Makin’ Babies 15.4

Hellooo!  Welcome back to the Zales!  Last time the first of generation P was born, a little boy named Pax – this time, well – read on!

First, I have to share this.  WHAT A DEAL!

You save that one point.  😐

Anyhoo, on with the Zale Check!  First Raj and Nat are being sweet and in love.


Mir and Oscar are sleeping.


Owen is miserable as always.

Sick and tired and hating the outdoors.

Pax is in the swing.

And Ferdy is being adorable wishing for NO shooting stars.

Aw.  Zale check complete.

While Oscar sleeps, Miriam manages to put the swing on SLOW.

It’s a miracle.

Hey Natalie?  Feel free to clean that while you’re there.

You even have a wish to do so…

I have to force Oscar out of bed before he’s fully rested to take care of Pax.

I follow him downstairs where I thought it was raining inside.

I scoured the structure in build mode and couldn’t see any reason for it to be raining inside, then I cleverly noticed that the all-in-one bathroom is broken.  OH.  Plumbing failure.  Got it.

I’ll have Oscar fix it as soon as he’s done cleaning this nasty toilet and getting a bite to eat.

Sorry friend, your mom couldn’t be bothered.

While Oscar is hidden in the “bathroom” Mir cleans up!

Thanks lady!  Natalie still cannot be bothered.

Ugh.  Thanks Raj.  Well done.

And someone else please acknowledge what the HECK is wrong with his NOSTRILS?!?

Owen made it home after going to a friend’s house after school.

He’s in quite the state 😦

Miriam appears to have gained some weight with Pax.

I totally understand, I just don’t see it often?  She was rather thin?

Aw, Ferdy & Mir!

I’m glad they’ve made friends!

Someone moves Pax from the swing to his crib.


Aaaand, now he’s screaming.

Cue angry flailing fists. Thanks a lot, idiots.

Will you two quit bickering about the rocking chairs and help the baby!?!

OMG, OWEN!  Thank you!

*Sings Lion King Theme Song*

As soon as you’re done being awesome, I’m buying you a bed!

Oop, before I could get Owen all situation, mandatory pregnancy zoom shot.

Another “P” is on the way!

Here we go buddy.

You did good.

Sleep tight!

And sweet dreams, neglected one.

Aw, Oscar and Ferdy!

Must be sleepy time in the Zale house.

Hey!  Miriam found the music box!

Oscar rolled a wish for it when he found out Miriam was pregnant with Pax.  It went ignored until this moment.

How sweet.

Pretty adorable.

Owen breaks the computer after the first night’s sleep he’s had in eons.

I found the look on his face priceless.  “What mom, I didn’t do anything wrong, I was just trying to get that free iPad I won.

It’s okay, Natalie, teenagers are hard.

Oscar will fix it.

And he did.

He’s pretty handy now, so no worry about electrocution.

Geez Owen, you’re making friends all over the place.

Don’t make me regret that bed!

I send Oscar out for a jog, as he can’t work for a couple more days.  It earns him a promotion!

Too bad we need to rescue 30 Sims to complete his LTW!  0/30 completed.

Oh heck no!  I spot these two flirting.

And Miriam is about to pass out and starve.

Okay fine, she won’t starve.

But stop flirting with your father-in-law!  Bad Sim!  And feel free to clean up, will ya?

OMG she did.

Thank you.  Now PLEASE.  Go to sleep!

That.  Is not.  A bed.

You’re lucky you’re pretty!

Natalie is a sweet grandma – so precious!

Even if it blocks Miriam from being able to get through.

I have Oscar use his manly wiles on Miriam to get her to sleep in a bed.

It didn’t work, but they do look awfully pleased with themselves.

Their faces made me laugh.

Rajan earns some good grandparent points himself.

I’m sure Natalie and Owen are about to bicker again.

Mir keeps not eating or sleeping, but she seems pretty keen on her husband.

