Let’s Have One More (Fire) 16.5

Welcome back to another fun-filled adventure with the Zales!  Let’s see who we have running around the house.

Zale Check!
Mahmoud is feeling flirty in the bath tub.

Paisley is getting some well-deserved ZZZs.

Quest is also taking a bath in the neighboring bathtub.

Sorry to disturb your privacy.

Quay is sleeping happily.

Quill is also asleep.

My favorite form of toddler.

Ferdy is having a bite to eat.

Such a cute and good kitty.

Ferdinand then attempts to wake Quay up for school, but he doesn’t rise.

That won’t be good for his grades.

Pais heads off to work, and Quest off to school (good girl).  Mahmoud enjoys some fancy dessert.

And proves helpful, as he frequently does.

Good ISBI spouse.

Quay finally wakes up at 11:05am, desperate for a toilet.

He perks up quick enough, grabs some applesauce and joins his dad for some boob tube.

Mahmoud has a cute moment with Ferdy, and his outfit reminds me it is hot outside.

I did not recall making that outfit so colorful.

Pais gets home from work and takes a call from her sister Penny just to chat.

Aw.  (PS, I expect cars soon…)

Paisley makes dinner and Quest volunteers to set the table.

She is such a good kid, makes me almost regret that it’s a boy’s turn.

Quill finally wakes up and thankfully he found the fish tacos his momma made.

He eats them without issue.  Good.

Then I spot Quest out the window being not such a good kid.

Pais finishes her taco and makes it out there in time to explain we DO NOT MAKE MESSES.

Quay then unexpectedly cleans it up.

Thanks dude.

Apparently being squeamish makes him helpful around the house.

He does many things he hates, and has the grossed out moodlet all the time.

Oops, forgot to lock the toddler out.  Quill wakes up his momma for no reason.

Thankfully Paisley had had a fair bit of rest, and resumes potty training.

Pais is at work, both kids make it to school, and I watch Mahmoud do dishes, clean the counters, take out the trash and play with the kitty.

Gold star for the ISBI spouse!

Paisley puts her influence to use and gets the kids to do their homework.

They are very pleasant kids to be around.

I get a pop-up that Quill is at communication level 2, so I go see what he’s up to…

…Mahmoud is teaching him to talk!  Autonomously!  Sweet!

Quill finds a protein plate that Paisley made earlier, and looks like Quay is gonna feed himself too.

Good work, my little idiots.

Oh.  Oops.

This is no way to repay an excellent ISBI spouse.  I believe he begins punishing me after this.  I’m sorry Mahmoud!  I meant to make you a cake!

Nothing like a toddler on the lawn in the middle of the night playing with the cat.


The rest of the family is asleep, so the smelly toddler runs amok.

It’s a grand ol’ time.

Ferdy helps.

The good time comes to a screaming end when Quill decides he’s been dirty too long and throws a tantrum.

Paisley to the rescue!

Sorry for the shot of your badonkadonk, Paisley, but Quill looked so cute.

Pais takes a minute to work on her job, and we catch Ferdy mid stretch.

Ferdy is a precious kitty, he’s so sweet.

Quay remains shockingly helpful around the house as well.  I just watched him actually take laundry to the machine AND start it, take out the trash, and mop up this mystery puddle.

No one had failed, so I don’t know where it came from.

Paisley earned another promotion!  YAY!

Quest came home with a project, I had Paisley “assist”, but it looks like she’s just doing it for her.

To be fair, Quest did start it on her own earlier.

Another naughty mess-maker!

And on the good rug!

And although Quay is exhausted, he starts his homework on his brother’s bed.

Almost makes up for ruining the carpets.  Compared to Penny’s study habits, these kids are saints.

Mahmoud is pouting because he’s eaten too many quick or snacky meals, but took it upon himself to make a lovely spinach frittata.

Yeah Mahmoud, can relate.


And why do you look so pleased with yourself!?!  Grr.

Doesn’t seem to discourage Quest, she starts over.

Such a good girl.

The boys all gather in Quill’s room, Quay is doing his home again, Huzzah!

She did it!  I drag it into her inventory.  We might earn some points!

Definitely my favorite kid.

Hey – go sleep in your bed.

Least favorite kid.

He wakes up refreshed from his nap and seems to have disturbed his brother in his favorite homework haunt.

Why the kids all want to do their homework in here, I do not know.

I am however, not complaining.

Mahmoud has excellent cooking skills, so I have no idea why this happened.

But before I could even notice, Paisley was already putting it out.  Not quite as impressive as when Penny, Oscar, Miriam and Paisley all did it, but still nice to have one Sim who knows NOT to stand in the fire.

After the fire, Paisley talks to Penny while using the toilet.

Funny!  I may or may  not be able to relate to this.  #dontjudge

Pretty sure that’s not the most efficient way to “eat” your applesauce, kid.

Cute though!


These two are pretty cute chatting with one another.

I do wish at least one kid had gotten Mahmoud’s hair color.

Quay is the only one I’ve managed to catch playing with the toys.

Although he did just hit himself in the head.  Careful buddy.

Not this again, they still haven’t recovered from the last one!


Paisley, of course, takes care of things.


I buy a smoke detector not that we really need it.  Replacing the $13k stove with the $5k insurance payments is really hurting their finances.

Paisley doesn’t make that much, and the house is over $3k every bill cycle.  So much for Mahmoud’s aspiration – not that I’m feeling much sympathy for him right now.

If you catch this on fire again, I’m demoting  you from a good ISBI spouse to the worst.

I hate you.

Paisley walks away before the flames have even died all the way down with a very clear attitude of “all in a day’s work”.

Thanks for constantly extinguishing your husband, and goodbye to another $13k to replace the stove… AGAIN.

Yeah dude, an you eat the cooked food please?

There’s plenty in the fridge.

Hey, Quill mastered his movement skill.


What do we have here?

Another noobo!  (not easy to tell in the picture).  I decided Paismoud could have one more baby.  Maybe we’ll get another boy for heir poll purposes, or maybe we’ll get Mahmoud’s lighter hair.

Mahmoud:  Yay, another one for me to take care of while you’re working…

Don’t complain.  I don’t wanna hear it from you right now.

Mahmoud DOES love the kids though, and I capture anti-gravity playtime.

Quill wakes up starving, as per the norm, and find’s Quay’s poorly prepared chicken nuggets.

Oh well, better than being taken away!

Except he did NOT like them.

Sorry buddy.

Young man, you have a bed.  You have an entire bedROOM.

