The Growing Family 17.2

Hey hey kids!  It’s SimNaWriMo’s last day, and this is my last post to make my goal of three posts!  Woohoo!  We all know how this begins.

Zale Check!

Quill is cooking.

Bristol & Rainy are sleeping.

Hi sweeties.

This is a good sign!

Must be time for another baby!

Quill puts his handiness skill and enjoyment to good use, and upgrades some appliances.

The more he upgrades, the less he’ll have to do around the house.

He has a good little helper.

Love it.

Working on some skills.

Such a sweet family!

Hey!  This is good news!

Since it IS his profession!

Oops.  I missed another birthday.

And then this!  DANGIT!

I am not very kind to my very lovely TH.  FAIL  -5

It’s official!

Oh my goodness.  I have missed like, all of this generation’s birthdays.

I’m sorry Rainy – She adds “goofball” but I did earn points for a positive trait.  Happy Toddler!  +5
She’s still such a cutie pie!

The only one awake, I follow her around and watch her be helpful.

Incredibly so!  What a helpful little Zale!

Then she cried in her new big girl room because she didn’t get a party.

I’m sorry dear – it’s all my fault.

I missed whatever she did to make this toilet emit pink smoke?

At least she’s still cleaning up.

It’s Harvest Fest – the gnomes are here.

Quill successfully appeases one then hangs the decorations.

Looks really nice to me!  This is one of my favorite builds, which is NOT my strong suit.

A joint operation to clean the bathroom.

I am not use to such helpful idiots.  This little family is a gift.

Or… a curse.

That pink smoke was a prank that doesn’t just drench Quill in toilet mess, it breaks it too.  She does this constantly, although I don’t bother documenting it much.  It is VERY annoying.

Preggo Bristol keeps Quill company whil he cooks the Grand Meal for Harvest Fest.

Happy Harvest Fest!

Dig in!

Oh wow!  Quill and Bristol enjoyed some marital relations, and I saw a pop-up that he’d learned her woohoo interests.  I investigated and…

…Sexual orientation?  I had never seen this before!  What fun!  Without any mods!  Bristol looks like she’s bisexual, which I thought was pretty neat.

Rainy completed one of her own milestones!


Havin’ fun, bud?  Let’s get ready for work, shall we?

I realized Bristol left her handy dandy lump of clay back at the university neighborhood, so I plopped one in her inventory.

Took about five minutes for her to play with it.

Hi Rainy dear – I’m happy you’re skilling, but you have homework to do, Ms. C Student.

Quill tests his parental influence to get Rainy to study.

It works!


Trying to keep up with Quill’s fitness, and he likes fitness, I send him for a jog.

Have fun!

Then he’s off to work in his chef’s outfit.

Have fun, cutie!

Queenie starts dating someone named Lawson.  So that’s nice.

Good luck, Queenie!

Reminiscent of her toddler days, Rainy boogies down with her momma.

I adore it.

Yay!  Quill got promoted!  We’re one step closer to that fancy fridge!

Then he rolled a wish to write a cookbook, which I’d never seen before.  So we get started.

He has to use Rainy’s computer, as Bristol is on the family machine in the living room.

But his promotion only allowed him a few hours at home before his new job recalls him to the kitchen.

Lovely night.

It’s nooboo time!

Unfortunately, Quill is at work, so he can’t join her at the hospital.  I know it’s an ISBI, and I’m not supposed to interfere, but as I’ve said before, I like babies born at hospitals so we get the birth certificate.

I send her alone.

Hopefully she stays in the birthing machine this time.

It’s a boy!  I name him River.

I decide to stick with a nature theme.  Rainy & River.  Happy to have one of each born, as it is a mini goal of mine.

Welcome home, buddy.

Rainy is NOT impressed with the new addition.

Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll love him.

She gets over it fast enough, and boogies down in the living room on an early Sunday morning.

Rainy:  You stink, kid.

Bristol saves the day, as per her usual excellence.

Woo!  Another promotion!


It was followed by some of the most interesting things I’ve seen regarding a Sim and their career.  He likes cooking, went to school for a culinary degree, but doesn’t seem very  happy.

He also has this moodlet, so is he confused?


And now it’s Rebate Day – so I buy them a hot tub.  This will appease both Bristol & Quill.

Happy Rainy is off to school.  I loved this outfit I put her in.

She’s a lovely little one.

You can’t really tell, but Bristol is pregnant again!


She’s now level 7 of parenting skill!

Awesome!  You go, momma!

I put Quill to work to “assist with project” for Rainy’s school work, I thought she’d join in… but…

…She’s currently far more interested in dancing.

Oh good!  She finally decided to help out!

You can’t let your daddy do your homework.

Bristol is enjoying her favorite activity.  Clay time.


These two remain very adorable.

They’re so sweet and gravitate towards each other all the time.

And Bristol is an excellent ISBI parent.

The best I’ve ever had!

River aged up!  Happy Birthday!

He rolls “independent”.  Hi darling!

He found some popcorn, so at least he won’t starve.

I wake up Quill to get him started on some skilling.

River is NOT having it.  Grr face.

Rainy is finally a B student, and has returned from her studies to play with clay.

Cute bunny!

River’s fun was very low, based on his face, I’m not sure this is helping.

A whole new meaning to “turn that frown upside-down”.

Rainy wakes up at 3:00am and decides she’s going through a phase.

Good luck getting clay out of that bear suit.

At least the bear phase involves homework, so I can’t complain.

And Bristol doesn’t mind.

And then it’s Bristol/RainyBear boogie time!

I hope these two always continue to dance together.

I then realized I could work on Bristol’s aspiration without cheating, since it’s Mansion Baron.

A couple more windows and some violins.

Some columns…

Beautiful, I know.  Aren’t you so jealous.

I spent every last penny we had on violins, and we can’t quite get there.

Quill will have to work a little harder and then we can try again.

This little nugget is not doing so well.

At least he’s on his way to get some eggs and toast Quill had just made for the family.

While Quill keeps working on upgrading the house, Bristol continues her parental excellence and gives River his much needed bath.

It’s baby time again!  Think girls!

We want to have an heir poll!

Quill and Bristol head off to the hospital.  Really?  Is now the time?

Your wife is having A BABY.

It’s another boy!  Struggling to stay with the nature theme, and only the letter R, I name him Reed.

Reed:  DON’T EAT ME MOMMA!!!?!?!

Back at home with the new bundle of joy, I discover Quill needs to cook three gourmet dishes at a single event.  Might as well get that out of the way.

Whoa, they changed the phone.

When did that happen…

Anyway.  Spares are here!

Quill is busy trying to cook the three gourmet meals, and he kept route-failing… I couldn’t figure out why.  Many attempts scatter the kitchen.

Turns out he didn’t have a counter to cut things on.  Noob Fail.  We did not manage to make the meals in time.

Take two!  It’s 7:00am.  DINNER PARTY TIME.

We did it!

ALSO POINTS.  We also completed 5 of Bristol’s milestones, as well as Quill’s complete aspiration.  Woohoo!

Kitchen is a DISASTER after the two party attempts back-to-back.

There’s more on the floor and in the other rooms.

Crying baby…

…means woken up toddler.  River: 😀   Me:   😡

You.  Sleep here.

