A Little Nectar, A Little Mystery 16.1

Hey hey kids!  Welcome back!  Let’s just get started, shall we?

Zale Check!

Oscar is playing shuffleboard in the rain.

Miriam is rocking.

As she is prone to doing.

Paisley & Penny are in the living room.

Preston is eating cake in the little covered outdoor dining area.

Last but not least, little Ferdy coming inside from the rain.

Hi cutie.

I then decide Paisley wasn’t perfect in her look, so I gave her another quick trip through CAS.

Hair change, adjust her makeup, and a new shirt.  I like her a little better now.

I buy another big bed and move Oscar and Miriam into the main house, and convert their old space into Paisley’s.

A little makeover so it doesn’t look exactly like Oscar’s place.

And we’re ready for Mahmoud to visit!

Everyone’s asleep in their beds like good little Simmies except for Miriam and her rocking chair addiction.

Well, Ferdy isn’t in a bed either, but that’s okay.

As naughty as it is to have a cat on the counter, it’s so cute!

Paisley’s social is low, so I went looking for someone to chat with…

…And AAWW, look what I found!

These two play chess in the storm.

Very glad it’s a nice covered porch!

It’s Preston’s birthday!  I’m looking forward to kicking him out, tbh.
I hold his little party inside because of the storm…

…But Mir and Pais struggle with how to door.

I like how they never get stuck in TS4, but they walk through each other all the time, which kinda takes away from the immersion.

Preston had indifferent study habits and develops the party animal trait.

I dress him to party and send him on his way.  I never really liked Preston.  Oh, and he becomes a Jack of All Trades.  Man the way Penny is eyeing that cake is creepy.

Paisley then gets to work on her LTW and invites over one Tom Shallow for a game of chess.

He does not show up.  I’ve never done this LTW, but I’ve heard it’s glitchy.

Penny has a B in school, and has just finished her homework!

I need to watch out for those honor roll points.

Hey look, a Zale cousin!

Hi Solomon!  We’ll have to hunt you down later.

It’s Tom Shallow!  We can play a game of chess!

Another stormy game.

She won!

Sorry grumpy.

We were playing chess passing time waiting for Mahmoud to come visit.  But he was here for all of two seconds, then vanished.  The option to invite him again is not available, saying he’s already here.  Bummer!

Since we can’t get Mahmoud to visit, she sends him a love letter.

More dark and stormy chess.

She wins again!

So far this is going well!

***Huge IRL Interlude***  I was annoyed I couldn’t get Mahmoud to come over and get this generation underway, so I just quit.  I’m back to try again.

I was clicking around trying to remember how to play this game and…
STOP IT YOU TWO.  I’m just trying to figure out why Paisley is in the paparazzi, where the cell phone is, and how to travel!

In an attempt to fix Mahmoud saying he’s here, but not here, I decide to send Paisley & Penny to France!
I hope they have fun!

I claim a couple of the nicer beds for Penny & Paisley, then her first wish is to go hot tubbing.
I use the Zale funds to buy one for the home base lot.

Looks relaxing.

Penny rolls the same wish, so Paisley asks her to join.

Now I want to go hot tubbing in France.

Paisley also wants to visit the necatary, so she’s off!

Her face cracked me up.

I wanted to make some nectar, so Pais steals harvests some grapes.

So squishy.

Penny busies her self sampling the wares.

Just turn this… and flip that…

Hmm, maybe we should’ve used this shinier machine because…

Looks like Paisley doesn’t have a knack for nectaring.

Undeterred, Paisley tries again.

All this squishing has made her hungry, so she gets a bite to eat.

Penny has been drinking nectar for hours so she’s feeling mighty-fine.

Except she’s gonna pass out.

And apparently overdid it a little?

How funny!!

While Paisley scrubs up Penny’s puke, the second batch seems to have turned out better.

I tried to find the nectar in her inventory, but no luck?  Did I need to do something else at the machines maybe?

Oh well, Zales have a fair bit of funds, so we bought some of the fancy stuff behind the counter.

