Juniper and I got Carried Away 10.1

So yeah… like the title states?  It’s a LOOOONNNNG Chapter… and lots happens.  I was thinking about trying to break it up in to two posts… but I didn’t find a divide spot I liked…

So let’s dive in!  Zale Check!Screenshot
Tahiya sketches while Ike is at work.

Juniper Meditates…
Which I still find entertaining.  And look!  Someone’s music trophy.  I occasionally go through people’s inventory and pull out things like that and just put them in what ever room I was in at the moment.  Hence trophy on floor in dining room by high chair.

And July is breaking boards!Screenshot-3
She really took her disciplined trait very seriously!

Here’s our previous TH Ike, having just arrived home from work.Screenshot-4
Hi Dear!  *waves*

Oooh, I’m excited to see what she comes up with this time!Screenshot-5
She’s really been improving lately!

Pregnancy book reading time.Screenshot-6
I do really like pointy ears, so that’s one definite plus of the alien.

Oh, come on Tahiya!
You’re regressing!  *SELLS*

Our little pregnant Juniper got a massage!Screenshot-8
Here alien outdoor wear pregnancy morph is pretty cute.

Zalien Bump!

Juniper: Hi Mom, I’m just going to restore my brain power… don’t mind me.Screenshot-10
Tahiya does not mind at all.

It’s pretty sweet
Even though I discover much later this chapter that Tahiya and Juniper show zero family relation.  When Juniper was a child, Tahiya was her step-mother, but now that she’s grown, they show no relation.  It bums me out a little.

Wowza! July is already level four!Screenshot-12
I actually really like that rust colored belt.

Whoops, that rust belt is level three… THIS is level four!Screenshot-13
Very fierce, July!

Whoops!  It’s a birthday! I forgot!Screenshot-14
Sorry Tahiya!  I hadn’t missed a birthday in… well… it hadn’t been that long, but I was doing so much better!

Aw, she’s super cute.
She gets a makeover, but I didn’t do a CAS shot.  You’ll see her out in about in the house.  But I do think she’s a super adorable little old lady!

I cannot believe how much time July spends training.
Is that common for disciplined Sims to just be stuck to these things?

Broken trash compactor?  Screenshot-17
No problem if you’ve got yourself an alien!Screenshot-18
She’s very in tune with electronics and appliances.  Handy!

Another trip to the salon per Juniper’s wishes and…Screenshot-19

It’s baby time!
I’m so excited!

Except on the way to the hospital there was a tragic accident…Screenshot-21

No!  It was a near-miss!  Miracle of miracles!Screenshot-22
I take way too many pictures… sorry.  O.o

Move it magician!  Woman in labor coming through!Screenshot-23
Although if you’re going to catch yourself on fire for tips, outside of the hospital seems like a pretty good place to do it.

At 10:04 am on a Monday, Juniper enters the hospital.  She’d rolled a wish for a boy… Screenshot-24
And it’s a Boy!  Only 30 minutes later!  I name him Krypton.  He rolls neurotic and genius.  Interesting skin tone!

Here he is at home in better lighting.Screenshot-25
He’s as lovely a little blue burrito as there ever was.

His favorite color is blue!Screenshot-26
Like our fearless founder Abraham!

I’m not sure if he’s going to have alien powers or not, but he SOUNDS like one!Screenshot-27
Juniper:  Ghost.

Hey, it’s July’s birthday!Screenshot-28

Just a little family affair.Screenshot-29
See that other cake?

Just as July sparkles, Ike begins his own little party!Screenshot-30
For it is his birthday too!

July rolls equestrian, making her a disciplined, night owl, nurturing, friendly horsewoman.Screenshot-31
I like that hair, and she can keep it.

I adore her, and part of me still wishes she’d won the heir poll.Screenshot-32
But!  Juniper and I have some fun times coming – so it’s okay!  I’m mostly just sad to see those eyes end.  Ramon brought wonderful eyes to the gene pool.