This was Paisley & Mahmoud’s old room.

I force Quill out of bed to rescue River.

And Rainy is still here, I promise!

She’s sad because she’s not a bear.  Aw.  Sweet Rainy.

She’s trying to help out with Reed, but she’s ill-equipped.

Poor kid.

And with that, it looks like there’s another baby on the way!

Tiny Bristol Baby Bump while taking care of baby Reed.

Come back soon to see what happens next time!  Think Girls!

Cheers & happy Simming!

Self-Wetting (-5):
Pass Out (-5): 7 (-35)
Failing School (-5):
NTH children earning an A in school (+5): 4 (+20)
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs (-5):
Positive Traits Earned by NTHs (+5): 9 (+45)
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Fires (-10): 1 (-10) (ha ha ha ha, one…)
Social Worker Visit (-15):
Single Birth (+5): 1 (+5)
Twins (+10):
Triplets (+15):
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5): 9 (+45)
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10): 1 (+10)
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers (+5):
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members (+10):
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10):
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10):
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10):
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20): 2 (+40)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5):
Left Over Points from TS3: +535
New Count in TS4: +85
Total: +620

Quill Gets a Degree 17.1

Hello!  Welcome, welcome!  There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s just get started!

Zale Check!

One tired Quill is just getting ready for bed.

Bristol is just chillin’ growing the first baby of Generation R!

Quill wakes up to a disturbing phone call, his mother Paisley has passed away.

Sadness.  Definitely a bummer about being away at school – missed the death of his parents.

Bristol plays around on the computer while Quill is off at class, and discovers a new like!

Me too, Bristol, me too!

Quill keeps up with his studies.

Then just before his next class, Tina Tinker turns up with a present!

It was an upgrade part.  Thanks?

These two are just so cute.

I really adore them.

And united in loss, Bristol’s mother also passes away.

Poor guys.

With a baby on the way, a small bit of preparation has been done to the house.

Bristol had a long string of not sleeping, only napping.  But at least no fails… (yet)

I was worried it would be an ongoing problem, but she ends up sleeping normally later.

Another little Zale will be joining us soon!

I can’t wait to meet the nooboo!

Yeah, I know dear – it’s a mess.


Bristol’s sister Alexandra stops by!

While exploring the social menu between Quill and Alexandra, I saw the option to “Ask for Blessing to Marry”, so I give it a go!

She was happy enough, she’s just super sad about her mom dying.

Mahmoud must’ve taken his cell phone with him to the afterlife, as he calls to invite Quill to the Spice Festival.

Oh – I guess it was a text message – but still.  #realistic

You gonna have that baby any time soon, Bristol?

A nice little massage for a sore back.  They’re both finally done mourning their mothers.

These two make me so happy.

Seriously Bristol – have the baby already!

It was one of the longest “Give Birth In: ???” I’ve experienced.


I know I’m not supposed to interfere, ISBI and all that, but I like having babies at the hospital, so I have Bristol and Quill head off.

Quill handles it with grace and poise.

And then strangely enough – I agree with Quill’s reaction.

Uh – you guys okay?

Bristol manages to get back inside the birthing machine, and successfully produce an offspring.
YAY!  It’s a girl!

Little Rainy Zale is born – the first of the R Generation.

Hello, little one.

OH NO!  A FAIL!  -5

I’m so sorry Quill!  He was finally inspired, and for his Aspiration, he needed to cook while inspired.  I thought he’d make it!  Alas!

Bristol tries her hand at parenting…

…this isn’t what she needs, but I appreciate the effort.

Woo!  She figured it out!

Great work, Bristol!

So cute – it’s fun having a baby in the house.

Quill needs to throw a dinner party, and earn at least Silver.  I’ve never done it before, so I give it a go.  He invites his siblings, Queenie, Quay & Quest.

Hi Quay!


And um… Quest?

You okay there?

Nice dude.

You chop that salad.

So nice to see the spares all together.

Party went well, and FAST.

We got the required silver medal.

The party guests left instantly, but these two enjoyed a nice little chat.

Bristol doesn’t always get Rainy’s needs right on the first try, but she’s a very attentive momma.

It’s quite nice!

They are just precious, enjoying a nice breakfast.

Quill has some final classes of the term today!

I found some seeds in Quill’s pocket, thought we might try our hand at gardening.

See if he likes it.

Report card time!

He did great!

And it’s time for Quill’s final term!  Thank goodness.

I’ve actually had a good time, but so much of their life passes.  Quill is almost finished with young adulthood.  I’m glad they’ve already had one child, and that she’s heir eligible.

I bought them a treadmill; Bristol keeps Quill company.

They are such an easy going, and happy couple.  They choose to spend time with each other all the time, and always have such pleasant interactions.  They’re so charming and a joy to play.

Quill works on a term paper while Bristol makes it to parenting level 4.

Good work, both of you!

Bristol has channeled her maker trait into the lump of clay, and is very fond of it.

She makes many unique shapes, it is quite entertaining.

Rainy aged up!  She has rolled “wild” – oh goodie.

But what a little peanut!

Her little nook gets a makeover.

And Quill reads her to sleep.

I hate how hungry toddlers wake up in an ISBI.  It’s so difficult to get food in them when you can’t control them.  Even if Quill is around to try to get her fed, it’s often a challenge.  When I play non-ISBI games, I always take something out of the fridge and have the toddler grab it.  However, Bristol did EXCELLENT.

I should’ve known, and not been worried.

Of course, then Rainy does this.

I am not impressed.

Rainy managed to eat enough food to be in the mood to boogie with her momma.

Too.  Freaking.  Cute.

Later, poor Rainy wakes up from a nightmare!

That always makes me sad.

Momma Bristol to the rescue.

Rainy needs so many skills, but Quill is very busy with his classwork.


She is so stinkin’ CUTE.

Quill got a strange phone call about inheriting some money under some conditions.  I think I’ve asked about the conditions before, and the result was something like “Too bad, the only condition was not asking about conditions”… so I said the “MONEY MONEY MONEY” option just to see what happens.  Look at this!

Interesting!  I do want them to get married, but there’s a lot of that new(ish) wedding stuff I wanted to try out?  It’s Thursday now, so I should have until the following Wednesday?  We’ll see what happens!

Um, I agree with Quill’s expression.

Rainy needed to eat before bed, but it didn’t go well.  I’m counting this as a pass out fail.  -5

She woke up cheerful enough and played “smash the sandwich” vs “eat the sandwich”.

Aaannnd… out she goes again.


Try to cram in a potty-training session real quick-like, since she’s so behind on skills.

Phew!  We get her to bed before another fail!

Or not.


I got a pop-up that Bristol had learned the gardening skill.  Looks like she’s decided to tend to the plants.

Cool.  Quill sure hasn’t done anything with them.

Rainy keeps her daddy company while he studies.

They both look like they’re having a blast.

Then some playtime!

Oops.  Sorry Bristol.

Happy Birthday!

Bristol wasn’t even that bummed about not getting a cake, and resumed her regular happy-go-lucky self.

Follow-up on the strange phone call about getting married for an inheritance.

Quill has this moodlet.  Very interesting!

Bristol doesn’t usually have to cook, as Quill is the chef in the family, but she decided right now she likes cooking.

