Diving Deep 15.0

Welcome to Generation 15 of the Zale Family ISBI Alphabetcy!  Oscar won the heir poll and is taking over!

As always, good to begin with a Zale check, so we all know who lives in the house!

Rajan is walking inside.
Hi dude.

Natalie is demonstrating my pixelated shadow issue.
Look at the wall and ground.  I’ve been trying to resolve this all over the AMD & Sims Forums.  I never get it worked out.

New TH Oscar is looking thrilled about his new lot in life.
Whatever, buddy.

Outdoor hating Owen is outdoors and looking grumpy.
He’s also off at some school friend’s house.  Looks like fun.  😐

Lastly baby Ferdinand is getting his scratch on.
Good kitty.

Oscar’s first action as TH is to praise the kitty for not destroying the house.
Gotta make sure the kitty is a functional member of this chaos.

Still fighting with blocky shadows…
Oscar looks good, but look at that wall!?!?  UGH!

Nice to see you not looking so grumpy for once.
You’re actually kind of adorable.

Aww, Nat and Rajan play catch.
They both have REALLY high athletic skill, but still manage to pelt each other in the face all the time.
Oscar: Tasty marshmallows.
Natalie:  Ouch.

Hey Oscar?
You need to go find a spouse and make babies.

Dude, this kitten – amirite?
He’s SOOO Cute!

I officially miss you, Natalie, you’ve been so fun!
And you look very beautiful!

Where the hell did you get that thing?
I don’t recall you having one of those?

Oscar wakes up to his first full day in my control…
Enjoys a quick shower…
And then I discovered it’s Snowflake Day!
Due to the incredibly short winter season here in Isla Paradiso, we’re off to the festival!

Out of the very thoughtful bunch, only Oscar & Owen dress accordingly.
Mom & Dad sport their sleepwear.

Natalie seemed to have fallen out of the boat.
I clicked on her, and she had the “Swimming” icon with “Accuse of cheating” queued up.  Um okay…

The boys continue without her.
Onward!  To the festival!

Alright Oscar, let’s look for pretty girls.

Then I realized I couldn’t find Rajan either…
Looks like he fell out of the boat too.  Very few actions in this game are as powerful as “accuse of cheating”.  Natalie was unsuccessful, however.

Back at the festival, Oscar is having  a blast on the half pipe.
In 75 degree weather.  Looks fun!

A little clam chowder from the food vendor.

Then a quick skate on the “frozen” rink with Tamera Han.
She’s a little young, but nothing a cake can’t fix.

Certainly has a unique face.

Whoa, speaking of faces…
The Blue Fawn Han (ha) makes another appearance.  I really like her face!  She’s carrying her son, so clearly in a relationship, but we’ll see!

After getting his face painted, I have Oscar go introduce himself to Fawn.
How damned cute is he?  So cute.

While Oscar chats with Fawn, Honey Hamada dies.
It’s actually a good thing.  She wailed through the entire festival, heartbroken about a deceased lover.  May they be reunited as ghosts.

With that, the brothers head home.
All in all, a rather uneventful and lag-filled visit that was difficult to play.

Upon return to the Zale House, I discover how unbelievably cute Oscar is.
Seriously.  Look at that adorable, insane, painted face.

And now, the game is nearly impossible to play.  Never ending lag and freezes.  I reload and…

I tweak some settings, repair the game in Origin, and the file is still REALLY difficult to play.  So I quit.

Okay – a little more work on the game and settings, and a couple days later, and we’re back in business – at least a little bit.

A quick game of Sim Gnubb (or whatever it’s called) to fulfill a wish for Oscar…
…And then we’re off to the hospital.

Hospital you say?  Our dear Oscar is suffering from terrible hay fever.
He’s off for an allergy shot!

GAH!  Look at this fancy fashion nightmare!
He disturbs me.

So I fix him.
Slightly better.  Still fancy.  Another fun Fawn Han sighting.

After his shot, and since we’re here on the big island, it’s tattoo time!
Gnome o’ the Wrist footsies!

Now we gotta do some diving and work on that LTW!
It starts to rain as soon as Oscar arrives at the already occupied dive spot.  It’s Michael Han, I assume he’s watching us due to our slight affinity towards his wife, Fawn.

Another potential spouse, Sunshine Ichtaca is also out for a dive.
She’s a real cutie!  The two of them met in school as kids.

I discover at this point, that Oscar has just over 20,000 happiness points, so I purchase Oscar his first two bonus traits, observant (a favorite of mine) and iron lungs.  Oscar can now dive without time restraints.

Uh oh – Shark sighting.
The Zale estate is off in the distance.

