I Like Ike 9.0

I’m too excited to type an intro, let’s get to it!

So even though everyone is still at the party, I’m going to start with a Zale Check!  Ramon, Helen, Ike and Iris are eating cake.
Ivy is also there, and Sammy is choking.  Do be careful dear?

That only leaves Ivanna unaccounted for, and here she is!
About four feet from everyone else.  Quickest. Zale Check. Ever.

IKE TIME!  His first command under my rule?
What?  He was going to cost me a fail if I didn’t take care of things.

Once, several life stages ago, I noticed Ike had rolled a wish to donate to charity.  I locked it in and just waited, knowing eventually I’d be able to grant it.  After locating the mailbox, I see tragedy has struck the Zale House.
Zefie refuses to acknowledge the loss for Eve has passed on.  Miss Wingless is in mourning.  Or maybe celebrating.  It’s hard to say.  😐

After Ike makes his donation, we spot a pretty flower growing on the lawn.
We pick it and put it in a vase to honor the loss of Eve the Gnome.
She will be missed. 😦

Ike rolled a wish to have a sno-cone, so I picked “Blizzard” since it seemed like a strange flavor, and WTH?
It’s brownish and bubbling?
This is SO strange?!?
Well okay then
And I do believe he got high off of it…  Bizarre.

On this partly cloudy day, Ike joins the Music career…
…thus beginning the arduous journey towards LTW happiness.

Oh, and here’s as good a place as any to ditch this thing.
Because I said so.

But before Ike can even attend his first day of work, he has a grand plan…
Screenshot-11 Screenshot-12 Screenshot-13 Screenshot-14
Welcome, to the ancient lands!

*ahem* I mean, yo Ike, go find a spouse.  That is why we’re here.  See the Zales have married from France (Gustave) and China (Changpu – although he barely counts) so we need some Egypt!  So Ike, get to it!
Ike:  YOU get to it.  I’m going to crawl into this tent and do some reading.

Oh no you’re not, mister!  You are going to capture this moth…
…and get out there and find a lady!

Except she’s already an adult, and not Egyptian, but keep at it.  Better than reading in your tent the whole trip.

Egypt is bootiful!
Ike:  I DON’T *pant* SEE ANY *pant* Women!!
I see that, dear.  Do keep trying.

AHA!  HARK!  Females!
Come on Ike… thing a little younger.

Hey!  It’s Zhara!
I believe I’ve mentioned her before.  Over on the Lightnings I believe.  See, I have this save file that is on it’s 5th Generation, and they have made every single penny from the selling of horses.  They adopt, purchase, and breed horses, then train them up and sell them for a lot of money!  It’s always sad to see them go, but it’s been really fun.  Anyway, my whole point is, Shara here married into that family, so it’s nice to see her again.  I’m not going to rule her out completely, but someone different would be nice.

But hmm!  It’s quite promising!
I learn she’s friendly, a green thumb, insane, and a great kisser.  But she can’t be the only young adult female in all of Egypt.

Aha!  Who’s this?  Her name is Tahiya.
Ike, go say hi!  Hurry!

Ike:  In a minute, I’m learning a song.
Ike, being a virtuoso does NOT sing terribly like his great-great-great-something-or-another-grandmother Daisy.
It’s quite lovely actually.

As soon as Ike finished learning a song of Egypt, he enters the shop where I spotted the lovely merchant Tahiya.

And real smooth Tahiya, real smooth.  GREAT first impression, sneeze on his shirt.

Ooh!  This is also quite promising!
They’re both GOOD
Tahiya/Ike spam continues:
Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31 Screenshot-32 Screenshot-33 Screenshot-34
This is him singing the song he learned.  It appears to have some pretty suggestive lyrics.  It’s called “Under the Hot Desert Sun” which is apparently about some steamy woohoo.
Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37
Because she’s a merchant (I’m guessing) she can’t leave her shop to go on a date with him.  He needs to take care of himself, and I thought they could go eat together, but such was not the case.  After a slow dance goodnight, Ike returned to camp to meet his needs.  The plus side of her being  a merchant is that her needs don’t deplete, so she was always very receptive to Ike’s advances.  😀

Then he took care of a quest to get some papers and pick up some turquoise for this guy.

And then it was right back into Tahiya’s shop.
And arms.

I love Egypt.  I love Tahiya!  Hmm, what do you guys think.  Tahike?  ha ha ha… yes.  They shall be Tahike.

Ike spends the rest of his trip hanging out with Tahiya all day, meeting his needs at night, and then returning to her.
Screenshot-40 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-42
Sometimes he just stands around and plays for her.Screenshot-43
Sometimes they play chess together on a table that was in her shop.Screenshot-44
In the evenings, when her shop closes, Ike runs off to camp.
Then, during the last few hours before his flight home, he sings the song of his love and commitment.  Don’t you worry Tahiya!  We’ll see you again soon!

Welcome home, Ike.
The game is pleased that we suffered no glitches and issues during your travels.