And Quill is rocking those knives.

Bath time!

Followed by unsafe and irresponsible unsupervised time.

Both her parents are sleeping, so it’s middle of the night lawn games time.

Bristol saves the day!

Of course!

With Rainy properly tucked away, these two enjoy some adult time.

I totally forgot they weren’t engaged!


That magically disappears.

Quill?  What are you doing?  You’re not childish, are you?

Oh, he is.  Anyway, that little train graphic is so cute!

Final grades!

Not so great in “Big Food” but hey – he was raising a toddler!  All-in-all, I’d say he was very successful!

I know, I know I keep saying it…


Hey!  His graduation is tomorrow!

My first one in TS4!

No Ralph.  Quill does not want to hang out with his fiancée’s ex-husband.

Quit it.

I noticed Quill had a family loss sadness moodlet.

Looks like it must’ve been his Aunt Penny.

They certainly weren’t close.

Rainy enjoys more unsupervised outside time.

They seem to have a little bit of opposite sleep schedules.

Quills sadness made him want to finish a painting.

How talented.

Hey!  Graduation time!

He looks silly with that face he’s making.

Looks fun?

Kinda cool!

But uneventful.

Quill got a moodlet about graduating (which I swore I captured, but must not have), so I’m not sure what else there is to do here.  I was just about to move them back into the Zale house when I thought – I don’t think there’s any living relatives!!!  Did we lose the house?!?!?!

Oh thank goodness!  QUEENIE IS HERE.

Back at the Zale Homestead, Quill gets a little wall of honor.

Kinda neat!  I like seeing things I haven’t seen before.

Although Queenie definitely saved the day, it’s time for her to move out.

Bye dear!  Thanks for everything!  I always knew you were special and underrated!

I wanted to try out the new wedding event stuff, but I think I’ll save that for the next heir.  There’s lots of cool stuff to do, and these guys are already adults.  Also, they don’t seem to have any relationships to make parties, or weddings, or ring pals, or anything like that worthwhile.

So why not elope in the laundry room?

As fine a wedding as any.

With that, Quill begins his chef career and enjoys a signing bonus!

I also believe he has started at level 7.

Well – that’s all for this update!  Join us again soon (hopefully) to see what’s next for those Zany Zales!  Cheers and happy simming!

PS. I think because they moved, the potential inheritance from the weird phone call requiring Quill to get married was lost. They did get married within the window, but since they’re not in that neighborhood anymore, no dice. Still was a fun experience!

Self Wetting (-5):
Pass Out (-5): 6 (-30)
Failing School (-5):
NTH children earning an A in school (+5): 4 (+20)
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs (-5):
Positive Traits Earned by NTHs (+5): 8 (+40)
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Fires (-10): 1 (-10) (ha ha ha ha, one…)
Social Worker Visit (-15):
Single Birth (+5): 1 (+5)
Twins (+10):
Triplets (+15):
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5):
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10):
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers (+5):
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members (+10):
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10):
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10):
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10):
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20): 2 (+40)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5):
Left Over Points from TS3: +535
New Count in TS4: +65
Total: +600

Quill Goes to University 17.0

Hello!  Welcome, welcome!  Believe it or not, it’s time for another Zale Family ISBI-Alphabetcy installment!  It has been a LONG time since the last post, and I apologize to any of you who are still loyal Zale readers.  It has been more than 10 months since the last post, and 8 years, 10 months and 15 days since Abe Zale first graced the internet.  But I’m still here, and the Zales are too.  So without further ado, ZALE CHECK!

Quill is applying to university!

Mahmoud & Queenie are eating cake, Paisley is doing some teaching work.

Quill’s room gets a grownup makeover.

I think it looks nice.

I’m sure Pais is happy to never have to fix another appliance.

Paisley & Queenie wake up early the next day and behave responsibly.

Quill wanted to buy a popcorn maker – who am I to deny his wishes?

(This post is riveting, my goodness…)  No wonder no one reads this, ha ha ha ha!


Look at the happy little Zales. ❤

Quest stopped by!

Hi dear!  I hope life out in Story Progression is treating you okay.

Quill doesn’t stick around to visit with Quest.  He likes fitness, and even though we’re most likely to find a spouse at school, doesn’t mean we can’t look a little now!

Off to the gym!

I spot a female…

…but I’m ready for some different hair colors.

After a nice jog, Quill rests his muscles in the hot tub…

…does a little yoga…

…then is back home for naptime.

There isn’t much else to do while waiting to hear from the universities.

Ew, get a room.

(JK, I’m glad they still love each other) ❤

Quill needs to improve his cooking skill, so he’s the new chef in the house.

Those veggies look lovely.

Queenie begins autonomous repair of the broken dishwasher!

Thanks girl!  She is an underappreciated Zale.

Paisley gets a more mature makeover.

I think she looks great!

Queenie spins into this cute little outfit for school.

I like it!

Woohoo!  Quill got his acceptance letter!

And it includes Culinary Arts!  I want that fridge that prevents food from rotting, so I’m hoping Quill will top the culinary career.

Time to enroll!

Quill is taking things very seriously, no time for electives.

I attempt to move him into the Darkwing House – the one and only other time I attempted to play with the University expansion, I tried a dorm and it was NOT fun.

I give him $5000.00 so he can buy stuff while he’s away.

And we’re off!

Aww, looks like Mahmoud dropped him off, so cute!

The house is pretty nice, both inside and out!

This could be fun!

Here’s some of the faces of his housemates and people who drop by:



(Nice build, dude)



I kinda liked her unique look, but she’s already an adult.

Nina Caliente (now Munch, she’s married:

They get a long really well, though. 🙂

And I know I said I was over the dark hair, but how cute is Hitomi?

It’s not just social hour, however, Quill is a diligent student and begins working on his term papers.

Hmm, school must be exhausting for these two.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sims sleep in the hot tub.

His first class!

Looks so pretty!  The university expansion is better than I remember it being.

Good times were short-lived.

Quill’s father dies just days after he dropped him off to school.  😦

Next thing I know, his mom calls to chat.  Aw.

Look at his sad little face.

Well, life must go on…

…Quill continues to work on his studies.

I bought him a bike!

Lookin’ awfully cute there, buddy!

One of his classes requires a presentation to be completed.

He works hard on it late into the night.  PS, the bike is awesome and gives him a huge fun boost on his way to classes – highly recommend.


I rejoin Quill at university.

I had forgotten what he was studying!  Culinary Arts!

He resumes his studies next to some rotting French toast.

Keeping in mind we’re also spouse hunting, here’s one of the few young adults I’ve managed to find.

Bristol Goth.

Here, now you can see her face.

She’s sad because someone has died recently, at least I assume so, as one of Quill’s interaction options was “Console About Death”.

I force Quill to quit his homework and say hi real quick-like.  Stargaze time!

Friendship speedrun.

Aaaaand… she’s married.

I had done something stupid in MCCC to try to encourage more marriages and children born in the neighborhoods, but now everyone is married.  I have currently disabled the mod, however.

I found a single sim!

She’s a young adult too!

This is Arihi – aside from the school spirit batwings, she’s pretty cute!

I like Bristol better… Just sayin’.

