Helen’s 107 Pictures 8.8

Helen hasn’t always… OH WAIT!  HAI THERE!  Welcome back to the Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy!  We’re all so glad you stopped by!  Last time… well, that was last time.  Just go click that “previous post” button that I KNOW is somewhere on this page you’re viewing… I’ll wait…So you’re back now?  And we can move on?  WONDERFUL.

SO!  Helen hasn’t always been my favorite.  She was the only female in her generation, and it was a female’s turn to take over, so she won by default.  THEN, I didn’t even notice Ramon the first time I saw him, and I *think* I misspelled his name too…  So!  I’m sure I had a point.  Something about “sticking with it” or somewhat… Or perhaps, something about loving the TH you get stuck with because IKE *SPOILER* is the only male in this generation.  Another default TH will take over, and I don’t mind!.  Besides, Helen turned out to be awesome, enjoy her 107 pictures… So!  OMG, what is with the two paragraph intro?  LET’S GET TO IT!

As always, we begin with a Zale Check!  Ramon is cooking in our freshly painted kitchen!
Hi you cutie you!

Helen is heading off to work.
Right.  Work.  Helen works.  Helen has a career based LTW!  Oh dear.

Ivy and Irene are on their way to school.
I do love them both.

Imogene is down for a nap.

Ike is adorable in the high chair!

And lastly little Ivanna!
Heading for the dollhouse!

Walking toddlers will never stop being cute.

Okay Ramon, don’t leave Ike in there too long!

Wow, thanks for listening!

And thank you for this too!  I don’t think Ike has learned to walk yet!

And…that looks like it hurts…

But you go ahead and play, you’ve earned it.

I will never stop finding this amusing.
*RAWR* Kills Mr. Green.

So, remember Giles?  And how he was running everywhere?  Well now Ramon does it.
Oh well?  At least it’s fast…

Holy crap.  He huge.
Riley that is.  The first (and probably the last – at least for a while) Zale IF.

Nice. This is Ivanna, in a very filthy high chair, desperate for the potty.
The flies around the toddlers REALLY bother me.  SOMEONE CLEAN IT.  WHERE IS THE MAID!?!

Helen is a bit too busy not passing out at the moment to be of much help.

And then this happened… so much for working on that LTW.
The SIXTH Ralen Spawn is on the way!  We haven’t had six children since the founders’ generation!  Wee!

I used their toddler action to play with these toys.
I love Imogene and Ivanna, I think they look like twins.  No mind Imogene being incredibly sleepy.

Phew!  Almost done with all the toddlers!

Taking care of all of them is exhausting.
Poor Helen…

Oh Irene!  You are too cute!
Whatcha makin’?  *SPOILER* Autumn Salad.  I betcha never would’ve guessed.  LOOK, there’s another one behind the fridge!

A finished painting!  Thank you Ivy!
I hung it on one of the many, many blank walls in this house.  You’ll see it again later.

IF’s are so weird.
And I mean SO weird.

Irene is so cool!
Who doesn’t love to play pool in their outerwear?

This is the second time I’ve had an insane Sim just throw-up.
Dahlia did it once.  I think it might just be a thing insane Sims do?  Anyone?

Ivy is working out!
Zales don’t do that very often.

Yay!  Help!
As in someone is helping, not a plea…

I love it when children play together in this thing.  AND it allows them to build a relationship with each other, which is very cool.  I mean, they’ve spent nearly every moment of their lives together, and then one day, they become children, look over at the other one and go “who are you?”

Hey!  Look who’s here?  It’s David Brunson, and he’s all grown up!
Giles and Meredith’s love child turned out okay.  I see a lot of Meredith.

I see that Ramon… I love her too, I do!
But stop.

Hi Julia!
Yes yes, Ramon is a delight.

The other hottie has arrived, let’s see if she sticks around this time.
Ramon is so distracted by her arrival that he interrupts Irene’s chat about computers to talk about her.Screenshot-34
Or perhaps they’re calling to one another?

Little Old Meredith is here too, that’s all the guests!