So before Ike could even go inside, I noticed someone had kicked the flamingo.  I stand up this flamingo all the time, I just don’t document it because I’m sure no one else cares as much as I do about the flamingo… so anyhoo, I have Ike pick it up and WTH?
Acrobat Zombie materializes out of the ground on this NOT full moon.
it is not a full moon.
Maybe it’s Zombies that keep getting to my flamingo.

This was Ike’s room, it has now been remodeled for Ralen.
They finally have a decorated room.  It took me kicking them out of the one they had to get it done, but hey.  Their purple and spice brown look nice together.

And THIS?  This masterpiece is Ike’s new room.
I think it turned out wonderfully, one of my favorite rooms to date.  His favorite color is turquoise, I’m not sure what Tahiya’s is, and if it’s not compatible I just won’t use it in the bedroom.  She can have the bathroom or something.

Uh Oh.  A computer is broken.
So way back in the day, I believe when this family was in it’s infancy and still in Aurora Skies, the Zales successfully grew a death flower.  I have been passing it from TH to TH in order to prevent instant challenge failure by having the TH die.  It was this broken computer that spurred me to pass it from Helen to Ike.

Okay Ike.  Fix it.
He did.  Without issue.  That was anticlimactic now wasn’t it?

So hey, this girl?  She’s a riot.
Aside from drinking with her elbow sticking WAY OUT she was just practicing trick shots with a food processor on the pool table.  Ivanna is pretty epic for having almost been deleted into oblivion.

So, I’m not sure why, but Ike’s look bugs me.  It seems to suit a romantic vegetarian excitable virtuoso who’s a general good guy, but something just isn’t right.
Let’s give him a new look!

Um no.
How and why do I even have this?

There we go, that’s better.
I’m much happier with Ike’s new look than I was with the old one.

Then I spotted Iris off to scare someone!
And I remembered I need to upload Iris for Sammy!  (Which I already did, that was last post, but I’m just going off my notes here.)  Ramon and Ike share a salad in the background.

Hey Ike?  Who ya talkin’ to?
You’re about to pass out, so get off the phone and go enjoy your new bedroom.  Fit for a TH indeed!

Ramon and Helen had no problem find their new bedroom, which is good.
I was a little worried.  Ramon dreams of dragons, Helen piles of money.  I think that suits them both.

Someone special is arriving soon, huh Ike?
Ike:  Ish habt nosh ideash wat ursh tawkngs ’boutsh.
Well, this is the first and only time you’ve brushed your teeth in your life, so…

Tahiya!  Well, what a formal greeting.
Welcome to Lucky Palms!

And the second she gets inside, any shenanigans were instantly interrupted by graduation.
Ike: Oh man, she just got here!  By the time I’m done she’s going to be bored, my breath won’t be minty, and I look like a child!

It’s okay Ike, I’m sure she’ll be fine when you get back.
Look at our Ike, the little overachiever.
Now hurry home to your house guest!

Needless to say…
He did 🙂

Then I sent the two out for a lovely date at the Blooming Cactus Bistro.
At the end of the date, she said she was sleepy and she had to go home.  So she did.  All the way to Egypt.

Ike immediately calls her back for another visit.

So hey, funny story while we’re waiting for Tahiya to come back.  This is Ramon pooping.
In Ike’s bathroom.  I have caught Ramon doing this three times now, only in Ike’s bathroom.  I find it hilarious.

Ike:  So, hey Egypt?…
…have you seen Tahiya? She was supposed to be here by now.

It’s Love Day, and Tahiya was supposed to be here @ 9:00am, but she didn’t show.  I send the Zale clan off to the festival to pass the time.
Ike plays horseshoes with Julia.

Then he goes to get his face painted.
We asked for a unicorn.  😐
I’m sorry dear, things just aren’t going your way right now.

Hey!  It’s Sammy and she brought a picnic basket!
That’s GREAT, since Ike is pretty hungry.

He’s going to steal from join you.

Sammy:  Yeah, your face looks like crap.  Bye.
Thanks a lot, Sammy!

Back at home, Iris is being a jerk to Ramon.
How nice.  It did manage to grant her rolled wish to “Talk to Ramon” so hey.  Gotta think positive.

Helen is working from home, which is good, since now that she’s topped the career, her “reports” and “athletic” have slightly grumpy faces about them.
But if she works from home, it’ll keep her from being demoted.  Gotta love the workaholic trait.

Ivanna makes a late night sno-cone, in the late night snow, in the very late spring.
It’s two days until Summer and it’s snowing…


I’m going to have to sell this thing, no one is eating real food.
And it is making me REALLY want a sno-cone.

Hopefully Tahiya shows up today.  Ike plays his guitar in his skivvies while he waits.
I just designed that guitar for him, and I really like the way it turned out.

This is Ike, still playing the guitar.
And Ramon heading into Ike’s bathroom… uh oh.