It’s Neighborhood Brawl – the stupidest “holiday” in Simming history, but hey…

I want him to have a good day.

Quill spends the next several hours attacking random people and then hugging them.

He had the best day ever.

I saw a pop-up about a debating thingie (that’s the official name), and after finally finding googling where to go to participate, I discover the school’s statue has been vandalized!

Can’t have that, Quill cleans it up.

How cute!  I know he doesn’t have any debating skills, but it should at least be entertaining.

Also, he took Arihi with him, but she’s nowhere to be found.

Bless, he stutters his way through.

Blondie here booed Quill while he spoke, and then showed great interest when his opponent began.


I have no idea what the outcome was, but he got $300?  So that’s cool.  He’s also hungry, but the food stall just closed.

Just when I was pouting about it, some dude came and opened it!

Fun!  You can order the food “for here” or “to go”.

Quill orders a cinnamon roll, “for here” – careful bud…

I’m not sure you should accept food from someone who looks so sinister.

All-in-all, it was a happy event.

Quill on his bike:  🙂

Or… maybe it wasn’t such a happy event.

Well, I had fun.

Quill was fixing a broken sink, then I had him mop up a puddle.  Since the “mop” command often applies to the entire home, I was surprised when he headed upstairs.

I admit I did not even remember this house having an upstairs.  With Quill ignoring it, it was in desperate need of attention.  Since he’s the only one who does anything around here.  😐

Quill is almost done with his homework for the term.

I think.

I like Bristol too much to let her go, and Arihi wouldn’t stick around long enough for a chat, so I invited her over to hang out.

Paisley calls her son in the middle of his visit with Bristol to ask about taking on a new job.

I meant to say yes, but mis-clicked.  Oh well.

She’s just too cute, I think Quill has to make a move…

…fingers crossed!  Married Sims can be difficult to sway away from their spouses.

I attempt exchange phone numbers…

Um, yeah.  That didn’t go well.  (funny though, cuz they already talk on the phone… but okay)

As she was not impressed, we do some damage control cloud gazing to restore their friendship.

Ha, this looks like a kiss, but it’s a best friends hug!

Quill is undeterred, and attempts to blow a kiss across the table.

We just might get her yet!

In a crowded kitchen, Quill decides it’s time for his very first kiss.

It happens to be Bristol’s very first kiss too!

Never mind the fact that she’s married.  I guess she’s never kissed her husband, Ralph.  At least I don’t feel like such the homewrecker anymore.  I mean, she’d never even kissed the guy.

Ahem, we’ll give them some privacy.

And tada!  Quill has a girlfriend.

After some steamy hot tub time, Quill asks Bristol to leave her spouse.

Oh no!

Don’t worry, she says yes.  🙂  Bristol has divorced her husband Ralph to join the Zale madness.  Poor thing has no idea what she’s in for.

And with that, Quill is off to his final exams.

Clearly dressed appropriately.

Back at the house, Quill resumes repairing everything and this happens!

YES!  It is SO much nicer to have a TH who likes handiness!  Hurrah!

His grades are in!

A little neglect in “Gettin’ Saucy” but otherwise, not too bad!

Quill re-enrolls immediately:

Three core classes, and a gourmet cooking elective.

Rather sick of the chaos of the group home, Quill grabs this single family home:

I don’t know where those funds are from, perhaps the Zale family?  Oh well, not complaining.

His couple scholarships really help!

Not a bad price!

The new house is actually really cute.

A couple upgrades, and it’ll be great.

Bristol moves in!

The other members of her household, left to right, top to bottom were:  Jesminder Bheeda, her mother – ex-husband Ralph Goth, then her siblings Alexandrea & Peppino Bheeda.  Her father is deceased, this is who she was sad about when we first met her.  Her maiden name was Bheeda before she married Ralph.

Ralph is a vegetarian who hates children, I think she’ll be better off with Quill.  Maybe.  Bristol has the Mansion Baron aspiration, will age up to adult in 6 days, and has the maker, squeamish, and child of the ocean traits.

As soon as Bristol unpacks, Quest is here for a visit!

I was so happy to see her, but all she did was argue with Quill, knock over their garbage can, and leave.  Thanks…

Bristol has moved in with Quill very quickly after her divorce, and is still very sad about her failed marriage.

With Quill off at class, all I can do is follow Bristol around and watch her cry and nap.

She is not a fellow student and is unemployed.  It’s a wee bit depressing.

Quill works on his term papers.

But is interrupted by the Welcome Wagon!

He greets them all, accepts (and hates) their fruitcake, they visit for a bit, and leave.

Hey, Bristol likes fitness!

Good!  Non-TH Sims often get quite chubby, as they don’t typically do any exercise, maybe this will help her stay a little more fit.

Then the phone rings…

Yeah buddy, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Quill works hard on his studies.

Both term papers are complete!

Bristol is much more enjoyable now that she’s over the sadness from her divorce.

She’s so cute, and I gave her some more outfits.

She has the maker trait, so I bought her an easel.

Hopefully she’ll use it.

Bristol and Quill chat while he works on his homework.

They look so happy!

Really Paisely?   Aw geez.

I tell her she can come over immediately.  Guilt-trip much?

She looks so cute!

I know we just saw her at the beginning of this post, but I hadn’t seen her in months because of the break.  I was very happy to see her!


And these two got along great!

Paisely heads home, and Bristol off to bed.  But alas!  What is this!

Confetti and a baby bump!  There’s an R in the oven!

And it’s BIG NEWS!

That’s all for this post!  I am excited to see what Quill and Bristol have in store for their futures, and cannot wait to meet the next generation (think girls!).  I hope it won’t be so long until the next update, and if you’re still out there, thank you so much for reading!

No change in score.

Self Wetting (-5):
Pass Out (-5): 2 (-10)
Failing School (-5):
NTH children earning an A in school (+5): 4 (+20)
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs (-5):
Positive Traits Earned by NTHs (+5): 8 (+40)
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Fires (-10): 1 (-10) (ha ha ha ha, one…)
Social Worker Visit (-15):
Single Birth (+5): 1 (+5)
Twins (+10):
Triplets (+15):
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5):
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10):
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers (+5):
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members (+10):
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10):
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10):
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10):
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20): 2 (+40)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5):
Left Over Points from TS3: +535
New Count in TS4: +80
Total: +620

RIP Chickens 16.8

Welcome back to another Zale Family ISBI installment!  After reviewing the results of the heir poll, I am happy to announce…

Drum roll please…

Quill had 5 votes here, and 6 on Boolprop for a total of 11!
Quay had 7 votes here, and 4 on Boolprop for a total of 11!

It’s a tie!

That said, it’s my party, so I’m gonna pick my favorite – so Quill will take over generation Q!  I guess I should’ve gone with blog reader preference, but WHATEVER.  I picked, so there we have it.  I’m pleased with the amount of votes cast, and happy to have readers and people taking the time to vote.

Quill is still a teen, so this will be Paisley’s last adventure as TH, while we wait for Quill to age up.  That said – ZALE CHECK:

Mahmoud is watching tv and thinking about food.  He likes food.

Paisley is annoyed cleaning up everyone’s dishes.

Quay, our heir poll victor – almost – is on the toilet.