Good.  Stop flirting with the family.

Oscar is clearly hungry, and Miriam rolled a wish to eat spaghetti, so spaghetti it is!

Oscar already ate and left, but the rest of the family makes it for dinner.

And you guys were right!  I was able to drag the leftovers right into the fridge!  Woohoo!  (Well, not “woohoo”, ha ha ha)

In a very strange outfit Miriam goes into labor.

Just getting out of the rocking chair, of course.

Hey look!  Twins!

And routefail dog.

The boy is Preston, an insane light sleeper.
The girl is Paisley, a brave genius.

I was very happy to see we have a girl!  Hopefully we can get another one so we can poll them for heir.

One last thing for this post…

Birthday for Pax!

Isn’t he a cutie!

That’s all for now!  Come back next time!  Eventually Rajan will die, and Owen will age up and move out and we’ll have a couple more house slots for MOAR NOOBOOS.

Happy Simming!


Oops! Let’s Have a Wedding 15.3

Hello!  Welcome back!  The Zales are continuing to establish a presence in Riverview, and I believe I forgot that Miriam and Oscar weren’t married!  Let’s get on with it, shall we?

I begin, as always, with a Zale check.  First I discover a dark and rainy Rajan and Natalie having a disagreement.

Based on the speech bubble, looks like some ignorance was berated.

It is clearly distressing Miriam.

What an odd look on such a pretty face.

Uh oh… Looks like Oscar is suffering from antsimism.

Not good. 😦

I decide to wait and see if any of my mods to help the game run smoothly will find him and fix him.  I try a couple interactions with Mir to see if I can drag him up…

This was a “dip kiss”


Owen is being a good little Sim and trying to do his best to rest up without a bed.

The house is just too small for a bed… I did give him a sleeping bag near the end of this post, maybe he’ll be able to use it and get a full nights sleep.

Hey!  He’s back!

He spun into his chosen sleepwear for the evening and returned to normal.  Yay!

I thought these two rocking chairs on the porch would be picturesque.

Instead they’re just idiot magnets.  Might have to put something else out here… like a bed for Owen… just a thought.  It is a covered porch, so he wouldn’t get wet.  He does hate the outdoors, though… we’ll see.

Come morning, Rajan is offered a job in the science career.

I accept, he’s going to die soon anyway.

A new day dawns for Oscar at the firehouse as well.

I hate that it has a fully built kitchen, but you can’t use the stove, so it’s quick meals only.  I guess they don’t want it burning down? Ha ha ha.  I do hope some coworkers stop by today, part of his job performance depends on meeting them and making friends…

After his quick bite of bread and jam, it’s back to work on the fire alarm.

And hey!  It earns him a promotion!

He’s had a couple now.  Good job, buddy.

I then see Oscar roll a wish I’ve never seen before.

Um, no.  You cannot.  Might have something to do with him being insane?  I’ve never seen a Sim wish for a demotion before.

It’s prom night for Owen!

I hope he has fun and enjoys being crowned prom king.  Because of course he will.

Oscar and Mir have been rolling wishes for pregnancy books, and I didn’t see them in the family bookshelf inventory, so I send Oscar off to buy them.

What a cute bookstore!  Sometimes you just have to love this game.

In an effort to prevent the family from staving, I put Oscar to work grilling some hotdogs.

I’m spoiled by TS4 and being able to drag the leftovers to the fridge myself so they don’t go bad, but I do remember and have Oscar put the uneaten ones away.

The cute little patio area gets its first use!

Made me happy but it gives Oscar the “unfinished” moodlet.  I checked everything in build mode, even the ceiling, and I can’t see anything unfinished.  Bummer.

Meanwhile – SHOCKING!

But he also met a girl!  Betty Simovitch!

Story progression started her on some other romantic endeavors, as she had aged up, but nothing permanent.  Hopefully Owen catches up soon.