Paisley has asked Ferdy a hundred times to stay off the counters.

Legit cat moment.

When Mahmoud isn’t burning down the house, he does remain a quality ISBI spouse.

Quest is getting an A!

+5 Definitely my favorite.

Meanwhile, this little guy is all wound up and running around sans clothes.

He has like three energized moodlets, so he took the action of a wild child.

Kids come home a mess a few minutes later.

They’re both very unhappy and Quest is clearly filthy beyond all reason.

Apparently it’s smoggy outside?  It bums out both the kids.

I had never seen this before.

And that’s saying something!

Paisley gets home and doesn’t like the air either.

She starts coughing.  That cannot be good for the baby!

Looks like it’s time to release Quill from toddlerhood!  Just in time with a new baby on the way.  HOW CUTE ARE THEIR FACES.


How cute are they?

Quill rolls genius and adds the motor aspiration.  Quite the cutie!

Such eyes!  I buy him some monkey bars which I’m sure he will not use.

Quest wastes no time hanging out with her newly aged up brother.

Awww, look at the way Pais is looking at them.  Bless.

Bless the Zales.  And sleeping Ferdy.

Um, Mahmoud?  Why are you singed?  You don’t have the singed moodlet?

And I’m not judging or anything, but you’re getting a little pudgy.  Just sayin’.

*Mahmoud standing by fridge eating cake *

Note Quills first child action is taking out the trash!  I hope this is a good omen! *touches wood*

And that’s it for this post!  You’ll have to come back next time to see what Paisley has cooking.  We didn’t lose any points this round – although I think I’ll need to change the scoring system, as this is for a TS3 challenge… But I’m too lazy to do that right now.

Failing school -5: 1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5: 8 (-40)
Passing Out -5: 42 (-210)
Self-Wetting -5: 42 (-210)
Accidental Deaths -10: 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15: 0 (YAY!)
Births +5: 40 (+200)
Twin Births + 10: 13 (+130)
Triplet Birth +15: 2 (+30)
Fulfilling Aspiration + 40: 10 (+400)
Getting A in School: 16 (+80)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10: 14 (+140)
Every $100,000 +20: 3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10: 3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10: 5 (-50)
Repo-man -5: 1 (-5)
TOTAL: +535

No Rest for Paisley – 16.4

Hi Guys!  Oh man is this a stressful post.  Although all is well that ends well – or so I’ve heard.  Let’s get right to it!

Zale Check!

Mahmoud is standing in the hallway.

Paisley is standing in the hallway.

Quest is standing in the living room.

Quay is standing in Quest’s bedroom right up against a wall making picture taking challenging.

Sorry for down walls.

Ferdinand is standing in front of this door.

Riveting Zale Check.  At this point I hoped things would pick up.  I regret that thought.

These two find each other, and it’s incredibly cute.


Pregnant Pais practices her debate skill so she can get promoted again.

We gotta start brining in some Simoleons to pay for this house.

Mahmoud takes one stinking Quay to bed to sleep, the wafts of smell are hard to see against the cute wallpaper.

I knew I liked that wallpaper.

Aww… good ISBI dad.

The stinky, filthy little booger wakes up starving.

Thankfully it looks like he’s heading for the pancakes Paisley has just made.

Penny calls to chat!

Well that’s fun!

Potty training resumes for Quest.

While Quay pouts and emits fumes in the chair.   Rather neglected.

I had to wait for him to finish eating the pancakes to have Paisley take over.

Looks like Mahmoud might help!

He did!  What a good ISBI spouse and father!

Paisley bathes the other toddler.

Penny came to visit!

Bathroom sister hugs are the best sister hugs.

Ferdy “helps” Pais repair the broken dishwasher.

I really need to get these appliances upgraded…

Thanks a lot, Penny…

…Feel free to break things in your OWN house.

So this is cute and all, and LOOKS helpful… except Quest was about to eat dinner first.

She’s gonna wake up STARVING… Thanks a lot, Mahmoud.

Quay, however, managed to grab the fresh garlic noodles Paisley just made.

Oh good, Miriam is here to break all the plumbing.

Paisley tried to cheer her up, I think I’d read somewhere that happy ghosts don’t ruin everything.

Color change implies we were successful.

And yet… the results were the same.

Things aren’t looking good for Quay, he’s too exhausted to eat, and passes out.

FAIL -5.

Quay finds the noodles again, but he just will NOT eat them!

I don’t know what to do!

Desperate, I try a different meal.

I force him to grab a plate (ISBI Fail), PLEASE EAT IT!



Panic-stricken, I buy two highchairs and try to get Quay into the seat, but this happens.

FAIL – 5.  I have never lost a Sim to child services, I’m terrified it’s about to happen now.  I’m so tempted to cheat his needs… I don’t know what to do.

Paisley then spun into her work clothes and left before I could stop her.

But it looks like Mahmoud is going to save the day?  PLEASE EAT BOY!

Don’t just stare at him, EAT THE SANDWICH.

Oh my stars, thank heavens.

Quest ate too.  I have never been so happy to see a highchair function.

I was freaking out.

Mahmoud attempts to mop up from whatever disaster this is, but with every single appliance spewing water, it’s a worthless effort.

I’m assuming this is the aftermath of Miriam hanging around.

Quay is still miserable.  His bladder has tanked, and his fun, but at least he’s fed and not passing out while he sleeps in what was supposed to be his sister’s bed.

At least he’s no longer at risk of being taken away.

There are four broken plumbing objects, the coffee maker is also broken, and someone needs to feed the cat.

The kids also need help.  HURRY HOME PAIS!

As happy as I am to see Paisley get promoted…

I really just need her to get this house up and running again.

Feed the cat.

Fix the plumbing.

Clean the toilet.

Fix the coffee maker.

I actually had her WAKE UP Quay to help out with his distress.

Paisley fixes dinner, and the kids manage to eat it… so that’s good news!

Oh great, Oscar is here.  We literally just fixed all the plumbing from Miriam….


All the repair work and parenting took its toll on Paisley, and DOWN SHE GOES.

I’m sorry.  Almost all the fails since the move to TS4 are yours.  Almost. -5

This image, complete with the red plumbob and broken sink sums up this post nicely.

Mahmoud is asleep, Paisley is passed out in the bathroom, and the toddlers are on their own.

Fortunately, they’ve both eaten, so whatever else happens at least they won’t get taken away.

Cleaning up after you ruin the house is not as helpful as you might think, Oscar.

Don’t let Paisley’s smile fool you, far from rested her urgent need to use the restroom wakes her up.