Penny is still hitting the drink pretty hard, even after puking.

Her face though… LOL.  And her weird body shape.  She’s very interesting looking.

Pais stinks – I think it’s time to head back.

Back at base camp, Penny ALMOST makes it.


I catch Penny roll a wish to go home.

I guess all that vomiting, nectar and passing out leaves you a little homesick.

Both girls wake up starving, so Paisley makes a meal while Penny grabs some yogurt.

Then it’s off to the museum!

Penny: Dude, Pais… calm down.  Seriously, their faces…

The museum was boring, but granted a couple wishes, so now a little shopping.

A stop at the cafe.

A little chess with the locals.

While Paisley is playing this guy, she rolls a wish to kiss him.

I can see why!  A cutie!

He runs off before she can woo him, and she finds him in the hot tub.

She plops down a stereo she’s been carrying around and they hang out for a bit.  He runs off about 60 more times and she never scores that kiss.  Oh well, wasn’t meant to be.

Then it’s home sweet home.

Okay, the whole point of that trip was to see if we could invite Mahmoud over.

SUCCESS!  Fingers crossed he shows up!

Holy cowplant!  Paisley hasn’t even finished walking up the walkway and there’s a fight on the porch!

It’s Dallas Shallow and Miriam!

Ha, beat up by an old lady.

Not sure what that was all about…  Maybe he insulted her rocking chair.

Here’s hoping!

He’s here!

Let’s cement this thing!

Underwear wedding FTW!

Sealed with a smooch!

Meet Mahmoud Zale!

Turns out his hair is a dark reddish color.  I let him keep the highlights he had originally.  I love how unique he is!  He’s clumsy, flirty, neat, natural cook & over emotional.  Fun!  His LTW is living in the lap of luxury, and he’s close!

Back to regular business, Penny’s in a timeout for heaven knows what and things are broken.

Then – all of a sudden – I get a script error notification and *pOOf*.  Mahmoud has disappeared from the family.

NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  I worked so hard to get him here and I like him so much!  Stupid broken buggy worthless pile of game.  He shows up on her relationship bar, as her husband, and her only option is to text him.  They haven’t even lived in this house very long, and we might have to move… I don’t know what to do!  Might abandon the house and everyone and just move Paisley to a new town… Build her a small little house and try to find Mahmoud again.  I guess she could go back to Uni and keep an eye out for him and I can redo their relationship if I can’t salvage their marriage.  Anyhoo, looking forward to the new TS4 expansion today!  It’s like IP!  I’d hoped we’d get Uni, but I’ll take it!  Looking forward to playing later tonight.

Failing school -5: 1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5: 81 (-40)
Passing Out -5: 41 (-205)
Self-Wetting -5: 41 (-205)
Accidental Deaths -10: 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15: 0 (YAY!)
Births +5: 38 (+190)
Twin Births + 10: 13 (+130)
Triplet Birth +15: 2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 10 (+400)
Honor Roll +5: 15 (+75)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10: 14 (+140)
Every $100,000 +20: 3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10: 3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10: 5 (-50)
Repo-man -5: 1 (-5)
TOTAL: +535

3 thoughts on “A Little Nectar, A Little Mystery 16.1

  1. pinkfiend1

    Do you have master controller? You can add him to the house using that.
    Click an empty spot on the home lot, master controller, add sim.
    It works with tourists, neighbourhood residents, service sims, deceased etc. So unless Mamoud is glitched beyond repair he should appear as an option to add.

  2. somebodysangel13

    Oh man, that sucks, did you save after he moved in – could maybe go back to that save? I like him much better without the blonde hair, his root colour fits him nicely. Or re-add him with MC, like Pink suggested.

    Regarding the Chess Legend LTW, having the chess table outside is the best option – that way you can challenge them the second they set foot on the lot, and don’t have to invite them inside. Course, you still have to get them to *come* to the house and stay for the duration of the game, but hey…

  3. olivesplum

    I can’t believe how far you’ve gotten in this legacy, I’ve enjoyed reading through it! You really have a talent in writing. Do you think you’ll finish it?


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