Hi to you too, Sammy!

Party time!

Irene ❤

Ivy & David ❤

Helen and Imogene ❤

Sammy is off playing darts…

And Julia is playing with the dollhouse.
Way to celebrate with the family you two.



Imogene rolled friendly to go with her perceptive and light sleeping nature.  I love her.  All of the children have worn braids of some variety, so she gets this look.

Reminder, her favorite color is black.

And with that, another vacant room and bathroom get redone!  The house is coming together one child birthday at a time.

Ivanna, hey lady – move it… I wanna play.
Grumpy Meredith rocks.

Sammy!  I know for a fact you like Irene, so knock it off!
What is that all about?

And hey Julia?  I don’t know what you did, but Imogene disapproves.
That is some stank eye right there.

Oh no, David has started to play the guitar.  Angelica’s guitar to be exact!  And Julia and Imogene are drawn in like moths to a flame.
I just realized… David left with that guitar in his inventory.  GOODBYE ANGELICA’S GUITAR!  I’ll miss it.  😦

Helen is supposed to be playing darts with Sammy, but they’re just standing around.

Although Sammy is obviously waiting for Helen to go, Helen had “wait turn” queued up, so I cancelled it and TADA!

Helen threw once, then Sammy left…
I’m glad you had fun?  At least you’re warming up to the Zales – and coming inside…  Baby steps.

Julia has joined in!
Except well… they aren’t playing together.  And David is pretty decent, and Julia, well… let just say she’s still learning.

See?  I even have a video again!  This time with SOUND!  AND, if you notice, Ivy’s painting from earlier!

I love how at the end they’re like, man, this party is AWESOME!  And then David steals our guitar.  DAMN HIM.  That’s a piece of the Zale Legacy man!

Aw, Ivy, thank you.
Put some clothes on.

Careful Ike!
Don’t fall in!

Right.  Bedtime stories.  Do help her out, Irene?

YOU THERE.  What is wrong with your brand new big girl bed?  I even assigned it to you!
I should REALLY give Ralen’s room a proper make-over…

Calm down, child.  Helen is just making the bed.  You shouldn’t be in here anyway.

She is also near starvation.  I guess she didn’t have a piece of the cake?

OH, here’s why Imogene is beside herself.
It’s baby time!  Will it be a boy?

Meet Iris Zale.  She is evil and disciplined.  Scary combination.  Ralen’s FIFTH daughter.

The addition of another female causes the boys of the house some distress.
Ramon has sat on his son’s feet, and Ike is resulting to violence and bangs his father in the shins with a mallet.  His father’s musical shins.  I see the note.

Helen rolled this:
hmm, no.
HA HA HA HA HA HA HA – no.  No you may not.  Besides, the house is full, there’s no where to put them.  And you have a CAREER BASED LTW.  The baby factory is CLOSED.

Hi Ivy!  That’s not your desk, and that’s not your room, but THANKS!

And OMG.  What is this?!?  It’s IMOGENE in her OWN BED…
Waiting for a bedtime story!  Hurry up whoever is supposed to be reading to her!

Ivy!  Ivy wins this ISBI forever.
It was a proper story too.  NOT a pregnancy book.  NOT business law.  NOT a skilling book.  SO.  MUCH.  WIN.  Don’t mind the radioactive sheets.  Full moon.

Zale Parenting.  One Crib.  Two Swings.  One Rocking Chair Nap.
Aw Yeah.

For once being known as UIG and about to be deleted into pixel oblivion, I love my Ivanna.
She’s adorable.

Ramon!  Thank you!  You keep being helpful.
You could have cleaned it first, but hey, ISBI win.

I spotted gnomes!
And a random slice of sidewalk cake.

Then I heard the telltale sign of a zombie materializing.
And although he’s quite dapper, and a little sore, it is a fine and sunny afternoon.  Moon stage is Waning Gibbous.  Next full moon, 9 days.  FAIL.  *ResetSim

First Giles, now you!?!  Stop running with the babies!
I have never seen a non-clumsy Sim trip – but I’m still uncomfortable with this.