I take this opportunity to shove a half-toddler-eaten-many-hours-old meatball in her belly.

Behind close doors I find these two… Whatever they are doing is very cute.

Which is good, because this post is very stressful!

Paisley’s needs are just good enough to repair some things AGAIN.

Looks like she’s about to pop!

Good heavens… what’s happening out here?

This house is in shambles.  (I almost named this post “Shambles”)

Oh for heavens sake…

I failed to have Paisley pay the bills.  WE WERE VERY BUSY.

Really Mahmoud?

Thanks a lot.  We seriously needed more broken things for your wife to fix.

Okay… Well… Thanks a little.


FINE.  I appreciate you now.  ARE YOU HAPPY?

Paisley gets home from work, and doesn’t even have the energy to pay the bills before I rush her off to bed.

Trying to avoid the fail.

After enough rest not to collapse, we get the lights turned back on.

Try to get the house repaired…

Prevent her from starving to death…

She must really like that salad.  Good on ya, honey.

Oop!  It’s time!

I leave Mahmoud this time, to watch over the other kids.  Apparently the hospital staff are all deceased.

I hope we can have this baby without a fail.  First time for everything.

At least the doctor in charge of the birth is living.

(Plumbob reminds me why I took Mahmoud prior… ha)

YAY!  It’s another boy!  We’ll be able to have an heir poll!

I name him Quill.

Welcome home baby Quill!

Note, there are three birth certificates there…

Whatever the eating problem was with Quay, it seems to be resolved!

Phew.  What’s wrong Pais?  Don’t like your eggs?

With Paisley at work, Mahmoud actually does a great job with the kids, and has reached parenting skill level seven.

The room I made for Quest gets a makeover for Quay.

He was the only one who used it anyway.

Besides!  It’s someone’s birthday!

She needs a more grown up room.  Quest rolls goofball and adds rambunctious scamp as her aspiration.

She grows up pretty cute and takes over Penny’s old room.


Thanks Miriam, I hate you.

I’m so glad Quest isn’t a toddler anymore.

Things are looking up!

Mahmoud continues to be a helpful parent.

I do appreciate him… … …

Penny comes to visit after Paisley gets home from work.

She just pouts while the family watches TV.

I have Paisley call in and take a vacation day from work.  Oscar haunted and now the house is in disarray.

But first I let her sleep in.



After a cat butt sandwich, Paisley gets to the repairs.

And laundry…

Cleans the kids…

Fixes the washer…

And then the dryer…

I hate this house.

Feeds the baby…

HEy!?!? What happened to the other birth certificate???

Quill briefly defies the space-time continuum and is both floating baby and floor toddler at the same time.

Quill rolls wiles.  Oh Goodie.  He suffers the same odd look as his siblings…

…but they seem to grow out of it okay.

I forgot how cute toddlers napping could be.

Inefficient, but cute.

Quest enjoys her new big girl room with big girl activities.


First time since moving to TS4, since Penny refused.

AND sets the table?

Quest FTW!



Having had enough of the ghosts, I have Paisley release them to the Netherworld.

A rare moment of being able to read Quill to sleep.

Mahmoud continues to be an excellent parent.

Definitely and ISBI hero.

Whatchoo got there Pais?

Why, might it be one less toddler?

WOOHOO!  Quay rolls squeamish and adds artistic prodigy to his aspiration.

He also proves that although Pais & Mahmoud make “interesting” toddlers, they grow into cute kids!

Phew – that’s it for this post!  I was certain the kids were going to be taken away, but we muddled through it!  We have enough boys for an Heir Poll!  WOO!

Failing school -5: 1 (-5)    -Almost-
Game Sent a Service Sim -5: 8 (-40)
Passing Out -5: 43 (-225)
Self-Wetting -5: 42 (-210)
Accidental Deaths -10: 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15: 0 (YAY!)
Births +5: 41 (+205)
Twin Births + 10: 13 (+130)
Triplet Birth +15: 2 (+30)
Fulfilling Aspiration + 40: 10 (+400)
Getting A in School: 15 (+75)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10: 14 (+140)
Every $100,000 +20: 3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10: 3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10: 5 (-50)
Repo-man -5: 1 (-5) (No longer relevant)
TOTAL: +520

Familial Bliss 16.3

Well well well – Another Zale post!  Are you shocked?  It’s possible.  Let us begin with Zale Check!

Miriam is just standing in the living room, but she’s dressed…

So that’s an improvement.

Oscar is doing something on the computer.

Mahmoud is staring at the walls in the nursery.

Paisley is fixing a toilet.

Penny is about to turn on the TV.

Quest is as exciting as can be expected.

Ferdy is having a snack.

Oops, need to empty the box storage.  Gross.

Mahmoud: Hey Pais, whatchoo doin?  BTW did you know there’s a tree on the wall in the nursery?

A tree!  HA HA HA.  Anhoo, have fun.  Ily.

Oh look, another fire.

Looks like Penny is on it.

A family that fights fires together, stays together.

Good on ya’, Zales.

With Paisley off at work, Quest is left in the care of the idiots.  You can do this, Oscar.

He successfully changed the diaper.  Good job.

Ferdinand does his best to help next time Quest is needy.

Unfortunately, he’s ill-equipped.

Mahmoud is on the case… Good luck, Dad!

Enjoying the view, Ferdy?

That’s not how blinds work.

Someone broke the TV.

And a toilet.  Pais will have fun when she gets home.

I figured out how to get rid of Paisley’s piercings that she only wore with her work outfit.

So that’s something.

I tried to have Paisley throw away some trash from repairing the TV, and she kept putting it back on the floor.  I was like, WTH?

Oh.  We didn’t have an outdoor trashcan… Oops.  Noob moment.  And gross.

We really need some more babies.  And BOYS, since it is a boy’s turn to take over.

Let’s give the couple some privacy.

Uh guys?  That doesn’t seem safe.

Or hygienic.

While upgrading a toilet so they’ll hopefully stop breaking, Paisley pops!

Lookin’ good, girl.

Looks like I accidentally made Ferdinand a girl.  A quick trip through CAS and I fix that.  Maybe he’ll stop going into heat, ha ha…

Oscar likes the updated Ferdy.

OMG… That’s Mahmoud… Cleaning.  A.  Sink.

-Mind Blown-

Quest ages up!  She rolls Angelic.  SCORE!

Well, that’s a unique face…

I hope she grows up more attractive.  It’s like she has a child face, but she’s so little.

