Nothin’ But Girls 12.2

Hey there Friends of The Zales!  Welcome back!  Last time, Lavender got married!  And some horsie things – but not much else.  This time – well, it’s a bit of an adventure.  Sort of.

Let us proceed with…da da DUMM!  ZALE CHECK:
Samali is asleep…
Like she always is during Zale Checks.

Dear old Krypton is taking a bath…
Cute little old man

Lavender is here at the spa getting a massage.

Kyle – also being human is asleep in Livid’s old bedroom.
I went ahead and assigned this bed to him.  Since Lavender doesn’t sleep, I didn’t feel obligated to make them a couples suite.  When Sam and Krypton pass, I’ll let Kyle move up there.  This will do for now.

Just after the Zale Check, I decide to go ahead and try to grab a couple SimSelves that are .sim flies.  With help from Nate (phyrcracker93) and the rest of you lovely readers I was successful in grabbing Pink’s SimSelf (FINALLY!) and Nate too.  I tossed you all in a two bedroom house.  Have fun with that.
Hee hee hee.  Oh – and we also have Sammy Sama and Julia – as well as Jasmine Miller and Anne-Marie Kultura.  Pretend I wasn’t lazy and linked all those.

Hi guys, having fun yet?
Just hang on, Lavender is on her way.

Julia and Nate are off to a winning start.
It’s always Julia.

Lavender introduces herself.

Nate heartfarts Lav, but Lav heartfarts the bathtub.
While Julia sneaks off.  Oh Sims.

Then my game crashed.  I reloaded and ALL my settings were gone.  It was full screen, low graphics, memories enabled, supernaturals on, celebrities ETC.  AND when I opened the Zale file, I got a pop-up message about missing items that had been replaced.  Say WHAT?!?  What did I do?  AH!  I guess we’ll have to see what happens…

Well, this time around, Lavender meets Sammy and Julia.
Good, make friends!

Lav gains entrance to the house, there’s a pop up about a Spring festival and *pOOf* Sammy Spins into food merchant attire and exits.
Aw, she’s an adorable food merchant.

Everyone else gets on fine in their ceiling-free house.
Albeit, tiny house.

Julia also joins the food merchant lifestyle.

Nate makes some waffles.

Lav and Pink have a chat.

And Sammy adopts a…
Sammy gets a pet
…um.. catdog?  A pet.  Sammy adopts a pet.

Lavender was still at their house when Hawk arrived at his new home.
Aw, he’s a cutie little peanut!  I’m sorry I didn’t know if he was a cat or dog from the pop-up.  He’s adorbs.

I buy the family four sets of bunk-beds, and a few doggie items for baby Hawk.
I even have Lavender fill the food dish before leaving.

Back at the estate, I start to notice the “missing items”…
When I first saw this, I thought maybe end tables had vanished…leaving “small ivy” on the floor… I wasn’t sure though…

Hmm, this isn’t right.
What’s with the random toy box?  I think that might’ve been the walker.  (FALSE: It was the play pen)  I’m missing tons of items – not just store items, but regular ones too.  I wonder what I did?

And then my whole computer went a little haywire.  In my attempts to make the game run better, I seemed to have really borked things up.  I’ll spare you the details, but I did a system restore and then reviewed my Zale save files.

I’m not sure who told me about this, I think it was Jenn, but I keep four running saves of the current house.  Zales in AP 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Each time I do a “save as” I replace the next save.  The most recent Zale file had all the missing things, as well as the next most recent… but the third one I checked had all the correct items, and was right about where I started this post.  Lav was at the spa, Sam and Kyle asleep, and Krypton was about to get in the bath.  It does mean the SimSelves are not in the game, I’ll try again some other time.  Right now, I’m just happy to have things back to normal.

HA!  I thought it might’ve been tables – but no, game just replaced my lovely giant palms with tiny little ivy plants.  Sure…

But – I started playing, or trying to play over two hours ago, and now I’m right back where I started with the Sim Check.  This game is a ton of work.  Labor of love.  Stupid.

Then I took a cute video of Bailey playing with the horse ball – but I didn’t upload it so you’ll just have to settle for this:
But seriously, how cute?

I love him.
And all my horses.