Then it’s time for Ike to grow old.Screenshot-33

He looks fascinated!
Ike:  I’m all wrinkly!  😀

Aw, his time went so quickly!Screenshot-36
His personality seemed like he’d be an old man in a loud shirt.

Hard to believe he’s already a grandpa!Screenshot-37
I really do love little Krypton.  Juniper is quick to take care of him, even if I’m not forcing her hand.  Lovely little family!

I’m not quite ready to kick out July – I need her and Juniper to take another trip!Screenshot-38
So Juniper call the travel agent and…

…We’re back in China!Screenshot-39
They look thrilled to be here… ha ha ha.

Well?  What’s this?
Juniper instantly reconnects with her love interest, and Krypton’s father Xiaobo Tai.

Then, unfortunately, I wasted nearly the whole day trying to locate the next sparring partner!Screenshot-41
Finally though, we found – and whooped – this guy ^

Nothing to see here folks!  Screenshot-42
Just a famous alien fighting in the living room!  That’s Changpu again, her sparring partner.  She had to defeat him many times!

July seems to be having a bit more fun on this trip – now that she’s an adult.Screenshot-43
Not that teens can’t dance, but she enjoyed a couple flirts with this guy.  His name is Jinjing Sau Hing – and because I wrote it down, you get to know!

I asked these two to spar, but they hugged instead.  I discovered they were “close friends”.  Must be all those matches together.
After a couple repeat requests, I got the match underway.

I finally caught Juniper’s super fancy tracers!Screenshot-45

Huzzah!  Who’s badass?Screenshot-46
Juniper!  Even if her phone is ringing!

She’s now rank 3!
AND A BLACK BELT!  One more skill point to go!

Hey July?  You may be all smiles now…Screenshot-48
…But you’re actually Juniper’s next ranked sparring opponent!  That’s what you get for all the practice back at home!

And Spar!

Let the girls do battle!

The Zale I wanted, and the Zale who won!  A match for glory and honor!

Juniper won!

That Juniper!  Very popular in China.Screenshot-51
She IS pretty epic, if I do say so myself.

All we do is spar and spar and spar this trip, I’ll try to stop taking so many pictures.Screenshot-52
I mean I know they all look mostly the same.

During one of her matches, July watched with great concern!Screenshot-53
I thought it was incredibly sweet.

I can’t stop taking pictures when Juniper looks this awesome.Screenshot-54
She’s worked so hard for this!

After another match in the bathroom, we defeat Changpu again and become ranked number 4!Screenshot-55
As nice a sparring arena as any, I suppose.   😐

This is Juniper’s cute workout clothes.  I had her “extreme jog” to a spot in the house, but of course she had to change first.Screenshot-56
And since I actually like her outfit, and we never get to see it, here ya go!

While we wait for the next opponent to show up (which takes FOREVER!) This guy…Screenshot-57
…is having way too much fun!

NO SKILL BAR!  We have mastered martial arts!Screenshot-58

Juniper!  The fiercest of them all!Screenshot-59


Then, after another match where I was trying to restrain myself from taking a zillion pictures…Juniper completed her LTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought we had to be ranked level 9 or something – but it was just level 5? But TADA!
Juniper Wins!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a Martial Arts Grand Master!Screenshot-61

With a full day left before the six day trip is over, we’re going to go adventuring!Screenshot-62

As always, China stuns with lovely views.Screenshot-63

Juniper:  I wonder if I should stand here?Screenshot-64

Priceless cultural relics!Screenshot-65
I’ll take these!  *Swipe*


Snack time.
Looks delish.  😐

Juniper: I’ll just stick my arm in here…Screenshot-68
…I actually hoped it would come out covered in bugs, but it didn’t.

Hey guys!  This is my first ever dive well ever in my playing history!Screenshot-69

I love her face.

She is an explorer extraordinaire!Screenshot-71
And completed the rest of the quest without anything interesting happening.

Since Juniper has mastered cooking, we make a lovely batch of french toast for all the explorers before we leave.Screenshot-72

When they wake up, I know they were very happy to see a fresh, delicious meal!Screenshot-73

The sisters play some chess together killing time before their flight home.Screenshot-74
July thinks it’s rubbish.