And smash those beans, baby.

Let the potty training begin!

She definitely has strong Mahmoud vibes going on.

And Oscar?  Why do you look so creepy?

Oscar was creepy because he sat down on Quest’s bed only to rip a giant fart.


Paisley is about to pass out, so no time to fix the broken dishwasher, she also needs to eat immediately.  I can also see why the farting was happening.

I see you franks & beans.

I do believe Ferdy’s little toe beans have their eyes on the floor sandwich.

While watching Zale life happen, I got these two pop-ups.

Both Oscar and Miriam have neared the end of their lives.  So short in TS4, but we must remember everything they did in TS3.  Be well, my Zales.

Quest found the floor sandwich, which is good!

She was very hungry, and Paisley wasn’t around to feed her.

Speaking of Paisley – another promotion!

She’s now a proper teacher.  Good for you, girl.

Tired from work, and hungry from being pregnant, we’ll be lucky if we get the house shipshape before she needs to care for herself.

I’m sure Quest needs a fair bit of attention too.

Aw, but Penny cares about her niece.

I don’t know what her knees are doing, but that’s okay.

And then playtime!

Although Penny doesn’t look like she’s having fun.

Oof.  There goes Miriam.

She sees the light.

It is bad for all, and very bad for Quest, since she’s starving.

I hope she manages to find food before she’s taken away.

Thank heavens, she finds the breakfast scramble Mahmoud made earlier all by her little self.

I was so relieved.

RIP Mir.  It’s been real.

Oscar mourns her death.

Super sad 😦

Quest actually gets pretty excellent care while Paisley is gone.  I swear my other TS4 families are not this helpful.

Maybe I micromanage them too much.

Everyone is sad about losing Mir.  As mean as it is, I hope Oscar goes too, so they can overlap their sadness moodlets.

About two seconds later, my morbid wish is granted.

Sorry buddy.  “You” were a TH in another dimension.  Go rest with your wife.

The shock of losing both parents sends Paisley into labor.

I get her checked in, but I predict a repeat of the last birth, as she is EXHAUSTED.

Oh, except this time, she wets herself.


Yup, now you stink.

She spins into her hospital gown, and all is well.

She does NOT pass out this time.  #winning

Think a boy!


I name him Quay.

Uh Pais?  You got another one in there?


Oh, okay.  Poor Mahmoud is moping outside the doors.

Just in case you wondered if he came too. 🙂

Back at the house, Oscar is laid to rest next to Miriam.

RIP you guys.

Now that there’s toddler toys in the house, Penny’s childish trait can surface.  Here she is repeatedly hitting herself in the head.

Okay then.  Ferdy is concerned.

She’s super sad though – losing her parents.

Look at her pretty little pout.

Much truer to form, it took Mahmoud about six tried to feed Quay…

…but at least he did it.

Oh look.  Toddlers can mourn.

That’s fun.  I delete urns when I am not playing a legacy.  Had no idea.

Uh oh!  Mahmoud is sick!

I don’t know how to handle this in an ISBI?

Ghost sighting!

It’s Miriam!  What is she wearing?  She then breaks half the plumbing in the house.

Mahmoud shows off some decent parenting skills.

I think he’s level six by now.  That’s kinda nice.

Penny tries to burn down the house again.  Aside from me hoping Ferdy RUNS I know it’ll be fine.

And it was.

Mahmoud is still sick… I have Paisley buy some medicine.  I originally planned to put it in his inventory and hope he took it…

But you’ll see in a bit, I make him take it.  ISBI fail?  IDK.  But I don’t know how to handle illness in a TS4 ISBI.

Penny, who has never once done her homework, but does make it to class, now has a D.

First time I’ve seen it, since I make kids be studious when I’m not in an ISBI.  (Half the fun, really!)

Uh oh, she’s sick too.

I make them both take medicine after this.  Do they die?  I have no idea.  But I was worried, so I guess I cheated.

It’s “Night on the Town” day, so Paisley takes Mahmoud out.

A quick peck on the cheek outside a local hotspot.

They go full paparazzi on local celebrity Throne Bailey.

Paisley takes full advantage of the free food and drinks.

I would too!

Back at home, Quay aged up and ALSO rolled angelic.  YAY!

Also unique in appearance, he seems a little better off than his sister.

Quest gets her own room, since Oscar and Miriam do not need it.


Speaking of Oscar, he makes an appearance.

Please don’t break everything.

He haunts Ferdinand’s bed.

No bother, he doesn’t use it anyway.

He breaks the sink, but at least attempts to clean up after himself.


Penny: Hmm, what’s this?

Is it a cake for me?

No one joins her, but Penny gleefully spits her germs all over the cake.

(I don’t know how to do these in a TS4 ISBI either.  I had to make her make a wish)

She rolls kleptomaniac, and with that… it’s BYE-BYE Penny!

She’s pretty cute, and I think she matches her TS3 self pretty well.

She moves in with Serena Bharma in Evergreen Harbor.  See you around, Penny!

They’re certainly both unique!

Oh yeah, it forces me to follow her.

Looks like there will be another joining them!  Have fun you three.

Back in the Zale house, it’s familial bliss.

For now!

That’s it for this post!  I’ll be back again soon!  (for reals.)  Let’s root for more boys so we can have an heir poll!

Failing school -5: 1 (-5)    -Almost-
Game Sent a Service Sim -5: 8 (-40)
Passing Out -5: 42 (-210)
Self-Wetting -5: 42 (-210)
Accidental Deaths -10: 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15: 0 (YAY!)
Births +5: 40 (+200)
Twin Births + 10: 13 (+130)
Triplet Birth +15: 2 (+30)
Fulfilling Aspiration + 40: 10 (+400)
Getting A in School: 15 (+75)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10: 14 (+140)
Every $100,000 +20: 3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10: 3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10: 5 (-50)
Repo-man -5: 1 (-5)
TOTAL: +530

What Do We Have Here? 16.2

Hello dear readers, that is if I have any left. I realized I had let this blog die not because I didn’t want to continue, but because my Sims 3 had become so unplayable it took all the joy out of it. After I came to that conclusion, I made the only decision I thought was possible to keep this going after so much work.

I’m not very good at recreating Sims from TS3 to TS4, or even trying to mimic people, and I clearly no longer know how to use WordPress, as everything is different, but I’ll do my best! That said…. For the first time in more than 600 days – Zale Check!

