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The Zales Get a New House 10.2.5

Hi There!  This was supposed to be a proper update, but I was having a lot of difficulties, so instead of chapter 10.3, I bring you 10.2.5 – which will begin like normal with a Zale Check!

Tahiya in the rocker.
I really do like her little old lady look.

Ike and Kahless were spotted here,
Ike has queued up “Put Kahless to bed” which is pretty adorable.  Not that he’s sleepy…

Juniper and Krypton are talking about a star that Juniper discovered.
The action said “Talk about star China” and I was SUPER confused for a moment, but then I remembered that I had named a star that Juniper discovered “China”.  A ha!

Kira Nerys is reading with the black voids that are her eyes.
But I still think she’s adorable.

Kasidy is expressing some confusion regarding the laptop.
But I like her a lot too.

And lastly Keiko is teaching herself to talk.

And…then my game crashed.  I think I’d been un-paused from the Zale check for less than five seconds.  Then their save file wouldn’t load.  After many delays, I managed to get into the game – if things don’t improve quickly, we’ll move.

Keiko terrifies me.

Finally remembered to fix that broken tub!
Note about Juniper:  You know how I really want her to top the culinary career?  Well she hasn’t even been to work yet.  Between pregnancies, births and her schedule, she’s NEVER BEEN.  I’m afraid we won’t be able to make it until the next TH takes over!

Ike gives a lovely evening concerto for the nice paparazzi.
And…then we crashed again.  Their file took 6 minutes to reopen – we’re moving.

I gathered up the things I wanted, went and got the graves, and it’s farewell house!
I’ll miss you.

Oh wait, before we go, we have some things to leave behind.

And with that, the Zales of Lucky Palms become the Zales of Isla Paradiso.
Zales of Isla Pardiso

And we bought a plot.

And oh look!  I brought the house!
I figured it would look pretty in Isla Paradiso too.  And I believe it does!

What the hell?!?  We left those behind?
Stupid things.

The new lot is bigger than the one we had in Lucky Palms, so the koi pond gets bigger.  HI KOI!
I love them.

I decide to actually use the Isla Paradiso graveyard to lay the Zales to rest.
And actually drop off these creepy things.

Wow, Kasidy!  Thanks!
I don’t remember her traits, but I was pretty surprised a CHILD would volunteer to clean up toddler potty.

I also finally remember to get the gnome tattoo!
Juniper is hereby marked with the Gnome of the Wrist.

Apparently new tattoos make aliens sneeze.
Bless you, Juniper!

She’s also hungry, and this place has vittles!
Pretty town!  I love how beachy it is.

Nice place for a snack!
Lovely view!

I’ve just been having Juniper do whatever I need her to, and ignoring the rest of the family.
They seem fine… 😐

About now, my game started lagging really badly.  So I moved the Zales again.  To Twinbrook.  I demolished a home and evicted a family (sorry) to purchase this nice big lot and CRAP.  I left the graves in Isla Paradiso.  Grr… So I go back to get them and…
…Giles, Angelica, Bettina, Duchess and Eddie are haunting so I can’t grab their graves.

So Juniper fishes while waiting for daybreak.
She doesn’t catch anything because she’s not experienced enough.  Oh well.

Hi Giles!
Get back in your grave.

Okay you two – it’s day time now… off you go.

Alright Eddie, you’re the last one.


Okay, let’s try this again.  Here we are in Twinbrook.Screenshot-30
It’s so GREEN!  I return the seasons to a regular length four season rotation, since we’re not in a tropical or desert environment.  I’m gonna get sick of snow!

There we go, laid to rest in the Twinbrook Cemetery.
I’m just starting down that right hand side.  It only has Helen and Ramon (and Imogene 😦  ) for now, but I’ll put Ike and Tahiya over there.

Juniper arrived back to the plot to this:
And for some reason it made me laugh.  All those IF’s!  And of course Ike’s magic portable piano.  And oh yeah, Juniper takes a limo everywhere now. 

And then I built a house.
And I love it!  Yay!  It fits in with the area, and I’m quite fond of it!

It has a basement, but that’s just a dark square right now, here’s the main floor.
Top left will be kitchen/bar, then you see the large main living area, behind the walled off chimney is going to be a study, the two small rooms off the main area are going to be bathrooms, then there’s the garage and “The Hall of Bedrooms”  There’s a hallway with a bathroom on one end, the garage on the other, then five bedrooms – one for each child.

Then upstairs we have this:
Large open area which I will break up into some sort of master suite with the fireplace there in the lower left corner, then there’s a larger room which I will use to house the elder couple.  In this case Ike and Tahiya.  Off that are two smaller rooms… One will be a bathroom, not sure about the other… I want a nursery/playroom up here somewhere, but that room is too small as is.  I was thinking laundry, but I’ll put that in the basement…anyway, I’m talking to myself.

Anyhoo, building takes forever and leaves me rather drained, AND I was just getting started on buying a few things to make the house livable – and I discovered that the koi didn’t make this move, even though I’m 100% certain I packed them up.  The gnomes are lost too (although I have deceased Eve, which I packed at the same time) and the Chinese martial arts items, incense and other pieces I KNOW I packed are nowhere to be seen – and yet other things DID… a bookcase I grabbed, Celine’s kitty painting, Tahiya’s crying bride and a couple others, a couple skill certificates and festival portraits… So I’m assuming something went wrong.  If ALL the things weren’t there, I’d figure I made a mistake, but with some there, some not, sounds like we had a hiccup while moving.  So that bummed me out, and I decided to take a break.  Just like with the last house, I’ll gradually add more color and character, and I know it’ll come together nicely.  I sure hope this town plays better than the last one – or all that building will have been in vain!  I’ll get a proper update up soon.  Maybe even tomorrow with the holiday.  Until then, Happy Simming!

Oh yeah, and I discovered we had a little more money than I thought, so score update!:
Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  32 (-160)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  27 (+135)
Twin Births + 10:  8 (+80)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 7 (+280)
Honor Roll +5:  9 (+45)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  9 (+90)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +380

The K-Kids 10.2

Welcome!  The Zales are happy to see you, and so am I!  *tips hat*  Last time, on The Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy, Juniper visited China a couple times, had a son, then twin daughters, completed her LTW and generally maintained an extreme level badassness.  Let’s see what we get up to this time!

As always, ZALE CHECK!  Tahiya is doing the dishes and talking to the washer about some kid.