Sorry buddy, not a great farewell picture.  You deserve better.  However, MOVE OUT.

Future TH Quill, – because I said so – looks like he might’ve realized he won the heir poll!

He did not, but we don’t need to tell him.

Very cute and sweet Queenie is doing her homework in her parent’s room.

Queenie is an underappreciated Zale.  She is my favorite of all Q the kids.

As mentioned, Quay is moving out.  See you later!

I send him to join Penny, Quest and that random kid.  If you recall, when I kicked out Penny, I moved her in with a pregnant woman.  When Quest joined the house, it was just the the kid that was born (I think his name is Asa), and Penny.  The woman vanished.  I assumed she died.  *Spoiler* I will find out in one screenshot I was correct.

Nice place.

Clearly enough beds for everyone.  I take a moment to add a little kitchen and a couple of bunk beds.  No wonder Quest showed up right after she moved out and started digging through the Zale trash.  Kinda of sad, really.  I also discovered Asa’s mom’s urn on the lot.  She did indeed perish.

Back at the house, Queenie is such a cute kid.

Hanging out on the monkey bars.

With only a little more time to get another promotion, and keep this house paid for, I set Paisley to work on the necessary skills.

(Debate and Charisma)

Oh lordie, I forgot about the chickens.

Sorry guys.

Back inside I notice THE IMPOSSIBLE.

Quill proves I have made the correct heir choice, and is FIXING THE DRYER.  Bless.

He then plays with a small kitten toy in the bathroom and hits himself in the head, but hey.

Childish is, what childish does remember that Harry.

Quest stops by!

Hi dear!

Seconds later – Death has come for Snowflake!

RIP.  PS – No one cared or noticed.

Quill!  You little saint you!

Definitely not regretting my choice!  *touches wood*

Oh look.  Guess who’s back?

Mocha’s turn to head to the everafter.  RIP.

Just enough time passes for tragedy to strike again.

There goes Frank.  RIP.


There goes Shadow.  RIP Chickens.

While I was busy watching death reap all the souls of my fowl, Mahmoud decides to google “where do chickens go when they die?” on the PC in Queenie’s room.

Can you not?  She’s trying to sleep.  It’s 4:00 am.  She has school.

Quill wakes up and grabs a bite of breakfast.

Cake.  Nutritious.  Mahmoud approves.

Queenie gets a little play time in before school!

She managed to complete her homework AND extra credit homework over the weekend.  Maybe we’ll see some points?

Aha!  The circle of life continues.

A new chick!

And no, I did not sing the Lion King song.  Shut up.

Paisley goes to work, the kids go off to school, and I follow Mahmoud around with not much else to do.  He ate food.

And watched TV about food.  He didn’t set the house on fire, so I’ll call that a win.

Queenie gets an A!

POINTS!  +5 I knew you were my favorite.

Quill arrives home with Queenie and I saw he was VERY SAD.

Apparently he’s having a mood swing and is incredibly upset about the color of his clothing.  Mahmoud takes it like a champ.
Mahmoud: Shhh, they’re about to flambé.

Queenie, you little gremlin, take a bath.

The flambé can wait.  I see your stink.

Quay stops by!  Hi buddy!

Everyone:  😀

Quest then comes over and we get notifications she needs to give a gift.

It’s fruit seeds.  Neat.  At least Quill is doing his homework.

The next morning, like father; like son.

The best way to eat breakfast is in your nearly identical pajamas while standing in front of the fridge.

Quill heads off to school (well fed) and earns an A!

POINTS! +5 (I totally knew you were the best)

Upon return from school, Queenie is channeling her inner gremlin again.

Beebee, ily.  Bathe.

Quill does a few sit-ups in one of the many bathrooms and decides he likes fitness.

Cool.  You do you, boo.

Paisley gets home and finally earned that promotion!

That took AGES.  As the lone breadwinner, the Zale funds have decreased this entire generation.  Granted they moved in wealthy from their endeavors in TS3… but they do not make money, it is slowly dwindling.

Quill takes his new fitness interests VERY seriously.

He is now level two!

Quay stops by again!

He enjoys a chat with his little sister.

Several in-game minutes ago I changed my MCCC settings to try to increase the chances of marriages or pregnancies with the spares.  I decide to check Paisley’s family tree for any results, and we have some action!

Penny married Brenden Goth!

Quay married a woman named Evie and has a step-daughter, Payton.

I go to check on them and they’re all crammed in that shipping container lot.

Oh dear.

I move Penny and Brenden into a lot in Sulani, Quay, Evie and Payton into a house in Brindleton Bay.  I just picked random houses that didn’t seem crowded and merged the members.  I leave Quest and Asa.

With the spares somewhat squared away, I try to cram one more promotion out of Paisley before Quill’s YA birthday and he takes over (YAY!)

I never really enjoyed the TS4 University pack… Only played it for a few minutes when it released, as I found it rather, well, awful.  However, I’ve decided that Quill shall attend University.  Based on his Master Chef ambition, we’re going to shoot for a fancy Culinary Arts degree at the University of Britechester.

(I seriously have not played any Uni since like, minutes after the release… we’ll see how it goes!)

I use Quill’s first (and only ever action) to apply for scholarships.

He only has one for living in Del Sol, and it eventually earns him $300.00 – thanks, I guess.

It’s someone’s birthday!  Paisley looks like she doesn’t know whose.


Well… just so happens… I DO!


Queenie rolls paranoid to add to bookworm.

I gave her the County Caretaker aspiration, since for some reason those aren’t random in-game, and I was too lazy to visit another site for a randomizer.  Besides… All the chickens died.  I think she is SO CUTE, and still my favorite Paismoud offspring.

Quay called Paisley on the phone and invited her over.  Since I was curious as to how he was living, I accepted.

Cute house!

Here’s Quay’s cute little step-daughter Payton.

I found his wife, Evie, upstairs.

She was on the computer and it was hard to get a pic – BAD DOWN WALLS.  BAD.  Shame on you.  There is only one bedroom in the whole house… I might have to play as Quay for a few to fix that, but not today.

Back at Casa de Zale, Mahmoud is near death.

Paisley hasn’t even entered old age, yet.

However… whatchoo got there, Pais?

Pais: Cake.

Welcome to your elder years, my dear.

She’s not the only one, however!

Confetti time!

Quill rolls self-aborbed to add to genius and childish.  He also managed to earn responsible and good manners!  POINTS! +10

He’s a cutie!

Paisley also aged into elderhood with grace.

And that’s that!  Quill will take over next time, I’ll actually attempt to play University, and heavens knows what’s next for the Zale family!  Thanks for reading and come back soon!


Self Wetting (-5):
Pass Out (-5): 2 (-10)
Failing School (-5):
NTH children earning an A in school (+5): 4 (+20)
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs (-5):
Positive Traits Earned by NTHs (+5): 8 (+40)
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Fires (-10): 1 (-10) (ha ha ha ha, one…)
Social Worker Visit (-15):
Single Birth (+5): 1 (+5)
Twins (+10):
Triplets (+15):
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5):
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10):
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers (+5):
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members (+10):
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10):
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10):
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10):
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20): 2 (+40)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5):
Left Over Points from TS3: +535
New Count in TS4: +80
Total: +620

Trauma in the Tub 16.7

Welcome back to another fun-filled Zale adventure!  We shall begin as always with a Zale Check!

