Can’t Birth a Boy 12.3

Hai!  Sorry I was gone for so long, I spent the Thanksgiving holiday (and my birthday!) in Phoenix, AZ with my in-laws.  Had a lovely time.  Got home Just a few days ago and TADA!  Zale post comin’ at ya live!  Let’s get started shall we?

Samali, Kyle & Krypton are all swarming baby Mary.
Hi guys – I missed you!

Little Meg is in her crib.
She may be a “not-boy” and green-ish skinned, but I think she’s pretty great.

Bailey is having a snack.

Leah is hiding in the bushes.
Doing horsey things.

Lavender and Lacey are out for a ride.

Aw, my sweet Meg.
I love toddlers.

And then just like that BAMMO…
…I remodeled the nursery.

Taking a break from pregnancy, Lavender is out training Leah at the training grounds.
I think that’s a spiffy picture.

While out for a ride, Leah rolled a horsey wish to win an advanced racing competition, so Lavender gives it her best shot.
compete in a race
We got second place.

Kyle does some autonomous parenting.
This was the first time he’d picked up his daughter.  Sad faces.

Speaking of parenting, we’re about to make it a bit more challenging!
Of course, Lav was getting a massage that she’d wished for (and paid for) had to come out midway through to show me she was pregnant, which I’d already known, then go BACK IN and pay for ANOTHER massage to grant the wish.  Redonkulous.

Once Kyle picked up baby Mary, he just wouldn’t put her down.
And I found that to be adorable.

Someone fed this little peanut while I wasn’t looking.
no complaints here!

She’s neat.

Parenting complete.

Lavender is a very doting momma, and rolls lots of momma wishes.
Like to buy, then use, this stroller. Have fun you two.

Hi Husband!
We’re having another baby!


I mean neat.
*Thumbs up*

Bailey had rolled a wish to Sniff Meg, and I wasn’t sure he could even do that until she became a child, but I thought I’d try – so I go have Lavender fetch the little muffin, then set her in the pasture.
Um, holy cute.

I cannot believe how adorable this is.
And that’s not Bailey – that’s Leah – oh well.  Apparently it was Leah’s wish.

Sam then decides the baby should NOT be left in the pasture with three full-grown horses…
…and hauls her inside after an autonomous CLAW ATTACK, which I failed to capture.  Samali appears to be just finishing a thought about herself.

Quick chat with dad – totally not to stop him from messing with the swings either…
Have to make sure everyone knows there’s another babe on the way.

Kyle reminds me of Ramon.
Not just the childish trait, but the afro too.  Although Kyle’s is different.

Lav lives on a strict diet of nothing but apples.
I would like a boy please.

Lavender had a sore back, so I sent her off to the spa and followed Kyle around for entertainment.
Precious, sweet entertainment.  In swim trunks.

With Lavender pregnant for what seems like the umpteenth time, I send her off to the festival to make friends and write more reports.  I decide the whole family could use the outing, so here’s grumpy, pregnant Lavender carrying Meg.
You’ll have fun, I promise.

We get a portrait taken, per Lav’s wishes, and then I send her off to make friends.
So she can then write them up – totally legit.

I love it when Sims choose to do things like get their face painted.
I’m excited to see what he picks!

Uh oh – either this old man is dying…
…or Bailey is.

Damn.  It’s Bailey.
Quit hugging him you jerk!

I love Bailey extra bunches, but I knew our time with him would be brief, since he was an elder upon adoption into the Zale house…
But at least he exits in style.  I’ll miss you, Bay.

But, on the bright side, Kyle emerges from the painting booth looking extra fancy.
Looks good with your eyes, there bud.  Nice choice.

If this old totter would hurry up, I bet they could start the contest.
He took too long, and the challenge cancelled.  DAMN.

The loss of Bailey impacts the group.
I know, it’s very sad.


Old lady bladder ain’t what it used to be.  -5 more.

Lavender was just heading to pick up Meg, and Labor strikes!
I hope all those apples have worked!

Poor fancy Kyle.
Now go join your wife.

Well, hang the portrait real quick-like.

It’s a girl.  Lavender’s face reflects my own feelings on the matter.  She had BOTH traits locked in which like, is a legacy first.  She’s easily impressed and excitable.  And her name is Melody.

Lavender continues to play favorites, and rolls more and more wishes for first born Meg.

But even while cherishing her children…
…The loss of Bailey is fresh on her mind.

So – I planted this thing ages ago, kind of inspired by Pink’s Madness, and I thought, what the hey, let’s pick it.
The death of Bailey opened up a house slot… so why not.