Oscar spent the whole day in the ocean, is now scuba level 2, and can do some diving.
He also found some things towards his LTW – a smoky quartz and a ruby.

And look!
Another Zale cousin!  YAY Olive!

Oscar sends his gems off for cutting.
I’m looking forward to their return.  I haven’t done much, in all my Sim Years, with stones or collecting.

I buy a way to display them in the home.
It’s gigantic, and if two stones take up that much space, man… this’ll be a challenge.

Last pics of Ferdinand as a baby.  It’s his cat birthday!

Owen is still around.  He had a crappy prom, just ate rotting food…
…and is stinking up the place at a superb level.

A quick up for Oscar’s social need, and then it’s time to hit the seas again.
Father and son chat about their days.  Oscar is freakin’ adorable.

Nice face, rain boy.
What’s wrong?

Excellent!  Let our adventures begin!
Dive time!  Woohoo!

Happy collecting.
We need $40,000 bucks worth of sea loot.

Oscar sees another diver and goes over to say “hi”, but SHARK!
Scary danger!

And then they both peed themselves.
Okay then.  I mean, I’m not judging… not sure what I would’ve done…

Oscar finds a cave, but upon our attempted entrance, he just pops right up on the nearest beach.
I googled it, it’s a known issue, and I’m sure it has a known fix… I haven’t worked on it much.

After hours undersea, and 2 more scuba skill points, Oscar returns home to a very adorable, full grown Ferdy.
He’s nearly as cute now, as he was a baby.  I adore him.

Speaking of cute, Oscar?  You’re way cute.  Obviously not so bright…
Because you clearly cannot eat through your mask, but that’s okay.  I ❤ you anyway.

A little pet care…

A shiny new collar…

And holy crap – what are they doing with that pitch fork?morbid-pitchfork
Defending against the Zombie apocalypse?  Why is it all bloody?

Zombies on the brain, and game glitches and snags, I decide to move all the tombstones off the lot, and over to the cemetery.
Very impressive!  That’s a lot of dead Zales.

Before Oscar can even return home, Helen emerges from the grave.
I take it as a sign the fallen Zales will be happy here.

A good omen, for a good ending.

So I promised I’d get back to these Zales, and for once, I’ve kept my word.  The file is a laggy and complicated mess, but I do want to complete the LTW for Oscar here on Isla Paradiso.  We’ll have to see what the future holds for the game file.

Spouse options are the blue Fawn Han, school friend Sunshine Ichtaca, or I’m hoping Oscar finds a mermaid in his explorations.  So let’s see!  Until next time, Happy Simming!



Golden Plumbobs 2017!

Well hi there!  Despite my long absence, spotty updating, and general neglect of everyone’s favorite family of idiots and alphabets, The Zales have been nominated for a couple Golden Plumbobs this year!

I’m touched, especially since I’ve done so little with them as of late.

We were nominated for Funniest Overall Sims 3 Story & Best Sims 3 Challenge!

If anyone is interested in voting for The Zales in either, or both, of those lovely categories, I would be very pleased indeed.

You can vote for Best Challenge HERE
You can vote for Funniest HERE

And – due to these new nominations, I hereby promise to work on those Zales.

A little Throwback Photo from Flora’s rule.  ❤

A Time to Choose 14.8

Welcome back!  It’s the post we’ve all been waiting for!  Okay, not really, but this post is important.  It’s SimNaWriMo, and this post will have an heir poll.  Since the whole point of SimNaWriMo is to get motivated and writing, and heir polls are forced breaks, I thought it was important to get this up as soon as possible.

Voting will only last between 5-7 days.

I will have a poll up here on this site, and over on boolprop.  Feel free to vote both places, if you wish.

So let’s get started!  Zale Check!

Rajan and Mindy are being cute/gross.

Oscar is about to wet himself, pass out, or both.
Don’t let his adorable expression fool you.

Owen successfully found a place to sleep.
And is dreaming of his dad.  Aw.

And little kitten “Big Ears” is also getting his adorable snooze on.
I can’t wait to see him as a cat.

Sorry about the bad crop 😦  It’s Gustave, Mindy, ABRAHAM!, Flora & that hooker Traci.

Eric also appeared while I was down there.
Hi buddy.

Rajan has happily usurped Mango’s previous role of OMOH (Old Man of House).
And why that chair is glowing, I have no idea.

So hey guys?  When heir poll comes?
I like this one.  Just sayin’.