This is Addison Ross.  She followed Ivy home from school today.
Well, she’s not boring!

Imogene is about to do some homework.

And so is Ivy who completely ignored her guest all evening.
Hi Giant Riley’s feet.  And most of maid.

Since Addison was ignored all evening, I had Helen join her in a game of pool.

It went well.


Hi Sammy and the gnomes!

Hi Julia and David!
Jules!  You brought food!  Normal quality sushi.  Why thank you!

Sammy waves at Julia while thinking about Helen.
Kinda cute.

Ramon!  Do NOT get in the pool with your phone in your pocket!
He did it anyway.

David looks smug with some deep fried corn dogs.
And hi Imogene!

Cake celebrations are starting, so of course, here’s Sammy.

I found myself quite fortunate to get these two birthdays to happen at the same time.
I tried to get the third one to go too, but Helen is the one who has to bring Ivanna, so she’ll go last.

The maid laughs (never cleans), Irene cheers, Sammy throws darts, and Julia is just heading downstairs.
Irene loves birthdays.

Ivy and Imogene care too!

I think Helen’s just mad Meredith threw her party on the same day.  The Zale invites went out first!


He rolls good, joining virtuoso and excitable.  Um yeah… TH Everyone?
I seem to have fallen into possession of these CC eyebrows.  My only CC would come from Julia or Sammy.  Do one of you have this on your child selves?  If so, you’re hilarious.

There we go.  All better!
His favorite color is turquoise, I think.

Iris goes next!

And explodes into the sun.
Dang that’s bright!

A little eyeroll aside, Iris is cute!  And she looks different to me!
After five girls, I didn’t really expect anything we hadn’t already seen.

I was pleasantly surprised!
Her favorite color is green.  And she’s adorable.

Last but not least, Ivanna has her birthday.
The teens and the maid care.

Wait!  So does Imogene and Ramon!

How about those cherished house guests?
Swimsuit clad Julia is playing with toys…
And Sammy is making this dude…
…Ethan Tanner sneeze.

Then it’s CHILD TIME

Ivanna, due to excellent Zale Parenting (TM) rolls grumpy.  She is now good, absent minded, and grumpy.
Nice eyebrows.  AGAIN.

I’ve used all my sets of dual braids, so Ivanna gets this look
I think she’s cute, if a little sever in appearance.   She is one of the few children NOT to inherit Ramon’s eye color.

One last check on SimSelves, and we find Helen and Julia gossiping by the pool.
Aaannnd Sammy?  She left already.  Because she would.”

Irene breaks the dishwasher…

And Ramon gossips with Ivanna.
The End.

No seriously, that was the last picture and notes I took.  I was super tired, (and I needed a grilled cheese sandwich) and I wanted to stop after the SimSelves check, but then Irene broke a dishwasher, and since EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THAT, I got suckered into another photo.  Then Ramon was gossiping.  VERY IMPORTANT.

PHEW, that was a long post!  Just one little toddler left, our Iris.  I’m almost sad about it.  Ralen ❤  But Helen is still super young, I’m not sure if it’s all the pregnancies, or the move, but she is still a ways away from her full on ADULT birthday, and Ramon had his ages ago.  He got a new car out of his Mid-Life Crises… So that was cool.  Anyway – that’s all for now!  Come back soon!  Until next time, HAPPY SIMMING!

25 thoughts on “Helen’s 107 Pictures 8.8

  1. Sammy-Sama

    Omg as I’m reading this chapter, I realize that in an ISBI each age gets one action that I can make them do. I’m four chapters into my ISBI and I have yet to make any of my ‘idiots’ do anything >.< So many missed shower attempts lol.
    The eyebrows don't look familiar, so I don't think they're from me. But if they are, I apologize(even if they are hilarious)
    I think all sims boo insane sims at some point, but that doesn't excuse my simself from booing Irene. I ❤ her, dang it!
    Sorry Ralen couldn't make anymore boys, I would have loved to see what else they could have done genetically. Can't wait to see the rest of the kids as teens so I can really see what they're going to look like. All kids in the sims 3 look alike to me so it's hard to really establish what genes they got(unless they're really butt-ugly haha)
    Can't wait for the next chapter!

