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Natalie and her Married Men 14.0

And the winner of the 14th generation heir poll is…. DRUM ROLL PLEASE… NATALIE ZALE!
Natalie took an amazing 22 votes, Nova had a very respectful 10 votes.  Thanks for voting, everyone!

With that, I take over control of Natalie – farewell Mango, it’s been real, PlantMan!  Nat had immediately rolled a wish to visit Egypt, and I decide we shall!  Maybe she’ll find a spouse!

I also kick out Nova.
Thanks for everything, we’ll see you around if I ever think to invite you over!

And *pOOf* Natalie arrives in Egypt.
It’s easy to forget how pretty these WA worlds are.

I have Natalie check out the adventure board, just so she can meet a few people.
Besides, I’ve done like, zero adventuring.  So it is always kind of fun for me!  Natalie also rolled a wish to enroll in University… we’ll see.

We visit this guy’s house about something trapped in the basement.
I agree Natalie!  He’s cute!  But he’s probably married.

So yeah, Natalie was down in the family’s basement, adventuring it up.  She spilled some water when working on a trap, adn cute guys wife came down to mop it up.
While she was mopping, Natalie triggered a fire trap… and now she’s on fire and might die.

Oh good.  She didn’t.
We didn’t have eyes on the would-be widower… it’s cool.

Natalie finished the tomb without further issue, and got out…
…to meet this fancy face!  I like him

Look at that face!
What a cutie patootie!  His name is Ameen, he’s brave, charismatic, athletic and has commitment issues.  Nat tried a HOTM kiss, but it fell flat. MOVING ON.

Natalie struck up her own little conversation with this guy.
They got along really well!  No hearts, but Fahad is unique looking.

They got along extra well!  Even if he had a girlfriend.
Oh wait – a wife… well, we’ll just chalk that up to a vacation transgression.

Ooh, this explorer is cute!  No sparks though.
And three days of man-hunting is almost over.

So Natalie roasted some lettuce.
Lovely.  And with that, she heads back home.  Rather uneventful trip.

Oh well, I guess we’ll man hunt here on the islands.
Natalie invites her parents along to the Fall Festival so she can look for men.  Who says folks tagging along have to cramp your style?

Oh no… not the world’s slowest boat.
I love that boat, it’s adorable and romantic, but it is NOT a reasonable form of transportation in this world.

One quick reset later and tada!
Much better!

Okay – husbands, husbands… need a husband.
(Note Mango’s fancy Limo…)

The family bobs for apples with the only other Sim at the festival.
He’s male, but ancient.  Not excellent husband potential.

Natalie proves to be adept at apple bobbing.
Even if they all sound like they’re drowning when they do this.  Rather alarming.

So um, I sent Natalie in the haunted house… and she came out like this.
I’m a little concerned… Did I just kill her?

Oh.  Okay.
Oh good
Never mind.

A unique, not ancient, male!  Go Natalie, Go!

Seriously?  You’re going to do this slow-ass ghost float?

Hearty Farties!

A little dancing…

A little zombie photobombing…

DANG – he has a partner… but look at those genetics!
I’m just gonna go ahead and break that up. For sure.

His name is Rajan, and Natalie invites him home with her.
Oh joy, they’re going by slowboat.  UGH.  She might starve to death before they get home.

Hey Raj – Welcome to the Zale house – no mind the floating dead cat.
And no passing out – but thanks for leaving your coat on the floor.

Natalie’s smug look and sudden wardrobe change endear her to me.
Gotta fix up that man to make him receptive to her advances…

…And cat videos…
Well, cat videos and bikini… who can say no to that?

Not Rajan!  Natalie successfully convinced him to break up with his girlfriend.
Er… wife.  To divorce his wife… Oh well, she was an elder in a panda hat and overalls.  Natalie is way better.
The X
So it’s okay.

In the bathroom-that-is-my-favorite… BOYFRIEND!
Oh man, those shorts… do not look directly at the shorts.

Fiance! Wait…

Uh yeah, Nate?
Little privacy?  Tender moment here.  Tender bathroom moment.  (I need to do something about that shower, it always looks like it failed to render)

I don’t think Rajan minds the intrusion.
I just love that face!  I think their genetics will make some VERY interesting Zales!

Noah wanted to prove he can intrude just as well as his brother.
Must be everyone’s favorite bathroom.  Not just mine.

Oh why not – I threw a proper wedding last generation- go ahead and exchange rings.
They are too cute, really.  I mean, they’ve known each other for about 12 hours, but that’s okay.

Married!  Rajan left his wife and two dogs behind.  Good – no kids.
Oh, and he has two other girlfriends.  MARRIED girlfriends.
the women
And a BFF threat.  I’ll have to keep half an eye on him… although as an uncontrollable idiot, I’m sure his other romantic relationships will fade away.

A quick trip through CAS reveals he’s already an adult – but that’s okay!  I fixed his eyebrows and left the rest of him alone.  He looks SO DIFFERENT from Natalie!  I’m excited to see their babies.  Oh right, I also fixed those dang loud shorts.  I could not look at that forever.

Anyhoo, meet Rajan Zale!
He’s athletic, charismatic, handy, loves to swim, and a schmoozer.  His LTW is that Deep Sea Diver one, which he of course will not complete as an idiot.  He’s also a grunt in the military career, which I’m sure he’ll get fired from, since it’s impossible to get anywhere on time in this town.  We’ll see!

I know this post is shorter than usual – but I wanted to get it up!  I’m excited about Rajan’s genetics.  I think this generation will be fun!

Next time, Nooboos?  And Natalie has an LTW to work towards!  It’s life guard time!  Until next time, Happy Simming!