Attack of the Clone 5.3

Well Hello!  Welcome back to another installment of the Zale Idiocy Alphabetcy!  It’s always fun, I can tell you that!  Last time, the first spawn of Generation F was born, a little boy named Forrest!  My Bonehilda was awesome, then singed herself trying to repair the dishwasher. Lets see what my little Zale family can get up to this time!

Oh look!  Bonehilda is going to wash off her clothes and hair and go back to normal!

Oh, just kidding.  She’s going to clean it.
Of course.  Her eyes are spooky.

So here’s cowardly Daisy in the same room with Bonehilda – no reaction.
She does have a “scared” moodlet, but it’s actually counting down!

And here’s my badass Bonehilda teaching Duchess to roll over!
Cute.  I wonder how long she’ll be singed?

Daisy then DOES react to her, and freaks out
And then the scared moodlet refreshed.  I can handle that.

Oh wait…
And again…
And fifteen more times…

Meanwhile, in the house, Gus give Duchess an autonomous flea bath!
I didn’t know they could do that.  Or did I notice Duchess had fleas.  Oops.

And here’s Liz being a cute momma.
Forrest looks adorable here.  I know he looks just like every other baby – but he’s cute.

Damn Bonehilda (what’s this?  Not praising her?) kept Duchess outside so long…
She’s about to pass out!
OMG she looks dead.  Eddie in the background: “Eeeerrriik” zzzZZZzzz

Then Eddie wakes up and has a birthday!
Unsinged Bonehilda photobombs!
Ha ha!

So it’s Duke in front, Eddie – who looks A LOT like Duke.  He’s thinner, and doesn’t have the pink mask, and has a narrower face – but I hereby confuse them from this point forward.  Duchess is sleeping on the couch.  Aw.

I kept wondering why the dogs were always asleep on floors and furniture.  I send one of them to one of the two pet beds and they route fail.  There’s NOTHING in the way, wide open hallway, but when I extended the area to ADD the beds, something glitched.  Explanation found.

Then, I find Liz outside the science facility – I have no idea why…
And she pops!  Pregnancy stage one!  And is that guy behind her on the right levitating?  Weird.

Erik got a notification about needing to perform a vaccination clinic!
Here he is on the way in Bettina’s old wagon.  Aw.  I also captured this because this damn car had glitched in his inventory, but I fixed it.  YAY!

Where is the vaccination clinic?  Why the graveyard in the snow. Where else?  SimLogic 😐
Erik and this fairy heartfart.  You’re here to vaccinate buddy!

Ha!  She was a total weenie!
(Don’t mind the funky camera angle, there was a lamppost in the way)

Evie decides she needs a vaccine!
Evie: My brother the doctor.  I am entertained.

Then, under the watchful eye of abandoned IF’s, Erik makes an igloo.
Since no one else wanted to show up.

We sold Bonehilda and hired a regular maid.  I can’t have Daisy screaming and fleeing through her elder years.

And then the full moon!  And after reading Franklin’s Stuff I HAD to try black light under the full moon glow.  *you might want to put on shades*
MUHAHAH!  It’s fantastic!  Forrest is GLOWING.  HA HA HA!  This was amazingly fun.  If you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do.  Brilliant. 😀
*Immediately returns lights to “normal”*

Liz:  Aw…Nooboo
My mother sense is tingling.
Where’s the baby?!?
Wow Liz.  Just wow.  Can’t you see your father-in-law three feet from you holding a blue burrito?  That’s the baby.  You were just a little too slow.

Liz somehow manages to get her hands on Forrest and heads downstairs to rock in the chair.
Liz: *Pouts* I wanted to use the chair 😦
Daisy: Too Bad!

Her face is freakin’ SCARY!
Daisy: *Growling* Liz.  Oh Liz. I’ll give you the chair Liz.



Daisy:  Fine!  You win, quit pouting!