Oscar rolled some wishes to buy stuff, and since the lot is huge and the Zales have over $300k in the bank, no problem.

Although I strongly advise against hot tubbing in your hoodie.

Miriam is out here freezing because she won’t get out of the damned rocking chairs.

Go inside, woman!

Thankfully the need to feed herself and her unborn child force her to the refrigerator.


Back at work for Oscar – YAY!  Our second fire!

Lovely town!

Neat furnishings in this house.  I like that the firefighter career allows you to see inside the other homes.

No get busy, Oscar!


Oscar defeats the flames without any difficulties.

While extinguishing the flames, he gets another promotion!

And then we go above and beyond, because Oscar is all about customer service.

Then Oscar rolls a wish that reminds me he and Miriam are not married!

Oopsie doodle!

I make a half-arsed attempt at setting up for a little backyard wedding.

I click on the arch to get the party started and there aren’t any actions available.  Because DUH!  They aren’t even engaged!

Oscar gets right on that.

And she says yes without hesitation.

Let’s try this again, shall we?

Aww, her idle animation while waiting for the ceremony to start is super cute.

Whelp, this is pretty typical for a Zale wedding.

But the show must go on.

Owen is the only one who manages to care and is super sweet.

Remind me to give him a bed somewhere.

Just getting ready to grab a slice of wedding cake and BAM.

Mere hours after her nuptials, Miriam goes into labor.

It’s a BOY!

Pax is welcomed into this world.  He rolled eccentric and disciplined.  Miriam looks a little grumpy, but she DID wish for a girl (which I locked in).  And we DO need girls, as it is a girl’s turn to take over after Oscar is finished.

Oscar rolled a wish to rock with Pax, so I happily oblige.

It’s cute, and besides, an occupied rocker is one less the idiots can be obsessing about.

Miriam manages to finally get her hands on that cake.

Which is good, because she is very hungry.

Oscar puts the automatic parenting machine to work.

And gets right to work on baby number 2!

That’s it for now!  Tune in next time!

Until then, Happy Simming!

The Zales in Riverview 15.2

Hi Guys!  Welcome to another installment of everyone’s favorite pixel people.

Fun story:  I don’t have my notes/captions for these screenshots, but I wanted to attempt to get it uploaded anyway.  We’ll see if I remember what I was thinking when I took the pics.  Wish me luck!  Onward!

This is the one last look at the Zale property in Isla Paradiso.  It was one of my favorite homes I’ve ever played, and I’m sad the Zales barely got to live here.

Before we could move, I needed to make sure I didn’t return the Zales to any world they’d previously resided in.  A quick review of my blog let me know that the Zales have lived in Aurora Skies, Sunset Valley, Monte Vista, Lucky Palms, Twinbrook, and Appaloosa Plains before Isla Paradiso, so I decide they shall reside in Riverview.

They buy this huge and beautiful lot with a cute small house on it.

I forget the name, Cyprus Lane, I think.

The nice garage area has potential.

I turn it into kind of a private love nest for Oscar and Miriam.

I can’t remember if TS3 Sims can walk on half a square to get to the bed or not… we’ll find out.

I finish furnishing the rest of the garage:

Even has a nice little outdoor area.  There’s only the one bathroom in the main house though, so that will probably need to be adjusted.

Here’s the main house:

Rajan and Natalie get a bed, but the large open area I make into a nursery!  Generation P is going to have to sleep somewhere!  Owen can have the couch or something.

Here’s the downstairs.  I think it’s pretty cute… albeit very small.

Well damn…

…I thought so, however.

Thankfully there’s room to extend the loft area without interfering with the stairs.

I wouldn’t mind calling this space home!  I adore it!

The love birds are getting better acquainted.
I think they’re so cute!  And holy cow, the tattoo actually looks like a tattoo and not a blob.

Oscar and Miriam manage to be settling in nicely while the remaining three are standing in what appears to be a rather uncomfortable clump.

