No Pancakes For You 12.4

So hello!  Sorry I’ve been gone for so long – it’s the holidays and whatnot.  OH!  I also finally found myself actually enjoying TS4 and really wanted to play that… so I told myself if I got a Zale update done, I could play TS4.  So this is a Zale update!  (I had fun, too – so that’s good)  Get situated and ready for another fancy installment of the Zales!

ZALE CHECK!  Because seriously, who are these guys again?  OH RIGHT, Samali is first up, and she’s just standing around.
And so is her husband, Krypton.
And those more astute readers might see that Lavender is ALSO just standing there.
I am entertaining photo taking blogger extraordinaire.

Let’s see if the rest are more interesting…

Kyle is asleep.

Aha!  Little Meg is actually doing something!

Here’s Mary asleep in her crib.
I love her little outfit.

Mango found this dastardly toy.
*Cheat deletes it*

Melody is also asleep in her crib.
Here little cherry jammies are cute too!

Lacey & Leah are hanging out with the ice cream truck.
There – you now remember everyone who’s in the house!

Lavender rolled a wish to invite someone over, so I had Lilac and Livid stop by.
Lavender needs interviews, so it’s shrubbery questioning time.  Except Lilac agreed to be interviewed, ran off to pee, and then left.  FINE.

Perhaps Livid will be more helpful.
Meg watches.

Of course Livid is more agreeable, she was a definite favorite of mine!
I’ll make sure Lavender writes up something nice.

Krypton, you’re scaring me, old man.
He is like, MEGA working out, and pouring sweat.

Sam is taking care of the toddlers who have woken up hungry and demanding.
Thanks lady!
Such a sweet grandma.  ❤

I finally remembered to mark Lavender with “The Gnome”.

She’s rolled a couple midlife crises wishes.  One to flirt with someone else, and one to flirt with this guy, Dakota.
So here she is flirting…

Also, I don’t want to make this a wasted visit, so we decide to interview him too.
Somewhere right about now, Lavender leveled up in her Charisma skill, and rolled a wish to use a “Charming Introduction”

So we wake up his pregnant wife to give that a go.
Real classy there, Lavender.

Then – the most amazing thing to ever happen in the history of this blog – happens.
Liv is peggo!
Kenji’s skinny old face failed to load, but WHO CARES!  There’s going to be a spare baby!  First one EVAR!

Back at the house, Lavender takes over the child rearing duties, and grants a ton of wishes she had rolled, and continued to roll for her kids.
Pretty stinkin’ cute.

The girls end up in the swings…
…Much to Krypton’s enjoyment.  Such lovely little toddlers!

There’s still some love and affection between Kyle and Lav too.
Every now and then 🙂

Okay – so get this.  I sent Lavender to the fridge to get something to eat, and there was an option to eat a “Sphere of Destiny”  What is that?  Does anyone know what that is?
It certainly looks weird…
I save before she eats it in case something super frightening happens.
Well, aside from being super weird, and kind of looking like a grapefruit – nothing happened.  No moodlet, nothing weird… nada.  Never seen anything like that before?

This kid aged up immediately after?  And he’s alarming looking…I don’t have any berry Sims…
demon toddler

Anyhoo, so I get this pop up…
Lilac got married
And it would normally be REALLY great!!  Except like, two pop-ups previously I was notified that he’s about to die.  Way to go Lilac.  Marry a man on his death bed.  Maybe he’ll manage to knock her up before he pops his cogs?  We’ll see!  *Spoiler: he doesn’t*

FINALLY OFF TO WORK!  All those pregnancies have really held Lavender back.  I actually doubt she’ll complete her LTW.
Let’s get some promotions!

Hi sweet Sam!
Your lifebar is full. 😦

So is yours, Krypton –
But you work out CONSTANTLY.

Pretty limber for 92!
And hilarious.

This incredibly unique bald boy said he wanted to come home with Meg after school.
I said “SURE!”
But you need some hair first.  I think they’d make cute babies.  Is that weird?  That’s weird.  Because they’re just kids.

Speaking of babies – it’s Mary’s birthday!
She rolls “Star Quality”

And I choose to embrace that new trait.
I normally find the face paint make-up a little silly, but something about Mary (ha, that could be a movie title) pulls it off, and I think she’s fantastic!

See?  Isn’t she cute?
She’s on her way to play on the playground, which is adorable in itself.  I couldn’t get any good pictures though, it was too dark.