Liz: You are not very nice.  But you’re very scary…
Daisy: Rooooccckkkinnggg Chairrrrrrr *Drools*

Liz:  Um yeah – your grandson and I are going to head upstairs now.
Liz, I must say, I think that’s the smartest thing one of my idiots has done to date.  You win.


At the hospital, some Sims have been very busy enjoying the snowfall!

It’s a Girl!  I name her Flora!  She rolls Loves the Heat and Genius.  Now my fingers are poised and ready to name the next baby, maybe even BABIES!  I have Frond for a boy, and Fauna ready for a girl!  Forrest, Frond, Flora & Fauna.  I am creative genius.

And…Single birth.  SERIOUSLY?!?  They BOTH have the fertility treatment!  I wanted at LEAST twins!  What is this wizardry!?!  Man.  I don’t want to try again and end up with FIVE babies.  I wanted a smaller generation this time 😦  I completed my own self-imposed mini challenge of having one of each gender… so I can stop now I guess.  Cyrus’ generation was only himself and his sister, Celine…

And, while I’m absorbing the fact that it was a single birth, I fail to take a picture of her.  But ya know, she looks exactly like Forrest, just in a pink blanket…

But I DID get a picture of her room!
Her favorite color is pink.  And she likes porcini risotto and rock music.  This was Evan’s old room, and I like the way it turned out.  It has a leafy wall paper to fit with my nature theme and well, I like it.

And then it’s Forrest’s birthday!
Erik:  I want a cake.  Why can’t I have a cake?  o.o
Oh Erik.  Let your son have the moment, seriously.  You can have a slice.  I promise.

Liz: WEE!

Gus: WEE!
Erik: Whelp, I’m just gonna put the baby on the floor now.

And that’s Eddie!  And Daisy’s feet.

After makeover:
He’s cute!  I only have 5 boy toddler hairstyles.  *le sigh*

Hmm, he looks a LOT like his daddy!
Oh Erik.  Cope.

So, after the above picture, I just had to look at Forrest in CAS.

I put the same hairstyle on so I wouldn’t confuse looking different with being different.  Forrest has a slightly rounder face shape that he got from Liz.  Otherwise, he is Erik!  Damnit!  I don’t want any more babies!  GRRRR.

I hate you Forrest.

I’ve previously stated that clones don’t really bother me – because each sim is unique blah blah.  But usually there’s at least a coloring difference!  Like different colored eyes, or hair.  And I suppose the rounder face shape means not a COMPLETE clone…  I mean, I’m nearly certain Bettina was an Angelica clone (upon retrospect) and look closely at Daisy and Traci in the header (although I think their nose is slightly different)!  So this technically shouldn’t bother me – BUT IT DOES.  SO THERE.

Well, readers.  I’m in a predicament.  I mean, Forrest wasn’t an optimal heir anyway, as it’s kinda supposed to be a girls turn after Erik’s reign is over, but I do want to give you guys options, not just make it Flora by default.  And what if Flora’s not good either?  What if their fertility treatments work next time and we have THREE MORE!  Ugh… Help.  Help me.

Next time is bound to be more fun – so give me some advice and come back soon to see what I do with it!  Cheers, and Happy Simming!

15 thoughts on “Attack of the Clone 5.3

  1. roserainboweve

    I don’t know why, but I see a lot more of Abraham in Forrest than I do in Erik – I think it’s the eyes? Forrest’s eyes seem slightly smaller and more reminiscent of Abraham, at least that’s my opinion. Or I could just be trying to make you feel better about the fact you have a clone… no, I really do think they look different. Call me crazy but I do!

    1. Heather Post author

      Lol! I think it is maybe just how I caught the expressions they were making? I think Forrest might’ve been about to blink? But yeah, I know what you mean. I stared at those eyes forever. I thought I might’ve just been trying so hard to make him not a clone that I was forcing myself to see differences. But if you agree… Hmm!

