An Attempt 15.1

Well hello!  Before I abandon Sims 3 Ship, I decided to give it a shot… here’s what happened!  Fun fact, the first 7 screen shots were over a year old… so here we go.


Our TH Oscar is asleep.  For the next 9 lag-filled Sim Hours.

Natalie has just gotten out of bed and is VERY happy about it.

I’d forgotten how much I liked this house of theirs.

Owen is making some sort of cringe-y face.

Hi dude.

The cat Ferdinand is using the scratching post.

I swear I didn’t completely forget about him or anything.

That’s pretty much it, since Rajan is off at work.  Let’s follow Natalie around while I wait for Oscar to wake up.

Ooh!  Fun with lasers…

Oh look, dirty dishes on the floor.

Because there’s clearly no room on the table.  😐

Rajan is off work now.

Isn’t this post riveting?  Aren’t you riveted?

And now, in the real world, I manage to load the game for the first time in a year.  I don’t even remember how to put the walls down or take a picture, ha ha ha.

Just getting the hang of things…

I *did* wait until she finished showering to attempt this photo.  You’re welcome.

Here we have Rajan stinking up the place in what I *do* remember being my favorite bathroom.

Like ever.  I’d love a bathroom like that.

Oh look!  He’s taking care of his needs!

Good little idiot.

Apparently Owen did something wrong, as he is being scolded for something in the rain.

Hey dude I can control?  You awake yet?

zZzZz Plants make me happy ZzZzZ

I’ll take that as a no.

Ah – I see what Owen must’ve been scolded for…

…setting booby traps.

Oh yeah… I’d completely forgotten about old sim obsession with the rocking chair.

How painfully the memories return.

Nice job, Owen.  Thanks a lot.

I barely remember your existence but I can tell I do not like you.

Hey!  You’re up!

And adorable!  And hungry!

Alright!! Drenched patio floor cake!

Really?  Don’t eat that.

Not as good as you were hoping?

Can’t imagine why.

Enough cake, time to work on that LTW!

My usual joy for the pretty world is completely diminished by the fact that the game is unplayable. 😦

I took like 3 irl minutes for Oscar to get going in the boat, only for the full moon to come, cause him to “freak out” which made him go to land.

I remembered to turn it off… but the delay was annoying.

Finally back on task, it appears the rapture has happened…

…There are abandoned boats EVERYWHERE.  We’ll see how many my mods remove later.  (Note:  It was 120)

Oh yeah, I forgot he was insane…

…Nice swimwear, bud.

That’s better.

I do love how gorgeous the world is underwater.

Hey look!  A mermaid!

I’ve never seen them in the water, only on land.

So I’m no expert, but I think those are the wrong legs/tail there, mermaid.

She heartfarted him and swam over to talk about Kale recipes.

I spot a cave and attempt to explore it.

I’m sure it will glitch.

Yup.  Fastest thing the game has done in a year.

Well fine then, we need to find a spouse anyway…

Before we could head off to the karaoke joint, the mermaid with no tail managed to beach herself and die real quick.

Okay then.  You do you.

Scouting for females, I spot this fashion train wreck.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha hah ahahhahahahaha!  Wth?  One of the worse I’ve ever seen.

I took her into CAS just for a rescue, but I got out my scalpel and…


NOOO!  She’s running away!

Put down the MICROPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like hell she is…


I chased her all over the island only to discover she “lives” here.

Well, Oscar will just have to have a quick date with his mailbox, if you catch my drift, and invite her over.

I discover it’s not a reasonable time of day to make a phone call, so I put him to work repairing the tub.

Then Rajan broke the dishwasher.

So Oscar called a repairman…

Look who’s here!

Her name is Miriam Samuels.  She’s a clumsy, bookworm, night owl, virtuoso who likes island music (appropriate), macaroni and cheese and the color aqua.  I think she’s beautiful.

The game is barely running and they stand there staring at each other for 4 sim hours.

Finally, a little conversation.

World destruction and all that.

A quick trait incompatibility…

Whatever, I adore Miriam (which was my grandmother’s name, by the way – fun fact)… so FALL IN LOVE.

Yes.  Good Oscar.

I agree, do this.

Flirt success!

We’re making progress!!

Aaaaannnd… then she hopped off in her boat, partially rendered, in the middle of the date.

…and left.

The game is barely functional.  Took more than 10 real life minutes to save and close…  But Oscar met Miriam and I adore her… I might try to move just the two of them to a new world…. Cheat her into the household… See if it works any better… I doubt I’ll be able to recreate them in a way that pleases me in TS4… so I’m still on the fence about that one!

But for now!  A real (albeit short) update!  Woohoo!

Happy Simming!


5 thoughts on “An Attempt 15.1

  1. somebodysangel13

    Woot, Zales are back! Hoping that moving just the two of them to a new world will help, IP is notoriously laggy, I can’t play it for more than a few sim weeks with a brand new save, let alone a legacy one!

    Miriam is so adorable, great scalpel-ing!

  2. zefiewings

    yeah this is what happened with sims 3 for me. Its so unplayable.I kept putting off dropping it because I had bought things from the store I hadn’t even used yet and I felt bad but it was no fun. My computer died and had to be completely wiped….and that was that because it was not worth the forever it would take to reinstall lol.

  3. Sammy-Sama

    Omg first time I check wordpress in forever and I see Zales chapters. Happy day! I’m going to keep reading haha.
    I can understand the frustration, I don’t even have TS3 installed anymore, it’s just too buggy to deal with now. Miss you! ❤


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