Perhaps they left their advanced door-ing skills in IP.

Ferdinand is here!

Ferdinand is ADORABLE.

Oscar manages to score a girlfriend in Miriam.
Good job, buddy!

They enjoy a romantic afternoon in their new loft.

I really think it’s a cute space!

Afterwards, Oscar can’t be a scuba diver anymore, so there’s a new LTW on the horizon.

Due to his brave trait, and the fact that I’ve never done the Firefighter career, I sign Oscar up.

He takes a cab down to the station and it reminds me of two things.  One, I need to buy them a car.  Two:

I haven’t played in Riverview in a VERY long time, and it’s quite pretty!  I had forgotten.

Here we have Oscar checking out his new employment space.

It’s rather nice, actually.

Then I realize he’s all allergy-y so it’s off to the medical center for a shot.

He needs athletic skill for his new career, so I make him jog home.   (Look at me remembering why I took this pic…)

The family is pretty hungry, and even though Natalie has excellent cooking skills, no one has any food.  So I make Oscar prepare a meal and call everyone to eat.

I love that feature.  It works too!

After most of the family eat (and I don’t get any pictures – there’s a lot of dirty dishes as proof that you will see later, however).  Owen proves to be very much the teenager and play on the computer way too late.

I, a mature adult, would never do that.  O.o

But good for him, he found the couch!

Ferdinand found his little bed too.

And is indeed the cutest thing.

Raj and Natalie agree.

Awwww ❤

Morning rolls around and a well-rested Oscar is working out.

Rajan photobombs while grabbing a book from the reading nook.

Mir was looking SUPER adorable playing on the family computer.

I think she’s SO pretty!

Oscar heads out the door in his oh-so-cute fireman attire.

Aww.  I swear he has the hidden grumpy trait, he’s always scowling.

Hey!  Look how cool the carpool vehicle is?

I mean – Ambitions was released 8 years ago, I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now.  But I hadn’t – not in game anyway, I know I’d seen it in other people’s blogs.

Wanting to do well in our new career, we maintain the firetruck.

We’re supposed to make friends too, but no one else shows up.

Me, confusing the intention skill table with something that will give Oscar handiness skill waste time on this thing:

Oops.  I swear I’ve played this game before.


Let’s go, Oscar!

Wrong outfit, but that’s okay.  Driving the firetruck for the win!

Woo Woo 4000!

Aha, a small house fire.

With a funny pop-up!

Another wardrobe change…

But at least we’re getting it done!


He did it!

Back at the station another fireman appears!

This is Hunter Cottoneye.  Everything about him seems perfectly suited.

Hey, trait compatibility!

Insane BFF’s five-ever.

Knowing exactly how best to make friends…
WHAMMO!  Ha ha ha!  It was too silly.

Hunter runs off to use the bathroom and…

Let’s just say someone else had to clean up after him.  Gross.

Couldn’t be a fireman post without a fire pole!

Wee!  All-in-all a great first day on the job.

Back at the house I nearly died from the cute.

I very rarely see the pets in laps.  It is adorable beyond all reason.  Even if Raj’s nostrils look like something out of Star Trek.

The family enjoys a meal together…

Sort of… some horrifying waffles for Nat.  Thanks Mir, for helping clean up!

Um, Oscar?  Do not look at the love of your life that way.

I swear he’s grumpy!

He gets over it quick enough and uses the pickup line “I’m a firefighter” on Miriam.

She’s THRILLED with the idea.

Oscar: Wanna see my hose?

She did.  She did want to see his hose.

(hee hee hee)

Meanwhile I hadn’t seen Owen in a while and… welllllll?

He doesn’t appear to be having a very good time.  He’s over at a friend’s house where they managed to do their homework and brush their teeth.

He made it home around 1:00 am and managed NOT to get caught by Riverview’s finest.

He even grabbed a bite to eat.


Poor thing could really use a bed.  Oh well.  FAIL.

