Erik the “Doctor” 5.9

Well!  Hello there Simmers!  I hope everyone had a safe, happy, and lovely holiday!  While I was away in Phoenix, Arizona, the Zales took their longest break to date!  I have to say, I missed them!  I managed to read most everyone’s updates, but I missed playing for sure!  That said, last time Flora aged to teen, and Erik to adult.  Duchess saved our dear Gustave, and Frond became a child.  Let’s move on, yes?  Yes!

Now that Flora is a teen, Erik rolled a wish to teach her to drive!
We still haven’t finished, but they stuck with it for a long time!

Hang in there Erik, I’m sure it’s terrifying!
(I really like this picture.)

And while Erik is out teaching Flora to drive… and in almost the exact same spot… Gustave dies again.  He only got four or five more SimDays after Duchess saved him.

Bye Gussie!  Thanks for the Daycare Van!

Poor Forrest. 😦

Gustave joins the rest of the TH’s and Spouses in the back of the property.

While “Never Look at the Camera” Liz and her favorite child, Frond play tag…

…Death grabs a slice of cake.

Oh wait,  he’s not eating it,  he’s cleaning it up.
Thanks…I guess?

But Daisy stops by!  HI DAISY!

Flora is not nearly as excited to see Daisy as we are…
But she’s pretty!

And here’s Duchess, sleeping in the middle of the floor with her eyes open, dreaming about rocks.
Her lifebar is full, and she shows 47 days.  She’s going to die soon 😦

Erik gets a pop up to perform another job over at the graveyard (again…) But Drake’s there!
And that vampire makes the best faces!
Erik is the finest doctor in all of SimLand.  TRUST ME.  He can whip a gadget out of his bum and prescribe pills as big as your face.  Finest. Doctor. Ever.

While at the cemetery, we waste no time dropping off the rest of the IF’s we’ve acquired since our last visit.
I like how the creepiest ones are sinking into the ground.  *shudder*

We do get to diagnose Drake, however. 
I’m not sure what Erik decides he’s suffering from, but I opt for “Ancientism”.  Drake is VERY old!

After Drake is diagnosed, it’s fancy Arlo Bunch’s turn.
Watch the pen, Mr. Bunch.
Erik: The best in town!  I PROMISE.  SimLogic.

Back at home, Frond continues to be Liz’s favorite child.
They stood out here by the pond chatting and gossiping forever in the rain.  How nice for them.

Flora is Erik’s favorite, as he’s constantly rolling wishes about honor roll, driving, talking, etc… so we need to finish that driving skill!  Oh wait! PROM FIRST…
Poor Forrest.  No ones favorite.  I like you dear.  🙂

While they’re off at prom, oh, my dear sweet Zale house.
Duchess: Parrots 😀
Eddie is being taught how to “play dead” by a skeleton.  Fitting.
Frond ROCKS the Zebra!

Oh no!  Duchess has fleas!  I will NOT let her die with fleas!
Bath time!
Good man, Erik.  Take care of Duchess.  She’s a Zale through and through.

PROM ENDS.  Flora was queen (shocking) and Forrest was king (equally shocking).  Forrest got in a fight about something, and he was rejected when asking a “very attractive Sim” to dance.  Flora however… fell in love!  She has a full relationship bar and is a romantic interest with Shelley Hill.  She needed a makeover.  And here she is in CAS!
So.  I took these notes: “Not sure if potential spouse or what, but she’s too cute!”  Hmm.

I then followed her taxi “home”… apparently she lives at the stadium.

Meanwhile – Drake’s time is coming to an end.
Drake Dying

But at home, Flora is awesome and does her homework at 1am after prom.
It looks hard. 

Erik works on his research material for his job while “rocking with flair” freakin’ DIVA.
But at least you aren’t breaking appliances…

…Like Forrest.

He finds it very upsetting.

But while Forrest abandons his desire to break the house, he does his homework.
And Bonehilda?  She saves the day!
It’s so nice not to have cowardly or neurotic Sims about.  You can really reap the benefits of a Bonehilda.  She conflicts with my “no fantasy” ideals, and I HATED her in TS1.  Who the hell gets a BONEMAID.  However, in an ISBI, she’s handy as can be – without fraidy Sims, of course.

Erik, after researching with flair, was very hungry.  He’s read a lot of recipes and worked hard to cook for his family.  AND we buy groceries.  So if he has an option to prepare a meal, and it has a simolean figure buy it, we do not make it.  Here he is cooking.
Dur dee dur… I’m going to crack an egg directly onto a cutting board. This will make mushroom omelets. 

Here is Erik pouring milk directly onto this same surface.
It instantly turned into a bowl which appeared to contain normal omelet ingredients.  😐

Poor SimCooking aside – HI CYRUS!

Ghost Cyrus floated through Frond’s room and woke him up, so he decided to… PRESIDE OVER ROYAL COURT!

How cute is he?  No really.  How cute.  Enjoy him now…
…Cuz his birthday’s coming!  And let’s recall, he rolled “Emperor of Evil” even though he has totally non-evil traits.  Frond is weird.

Erik gets a chance to hold a vaccination clinic.  Instead of being at the graveyard, like always, it’s at the summer festival! (It’s funny that that makes more sense… SimLogic)
Let the summer vaccinations begin!

I’m sure this is the last time we’ll see you alive!

