Duchess Surprises Us All 5.8

Hey There!  What’s new people simulators?  Good stuff I hope!  Last time, everyone mourned Daisy, my Bonehilda was a little less awesome than she used to be, and Erik spent some time exploring the universe with aliens.  Is there alien spawn?  Let’s find out!

We begin with the discovery of a new gnome!
The dog gnome on the far left is hereby christened EVE! Eve writes the roserainbowcy, and you should go visit.  Because this is my party, and I said so.  She makes me laugh.

And then we spot Erik and Flora bonding over books!
Well, Erik is reading his research material for his job, but it’s still cute.

I then was trying to tidy up everyone’s inventory (and locate Angelica’s guitar because reasons to be explained below), and I found this!
It’s a daycare van!  Because Gustave managed to top the daycare “career”!  I LOVE IT SO MUCH!  Huzzah!  I’ve never seen one before, even in all my blog reading, so I’m kinda happy about it.  Nothing like a game you can play for years and still find new stuff.

Also in Gus’ inventory were many sketches by Elaine that had appreciated to nearly 80 bucks apiece!  So we hung them in the daycare space!
I did frame them, btw.  I really like these two:

Erik rolled a wish to go to the library, so I had him bring his kids along.
Fun little outing.

Erik uses the “fast learning” to read his research material.

Frond picks out “Zombies? Zombies!”

Forrest goes for “To Hunt or Gather”
Which considering his name, I found both fitting, and funny.

What about Flora you ask?
She goes potty.  Just like Abraham in his very first post… tinkle at “The place that looks like a library”  Aw.  My Zales have come so far!  *sniffle*

Aw, Frond & Erik are so cute…
Getting their read on.

As soon as Erik finishes his research material, he had also rolled a wish to learn the guitar skill.  (Hence why I was inventory searching for Angelica’s guitar).
He looks so happy.  It’s adorable.  HI ANGELICA’S GUITAR!

Dropped in family, “The Offsprings” make a few appearances!  Leon shows up at the library!
He looks old.  But good!

And while Erik plucks away poorly on guitar, I spot a few other familiar faces across the street at the festival.
It’s Lea Offspring and her daughter Kayla!  She was one of the Zale’s romantic interests back in high school.  I am actually quite fond of her look.

Erik is still playing the guitar, and Flora gets bored and sends herself home.
She came, she tinkled, she left.  You can see Forrest being very studious in the window behind her.

Daphne shows up at the library too!  Hi Daph!
She looks cute (in the face).  She looks happy.  That dress was Breanne’s formal wear.  Anyone remember her?  Abrahams first born child.

Back at home, Gustave is standing around (like he likes to do) waiting to ROCK!
But he doesn’t feel so well.  😦

Erik:  DAD!

Erik: GASP!
Aw Gus.  I knew it was coming!

Everyone weeps – except Liz.  I have no idea where Liz has even been this whole post.

And sad doggies 😦

Poor Flora!

Flora and Frond: WAAAAAAHH!  Who’s going to prepare meals!?!?
(Which is funny, because Erik does all the cooking…)

Wait.  Duchess?  What are you doing?!?

Gus?  Why aren’t you in the urn?





Gus: I’ve NEVER FELT SO ALIVE! (Except a little bit sleepy)

Duchess did this all on her own.  So much love for my Duchess.
Duchess: Thanks for taking care of us after Momma Daisy left.  Love you Daddy Gustave – LICK
AW.  The smooches.

So I did one of my very few cheating transactions and had Gus do this:
Gus: Thanks Puppy!

Guschess FTW!
I didn’t even know they liked each other that much!  I mean, they played a lot, and he fed her, and brushed her – okay, there were lots of signs that these two had formed a deep bond, but I was busy.  I’m actually glad I didn’t know – because it came as a complete shock.  I barely even caught the photos!