In robotic voice: Parenting complete.

Aw, so cute!  Lavender wanted to pillow fight, and Meg wanted to get attention from mom…
It’s win/win!  Don’t wake up Kyle though!  And funny he’s thinking about a chipmunk.  There’s been one running in circles near the miner I’ve never touched for like, two Sim years.  I can hear it from time to time, and I’ve seen it too.  I keep waiting for it to vanish, but it never seems to.  I might have to catch it some day.

To prevent the upcoming potential of pestering everyone in the house, I have Lavender read Mary to sleep in her new big girl bedroom.
That’s ONE who won’t be a bother.

Meg must have managed to get to sleep too, while I wasn’t paying attention, because here’s the little cuties in their cutie pajamas the next morning.
Too bad the bus is going to come in about seven seconds.  No pancakes for you.

Ooh, Meg!  You turkey!
Maybe she DIDN’T get to sleep.  She was almost there.  -5

On the plus side, Livid had her baby!
Baby Abbey
Sweet!  A little girl named Abbey!

I scoured the neighborhood to try to find Livid, Kenji and Abbey’s house, and I finally established that they live here.
No one is home, so I guess we’ll just peek in the windows, come back some other time, wait patiently dig through their trash.
Lavender DOES have reports to write…

Dude, she looks possessed.
Like you woke up because you heard noises, you grab your flashlight and run outside only to find a raccoon digging through your garbage with a Cheetos bag about to cut you.  Lavender is that raccoon.

Ahem – Kenji and family never came home, but Lavender dug up some dirt on him (literally) and writes him up.
It was a negative report, because it was my only option.

The next day Lavender finally gains entrance into Kenji and Livid’s home.
Livid and Abbey were no where to be found.  She waited around until the wee house, and bought her new niece a crib, since the house didn’t have one, but Livid and Abbey never appeared.  I double checked, they DO live together… WHATEVER.  I didn’t want to see the boring pink burrito baby anyway (except I totally did).

After Lavender spent the entire day, and well into the night away from the Zale estate, I return home and spy this:
Toddler Fail.  -5 From Melody, but I don’t blame her.  Way to take care of things Sam, Krypton and Kyle!

It’s Spooky Day!  So the Zales (and freakin’ everyone else) show up at the Fall Festival!
It was very crowded.

A bunch of cute townies enjoyed a pie eating contest.
I tried to get a Zale involved, but I was too late.

Livid was at the festival in her career outfit!
I still can’t find her baby 😦

And way to go Kyle.

Apple bobbing time (Ha, I totally just typed boobing and had to fix it)

Lavender gets one!
So does Mary!
I just adore Mary – ever so much.

Lavender won!

Kyle got his face painted again.
Very fancy.  Goes great with your pee soaked pants.

Hi Sam!
And there’s Krypton and Mango in the background and…
…What’s happening?
Right in front of the BABY!?!  Oh man.

Poor Meg and Krypton.

But if you want a good turn out for mourning, die at a public place on a holiday.
Lots of people stopped to cry.  Or at least gawk.

Sam departs with the same grace she brought to her time in the Zale house.
Fare thee well, woman with fifty books in her inventory now transferred to Krypton, Fare thee well.

Oh the heartbreak.
And need to pee.  And a nice view.


Bye Krypton…
On the plus side, we’ll only have to suffer 2 days of mourning for 2 losses… so there’s that.


Death:  No pancakes for you.
Lavender:  DAD TOO!?!  *Cries and cries and wails for ever*

I’ll eat your pancakes, Daddy.
More pancakes for me.

So, on the flip side, Kyle finally gets a grown up bedroom.
He’s been sleeping in Livid’s old room since he moved in.

And ya know… this:
Kyle:  Let’s make babies!
Lavender:  DAD!  I MISS YOU.


Moving on…

I know, sweet Mary – it’s pretty sad.
But just be grateful you only have to mourn once.  Seriously – it’s a huge benefit.

I like her cute little outfit.

Note: I was pretty sure something interesting would happen regarding the build up and pictures below.  Absolutely nothing happens.

Kyle is the only adult home.
Lavender is at work, and Sam and Krypton just died so…

It’s up to him and him alone to take care of the toddlers.
So far so good.

Aaaannd… sat happily in the swings like little cherubs until Lavender got home from work.  Kyle is still asleep.  So yeah.  That happened.  That being nothing.