This one wants a horse, and there’s no room in Isla Paradiso for horses.
screenshot-9And the last male heir was a green Sim with gold eyes… but vote however you want!  🙂

Everyone loves the kitten.
Myself included!  Ferdy ❤

These crack me up…
One year of marriage?  But they have adult kids!  Silly SimTime is Silly.

Olive is getting married!

It’s Spooky Day!  Natalie is hosting a Feast Party!

It’s early in the day, however, and Natalie has rolled another doable midlife crisis wish.
So we’re off!

She wants a tattoo… she already has the gnome… what should we get her?  Something lifeguard-y?
Or something beach or ocean related?

I opt for an octopus on her shoulder, which means the artist is actually tattooing in the correct spot!
First time for everything!

Another harmless flirt with the tattoo artist and…
…welcome to midlife Nat, you really look great. 🙂

We buy another table for the upcoming feast!
I haven’t held one of these in a LONG time.  Should be fun!

Nothing like a little ballet in blue jeans for our Mr. Insane.
His cute little face. ❤

Uh Natalie?  Something you need to tell me?
Natalie: I tried to fix the trash compactor.  I was not successful.  Shut up.
Well hurry up and shower, guests are arriving soon.

Olive and some rather interesting guests have arrived!
Sideways hat and wallet chain guy looks super stupid, but he brought dim sum (so cultured!) and played the piano the entire time!  The Zales sure don’t play it.

Party in full swing!  Owen breaks a bottle…

…Tunes are playing…

…And Natalie is making a pumpkin pie!
How cute!

We even get some trick or treaters!

Owen took care of it all by himself.
Too cute.

Hey look!  Nate’s rather pregnant wife Rosemarie gets her boogie on!
Her little face and shimmy.  This post is adorable.

A rather chubby cheerleader heart-farts Oscar than takes candy from him.

As soon as she turns her back, Oscar makes some rather rude gestures.
*woof woof*  Not nice, Oscar.

Olive is literally “getting down”.
Too funny!  I don’t recognize long straight-hair woman.  Cute though!

This picture.  Oh Sims, how I love thee.
Everyone LOVED the party, but I missed the pop-up about how awesome it was.

Nate and Rose had their daughter Megan!

Short-lived happiness…
Just like his brother, Noah – as soon as the baby was born, trouble in paradise.

After the party, its back to work!  Natalie can now do the “heroic lifeguard run” which is a total spoof off Bay Watch and the slow motion footage.
You can’t tell in the still image, but it’s super funny!  I even put Natalie in a Bay Watch-esque style swimsuit.  Love it.

Nate goes down!

Uh, hey there Tiger… good party last night?
Ha ha ha ha ha!

We save Nate, and he proceeds to grumble and scowl at Natalie.
Fine.  We’ll let you die next time.

It had been too long since we saw Ferdinand.
OMG the cute.  He was rolling around on the rug.  It was adorable.

Wasting time and granting wishes until the boys get home from school.

What happens after school you say?  Birthday!

Owen’s off doing homework somewhere, and Natalie can’t get through the maid, but Dad cares!

Oscar has born salesman locked in.  He added to brave, insane, excitable and love the heat.

Owen is still a teen, so no LTW yet, and he’s missing a trait, but so far he is equestrian, friendly, hates the outdoors and a slob.

It’s voting time!

Thanks for reading!  See you in a week!

One Goodbye, One Hello 14.7

Welcome back!  SimNaWriMo Zale Update Number 2!

Stuff happens, let’s get started!

These two are on an outing?
I don’t recall starting an outing, but I also don’t recall Sims ever starting one on their own?  Oh well, enjoy yourselves!  Father and daughter look NOTHING alike, just sayin’.

Getting her skillz on.
I love Natalie.

Sheesh!  Nice outfit there, Mango.
Good heavens.

There, all better ya old coot.
I like how you wear glasses and carry glasses in your pocket.

Hey, Nat got promoted again!
I do believe this is the top of the career.  Good for her!

Poor Nate and his wife are having troubles. 😦
Maybe he preferred her ancient?  Or was counting on her dying soon?  Not cool, Nate.  Not cool.

It’s rainy and cold at the beach this fall day.
I don’t expect a lot of drowning.

So she builds a sandcastle.

And tries to keep warm.

So hey!   Look!
A Sim DID drown at the beach on the cold rainy day, but you guys have seen enough of that, so I didn’t both capturing it, but look!  Even though her rescue counter reset a bunch of times, looks like the game was still keeping track somewhere.  Cool beans!

I’ve never seen this before.  Not sure what to do with it, but there ya go!  An Island!

Nice day on the beach…

Ophelia went home from school with this fashion nightmare.

She’s actually quite lovely, so I came to the rescue.
There.  All better.