Oscar & Miriam are just standing there…
Oh, Oscar had the Deep Sea Diver LTW, and was Born Salesman, Brave, Insane, Excitable, and Loves the Heat.  Not sure how to pull that over into TS4, I made him have the Angling Ace aspiration, and gave him Outgoing, Adventurous, and Erratic. 

Miriam’s LTW I didn’t recall and didn’t find immediately, but she was Clumsy, Bookworm, Night Owl and Virtuoso.  I have her the Best Selling Author aspiration, and she’s a Bookworm, Creative, and Clumsy.

Paisley is also just standing…

Paisley had the chess LTW and had No Sense of Humor, Loves the Heat, Brave, Born Saleswoman, and Genius.  I gave her the Nerd Brain aspiration, and she’s a Genius, Snob, and Ambitious.

Fun fact, they’re all just standing, because I just moved them onto an empty lot… The Zales now reside in the Mirage Park neighborhood of Del Sol Valley. It was a decent 50×40 lot named Vacuous Green in a world I haven’t played much – should be okay.

Here’s Mahmoud:

Mahmoud had the lap of luxury LTW, and was Clumsy, Flirty, Natural Cook and Over Emotional.  He now has the Fabulously Wealthy aspiration, is a Clumsy, Romantic Foodie.


Penny  had the Super Popular LTW, and was a Daredevil, Eccentric, Grumpy & Childish.  She now has the Friend of the World aspiration and has the Childish & Gloomy traits.

Noteworthy, there are so many more traits to start out with in TS3.

And Ferdinand:

Couldn’t forget him!

As much trouble as Mahmoud caused in TS3, he did manage to let us know right were we left off finances wise with the family.

With a little wave of a magic wand, I add $344,000 to the family’s net worth, and begin building them a house. I hate building houses, but I need to get better at it… so here goes nothing.



(agonizingly long building interlude)



A House:

I don’t hate it.

Here’s the inside:

I think it’s well decorated, which is rare for me.  Bottom right is Penny’s room, above it is Oscar & Miriam’s, then a bathroom.  Upper right is a nursery for Paisley & Mahmoud’s babies, then two more bathrooms, followed by Pais & Mahmoud’s room in the upper left.  Left side of the hallway has laundry, which I’ll probably eliminate after poor Paisley spends all her minutes cleaning up the clothes, but it’s fun for now.  The right side of the hallway has a reading nook.  Central living of course, then kitchen and dining to the lower left.

Paisley needs to get a job, as this house won’t pay for itself.  But first we gotta feed Ferdy.

Job hunt…
I decide she’ll go into the education career.

She needs to grade homework and write a letter of recommendation, but the only computer is in use…

So fine – I add another computer and desk to the household.

Ferdy doesn’t like Penny’s computer… poor thing.

Oscar and Miriam haven’t left the front lawn, and are happily chatting.

I thought it was kind of cute, since of course their entire history over in TS3 doesn’t exist.

Looks like Ferdy doesn’t like the TV about as much as the computer…

Oscar made some coffee and bonds with his Son-in-Law.

Venessa Jeong shows up as the lone welcome wagon member…

Ferdinand is the only one to greet them, since Paisley was busy with work stuff.

I love Ferdy.

Pais manages to finish just in time to greet Venessa before she leaves.

The whole family chats with her for a fair bit before she thanks everyone for having her.  I wanted her and Paisley to be friends, but as the TH, there isn’t a lot of time for extracurricular activities.

We also cannot forget that the whole point of this challenge is to make lots of potential heirs!

 Pais gives Ferdy his little mousey.


Ferdinand!  Get your cat butt outta the grilled cheese.

(Lectures about jumping on counters)

Ferdy: If no counter, how grilled cheese?

??? – it’s Pawsed.  LOL…

That is not your bed, old man.

Penny earns brownie points for frequently doing the dishes.

You good, Pais?  Eggs and toast shouldn’t be that violent.


Yes, I saw that, I am pretty sure your husband did too.

Match made in heaven.

Mahmoud hops around with his cut finger while Paisley scrapes scrambled eggs off the pan.

Uh oh… Look closely…

I see flames in that stove…

Mahmoud FLIES into action! I have never seen a Sim react so quickly (and correctly) to a fire.

Um, okay… apparently it’s a family trait…

No time to make another meal, Paisley grabs some left over beans…

Great choice for your first day at a new job… Ms. Toots-a-lot.

Um, Penny?  Miriam?  What is happening?

You guys okay?  Wrists good?  Good.

Glitches aside, how cute is the TH and their spouse?

So cute.

Ferdy needs a bath.

Flea: Aight, imma head out. 

I watched the family while Penny was at school, and Paisley at work.  They were pretty good natured.

Oscar seems to have a coffee addiction.

Penny is home.

And she stinks.

Aha!  We have the first sign of a nooboo!

Not sure what she’s doing, but PREGGO!

Pais heads to the vet with Ferdy for a flea treatment.  I thought I could give him a bath…

PS. That cat is not Ferdinand, it is a lookalike named Doc.  IMPOSTER!

Hang in there, buddy.

Ha, Three-Ring Flea Circus… That’s funny.

Expensive treatment it is!

There you go, beebee, all better.

Hey husband?

I’m not just a little bit chubby…



Stork?  Must’ve been a stork.

Paisley keeps working on her education career.

I don’t think that student did well…

Who made Penny sad???

Mahmoud?  Was it you?

Mahmoud is suspect…

Party at the broken toilet… That’s a useless effort, Mahmoud.  Pais will fix it when she gets home.

Ferdy, like all good cats, is “helping”.

Paisley gets a promotion.

So that’s good!

No rest for the preggo TH.


The coffee addiction for Oscar escalates…

I’m not sure he sleeps…


Male cat in heat makes no sense…

Why do you look so pleased with yourself, Oscar?

It’s BROKEN.  What are you going to do now?  FYI, I recommend sleeping.

Closest thing I’ve seen…

Against my better judgement, pregnant Paisley fixes the coffee maker.

Then Oscar immediately breaks the dishwasher… Good nap?

Was fine.


Um, Pais?  When did you pierce your eyebrows?  Just for work?  I mean, that’s cool.
Pais: I gotta relate with the kidz these dayz….
Um, sure.  You do you.

Yay, Oscar!  I’m so proud.

*Wipes Tear*

Miriam rarely gets dressed, always in the PJs

Girlfriend, take a shower

Mahmoud?  What are you doing?

That is not how watching TV works.

Yay!  You’re clean!

I like TS4 Penny.

“Pierced for Work” Paisley has repairs to make, but she was gonna pass out, so a nap first.