Ike is playing his inventory piano right next to the grand piano.
Makes sense.  😐

Juniper in the worst maternity ensemble known to exist is waiting for me to tell her what to do.
Seriously, that outfit is the worst.  Her shoes aren’t helping.

Krypton is in the swing.
Looking as adorable as ever.

So is Kira Nerys…
But she looks like she might start crying!

And Kasidy, looking calmer than her twin.
So many little green skinned Zalets!

It’s the girls’ birthday! I can’t wait!

Sims are weird.
I mean there’s nothing exceptionally weird about this picture… it’s just funny what Sims do at parties.

This is Kasidy!
Cute pointy ears!
Her favorite color is Irish Green

Here’s Kira Nerys!
Also pointy eared!  But she got her daddy’s dark hair.   Yes the Twins and Krypton are full siblings and have the same father.  Xiaobo Tai from China.

Her favorite color is lime!
The green babies like greens.  Hey, I think I forgot to put eyebrows on Kasidy.

I did, oops.
All better.

Pretty cute little boogers!
I adore them.

Let the skilling begin.

Kasidy’s sleepwear is super cute.
Workin’ hard on the potty.

The final toddler skill!
And with that, the twins are fully skilled – THANK YOU WALKER AND PLAYPEN!

It’s time!  THINK BOYS.
I cannot wait to get her out of that hideous outfit.

It IS a boy!  Meet Kahless
Kahless is a Star Trek TNG character.  He’s a clumsy loner, and a single birth.  I was really hoping for twins.

Even though Juniper is a culinary wizard, her favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
And she’s still in that outfit!

Kyle showed up for the birth of Kahless, so Juniper enjoys his company.
BTW – he’s still a genie, but he doesn’t live in the lamp.  I had TONS of trouble with him, and he wasn’t able to woohoo with Juniper and stuff, so I added him to the active family, then moved him out.  So he’s able to do things like show up at the hospital for births and attend birthday parties and stuff.

In a rather awkward place for photos, still wearing that hideous outfit, Juniper asks Kyle to make an honest woman out of her.
He says yes, of course.
A wedding will have to wait for a bit, however…
But at least they’re betrothed now!

Juniper’s brief time spent socializing means all of the children are in need of her assistance.

Ugh – so many…
I can hardly wait until they’re all children demanding bedtime stories.  That’s gonna be a blast.

So why did I say the wedding would have to wait?
The house is full now!  Tahiya, Ike, Juniper, Krypton, Kasidy, Kira Neyrs, Kahless and fetus!  And even though those jeans are broken and don’t pregnancy morph, this outfit is WAY better than the last one.  Yay!

We haven’t seen the old people in awhile.
Here’s Ike jamming, back on the guitar I made for him!

Tahiya’s at work, so here’s a picture of the police station.
I really like Lucky palms.  Tahiya is level 8 of her LTW related career, for an “idiot” I’m very proud of her!  She’ll most likely make it to level nine too!  As for topping it, I find it more probable that she’ll pass way before she can finish, but I’ll have her continue to go to work until her dying day.  Good luck Tahiya!

Juniper makes some dim sum, because we can!
And dim sum is freakin’ delicious.  I believe this batch is vegetarian.

Nice work, Tahiya.
I was just talking about how proud of you I was.  I take it back.  -5

It’s Kahless and Krypton’s birthdays!

Don’t suffocate the baby!
And look, the walls finally reflect Juniper’s favorite color.  Now I just need to remember to get her that gnome of the wrist.

Krypton’s turn!
While Kahless sparkles into bad fashion.

Kahless has pointy ears, which is great…
…But I don’t see much of his father the genie in there.

Aaahhh!  Look how cute he is, though!
His favorite color is seafoam, and he is to-die-for-adorable.

Krypton rolls eccentric to join neurotic and genius.
He certainly needs hair!

Here’s the cutie-patootie!
I still adore little Krypton!!

Hee hee hee!
Toddler Zaliens are too cute!

I love the little K-Kids.
It’s nice to see the nursery getting so much use!

This is Krypton’s new big boy room.
Tahiya has begun another lovely painting, but I’m pretty sure Krypton just interrupted her for a bedtime story.

Yup.  Damn.
But he’s still stinkin’ cute.

*sigh* this is his second story.
And of course he’s in Ike and Tahiya’s bed.

Kahless’ final skill!
Keep workin’ Juniper!

Wow!  He went to bed!
What a good boy.  His Z’s are defying gravity, but that’s okay!

Almost finished – and just in time too…
…Juniper’s about to pop!

Momma and Kira Nerys… awww

Hey, Tahiya finished that painting!
I instantly stole it from the easel and hung it in this bathroom.  I really like it!

Surrounded by screaming children – the baby is coming!
I swear – she’s in labor.

Think BOY!  I’d love another boy.  A blue boy!  A genie boy!

It’s a girl.  I name her Keiko who is also from Star Trek, both DS9 and TNG.  She’s a genius who loves the cold.  I see no sign of Genie dad Kyle – yet.

But wait!  Keiko’s little need bars are BLUE!
Keiko's needs
She’s a genie!  Pink’s gonna be mad she had the nerve to be born female!  Where’s her fun bar?

There are three toddlers, and a newborn.  I’m officially grateful Juniper does not need sleep.
We have our hands full!

Little Krypton is on his way to play in the tree house.
I adore him, and I’m happy we have him and his brother to choose from.  I will poll Krypton and Kahless when the time comes. 

Well, what’s this!  Sammy’s here!

We’re having a birthday party for Kasidy!  None of the party guests care.

The maid who never cleans cares…
Which also figures.

There we go…
…a few more family members make an appearance. 

Kasidy rolls eccentric to join clumsy and genius.
That is definitely her mom’s nose.

I love her pointy little ears.
And her eccentric outfit!

It’s Kira’s party too!

Jillian and July so clear favorites and attend Kira Nerys’ caking.
Oh well, it’s nice to see them!

I was checking on Kasidy just to see what she was up to while her sister was blowing out her candles, and she queued up “upset”…  AND LOOK AT WHAT IS HAPPENING.
Julia also bears witness to IRIS and JUNIPER’S FIANCE kissing!!  WTH?

Juniper remained oblivious – which surprised the heck out of me, but poor little Kasidy was left to carry the burden herself.
Poor Kasidy
That Kyle’s kinda a jerk.  And Iris!  I loved you once!  You were uploaded!

Meanwhile, Kira’s birthday continues, and she rolls bookworm to add to grumpy and heavy sleeper.

But she’s adorable and also has lovely pointy ears.
I really like her little makeover.

