RIP Chickens 16.8

Welcome back to another Zale Family ISBI installment!  After reviewing the results of the heir poll, I am happy to announce…

Drum roll please…

Quill had 5 votes here, and 6 on Boolprop for a total of 11!
Quay had 7 votes here, and 4 on Boolprop for a total of 11!

It’s a tie!

That said, it’s my party, so I’m gonna pick my favorite – so Quill will take over generation Q!  I guess I should’ve gone with blog reader preference, but WHATEVER.  I picked, so there we have it.  I’m pleased with the amount of votes cast, and happy to have readers and people taking the time to vote.

Quill is still a teen, so this will be Paisley’s last adventure as TH, while we wait for Quill to age up.  That said – ZALE CHECK:

Mahmoud is watching tv and thinking about food.  He likes food.

Paisley is annoyed cleaning up everyone’s dishes.

Quay, our heir poll victor – almost – is on the toilet.

Sorry buddy, not a great farewell picture.  You deserve better.  However, MOVE OUT.

Future TH Quill, – because I said so – looks like he might’ve realized he won the heir poll!

He did not, but we don’t need to tell him.

Very cute and sweet Queenie is doing her homework in her parent’s room.

Queenie is an underappreciated Zale.  She is my favorite of all Q the kids.

As mentioned, Quay is moving out.  See you later!

I send him to join Penny, Quest and that random kid.  If you recall, when I kicked out Penny, I moved her in with a pregnant woman.  When Quest joined the house, it was just the the kid that was born (I think his name is Asa), and Penny.  The woman vanished.  I assumed she died.  *Spoiler* I will find out in one screenshot I was correct.

Nice place.

Clearly enough beds for everyone.  I take a moment to add a little kitchen and a couple of bunk beds.  No wonder Quest showed up right after she moved out and started digging through the Zale trash.  Kinda of sad, really.  I also discovered Asa’s mom’s urn on the lot.  She did indeed perish.

Back at the house, Queenie is such a cute kid.

Hanging out on the monkey bars.

With only a little more time to get another promotion, and keep this house paid for, I set Paisley to work on the necessary skills.

(Debate and Charisma)

Oh lordie, I forgot about the chickens.

Sorry guys.

Back inside I notice THE IMPOSSIBLE.

Quill proves I have made the correct heir choice, and is FIXING THE DRYER.  Bless.

He then plays with a small kitten toy in the bathroom and hits himself in the head, but hey.

Childish is, what childish does remember that Harry.

Quest stops by!

Hi dear!

Seconds later – Death has come for Snowflake!

RIP.  PS – No one cared or noticed.

Quill!  You little saint you!

Definitely not regretting my choice!  *touches wood*

Oh look.  Guess who’s back?

Mocha’s turn to head to the everafter.  RIP.

Just enough time passes for tragedy to strike again.

There goes Frank.  RIP.


There goes Shadow.  RIP Chickens.

While I was busy watching death reap all the souls of my fowl, Mahmoud decides to google “where do chickens go when they die?” on the PC in Queenie’s room.

Can you not?  She’s trying to sleep.  It’s 4:00 am.  She has school.

Quill wakes up and grabs a bite of breakfast.

Cake.  Nutritious.  Mahmoud approves.

Queenie gets a little play time in before school!

She managed to complete her homework AND extra credit homework over the weekend.  Maybe we’ll see some points?

Aha!  The circle of life continues.

A new chick!

And no, I did not sing the Lion King song.  Shut up.

Paisley goes to work, the kids go off to school, and I follow Mahmoud around with not much else to do.  He ate food.

And watched TV about food.  He didn’t set the house on fire, so I’ll call that a win.

Queenie gets an A!

POINTS!  +5 I knew you were my favorite.

Quill arrives home with Queenie and I saw he was VERY SAD.

Apparently he’s having a mood swing and is incredibly upset about the color of his clothing.  Mahmoud takes it like a champ.
Mahmoud: Shhh, they’re about to flambé.

Queenie, you little gremlin, take a bath.

The flambé can wait.  I see your stink.

Quay stops by!  Hi buddy!

Everyone:  😀

Quest then comes over and we get notifications she needs to give a gift.

It’s fruit seeds.  Neat.  At least Quill is doing his homework.

The next morning, like father; like son.

The best way to eat breakfast is in your nearly identical pajamas while standing in front of the fridge.

Quill heads off to school (well fed) and earns an A!

POINTS! +5 (I totally knew you were the best)

Upon return from school, Queenie is channeling her inner gremlin again.

Beebee, ily.  Bathe.

Quill does a few sit-ups in one of the many bathrooms and decides he likes fitness.

Cool.  You do you, boo.

Paisley gets home and finally earned that promotion!