Natalie’s twin sister Nova is an adult, and has been for ages, and Natalie still has 17 days to mature adulthood.  That’s crazy wrong.  Natalie’s own twins are about to age into adulthood.  Anyhoo, Mango spurred this hug, and it reminded me that he’s going to die any minute.
I’ll miss having the plant man around.

Hey, look who’s home!
Owen the sleepy head!  We have a BIG day coming!

Noah’s here!

Nate and his wife too!
Who just rejected flowers from him 😦

How cute, they brought food.
And big head in the foreground is Gavin Wolf, Ophelia’s RI from prom.

Spiky blonde here is Olive’s prom date.

I use up their once per life stage actions to spur a couple heat of the moment kisses.
Ophelia went first!

And it’s a success!
LOL that mouth.  Gross.

Olive takes a turn and is also well-received.
Let’s see if Story Progression keeps them together out in the world.

I take the first 4 cakes of this massive birthday event and age up Olive, Ophelia and their boyfriends.
Olive goes first amidst all the hooting and hollering.

She rolls hopeless romantic to join performer, loves the heat, genius and couch potato.
She’s a very unique Sim, and I’m quite fond of her.  She gets the perfect student LTW.

Ophelia’s guy Gavin goes next.
The floor waffles really tie this picture together.

In CAS I learn he’s absent minded, ambitious, athletic (could’ve fooled me), good & handy.
HA HA HA, omg, look at him.  His LTW is international super spy, which is definitely not the look he’s going for here… more like being swallowed by his pants guy.

There, all better for Gavin.
Kinda cute even.

Tomas, Olive’s fella is the next to steal Zale cake in that idiotic tux tshirt.

He’s charismatic, dare devil, family oriented, perfectionist and a slob.  His LTW is private eye.  He’s also a face one, so I get out my sculpting knife and randomly drag sliders around until tada!  A sloppy PI is born.
Good enough.

Ophelia takes a turn.  She rolls natural performer, adding it to grumpy, disciplined, evil & sailor.  She’s not what I was hoping for when I blended Rajan & Natalie, but she’s definitely not boring!
BTW, I made her LTW gold digger, just for fun.

And like most Sims, looks better in-game.
Although not much.  Ha ha ha.

I force Natalie’s aging, and she goes next.
She gets a little bit of a makeover, cover’s the midriff and losses the high heels.  Lovely as always.

Last but not least, and if my game crashes now, I’ll quit forever, Olive breaks her newly adult-style leg while rooting for blinking Owen to make a wish.

Teenager Owen rolls equestrian to join friendly, hates the outdoors, and slob.  Good luck riding those indoor horses, there, buddy.
He has a similar perma-worried look, like his brother, although it’s not quite as endearing on Owen, in my humble opinion.

Although his sweet family is there to root for him.

Hey what do I spy here?  Bottom right?

That cake is hiding another Zale cousin!
Karlie and Noah are expecting!  YAY!

While watching all the guests, the doorbell rang!
This dude had an “adopt a pet from neighbor” option, and I was going to do JUST that…

…but then… Mango?  You’re looking a little floaty…
You okay there good buddy?

Mango reaches out… my drink!
Sorry, hon.  Not today.

And then, with so much cake… cake on the floor, cake on the table, cake in the hands of the idiots…
Mango exits this world.  Goodbye, plant man.

Noah:  Daddy!  *sob sob sob* Great party!

Natalie and Owen:  Who’s gonna feed us!?!? *Wail wail wail*
Mr. “I smell young adults” university llama: Did I come at a bad time?

Olive and Ophelia get the boot, and the house is down to four.
Hard to believe!

Nova had her baby!  A boy named Amos.
Lookie there!  He’s red!  Like his uncles Nate & Noah and grandma Mindy.
Also looks like Bobbie went all “mature adult” on us, and aged out of his perfectly fine makeover I made him.  Fine.  Look all bald and stupid.

Olive starts to date, and not her RI either.
Fine, he’s not ancient, so go for it.

And she got a kitten!
OMG, how cute!

This reminded me that I was about to adopt a pet from Mr. Mohawk, but then Mango went and died.  So it’s time to make an official adoption attempt.


I could NOT say no to those ears!  Ferdinand joins the family!  Hello KITTEN!

Um, someone needs to clean up down here.
Seriously…  Who just puts cake on the floor?  WHO DOES THAT?

Anyhoo, Rajan is the first to pick up Ferdinand.

Aww, beebee…

I am ded.
Holy crap.

New kitten aside, Natalie is having a midlife crisis.  She has rolled a couple doable wishes… flirt with someone else, and get a make over.  I can handle both those things.  Off to the salon!
Mr. Fabulous here gives her a terrible look.