And then, with the Abe/Benji situation fresh in my mind, I save.  IT WORKED!
Gustave is now 97 days, with 118,922 LTH.  I wonder how long this puppy save will work?  Does anyone know if Duchess can save him again?  I honestly wish I liked him more.  I like him fine, he’s not nearly as annoying as Traci, or even Angelica, but I loved Leif…  But the daycare, even though he rocked it, is terrible, and he stands around making stupid faces all the time.  I was ready for him to go.  Why couldn’t Duchess have saved Daisy instead?  Oh well, it is still a very cool thing, and I’m happy!

Frond, however, rolled the LTW of Emperor of Evil after witnessing this scene.  Frond’s traits are: excitable, athletic, and ambitious!  I have NEVER seen a non-evil Sim roll this LTW.  I, following one of the few ISBI rules I actually follow, locked it in.  Evil Frond.

Then I get this pop-up!
Dahlia Death
Dahlia is going to die!  She’s going to die before Dane, the last surviving triplet – with Drake and Daisy already passed on.

And, having death stop by, but reap no souls due to Duchess surprising us all, the ghosts come out!
It’s Abraham and Changpu!  (All together now “EW A GHOST”) 😐
I love cute Erik in his skivvies doing laundry in the background.

Then someone broke the TV…
…(captured in case he dies…he doesn’t)

And!  Here we have FROND ZALE!
Screenshot-36Future Emperor of Evil ladies and gentlemen!  (God he’s cute!)

OH, my Bonehilda is still around… here she is breaking the trash compactor…
And instantly fixing it.
I enjoy having her around.

Gustave’s brush with death has invigorated him.  He’s been rolling things like “buy a street art kit” and “throw a party” and all kinds of weird not-Gussie stuff.  Here he is playing hack (okay, kicky bag) with Forrest!

And then!  It’s a party! Here’s Evie!  Probably still stinky from weeing herself at the last Zale party.
Evie: It smells good in here – maybe it’ll cover up my own aroma.
Behind her is Daphne with a book, and to her right, vampire Geoffrey Landgraab!

And here’s Drake!  He’s as old as Gustave without ever being saved by the profound adoration of a pet!

And close siblings Elaine and Erik enjoy a quick chat.

Ellen made it too!  But she’s busy on the waterslide.

And here’s Evan!  And the unfortunate soul right next to him Griselda Ursine.

Then it’s cake time!  Oh Erik.  You’re so damned CUTE!
So, he rarely smiles, he’s too busy being a grumpy diva.  But look.  When he does smile!?  It’s fantastic. (oldie behind him is a party crasher… I can’t remember who)  I love his smile.  It’s adorable.

But Flora is cute too!
Aw.  Zebra *Soon*


Forrest and Drake:


Daphne (who is now a food merchant?  Weird?  Her random food obsession has escalated.) and Elaine!

Evan?  You okay?

And what would a diva wish for?!?
Aw.  Good luck with that love.

Flora and Forrest!
Aw!  And what does she wish for?  Ask the Zebra.  It *knows*

Flora: WHOOSH!
Zebra: I’m watching you.

“Erik is having a midlife crisis”  oh goodie.

Sparkle Flora!
Flora rolls (good student!) loves to swim.  This joins loves the heat, angler, and genius.  What an intelligent beach bum!

Flora looks beautiful!
And sad.  Maybe all the Zale deaths/near deaths have taken their toll on her.  Because BTW this happened:
Dahlia Dead
We invited her to the party, but she died before it started.  😦

Bonehilda eats CAKE!
I have seen Bonehilda play a lot of hopscotch and drink a lot of juice.  But I haven’t seen her eat.  I love this.  Where does it go????  Duchess was spotted eating off the floor moments later… maybe it just falls right through?