That took AGES.  As the lone breadwinner, the Zale funds have decreased this entire generation.  Granted they moved in wealthy from their endeavors in TS3… but they do not make money, it is slowly dwindling.

Quill takes his new fitness interests VERY seriously.

He is now level two!

Quay stops by again!

He enjoys a chat with his little sister.

Several in-game minutes ago I changed my MCCC settings to try to increase the chances of marriages or pregnancies with the spares.  I decide to check Paisley’s family tree for any results, and we have some action!

Penny married Brenden Goth!

Quay married a woman named Evie and has a step-daughter, Payton.

I go to check on them and they’re all crammed in that shipping container lot.

Oh dear.

I move Penny and Brenden into a lot in Sulani, Quay, Evie and Payton into a house in Brindleton Bay.  I just picked random houses that didn’t seem crowded and merged the members.  I leave Quest and Asa.

With the spares somewhat squared away, I try to cram one more promotion out of Paisley before Quill’s YA birthday and he takes over (YAY!)

I never really enjoyed the TS4 University pack… Only played it for a few minutes when it released, as I found it rather, well, awful.  However, I’ve decided that Quill shall attend University.  Based on his Master Chef ambition, we’re going to shoot for a fancy Culinary Arts degree at the University of Britechester.

(I seriously have not played any Uni since like, minutes after the release… we’ll see how it goes!)

I use Quill’s first (and only ever action) to apply for scholarships.

He only has one for living in Del Sol, and it eventually earns him $300.00 – thanks, I guess.

It’s someone’s birthday!  Paisley looks like she doesn’t know whose.


Well… just so happens… I DO!


Queenie rolls paranoid to add to bookworm.

I gave her the County Caretaker aspiration, since for some reason those aren’t random in-game, and I was too lazy to visit another site for a randomizer.  Besides… All the chickens died.  I think she is SO CUTE, and still my favorite Paismoud offspring.

Quay called Paisley on the phone and invited her over.  Since I was curious as to how he was living, I accepted.

Cute house!

Here’s Quay’s cute little step-daughter Payton.

I found his wife, Evie, upstairs.

She was on the computer and it was hard to get a pic – BAD DOWN WALLS.  BAD.  Shame on you.  There is only one bedroom in the whole house… I might have to play as Quay for a few to fix that, but not today.

Back at Casa de Zale, Mahmoud is near death.

Paisley hasn’t even entered old age, yet.

However… whatchoo got there, Pais?

Pais: Cake.

Welcome to your elder years, my dear.

She’s not the only one, however!

Confetti time!

Quill rolls self-aborbed to add to genius and childish.  He also managed to earn responsible and good manners!  POINTS! +10

He’s a cutie!

Paisley also aged into elderhood with grace.

And that’s that!  Quill will take over next time, I’ll actually attempt to play University, and heavens knows what’s next for the Zale family!  Thanks for reading and come back soon!


Self Wetting (-5):
Pass Out (-5): 2 (-10)
Failing School (-5):
NTH children earning an A in school (+5): 4 (+20)
Negative Traits Earned by NTHs (-5):
Positive Traits Earned by NTHs (+5): 8 (+40)
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Fires (-10): 1 (-10) (ha ha ha ha, one…)
Social Worker Visit (-15):
Single Birth (+5): 1 (+5)
Twins (+10):
Triplets (+15):
Any sim in the house completing Any Aspiration Milestones (Child/Adult) (+5):
Any sim in the household completing Aspirations (+10):
Toddler Skills maxed by NTH toddlers (+5):
Skills (Child and Adult) maxed by NTH family members (+10):
NTH sims reaching the top of a career (+10):
Randomizing every trait and aspiration for an entire generation (+10):
Not using spares’ Satisfaction Reward points for an entire generation (+10):
Every 100,000 simoleons earned (+20): 2 (+40)
Immortalizing the Torch-Holder (+5):
Left Over Points from TS3: +535
New Count in TS4: +80
Total: +620

1 thought on “RIP Chickens 16.8

  1. zefiewings

    It’s fun that the kids were tied, you know that no matter who wins it will be a good choice. Oh no, the chickens! It’s so sad that they all died so quickly. But at least new baby chicks are so cute!

    Quill is surely working hard to prove that he was the best choice! And I am excited to see some university from him. My big problem with uni is how long it takes without being able to adjust the lifespans. I find normal WAY too short (you might remember my famously long lifespans lol) and this is especially true if you try and add a secondary education in there. The long lifespan is a huge jump though and I think it’s just too long to write about so I am struggling with that right now actually.

    Queenie is so cute. I am glad she’ll be around a little longer.
    I love the likes and interests added to the game! I can’t wait for that to enter my game.


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