Zale Family Moves On – 5.7

Hey hey kids!  A LOT happened last time, mostly Daisy’s death and Flora aging into an adorable child.  So with that all behind us, let’s move forward!
We begin with – all of us missing Daisy… Screenshot Screenshot-2 Screenshot-3
I testingcheatsenabled the pets, but I let every single human Sim mourn Daisy
Forrest has been having a rough time, so I have Erik “Offer to read Bedtime story” just the help him out… Screenshot-4 Listen, son…I know you miss grandma.  I miss her too.  Let’s get some sleep, Okay?
Forrest waits…Screenshot-5 They are SO CUTE: Screenshot-6 Aw.  Erik even does all the voices, while he reads.  Forrest LOVES it… Screenshot-7 Goodnight Forrest… Screenshot-8 I miss her too.
After Forrest falls asleep, Erik lets his diva emotions show: Screenshot-9 Oh honey.  Normally I’d make fun of you, but I’m sad too.

And here the walls are down on purpose to capture everyone’s agony… 😦 Screenshot-10
Then tired, hungry, and ever so very sad… the children go off to school… Screenshot-11
After the school day, Flora returns home tired – Gus flies into action Screenshot-12 I found this so very sweet.  Flora has been yellow/red ever since her Grandma Daisy died.  And Gus hasn’t exactly been on his A-Game.  So the SimStars aligned and we got this sweet moment.  Aw…
BUT!  With Daisy gone, and not freaking out with a Bonehilda around, we can re-awaken her! Screenshot-13 Hmm.  First thing she does is grab this “green salad” from the fridge and put it on the counter. Screenshot-14 And then this one… Screenshot-15 And then this one too… Screenshot-16 Then GUS EATS ONE! Screenshot-17 So okay!  Good!  At least someone is benefitting from Bonehilda’s obsession with food.  I’m assuming she misses eating.  Being skin and bones, and all…

Erik works on his logic skill, and the view is astounding!
Um… until this happens.
(Erik queues up the “investigate light phenomenon” or whatever it is)
Oh no.  He’s going to get abducted!
See you soon Erik.  Please don’t be pregnant with Alien Spawn.  That’s not the direction this ISBI/Alphabetcy/Legacy thing was heading…

OH!  HI!  Did you have a nice time?!?
*Rolls wish to give friendly greeting to ancient alien abductor*
Oh good.  I’m glad you had a nice time… If you’re pregnant with alien spawn, I quit.  Just so you know.

On a way more fun note; GNOME SIGHTING!
I know I’ve said this before, but I love how they’re always together.  I don’t always take a picture when I see them always together, but they’re always together.

So, with the brief interlude of Erik being abducted (NO BABIES NO BABIES NO BABIES) Bonehilda goes back to her new trait of “randomly pulling food out of the fridge”… great.
Bread and Jam.
Oh great.  Then lovely (stinky) Flora finds a green salad and eats it…
Making our DEAREST Bonehilda feel the need to instantly replace it.
I miss my badass Bonehilda that was better than yours.  Now mine sucks – just as much – if not more.

SIM CHECK:  Gustave is 94 days old and has 116517 LTH.  And daycare was not his calling…
Sure Gus.  Brush the dog when ALL of the humans need your help.  It’s cool.
Gus: but Daisy loved all the dogs.  I miss Daisy…
Yes yes, I do too – however you have daycare spawn to take care of… please focus.

FOCUS ON BIRTHDAYS!  (How’s that transition? Epic? I know right?)
So.  Even joking about the transition – and knowing that I both witnessed Gus’ daycare fail, and THREW THIS PARTY, the move from brushing Duchess to Forrest blowing out his candles is a stretch.  EVEN FOR ME.  But, it is what it is, SO!

Elaine is here!  Remember her?  She earned her degree along side TH Erik (with a 4.0 nonetheless), doing far better than him and I *freaking love* how she took Frond to his cake.  I mean, I had Erik click the cake and say “Have Birthday – Frond” and dear, sweet, ELAINE went and got him.  She is seriously the bestest ever forgotten Sim.

But not only Elaine showed up, but we spy Dahlia, Evie and Evan!