With only a few short hours before their flight, I noticed Juniper could really use a brain boost.  While she was mid-weirdo-process…
…July joined her with a book.  I thought it was very sweet.

Home safe!
I’m not sure why July is looking at Juniper that way, but Yay!

And more Yay!  Juniper’s mastery certificates!Screenshot-77
I really have SO FEW of these, poor idiotic Zales.

Juniper missed her little Krypton while she was away.Screenshot-78

Ike:  Dangit Juniper!  I wanted to hold the baby!Screenshot-79
Sorry Ike, she’s been away for six days!  It’s her turn.

Well, well, well, what do we have here?Screenshot-80
Juniper’s massive influx of LTH allowed a fancy reward!

Rub Rub Rub

Meet Kyle Hook!
He was a face one, so I gave him some plastic surgery.  Don’t let his rather bland face on appearance disappoint you, he has some wonderful features!Screenshot-83
Hopefully you can see from his profile that he’s not totally boring.

I see hearts!

Juniper Flirts:  You’re like a shiny new car!Screenshot-85
Kyle:  I’m a Libra!

Juniper gives him some flowers!Screenshot-86

And it is, without a doubt, the most fascinating thing he has ever experienced in his entire life.Screenshot-87
Look at that face!  LMAO!

Aww… they’re kind of adorable together.


And oh look, genies are also keen on rocking chairs.Screenshot-90

Okay new blue boyfriend, you’re swell and all…Screenshot-91
But back in the lamp for you!

Where are you going Juniper?  You have french toast in the oven!Screenshot-92

Oh right… this.

Although you’re so hungry I doubt there’s much in there?Screenshot-94
Spoiler:  It was the normal amount.

Oh right! July is still here!Screenshot-95

She made it all the way to blue belt before I kick her out.Screenshot-96

With no LTW to work towards, and a mastery of the cooking skills, I send Juniper to the book store.Screenshot-97
We buy ALL THE RECIPES and I’m going to have her learn them just because.

Ike:  Puts swing on fast.Screenshot-98
Thanks grandpa. 😐

Learning ceviche!
It’s a popular favorite food, so why not.

Tahiya – I’m tired.  Where’s my bed?Screenshot-100
Haven’t seen it.

See those stinky fridge fumes?Screenshot-101
We are working towards NEVER AGAIN.  Juniper has entered the Culinary Career.

Another Nooboo is coming!Screenshot-102
Who’s the father this time?  😀

Sweet little Krypton.
I really do enjoy momma Juniper.

Zale Style Parenting (TM) has evolved.Screenshot-104
I love that she doesn’t need sleep, but we’re also kind of bored.

Juniper rolled a wish to buy the ingredients to make ceviche, so I sent her off to the grocery store.  Then she wanted to make ceviche.
So we did.

Looks pretty decent, actually.Screenshot-106
I really enjoy the food, recipes and cooking in this game.

Tahiya loves her little grand-alien.Screenshot-107
Actually, remember how I said Tahiya and Juniper show no relation?  She doesn’t show any relation with the baby either.  They’re just “acquaintances”, which I think is kind of sad.  Ike DOES show as the baby’s grandfather, so that’s good at least!

Tahiya:  I want to hold the baby again *pout*Screenshot-108
Sorry dear.

Hmm, Fruit Parfait!
Because Juniper has nothing else to do.  She can’t advance in her career because preggo!

It’s time to throw a birthday party!Screenshot-110
I think Juniper will probably go into labor during it, but hey.

Lotta Zales
Ha!  Look!  Jenny is still singed from the last party…

So, this is James.
He looks very different and annoyed.

Oh, apparently it was just his outerwear…Screenshot-112
…I recognize that version of him.  And Hi July!

My heavens Ivanna!  How you’ve changed!Screenshot-113
And nice Juniper.  I know there’s a pizza outside in the rain, but personal space!  And the fetus!

Birthday time!

Iris is here too, btw, and apparently in Ivy’s way, even though she’s clearly behind her.Screenshot-115

Ike and July care, but all other family members or guests were preoccupied.Screenshot-116
Floor baby sparkle time!

