The Zales Get a New House 10.2.5

Hi There!  This was supposed to be a proper update, but I was having a lot of difficulties, so instead of chapter 10.3, I bring you 10.2.5 – which will begin like normal with a Zale Check!

Tahiya in the rocker.
I really do like her little old lady look.

Ike and Kahless were spotted here,
Ike has queued up “Put Kahless to bed” which is pretty adorable.  Not that he’s sleepy…

Juniper and Krypton are talking about a star that Juniper discovered.
The action said “Talk about star China” and I was SUPER confused for a moment, but then I remembered that I had named a star that Juniper discovered “China”.  A ha!

Kira Nerys is reading with the black voids that are her eyes.
But I still think she’s adorable.

Kasidy is expressing some confusion regarding the laptop.
But I like her a lot too.

And lastly Keiko is teaching herself to talk.

And…then my game crashed.  I think I’d been un-paused from the Zale check for less than five seconds.  Then their save file wouldn’t load.  After many delays, I managed to get into the game – if things don’t improve quickly, we’ll move.

Keiko terrifies me.

Finally remembered to fix that broken tub!
Note about Juniper:  You know how I really want her to top the culinary career?  Well she hasn’t even been to work yet.  Between pregnancies, births and her schedule, she’s NEVER BEEN.  I’m afraid we won’t be able to make it until the next TH takes over!

Ike gives a lovely evening concerto for the nice paparazzi.
And…then we crashed again.  Their file took 6 minutes to reopen – we’re moving.

I gathered up the things I wanted, went and got the graves, and it’s farewell house!
I’ll miss you.

Oh wait, before we go, we have some things to leave behind.

And with that, the Zales of Lucky Palms become the Zales of Isla Paradiso.
Zales of Isla Pardiso

And we bought a plot.

And oh look!  I brought the house!
I figured it would look pretty in Isla Paradiso too.  And I believe it does!

What the hell?!?  We left those behind?
Stupid things.

The new lot is bigger than the one we had in Lucky Palms, so the koi pond gets bigger.  HI KOI!
I love them.

I decide to actually use the Isla Paradiso graveyard to lay the Zales to rest.
And actually drop off these creepy things.

Wow, Kasidy!  Thanks!
I don’t remember her traits, but I was pretty surprised a CHILD would volunteer to clean up toddler potty.

I also finally remember to get the gnome tattoo!
Juniper is hereby marked with the Gnome of the Wrist.

Apparently new tattoos make aliens sneeze.
Bless you, Juniper!

She’s also hungry, and this place has vittles!
Pretty town!  I love how beachy it is.

Nice place for a snack!
Lovely view!

I’ve just been having Juniper do whatever I need her to, and ignoring the rest of the family.
They seem fine… 😐

About now, my game started lagging really badly.  So I moved the Zales again.  To Twinbrook.  I demolished a home and evicted a family (sorry) to purchase this nice big lot and CRAP.  I left the graves in Isla Paradiso.  Grr… So I go back to get them and…
…Giles, Angelica, Bettina, Duchess and Eddie are haunting so I can’t grab their graves.

So Juniper fishes while waiting for daybreak.
She doesn’t catch anything because she’s not experienced enough.  Oh well.

Hi Giles!
Get back in your grave.

Okay you two – it’s day time now… off you go.

Alright Eddie, you’re the last one.


Okay, let’s try this again.  Here we are in Twinbrook.Screenshot-30
It’s so GREEN!  I return the seasons to a regular length four season rotation, since we’re not in a tropical or desert environment.  I’m gonna get sick of snow!

There we go, laid to rest in the Twinbrook Cemetery.
I’m just starting down that right hand side.  It only has Helen and Ramon (and Imogene 😦  ) for now, but I’ll put Ike and Tahiya over there.

Juniper arrived back to the plot to this:
And for some reason it made me laugh.  All those IF’s!  And of course Ike’s magic portable piano.  And oh yeah, Juniper takes a limo everywhere now. 

And then I built a house.
And I love it!  Yay!  It fits in with the area, and I’m quite fond of it!

It has a basement, but that’s just a dark square right now, here’s the main floor.
Top left will be kitchen/bar, then you see the large main living area, behind the walled off chimney is going to be a study, the two small rooms off the main area are going to be bathrooms, then there’s the garage and “The Hall of Bedrooms”  There’s a hallway with a bathroom on one end, the garage on the other, then five bedrooms – one for each child.

Then upstairs we have this:
Large open area which I will break up into some sort of master suite with the fireplace there in the lower left corner, then there’s a larger room which I will use to house the elder couple.  In this case Ike and Tahiya.  Off that are two smaller rooms… One will be a bathroom, not sure about the other… I want a nursery/playroom up here somewhere, but that room is too small as is.  I was thinking laundry, but I’ll put that in the basement…anyway, I’m talking to myself.

Anyhoo, building takes forever and leaves me rather drained, AND I was just getting started on buying a few things to make the house livable – and I discovered that the koi didn’t make this move, even though I’m 100% certain I packed them up.  The gnomes are lost too (although I have deceased Eve, which I packed at the same time) and the Chinese martial arts items, incense and other pieces I KNOW I packed are nowhere to be seen – and yet other things DID… a bookcase I grabbed, Celine’s kitty painting, Tahiya’s crying bride and a couple others, a couple skill certificates and festival portraits… So I’m assuming something went wrong.  If ALL the things weren’t there, I’d figure I made a mistake, but with some there, some not, sounds like we had a hiccup while moving.  So that bummed me out, and I decided to take a break.  Just like with the last house, I’ll gradually add more color and character, and I know it’ll come together nicely.  I sure hope this town plays better than the last one – or all that building will have been in vain!  I’ll get a proper update up soon.  Maybe even tomorrow with the holiday.  Until then, Happy Simming!

Oh yeah, and I discovered we had a little more money than I thought, so score update!:
Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  32 (-160)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  27 (+135)
Twin Births + 10:  8 (+80)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 7 (+280)
Honor Roll +5:  9 (+45)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  9 (+90)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +380


7 thoughts on “The Zales Get a New House 10.2.5

  1. plumbawesim

    The new house looks great!
    Isla Paradiso is known for its lag unfortunately :/
    But Twinbrook is a great place to settle down so yay! I’m sure the Zales will love it.

  2. somebodysangel13

    I can’t play in Isla Paradiso either – even with a single sim, it lags so badly. Which sucks, because I would have liked to play with the scuba diving features a bit more. But yay for Twinbrook – you’ll definitely get some “interesting” genetics for future generations there!

    And the house looks very cute; I never think about building bedrooms downstairs, but it’s a good idea, not so far to go to get to bed, especially in an ISBI.

    1. Heather Post author

      I played successfully in IP once, even on my old computer… but then there was a glitch that involved the inability to put a toddler down anywhere but outside… then the Zales were unable to play.

  3. autumnrein

    The house looks so awesome! Those stupid IF dolls. I cheat. I turn on testingcheatsenabled true hold down shift and delete the little buggers. Thankfully they haven’t tried to make a comeback. I don’t think I’ve ever used them or turned them real. Fingers crossed for you that everyone works out alright in Twinbrook. I was going to try IP for the next town so we’ll see if it screws up on me too.

    1. Heather Post author

      I really like the house, I’ve got it 85% decorated and I’ve got about half a post ready! Let me know how IP goes for you!


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