The serious storm has spooked them, however.
But Lav is here to calm them.

Since Lavender cannot ride while pregnant (stupid) she maintains her relationship with them by keeping them clean and groomed.
Rain or shine.

I hope the garden thaws soon.
We’re running a bit low on horse carrots.

Being on maternity leave, I have Lavender focus on reports.  She’s almost friends with Imogene Pelly, so we’re going to pay her a visit.
Nice digs!  But no one was home except the dog.  Dang.

I decided people might be over at the festival.
And I was right!  Imogene is here too.

We get our interview on, and should have two more people to write up reports on.
I wanted to see if she could review the festival, but she couldn’t.

Back at home Sam enjoys some wedding cake.

You two getting along?

We write a negative report on Imogene Pelly – for two reasons…
…one, I’ve never done that before and two, I don’t think she’s a very nice Sim.  It didn’t even really damage their relationship.  Funny.

Aha!  My first spare romance!
Lilac starts a romance
They would have very ugly children.

Careful, buddy.
Stoves are hot.

Baby bump!
I think we’ll have a nooboo soon!

Livid!  You hussy!  That’s Lilac’s man!
Hussy Liv
I swear there has to be more than this guy out there.

And then Tate goes back to Lilac.
back to lil
My guess is no, it will not last.

Apparently filling the already full water trough is the thing to do today.
Clothing optional.

The garden is alive!
It’s looking a little sparse, but at least it won’t have gone to waste.  Once it’s empty, I’ll probably just delete the fencing.

My cute couple!
Way to spend time together ❤

Unstable Kyle rears his head.

And ouch – arms aren’t supposed to look like that.
I go ahead and have him “take deep breaths” whenever I notice the moodlet.  I don’t care if it’s cheating.

I spot these purple butterflies near the garden and decide that Lavender must catch one.

Aw, it was fancy too!
Worth 112 buckaroos.

Kyle:  WEE!  A HORSE! 😀
Bailey:  Old phone.

Oh Sam, you cutie.
Thanks!  Horses gotta eat.

Dang, we’re just trying to tend to the horses.
Zombie attendance not required.


While Lavender is heading off to the hospital, Sam is having a grand ol’ time with the zombie.

Lavender is almost all the way to the hospital, and Kyle and Krypton are just chatting away.
Your wife is having a baby!  Although it DOES look like Krypton is saying “Get your bag and skedaddle!  Lavender needs you!” *makes air walking gestures with fingers*

Be safe Lavender!  I’ll be waiting for you, even if your husband isn’t.

Due to Kyle’s rebellious nature, I bought him a motorcycle.
Nice to see him use it, now get going!

It’s a girl!  I can’t think of a theme or anything, so I just name her Meg, and she rolls loner and easily impressed.
Oh look.  She’s green/gray.  And not a boy.

But it’s still exciting to meet the first of a new generation.
Although I’m hardly over the moon for her.

Make me a boy please.

Here’s the lonely baby I can’t be bothered to care about.
And then I start feeling kinda bad.  It’s not HER fault.

Out for a late night ride on Leah, Lavender suddenly dismounts and…
Shows us she’s pregnant again!
It’s gotta be awfully cold in that skirt!  (Note:  Coldest, wettest spring ever.)

But romance is in the air, and Lilac and Tate announce their engagement!
Tate picks Lilac, finally
Looks like that little side thing he had with Livid was a one time thing.

I send Lavender around to do all the laundry, and catch Krypton working out very strenuously!
And smelly.  Be careful old guy, you aren’t as young as you used to be.

I see your feelings towards Meg are about the same as mine there, Lavender.
I didn’t want a green skinned girl either.

Kyle is nearly nekkid, and Lavender in her outerwear.
Oh Sims, keep the romance alive.

It’s Love Day, so I send the household to the festival.
Thought it’d be fun…

Except Lav can’t skate while pregnant, there’s no food vendors so she can’t get a snack…
…AND she was invited to a part at the Pelly place, so we’ll do that instead.

I couldn’t find anything to do at this stupid party, until I discovered a radio upstairs.
Lavender Zale embarks on my very. first. ever. Smustle!  I was so happy!

You are awesome, Lav.
She really boogied!