Mahmoud is having a bright idea in the kitchen.

Paisley has pierced herself again for work, and is standing outside.

At least the air is breathable today.

Quest is standing in the living room looking smug.

Quay is in his parents room looking sleepy.

I remembered to put his glasses back on from childhood.

Quill is talking to a houseplant.

Queenie is taking a quick nap.

This is about all we see of Queenie this post.  Which is a shame because she’s a sweetie and a cutie.  She’ll get a couple more shots, but not much.

Quest decides she likes fitness from simply standing next to the tv.

So that’s cool I guess.

Poor Paisley hates handiness, but since she’s the only one who can fix anything, well – tough luck.

Suck it up, buttercup.

Penny stops by!

Always nice to see her.

It was a pleasant, cheerful visit.

Good for everyone’s fun & social needs.

Paisley really does have a rough go of things, since she’s the sole breadwinner, the only one who cooks, cleans & repairs all the broken objects.  Her nerd brain aspiration has gone completely ignored.  I need to make sure the next spouse has a job.  I set her to work on the skills needed for another promotion.

The house is too big for her income, and is bleeding funds.  At least Mahmoud hasn’t burnt the stove to a crisp recently.  **touches wood**

Mahmoud wakes up at four in the morning to eat blackened bass and watch tv.

You do you, boo.

Yes dear, you’re in the bathroom.  Use the toilet.

It is not my fault you chose to take a long bath first.

With everyone at work and school except Mahmoud, I watch his little chubby butt get inspired by a cooking show.

He certainly loves food.

The kids get home.  A lot of Bs, so no points.

Quay, take a shower.

The new crops are fun, but too much work for an already overstretched TH.

This will be the final harvest.

Sheesh, Paisley looks away for two minutes, and here’s the state of the kitchen.

She’s gonna love fixing all that.

The chickens are still here, and happy.

And adorable.

Penny stops by and thankfully has a nice chat with Quay who was very tense and slamming things everywhere.

Good ol’ Aunt Penny managed to cheer him up.

I saw Mahmoud’s portrait go red and OH MY.

He’s like glitched and stuck in the bathtub!  I reset him, but expect some fails. 😦

Huh, surprisingly enough he managed to go to the bathroom and find a bed.

I’m proud of you, buddy.

He gradually pulls his needs back together after his trauma in the tub.

Just social need is still in the red.

Kids are home again – if looks could kill, Quill…sheesh.

Calm down dude, and take a shower.

It’s Quest’s adult birthday!

She rolls slob to join dastardly, goofball, and mean.  I never found her to be very mean to her family.

I think she looks very pretty!

She also managed to get the responsible trait, so POINTS!  PLUS +5
Anyway, bye.  She joins Penny’s household which now has the two Zales and a teen dude named Asa.  If you recall, when Penny moved in the other house member was pregnant, so I think the kid is her son.  No idea where mom went.

I think Mahmoud is broken.  He’s just sitting on Quest’s bed.  Maybe he misses her?

(He did get up and start doing stuff after this.  So he’s not completely broken.  Just stay away from the tub, fella.)

Hi cute boys!  Your momma made pancakes! 🙂

Pancakes in background: *BLING*

The boys leave unfed, but Mahmoud has no trouble finding the snacks.

Mahmoud with mouth full of pancakes:  Wut?  I like pancakesh.

Quest pops over for a visit after being gone for less than 24 hours.

Hmm, apparently she isn’t doing so well on her own.

Mahmoud:  Do you need money?  We can give you money.

This is an elder chicken portrait, as I have been notified they are all near death.

I thought about selling them to get some last minute money for them, but kept them anyway.  I’m hoping to get one more hatchable egg.

Kids get home just in time to watch their sister leave.

Poor sweet Queenie ignored all post 😦

No one managed to eat any of Quest’s birthday cake, so Paisley grabs it from the fridge to repurpose.

Who for you ask?

Why it’s Mahmoud.  He has decided to become an old man.

He is not impressed.

He also gets a little more age-appropriate clothing.

I realize if the next heir doesn’t hurry up, he might not live to see grandkids.  That would be sad.

Aw, Quill did his homework and his extra credit work.

Good job!  Feel free to earn us some points with a shiny A on your report card.

The family could no longer leave the hamburger cake alone, and as another birthday looms, Paisley had to bake a cake this time.

Who’s up now?

Quay is growing into a young adult!

Ha ha, both boys are super cute.

Quay rolls child of the ocean, which is added to squeamish & snob.  He managed to earn responsible & good manners traits as well.  POINTS +10

With Quay entering adulthood, it’s time for the Generation 17 HEIR POLL!

Quay Zale – Young Adult – Friends of Animals Aspiration – Snob, Child of the Ocean, Squeamish, Good Manners, Responsible & Animal Affection.  He also has the People Person lifestyle trait.

Quill Zale – Teen – Master Chef Aspiration – Childish, Genius, Essence of Flavor & Happy Toddler – he is also well in range to add Responsible & Good Manners when he ages up in 7 days.

Assuming I got the poll to work (should be below this, after the score count), you can vote here, or over here on Boolprop, or both!  I like both the boys, so I’m not too fussed with who wins.

Self Wetting (-5):
Pass Out (-5): 2 (-10)
Failing School (-5):
NTH children earning an A in school (+5): 2 (+10)
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs (-5):
Positive Traits Earned by NTHs (+5): 6 (+30)
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Fires (-10): 1 (-10) (ha ha ha ha, one…)
Social Worker Visit (-15):
Single Birth (+5): 1 (+5)
Twins (+10):
Triplets (+15):
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5):
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10):
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers (+5):
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members (+10):
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10):
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10):
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10):
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20): 2 (+40)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5):
Left Over Points from TS3: +535
New Count in TS4: +65
Total: +600

There’s a Chicken in the House 16.6

Welcome to another fun and exciting post in the Zale ISBI-Alphabetcy!  Today, this blog is 2,890 days old – or 7.9 years.  Well then.  We’ll finish eventually.  Probably.  Before I collect Social Security.


Mahmoud is cheering on the dishwasher.

Paisley is sleeping – trust me, she deserves the rest.

Quest is also asleep, in her own room, in her own bed.

So that’s good.

Quay, although IN the bathroom desperately needs to USE the bathroom.

It’s right there buddy, you can do it.

Quill is filling his bladder.

Whilst also needing to empty it.

Ferdy is on the counters.

Of course.

Zale check complete.

Quill.  Stop that you naughty boy.

Another thing for Paisley to have to clean up later.

Quay finds the jungle gym I bought for Quill’s aspiration.

Nothing like 3 am monkey bars, amirite?

Very pregnant Paisley gets some food in her while Quill & Quest are sweet to each other.


Okay Mahmoud, there’s a lovely plate of eggs and bacon RIGHT THERE.  I hope whatever you’re making doesn’t catch on fire.

PS – I think he’s more fire prone because he’s clumsy.  I read he’s less likely to use “things successfully” – whatever that means.

I’m watching you.

Good.  Good job.

And Ferdy, get off the danged counters.

Aw, these two…

Spoiler – know what happens later, uploading these photos made me sad.

