to go to school and it fixed it.

Oscar manages to work on the Woo-Woo.

Then the school bus comes!

They’re all aboard, Penny is just hiding under the seats.  It’s Pax’s last day of school!



There was an earthquake!

The final step of the emergency was to fix a gas leak, and Oscar does it the only way he knows how.


Oh!  It’s a multi-part emergency.

Oscar:  *How to door*

Don’t mind the person under the rubble.

*Outfit change 72*

After three successful earthquake emergencies, Oscar deserves his clothed tub soak.

I hung the holiday houselights!

Aren’t they pretty?

Meanwhile, Owen & Sherri must’ve gotten divorced, because Owen proposed to this little old lady.

Gotta love a Grisby.

I decide to check it out, and sure enough.

They’re divorced, but still living together.  Yvette still lives with her ex-husband too.

I age Yvette down, and move out Sherri.

Gotta love those Grisby ears. MAKE BABIES.

In the two seconds I was away, SP gave Pax a job.

Spooky.  It’s also his birthday!

Back to following Oscar, he opts to breakdown this door from the INSIDE.

Seems legit.

Pax Party time!

He rolls coward to join eccentric, adventurous (coward?), disciplined & friendly.  He takes on the Seasoned Traveler LTW.

He was a sweet Sim and I enjoyed having him around.  But Buh-bye!  Preston * Paisley’s birthday is just two days away… so we’ll get there then end this agonizingly long post!

Oscar earns another award.

Hey, my antics worked!  A cousin is on the way!


It’s Snowflake Day and the Zales are on their way to Owen’s house.  They were invited to a Feast Party.

While at the party, Penny got asked on a date.

I clicked the checkmark.

Apparently Owen wanted to perv everyone in their swimwear.

Nothing like being told to dress in your swimsuit for a feast party in the middle of winter.

But there was lots of food.

And even entertainment.

So I follow Penny to check on her date and…

…um, she can do better.

I help him out some, but…

…Well, at least he’s not a faceone?

I quit for a bit and go to reload and who dafaq is this?

Oh well, she’s not a member of the household, and none of the Zales seem to know her.

Penny is still on her “date” in her swimsuit, in 36 degree weather.  Yeah, I’d say she’s cold.

Then I discovered my seasons were still set to IP settings, so I fix it.

This dude’s been home alone booby trapping everything.

I don’t always love him, but at least he’s smart enough to do things when his super angry mother isn’t looking.

Ferdy had a birthday!

He’s now an old kitty.

And I love him.

Oh!  Look who I found… the mystery Sim!

Ena Roland.  Time to go, weirdo.

OOOH, SP gave us a roommate!

Well anyway, goodbye.

Speaking of goodbyes, this guy stood on the porch for a few hours then left in his spaceship.

His name is Qedef Ewi Bip.  No really.  I didn’t just smash my forehead to the keyboard.

Fun Fact.  I found this cow just hanging out behind the Zale lot.

Hi cow.

There’s birthdays to be had!

Pete, Paisley, Oscar & Miriam are ALL aging up!

Paisley rolls no sense of humor, adding it to loves the heat, brave, born saleswoman & genius.  Her LTW is Chess Legend.  Those traits were difficult to capture in appearance, but I do my best, and I’m pleased with the outcome.

She rocks her favorite color of red in all her other outfits.

Oscar is OLD!

And adorable!  I decide he should lose some hair, and I love it.

Miriam is old too!

I decide she’d tie her hair up after all those years.

I feel like they got old fast!

Pete also gets to roll, and adds unstable to loves the cold, hates the outdoors, brave, & dog person.  He gets the Canine Companion LTW and it’s BYE PETE!

Maybe your mom will yell at you less.  May SP treat you kindly.

Sweet old Oscar rolls a wish to retire while swimming in his clothes.


And hey, not bad!

And then it’s HEIR POLL TIME.


Daredevil, eccentric, grumpy, childish & unknown.  LTW: Super Popular (which I’ve never done).