No, this isn’t creepy at all.

Creepy human pod.

What the hell?  IT’S A BOY!
I think Lavender’s expression there pretty much sums it up.

I name him Mango – because it’s the first plant-type thing I thought of that started with M.

Weird plant babies aside, we have a birthday today!

Mary gets to become a toddler!
Lav:  *puts baby on floor*  Peace out.

Aw, she’s adorable!
She likes spiceberry, mushroom omelets and beach party music.  So lovely and human!  Also absent minded and friendly.

Sam loves all her grandbabies.
And Krypton really misses that horse.

Little Mary is adorable too, and has nice dark skin.
Look how green Mango is!

Cute potty training face.
Don’t hurt yourself kid.

A little toddler spam can’t hurt ya.
Omnomnom BLOCKS.

With another break from pregnancy, Lavender takes Lacey out for a ride.

Here’s little Meg, one of her last moments as a toddler.
They grow up so fast!

Here’s grandma Sam looking grandma annoyed in her grandma PJ’s.
Yes yes, I’m sure you and Kyle are both in each others way to do something detrimental to the babies in the swings.

Whoops, washer broke.
For some reason, I love it when the washer breaks.  I think it’s the bubbles.

Then, this insanely stupid music started – kind of like carnival music, but happier?  Not as creepy?  It was louder sometimes and quieter sometimes, depending on where I was on the lot.  And I discovered it was linked to this guy.
Yes, look sad.  It is bad and you should feel bad.
I went into edit town mode, split him from the house, then put him back.

It was surprisingly successful!
Yes yes, welcome back, all smiles now!

Livid and Lilac are here!
Hi ladies!  It’s nice to see you – even if you’re pulling faces, Lil.

There’s a few birthdays on the horizon!
(You have no idea how hard it was to get all three babies downstairs in those swings…)

Baby Melody goes first!
At least grandma cares.  Sam always cares.

Meg is next!
This cake extra seasoned with toddler spit.

It’s the Plantbaby’s turn!
Oh Krypton, you old coot.  ❤

There’s one last cake, and it’s for Lavender herself!
Lookin’ good.
I think the few more lines make her look lovely.

So here we have little Melody.
She is excitable and easily impressed, and likes – aqua?  Yeah.  What a little peanut.

Then we have Meg, who rolled shy to join loner and easily impressed.
I think she’s a sweetie.

Lastly, Plantbaby Mango.
Unfortunately, his favorite color is lime – holy green!  But I LOVE his golden eyes.

And there’s definitely some awesome with a plantsim baby.
Pretty neat!
So – I like the little guy, but they can’t spread genetics or reproduce without cloning themselves into forbidden fruit seeds – SO I know he will have only Lavender’s looks, and if he is to be the only boy, I’ll cure him of his Plantsimism if he’s to be the TH.  I’m also planning on waiting patiently for the death of Krypton and/or Samali to try two more times for some boys.  So we’ll see.

He also learns REALLY quickly – his skill bar is this full from only one potty session.
Nearly half!

I then got a pop-up about how Kyle was feeling younger and revitalized, and I knew he’d been busy in the spa – so I checked on his stats – knowing he was already a few days younger than Lavender – and I was shocked to see he was all the way at the beginning of his lifestage.  I think when I split him from the house and back in, to kill the scary music, he aged all the way back down.  SO!
There, steamy forced birthday all alone in the basement.  Serves you right you – handsome guy.

Back upstairs, Krypton and little Mary are failing to communicate.
She’s hungry, but he picked her up, and put her back into the play pen about a thousand times.

Lilac is getting married to Chuck Hobble!  That other guy both her and her sister dated for a minute, Tate Curely or somewhat, he died.  She’s just a full on adult now, so hopefully, even though he’s old, he’ll give her BABIES!  ONE Zale cousin, just ONE would be awesome.

The three eldest Zale women share breakfast together.