Downstairs, Juniper is re-staking her claim on her fiance.
Iris pretends not to notice.

I take this opportunity to age the SimSelves back down to YA.  HI SAMMY
She finally managed to get rid of that cane she acquired last time I aged her down.  Good job.

I assume that Julia is calling Iris a vegetable, as it’s very wrong to kiss your niece’s fiance at your great-niece’s birthday party.

I was having Juniper put away all the food that the party guests brought, and this gal, Brandy Wilkes the elder mermaid paparazzi dies on the lawn.

All Zales and Zale guests try to door to the best of their ability to witness the death…
…but most remain unsuccessful. 

Oh Ivanna… my little UIG – you’re SO OLD.
And that hat is lovely.

The little Zalien children are adorable.
I’m quite fond of all of them, to be honest.

Kasidy rolled a wish to earn a logic skill, and Juniper rolled a wish to play chess, so Tada!

I think Kahless has been in this thing exclusively for more than three days.
That’s terrible.

I take pity on him and have Juniper set him free.
Sure, his needs will deplete now, but one cannot LIVE in the swing.

Speaking of not living, Juniper heads to the graveyard to dispose of Brandy and some other dude’s remains that Ike’s been carrying around for ages.
Spooky.  I should have waited until morning.

Old man Ike’s still got it!
Ike:  *ROCKS*

Ugh, the bedtime story drama continues.
She’s still stinkin’ cute though.  Kasidy.

Were you wondering about Tahiya?
She’s fine… Just rocking in her own stench.

To get her out of the chair, I have Juniper start a game of pool with her.

Cute, look at Tahiya’s face.
Now go take a shower.

Kahless maybe be stinky, but it’s a way better life out here.
How cute is he?  Even with a smelly butt.


Oh Ike, you look ridiculous in that outfit, but don’t blame me, it’s his work clothes.
I tried to change them, and I was unsuccessful.  Ike:  *Grins like maniac* He and Tahiya are 87 days old.

Now the little squirt I thought was so adorable screams for no reason.

But he’s still adorable.
The last little ones of the K generation.

Kasidy:  NO BABY
Yes, Kasidy, you are right.  There is no baby in that swing.  Good.

Krypton and his rubber duckie broke the fancy bath tub.
I still haven’t fixed it either, oops.

Hi Julia and Family!

Hi Sammy!

Hi Kyle!
Thanks for the deep fried maple bacon ice cream – but NO KISSING guests!

It’s a birthday!

Quite the successful party this time!
Keiko must be quite popular.

Aren’t the K-Kids adorable?
Kira, Kasidy and Krypton.  ❤

Here goes Keiko!  OH MY!
Look at her!  She has black hair, but green eyebrows, alien shaped eyes with regular irises, pointy ears, grayish skin and she’s a genie!!!  I thought she’d have to be TH no matter what, since she’s perfect!  So when I went into CAS to give her a makeover I peeked at her as a YA.

And… NO WAY is this going to be the TH!
She’s horrifying!
And is NOT eligible for TH!  NO WAY NO HOW!

But, I will do my best to make her look as endearing as possible until the day we can kick her out.
Even though she scares me.  Her favorite color is Spice Brown.

She is utterly and completely terrifying.
What have The Zales created?!?

And that’s all folks!  TS4 launches in like, 10 days or something, can you believe it?  I’ll post a TS4 interlude or two here on this blog, but it will continue to be the regular Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy programming until its completion.  I will not start a TS4 challenge until both The Zales and The Lightnings are finished.  And who knows, by then there might be some expansions!  Come see us again soon!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  32 (-160)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  27 (+135)
Twin Births + 10:  8 (+80)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 6 (+280)
Honor Roll +5:  9 (+45)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  9 (+90)
Every $100,000 +20:  5 (+100)    
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +360

Juniper and I got Carried Away 10.1

So yeah… like the title states?  It’s a LOOOONNNNG Chapter… and lots happens.  I was thinking about trying to break it up in to two posts… but I didn’t find a divide spot I liked…

So let’s dive in!  Zale Check!Screenshot
Tahiya sketches while Ike is at work.

Juniper Meditates…
Which I still find entertaining.  And look!  Someone’s music trophy.  I occasionally go through people’s inventory and pull out things like that and just put them in what ever room I was in at the moment.  Hence trophy on floor in dining room by high chair.

And July is breaking boards!Screenshot-3
She really took her disciplined trait very seriously!

Here’s our previous TH Ike, having just arrived home from work.Screenshot-4
Hi Dear!  *waves*

Oooh, I’m excited to see what she comes up with this time!Screenshot-5
She’s really been improving lately!

Pregnancy book reading time.Screenshot-6
I do really like pointy ears, so that’s one definite plus of the alien.

Oh, come on Tahiya!
You’re regressing!  *SELLS*

Our little pregnant Juniper got a massage!Screenshot-8
Here alien outdoor wear pregnancy morph is pretty cute.

Zalien Bump!

Juniper: Hi Mom, I’m just going to restore my brain power… don’t mind me.Screenshot-10
Tahiya does not mind at all.

It’s pretty sweet
Even though I discover much later this chapter that Tahiya and Juniper show zero family relation.  When Juniper was a child, Tahiya was her step-mother, but now that she’s grown, they show no relation.  It bums me out a little.

Wowza! July is already level four!Screenshot-12
I actually really like that rust colored belt.

Whoops, that rust belt is level three… THIS is level four!Screenshot-13
Very fierce, July!

Whoops!  It’s a birthday! I forgot!Screenshot-14
Sorry Tahiya!  I hadn’t missed a birthday in… well… it hadn’t been that long, but I was doing so much better!

Aw, she’s super cute.
She gets a makeover, but I didn’t do a CAS shot.  You’ll see her out in about in the house.  But I do think she’s a super adorable little old lady!

I cannot believe how much time July spends training.
Is that common for disciplined Sims to just be stuck to these things?

Broken trash compactor?  Screenshot-17
No problem if you’ve got yourself an alien!Screenshot-18
She’s very in tune with electronics and appliances.  Handy!

Another trip to the salon per Juniper’s wishes and…Screenshot-19

It’s baby time!
I’m so excited!

Except on the way to the hospital there was a tragic accident…Screenshot-21

No!  It was a near-miss!  Miracle of miracles!Screenshot-22
I take way too many pictures… sorry.  O.o

Move it magician!  Woman in labor coming through!Screenshot-23
Although if you’re going to catch yourself on fire for tips, outside of the hospital seems like a pretty good place to do it.