And oh Dahlia – must you always rock your crazy at Zale parties?  Also, we spy singular surviving D triplet Drake.
Drake: I’m going to die soon…
Yes, I’m sure you are… I’m sorry Drake…
So here’s Elaine and Frond’s cake time!
So much cute.  And notice that I sold Daisy’s bar.  Aw.  😦
BUT!  It’s party time!
Liz: GO SON!
Sparkly Forrest!
Forrest: Is it done yet?!?
OH hey!  Evie managed to stick around and support her nephew’s birthday!
She looks cute 🙂
But aside from Elaine taking Frond to his cake, and Evie cheering… no other Zales seemed to care about the party.
See?  Drake hung out outside…
Playing with his phone the ENTIRE time…

…And although many Zale guests managed to attend Forrest’s celebration, it’s Frond’s birthday too!Screenshot-45

Frond rolled ambitions to join excitable, and athletic.
Aw.  I love my little Frond.  He’s SO cute!

Forrest, post makeover, is surprisingly a little chubby!  I love him even more for it.  My sweet, kind, Forrest.
Although I know he’s SUPER similar to Erik – at this point, he pulls away from possibly being a clone, and further differentiates himself into his own dear, Forrest.  I love him.

Evie bitched about the party not being that great, and saying she needed to go.  Well yes.  I can say she did indeed, “need to go”.
She pisses herself while the Uni Llama laughs at her.  Priceless Evie.  Way to be.

Holy SHIT!
That’s elder Daphne showing off her figure in her elder bathing suit.  I DID NOT EVEN KNOW SHE WAS HERE!  (She was invited, I just never saw her, until this blinding moment…)

Man!  Evan was still here too!  He’s either stealing – or putting away – our books…

Dahlia was also milling about!  I have NO idea where!?!
Shouldn’t they have all been swarming the cakes during the parties?!?

I am hereby chastised.  The Zale house/property is not so large that I should have lost all these Sims.  I’m SORRY!

Man.  Lone surviving triplet Drake is still here… it’s almost 5 am, but he’s enjoying the hot tub…
And Dahlia continues to abuse the water slide…
Or perhaps it continues to abuse her!

And then we spot Liz.  Oh Liz.
I don’t care how cute you are, and how happy you look, but that is not your bed!

Bonehilda/Gnome party!

And here she is teaching Eddie to shake!

Omg, seriously?  How could this be this cute.  SHE’S A SKELETON!
But Aw.  For reals…

More “awww” the elder gents of the house…
…Gus and Duke.  BELLY RUBS!

Then we spot athletic Forrest working out!

Then Liz clapping over cookies…

Oh man, he’s 90% naked already… I swear, if he comes back alien pregnant, I QUIT.

And here’s Gus eating ice cream.
Because I thought he’d be dead by now.


If Erik has alien spawn, I have NO IDEA what will happen.  I’ll probably put it to poll, if he happens to be “pregnant”… But HEY!  Come back next time!  If Gustave doesn’t die, he’s a freak, and if Erik isn’t pregnant, THANK THE LLAMA!  Until then, cheers and Happy Simming!

18 thoughts on “Zale Family Moves On – 5.7

  1. zefiewings

    Awww sorry you keep being abducted. Do you have any space rocks? There are different things that increase the chances of abduction.
    There is a 2% chance a Sim will get abducted at night. An additional +13% chance will be added if the Sim stargazes through a telescope, and an extra +38% chance will be added for each space rock in a Sim’s inventory, up to +75%
    There is a 33% chance that a young adult, adult, or elder male Sim will get the “Unexpected Weight Gain” moodlet
    Also, if you didn`t know, you will be given the choice of sending the baby back to the alien homeworld. I`ve never seen it done but you will have a back out option just in case.

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! I do NOT have any space rocks, but he was stargazing. I get sick of just chess for the logic skill gain. And I don’t usually use the books. Thanks for all the information! That was very helpful! And excellent, I had no idea you could send the alien back to the home planet. We’ll have to see if he ends up preggo or not – and go from there!

  2. sammysama7

    Oh gosh, Carter passed on his constant alien abductions >.<
    I know I never had any space rocks on the Miller property or in anyone's inventories. Hopefully Erik isn't pregnant with an alien baby, since you'll have to wait a bit for them to age up to allow them into the heir poll :/

    1. Heather Post author

      Oh, I wouldn’t let the alien be heir! I just meant I’d poll the readers in whether or not I get rid of it, keep it around, send it off to boarding schools, etc… 🙂

  3. roserainboweve

    I would LOVE an alien baby, but unfortunately when Conor got abducted he didn’t come back pregnant, I was so sad… so it’s funny to see that you are so against one, haha. So, I also hope that Erik IS pregnant with alien spawn! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      I do think it would be fantastic, but not with my Zales! I’ve only seen a couple, and never one in my own game. So it’d be okay. We’ll see!