Lavender got promoted to level five!
And wait. Those are cakes.

I guess I don’t have the promotion picture.  Ahem… There’s an event today!

Lilac is here!
Recently widowed.

Livid is too!
*Waves back*

I’m not sure we’ll see this again, so toddler flower trail!

It’s Meg’s birthday!

Mango too!
He’s so cute.

Meg rolled ambitious!  And this is how she aged up.
Even her shoes match!  Way to not fail EA random outfit!  I’ll still give her a make-over but not bad!

During the birthdays, Lavender rolled this…
We're worth nearly 700k
It’s only during wishes like this that I can figure out how much their worth.  Almost $700k!  For 12 generations, that’s really not that much, but with only one person under my rule, that’s not too bad!

Back to the birthdays, Mango adds absent-minded to green thumb and athletic.
Plant-tastic!  See all that greenery under his clothes?  I thought it was his clothes, but it’s his SKIN!  Awesome!

But we’re not done with birthdays, it’s Melody’s too!

Hey look!  He still leaves a trail!

Melody rolls virtuoso to join excitable and easily impressed.
Yeah, that’ll need a make-over.

Livid breaks out this future instrument (and is terrible at it)
And Lilac mourns her deceased husband.

Poor thing.
They were married for like, two days.

Make-over Shots:

Anyhoo, here’s Meg!
She’s ambitious, easily impressed, shy and a loner.  I tried to embrace shy in her new look.  I just love her.

And here we have sweet Melody!
She’s adorable.

And our plant-man Mango!
What a little darling!

Just after the party, and everyone has left – I get another pop-up!
Lilac's second marriage
Lilac is re-marrying on the rebound.  Can’t tell if he’s an elder or not – I hope NOT!

One last thing before we go…
Nooboo!  Hopefully NoobooS!  I gave both Kyle and Lavender the fertility treatment.  I kinda hope it’ll be a couple boys, or at least ONE boy – but even if it isn’t, that’s okay, I’m pretty  keen on Mango.

But that’s all for now!  So do come back and join us next time!  Until then, Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  42 (-210)
Self-Wetting -5:  32 (-160)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  33 (+165)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 9 (+360)
Honor Roll +5:  13 (+65)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  11 (+110)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +500

19 thoughts on “No Pancakes For You 12.4

  1. pinkfiend1

    Love plant sims. You can change the colour of the leaf pattern on their skin. Just go to plan appearence, and click over the leaf pattern, when planning the outfit.
    What you could do as Mango is a clone is have two generation M’s. So Mango’s kids will be M, then grandkids would be N. Or you could do it if you have a female heir rather than a boy so then technically the next letter generation is still born by the correct gender.

    1. Heather Post author

      I had no idea I could change his coloring! If he can make human women pregnant, and he wins the heir poll, I’ll leave him a PlantSim forever. I really like him! Ugh, another generation M? But, but Pink! I want to make progress! Maybe I’ll have him stick around the house, even if he doesn’t win? Nah – I doubt it… oh well! We have to see what’s cookin’ in Lavender’s oven!

  2. somebodysangel13

    Aw no, both Sam and Krypton on the same day? Boo, Grim! Meanie! Thought you’re right, at least they only have to mourn for two days now. And we have a chance for twins. But seriously, all that working out and Krypton only survives a few hours longer? Weird. But LMAO that Sam had so many books in her inventory when she died; totally sounds like me.

    And she won’t be forgotten easily, since her genetics are following through the generations. Especially that nose, I think all the kids have it. Better than Krypton’s alien one, at least. And it looks like Meg might have her father’s mouth? Mango and Melody look identical other than the colouring; more face clones, methinks. Here’s hoping the nooboos have some variety!

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, Sam and Krypton within HOURS of each other – but yeah, it was before the toddlers became children, so they didn’t even care, AND it was two mourning birds with one stone, so that’s always good. Yeah – Sam had like, without exaggeration, at least 20 books in her pocket. It was a little tedious to put them all on the bookshelf… No! She won’t be forgotten easily! She’s definitely spreading her gene pool! Meg definitely got something from her father, I just can’t tell exactly what it is… I adore all the kids of this generation. Even if they’re a little clone-y.