With bathroom time becoming challenging I cram one of those all-in-one bathrooms over in Mir and Oscar’s space.

A little too late however.

Really Raj?  Really?  You were –>  <– THIIIIIS close.  FAIL.

Did I mention Owen needs a bed?

He hates the outdoors, so he’s really happy about this.  Oh well, don’t care.

OMG someone clean up!

I meant to have Oscar hire a maid before he left for work, but I forgot and he can’t do it when he isn’t home.

Fixing up the alarm!

Tinkering with the stove!


It was an uneventful workday, but he did get promoted, so yay!
He also managed to meet another coworker.  Her name is in my notes and she’s clearly not as memorable as Hunter Cottoneye, so that’s all the details you get.

Oh wait!  But then this happens.

Looks like Mr. Hose has some explaining to do.

Next time, what will happen?  A shotgun wedding?  The first of generation P!  Tune in to find out!

For now, the game is running well, so I will leave the Zales in TS3.  But the option to switch them will remain open!

Until then, Happy Simming!

An Attempt 15.1

Well hello!  Before I abandon Sims 3 Ship, I decided to give it a shot… here’s what happened!  Fun fact, the first 7 screen shots were over a year old… so here we go.


Our TH Oscar is asleep.  For the next 9 lag-filled Sim Hours.

Natalie has just gotten out of bed and is VERY happy about it.

I’d forgotten how much I liked this house of theirs.

Owen is making some sort of cringe-y face.

Hi dude.

The cat Ferdinand is using the scratching post.

I swear I didn’t completely forget about him or anything.

That’s pretty much it, since Rajan is off at work.  Let’s follow Natalie around while I wait for Oscar to wake up.

Ooh!  Fun with lasers…

Oh look, dirty dishes on the floor.

Because there’s clearly no room on the table.  😐

Rajan is off work now.

Isn’t this post riveting?  Aren’t you riveted?

And now, in the real world, I manage to load the game for the first time in a year.  I don’t even remember how to put the walls down or take a picture, ha ha ha.

Just getting the hang of things…

I *did* wait until she finished showering to attempt this photo.  You’re welcome.

Here we have Rajan stinking up the place in what I *do* remember being my favorite bathroom.

Like ever.  I’d love a bathroom like that.

Oh look!  He’s taking care of his needs!

Good little idiot.

Apparently Owen did something wrong, as he is being scolded for something in the rain.

Hey dude I can control?  You awake yet?

zZzZz Plants make me happy ZzZzZ

I’ll take that as a no.

Ah – I see what Owen must’ve been scolded for…

…setting booby traps.

Oh yeah… I’d completely forgotten about old sim obsession with the rocking chair.

How painfully the memories return.

Nice job, Owen.  Thanks a lot.

I barely remember your existence but I can tell I do not like you.

Hey!  You’re up!

And adorable!  And hungry!

Alright!! Drenched patio floor cake!

Really?  Don’t eat that.

Not as good as you were hoping?

Can’t imagine why.

Enough cake, time to work on that LTW!

My usual joy for the pretty world is completely diminished by the fact that the game is unplayable. 😦

I took like 3 irl minutes for Oscar to get going in the boat, only for the full moon to come, cause him to “freak out” which made him go to land.

I remembered to turn it off… but the delay was annoying.

Finally back on task, it appears the rapture has happened…

…There are abandoned boats EVERYWHERE.  We’ll see how many my mods remove later.  (Note:  It was 120)

Oh yeah, I forgot he was insane…

…Nice swimwear, bud.

That’s better.

I do love how gorgeous the world is underwater.

Hey look!  A mermaid!

I’ve never seen them in the water, only on land.

So I’m no expert, but I think those are the wrong legs/tail there, mermaid.

She heartfarted him and swam over to talk about Kale recipes.

I spot a cave and attempt to explore it.

I’m sure it will glitch.

Yup.  Fastest thing the game has done in a year.