Aww, he’s cute!  Even before makeover!Screenshot-117

HOLY CRAP!  LOOK AT HIM!Screenshot-118

Seriously – the cute.

Are you guys seeing the cute!?!?Screenshot-120

GAH!  I love him!

I cannot stop with the spam.Screenshot-122
Well, he’s only a toddler, so who knows what he’ll look like, and I didn’t even peek when I was in CAS.  But as a toddler, he’s freakin’ amazing and I love him to bits.

Juniper made it through the moderately successful party, but not potty training before she goes into labor.Screenshot-123
Sorry Krypton, we’ll be back to finish before too long.

Cue Tahiya’s freak out, even though Juniper is already on the way to the hospital.Screenshot-124
It’s surprisingly hard NOT to take freak out pics, even though we’ve all seen them a million times.

It’s a…
…Basket!  I did say we were bored, weren’t we?

In the basket?  A girl!
…another girl!
Her green skin is very strong!  No giveaways on fatherhood yet!

So, Krypton is rather obviously named after Superman’s home planet.  Since Juniper is an alien, I was thinking of doing some space themed names.  But then I realized that Krypton isn’t so much “space” as sci-fi, so I’m sticking with a sci-fi naming theme.  The girls are:
Kasidy!  Named after Kasidy Yates (human) from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, she becomes Captain Sisko’s love interest in the series, near the end.  I think they even get married.  She isn’t my favorite character from the show, but it’s a great K name.  Kasidy is a clumsy genius.

Then we have Kira Nerys!  Also from DS9, and a far better character.  She’s a Bajoran, who played a key part in the uprising and overthrow of the Cardassian occupation on her home planet of Bajor.  Kira Nerys is a grumpy heavy sleeper.Screenshot-128
❤ Family ❤

Somewhere about this time, Ivy and Irene died.  Leaving only Ike, Iris and Ivanna of the I generation.  😦

Aw, look what little Krypton found?Screenshot-129
Don’t mind the puddle, it’s just potty chair overflow, not a fail or anything.  (Just potty chair overflow?  That’s NASTY)

Oh heavens, what have we here?Screenshot-130

Who’s the father THIS time?Screenshot-131
😀 😀 😀

We certainly aren’t going to be bored for long!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  32 (-160)
Self-Wetting -5:  29 (-145)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  25 (+125)
Twin Births + 10:  8 (+80)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 6 (+280)
Honor Roll +5:  9 (+45)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  9 (+90)
Every $100,000 +20:  5 (+100)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +360

And that’s all for this post!  like I said, Juniper and I got a little carried away.  In this post alone, she travelled, mastered martial arts, completed her LTW, read 50% of the recipes, had three babies.  I’m obviously enjoying her VERY MUCH.  Come see us again soon?  Until next time, Happy Simming!


15 thoughts on “Juniper and I got Carried Away 10.1

    1. Heather Post author

      She’s a riot… except she rolled a “get married” wish when she was pregnant with Krypton. I’ve locked it in, but I’m not sure when/who she’ll marry!

  1. Sammy-Sama

    Omg I love the long chapter!
    I’m also loving Juniper now, little Krypton is sooo sweet-looking! I really am considering having an alien heir in one of my legacies now. They seem super fun now that i watch you play haha.
    I can’t wait to see the girls as toddlers and I’m curious to see if you got some Alien-Genie hybrids. That would be something! Eee so excited for the next chapter!

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m obsessed with Krypton, but I do hope Juniper manages to pop out another boy so we can have some options for heir! I can hardly wait to see Kasidy and Kira Nerys as toddlers! I wouldn’t mind a little deviation with the green skin tone… and I’m super excited for the new birth! I can hardly wait to play!

  2. somebodysangel13

    Yay for Juniper completing her LTW! But yeah, one of the boring/annoying things about aliens is that they don’t sleep. So much time for skilling and learning and working – only vampires are worse with the number of skills they can learn. I had a Bowrain alien who completed her (skill-based) LTW halfway through teenhood.
    But great idea to have her do the culinary career – get the reward, then have her make tons of Perfect Quality food, and the next few generations of Zales can eat amazing meals.