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha ha ha! You didn’t use their life-stage action! I always use them. For toddler stage, it’s USUALLY play with a skill toy, but occasionally I send them to a potty chair if they’re about to poo themselves. Child age, it’s almost always a GO TO BED. Teen, I often watch for a rolled wish I can achieve, like “Paint” or “Send a text to…” I think the children all look a little different, mostly in face shape and noses. I think eyes and mouths look pretty similar. But after the children from the Lightning clan, I know the genetic secrets are hidden in the “pudding faces” as people say. I actually can’t wait for next chapter either!

      1. Sammy-Sama

        I swear if I would have remembered the life-stage action, I could have reminded everyone in the house that a shower exists haha. The toddlers in my ISBI seem to use the potty on their own the moment they need to go, which is really useful since I just have to make sure they eat and get to bed before they starve/pass out.
        I agree that the nose and jawline are the only definitive features in child-pudding-faces lol.

  2. plumbawesim

    So many birthdays!
    And I LOLd at the CC eyebrows. Oh you poor children…
    and OMG HE STOLE THE GUITAR. That thing is ancient. David must’ve just been jealous that he was not a true Zale v_v
    Their playing “together” was cute though.
    And awww another girl!!! 😦 man I was really hoping for a second boy. Oh well. I’m sure Ike will make a GREAT TH 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      I wanted a boy too, but we got the girl. I kind of like all the girls. If this was a Matriarchy, we’d have LOTS of options! Yes! Stupid David stole the guitar!! Ike will be a fine TH, I’m sure. And if he’s boring, well, we’ll just plow on through and move on to the J’s!

  3. zefiewings

    Ah! 10 child wish! Not only is that hilarious but mostly not possible unless your lifespans were short childhoods and long adulthoods! I mean..my eldest just moved out and Karla is an elder!
    Course…I’m not positive I have my lifespans balanced. I may need to do some adjustments. plus…I didn’t move him out right away nor did Karla start having kids right away *because founders can’t really* …but even so I don’t think I could have fit another four kids after the first one moved out even if those circumstances had been better plus I had one more kid after Elizabetta.
    Maybe she is just mad that her kids will get no heir vote and wants as many boys as possible.

    1. Heather Post author

      I think it would work if you had a mod allowing more Sims in the house. Helen is surprisingly young, I’m not sure what happened there. I think your lifespans might have the children stages rather long – but it’s fun to get to know them so well in their formative days. But that’s true, Karla didn’t start having children right away. I *DO* like the Ralen children quite a bit, if Ivy and Irene age up before too long, I might give another two babies a go! I’ve NEVER had more than six children from one couple before!

      1. zefiewings

        I know my child lifespan IS long but I TRIED to make it proportionate and make the adult/YA just as long…though, as I said, I’m not sure I did with elder but we will see.

        it just seems weird that there is a wish that can’t be done with ‘proper’ gameplay. cheats/mods certainly can’t count as that.

      2. Heather Post author

        Well, you COULD accomplish it with regular game play. You could move a spouse out with all the older kids, and invite them over for woohoo and try for baby… but I prefer to keep the family unit intact!

  4. Echo Weaver

    And the sixth child was a girl AGAIN! You can’t win for losing! At least, as you say, she looks pretty interesting! I love the name Iris.

    1. Heather Post author

      I know! So many ladies! So funny, when we needed girls for Helen’s gen, all we got were boys, and now all we’re getting is girls! Annoying!

  5. pinkfiend1

    The have ten kids one is doable. I’ve done with and without the social worker’s assistance.
    I had one guy who had 11 kids plus raised 4 step-children before he hit elder-hood. Granted he had to trade his wife in for his step-daughter to get a boy.But that was all before I knew mods existed.
    Heather the kids are looking cute.