At 10:04 am on a Monday, Juniper enters the hospital.  She’d rolled a wish for a boy… Screenshot-24
And it’s a Boy!  Only 30 minutes later!  I name him Krypton.  He rolls neurotic and genius.  Interesting skin tone!

Here he is at home in better lighting.Screenshot-25
He’s as lovely a little blue burrito as there ever was.

His favorite color is blue!Screenshot-26
Like our fearless founder Abraham!

I’m not sure if he’s going to have alien powers or not, but he SOUNDS like one!Screenshot-27
Juniper:  Ghost.

Hey, it’s July’s birthday!Screenshot-28

Just a little family affair.Screenshot-29
See that other cake?

Just as July sparkles, Ike begins his own little party!Screenshot-30
For it is his birthday too!

July rolls equestrian, making her a disciplined, night owl, nurturing, friendly horsewoman.Screenshot-31
I like that hair, and she can keep it.

I adore her, and part of me still wishes she’d won the heir poll.Screenshot-32
But!  Juniper and I have some fun times coming – so it’s okay!  I’m mostly just sad to see those eyes end.  Ramon brought wonderful eyes to the gene pool.

Then it’s time for Ike to grow old.Screenshot-33

He looks fascinated!
Ike:  I’m all wrinkly!  😀

Aw, his time went so quickly!Screenshot-36
His personality seemed like he’d be an old man in a loud shirt.

Hard to believe he’s already a grandpa!Screenshot-37
I really do love little Krypton.  Juniper is quick to take care of him, even if I’m not forcing her hand.  Lovely little family!

I’m not quite ready to kick out July – I need her and Juniper to take another trip!Screenshot-38
So Juniper call the travel agent and…

…We’re back in China!Screenshot-39
They look thrilled to be here… ha ha ha.

Well?  What’s this?
Juniper instantly reconnects with her love interest, and Krypton’s father Xiaobo Tai.

Then, unfortunately, I wasted nearly the whole day trying to locate the next sparring partner!Screenshot-41
Finally though, we found – and whooped – this guy ^

Nothing to see here folks!  Screenshot-42
Just a famous alien fighting in the living room!  That’s Changpu again, her sparring partner.  She had to defeat him many times!

July seems to be having a bit more fun on this trip – now that she’s an adult.Screenshot-43
Not that teens can’t dance, but she enjoyed a couple flirts with this guy.  His name is Jinjing Sau Hing – and because I wrote it down, you get to know!

I asked these two to spar, but they hugged instead.  I discovered they were “close friends”.  Must be all those matches together.
After a couple repeat requests, I got the match underway.

I finally caught Juniper’s super fancy tracers!Screenshot-45

Huzzah!  Who’s badass?Screenshot-46
Juniper!  Even if her phone is ringing!

She’s now rank 3!
AND A BLACK BELT!  One more skill point to go!

Hey July?  You may be all smiles now…Screenshot-48
…But you’re actually Juniper’s next ranked sparring opponent!  That’s what you get for all the practice back at home!

And Spar!

Let the girls do battle!

The Zale I wanted, and the Zale who won!  A match for glory and honor!

Juniper won!

That Juniper!  Very popular in China.Screenshot-51
She IS pretty epic, if I do say so myself.

All we do is spar and spar and spar this trip, I’ll try to stop taking so many pictures.Screenshot-52
I mean I know they all look mostly the same.

During one of her matches, July watched with great concern!Screenshot-53
I thought it was incredibly sweet.

I can’t stop taking pictures when Juniper looks this awesome.Screenshot-54
She’s worked so hard for this!

After another match in the bathroom, we defeat Changpu again and become ranked number 4!Screenshot-55
As nice a sparring arena as any, I suppose.   😐

This is Juniper’s cute workout clothes.  I had her “extreme jog” to a spot in the house, but of course she had to change first.Screenshot-56
And since I actually like her outfit, and we never get to see it, here ya go!

While we wait for the next opponent to show up (which takes FOREVER!) This guy…Screenshot-57
…is having way too much fun!

NO SKILL BAR!  We have mastered martial arts!Screenshot-58

Juniper!  The fiercest of them all!Screenshot-59


Then, after another match where I was trying to restrain myself from taking a zillion pictures…Juniper completed her LTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought we had to be ranked level 9 or something – but it was just level 5? But TADA!
Juniper Wins!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Martial Arts Grand Master!Screenshot-61

With a full day left before the six day trip is over, we’re going to go adventuring!Screenshot-62

As always, China stuns with lovely views.Screenshot-63

Juniper:  I wonder if I should stand here?Screenshot-64

Priceless cultural relics!Screenshot-65
I’ll take these!  *Swipe*


Snack time.
Looks delish.  😐

Juniper: I’ll just stick my arm in here…Screenshot-68
…I actually hoped it would come out covered in bugs, but it didn’t.

Hey guys!  This is my first ever dive well ever in my playing history!Screenshot-69

I love her face.

She is an explorer extraordinaire!Screenshot-71
And completed the rest of the quest without anything interesting happening.

Since Juniper has mastered cooking, we make a lovely batch of french toast for all the explorers before we leave.Screenshot-72

When they wake up, I know they were very happy to see a fresh, delicious meal!Screenshot-73

The sisters play some chess together killing time before their flight home.Screenshot-74
July thinks it’s rubbish.

With only a few short hours before their flight, I noticed Juniper could really use a brain boost.  While she was mid-weirdo-process…
…July joined her with a book.  I thought it was very sweet.

Home safe!
I’m not sure why July is looking at Juniper that way, but Yay!

And more Yay!  Juniper’s mastery certificates!Screenshot-77
I really have SO FEW of these, poor idiotic Zales.

Juniper missed her little Krypton while she was away.Screenshot-78

Ike:  Dangit Juniper!  I wanted to hold the baby!Screenshot-79
Sorry Ike, she’s been away for six days!  It’s her turn.

Well, well, well, what do we have here?Screenshot-80
Juniper’s massive influx of LTH allowed a fancy reward!

Rub Rub Rub

Meet Kyle Hook!
He was a face one, so I gave him some plastic surgery.  Don’t let his rather bland face on appearance disappoint you, he has some wonderful features!Screenshot-83
Hopefully you can see from his profile that he’s not totally boring.

I see hearts!

Juniper Flirts:  You’re like a shiny new car!Screenshot-85
Kyle:  I’m a Libra!

Juniper gives him some flowers!Screenshot-86

And it is, without a doubt, the most fascinating thing he has ever experienced in his entire life.Screenshot-87
Look at that face!  LMAO!