Yeah, Nat, not to my taste either.

A quick outfit change and friendly flirt later, and we’re two wishes completed.

It’s the brief chilly season here on the islands, and Natalie dons her outerwear for like, the first time ever.

Hey, Karlie had her baby!

I’m ded again.
This kitten is too cute for words.

It’s always nice when your idiots chat together.
These two socialized nicely before work/school.

Poor Natalie enjoys another cold, wet day in the lifeguard business.

Cold, wet and desolate.
screenshot-12And a little bit sharky.

I was just about to save and quit, when I spotted this pop-up.
You two stop that right now.  You just had a new baby!

And on that note, that’s all for this update!  Continue to stick around, there’s even more where this came from.  And an HEIR POLL!  So come back soon, mm’kay?

Happy Simming!

Catching Up with the Spares 14.6

Hey!  It’s SimNaWriMo!  These posts will be a little shorter than usual… cuz if I get enough of them, I get a shiny medal!  And like a dear friend of mine, I too am a dirty, dirty cheater.  But I think you’ll still have a little fun, so let’s get started!

Zale Check!
Mango is eating cake!  Shocking!

Rajan just finished eating cake.

Natalie is using the facilities.
Sorry for the privacy invasion, Nat.  Nothing personal, just the way the Zale-Check cookie crumbles.

Olive also has just finished some cake.
Zale Check.  Much cakey.

Ophelia is waiting for the bathroom.
Because there aren’t like, six others in this house.

Oscar is heading inside to “view” the laundry rack.
Okay then, Oscar.  You be you, honey.

Lastly little Owen is pouting about having eaten his cake.
I know those lights are so bright, but if I turn them down my pictures suck…  I try not to capture them too often.

As soon as the game is unpaused, Natalie got promoted!
Well, good for her!

Mr. Hate the Outdoors was caught lounging a la camouflage style on the patio.
Must still be leisure day… and he looks SOOO BORED.

Mango interrupted Oscar’s trip to view the laundry rack.
I’m a little disappointed, I kinda wanted to capture that.

Just as leisure day comes to a close, I have Natalie take a dip right off their property.
They really do have the coolest house.

I head the dreaded chime o’ the fail, and clicked down the portrait panel until I spotted this:
For shame, Olive, for SHAME!

And right in front of your dad too.
I laughed out loud at Rajan’s face and thought bubble.  I mean, what else would you do when watching your teenage daughter wet herself in a house full of bathrooms.

One last look over his shoulder, and Owen is off to boarding school!
I had almost forgotten!  See ya kiddo!

The married couple enjoy a meal together.
As Nat waves goodbye to her son over the fumes of dirty dishes…

Natalie is the one who rolled the wish to send Owen away, and then when he actually leaves…
…she cried about it.  Well, whatever, Natalie.

Dudes – so we all got game updates, right?  Well, I updated my game, they totally patched the “dive into water” vs. slowly wading to the rescue.  It was like, the stupidest part of the lifeguard career – a Sim would be drowning, and your lifeguard would RUN to the water… pause… then do that stupid slow-ass wade into the water…then pause…then start swimming to the rescue.  It was REALLY silly… but…
Natalie DOVE in to save that Sim… here I’ll try to capture it…

It’s great!  Really!  And funny thing is, when I had her go swimming a few shots ago on leisure day, I *thought* I saw her dive in… and I was like, did that just happen?  And it DID!  This is super cool, you guys… really.

Moving on…

People at the beach that day were all very hungry.
So Natalie breaks her wrist to feed the masses.

It was well-received.
How nice.

For the first time, I actually saw a Sim collapse on the beach, not just noticed their needing to be rescued symbol.
Bald Baby:  Daddy?

Back at home, Ophelia had a guest… and he appears to have eyes for her!
With those two mouths, they’d make weird kids.  And he seems to REALLY enjoy watching her choke on that hotdog.  Hmm, there buddy.  Hmm indeed.

How cute is Oscar doing his homework at the bar?
Like, so cute.

Hey – Rajan got offered a new job!
He’s been a very good and hard-working idiot Sim.  We go ahead and change jobs.

Nat Calls Owen at boarding school.
He’s doing just fine and having a nice time.

I then decided I needed to go find the spares.

Nova, pregnant with her second child, her husband Bobbie and their daughter Hilary live here.
Sorry guys, that great little rec room you’ve got on the right?  I’m converting it into a nursery.

There we go, far more family friendly.

They also didn’t have a TV, and what fun is that?