Well fine then, we need to find a spouse anyway…

Before we could head off to the karaoke joint, the mermaid with no tail managed to beach herself and die real quick.

Okay then.  You do you.

Scouting for females, I spot this fashion train wreck.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hah ahahhahahahaha!  Wth?  One of the worse I’ve ever seen.

I took her into CAS just for a rescue, but I got out my scalpel and…


NOOO!  She’s running away!

Put down the MICROPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like hell she is…


I chased her all over the island only to discover she “lives” here.

Well, Oscar will just have to have a quick date with his mailbox, if you catch my drift, and invite her over.

I discover it’s not a reasonable time of day to make a phone call, so I put him to work repairing the tub.

Then Rajan broke the dishwasher.

So Oscar called a repairman…

Look who’s here!

Her name is Miriam Samuels.  She’s a clumsy, bookworm, night owl, virtuoso who likes island music (appropriate), macaroni and cheese and the color aqua.  I think she’s beautiful.

The game is barely running and they stand there staring at each other for 4 sim hours.

Finally, a little conversation.

World destruction and all that.

A quick trait incompatibility…

Whatever, I adore Miriam (which was my grandmother’s name, by the way – fun fact)… so FALL IN LOVE.

Yes.  Good Oscar.

I agree, do this.

Flirt success!

We’re making progress!!

Aaaaannnd… then she hopped off in her boat, partially rendered, in the middle of the date.

…and left.

The game is barely functional.  Took more than 10 real life minutes to save and close…  But Oscar met Miriam and I adore her… I might try to move just the two of them to a new world…. Cheat her into the household… See if it works any better… I doubt I’ll be able to recreate them in a way that pleases me in TS4… so I’m still on the fence about that one!

But for now!  A real (albeit short) update!  Woohoo!

Happy Simming!

Should I Convert the Zales to The Sims 4?

Okay guys, listen here.  I’m super inspired and wanting to blog & play.  The Seasons update to TS4 is just lovely.  The game is so good, and TS3 is SO difficult to play and enjoy.

I’m afraid if I don’t move The Zales, they’ll stay dead forever, as my desire to play TS3 is so, so small.

Vote?  Comments?  Any input would be lovely.

Are the Zales Dead?!?

Hi All – in case you were wondering what is going on in my neck of the woods and with those Zany Zales, I thought I’d fill you in.

We got a puppy.

His name is Reese, I love him.

We moved.

Moving is a nightmare.  I hate it.  But we’re all settled now, and the internet is up and running and YAY!

The Sims 4 has become amazing.

The new expansions, parenting, toddlers, and all the fun new nuance they’ve created over at EA is just wonderful.  The bland beginnings of TS4 are over, and it’s only going to get better.  The game is rock solid stable, so easy to run and play.  VERY rarely glitches or crashes.  It’s like the AntiTS3.

The Zales & my TS3 in general are acting up.  The game is glitchy, laggy, and unstable. I’m having shadow graphics issues… and just getting it up and running is a nightmare.  Whenever I feel motivated to play and blog, I just get so frustrated and head right on over to my TS4 icon, where the world is free and fun and so easy.

But – I don’t want to let all this hard work die.  I mean, this is 15 Generations we’re talking about here… But struggling through it all in TS3 sounds like torture… HOWEVER – I do not want to quit playing TS3, so I will get going on this and continue along in TS3.

I think I’m going to turn shadows off, and see what I can accomplish in Isla Paradiso with Oscar.  We might have to move neighborhoods… which would suck for his LTW… but it’s all fixable… so I promise I’ll start revisiting those Zales again soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, we’ve come too far to quit now.


Liebster Awards!

Hi lovely fun people!  The beloved Liebster Award is making the rounds again, and the lovely VougishstormZefiewings, & misterwolf86 have nominated me!  Considering my blog has been very quiet, I really appreciate the kind show of support.  The Zales mean a lot to me, and I will not let the blog die.  This is probably just the swift kick in the plumbob that I needed to get going again.