  3. zefiewings

    1. Sphere of destiny is a future food. Not anything special other than that.
    2. Something about Mary IS a movie. 😉
    3. Sad that they died the same day. 😦 But its better than him living forever and a day without her.
    4. Yay more babies!
    5. OOOOH! OOOH! Do you think Mango can engineer a baby? Than it won’t be a plant sim (in theory) and even if that one winds up a face clone it can still reproduce! 😀
    Or I guess you can just make him take a human potion once he is ready to make the babies. Though it would be awesome to be able to keep him a plant sim.

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks for clearing that up about the sphere! Where did she get it? And yes, silly, I KNOW Something About Mary is a movie – that’s why I said it! Yeah, they went really close together. I’m not sure the reaping music had fully stopped playing before it had to start up again.

      Definitely worth seeing if Mango and a human partner can engineer a baby! Good thoughts! Yeah – I want to keep him a PlantSim too. I might have to make a dummy save, age him up really quick, find a random female and see what the options are – as well as head to the future to see if he can engineer one… If I do, I’ll let you know!

      1. zefiewings

        I find people bring it over at parties. A lot. Apparently its a super popular recipe…despite not existing yet.

        Lol oh I thought maybe you couldn’t quite remember if it was or not.

        can’t wait to find out if Mango is a viable heir as is! 😀

      2. pinkfiend1

        If you buy the ITF food replicator ‘stove’ thing you can cook it with that.It’s called the Foodforge Cuisine Synthesizer (found in stoves or refrigerators. Along with some gnome things and other stuff. You need level 3 in advanced tech before you can make it though.

    1. Heather Post author

      I’ll definitely put some kids music on the stereo! Yeah, it was kind of traumatic, but it did have it’s benefits!

  4. autumnrein

    Boy boy boy boy!!! I so hope she gets a boy. And I really think that Meg and that reddish boy would make awesome babies too. I don’t think it’s that weird to think of it that way. Just because they grow up so fast and there’s never really any time to find people spouses lol. You almost have to start at the toddler stage scoping out potential matches lol.
    I feel so bad Krypton didn’t get his last feed of pancakes but I am glad that him and Sam went in the same day. I always feel so bad for the spouse that is left behind. Great chapter Heather. Have a great holiday season and a happy new year!

    1. Heather Post author

      I agree, you have to start scoping out partners immediately. I was pretty bummed Krypton didn’t get his pancakes either, but they were WATERMELON pancakes, which ew. That sounds gross. I do feel bad for the spouse that gets left behind too… And thank you! Happy Holidays to you too!

  5. Echo Weaver

    Why isn’t my plantsim toddler showing a trail of flowers? Or is she? I guess I should check that I’m not carrying her everywhere….

    Technical tip: With Story Progression on its default settings, the apples and watermelons won’t work. To fix this, you need to go to City Hall->NRass->General->Options:Pregnancy->Newborn Gender and change it to something other than “Balanced.” I think there’s an option like “Random” that’s really what you want. The “Balanced” setting keeps such a stranglehold on the ratio of males to females in the town that it chooses the infant gender at conception, and it can’t be changed. This is one of the few choices of Twallan’s that I’m not wild about. A random choice with a 50-50 chance ought to produce close enough results for the whole town.

    1. Heather Post author

      Maybe you have very clingy parents, ha ha – I’m SURE your plantsim leaves the trail? Hey, thanks for the tip! Did see it say “balanced” which SOUDNS right, but I’ll pick random instead – that sounds good!

      1. Echo Weaver

        Well, you know. She’s a toddler. Mostly she’s just carried around from one skilling location to crib to another skilling location. I find it very entertaining that you have to potty-train plantsim toddlers :).

        Took me forever to figure out why my apples/watermelons didn’t do anything. I don’t use them that often — only when I’m desperate for the other sex after a string of one, so it took quite a while to realize they had no effect. Then I read Twallan say that SP was designed that way in the NRaas forums. Well, hey, THAT’s kind of a big deal to bury in your default settings! And it’s not like I really need an exact 50-50 gender ratio anyway; plenty of my residents are not straight, and entirely too many of them are horrible at relationships anyway.

  6. ixot

    Shrubbery questioning time – hehe. And Krypton at the ballet barre! Too friggin funny. Pity he had to go before he had a chance to finish those pancakes. Sam’s 50 books was a nice last touch, too. Way to draw a crowd there, Sam!

    I never knew about the flower trail! Looks cute.


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