The first of GENERATION 17 is on the way

Hospital time!  Cue dad freak out

I hope she manages to check in before she passes out.

Whelp, that did not go well.

Just holding up the line with her butt in the air with a baby about to burst… Classy Pais.

Okay, let’s meet this baby!

Its a girl!

I name her Quest.  Paisley’s face… ❤


And with that – the Q generation is born.

A heartfelt thank you to anyone who sees this.  It wasn’t where I expected this to go, but it’s where we are.  The Zales live again.

Failing school -5: 1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5: 8 (-40)
Passing Out -5: 42 (-210)
Self-Wetting -5: 41 (-205)
Accidental Deaths -10: 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15: 0 (YAY!)
Births +5: 39 (+195)
Twin Births + 10: 13 (+130)
Triplet Birth +15: 2 (+30)
Fulfilling Aspiration + 40: 10 (+400)
Getting A in School: 15 (+75)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10: 14 (+140)
Every $100,000 +20: 3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10: 3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10: 5 (-50)
Repo-man -5: 1 (-5)
TOTAL: +530

A Little Nectar, A Little Mystery 16.1

Hey hey kids!  Welcome back!  Let’s just get started, shall we?

Zale Check!

Oscar is playing shuffleboard in the rain.

Miriam is rocking.

As she is prone to doing.

Paisley & Penny are in the living room.

Preston is eating cake in the little covered outdoor dining area.

Last but not least, little Ferdy coming inside from the rain.

Hi cutie.

I then decide Paisley wasn’t perfect in her look, so I gave her another quick trip through CAS.

Hair change, adjust her makeup, and a new shirt.  I like her a little better now.

I buy another big bed and move Oscar and Miriam into the main house, and convert their old space into Paisley’s.

A little makeover so it doesn’t look exactly like Oscar’s place.

And we’re ready for Mahmoud to visit!

Everyone’s asleep in their beds like good little Simmies except for Miriam and her rocking chair addiction.

Well, Ferdy isn’t in a bed either, but that’s okay.

As naughty as it is to have a cat on the counter, it’s so cute!

Paisley’s social is low, so I went looking for someone to chat with…

…And AAWW, look what I found!

These two play chess in the storm.

Very glad it’s a nice covered porch!

It’s Preston’s birthday!  I’m looking forward to kicking him out, tbh.
I hold his little party inside because of the storm…

…But Mir and Pais struggle with how to door.

I like how they never get stuck in TS4, but they walk through each other all the time, which kinda takes away from the immersion.

Preston had indifferent study habits and develops the party animal trait.

I dress him to party and send him on his way.  I never really liked Preston.  Oh, and he becomes a Jack of All Trades.  Man the way Penny is eyeing that cake is creepy.

Paisley then gets to work on her LTW and invites over one Tom Shallow for a game of chess.

He does not show up.  I’ve never done this LTW, but I’ve heard it’s glitchy.

Penny has a B in school, and has just finished her homework!

I need to watch out for those honor roll points.

Hey look, a Zale cousin!

Hi Solomon!  We’ll have to hunt you down later.

It’s Tom Shallow!  We can play a game of chess!

Another stormy game.

She won!

Sorry grumpy.

We were playing chess passing time waiting for Mahmoud to come visit.  But he was here for all of two seconds, then vanished.  The option to invite him again is not available, saying he’s already here.  Bummer!

Since we can’t get Mahmoud to visit, she sends him a love letter.

More dark and stormy chess.

She wins again!

So far this is going well!

***Huge IRL Interlude***  I was annoyed I couldn’t get Mahmoud to come over and get this generation underway, so I just quit.  I’m back to try again.

I was clicking around trying to remember how to play this game and…
STOP IT YOU TWO.  I’m just trying to figure out why Paisley is in the paparazzi, where the cell phone is, and how to travel!

In an attempt to fix Mahmoud saying he’s here, but not here, I decide to send Paisley & Penny to France!
I hope they have fun!

I claim a couple of the nicer beds for Penny & Paisley, then her first wish is to go hot tubbing.
I use the Zale funds to buy one for the home base lot.

Looks relaxing.

Penny rolls the same wish, so Paisley asks her to join.

Now I want to go hot tubbing in France.

Paisley also wants to visit the necatary, so she’s off!

Her face cracked me up.

I wanted to make some nectar, so Pais steals harvests some grapes.

So squishy.

Penny busies her self sampling the wares.

Just turn this… and flip that…

Hmm, maybe we should’ve used this shinier machine because…

Looks like Paisley doesn’t have a knack for nectaring.

Undeterred, Paisley tries again.

All this squishing has made her hungry, so she gets a bite to eat.

Penny has been drinking nectar for hours so she’s feeling mighty-fine.

Except she’s gonna pass out.

And apparently overdid it a little?

How funny!!

While Paisley scrubs up Penny’s puke, the second batch seems to have turned out better.

I tried to find the nectar in her inventory, but no luck?  Did I need to do something else at the machines maybe?

Oh well, Zales have a fair bit of funds, so we bought some of the fancy stuff behind the counter.

Penny is still hitting the drink pretty hard, even after puking.

Her face though… LOL.  And her weird body shape.  She’s very interesting looking.

Pais stinks – I think it’s time to head back.

Back at base camp, Penny ALMOST makes it.


I catch Penny roll a wish to go home.

I guess all that vomiting, nectar and passing out leaves you a little homesick.

Both girls wake up starving, so Paisley makes a meal while Penny grabs some yogurt.

Then it’s off to the museum!

Penny: Dude, Pais… calm down.  Seriously, their faces…

The museum was boring, but granted a couple wishes, so now a little shopping.

A stop at the cafe.

A little chess with the locals.

While Paisley is playing this guy, she rolls a wish to kiss him.

I can see why!  A cutie!

He runs off before she can woo him, and she finds him in the hot tub.

She plops down a stereo she’s been carrying around and they hang out for a bit.  He runs off about 60 more times and she never scores that kiss.  Oh well, wasn’t meant to be.

Then it’s home sweet home.

Okay, the whole point of that trip was to see if we could invite Mahmoud over.

SUCCESS!  Fingers crossed he shows up!

Holy cowplant!  Paisley hasn’t even finished walking up the walkway and there’s a fight on the porch!

It’s Dallas Shallow and Miriam!

Ha, beat up by an old lady.

Not sure what that was all about…  Maybe he insulted her rocking chair.

Here’s hoping!

He’s here!

Let’s cement this thing!

Underwear wedding FTW!

Sealed with a smooch!