Then we have a little alien bonding with dad.
And that’s where I stopped playing…

I MEANT to stop after the birthdays, but I got kinda distracted.  Oh well.  So!  There you have it!  Not much looming in the immediate future, but Lav will finally start going to work again soon, and maybe, just maybe we can get promoted past level 3 or whatever pathetic level we’re at right now.  So until next time, Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  40 (-200)
Self-Wetting -5:  31 (-155)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  33 (+165)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 9 (+360)
Honor Roll +5:  13 (+65)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  11 (+110)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +515

16 thoughts on “Can’t Birth a Boy 12.3

  1. Sammy-Sama

    PlantSims are so cool, I wish they could reproduce both ways. I loved the flowers coming off of Mango as he crawled around, it’s adorable. Can’t you choose what gender baby a sim gets pregnant with in the sauna? Maybe it’s time to take advantage of that and just dock a couple points off? That’ll at least make sure you get another boy.
    All the girls are super cute. I can’t wait to see them as teens/adults. :3

      1. Heather Post author

        So, since my plantsim is male, can he get human females pregnant? If so, he could remain a plantsim all his life.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, I think Mango is pretty cool myself – and I too, wish they could reproduce both ways, and actually transmit genetics! His little flower trail is spectacular, I really love it. Yeah, I can “try for a boy” in the sauna – might have to do that… or Mango can just take over – and I’ll cure him so we can have normal babies. Maybe – I’m not sure what direction I’ll take.

  2. somebodysangel13

    I’m experimenting with a plant sim in my uni fun save – looking forward to seeing little Mango grow up. Though it is annoying that they can only clone themselves, not spread genetics.

    I’m with Sammy, cheat some twin boys with the sauna, like Krypton did. No-one can say you didn’t try your hardest to get a boy the normal way. I think the baby’s gender is set upon pregnancy, and apples/watermelons will only help with multiples; that’s what happened to Abby Maloney with Felix and Frankie – pregnancy was a boy, then the multiple was a girl due to the watermelons she ate.

    Though the girls are adorable. Samali’s genes are really strong, hopefully we can get some of Kyle’s genes in the boys!

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, I might have to give Kyle and Lav the fertility treatment, and make them try for boys. I’ve certainly seen a lot of players try to influence the gender of the baby with watermelons and apples and I’ve never seen it be consistently successful, so maybe your theory is correct! Samali’s genes appear to be pretty strong, but I do see SOME Kyle in the kids, not just Lav and her mother. The skin tones are certainly a blessing!

  3. autumnrein

    I think Meg is my favourite so far. How did you get the plant baby? Is that from planting the forbidden fruit? I’ve never seen anyone get one before. He looks so adorable! Tonnes of green but I still just love him! Would he count for heir where he came from the soil or Lavender’s genetics didn’t go into him at all?

    1. Heather Post author

      First, I really like Meg too. And yeah, the plantsim comes from planting a forbidden fruit, waiting until it’s ready to harvest, and then picking it. But – it goes like this… for example, I had Lavender go to the garden, clicked specifically on the forbidden fruit, and then selected “harvest forbidden fruit”. Since Lavender is the one who picked it, little Mango is a clone of her genetics wise, just male. If Kyle picked it, it would have *his* genetics. If I had sent Lavender to “tend garden” and she harvested the forbidden fruit whilst harvesting and weeding the rest of the garden, she would get a forbidden fruit in her inventory – which she could eat which would turn HER into a plantsim… or replant for future use. I do not mind so much that Mango is Lavender’s clone, as I’m not sure what she’ll look like as a male, and I’m interested to find out – what makes me not want to continue with Mango is their only way of reproducing is through forbidden fruit. In order for Mango to have a child, he’d have to find and plant his own forbidden fruit, thus cloning himself upon harvest. Or, we could have a spouse pick it, but that would just clone themselves – genetic blending would be over.

      1. autumnrein

        Hmm… yea, if there is any way around it I would aim for a real baby. Though even after eating all the apples she still had a girl. Lav is working against your boy/girl alternate for sure lol.

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks! Me too. House is full, so it’ll be a bit – but at least Lavender can focus on her career related LTW!

  4. pinkfiend1

    Didn’t realise plant sims were clones. I’m really not that observant. Can’t we just have Meg has heir? Plant sims-wonderfully low maintenance, and some of the features they get are so cool. They can absorb puddles, and constantly wish for bubble baths.
    Glad you had a good holiday.

  5. zefiewings

    I really hope boy plant sims can get girls preggers because I think having a plant sim would be so cool! His pretty little trail. ❤
    anyway I can't wait to see what you decide.
    And I didn't think plant sims were clones…until they themselves make a seed. SO he shouldn't look like his momma yes?

  6. plumbawesim

    Good luck with getting your boy! Hopefully it all works out for you. Mango is ADORABLE though. I love how plantsims have the trail of flowers following them. So cute ❤

  7. loralie0512

    Finally all caught up! I’m pretty sure Mango can get a girl pregnant just no chance of a plantsim hybrid. Try fertility treatment and have her watch kids tv and listen to kids music, your chances of multiplies should definitely increase!


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