Those Cute Faces 14.5

Hey there!  Welcome back to the Zale Family ISBI Alphabetcy!  Let’s see what those little pixelated buggers got up to this time?  Side Note:  This blog post had the working title “Sims Can’t Swim.”

Mango is nursing his broken heart with birthday cake.
We all miss Mindy…  Sort of.

Newly elderfied Rajan is enjoying his cake with a bevy of beauties.

Natalie – Gnome o’ da Wrist…
Mouth full o’ Cake…

Olive is feeling bad about her recently deceased grandma.
I *really* like Olive.  A high ranking spare in a sea of Zales.  And I’m not usually super into berry Sims… she’s top notch.

Ophelia is enjoying some cake with her more figure conscious neighbor Palmira.
I guess I’d be more figure conscious too if I sat around in what looks like a preteen girl’s bra and panties.

Oscar is not home, and is out gallivanting around the islands…
Safe childhood behaviors…

Lastly little Owen is asleep in his swing.
Wait… That’s not little Owen in his swing… Screen shot fail.

Noah and Nate are still here, mourning their mother… or her house…

All the wailing was too much for Natalie and myself, so we took off.
Let’s go play.

I decide to do a little snorkeling and scuba diving just for fun.
The next heir, assuming we can stay on these islands, will complete one of the diving LTWs.

We go under for just a few.

Except she got attacked by a shark!
screenshot-11 screenshot-12

That did not go well.
We should DEFINITELY save that for the next TH…

Natalie returns from her snorkeling and brush with shark death disaster to the same wailing she was trying to leave behind.
And a broken foot.

Nate is STILL here at the “party where his mom died” and grabbed some “horrifying” waffles from the fridge.
Nice trucks there buddy.  The belt really ties it together.

Off to save lives!  42 to go (note!  8 completed!!!)

I find a cute new beach to wander until people show up.
Hopefully a bunch of people almost die today.  😐

Palmira, previous drowning victim, in her evening wear (aka wedding dress) show up.

Posed for duty!
Natalie is ready to save the day!

A victim!

As expected, Palmira, now in her outerwear, has also succumbed to the ocean’s depths.

Unfortunately, Palmira couldn’t wait… and straight up drowned a little.
So dramatic.  Oh, I don’t know, saving the other people? WTFever.

While playing Jesus (walking on water) and arguing with Palmira, someone else is in danger.
A few more Sims rescued.

Near the end of her day, I let her soak up the sun’s last few rays before it sets.
She unlocked her fancy lifeguard beach towel.  Spiffy!

Back at home, the girls have started drinking their feelings.
Poor things.

Natalie and her father try to defuse the situation.
Not sure if it went well or not…

Meanwhile, lookie here!
Nova had a baby girl named Hilary!  Zale cousin!  YAY!

The key to ghostly happiness – rocking chairs.
LtoR Leif, Liz, Cyrus, Kyle & Shelley.

Natalie – Hey baby, you stink.  Wanna shower *wink wink*

He declined, but reflection FTW!
Nice vapor old man.

Natalie makes waffles for her dad, husband and four children to get the day started right.
I really enjoy Natalie.  I will miss her.

Before the family shows up for breakfast, I add Mindy’s urn to the basement.
RIP, Mindy.  You’re in good company down there.

Thank you “call to meal” action.
I ❤ you.

10 more hours of this.
screenshot-33 screenshot-34
UGH!  I should have used the moodlet manager.  And ha!  I just noticed Oscar is all “I’m hungry” not “grandma!!!”.

Look at this face.

And then there’s this face…
I appreciate that it is not a boring face.  And Natalie, what kind of example are you setting?  It’s 7am!

I know Mango, dear. I know.
You loved her a lot.  It’s almost over.  And then it’ll be like she never happened!  HA!

Natalie finally gets CALLED away to work.  Like the job actually happened and I didn’t have to use nraas to spawn it.

I hope lots of people almost drown.
Looking good there, Nat.

So this girl?  She never even got in the water.

But Natalie saves you whether you choked on sand or actually went swimming.
Love her gnome of the wrist in this shot!

So Natalie had to give her CPR, then run off to save someone else, and the ungrateful swine is BOOING her.
Well, whatever, sand eater.  Next time we’ll save you for last.

Don’t worry Natalie, you just keep saving.
And is that women about to go into the ocean in all those clothes?!?

Lifeguarding Interlude:
screenshot-44 screenshot-45 screenshot-46 screenshot-47 screenshot-48
I will stop documenting every rescue.  But I’d say were near 15 right now.

I snapped this shot because I thought the colors were very interesting.
I gave the aqua-toned woman a makeover because I liked her skin so much.

Back at the house, these two old men need to calm down.
I’m sure you guys are all well aware, but I haven’t seen a lot of “training” and it’s VERY NOISY.  Lots of shouting and sweating.

Natalie’s stupid rescue counter reset… (I think when I gave aqua-woman a makeover) so here she is the following day rescuing Noah.
Gotta help out the family!  And now it’s 1/50… but she had at least 15 done before, so when/if she makes it to 35, I’ll cheat her complete.

The girls had their prom, and Ophelia hooked up with one Gavin Wolf.

Olive also gained an RI.  His name is Tomas Villarreal.
Full relationship bar!  They had a good night.

Let’s see if they can make it home without be arrested.

So far so good!  This is Ophelia’s prom dress.
If you recall (it’s okay, I didn’t) she has the sailor trait, so this is the look I went with.

Here’s Olive’s look.
She has natural born performer, so I got a bit of a rock star vibe from her.  (she’s also clearly my favorite of the two.)

Oops, Natalie and I were off saving lives and the camera panned home to a classic birthday derp!

Owen rolls hate the outdoors to friendly and slob.  What a freakin’ CUTIE!
I put orange in his hair, his favorite color.

One day until Oscar’s teen birthday!
One last ride on the horsey!

Natalie rolled a wish to enroll Owen at Smuggsworth Prep.  I haven’t seen one of those wishes, OR sent a kid off to one of those schools in ages.
I’m gonna have to do it.  I’ll miss him tons though, so I might bring him back pretty quickly.  Especially if you get that really sad call where they say they hate it there?  Totally brining him back if he does that.

Leisure day – the one and only day when Sims autonomously use those lounges.

Owen looks bored to tears talking to his father about fish…
But I feel like I’m going to miss him already!

Olive and grandpa Mango have a nice chat.
He’s going to die soon… his lifebar is full.

Leisure day for some, no rest for the TH.
I know I say it all the time, but maids should gather the laundry!!!

It’s also Oscar’s birthday!  Just the family unit and some cake.

I love my Zales.

Oscar has Loves the Heat locked in – appropriate for this world.  This joins brave, excitable and insane.
He has this permanent worried look about him, and it’s SUPER cute!

And I’m going to have to stop here, or the next post would be super tiny with an heir poll at the end.

in 5 days the girls go YA, Owen will go Teen, Mango will probably die, then it’s just a few more short days until the boys are both YA and then it’s HEIR POLL TIME!  Can’t wait!

Until next time, Happy Simming!


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