Meet Mahmoud Zale!

Turns out his hair is a dark reddish color.  I let him keep the highlights he had originally.  I love how unique he is!  He’s clumsy, flirty, neat, natural cook & over emotional.  Fun!  His LTW is living in the lap of luxury, and he’s close!

Back to regular business, Penny’s in a timeout for heaven knows what and things are broken.

Then – all of a sudden – I get a script error notification and *pOOf*.  Mahmoud has disappeared from the family.

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  I worked so hard to get him here and I like him so much!  Stupid broken buggy worthless pile of game.  He shows up on her relationship bar, as her husband, and her only option is to text him.  They haven’t even lived in this house very long, and we might have to move… I don’t know what to do!  Might abandon the house and everyone and just move Paisley to a new town… Build her a small little house and try to find Mahmoud again.  I guess she could go back to Uni and keep an eye out for him and I can redo their relationship if I can’t salvage their marriage.  Anyhoo, looking forward to the new TS4 expansion today!  It’s like IP!  I’d hoped we’d get Uni, but I’ll take it!  Looking forward to playing later tonight.

Failing school -5: 1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5: 81 (-40)
Passing Out -5: 41 (-205)
Self-Wetting -5: 41 (-205)
Accidental Deaths -10: 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15: 0 (YAY!)
Births +5: 38 (+190)
Twin Births + 10: 13 (+130)
Triplet Birth +15: 2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 10 (+400)
Honor Roll +5: 15 (+75)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10: 14 (+140)
Every $100,000 +20: 3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10: 3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10: 5 (-50)
Repo-man -5: 1 (-5)
TOTAL: +535

Paisley Goes to College 16.0

Hello!  And welcome back to another Zale installment!  I know it was a while since the last post, but there’s much fun times ahead!  So let’s get started!

If you couldn’t tell by the title and the chapter number, Paisley won the heir poll, and the torch hath been passed from Oscar without any ceremony.  She took a whopping 2 votes on Boolprop… goes to show how popular the Zales are over there!  But she got 9 votes here, so YAY!
(Penny had one on BP and 5 here.)

As always, we begin with a Zale Check!

Little old Oscar watching carefully so he doesn’t fall down the stairs.

Good… No elderly falls, thank you.

Miriam is brushing Ferdy.

Two-in-one Zale check!

Paisley and Penny are still where I had placed them for their heir poll pictures.

Another twofer.

Preston is gaming and that’s it!

Love quick Zale checks!

Paisley is taking over her heir duties by heading off to university to spouse hunt and get up to general shenanigans.
Good luck!

Paisley has the chess legend LTW and I don’t know how to facilitate that at uni, exactly – so go for Science & Medicine for her degree.  I’m not sure what job she’ll have in the future…

I fiddle with the settings and pick the best college option for Paisley to complete her degree if she does 4 terms.  I tried to get it done in one trip, but it wasn’t possible.

And she’s off!

I hope very cool things happen for Paisley!

Oscar waves goodbye to Paisley while Penny appears to wave hello to Oscar.

Penny:  HAI DAD!

I’ve never joined a sorority in the Sims, so Paisley will be the first.  As the newest member of Tri-Fruhm house, Hanna (dark hair) and Ashely (blonde) are there to greet her.

We claim the good bedroom and lock the door.  (Only after 15 interruptions while she tried to sleep)

I then upgraded the nearest bathroom and locked everyone out of that too.  She got walked in on, too many times.

Paisley uses her Zale wealth to buy the sorority house a hot tub.


She meets some more of her sisters.  This is Chloe.

Cute freckles!

Time for the meet and greet!  Free swag!


I spot boys!  Go say hi!  Guy in front is Mahmoud.  Not sure about that yellow hair, but hey – it’s college.  I see the brown roots and eyebrows.

Paisley says hi.

I love his face and think he’s super handsome.

And right now I remembered why I would bring an idiot along to University.  To keep the freakin’ plumbob out of the photos.  Oh well, too late now.


How cute!

Paisley is winning.

Hard to think we might’ve found the spouse already, but look at Paisley’s adorable face.

And she’s attracted to him, gets the moodlet.

Speaking of faces…

I’m sure you can see why I want him in the gene pool!

Paisley was invited to her first juice party!

Ashley is the host (more cute freckles!) and Paisley rolls a wish to be her friend – I comply.

Keg stand!

It isn’t all fun and games though – study time.

Oops – down wall!

And then she’s off to class!

Look look look!

It’s Liz!  I was SO hoping to see her!  Paisley’s great great great great great great great great great great great great grandma or something.  I had almost forgotten how cute she is!

Mahmoud was outside the lecture hall after Paisley finished her lesson.

They didn’t have time to chat. 😦

I have Paisley invite the cute boy to coffee.

Study date!

And he’s flirty!  This will be easy!

And then the coffee house closed and it abruptly ended everything.  Boo.

I just love Uni.

I had so much fun playing it with Paisley.

Paisley invites Mahmoud over after class.

We have kissing!

And then he invites her to a bonfire party.

Paisley dresses in her finest and attends, but no one is there.

Finally someone named Harold shows up.

Who throws a formal bonfire party?  Without the bonfire.  And then isn’t even there.

Mahmoud makes an appearance and they eat macaroni and cheese.

Rockin’ event, for sure.

It doesn’t deter Paisley’s feelings for Mahmoud, however.

She has lots of happy feelings for him!

A date at SimBurger because I think it’s the cutest lot – AND I can make sure Mahmoud has eaten.

Crossing signal has questions.

Paisley invites him back to her sorority house.


Oh yeah!  I’d forgotten about the “stride of pride”.  Ha ha!

No hiding what he and Paisley were just up to.  Random sister does not look impressed.

Paisley’s in class and a LOT of time has passed without a ton of pictures.

Even with that said, this post is REALLY long.

She has a very full class load and takes a moment to read  her textbook between lessons.

Paisley is a very good sorority sister and always cooks group meals and cleans the place up.

It’s kinda out of guilt since she stole one of the bathrooms all for herself and locked everyone else out.

Ha, Ashely passes out in the foyer.

Good thing it isn’t a fail!

Only 3 days until final exams!

Study hard!

Or not.

Obviously a very thrilling lecture.

Class ends and Paisley is hungry, so she invites Mahmoud to another date at SimBurger.

While they discuss favorite colors I vow to honor Mahmoud’s natural hair color when he becomes spouse.

I do not need freaky yellow-haired babies.  I mean blonde is one thing, but his hair is YELLOW.