Aww… they’re kind of adorable together.


And oh look, genies are also keen on rocking chairs.Screenshot-90

Okay new blue boyfriend, you’re swell and all…Screenshot-91
But back in the lamp for you!

Where are you going Juniper?  You have french toast in the oven!Screenshot-92

Oh right… this.

Although you’re so hungry I doubt there’s much in there?Screenshot-94
Spoiler:  It was the normal amount.

Oh right! July is still here!Screenshot-95

She made it all the way to blue belt before I kick her out.Screenshot-96

With no LTW to work towards, and a mastery of the cooking skills, I send Juniper to the book store.Screenshot-97
We buy ALL THE RECIPES and I’m going to have her learn them just because.

Ike:  Puts swing on fast.Screenshot-98
Thanks grandpa. 😐

Learning ceviche!
It’s a popular favorite food, so why not.

Tahiya – I’m tired.  Where’s my bed?Screenshot-100
Haven’t seen it.

See those stinky fridge fumes?Screenshot-101
We are working towards NEVER AGAIN.  Juniper has entered the Culinary Career.

Another Nooboo is coming!Screenshot-102
Who’s the father this time?  😀

Sweet little Krypton.
I really do enjoy momma Juniper.

Zale Style Parenting (TM) has evolved.Screenshot-104
I love that she doesn’t need sleep, but we’re also kind of bored.

Juniper rolled a wish to buy the ingredients to make ceviche, so I sent her off to the grocery store.  Then she wanted to make ceviche.
So we did.

Looks pretty decent, actually.Screenshot-106
I really enjoy the food, recipes and cooking in this game.

Tahiya loves her little grand-alien.Screenshot-107
Actually, remember how I said Tahiya and Juniper show no relation?  She doesn’t show any relation with the baby either.  They’re just “acquaintances”, which I think is kind of sad.  Ike DOES show as the baby’s grandfather, so that’s good at least!

Tahiya:  I want to hold the baby again *pout*Screenshot-108
Sorry dear.

Hmm, Fruit Parfait!
Because Juniper has nothing else to do.  She can’t advance in her career because preggo!

It’s time to throw a birthday party!Screenshot-110
I think Juniper will probably go into labor during it, but hey.

Lotta Zales
Ha!  Look!  Jenny is still singed from the last party…

So, this is James.
He looks very different and annoyed.

Oh, apparently it was just his outerwear…Screenshot-112
…I recognize that version of him.  And Hi July!

My heavens Ivanna!  How you’ve changed!Screenshot-113
And nice Juniper.  I know there’s a pizza outside in the rain, but personal space!  And the fetus!

Birthday time!

Iris is here too, btw, and apparently in Ivy’s way, even though she’s clearly behind her.Screenshot-115

Ike and July care, but all other family members or guests were preoccupied.Screenshot-116
Floor baby sparkle time!

Aww, he’s cute!  Even before makeover!Screenshot-117

HOLY CRAP!  LOOK AT HIM!Screenshot-118

Seriously – the cute.

Are you guys seeing the cute!?!?Screenshot-120

GAH!  I love him!

I cannot stop with the spam.Screenshot-122
Well, he’s only a toddler, so who knows what he’ll look like, and I didn’t even peek when I was in CAS.  But as a toddler, he’s freakin’ amazing and I love him to bits.

Juniper made it through the moderately successful party, but not potty training before she goes into labor.Screenshot-123
Sorry Krypton, we’ll be back to finish before too long.

Cue Tahiya’s freak out, even though Juniper is already on the way to the hospital.Screenshot-124
It’s surprisingly hard NOT to take freak out pics, even though we’ve all seen them a million times.

It’s a…
…Basket!  I did say we were bored, weren’t we?

In the basket?  A girl!
…another girl!
Her green skin is very strong!  No giveaways on fatherhood yet!

So, Krypton is rather obviously named after Superman’s home planet.  Since Juniper is an alien, I was thinking of doing some space themed names.  But then I realized that Krypton isn’t so much “space” as sci-fi, so I’m sticking with a sci-fi naming theme.  The girls are:
Kasidy!  Named after Kasidy Yates (human) from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, she becomes Captain Sisko’s love interest in the series, near the end.  I think they even get married.  She isn’t my favorite character from the show, but it’s a great K name.  Kasidy is a clumsy genius.

Then we have Kira Nerys!  Also from DS9, and a far better character.  She’s a Bajoran, who played a key part in the uprising and overthrow of the Cardassian occupation on her home planet of Bajor.  Kira Nerys is a grumpy heavy sleeper.Screenshot-128
❤ Family ❤

Somewhere about this time, Ivy and Irene died.  Leaving only Ike, Iris and Ivanna of the I generation.  😦

Aw, look what little Krypton found?Screenshot-129
Don’t mind the puddle, it’s just potty chair overflow, not a fail or anything.  (Just potty chair overflow?  That’s NASTY)

Oh heavens, what have we here?Screenshot-130

Who’s the father THIS time?Screenshot-131
😀 😀 😀

We certainly aren’t going to be bored for long!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  32 (-160)
Self-Wetting -5:  29 (-145)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  25 (+125)
Twin Births + 10:  8 (+80)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 6 (+280)
Honor Roll +5:  9 (+45)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  9 (+90)
Every $100,000 +20:  5 (+100)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +360

And that’s all for this post!  like I said, Juniper and I got a little carried away.  In this post alone, she travelled, mastered martial arts, completed her LTW, read 50% of the recipes, had three babies.  I’m obviously enjoying her VERY MUCH.  Come see us again soon?  Until next time, Happy Simming!

The Zalien Heads to China 10.0

Welcome, welcome!  Focus your eyes on the center ring, step right up and BEHOLD!  Behold the wonders of the newest Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy installment!

As always, ZALE CHECK!  Tahiya is eating cake.
Since my play sessions often end at a birthday party, Zale checks frequently have cake.

Ike has queued up “Serve Delightful Hot Beverages” which I thought was pretty adorable.
I forgot we even had that thing.

Juniper is on her way to play chess.
Screenshot-3I actually like the way her outfit turned out.

July is hitting the juice.
Screenshot-4And that’s it!  There’s ONLY FOUR!  I thought I took a screen snip, but oops.  OH WELL, you all know what four Sims on the panel look like… just imagine it with Zale faces.

