The Zalien Heads to China 10.0

Welcome, welcome!  Focus your eyes on the center ring, step right up and BEHOLD!  Behold the wonders of the newest Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy installment!

As always, ZALE CHECK!  Tahiya is eating cake.
Since my play sessions often end at a birthday party, Zale checks frequently have cake.

Ike has queued up “Serve Delightful Hot Beverages” which I thought was pretty adorable.
I forgot we even had that thing.

Juniper is on her way to play chess.
Screenshot-3I actually like the way her outfit turned out.

July is hitting the juice.
Screenshot-4And that’s it!  There’s ONLY FOUR!  I thought I took a screen snip, but oops.  OH WELL, you all know what four Sims on the panel look like… just imagine it with Zale faces.

I want the “Prepared Traveller” LTR before Juniper heads off on her first adventure.  Since we had to spend 10,000 LTH to change her LTW, she’s down to 8,924.  So I’ll have to grant a few wishes before we travel.  She has a wish to reach level six logic as well as a wish to discover a star, so we’ll start there.
Screenshot-5I kind of like her alien outerwear.  And I was just thinking how fortunate her favorite color is.  And that it at least coordinates well with her skin tone.  Could’ve been AWFUL!

Ike is JAMMING.  I heard his lovely tunes from all the way out on the telescope patio.
That’s not the fancy guitar I manufactured for him, but hey, it’s alright!

Tahiya is playing too, but since she has no skill, she sounds TERRIBLE.Screenshot-7I am spoiled by Ike’s talent.

Juniper witnessed a fallen meteor (didn’t know that could happen) so we’re off to collect it.Screenshot-8Those melted snowmen are freaky.  Flamingo is UP!  Wee!

This is a pretty decent hunk o’ space rock.Screenshot-9Do you think just aliens can witness fallen meteors and go get them?  I don’t think I’ve seen a regular Sim do that…

I reward Juniper with a nice bubble-bath for her hard work.Screenshot-10
I think that looks very relaxing.

I was just browsing around the house, and I see that someone has began painting this “Crying Bride”Screenshot-11Deep.  I hope whoever started it finishes it!  I like it, and I’ve never seen it before.

Anyhoo, with that we head to CHINA!Screenshot-12We have the Prepared Traveller LTR, so we get six days! Have fun Juniper!

And July?!?Screenshot-13Yes, I’ve brought July along too!  Why you ask?  Because I want to keep the plumbob out of Juniper’s pictures like her so much!

Hmm, I guess Juniper didn’t put any of the family’s cars in her carry-on for this trip.Screenshot-14That’s going to slow things down a bit.  Oh well, an alien riding a bike in China is kind of cute.

This ugly family swims in the pond outside the market.Screenshot-15I don’t care if they think it’s a pool.  It is not a pool.

Juniper does a little shopping.Screenshot-16

And finds the locals rather attractive.Screenshot-17I think he’s got a really boring face… and that mirror makes it look like there’s two Junipers!  I’m telling you, one is enough.

It’s time to work on that LTW!Screenshot-18Holy gorgeous scenery.  Game developers really outdid themselves when building Shang Simla.

Take THAT!  *slap*Screenshot-19

AND THAT *wiggles foot*Screenshot-20Needless to say, we have a ways to go.

Meanwhile, I check in on July.Screenshot-21Her hygiene is more than half full, and she’s about to shower, but hey.  Long flights will make you feel grungy.

Whoa!  Look at that view!Screenshot-22I’m not sure I’ve seen the sky so lovely in this game.

Lookin’ Martial Artistic!Screenshot-23Juniper has a belt!

She rolled a wish to spar with someone, and although I’m sure we’ll lose, I grant it anyway.Screenshot-24But holy crap, we won!

A quick potty, shower and inventory snack and we’re back at it.Screenshot-25I don’t want to make fifty trips, so get busy, Juniper!

I decide that Juniper will complete the culinary track when she’s done messing around with martial arts.  Since she won’t age on her travels, we’ll be able to complete the LTW with her still being very young.  And I want that fancy fridge that prevents food from spoiling.Screenshot-26So I bought that tablet thing, and she’s listening to cooking tabcasts while she trains.  I’ve put on her favorite music (Rockabilly) and she’s working her butt off!Screenshot-27

The Chinese paparazzi has found her.Screenshot-28I like to think it has more to do with the fact that she’s an ALIEN rather than the fact that she’s a Zale.