No sense of humor, brave, genius, loves the heat, born saleswoman. LTW: Chess Legend (which I’ve also never done before).

I like them both, so happy voting!  Vote here, or on boolprop, or BOTH.

I’ll keep the poll open until I close it.  No promises or rules.

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  8 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  40 (-200)
Self-Wetting -5:  41 (-205)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  38 (+190)
Twin Births + 10:  13 (+130)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 10 (+400)
Honor Roll +5:  15 (+75)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  14 (+140)
Every $100,000 +20:  3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  5 (-50)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +540

Thanks for hanging in there!!!!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

A Dozen Fails 15.9

Hi Friends!  Welcome back!  It’s another fun-filled, action-packed Zale adventure!

This post has almost 200 pictures and nearly as many fails.  And while I was editing my photos, I discovered they STINK SO MUCH.  Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Oh, real quick before my Zale Check, I wanted to share the pic from the festival.

Cuz aw… And by the end of this post, the family is VERY different!

Okay, Zale Check!

SO MUCH CAKE – and Natalie is playing with this thing.

Miriam is pouting at me for not granting her 10 baby wish.

She decides to read a pregnancy book to make me feel even worse about it.

Oscar and cake are on a tablet I didn’t know he had.

He’s “Playing an online social game”.  Vague.

Our newest teen Pax is hanging out looking too cool for his family.

I really like Pax, actually.  He’s a neat Sim.

Preston, Paisley, Penny’s head & IF, and Pax all congregate at the outside table.

And so much cake.

Pete is hiding in the bushes.

Pete is very strange, by the way.  You’ll see.

Ferdy is eating!

I don’t think I’ve seen him eat.  I mean he must, but yeah.  Hi Ferdy.

I finally figured out why this area gives the “unfinished” moodlet.

That ground is paint, not tiles.


Real floors and no moodlet!  Yay!

Dude, Pete… if you hate the outdoors so much, maybe you should play with some inside toys.

Pete:  >:@

Even though Pax just broke the All-in-One, Oscar rolls a wish to teach him to drive.

I never do that, so we do that.

Good start, buddy.

*Gets rear-ended by ice cream truck*

While Oscar is busy out with Pax, the family is clearly suffering.

The fools cannot take care of themselves. AT ALL.

Pax finished, puts the car in his pocket and began walking home.

(You can see him ALL the way in the back on the left.)  Oscar appears to be stuck, so I reset him.

The reset plopped in directly in the kitchen.

Pax is still walking home.

I buy Pax a car in his favorite color.  Just something moderate for a new teen driver, even though the Zales could afford anything.

Note:  Pax never drives his new car.

Penny manages not to fail and falls asleep in the treehouse.

Good girl.

Since Paisley is in her parent’s loft, I’m assuming she’s caught in the bedtime story loop, and will fail shortly.

Aaaaannd there goes Stinky Pete.


Preston, who is not in much better shape responds as expected.

Preston: Oh so tragic!  *gasp*

Ugh.  I do not predict this ending well.



Pete:  MOOOOOVE SISTER.  I need to ask GRANDMA for a STORY.

Pax:  *that kid stinks*


Preston:  MOOOOVE, I NEED A STORY.  I was only faking you out in Pete’s bed.

Oop, there goes Pete again.


Immediately followed by Paisley.

Shocking.  FAIL.

Preston is next.

The only child with a braincell, Penny, is still asleep in the treehouse.

Whaddya guys think?  Think this will end in a good night’s sleep?

No?  No.

I just got a pop-up!  It’s Paisley’s birthday!  OMG ONE MORE TEEN!  YES.

Not sure you noticed, but she still hasn’t slept.  I can’t believe I was happy when they weren’t toddlers anymore.

Natalie, harassed non-stop by the children and their unrelenting need to be read to sleep wets herself.


She’s also about to pass out, and BOTH those kids are asking for stories.

But at least she’s having fun though… so… yay?

Oh, and the school bus is here.

Because the children are completely ready to start their day.

Hello well-rested, dressed, fed and clean Sim that I love.