There rules state that I have to;

–Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award.
– Answer the 11 questions the person has asked you.
– Nominate people (comment on their blog to let them know).
– Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions

Thank you Vougish, Zefie, and misterwolf!  ❤

Here’s Vougish’s questions:

  1. What is love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me… no more.
  2. What thing from the sims world (any game) would you like to be real?  Affordable home ownership/building.
  3. Who was the first Sim you ever created?  Hard to say, I know I didn’t make a real person.  I always start out trying to make a beautiful woman.  Is that weird?
  4. What is your favorite flavor of chips?  I think I just like plain tortilla chips best.  I love salsa.
  5. What was the reason you decided to write a blog about what goes on in your game?  I’ve loved The Sims since the original, but I always found myself playing the same way, having an idea, getting bored with it, then starting a new family.  I googled “ways to play The Sims” and found Pink’s Blog and became inspired.  After that I found boolprop and have been so encouraged and learned so much about challenges, and what people can do with their game.  It’s very cool.
  6. Would you rather face an ice age or all volcanos on the planet erupting at once?  I think all the volcanoes erupting at once would cause an ice age, would they not?  Blocking out the sun and somewhat?  If we had a little preparation, I could handle an ice age.
  7. How many slices of pizzas can you eat in one sitting?  And embarrassingly large amount.  🙂
  8. If you found a genie’s lamp and had three wishes, what would they be?  I only need one wish. “Every time I say ‘I wish’ it would come true”.  So I couldn’t even screw anything up.  I could wish for something, it went badly, then I could just go “I wish I hadn’t done that…” It’s my foolproof plan.  And I think it is a bit of a loophole to the often said “no wishing for more wishes” rule.
  9. If it was only one wish and it had to be about changing something about your feet, what would it be?  The timing on this is perfect, since I just tore my fascia ligament.  I would wish that I didn’t tear my fascia ligament!
  10. Would you describe yourself as a potato? Sure, I’m round, versatile, and have eyes.
  11. Who is your favorite Pokémon? If you don’t like Pokémon, why don’t you? I don’t know anything about Pokémon… so like, I don’t dislike it, I just don’t participate in Pokémon culture.  I also am pretty sure I’d like it, and quite frankly, I have enough draws on my spare time.

Here are mrwolf’s questions:

1: Which book or book series has had a profound effect on your life?  I know I’m not alone with this, but Harry Potter, I am constantly reading/re-reading them.  I love the impact the series has had on the world – let alone myself. 
2: Who is the funniest person on the planet?  My best friend, Whitney.
3: What is your favourite Symphonic Metal album? Or, if for some reason you don’t have one, your favourite album in another genre?  I’m weird.  I don’t do music.  That doesn’t mean I don’t like it, but I do it differently than most people. 
4: What is one of your favourite video games?  The Sims!  Okay, I also play Mass Effect and Tomb Raider. What video game is simply the worst?  Not sure it counts, but Candy Crush.
*For diversity’s sake, you can’t pick any of The Sims games or spin-offs.
5: Windows or Mac? Laptop or Desktop? PC or Console (then which one?)  I’m a Windows Desktop gamer, but we have a Mac Laptop.  Both…  I also play on the Wii U, and I’m going to get a Switch soon.  I had an Xbox 360, but wasn’t playing it.
6: Which TV series(es) are you watching now and would you recommend it/them? I’m an absolute Trekkie.  I’m currently watching both Deep Space 9 and Voyager after just finishing The Next Generation for the 5th time.  And yes.  Yes I recommend absolutely all of them.
7: Your friend has just ingested some oak-matured mead and falls on the ground in spasms, foaming at the mouth. It appears to be a fast-acting poison. What do you do?  Bezoar in the mouth!  While a useless professor stands there and watches.
8: Live forever or live a short life full of happiness? I do not want to live forever.  It would be lonely.  I don’t want a short life either, as mine is very full of happiness.
9: You are walking to the grocery store when you notice a little old lady sitting in the backseat of a parked car. It’s not warm out and the windows are closed. Do you do something?  You say it’s not warm out… perhaps she is just waiting for someone?  I would not do anything.
10: What is the least important topic of discussion? And the most?  Oh, I don’t know.  Just because something is unimportant to me, doesn’t mean I should trivialize it for other people.  And I guess it goes the same way for the other part of the question… Just because I find something important, doesn’t mean it is the most important.
11: What’s one thing you want to let your readers know?  That I care about them… Their happiness and well-being matters to me.  A lot of us are quiet, introverted people… and if one of them needed help, needed someone to listen to them, they could reach out to me.