We have a new belt!Screenshot-29Lookin’ FIERCE!  (and learning to cook!)

We find the Resolute Fist Retreat and recover from the hard work.Screenshot-30She still has three hours left of the fatigued moodlet, so we’ll have to find something else to do.Screenshot-31MMM!  Bread and jam.  That is upside down.  Maybe that’s the way Aliens eat.

I decide to take this lull in skilling Juniper to check on July.Screenshot-32She’s making friends, I see.

Juniper meets and heart farts over special merchant Xiaobo Tai.Screenshot-33And before too long, she’s ready to resume training.

Oooh, being green herself I think she looks extra badass in her newest belt.Screenshot-34I’ll be sad when she outskills it.

Fierce!Screenshot-35I’m having a lot of fun with this LTW and Juniper.

July is still around.Screenshot-36Having some fruit punch.

And Juniper has her first ranked sparring match!Screenshot-37She is out ranked!

But Juniper is kind of awesome (and totally growing on me)Screenshot-38And we actually won!Screenshot-39Wee!

Juniper:  Hey nerd, have you even left base-camp?Screenshot-40Spoiler:  She hasn’t.  She has a Stir Crazy moodlet.

Juniper can meditate!Screenshot-41The fact that she’s green, her outfit is green, AND it’s a full moon = epically green.


I love that she can meditate even while fatigued so we can continue to increase the martial arts skill!Screenshot-43There, full moon over.  Less green.

July is just a fixture at base-camp.  All the explorers talk to her (or fight with her) and she’s gained both charisma and logic.Screenshot-44I wish she would have explored China some more, but hey.

Again we spar!Screenshot-45And win!

While waiting for the next opponent to arrive, I play with Juniper’s alien features.  Beginning with this TERRIFYING probe of a random paparazzi.Screenshot-46Good heavens!

Then we give her a bioboost…Screenshot-47

And a scan!Screenshot-48Scanning learned a trait.  She is clumsy.  Or something.

Finally, the next opponent arrives.
Juniper:  I am blue like you!  Let us SPAR!Screenshot-49We win!

Juniper:  My next match is with a mere teen?  😀Screenshot-50

But we lose.Screenshot-51

…and loseScreenshot-52

…and lose four more times.Screenshot-53On our fifth match, empowered by the broken trash compactor, Juniper finally beats the little twerp.

I’m not sure if I will ever adjust to this.Screenshot-54It’s rather creepy.

Aliens can repair broken objects with their brains!Screenshot-55Trash compactor all fixed!

We go to call the next guy for a ranked match, and I’m told he’s already at base-camp.Screenshot-56I find him sleeping, and Juniper wakes him up and challenges him to a match!  Screenshot-57We lose the first two, but then become ranked number 2!  Progress!

This kid is named Changpu!  He doesn’t look much like Juniper’s great-great-great-something-or-another-step-grandfather, but maybe!Screenshot-58Vacation is over in 12 hours!  I hope she can win!

Looks good so far!Screenshot-60But Changpu is better than Juniper.  His moves have neato tracers.

However, by their fourth match, Juniper’s moves have them too!Screenshot-61AND WE WIN!

Juniper meditates until the plane leaves.Screenshot-62

And they arrive home safe and sound!Screenshot-63No glitches, freezes or problems!

Oh no, this isn’t terrifying at all!Screenshot-64

Space rock, consumed.Screenshot-65Conclusion:  Alien Sim is kind of fun, and terrifying.

I put the training dummy and the board breaking station down near the dining room since it’s snowing outside…Screenshot-66…And July begins using it immediately!  The Zales of Aurora Skies had one of these things and no one ever touched it!

Look at that?  She even earned a belt!Screenshot-67You go, July!

Juniper rolls a wish to mediate for 24 hours!  I do my best to get her all in the green, put on a tabcast and get to it!Screenshot-68Wish us luck!