The date goes well.

Hee hee hee.

While on the date, Paisley gets invited to another party.  She attends it with Mahmoud, but he’s nowhere to be found.

She doesn’t seem to mind though, and keeps herself busy.

She is SO cute.

I don’t know what’s up with the formal parties, but at least you get to see the outfit I made for her.

Aha!  Mahmoud IS here!

Yellow hair aside, how cute are they?

Answer, so cute.

Someone had a very good time at the party.

Paisley single-handedly keeps everyone from starving and living in filth.

And is super adorable.  Except I didn’t remove those annoying glove things from her outwear.  I hate those.

She got invited to another bonfire party by her beau, but no one was there.

She built a huge fire anyway and made the best of things.

Back at the sorority house, someone made this nice pile of leaves.

I had intended Mahmoud and Paisley to utilize them for their woohooing pleasure, but he ran off.  FINE.

Have a good time in class, Pais!

I always make her “work hard” because she has the genius trait, and I feel like that’s what she’d do.

Another Liz sighting!

Knowing there’s much chess in Paisley future, she grabs a game with some random Sim.

Paisley gets invited to another party by Mahmoud.

We’ll see if anyone shows up.

At least Mahmoud is here!

AND he has flowers.  I approve.

Happening party.

Paisley got dared to “kiss a random Sim”.  She picked this guy.

It worked!  She earned $100.00 for her efforts.

Report card day!

She did good!

Not everyone did so well.  Roommate and sorority sister Rebecca looks unhappy.

Too funny!

One last party before go home time.

Another formal event.

Living her best life.

Down wall again.  Oops!

Heading home in style – 2 terms complete!

Home sweet home – and thinking about Mahmoud!

Quick check-in with the family.  Hi Oscar!

Hi Mir!

Hi Preston!

Hi Penny!

Ferdy!  Don’t sleep on the counter!

Add a little souvenir to the wall…

…And it’s back to school!

She was home for like – 8 seconds.

The family gathers in true Zale fashion to say goodbye.

Waving in the wrong direction, etc…

Sorority sweet sorority.

Her door was still locked just for her!

Right to work.

And the other sisters return as well.

We skip the meet & greet this time, and make an important phone call.

We need to reconnect with Mahmoud!

While waiting for our guest to arrive…

…University at its finest.


Rebecca: That looks fun.


Block shadows aside…

Off to class in the snow!

Nothing like reading your text book in a blizzard.

While Paisley works hard, her fellow students have been busy with extracurricular activities.

Lots of snowmen.  And an igloo.

True to form, more formal parties.

She must be freezing.

The backpack really ties the look together.

She gets dared to kiss a Sim again, and since it was so easy last time, we try it out.

Shake hands first…

And cue anger.  Okay, so she didn’t enjoy that much.

So we’ll try that same guy from last time.

He was also pissed, and now she has a cheater reputation.  Awesome.  Stupid dare.

But, in for a penny, in for a pound.

And he hated her too.

Nothing a little juice can’t fix.

I spot this Sim talking to herself, and realize being insane she might be more receptive to Paisley smashing her mouth on everyone.

She was not.  Fine.  No more dares.

She finally finds someone who’s happy to kiss her.

(It completes the dare too… so… I guess I should’ve done that first?  Ha ha… but it said kiss a RANDOM Sim, not your boyfriend…)

Back in her room, I have college flashbacks to my own dorms, when the only pets we were allowed to keep were fish in bowls.

I creatively name him Fishie.

The bad kissing party took it’s toll on Paisley and she sleeps through the lecture.

I force her to pay attention for the last bit.

Yet another party invite from Mahmoud.

Aw, True love.

**HUGE IRL INTERLUDE**  We went to Mexico!  It was amazing!

Simming continues:

I come back to find Pais SUPER annoyed because this idiot is in her way.

I feel ya, girl.

Another juice kegger invite from Mahmoud.

I don’t recall my other Sims being so popular.

He’s happy to see her!

Or not…

He’s also super hungry and tired…

Ha, the “walk of shame” opposite the “stride of pride”.

Cracked me up.

All-in-all, not a great party and she runs home in the snow.

The next morning…

…Seems like perfectly reasonable weather to hold a class outdoors.

Back in the safety and warmth of shelter, Paisley continues to take care of everything & everyone.

She fixes all the appliances too, so she’s gained some useful skills.

And continues to work hard on her studies.

And her social life.  A cute date at The Grotto.

Man I can’t wait to get rid of that yellow hair.

Uh oh, Fishie died.


Meet Fishie II.  I’ll remember to feed this one.


I forgot to feed him and feel terrible.  TS4 fish don’t require feeding… I forgot. 😦

I cannot wait to see these two’s babies!

The sisters have been busy!

It’s funny, there’s snowmen everywhere, but I never see them being built.

Paisley snags a passing roommate and makes them join her in a chess game.

At date at SimBurger so at least I know Mahmoud is fed this time.  And I put them to work making an igloo.

Whatcha guys doin’?

Hee hee hee.

Here’s Paisley in class – I feel like she’s been in school forever.  (Familiar…)


Oy vey – that’s quite the “how to door” cluster.

I noticed all the sisters were hungry, so Pais made everyone burgers.  Then I remembered to feed Fishie II.

I’m very glad he wasn’t dead.

He makes an excellent study buddy.

❤ Fishie II.

Fun fact, this chick, her name is Wendi – she’s ALWAYS in her skivvies.

Looks extra ridiculous when she wears her backpack.

Paisley keeps abusing her friends for games of chess.

She gets invited to her thousandth party, but it was Mahmoud, so she went.

They get their groove on.

And things go better this time!  It helps when he isn’t hangry.

I think they’re so cute.  Also right about now I realize she’s knee-deep in happiness points, so I buy her that distant friend reward so she won’t lose all her college friends.

She’s also the good kind of inappropriate, and I kept seeing hungry thought bubbles, so she makes everyone some goopy carbonara.

It was well received by all, then everyone was kicked out.

Checks class schedule.  “Class begins in 3 hours.”

Seems about right.

Just so funny!

I love this thing.

I am science-ing excellently.  Just see my clipboard.

Another formal bonfire party invite from Mahmoud.

Watch for sparks!  Not that there will actually be a fire.  She was dared to get super juiced, which she did and earned another hundred bucks, then it’s back to class.

Since she keeps getting robbed of bonfires at the bonfire parties, she lights one really quick in the two seconds between classes.

Everyone loved it though!

People warmed themselves and threw test tubes.  It was very popular.