Well.  That escalated quickly.
Bye Drake 😦

Forrest, who was “skipping school” heaven knows what he was up to, and Evie witness Drake’s death.

Then I spot Sam Sekemoto… with his broken heart.
Apparently him and Drake maintained their high school romance all through the years.  Poor thing.  😦

Back at home, Liz and her favorite child Frond celebrate his birthday!

Erik got called back to work, I don’t know where everyone else is…
Aw, these two.  Too cute.

Frond rolls “Can’t Stand Art” to join athletic, ambitious, and excitable.  His LTW is “Emperor of Evil”.
Hmm.  Oh dear.
At least Liz seems thrilled with the outcome.

He’s cute.  He looks like a male Liz, but Gustave’s incredibly dominant eye shape.  I love his round face and purple hair, however.

And, to end this post, Erik has rolled this THREE TIMES:
Divorce liz
NO!  We are NOT divorcing Liz!  Deal with it you DIVA.

So, while I posted this, I decided there will be no heir poll.  Flora will continue the Zale legacy, honoring the boy/girl/boy/girl theme.  She appears to prefer women, so I’m PRETTY sure her and Shelley will wed and adopt a whole slew of boys who I can heir poll for the “G” generation.  There will also be at least one girl child, as I’m sticking to a mini challenge of at least one child of each gender per generation.  I’m looking forward to what comes next, and  I hope you all are too!

Thanks for coming back to the Zales after the holiday break!  Hope to see you again real soon!

Happy Simming!

13 thoughts on “Erik the “Doctor” 5.9

  1. zefiewings

    These simmies are so cute!
    lol that Diva.
    I really want to play my family now!
    But I played to much last time and made myself a promise not to play until I catch up in writing…
    only two more chapters to go! Then I can implement the ideas I stole from you (like the tattoo) lol !
    That’s how I do it with the grosheries too. What I really want is to make a store where I can buy anything from the buy menu. Then I would make them shop for furniture and everything.
    Maybe for sims 4.

  2. roserainboweve

    I think Frond might have rolled “Emperor of Evil” because he’s Athletic, and you need the Athletic skill in order to advance in that career. Even with his fixed hair and eyebrows (LOL, the first ones were great!) I’m not really feeling him. Flora is very pretty however! I was going to say I’m excited to see her babies but it sounds like she’s going to be adopting. Nothing wrong with that, I was just hoping to see her genetics carry on. 🙂

  3. mojot89

    Yay Flora! She was my favorite anyway.
    Erik makes a “wonderful” doctor. I would walk, no run, the other direction if I saw him coming towards me with a needle! hahaha!
    And I’m glad that I’m not the only one who hates the IFs. I sell all the ones I get because I don’t want them. ever.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yay! We can be fellow IF haters! I know I’ve said before that I think they do add a lot to the game, and can be pretty hilarious – but not in my games! No siree!
      Erik is an epically fantastic doctor, what do you mean you’d flee? Just because he kicks ONE patient in the shins, I tell you. (hee hee hee)
      I’ve had fun dropping the IF’s off in random places. Cyrus dropped a load off at the beach, and the rest have been left in the graveyard. I think I’ll start leaving the next batch somewhere else.

  4. tam

    Hi, I’ve read through this amazing isbi from the beginning in three days and I’ve hardly raised my head from the computer screen – thank you for writing it, it’s sooooo good! I have a thought regarding Flora (if you haven’t already played that far), if you want to keep the Zale genetics, but want her to stay with her prom date, why don’t you testingcheatsenabled go into CAS with whoever you want to not get pregnant, change their gender to male when they find eachover extremely irresistible, go out of CAS. Then the option to try for a baby will be available. Then, after you hear the lullaby chimes, change the gender back to female. I’ve tested it in game up to the kid being a toddler and it seems to work with both male and female couples! Of course with male parents you’ve got to keep the pregnant one female throughout the pregnancy, which is a bit weird, but it’s good for the end result! Sorry for the massive comment, but I hope I’ve been helpful!

    1. Heather Post author

      That is a BRILLIANT idea! You’re a genius! Thank you so much! For both the incredibly nice comment, and the wonderful idea!!! I’m totally going to do that!

  5. Miss Wingless

    Erik, the greatest doctor alive; can even find a heartbeat in a vampire, who is technically dead! >_< Seriously, vampire don't have a beating heart and that thing just "hey, he got a freaky pulse" XP Love the game…
    Oh… OH?! :O Some, some… girl loving… *Puppy eyes* ❤ ❤ <3!!! I love same sex couple and those can be the most adorable ever!! (If you have read the Chim-Chim-Cheree rainbow legacy, you find the most adorable same sex couples ever!! ^^) SO now I'm pumped to get to the very next generation 🙂 And oh the kids are interesting looking now..
    Okay bye… Gus, your time came in the game and it would come soon enough, But damn, that was fast with Drake. Was there something in the shot he got? o_O (Nope, old age.) All are dying off like flies which is sad of course… and I fear a little for when Duchess goes, since she have earned my respect and I like her as well as everyone else there… oh well…

    1. Heather Post author

      I have read the entire Chim-Chim-Cheree legacy! I loved it so much! Erik is indeed the finest doctor in all the land! I’ll give you a BIT of a spoiler to prove to you how ALMOST caught up you are! Shelley and Flora are both STILL ALIVE! ❤ Keep it up!


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