While Juniper settles in for a marathon meditation session, I scope out the rest of the house and hey!  It was Tahiya’s “Crying Bride”!Screenshot-69I really hope she finishes it!  There’s something extra special to me about an uncontrolled Sim and their completed art.  Like they really CHOSE to do it, ya know?

Here’s Ike.Screenshot-70I kind of miss him.  But not too much.  Not like I missed Helen after all those ages of TH-dom.

July needs to tinkle.Screenshot-71Fascinating I’m sure.

Then I check on Juniper to see how far we’ve come and…Screenshot-72…0.98 hours.  😐

Tahiya finished it!Screenshot-73I’ve never seen it before, and I really like it.

I hang it next to her other painting that wasn’t complete garbage.Screenshot-74Cool!  She’s getting much better.

And then I realized it wasn’t a wish to meditate for 24 hours STRAIGHT…Duh.  Oh.  And this happened.Screenshot-75Well well well!

I don’t know exactly when or why July but there’s at least half a dozen trays of “quick drinks” all over the place.Screenshot-76I have Juniper cleaning them all up, but then she breaks the sink.  And Alien Fixes the sink.  Kind of handy!

Alright July!Screenshot-77Maybe China had more of an impact on you that we initially thought!

What the heck Juniper, you’re starving.  Finish those waffles.Screenshot-78

Ooooooh, Right.Screenshot-79Nooboo!   There’s a K on the way!

Aw!  Father daughter waffle breakfast!
Screenshot-80Although Ike is now late for work…

Then I discovered something most wonderful!Screenshot-81She can meditate while pregnant!  We can still be working towards that LTW without being slowed down by spawning!  Huzzah!

And then we end with Tahiya sketching while Juniper meditates.Screenshot-83I didn’t even know she had a sketch book!

Ooooh yeah, one more thing before we go.  This happened:
Bye David
Giles and Meredith’s love child has passed away.

And that’s all folks!  Come back next time for our first nooboo of Generation K!  I’m sure it’ll be very exciting!  Until then, HAPPY SIMMING!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  32 (-160)
Self-Wetting -5:  29 (-145)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  24 (+120)
Twin Births + 10:  7 (+70)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 5 (+240)
Honor Roll +5:  9 (+45)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  8 (+80)
Every $100,000 +20:  5 (+100)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +295

13 thoughts on “The Zalien Heads to China 10.0

  1. autumnrein

    Finally caught up. I found your blog on the side of my reader suggesting that I might like it and I really do! It’s so crazy what sims can get into. I can’t wait for another chapter. And kudos to you for keeping with it through so many game crashes!

    1. Heather Post author

      Aha! So you’re the reader, ha ha ha! Always nice to have a new one! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying it! I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to read from beginning to end, that took quite the commitment! I’ll have a new post up pretty soon!

      1. autumnrein

        Haha I had a feeling you must have known I was there! You’re very welcome, it was hard to peel myself away. I love seeing what everyone else’s sims are getting into and that I’m not alone in some things not happening in my game. ie: I still haven’t had an alien pregnancy and I just had my first trick-or-treater when I started my legacy lol

  2. somebodysangel13

    I love Juniper so much. You’re right, the lilac does work well with her skintone, and her traits are so much fun. Also? Tabcasts are brilliant. If only the skills from later EPs were also included. Why can I learn Alchemy and Inventing from a book but not a tabcast?

    You know, it’s blog entries like this that make me consider buying WA. I’m not much for letting my sims go travelling, but it’s so pretty.

    And yay, new alien boos! Ooh, is is going to be a Chinese Zalien? That would be fun!

    1. Heather Post author

      I agree, I wish you could skill ANY skill on the thing, but it’s surprisingly easy, so maybe it’s a good thing! WA is a terrible EP. It caused me SO MUCH trouble until I got the new computer… but it’s really very lovely. There’s another China adventure coming… and I cannot wait until you meet what just might be a Chinese Zalien.

  3. Rad

    Loving the Zalien learnings. I am desperate to get a Dayelien (although we also need mermaids, witches, about a zillion ghost types…)

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks! Ha, Dayelien – cute. I’m excited for the Dayes to get a mermaid, I haven’t seen much about mermaids!


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