A quick dance to show her appreciation for the invite with the hostess…
…and then we head home.

I decide I need to at least take care of Meg.
And give her some much needed love and attention.  There.  All better.

Ha!  Everyone’s getting their groove on today.
Kyle was jamming, so I had Lav join him.

Hopefully this one is a boy who looks more like his daddy.
Too sweet.

Aw, he’s definitely not stepping on her toes anymore!

Hi Sam! Just checkin’ on you!
Still adorable, I see.

Nice Lavender.
You always look so happy with Meg.

But hey – it’s her birthday!
And probably the fetus too!

Grandpa Krypton gets his party on.

So does starving Grandma Sam.
Just hang in there, you can have cake soon.

Dad shoes up too, always in his underwear.
Oh well, he’s handsome, so I don’t mind so much.

She’s a cutie.  And a human.
She has her dad’s hair color and eye color – and is a bit bluer than her mom?  But the rest of her features are pretty much Lavender. Her favorite color is turquoise.

Her teddy…
…is terrifying.

Time for Meg to teach herself some life skills.
Have fun!

Aw dang, look at her little face.
She’s pretty adorable, I have to admit.

Krypton continues to work out all the time, he might even max the skill!
Hi laundry gnome!

Lavender shares her new baby news with her momma.
Too sweet.

Gotta work on that last skill!

And finished!
Meg was an INCREDIBLY fast study.  Lavender didn’t even complete her second pregnancy and Meg is all skilled up!

Okay!  It’s TIME!

Aaaand… it’s a girl.  Mary is friendly and absent minded… BUT CHECK OUT THAT SKIN TONE!
She’s my first non green/grayish baby since Juniper’s siblings.

Kyle cracks me up…
Dragon!  RAWR!  And then does adorable things with his hands.

Oh little Mary – if only you were a boy, you’d be perfect.

Kyle copes the way Kyle does.

And for our grand finale pic!
Heroic bareback pose.  The end.

Come back soon to see if we can EVER get a son out of Kyle and Lavender.  She may or may not be pregnant again right now – and if she is, it’s the last chance before the house is full.  It will make 7 Sims and 3 Horses.  Sam, Krypton, Kyle, Lavender, Meg, Mary, Fetus, Bailey, Lacey and Leah.  That means if this next one isn’t male, we need to wait for Bailey, Krypton and/or Sam to perish in order to keep trying!  Until then, Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  8 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  39 (-195)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  34 (+170)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 9 (+360)
Honor Roll +5:  15 (+75)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  11 (+110)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +540

16 thoughts on “Nothin’ But Girls 12.2

  1. pinkfiend1

    I hope you get your boy. Bailey is cute playing with the ball.
    As for not horse riding whilst pregnant it’s not recommended for real people to ride whilst pregnant so I guess they figured its only right for sims.

    1. Heather Post author

      But they can’t roller skate either? I hope I get my boy too! I also hope I get your SimSelf back in my town! I’d be super happy to have ya!

  2. Sammy-Sama

    i can’t wait to see how Mary looks as a toddler, that skin tone is probably to die for after so many green sims lol.
    I’ve found that you can skill toddlers in like a day with the toddler stuff from the store. When they finish talking and walking, you just potty-train them over and over again, whether they have to go or not. If their needs are all green, they won’t fight when you put them on the toilet and their skill bar goes up. After about 4 times, they finish. You just have an overflowing potty chair by the end of it haha.
    I hope the next baby is a boy, invest in apples 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi Sammy! I’m looking forward to reading your new legacy – I started it yesterday on my phone, but that is not the ideal way to read a post! You’re right, I’m obsessed with Mary, and she’s just a burrito. I know! Maybe I’m just so used to multiples, and if I had a singleton, it wasn’t the only child who needed attention, Meg, being born first was able to have her mom’s undivided attention. She was VERY quick, however. I’ve had toddlers who I’ve ran the potty gauntlet six times and they’re barely over half!

      We still have like 50 Apples in Lavender’s pocket, I’ll have her start eating them post haste!

  3. somebodysangel13

    Yeah, they limit pregnant sims so much, it’s really annoying. I guess pregnant sims might fall on their stomach while pregnant? Who knows. But at least they can still dance! That smustle was awesome; I love watching sims dance.