I want the “Prepared Traveller” LTR before Juniper heads off on her first adventure.  Since we had to spend 10,000 LTH to change her LTW, she’s down to 8,924.  So I’ll have to grant a few wishes before we travel.  She has a wish to reach level six logic as well as a wish to discover a star, so we’ll start there.
Screenshot-5I kind of like her alien outerwear.  And I was just thinking how fortunate her favorite color is.  And that it at least coordinates well with her skin tone.  Could’ve been AWFUL!

Ike is JAMMING.  I heard his lovely tunes from all the way out on the telescope patio.
That’s not the fancy guitar I manufactured for him, but hey, it’s alright!

Tahiya is playing too, but since she has no skill, she sounds TERRIBLE.Screenshot-7I am spoiled by Ike’s talent.

Juniper witnessed a fallen meteor (didn’t know that could happen) so we’re off to collect it.Screenshot-8Those melted snowmen are freaky.  Flamingo is UP!  Wee!

This is a pretty decent hunk o’ space rock.Screenshot-9Do you think just aliens can witness fallen meteors and go get them?  I don’t think I’ve seen a regular Sim do that…

I reward Juniper with a nice bubble-bath for her hard work.Screenshot-10
I think that looks very relaxing.

I was just browsing around the house, and I see that someone has began painting this “Crying Bride”Screenshot-11Deep.  I hope whoever started it finishes it!  I like it, and I’ve never seen it before.

Anyhoo, with that we head to CHINA!Screenshot-12We have the Prepared Traveller LTR, so we get six days! Have fun Juniper!

And July?!?Screenshot-13Yes, I’ve brought July along too!  Why you ask?  Because I want to keep the plumbob out of Juniper’s pictures like her so much!

Hmm, I guess Juniper didn’t put any of the family’s cars in her carry-on for this trip.Screenshot-14That’s going to slow things down a bit.  Oh well, an alien riding a bike in China is kind of cute.

This ugly family swims in the pond outside the market.Screenshot-15I don’t care if they think it’s a pool.  It is not a pool.

Juniper does a little shopping.Screenshot-16

And finds the locals rather attractive.Screenshot-17I think he’s got a really boring face… and that mirror makes it look like there’s two Junipers!  I’m telling you, one is enough.

It’s time to work on that LTW!Screenshot-18Holy gorgeous scenery.  Game developers really outdid themselves when building Shang Simla.

Take THAT!  *slap*Screenshot-19

AND THAT *wiggles foot*Screenshot-20Needless to say, we have a ways to go.

Meanwhile, I check in on July.Screenshot-21Her hygiene is more than half full, and she’s about to shower, but hey.  Long flights will make you feel grungy.

Whoa!  Look at that view!Screenshot-22I’m not sure I’ve seen the sky so lovely in this game.

Lookin’ Martial Artistic!Screenshot-23Juniper has a belt!

She rolled a wish to spar with someone, and although I’m sure we’ll lose, I grant it anyway.Screenshot-24But holy crap, we won!

A quick potty, shower and inventory snack and we’re back at it.Screenshot-25I don’t want to make fifty trips, so get busy, Juniper!

I decide that Juniper will complete the culinary track when she’s done messing around with martial arts.  Since she won’t age on her travels, we’ll be able to complete the LTW with her still being very young.  And I want that fancy fridge that prevents food from spoiling.Screenshot-26So I bought that tablet thing, and she’s listening to cooking tabcasts while she trains.  I’ve put on her favorite music (Rockabilly) and she’s working her butt off!Screenshot-27

The Chinese paparazzi has found her.Screenshot-28I like to think it has more to do with the fact that she’s an ALIEN rather than the fact that she’s a Zale.

We have a new belt!Screenshot-29Lookin’ FIERCE!  (and learning to cook!)

We find the Resolute Fist Retreat and recover from the hard work.Screenshot-30She still has three hours left of the fatigued moodlet, so we’ll have to find something else to do.Screenshot-31MMM!  Bread and jam.  That is upside down.  Maybe that’s the way Aliens eat.

I decide to take this lull in skilling Juniper to check on July.Screenshot-32She’s making friends, I see.

Juniper meets and heart farts over special merchant Xiaobo Tai.Screenshot-33And before too long, she’s ready to resume training.

Oooh, being green herself I think she looks extra badass in her newest belt.Screenshot-34I’ll be sad when she outskills it.

Fierce!Screenshot-35I’m having a lot of fun with this LTW and Juniper.

July is still around.Screenshot-36Having some fruit punch.

And Juniper has her first ranked sparring match!Screenshot-37She is out ranked!

But Juniper is kind of awesome (and totally growing on me)Screenshot-38And we actually won!Screenshot-39Wee!

Juniper:  Hey nerd, have you even left base-camp?Screenshot-40Spoiler:  She hasn’t.  She has a Stir Crazy moodlet.

Juniper can meditate!Screenshot-41The fact that she’s green, her outfit is green, AND it’s a full moon = epically green.


I love that she can meditate even while fatigued so we can continue to increase the martial arts skill!Screenshot-43There, full moon over.  Less green.

July is just a fixture at base-camp.  All the explorers talk to her (or fight with her) and she’s gained both charisma and logic.Screenshot-44I wish she would have explored China some more, but hey.

Again we spar!Screenshot-45And win!

While waiting for the next opponent to arrive, I play with Juniper’s alien features.  Beginning with this TERRIFYING probe of a random paparazzi.Screenshot-46Good heavens!

Then we give her a bioboost…Screenshot-47

And a scan!Screenshot-48Scanning learned a trait.  She is clumsy.  Or something.

Finally, the next opponent arrives.
Juniper:  I am blue like you!  Let us SPAR!Screenshot-49We win!

Juniper:  My next match is with a mere teen?  😀Screenshot-50

But we lose.Screenshot-51

…and loseScreenshot-52

…and lose four more times.Screenshot-53On our fifth match, empowered by the broken trash compactor, Juniper finally beats the little twerp.

I’m not sure if I will ever adjust to this.Screenshot-54It’s rather creepy.

Aliens can repair broken objects with their brains!Screenshot-55Trash compactor all fixed!

We go to call the next guy for a ranked match, and I’m told he’s already at base-camp.Screenshot-56I find him sleeping, and Juniper wakes him up and challenges him to a match!  Screenshot-57We lose the first two, but then become ranked number 2!  Progress!

This kid is named Changpu!  He doesn’t look much like Juniper’s great-great-great-something-or-another-step-grandfather, but maybe!Screenshot-58Vacation is over in 12 hours!  I hope she can win!

Looks good so far!Screenshot-60But Changpu is better than Juniper.  His moves have neato tracers.