    Krypton is so cute! And I love his name – great timing, having a Zalien in time for the K gen. (there are no more aliens, btw, only Zaliens) But but…Krypton didn’t get his mother’s pointy ears 😦 And hey, his nose isn’t so skinny as Juniper’s, maybe his father did give him something other than hair colour.

    Without mods, you probably won’t get alien-genie hybrids, but maybe green genies? Or blue aliens, either would be cool. Since both parents are supernaturals, I wonder if there’s any chance of breeding a human. I guess Juniper will help us find out!

    1. Heather Post author

      Indeed! Yay for Juniper! I’m glad you understand. At first I was like WEE! NO SLEEPING! And then I was like, hmm, what should we do NOW? I’m pretty excited to complete the culinary career, and use that fancy fancy fridge and then exactly! She’ll cook amazing meals in all her downtime, allowing future generations to eat like kings!

      I know, I love Krypton. And you’re right! He didn’t get pointy ears…and his nose looks to me like it MIGHT be Juniper’s to me… but it also looks like it might NOT be… we’ll just have to see!

      Yeah, I realize I won’t get hybrids, but just seeing what happens should be pretty fun! I’m super excited to see Kasidy and Kira Nerys age up, and they’re just a regular pairing with a human! I’m enjoying playing with Juniper’s genetics!

      Thanks for the nice comment!

  3. autumnrein

    Krypton is so adorable. I was so shocked as the aliens kind of freak me out a bit but he is so frickin adorable! I can’t wait to see what the girls look like when they’re aged up!
    “It’s just potty overflow, nothing major” ahahaha and then your remark at it. Awesome chapter. The length was really good too for all you had in it. Can’t wait for another!

    1. Heather Post author

      Since Ike’s first post, my posts have all been SUPER long, well over 100 pictures. But when I re-read them for typos and such, they don’t seem unbearably long, so I’m glad they’re coming across okay! Thanks for the feedback on the length!

      And potty chair overflow, amirite?

  4. pinkfiend1

    We need genie heir. You totally need a son with the genie! Please. Not some boring sim who just eats with chopsticks. I need to live vicariously and having never played a genie…
    And if the girls are genies I vote for one of them over any non genie kids.
    Great as always Heather.

  5. ozziedoggirl

    Ahhh! Krypton! I need to download him when he’s older so I can take pictures of Krypton Zale and Krypton Mendeleev meeting xD

    I’m glad the Zalien babies are turning out cute so far! And hopefully Juniper will have stuff to keep her occupied since she’s reached her LTW and all. Sometimes my sims complete their LTWs and I’m like… now what. At least she has a job.

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha! Of course! That would be kind of epic. I’ll upload him when he becomes YA just for you! 🙂

      I’ve only seen Krypton, Kasidy and Kira Nerys are still pink burritos, but I’m super excited! I think I’ll play tonight!

      Juniper, once we’ve mastered the culinary track and received that awesome fridge, is going to be cooking cooking cooking! I want mountains of every dish in the fridge so future generations can live on their favorite meals! I think it’ll be fun!

  6. plumbawesim

    Wow that LTW was completed faster than I thought it would be lol.
    Krypton is SO CUTE! And I’m glad to see that you’re giving Juniper different people to have kids with. Gotta see how those alien genes come through 🙂 I can’t wait to see what Kasidy and Kira nerys look like. Probably adorable!
    And don’t worry about the chapter length. I think it’s perfect as is 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      Me too! I had no idea she was about to complete it! I thought we were about 2/3 complete! Krypton is awesome, I can’t wait to play when I get home tonight. Yes, Juniper needed to partner up with a couple different options to see what kind of kids we can get from her. Hopefully we’ll get a couple more boys!!! I also cannot wait to see Kasidy and Kira Nerys! I appreciate the feedback regarding chapter length feedback… they’ve just been so long… But sometimes so much happens, ha ha ha.


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