Flora’s makeover!
I put pretty much every hair on her.  I had either used it too recently, or it just looked bad.  Being a heat loving, water loving, fishing Sim, I didn’t think she’d want to do much with her hair.  And loving pink, I felt like she’d embrace that little girly bit about herself, and wear some makeup and pink clothing.  I adore her so much.  Please don’t judge her too harshly by her makeover.  It DOES suit her, and it’s the best I could come up with.  If it bothers me later (true test of whether or not it was a success or failure) I can change it.
**Edit:  Flora also rolled the creature-robot cross breeder LTW sometime during this play session.  I locked it in!

Erik gets a make over too!  I tried to envision a more mature diva, in the midst of a midlife crisis.
And at this point, I realize, that if he was pregnant with alien spawn, we’d know by now.  SO YAY!  NO ALIEN BABIES! (quickly sells telescope)

(Oops, there’s still a telescope) And!  We end with…
Left to Right: Eve, Zefie, Julia (so fitting that it’s the graduation gnome, Julia LOVES uni), Sammy, Amy, and last but not least Pink!
These are my top six commenters!  Honored Zale Style.  FANCY.

See what I did there?  Start with gnomes, end with gnomes?  Am creative genius.

Anyhoo, Happy Simming!  May you play lag-free, glitch-free, freeze-free games, without errors or problems!  Happy Holidays too!

I’ll be in Phoenix, AZ until the 28th.  So we may not see the Zales until the New Year!  I wish you all the best of the season, and so much joy and happiness.  Merry Christmas!

Much affection – Heather (and the Zales)

13 thoughts on “Duchess Surprises Us All 5.8

  1. zefiewings

    Aw! Good Dog!
    I’m not feeling to chatty right now…my hamster died. But This was still a great chapter! I can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Jenn

    What a great thing to happen. I have not seen a pet do it twice to the same sim though. I have seen a dual death get saved by two pets at the same time though. It could happen.

    Also, after the abduction, he would have gotten the unexpected weight gain moodlet. You can delete the moodlet and not have the alien spawn or send it back to its home planet.

    I have never done the daycare for more than a single sim day, so I have never seen that van. I love it

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, I kept waiting for the “unexpected weight gain” but it never came! I was going to let him have it, and then poll readers on what to DO with it, but now I don’t have to worry! YAY! And the van is so much win! Love it!

  3. pinkfiend1

    Happy Christmas Heather.
    Sorry about your hamster Zefie.
    I’m disappointed that there won’t be an alien. Flora does look pretty though.Can’t believe that in only 4 months the F’s are almost ready to start taking over the show.

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks! I am NOT disappointed by the lack of alien spawn! Flora is very pretty! I miss my Zales. I’ll be home Saturday! Yeah, my little alphabetcy is going quick!

  4. roserainboweve

    Your pets saving their masters is so sweet! I’ve never had that happen in my game, it is just too cute. I love Flora’s lips! She is quite pretty regardless of her hairstyle. And I love Erik’s makeover! Is it weird if I have crushes on Sims? because I totally do on Erik now. 😀

  5. Heather Post author

    I didn’t even know pets could save their Sims until Benji saved Abe. I’m fortunate to have had it happen twice! Flora is awesome. I don’t think I’ll heir poll. And Erik looks fantastic as an adult! Very handsome!

  6. Miss Wingless

    Oh Duchess!! 😀 You’re a real pearl there and that made me happy to see her save Gus ^^ I like 🙂
    Hmm… I think that the old dude behind Erik in that shot where he smiled, might have been Malcom Landgraab which would make sense, since his father is a vampire and lives longer then. And holy things of all mothers! Damn that is some saggy tits you have Daphne! :O I got terrified and wanted soo badly to change her clothes… really…. >_<
    Yay, no aliens! 😀 Good for you and yay for growing kids! 🙂 But good luck with Erik's crisis! Surley is funny when your torch holder have it and it really feels as if his diva trait will come out now even more XD

    1. Heather Post author

      Oh my dear sweet Erik. So fantastic! Duchess and Gus were very surprising to me! I hadn’t realized they’d grown that close! Just remember Daphne! She makes an appearance later that my surprise you! 🙂


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