And last but not least, Zefie’s questions:

  1. Besides sims, what is your favorite video game/games? I play a lot of casual games.  I like the Time Management genre and play the very well thought out and developed Delicious and Heart’s Medicine games.  I also play Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Tomb Raider
  2. What made you pick your username?  I think it’s just my name, isn’t it?  A name I use frequently out in the web is “LoveHerds”  It’s a play on “love hurts” and a reference to my dogs.  They’re herding dogs… you know, like sheep and goats and stuff.
  3. What made you pick your challenge or legacy style?  I’m a fool.  Ha ha ha… I wanted to go big, and tackle 26 Generations.  I actually prefer the ISBI style, I think it’s easier really – only one Sim to worry about.  The successes and failures of the others are totally not your fault. 
  4. How did you make/pick your founder? I clicked the randomizer until someone kind of interesting popped up.  I liked him.
  5. What movie have you seen recently that you were really impressed by? Hacksaw Ridge.  It’s violent and gory, and definitely a little traumatic, but I loved it.
  6. Where do you fall on the nerd/geek spectrum? Or not at all? Why?  I’m a Trekkie, so that definitely pushes me into the spectrum… but I think if you just met me in passing, you wouldn’t know. 🙂
  7. Coke or Pepsi? Coke.
  8. What’s your favorite pokemon?  I don’t Pokémon.  I think they’re pretty cute though.
  9. What is your favorite magic style? I love Harry Potter, but there was a series I read as a young adult that I loved… The Song of the Lioness, and it had a very beautiful approach to magic.
  10. Do you watch any Youtubers or Twitchers? Who?  I follow my sister’s daughter.  No one else.
  11. If you belong to a Fandom, what’s one thing that you feel like everyone else in it loves but you do not?  I’m definitely in the Harry Potter fandom, and I feel like Draco Malfoy gets too much love.  He is NOT a decent human being.  A victim of circumstance, raised in a hateful home, but not some misunderstood teen.  But, I know I’m in the minority there.  Oh, and as for The Sims?  I think all TS2 Sims look alike.  So there. 

Now for some nominations!  I know lots of you have already been nominated, so I’m going to pick a few who I don’t THINK have been nominated.  They also may have been a little quiet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth a read!  Besides, I’ve been quiet! 🙂

A Swift Drift by mojot89

We’re All Mad Here by Echo Weaver

The Lockwood Chronicle by MissWingless

Okay, you three – have some Questions!

  1. What’s the last thing you put in your mouth?
  2. Can you build a campfire?
  3. Do you have a marketable skill?  Like knitting, or dog training, or carving wooden hummingbirds?  Tell me about it!
  4. Do you have a green thumb?
  5. Spiders… run screaming, smash ’em, or let ’em live?
  6. What’s the last book you read?
  7. Do you enjoy cooking?
  8. Do you have any pets?
  9. Is there anything you collect?
  10. Do you download and play with Mods or CC?
  11. If you could travel to one place, where would it be?

Well there you have it, fine folks.  Thank you again, for the nominations.  I’ll have to get a post up, one of these days.  🙂