Looks like Paisley forgot to pay the bills (clearly I didn’t forget) so the power is out.

One bored Mahmoud is forced to entertain himself with Ferdy – much to Ferdy’s pleasure!

The kids are home from school on another smoggy day.

Looks like Quest has some dishes to clean up.  As per his norm, Ferdinand greets the kids.  Ily Ferdy.

Quill came home and went straight to nap – in his sisters bed.

I did assign beds!!

Quay – that is not YOUR bed.

You guys are the worst…

Okay, this idiot decided to take my words to heart, and quit napping in his sisters bed.
FAIL!  -5  Thanks  a lot, Quill.

These two manage to keep the love alive throughout all the chaos and silliness.

Paismoud 5ever.

The whole family makes it off to work and school, leaving Mahmoud home with Ferdy.

At least he has TV to entertain him this time!

Until he broke it.

Thanks a lot.

Paisley goes into labor while at work, with lots of hours left until she gets home.  I thought I took the snip of her labor notification but I missed it.  I call her home from work early, and send her off to the hospital.

I swore I clicked “Join”, but she goes alone.  Probably for the best, as she’s managed to fail in her previous births.

It’s a Girl!

I name her Queenie.  So much for a third option for heir poll, but still good – and points!  +5

Kids arrive home from school miserable & smelly.

Well, Quay looks happy enough – although he is indeed smelly.

Oh shoot.  Thanks a lot Quill.

That’s another one for you.  FAIL -5

Queenie is smelly too, apparently it’s a family trait.

Paisley is busy sleeping, so come on Mahmoud.

Quill found his bed for napping.  Quay found it for crying bout an unwanted sibling.

Neither has managed to bathe.

Penny came over to talk to herself in the mirror.

Okay then.  But always nice to see a Zale spare.  Even if she’s the only one.

Paisley gets promoted!

I choose the administrator branch.  I haven’t done either, but this one makes more money – potentially.

It’s TV Season Premiere night, so Pais & Mahmoud watch it together.

Aw.  Looks riveting.

Penny swings by again to play with her niece and nephew’s toys.

Always welcome… even if she’s weird.

Paisley makes Quest a cake in the nick of time, but can’t stick around to celebrate, as she’s about to pass out.

Happy birthday Quest!

She rolls mean and is already a goofball.  I giver her the Chief of Mischief aspiration.

It’s nice to hopefully have another set of helpful hands around the place.


Good job big sis!

I send Paisley out for a jog, as she could stand to slim down a bit.

Funny I said that when this was her pic – she’s much heavier later.  No worries, I love me some Paisley, no matter the size.

Quest does her homework!

Good girl!  However, you should change out of your PJs.

Someone help Queenie!

Paisley is at work!

Thank you Mahmoud!

Or not.  It’s crying, what do I do?

I don’t know dude, you’re like parenting level 8 – figure it out.

15 wrong actions later…

Thank you.  I GUESS.

Quay gets an A!  Yay points!

I finally switched to TS4 scoring, so this will help!  +5

I also have a couple Happy Toddlers:

Quay does NOT have it – poor thing.  Anyhoo, +10

The boys are home from school and chatting in the nursery.

Aka the social hub and homework zone.


Oh hey!  Cottage Stuff!

Not sure how any of this works, but we had to get the animals!  I build a little section for chickens, and an animal shed for one llama and one cow.

Doesn’t quite fit with their urban living, of course, but at least their lot had the space.

The second I hit un-pause after adding the little farm, this happened.

Oops, no party.  Sorry Pais.

Yes yes, mope away – did you see you can buy a cow!?!

Also immediately after restarting, Queenie ages up too!

Hi cutie!  She’s rolls angelic, lucky me!  She’s also the only child to get Mahmoud’s hair color, so that’s exciting!

Ferdy also decided to age up, as it’s the cool thing to do.

He’s an old man cat now.  I love you buddy.

The animals make an appearance!  Meet How Now the Brown Cow.

We also have Yzma, the white llama.

Welcome, ladies!

I also partially filled the chicken coop.  Not knowing how Sims chickens work, but thinking about irl chickens, I get one Brown Rooster, a Black Hen, a Brown Hen, and a White Hen.  Only a couple have made their appearance.

The coop can hold 8 chickens, but I want them to be able to hatch some chicks, so I leave some space.  The hens are Shadow (black), Snowflake (white), and Mocha (brown).  I name the rooster Frank.

Okay, the chickens are incredibly cute, I love them.

I also wanted to try out the new crops – not that Paisley doesn’t have enough to do.

Might regret.

Queenie is needing some attention in the house.

Can’t neglect the human baby!

Erm.  There’s a chicken in the house.

Hi Mocha.

Gorsh dangit Mahmoud!  STOP STARTING FIRES.

FAIL -10

Thank you Quest, you were very helpful.

Mahmoud: unfazed

Time to make this thing lint-less.

Pais decides she dislikes handiness – tough luck toots, you’re the only one to do it.

I got notified that all the animals were unhappy, dirty, etc.  I think it’s just too much with Paisley being the only one capable of doing anything.

I love the animals, and the gameplay is great, but Paisley was overwhelmed half the time before the livestock.

NO!  QUAY!  Don’t age up!  Your momma is making your cake RIGHT NOW.

Drat.  He rolled snob to go with squeamish.  Charming.  I randomize the Friends with Animals thing.  Quite the chin!

He’s still handsome though – and I should’ve given him glasses.  I’ll try to remember to do that.

His first teen action happens to be a very helpful one…

…as Queenie was very near passing out.  Thanks bud.

Hi Son, here’s your birthday ca– oh.

I saw you could now “cook together” with a Sim, so I tried it with Paisley & Quill.

Aw!  So cute!

Reluctantly I’m realizing I can’t keep the livestock happy, Pais just has too much to do, and is the only working member of the household.

I’ll try to take the chickens, but Yzma and How Now might have to go.

Quay, somehow feeling I could use some more help, waters the watermelons.

Thanks bud – now fix the broken plumbing, take care of the dishes, vacuum, cook, clean, and be the sole bread winner.  Fine – just go to school.

Oh.  My.  Heavens.  We have a chick!

No no, not How Now, the little, yellow, adorable, thing in the foreground!

Ferdy races out to greet Quill and Quest on their arrival home from school.

Both “B” students.

Nice try, Queenie – I appreciate your “help”, but that’s not how you fertilize the crops.


Quay!  You helpful teen you!

He rescues the filthy toddler, AND cleans her up!  #winning

Quest says she’s helpful too!

Not my number one locale for flashcards, but hey – I’m not complaining.

*GASP* Looks like the most recent update fixes the vacuuming bug?  First time I’ve seen a Sim vacuum on their own.  It’s kind of been a disaster really – I considered uninstalling it.  Another save I play has a butler, and this ridiculous “Dust Pack” was a joke.

I did need to strip it from her inventory and put it in Paisley’s, but now I know I could give everyone one, and they’d probably help.  Note:  Apparently it’s a wet/dry vac.

Cleaning up Yzma & How Now for sale.

Sorry ladies, Paisely just can’t do it.

Hopefully we can manage the chickens and new crops.

(And now they’ll quit escaping.)

Penny stopped by to use the computer.