    Boo for all the girls! This is turning into, well, any one of the many generations where we had tons of non-heir gendered babies. Helen’s gen comes to mind, along with…was it Flora’s kids where one was nicknamed Not-Boy? This alternating heirs can be difficult!

    But that’s okay, we can wait a while; since neither of these first two will be eligible for heir, it doesn’t matter if they’re a bit older than their siblings. Lav had a bit of trouble finding a partner, so it’s fine for her to have some babies later. And hey, it will allow more time for Lav to complete her LTW.

    The cold springs really annoy me; especially when it gets to be a few days before summer and there is *still* frost on the ground. Completely defeats the point, game! I generally have longer seasons to negate this, but then the kids can grow up to teen while seeing only one or two seasons…

    1. Heather Post author

      I loved watching Lavender boogaloo. Too funny!

      Let’s see, Helen and Ike were both automatic heirs. Flora had Frond and Forrest – I don’t remember any other F’s, lol, so maybe? But I wasn’t dead-set on boy/girl/boy/girl back then. It can be very difficult – but I’m glad it’s what I’m doing. Otherwise I tend to always gravitate towards females, which can be boring.

      I was also thinking it would be fine to wait. I mean, Lavender is still a YA, nothing wrong with having some babies when you’re an adult. I think it’ll be fun.

      I haven’t had a Spring as cold and wet as this one was! I mean, frost! So often! And constant rain. I kept cheating away the rainstorms so the horses could relax. Poor things. I have a 7 day rotating season.

  4. Jenn

    Glad that your got a save to work! I hate when things randomly go POOF! I have that happen once in a while with no idea why. Yay for a non-green baby! I wish it had been a boy for you though!
    Your header go POOF with your saves or is it down for maintenance?

    1. Heather Post author

      That was the first time I’ve had anything like that happen, it was super weird. I wish Mary was a boy too!

      The header is intact, but it was really behind, and I didn’t feel like looking at it all inaccurate. I also realized if I were to keep it going, I’m like, half done. It would be TWICE as large… so part of me feels like stopping – it’s kind of boring, too. I think I’ll mess around with changing it up with every post, see if I like that. I also finally remembered to change the background to Lavender’s favorite color!

  5. autumnrein

    I am so glad you were able to save the game. And man, two girls all at once! I was thinking the second child would be a boy for sure. Maybe the 3rd? The simselves cracked me up. Its funny how there are always a few that never seem to get along. But with a small house they will have to learn and it was very good of you to give them bunk beds lol. Also, in your defense, I couldn’t tell if the adopted pet was a cat or a dog either. I can’t wait to see if the next baby will be a boy!

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! I’m so glad too, thanks! I’m actually kind of enjoying the challenge with the girls right now. And I don’t think I’ve had a single TH have a child while during their adult stage. I think Lavender will be the first! Even if fetus is a boy, I’ll want to keep trying for multiple options, so no matter what there will be a bit of a gap between the kids.

      1. autumnrein

        That sounds awesome. I don’t remember the last sim I’ve had that has ad children in their adult stage. It’s always been really late in the young adult section of their lives but never after the birthday. Funny, I wonder why I do that lol. Must be a time thing.

  6. plumbawesim

    You changed the header! It’s so weird not being greeted by the line of Zales.

    Boo to the girls, hopefully Lavender will pop out a boy next time around. She must be on a strict apple diet 😉 (I’m also hoping that the heir will take after their dad and have normal flesh colored skin)

    The horse is cute ❤ I love when they play will the ball. It's adorable!!!!

    1. Heather Post author

      I did – it was really outdated, and working on it sounded stupid boring, so I just threw a random picture up there. I also realized that seeing as I’m about half finished, the header would be a bit more than TWICE as large as it was when completed… So I might be abandoning it altogether – I’m not sure.

      Lavender does have a zillion apples in her pocket – I may need to have her eat only them…

      I loved Bailey and the horseball – I’ll have to upload that video. He’s the sweetest old fella.

      1. somebodysangel13

        A suggestion for the header; maybe only include the THs and spouses? That would definitely cut down on the size, but still be a great reminder of all those who have come before the current TH. I really liked your header idea, so unique 🙂

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