    1. Heather Post author

      REALLY? Is that the general consensus? Man. Oh well, we’ll see! I haven’t played yet, so I don’t know if he’s pregnant or not.

  4. mojot89

    Hmmm. I still think Flora is my favorite. Although, Frond is starting to grow on me! And if you DO end up having an alien baby, you could keep it, but just not make it eligible for heirship. That’s what I would do. ❤

    1. Heather Post author

      Well hello! Flora is my favorite too, but I’m sure that’s obvious. Frond is … unique, but I like him a lot too. I still haven’t played (stupid holidays – LOL) so I don’t know if we have an alien or not! We’ll see soon I hope! I’d like to get one more post up before I head out of town for Christmas. I’ll be in Phoenix for a week!

      1. mojot89

        Ohhh! have fun on Holiday! I wish I was going some place warm. :/ but I’m stuck in the miserable snow/wintery crap that we have where I live…

      2. Heather Post author

        Well, I LOVE snow and such, but I AM looking forward to seeing Christmas lights on cacti and palm trees! And thanks! I know I’ll have fun!

  5. Miss Wingless

    Soo there might be a very small chance of Erik being pregnant with an alien baby… oh how lovely. I pray that he isn’t, but the more one sim get abducted, the bigger chance it feels like of getting pregnant with alien spawn :3 But aww, it’s so cute to see Bonehilda teaching the dog and I’m just curious and wish that the dog could just bite of her arm, run away with it and have Bonehilda after him. Would be damn hilarious! XD Cute kids are cute and so are Liz ❤ This family have really started to grown on me since I began to read it and they just keep getting deeper into my heart here! X3 But dah heck Bonehilda?! Stop being food addicted there! You don't need food!! XP That was some strange things indeed… o_O

    1. Heather Post author

      I know! My second Bonehilda was AWFUL. Erik’s abductions were terrifying! Although hilarious. I have SO totally thought about how the dogs could just gnaw on a leg whenever they felt like it. I always thought maybe it should fulfill their hunger if they chewed on a Bonehilda! EA will just have to include us on game development next time! 🙂

  6. laserkatt

    HAHAHA Bonehilda and the fridge! That’s amazing, she just wanted to feed her family you know ;D Mine was completely useless so I deleted her 😐
    Also, aliens are awesome and I think you should have one as heir in the future just so you can play around with all the stuff they get :3

  7. somebodysangel13

    The very first generation of my current rainbowacy, my founder got abducted three times AND got pregnant all 3 times! I kept the first two kids and sent the third back. It was my first game playing with seasons, I could not believe it. But the first alien baby turned out so awesome she was the heir, so *shrug*. Gave me some awesome green hair/skin genes that continued a fair way into the legacy. Although, interestingly, none of the ones born to a male were actual aliens with the brain power and such. They just had green skin/hair. It wasn’t until I had a female make a baby with a male alien that I got an actual alien baby. Fun fact 😀

    Now to stop rambling about my own playing. I’m with the consensus that IF Erik does get pregnant, the baby should be eligible for heir. Though I know you’re already past this, just putting in my two cents 😉

    I think Forrest did get Abe’s eyes, assuming he’s not in the process of blinding in your CAS pic. They’re definitely more squint than Erik’s. And the hairstyle does help keep him from looking too much like a clone.

    Not sure if you’ve since learned this, but Bonehilda will put out lots of quick meals if any of the children in the house are hungry. Annoying thing is that she doesn’t just put out one meal for each of them… she will continue putting out more meals until all children are fed – or you run out of counters, whichever comes first. Which can be both helpful and annoying in an ISBI, since the idiots will probably eat if there’s a meal out…but you can’t force feed the kids to stop BH either.

    1. Heather Post author

      I think Forrest eventually really came into his own. I’m not sure how exactly he differs from Erik… but he does.

      I knew Bonehilda was putting out the food for the family who was hungry, but it was SO ANNOYING.


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