Or a decent place to have a meal…
I had to put a picnic table down though, as inside their wasn’t a lot of space for dining.  It’s a cool houseboat, but not great for a family.  A couple makeovers and we’ll be all done with this place.

Cute little Hilary:

She give her seal of approval to the new renovation.

Bobbie gets himself a pretty solid “dad” makeover.
screenshot-30His traits are pretty basic – Charismatic, childish, handy, good & loner.

Nova is preggo so I can’t change her clothes, but they’re the ones I picked for her YA birthday, so they shouldn’t be too terrible.  I do manage to get rid of the awful hair she matured into and put her back in the hair we’re used to seeing her in.
Such a pretty Sim.

Ha, I was out taking care of the spares, and SP hooked Mango up with Persephone.  I thought I captures a screenshot of it, but I guess not… well, Per, you’re just in for some heartache, as Mango could die any minute.

I found Noah and his household.
He was off to the salon.  He’s 4 days to mature adulthood.

I located his wife Karlie, and age her down from elder to adult.
I think she looks a little like Lisa Kudrow, so I give her a “Phoebe” style look.  Maybe they’ll have a kid or two, now that she’s of childbearing age again.

Moderately entertaining, Karlie’s life is pretty dramatic.
Karlie and her ex-husband Teodor have 3 daughters and a grandson.  Teodor had an affair while married and is actually Palmira’s father!

Teodor also has a toddler child with current girlfriend Nia.  Busy guy.

Of course, now that I’ve aged her down, it could only get more interesting.
This is their super cute little houseboat, and their cute little dog Gabby.  Karlie’s two eldest daughters lived with them, so I kicked them out, but kept the pup.

How cute!
The regular Zales need a pet.

I add a little space for a little one, should the need arise.
And a place for Gabby to sleep.

Noah’s little life is all set.

Off to find Nate!  But hey, fun story, I can’t find Nate ANYWHERE.  And Natalie’s rescues have reset for the second time.  She was back up to 17, and now she’s at zero again.  Good thing I quit keeping score ages ago, since she’ll never complete this.

Natalie:  Don’t blame me, I’m just over here working on my ballet skill.
I don’t blame you, Natalie.  You just aren’t likely to get a fancy golden urn.

The next RL day, I opened up the game to try to find Nate again, and I FINALLY located him.  The family name on the lot was “Greenwood” which isn’t even his wife’s maiden name.  I update that to Zale real quick and scope out Nate’s wife Rosemarie’s life.
She too is an elder, with grown kids and a few grand-kids.

Whoa, she’s 104 days old.  See all those boats in her queue?
They’re all “vomit”.  She REALLY wants to throw up.  I have to reset her to get her unstuck.

I ger her home and age her down to adult.
Look how cute she is!  Aside from being ancient, Nate made a good choice.

They also have two dogs.  Mochi Zale:
Look at the fluffers!  (His eyes look creepy human though…)

And Dexter Greenwood… aha, there’s that name.
Cute little Dexter’s lifebar is full.  Bummer.  (And I’m working on that outdoor shadow issue… I’ve done a few things, hopefully it’ll be better…)

Nate and Rose have a TON of money, but life in this little hut.

It’s actually pretty cool…
But there’s no room for a family.  I add some stuff so they can take care of the dogs.  Maybe if they have kids it’ll spur an SP move all on their own.

And that’s it for this little post!  We’ve caught up with the spares and made sure everyone is squared away.

There’s more to come (and soon too!)  So don’t go far!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

Those Cute Faces 14.5

Hey there!  Welcome back to the Zale Family ISBI Alphabetcy!  Let’s see what those little pixelated buggers got up to this time?  Side Note:  This blog post had the working title “Sims Can’t Swim.”

Mango is nursing his broken heart with birthday cake.
We all miss Mindy…  Sort of.

Newly elderfied Rajan is enjoying his cake with a bevy of beauties.

Natalie – Gnome o’ da Wrist…
Mouth full o’ Cake…

Olive is feeling bad about her recently deceased grandma.
I *really* like Olive.  A high ranking spare in a sea of Zales.  And I’m not usually super into berry Sims… she’s top notch.

Ophelia is enjoying some cake with her more figure conscious neighbor Palmira.
I guess I’d be more figure conscious too if I sat around in what looks like a preteen girl’s bra and panties.

Oscar is not home, and is out gallivanting around the islands…
Safe childhood behaviors…

Lastly little Owen is asleep in his swing.
Wait… That’s not little Owen in his swing… Screen shot fail.

Noah and Nate are still here, mourning their mother… or her house…

All the wailing was too much for Natalie and myself, so we took off.
Let’s go play.