  2. FranklinMarklin

    Wait, wait, wait, I just realized something. You play without mods and CC right? Which means there can only be eight sims in one house at a time right? And right now there’s six sims in the house (Daisy, Gustave, Erik, Liz, Forrest, Flora), which means that, worse case scenario, another pregnancy can only give you a single or twins. 😀 Unless Daisy or Gustave are near death. Are they near death? D:

    1. Heather Post author

      You’re a genius!!! The most I can get out of another pregnancy is TWINS! And I was okay if the last batch was triplets! Making four kidlets. Gustave and Daisy are right around 80, with lifespan at 90, so they SHOULDN’T DIE! I can try again! Huzzah!

  3. sammysama7

    Wow Forrest looks so much like Erik it’s scary! D:
    His jaw is a bit rounder, like you said, and his eyes look smaller, but they’re rotated the same. I hope Flora at least has purple hair. Will you be checking Flora the same way you checked Forrest to see if she’s got clone features too?

  4. Kattie

    Ah, clones! I’m sure if Jasper had been a girl he would have been exactly like Nellie, so I feel the frustration. It might just be wishful thinking, but I think kid’s music helps the chance of twins and triplets, so it might be worth a try. Hopefully, twins!

  5. Heather Post author

    Hi Kattie! I really enjoyed your latest post! At this point, I’d be happy if it was another single birth, but at least I know I don’t run the risk of triplets since the house is full!

  6. pinkfiend1

    I love it when Sims look their parents.Makes me all happy and clappy, like a Sim eating their favourite food. I agree the eyes are a little different. And I think the noses are fractionally different as well.

  7. zefiewings

    I dunno..I think you just feel upset because you looked. I’d be surprised how much hair changes a sim. Plus clothes…his build might end up really fit or fat depending on personality. Plus he won’t be singing all the time. certain personalities might even warrant streaks or something.
    You said yourself that in retrospect you may have had clones before…but you didn’t really notice or care. I think its because of these reasons. So really, he doesn’t have to be out of the running even!

  8. Miss Wingless

    Oh I get the title now that I have read some ^^ He does look like a clone, despite that little difference in the haw shape. And I agree with you on the clone factor; I hate clones too!!! X3 They should all burn in hell (or perhaps, chough, not be clones.)! 😀 Also, I think Forrests chin might be a little bigger, but not so sure there.
    Daisy, stop making such scary faces!! :O I don’t like it, but maybe she makes up for being scared of Bonehilda and tries to tough up some, but doubt that it will work XP She’s also the worst troller there with the chair; I love it! 😀
    And Bonehilda back to normal… fun while it lasted and dogs!!! 🙂 Cuties still ^^
    Yay! More babies!! Really wanna see how the new addition to the family looks like 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      I was pretty disappointed in Forrest, but it’s funny, as he aged up, I found he was more unique than I initially discovered! You’re finally at a point where Sims you read about are actually still alive! Thank you so much for reading and all the fun comments! Chapter 8.0 is on the horizon, so keep on trucking! ❤

  9. somebodysangel13

    Haha, yep, what Daisy did is exactly what my neurotic sim did. As a child, no less. She was fine as a neurotic toddler, but once she could run, she barely stopped. Very annoying.

    Liz’s pouty face is TOO CUTE!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen my sims do that.

    I’m not a fan of clones, but if you have different hair and clothes colour, should be okay. But then again, I love big families, so would be all for more nooboos. My current gen has 3, and I’m finding it so boring – maybe because I love the toddler stage so much, and the child stage is just annoying. Then once they’re teens they’re basically like adults, so they skill like nothing else. And maybe I need to turn the vampires off, because their lifespans are WAY too long for my liking.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, I have never played a vampire, fairy, werewolf or witch. I hear vampires skill really fast too, so with the long lifespan, and the extra fast skilling, sounds like things would be pretty easy? I like toddler AND child stages. Except the stupid bedtime story. Teens are fun if you can actually control them, and they can have relationships and do things, but in an ISBI, they’re just in the way. And with their moodswings, they set booby traps all over the place.

      Everything about Liz is cute. I just saw her ghost in my play session last night! ❤


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