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi Pink! This comment was in my Spam folder! I’m sorry I didn’t see it! I do want to try for 10 kids some time, I think it’d be fun! And thanks! I adore the “I” children!

  6. laserkatt

    YAY CHAPTER \o/ (yes I’m very late, thank you very much lol) Love seeing the simselves around and their shenanigans. And those eyebrows are probably from me 8D I promise you, I have it worse D; Missing one simself though… Yours! o: I know you have one, there is no reason why she shouldn’t have to go to endless legacy birthday parties as well ;D

    ALSO ANOTHER GIRL, WELL DONE RALEN After generation 3 I decided that 5 kids were way too many and vowed never to do it again. (Except it probably will)

    Anyway, I’m off to torture people with my piano playing ❤

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha ha you’re so funny – this comment was stuck in my Spam folder! You ARE NOT SPAM. I like having lots of kids, but Cyrus and Celine’s generation was pretty refreshing… I’m sure you are a lovely pianist. ❤

  7. roserainboweve

    OMG, I can’t believe Helen wants to have 10 children o_o! Six is kind of a normal number since I know a few people who have had six children, but 10 of them?! Although I would like to see you complete the 10 children wish, then see her roll another wish for more children because that would be hilarious.:D David is actually really good at guitar! He must have been practicing, although it is sad he stole Angelica’s guitar when he moved out. Imogene is still my favorite but I love Irene too! It makes me very sad that neither one of them are in the running for TH, but maybe Ike will grow on me. I hope so anyway 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! You actually know people who have six children? That’s still a lot… Well, I guess I know two families who have that many too, now that I think of it! I *HATE* that David stole Angelica’s guitar! 😡

      I’m sure we’ll all love Ike – besides, we’ve been forced many times in this legacy. Cyrus, Flora, Helen, and now Ike, and it’s always worked out 🙂 Besides, I’m planning on having Ike head off to China to spouse hunt, so that’ll be fun too! Maybe Egypt… but somewhere exotic!

  8. pinkfiend1

    The children all ended up so cute. Looking forward to more. Totally try the 10 kids at some point its great. Go for triplets and quads though.
    10 kids is entirely doable without mods. I’ve done it a few times even without the help of the social services. One guy I had 11 children (only 1 boy) plus raised 3 step-kids before he turned elder with all children live in. Granted he married his step-daughter but he did marry an older woman. Lots of multiples, and no gaps between pregnancies help.

  9. somebodysangel13

    My family-oriented sims often roll this – and I obliged for my yellow gen…then they had triplets. 11 children, not counting the first kid, who got glitched and disappeared and caused the entire family to move towns. But then, I have MC, so I can have more than 8 sims in the house. And I gave both of the parents fertility treatment, so there were two sets of triplets in the 11. I love big families and multiples!

    Also, you’re right, pregnancy does delay the age bar. They don’t age when they’re pregnant; really helps with WYDC stories, so you have time to get to a life-extending method. And they can have children right up to a few days from elder. So if you started as soon as the heir turned YA, depending on your lifespan, the eldest kids could conceivably be YAs and moved out before mum turns elder. My YA+A lifespan is about 40 days, and the entire childhood is about 25…

    1. somebodysangel13

      Whoops, forgot about commenting on the actual story. I love the name Iris, was hoping you’d use that for one of the kids. I’m sure we’ll all come to love Ike, just as we now love Helen. It’s all about the devil you know 😉

      But I do love Irene. She is so happy all the time!

      1. Heather Post author

        I like the name too, and I’m surprised it took me until the final attempt at a second boy to use it. I’m incredibly fond of Irene as well. I loved ALL the Ralen children. They’re my favorite to date.

    2. Heather Post author

      Yes, I agree. I have had many instances where the parents are still of breeding age (well, the woman at least) and the eldest children have scurried off. Especially with ITF baby creations, as there’s no pregnancy saving three days. Like Giles/Alejandro and Flora/Shelley, they were YOUNG parents.


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