I decide to do a little snorkeling and scuba diving just for fun.
The next heir, assuming we can stay on these islands, will complete one of the diving LTWs.

We go under for just a few.

Except she got attacked by a shark!
screenshot-11 screenshot-12

That did not go well.
We should DEFINITELY save that for the next TH…

Natalie returns from her snorkeling and brush with shark death disaster to the same wailing she was trying to leave behind.
And a broken foot.

Nate is STILL here at the “party where his mom died” and grabbed some “horrifying” waffles from the fridge.
Nice trucks there buddy.  The belt really ties it together.

Off to save lives!  42 to go (note!  8 completed!!!)

I find a cute new beach to wander until people show up.
Hopefully a bunch of people almost die today.  😐

Palmira, previous drowning victim, in her evening wear (aka wedding dress) show up.

Posed for duty!
Natalie is ready to save the day!

A victim!

As expected, Palmira, now in her outerwear, has also succumbed to the ocean’s depths.

Unfortunately, Palmira couldn’t wait… and straight up drowned a little.
So dramatic.  Oh, I don’t know, saving the other people? WTFever.

While playing Jesus (walking on water) and arguing with Palmira, someone else is in danger.
A few more Sims rescued.

Near the end of her day, I let her soak up the sun’s last few rays before it sets.
She unlocked her fancy lifeguard beach towel.  Spiffy!

Back at home, the girls have started drinking their feelings.
Poor things.

Natalie and her father try to defuse the situation.
Not sure if it went well or not…

Meanwhile, lookie here!
Nova had a baby girl named Hilary!  Zale cousin!  YAY!

The key to ghostly happiness – rocking chairs.
LtoR Leif, Liz, Cyrus, Kyle & Shelley.

Natalie – Hey baby, you stink.  Wanna shower *wink wink*

He declined, but reflection FTW!
Nice vapor old man.

Natalie makes waffles for her dad, husband and four children to get the day started right.
I really enjoy Natalie.  I will miss her.

Before the family shows up for breakfast, I add Mindy’s urn to the basement.
RIP, Mindy.  You’re in good company down there.

Thank you “call to meal” action.
I ❤ you.

10 more hours of this.
screenshot-33 screenshot-34
UGH!  I should have used the moodlet manager.  And ha!  I just noticed Oscar is all “I’m hungry” not “grandma!!!”.

Look at this face.

And then there’s this face…
I appreciate that it is not a boring face.  And Natalie, what kind of example are you setting?  It’s 7am!

I know Mango, dear. I know.
You loved her a lot.  It’s almost over.  And then it’ll be like she never happened!  HA!

Natalie finally gets CALLED away to work.  Like the job actually happened and I didn’t have to use nraas to spawn it.

I hope lots of people almost drown.
Looking good there, Nat.

So this girl?  She never even got in the water.

But Natalie saves you whether you choked on sand or actually went swimming.
Love her gnome of the wrist in this shot!

So Natalie had to give her CPR, then run off to save someone else, and the ungrateful swine is BOOING her.
Well, whatever, sand eater.  Next time we’ll save you for last.

Don’t worry Natalie, you just keep saving.
And is that women about to go into the ocean in all those clothes?!?

Lifeguarding Interlude:
screenshot-44 screenshot-45 screenshot-46 screenshot-47 screenshot-48
I will stop documenting every rescue.  But I’d say were near 15 right now.

I snapped this shot because I thought the colors were very interesting.
I gave the aqua-toned woman a makeover because I liked her skin so much.

Back at the house, these two old men need to calm down.
I’m sure you guys are all well aware, but I haven’t seen a lot of “training” and it’s VERY NOISY.  Lots of shouting and sweating.

Natalie’s stupid rescue counter reset… (I think when I gave aqua-woman a makeover) so here she is the following day rescuing Noah.
Gotta help out the family!  And now it’s 1/50… but she had at least 15 done before, so when/if she makes it to 35, I’ll cheat her complete.

The girls had their prom, and Ophelia hooked up with one Gavin Wolf.

Olive also gained an RI.  His name is Tomas Villarreal.
Full relationship bar!  They had a good night.

Let’s see if they can make it home without be arrested.

So far so good!  This is Ophelia’s prom dress.
If you recall (it’s okay, I didn’t) she has the sailor trait, so this is the look I went with.

Here’s Olive’s look.
She has natural born performer, so I got a bit of a rock star vibe from her.  (she’s also clearly my favorite of the two.)

Oops, Natalie and I were off saving lives and the camera panned home to a classic birthday derp!