Have a beautiful day Penny!  ❤  *kisses*

Penny:  Gram-gram?  You don’t look so good…

… I won’t even mention the smell.

There goes Preston.


Pete with ZERO energy heads off to school while his cloud o’ stink follows him.

Should be a good day.  Productive.

Paisley goes down AGAIN.


Halfway down the block, Pete jumps off the school bus and…



Natalie then stinkscolds the freakin’ morons for skipping school.

Paisley decides to eat old outside cake instead of sleeping.

Because why the (*&(*&%(@*!(@ not.

I did now realize I was one bed short and I buy one for Pete.  Not that I think it’ll make any difference.

There goes Natalie.


Pete:  Gram?  I need a story.

Notice they both stink.


The one I just bought for him too.

Natalie and her armpits have just nodded off in the rocker when…


This face pretty much says it all.

OMG, that’s Paisley’s ACTUAL BED.

Look at that stink cloud.  But Natalie, if this actually works I’ll buy you 50 rocking chairs.

Paisley no.

What is you doin’?

You have GOT to be kidding me, kid.

I mean, at least it’s sleep, but I anticipate story madness when she wakes up.  Actually, it’s her birthday, the second she wakes up, I’m caking her.

With Pete & Preston in beds, Paisley  napping (mind you, they should be in school) and Natalie in a rocking chair…

I follow Oscar to work.

Mmm, soup.

Hey Oscar – not the best time.


HOLY CRAP!  Something insane is happening at the hospital!

Pop-up says it’s an X-ray emergency.

Fellow fireman is SUPER helpful.

Quite the crowd has gathered.

Even a couple cute kitties!

Just like that, crisis averted.

(Everyone instantly calm and bored looking)  Good work, buddy.

He gets an award!

And tops the career!

Way to go, Oscar!

Back at home…

…That’s right Paisley, blow out those candles you story addicted fruit loop.

She has born saleswoman locked in, which she ads to brave, genius and loves the heat.  But isn’t she pretty?  I think so.

Red is her favorite color. 🙂

Ha, Pete helped himself to some ice cream.  Goes great with Cake!

Penny is teasing Pax for being a nerd doing his homework.  I still love you, Pax.

Paisley, having successfully completed storybook rehab, falls asleep without issue.

It’s a beautiful sight.  Even if she thinks it’s rubbish.

I wait for Penny to finish putting the dishes away…

Then have Oscar order her to bed.

She goes to ask Pax for a story.

Third time is the charm.

Oscars face.  *I have raised idiots*

I watched her every step until she climbed in.

Haven’t seen Miriam in a while…

…and you still won’t.  She’s in the All-in-One.

This picture is important because all five Zalets are SLEEPING.

And in beds.

Looks like Natalie got tired of the rocking chair and takes up a sleeping bag on the living room floor.

Okie dokie.

The next morning dawns as good ol’ Leisure Day and begins with a hug.

There’s all kinds of “leisure” things to do on the Zale lot…

But no pool, so… I build one.

Turned out okay, I think.

And Oscar does his best to break in the new toy!

Fluke he was actually in his swimwear.

Paisley notices the new pool next.

Hi honey!

Pax finds it too!

He’s so cute!

Hello phone?  One pool party please.

We invite Owen and anyone in his “friends & neighbors” tab.

Set up a little dining area for the festivities.

I put Oscar to work in the swim-up bar.

Not that he has any skill, but still – I had to!

People arrive!

Trigger broke plays some music for everyone.

He’s not even bad!

Owen!  Hi honey!

Be careful of the pool!

I warned ya, kiddo.

Ha, Natalie must’ve brought that with her from IP.

The guests even find the food!

And nearly everyone swims!

Oscar and his insane mini-me swim in their clothes.  And Preston?

Don’t pee in the pool.

Owen?  Can you not?

It’s very annoying.

And damn straight!

It was a very fun, fail-free, no deaths, swimming and eating party!

Oh, and the second Owen left the party, he got engaged!

Make babies!

I snapped a pic of Paisley because I thought she looked very pretty in the light.

Miriam, too.