However, by their fourth match, Juniper’s moves have them too!Screenshot-61AND WE WIN!

Juniper meditates until the plane leaves.Screenshot-62

And they arrive home safe and sound!Screenshot-63No glitches, freezes or problems!

Oh no, this isn’t terrifying at all!Screenshot-64

Space rock, consumed.Screenshot-65Conclusion:  Alien Sim is kind of fun, and terrifying.

I put the training dummy and the board breaking station down near the dining room since it’s snowing outside…Screenshot-66…And July begins using it immediately!  The Zales of Aurora Skies had one of these things and no one ever touched it!

Look at that?  She even earned a belt!Screenshot-67You go, July!

Juniper rolls a wish to mediate for 24 hours!  I do my best to get her all in the green, put on a tabcast and get to it!Screenshot-68Wish us luck!

While Juniper settles in for a marathon meditation session, I scope out the rest of the house and hey!  It was Tahiya’s “Crying Bride”!Screenshot-69I really hope she finishes it!  There’s something extra special to me about an uncontrolled Sim and their completed art.  Like they really CHOSE to do it, ya know?

Here’s Ike.Screenshot-70I kind of miss him.  But not too much.  Not like I missed Helen after all those ages of TH-dom.

July needs to tinkle.Screenshot-71Fascinating I’m sure.

Then I check on Juniper to see how far we’ve come and…Screenshot-72…0.98 hours.  😐

Tahiya finished it!Screenshot-73I’ve never seen it before, and I really like it.

I hang it next to her other painting that wasn’t complete garbage.Screenshot-74Cool!  She’s getting much better.

And then I realized it wasn’t a wish to meditate for 24 hours STRAIGHT…Duh.  Oh.  And this happened.Screenshot-75Well well well!

I don’t know exactly when or why July but there’s at least half a dozen trays of “quick drinks” all over the place.Screenshot-76I have Juniper cleaning them all up, but then she breaks the sink.  And Alien Fixes the sink.  Kind of handy!

Alright July!Screenshot-77Maybe China had more of an impact on you that we initially thought!

What the heck Juniper, you’re starving.  Finish those waffles.Screenshot-78

Ooooooh, Right.Screenshot-79Nooboo!   There’s a K on the way!

Aw!  Father daughter waffle breakfast!
Screenshot-80Although Ike is now late for work…

Then I discovered something most wonderful!Screenshot-81She can meditate while pregnant!  We can still be working towards that LTW without being slowed down by spawning!  Huzzah!

And then we end with Tahiya sketching while Juniper meditates.Screenshot-83I didn’t even know she had a sketch book!

Ooooh yeah, one more thing before we go.  This happened:
Bye David
Giles and Meredith’s love child has passed away.

And that’s all folks!  Come back next time for our first nooboo of Generation K!  I’m sure it’ll be very exciting!  Until then, HAPPY SIMMING!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  32 (-160)
Self-Wetting -5:  29 (-145)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  24 (+120)
Twin Births + 10:  7 (+70)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 5 (+240)
Honor Roll +5:  9 (+45)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  8 (+80)
Every $100,000 +20:  5 (+100)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +295

The Zalien Cometh 9.4

Hey Hey, Kids!  Welcome back to another Fancy installment of the Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy!  Juniper, the resident Zalien won the heir poll, and now it’s time to get on with the post!

As always, we begin with a ZALE CHECK!
Law Enforcement Officer Tahiya is walking away from the party.

Ike is wanting some cake.

Jillian is eating cake.

Jenny opts for PB&J
Somewhat healthier I suppose.  Not that they eat the crusts, those picky Sims.

James is looking like a dork.
As he’s known to do…

Juniper, future TH is caught cracking her knuckles.
Lovely idle animations.

Lastly we have July…
About to eat some cake.

Now that you’re all caught up on the current residents and their whereabouts, it’s time to move on!  Jillian and Jenny are YA’s, so it’s adieu to those two!
Screenshot-8I move them out together.  I hope they enjoy each others company.

And then there were five.
then there were 5
So nice!  Don’t mind the fact that James is selected.  Ike’s portrait never consistently reflected his makeover, so I kept confusing the two of them.

I’m going to miss Ike, when the torch passing time comes.
But fortunately, there’s 11 days until Juniper’s YA birthday, so we still have some time together.

My game kept crashing, and nothing was happening – so here’s a picture of July staring at a plate.
Screenshot-10Because why not?  And she’s adorable and I’m sad she’s not the heir.

About 10 IRL days past between that picture and the next time I managed to get the Zales up and running.

We reconvene with Ike rolling a wish to teach July to drive!  Having learned from others, apparently the Motive Mobile is the way to go.
Screenshot-11It’s ugly – no doubt, but for driving lessons, it’s supposed to be supreme.  AND IT IS!  Their motives were full in NO TIME.  WHY HAVE I NOT USED THIS BEFORE!?!

I was watching the future TH while Ike and July were out learning to drive…
…and I discovered she has the World Renowned Surgeon LTW, which is BORING and Erik Zale already did that… She has enough LTH to buy the Change LTW reward, which we will purchase for her as soon as we can.

Meanwhile.  Ugh.  This guy…
I hate this guy.  I can’t wait until he grows up and moves out.  But he did help me reach my self-created goal of at least one child of each gender per generation – so he has served his purpose.

But seriously.
James: mama?  Help me mama!

It’s been over 24 hours since Ike and July went on their “Learn to Drive” adventure… while they were out and about, James got a pop up that his pal Pal wanted to come out and play.
Since he’s at this lovely ladies house, why not?  Oh.  I can’t.  He doesn’t have an IF in his inventory.  Just kidding!

Over 36 hours later – July finally learns to drive.
Dang!  That took ages!

I should not let Ike play instruments when the children need to be getting ready for school…

Or need to be going to SLEEP.
James is an idiot.

This dude is named Tristan.  He’s freezing and texting the mailman.Screenshot-19He lives on the lawn now.  So that’s always nice.

james honor roll Juniper honor roll
+10!  WEE!

Tahiya also managed to get promoted!
Level 7
Awesome!  She needs reports now, so I’m sure this is her final promotion, but I’m super proud of her anyway!  Huzzah!

James pretends to be a kitty, but the girls do their homework right away.
Such nice girls!

Tahiya gets home from work and instantly puts July in a time-out.
I have no idea why!

Aw, poor baby!
Ike’s at work for the next four hours, so there’s not much I can do for her!

Then Tahiya breaks the computer.

The trash compactor is broken too!Screenshot-24Lovely.