Owen rolls hate the outdoors to friendly and slob.  What a freakin’ CUTIE!
I put orange in his hair, his favorite color.

One day until Oscar’s teen birthday!
One last ride on the horsey!

Natalie rolled a wish to enroll Owen at Smuggsworth Prep.  I haven’t seen one of those wishes, OR sent a kid off to one of those schools in ages.
I’m gonna have to do it.  I’ll miss him tons though, so I might bring him back pretty quickly.  Especially if you get that really sad call where they say they hate it there?  Totally brining him back if he does that.

Leisure day – the one and only day when Sims autonomously use those lounges.

Owen looks bored to tears talking to his father about fish…
But I feel like I’m going to miss him already!

Olive and grandpa Mango have a nice chat.
He’s going to die soon… his lifebar is full.

Leisure day for some, no rest for the TH.
I know I say it all the time, but maids should gather the laundry!!!

It’s also Oscar’s birthday!  Just the family unit and some cake.

I love my Zales.

Oscar has Loves the Heat locked in – appropriate for this world.  This joins brave, excitable and insane.
He has this permanent worried look about him, and it’s SUPER cute!

And I’m going to have to stop here, or the next post would be super tiny with an heir poll at the end.

in 5 days the girls go YA, Owen will go Teen, Mango will probably die, then it’s just a few more short days until the boys are both YA and then it’s HEIR POLL TIME!  Can’t wait!

Until next time, Happy Simming!


Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hi Guys!  I was nominated by both Dawnstar17 & Somebodysangel13 for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

I know this award has ran it’s course, and I’m a little late to the party, but it would have been rude to fail to acknowledge such a kind honor!

I will not be nominating anyone, as my favorites have already received the award, but I will participate in the Q/A.

First, Dawnstar’s!

1.  Red or Blue? Jedi or Sith?

2. You open a book and are whisked away to the world of your dreams. What book is it?
Harry Potter!!!!!!

3. You have to pick one to play for the rest of your life. Sims 1, 2, 3, or 4?
I’ll pick 4, since it’s just beginning, and there’s so much more to come!

4. Who’s your favorite character from your blog?
Ooh, good question!  I really enjoyed Ike!

5. Old Ghostbusters or New Ghostbusters?
Old, I haven’t seen the new one yet.

6. What time does the Narwhal bacon?

7. What is your ideal day of relaxation?
Ocean.  Waves.  Breeze.  Silence.

8. What is the funniest or scariest glitch you’ve seen in-game?
Oh man, I had the TS4 glitch where they baby’s eyes and arms were all elongated? Super creepy.

9. Who was your blog sensei? AKA Who influenced you to start a sims blog?

10. Do you know who Llandros is?

11. What’s one thing you wish EA would come back and fix in The Sims 3?
I just wish it would work the way they sold it.  I’m totally outraged at the new-ish “pick your packs to play” thing… where they encourage you to NOT pick everything for a better gaming experience.  Seriously?  I bought what you sold, and now you’re telling me I can only use part of it?  No way man.  Lame sauce.

Then Somebodysangel’s questions!

  1. What habit do you have that you would really like to break?
    Hmm, I’m a snooze button addict.  Life would be better if I just got out of bed.
  2. Marvel or DC?
    Marvel.  But I do love characters from both.
  3. What wild animal would you like to have for a pet? Why?
    Good question!  I keep thinking, but I don’t know.  Assuming I could make it love me and be my best friend, I’d go with a giraffe!  I want to touch that fur and go for a ride!
  4. Favourite guilty pleasure?
    Spending too much money on the computer and games. 🙂
  5. If you could mash up two movies together, which would they be?
    I’m not the biggest movie buff… and I keep thinking of Jurassic Park – which would basically add dinosaurs and mayhem to any movie… so I have no idea!
  6. Do you play mobile games? If so, what’s your favourite and why?
    I play Star Trek Timelines, PVZ, and a few card games.  STT is my favorite… because Star Trek!  And I’ve met some cool pepl.
  7. If you could win an Olympic medal, what sport would it be for?
    Diving.  I love watching the divers… and I can’t so much as bellyflop successfully.
  8. Favourite movie villain?
    Death from Meet Joe Black.
  9. Would you prefer to pay for a game upfront, or pay to unlock areas/content later?
    I always pay.
  10. Vanilla or chocolate?  Swirl!
  11. Who is your least favourite sim in your story/legacy/challenge?
    Great question!  Evan was pretty lame.  Kyle was my least favorite spouse… so far… and I was never good to Melody 🙂

Thanks you guys, for the nominations!  I’m sorry I’ve dropped off a bit!  ❤

Happy Simming!