She really is a very pretty Sim.

Preston!  NO!

I JUST SAID this was a NO DYING event.

Okay then.  Stay out of the pool in your outerwear.

That would drown ANYONE.

Pete, who was AWOL most of the party is a very good boy and sleeps without stories.

OMG, someone clean that crap up!


Oscar:  Go to bed.

No.  Do not go pester your grandmother.

Go to bed!

NO.  Do not ask your mother…


You too child.

Go to bed.

Oscar, the lord of the flies, cleans up after all the party mess.

But the dishwasher is broken, and the fridge stinks, and he’s tired and hungry…

Poor thing.

While Oscar slaves away, Natalie actually made everyone waffles!

How nice!

This is a little less nice.


Mom.  I never get any sleep.  And you smell terrible.

Just after he falls asleep, the carpool comes.

I decide he can skip work today.  He ends up missing an emergency, but whatever.

Believe it or not, the adults are the only ones home.  All five kids made it to school.

Mir:  *I like that lamp*

Natalie took a shower when I wasn’t looking, but is still in her swimwear.

But Ferdy still loves her.

Miriam!  You’re helping!  I love it when you help…

…and are not a potato.

I rouse Oscar after realizing we never went and claimed his reward.

He drives his brand new personal fire truck.  And I do believe the ice cream truck is following us.

Hardly dressed for the occasion and thinking about ghosts, Oscar heads to town hall for his rewards ceremony.

Aw, how nice. (SNIP)

While I was watching the townies, Oscar sends a “secret admirer” text to none other than Hunter Cottoneye.

Oscar!  *SHOCKED*

I went searching for Preston because it’s his birthday (finally) and I found him on the swings at school.

Cute!  I’m not exactly sure how to get him home for his cake, but I was happy to see it anyway.

I buy his cake and attempt to use it to lure him home, but it doesn’t work.

So I use his “click to go home button” on his sim panel.

Waiting for Preston to wander home, Pax and Penny perpetuate the fail cycle.

Hurry!  You’re gonna miss your cake!

Phew!  Just in the nick of time!

While the family sings happy birthday, I de-ugly the room.

It really was ugly.  For a long time.

The family is sweet and shows up in droves to cheer.

Hmm, where’s Pete?  I click on his tile and find out he’s not even home.  He seems to have broken into this trailer.

No one else is there, and he just sits watching their crappy TV from their crappy couch.

See? I told you he was weird.

Back at the party… whoa girls.


Preston had difficulties in school and adds hates the outdoors to bookworm, insane, and light sleeper.  Compatible traits, if you ask me.  He has weird eyebrows that give him a permanently worried look.

I give him this interesting hair since I don’t think he’d care too much about his appearance or what other people think.  (And I just realized has the same shirt as Pax… oops.)  I do think he’s a unique Sim, and I like him.  He rocks his spice brown.

With that, we have another Sim capable of falling asleep without being read to.  And Paisley?  You need to calm down.

Aw, it’s like she heard me and I hurt her feelings.

Sorry kiddo.

I get a notice that Pete is about to break curfew, so I check on him again.  Now he’s in a DIFFERENT trailer, looking for a monster under the bed.

Not sure what’s up with all this breaking & entering.

Oh, and look at this room.

Stay classy, EA.

Pete made it home on his own, only to be scolded by grandma.

In this case, I agree Natalie.  Good on ya.

Pete goes into timeout, and Natalie uses her floor bag.

I can’t imagine sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag at that age.

Oh man, the little weirdo is crying!

I have Oscar let him off the hook.

Penny wakes up and tries to do her homework just before the bus comes.

Good luck, girl!

Miriam is obsessed with checking out her wrinkles.

Which is inconvenient because it ties up the one bathroom.

Knowing her death must be coming, I have Oscar and Natalie have a quick chat before he heads off to work.

Typical work stuff, working on the fire engine.

He has two new co-workers.

Margret and Nicole – both faceones.

Oscar gets to know Nicole, as it benefits his job performance.

Emergency time!