Everyone else was too preoccupied to visit with her.

Oh Mahmoud, you big cutie, look how pudgy you are!

And always taking such good care of Ferdy.  Mahmoud: Quit making cake.  Bless.

Kids get home from school, still “B” students, but Quill does his homework!

Pais really needs to make more money so she takes a day of PTO and works on her needed skills for a promotion.

The house bills are more than $4K, and she only brings home $800 per work day.  Time for her to skill is always on the back burner, so I invest in a little break from the office.  She has the vacation days, so she’ll still get paid.

Quay also works on his homework in the dedicated homework spot that is the toddler bed.
Penny makes another appearance!

Another new chick!


Quill earns an A!


Paisley comes home an exhausted mess, don’t let her face fool you.

Although she looks a wee bit nuts, which seems fitting.

Quill, are you trying to win bonus points for future heir?

Because it’s working for me!

Quay is not to be outdone.

Thank you, Boo.

And then this!

My heart! ❤

One of the chicks has grown into a black rooster.  I decide to sell him since we already have Frank.

He earns Paisley $100!

Oh.  oh.  my heart…

Well this is traumatic.  Ferdy?

This is awful.

I hate every second of it.

Rip beebee Ferdy.  Ily.

Ferdinand was a crucial member of the Zale family – even making the transition from TS3.  He was so friendly, and happy.  Mahmoud and him were especially close.  He will be genuinely missed from the household.

Death decides to stick around and visit.

The whimsy of it was lost on me, in the aftereffects of Ferdy’s passing.

But then he took out the trash…

…It helped.  I smiled.  One less chore for Paisley.

Even through all the sadness…

…There is cause to celebrate.

Happy birthday, Queenie!

Quay: **sad toot**

Queenie rolled bookworm and adds Whiz Kid.  She did not complete her toddler skills.  She did however earn Happy Toddler, so +5

I apparently didn’t take a picture until I found her the only one awake playing with toys.

She’s a cute patootie.  Even if she’s awake at 4 am.

The other Zales start to rise and WHAT IS THIS.

An autonomous repair!?!  Cool!  Thanks Quest!

A few short hours later….


Nothing brings a family together like TV. (L to R; Quay, Mahmoud, Quest, Queenie & Quill)  Paisley is feeding the chicken, but she’ll be in soon to bake a cake.

Mahmoud: Cake?

It’s Quill’s turn to join his older siblings in teenagehood.

He adds childish to genius, as well as Master Chef, which brings “essence of flavor”.  He’s the only possible heir to develop a like/dislike – and he likes Comedy.

Another handsome Zale!

And to end this VERY long post – Paisley FINALLY earns that promotion she’d worked so hard for.

Phew – what an adventure!  Come back soon (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…) for the next installment!

Self Wetting (-5):
Pass Out (-5): 2 (-10)
Failing School (-5):
NTH children earning an A in school (+5): 2 (+10)
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs (-5):
Positive Traits Earned by NTHs (+5): 3 (+15)
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Fires (-10): 1 (-10) (ha ha ha ha, one…)
Social Worker Visit (-15):
Single Birth (+5): 1 (+5)
Twins (+10):
Triplets (+15):
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5):
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10):
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers (+5):
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members (+10):
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10):
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10):
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10):
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20): 2 (+40)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5):
Left Over Points from TS3: +535
New Count in TS4: +50
Total: +585

Let’s Have One More (Fire) 16.5

Welcome back to another fun-filled adventure with the Zales!  Let’s see who we have running around the house.

Zale Check!
Mahmoud is feeling flirty in the bath tub.

Paisley is getting some well-deserved ZZZs.

Quest is also taking a bath in the neighboring bathtub.

Sorry to disturb your privacy.

Quay is sleeping happily.

Quill is also asleep.

My favorite form of toddler.

Ferdy is having a bite to eat.

Such a cute and good kitty.

Ferdinand then attempts to wake Quay up for school, but he doesn’t rise.

That won’t be good for his grades.

Pais heads off to work, and Quest off to school (good girl).  Mahmoud enjoys some fancy dessert.

And proves helpful, as he frequently does.

Good ISBI spouse.

Quay finally wakes up at 11:05am, desperate for a toilet.

He perks up quick enough, grabs some applesauce and joins his dad for some boob tube.

Mahmoud has a cute moment with Ferdy, and his outfit reminds me it is hot outside.

I did not recall making that outfit so colorful.

Pais gets home from work and takes a call from her sister Penny just to chat.

Aw.  (PS, I expect cars soon…)

Paisley makes dinner and Quest volunteers to set the table.

She is such a good kid, makes me almost regret that it’s a boy’s turn.

Quill finally wakes up and thankfully he found the fish tacos his momma made.

He eats them without issue.  Good.

Then I spot Quest out the window being not such a good kid.

Pais finishes her taco and makes it out there in time to explain we DO NOT MAKE MESSES.

Quay then unexpectedly cleans it up.

Thanks dude.

Apparently being squeamish makes him helpful around the house.

He does many things he hates, and has the grossed out moodlet all the time.

Oops, forgot to lock the toddler out.  Quill wakes up his momma for no reason.

Thankfully Paisley had had a fair bit of rest, and resumes potty training.

Pais is at work, both kids make it to school, and I watch Mahmoud do dishes, clean the counters, take out the trash and play with the kitty.

Gold star for the ISBI spouse!

Paisley puts her influence to use and gets the kids to do their homework.

They are very pleasant kids to be around.

I get a pop-up that Quill is at communication level 2, so I go see what he’s up to…

…Mahmoud is teaching him to talk!  Autonomously!  Sweet!

Quill finds a protein plate that Paisley made earlier, and looks like Quay is gonna feed himself too.

Good work, my little idiots.

Oh.  Oops.

This is no way to repay an excellent ISBI spouse.  I believe he begins punishing me after this.  I’m sorry Mahmoud!  I meant to make you a cake!

Nothing like a toddler on the lawn in the middle of the night playing with the cat.


The rest of the family is asleep, so the smelly toddler runs amok.

It’s a grand ol’ time.

Ferdy helps.

The good time comes to a screaming end when Quill decides he’s been dirty too long and throws a tantrum.

Paisley to the rescue!

Sorry for the shot of your badonkadonk, Paisley, but Quill looked so cute.

Pais takes a minute to work on her job, and we catch Ferdy mid stretch.

Ferdy is a precious kitty, he’s so sweet.

Quay remains shockingly helpful around the house as well.  I just watched him actually take laundry to the machine AND start it, take out the trash, and mop up this mystery puddle.

No one had failed, so I don’t know where it came from.

Paisley earned another promotion!  YAY!

Quest came home with a project, I had Paisley “assist”, but it looks like she’s just doing it for her.

To be fair, Quest did start it on her own earlier.

Another naughty mess-maker!

And on the good rug!

And although Quay is exhausted, he starts his homework on his brother’s bed.

Almost makes up for ruining the carpets.  Compared to Penny’s study habits, these kids are saints.

Mahmoud is pouting because he’s eaten too many quick or snacky meals, but took it upon himself to make a lovely spinach frittata.

Yeah Mahmoud, can relate.


And why do you look so pleased with yourself!?!  Grr.

Doesn’t seem to discourage Quest, she starts over.