Nice Tahiya.  Thanks.Screenshot-25I even watched her exclaim “I NEED TO PEE!” then she went and did the dishes first.  -5

Then Ike gets an interesting phone call.
Ike's wifeTahiya Shalut is already his wife!  I said “yes” just to see what happened.
Nothing.  Nothing happened.

After peeing herself, taking a shower, and prank calling her husband for a fake date, Tahiya plays some pool.Screenshot-26At least she isn’t practicing idiot trick shots that shoot billiard balls at her already misshapen nose.

James proves to be a tiny bit less worthless by completing his homework.Screenshot-27While his sister Juniper eats cake

July is also about ready to do some studying.Screenshot-28
Ike is at work…

Sister socialization!
Screenshot-29I approve!

ERMAGHERD!  I thought Ike had two more promotions to go!  Not just one!
LTW for IkeHis LTW is complete!  +40

Tahiya has also just finished a painting!
And I don’t hate it!  Excellent!

Ike:  Hey wife…(Flirt Flirt)
Nice Painting… 😉

Woohoo now?Screenshot-32
I told you guys Ike was horny.

horny ike
That’s two WooHoo with his wife wishes.  One is WooHoo with Tahiya, the other Tahiya Zale.  Both wishes were granted with the same WooHoo.

Uh Oh – Looks like James is going to try his hand at the food processor pool trick!
Abort!  Abort!
Duck you moron!
Screenshot-36PHEW!  Just in the nick of time!

Hey!  We hired a mixologist!
It’s Spooky Day so her attire is actually appropriate.  How nice.

I have Ike test her wares prior to the arrival of any guests.
Screenshot-38You know, just to be safe.

Tahiya is a bunny!

Juniper a tiger!
Could be worse.

Jenny is a burglar, and Sammy a doctor…
But more importantly, the GRILL IS ON FIRE!

Get out of the way!

Ike couldn’t get through to put out the flames…
So we have to call the fire department!

Have you ever seen such a cluster?!?

Aaaannnd the first party guest has caught on fire.
Screenshot-45This is party crasher William Pace.  Juniper is doing her Daredevil best to save him.

Guy on Fire:  This party is terrible!
Screenshot-46Just behind him, Jenny Zale in the burglar costume has also ignited.  NO NO NO NO NO!

Screenshot-47My.  This is not good.

Tahiya:  Irene is on fire!

Fireperson: Whelp, can’t get through – you’re all gonna die
Screenshot-49Ivy in the Foreground:  OH THE SIMMANITY!

Fireperson:  😐
Screenshot-50Irene:  engulfed in flames

Juniper is earning my affections and trying SO HARD to extinguish everyone.
Screenshot-51I appreciate you brave Zalien!  (Robot dude is David Brunson!  Meredith and Giles’ love child.)

Things look dire for Jenny and Irene.
Screenshot-52Please… No more tragic Zale party deaths!

Welcome to a Zale Party.
Screenshot-53*Sigh*  Irene in flames: This party sucks!

The chaos refuses to cease!
Screenshot-54Just jump in the pool!  SOMEONE PUSH THEM IN THE POOL!

We manage to get Jenny put out!
Screenshot-55And she remains singed but unharmed.

And thanks to Junipers heroic efforts…

Amidst all the chaos…

We manage to save Irene too!
Screenshot-58She too, is singed but unharmed.  I thought for SURE she was a goner!

Ike tried to make spaghetti to salvage the party…
Screenshot-59But nearly everyone had left just after the fire was completely extinguished.

This is all who remained to eat the meal…
Screenshot-60And even though it was a total disaster, the party was a “modest success”.

This here is July in her cowgirl costume being a cutie.
Screenshot-61Have to have SOMETHING positive from the evening’s events.

Ike performs a piece on the guitar…
Screenshot-62…And Jillian poses.  Cute.

Married couple after pyro party activity:
Screenshot-63Aw, she’s still in her bunny costume.

The Zalien practiced shuffleboard all night.
Screenshot-64Still dressed like a tiger.  Rawr.

Have I mentioned James is a moron?  Well he is. This is where he has chosen to do his homework.

The girls at the exact same moment?
Screenshot-66Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

While nothing of note happens within the family – this dude goes and dies on the lawn during a full moon.

July, drawn outside to witness the death, decides to build a snowman right in front of the door.
Screenshot-68We’ll see how this pans out later… Thankfully I have winter set extra short in Lucky Palms – doesn’t seem like a very wintery kinda place.

Full moons always bring out all the ghosties, so I check on the Zales of generations past.
Screenshot-69I found Traci making a snowman, dear Imogene just haunting that lamp, Shelley on the trampoline, and Giles disgusted by her ghastliness.  It was so nice to see Imogene!  And as tragic as her death was, it’s cool to see a ghost that hadn’t died of old age.

So, another first!  Juniper chargers her brain power…
Screenshot-70While her father has a bite to eat.

It’s rather creepy, actually!
Screenshot-71She makes weird faces and is frozen like that until her brain power meter is full.  Spooky.

There is a party looming!
Screenshot-72We’ve all been waiting!

It’s birthday time for James and Juniper!
Screenshot-73James’ was actually today, and Juniper’s in just a couple, so I went for it!

Oh look… Jenny and Irene are still singed from their last visit.
Screenshot-74Apparently their homes are not equipped with showers… lovely.

James goes first!
Screenshot-75I’m looking forward to being rid of him!

He rolls computer whiz to go with clumsy, good, loves the outdoors and insane.
Screenshot-76I give him a nerdy look.

Screenshot-77Ike’s generation is coming to a close!

Juniper rolls nurturing to go with clumsy, genius, disciplined and dare devil.

Wooee!  Look at that profile!
Screenshot-79Your TH, ladies and gentlemen.  😐

After a little makeover, I present to you…
Screenshot-80Juniper Zale!

I kick James out with artistic silhouette lighting…
Screenshot-81…And that’s that!

Like previously mentioned, I cash in Juniper’s LTH to change her LTW and we have…
Martial Arts
Martial Arts Master!  I have never attempted this before, we’re going to be spending a LOT of time in China!

Welcome, readers – to GENERATION 10!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  32 (-160)
Self-Wetting -5:  29 (-145)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  24 (+120)
Twin Births + 10:  7 (+70)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 5 (+240)
Honor Roll +5:  9 (+45)
Randomize Traits for an
Entire Generation +10:  8 (+80)
Every $100,000 +20:  5 (+100)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +295
(Maybe – I’ve kinda lost track)

Until next time, Happy Simming!