Oscar arrives at the small house fire to find this.

You’d think he’d have a little more self-control due to his profession.

As per normal, a few outfit changes and Oscar gets to work.  Swimwear this time.

Watch out for sparks!  He puts it out no problem and maintains his 4.0 in fireman-ship.

We like to go the extra mile.

Above and beyond, that’s our motto.

I’m still with Oscar at work, but I see Pete’s not doing well.

It’s hard being a little weirdo.

Clearing the notifications I discover the teens are at prom!  Oops!  Oh wait, Pax isn’t.  He’s asleep by some random person’s pool.

Oscar cooks everyone a nice spaghetti dinner when he gets home.

I DID actually dress the teens in case they had prom, so I hang out outside waiting to capture them.  Here’s Paisley!

Preston was just wearing regular clothes due to his insane trait, so I didn’t capture him.  They were king & queen of course.  Um gross?

It didn’t stop Paisley from gaining a love interest though!

His name is Clint Herndon.

I remember you can call everyone home with the cellphone, so Oscar attempts to herd his teens back to the barn.

While Oscar was repairing the All-in-One he masters handiness!

I guess that’s what happens when you have to fix EVERYTHING.  I’m still proud of him, though!

Hey!  It works!

I love this picture. You can see how pretty Paisley is, and Pax is adorable.  Preston is also there.

OMG!  Penny is going to sleep!


Pete is not.


Paisley, although hungry, tired and still dressed to the nines works on her homework.

Good girl!

Since Oscar is the handiness guru, I set him to upgrading the appliances.  I plan on staying in this house for awhile, so might as well attempt to prevent things from breaking all the time.

Natalie single-handedly keeps Ferdinand happy.  They have a great relationship.  I’m not sure what will happen when she dies. 😦

Their relationship is very high!

Preston:  Whatcha doin’ dad?
Oscar:  Upgrading this stove for improved food quality.

Well, Miriam takes good care of Ferdy too, so that’s good.


Okay, Ferdinand will be fine.

7 billion hours of this is very annoying.

Just sayin’.

Time for work.

And it’s POURING.

This emergency is at the criminal hideout.  Turns out there was a criminal plot that has backfired and Oscar needs to save them.

Here’s the details:

Oscar earns another award!  Too bad his LTW is to rescue 30 people.  Of which he has saved 3.

Oscar NO!

He got struck by lightning!  Like he doesn’t suffer enough sheesh.

Oh well, go get your award.

He had a couple in his inventory so I hang them behind his head as he walks in.

Broken computer too.  Great.

Owen aged up.  And looks awful.

He and his betrothed still haven’t wed or made babies.

I was watching for Penny or Pete to begin failing again, leaving Oscar to his own devices for about the 30th second of his TH-hood.  He walked up the stairs and just sat here.

I imagine he locked the door.

As expected.


It’s only 5:00AM, but it’s a very special day, and I simply cannot wait any longer.

So in the pre-dawn, frost covered lawn, it’s CAKE TIME.

Pete had indifferent study habits and adds loves the cold (fitting?) to brave, dog lover & hates the outdoors.  Not sure how he’s gonna love the cold from inside, but okay.  His fav color is green, and I decide he can continue to wear his hair short.

I think he’s kinda boring.  He inherited his mother’s more robust physique, but still has muscles like his dad.

He’s about to pee and pass out.

Penny also had indifferent study habits and adds childish to daredevil, eccentric and grumpy.  Not bad traits!  I try to focus on her childish and eccentric attributes when building her look, and ignore her color fav of lime because of her hair.

She is NOT boring.  Paisley was my clear favorite because I’ve played this hair color twice (Mindy & Natalie), but I think Penny is very cool, so whomever wins the heir poll is fine with me!

She’s also about to pass out and pee.

As expected there goes Pete.


Penny can’t help but follow suit.


Seemed appropriate to end on fails after the ZILLION that happened during this play session.  All five Zalets are teens now!  I’m sure we’ll have an heir poll next time.  So thanks for reading and see you soon!  Until then, Happy Simming!