And he shits…  Ramon will only poo in Ike’s bathroom.
Note.  I decorated the bathroom since the last time I took a picture of Ramon having a BM, but it’s still Ike’s bathroom.  Keep in mind, this house has *scurries off and counts* 8 bathrooms.  That’s right.  Eight.  Silly old man Ramon…

Helen, go to sleep.
Ramon emerges looking pleased with himself.

HARK!  A doorbell!
She’s here!  Go put on some clothes air out your room and say hello!

Déjà vu…
Let’s hope things go a little better this time. (FLAMINGO DOWN!)

He sings the song of Egypt to welcome her.
And oh look, Helen has a sno-cone.  I really gotta sell that thing.

Before she can scurry off to Egypt again, we ask her to move in!
She says sure!
And with that, Tahiya Shalut joins the Zale house!
Welcome home tahiya

I gave her a “Welcome to Lucky Palms” makeover (ha ha, my notes say “sunlit tides”, I’m an idiot)  And here she is!
Her LTW is forensic specialist, she knew not a soul in Egypt, she ahs five logic and four painting skills.  Her favorite color is WHITE, which is spectacular because that’s the color I used in decorating Ike’s bedroom and bathroom.  She likes cookies and Electronica music.  She is a vegetarian, good, genius, artistic and friendly Sim, and I ADORE her.

Are they not adorable?
Yes, yes they are.  They were autonomously walking off to play juice pong, but I’m not having that!

Boyfriend & Girlfriend!

Ramon:  Photobomb level sno-cone.
I SOO need to sell that thing… The Zales are subsisting on frozen water, food coloring, and high fructose corn syrup…

Ike drags Tahiya to the outskirts of Lucky Palms to the natural oasis beauty of the waterfalls.
And has a very important question to ask her.
Screenshot-91 Screenshot-92 Screenshot-93 Screenshot-94 Screenshot-95

Then it started to snow, which although strange considering the season, I found it very romantic.
Goldfish leaps to get a better view of the couple.

I then saw there was about an hour until a movie would start!  They’re way outta town, so we head straight to the theater.
There was just enough time for a quick kiss before showtime.  And look, the IF is still there!

They opted for the show “Starship: Incredulous!”
fun date
They both enjoyed it very much.

Back at home, Ike announces his engagement to his mother.
Her face!  ❤

Okay Tahiya, you better enjoy that sno-cone, because the second you’re out of the way, I’m selling it!
(I actually did this time.)

While watching the house sleep, I see this pop-up.
no julia
No Julia.  Just no.


Spares and friends are here!
They can’t get through the door, but whatever.

Looks like things are going really well…
*sigh*  I tried to make it a nice event… there’s even FLOWERS by the seats!

Julia!  Your ARM!
And SAMMY!  Knock it off!

Lovely ceremony.  😐
Well, lets just skip all this craziness and ZOOM IN.

There.  Now it’s a nice wedding.
The inflatable water slide in the background really tops things off.  I tried to sell it so I could have nice pictures, but it’s “in use” by one of the guests… again… *sigh*

Nice Ivy.  Way to be happy for your little brother.
But I did manage to get a couple nice shots:
Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109 Screenshot-111
I just had to zoom in REALLY close…

Then Ike answers his phone…
And Tahiya says screw it and heads to the bar.

Hey Tahiya?  Hurry up, we need to cut the cake.
What’s the hold up?  Are you okay?

OOOOOH!  hee hee hee hee, we barely got the ceremony done in time.
Hopefully no one will notice the outfit change…

Ike got stuck waiting for her to cut the cake.
And then said screw it, and headed off to work.

This entire wedding was a fiasco.  But hey, Ike’s married and there’s the J Generation on the way.

Oh.  Hello Julia.
Apparently it was YOU that prevented me from selling this thing and NOT having an inflatable monster face in the wedding pictures.  Thanks.

Okay, so I absolutely love Tahiya, but she’s addicted to rocking chairs.
I hear you all going “Yes, Heather, all Sims are addicted to rocking chairs, it’s nothing new…” Except she’s the worst.  There are TWO in this house, and she rolls wishes to buy another one.  But I do think she likes the nursery!  It’s been empty for SOOOO long!  Little Iris was the last to use it.

But when she isn’t in the rocking chair, she DOES find other things to do.
I approve.

I sent Ike downtown to buy bubble bath and a rubber duck because I’ve wanted them in the house forEVER, and I finally remembered to go do it – and inspiration struck.
The beautiful botanical gardens drew Ike in, and he had to play surrounded by the desert blooms.  A couple tips wouldn’t hurt either.

Tahiya has taken to napping all over the house.
This is Ivy’s old bed.  Oh well, beats failing.

I spy CAKES!
It’s Helen and Ivanna’s birthday!

Everyone made it to cheer.

And Helen finally grows old to join her husband who is already 84.
Tahiya looks alarmingly excited about her old mother-in-law.

Ivanna gets to roll and adds loves the outdoors to good, ambitious, grumpy and absent minded.  She gets the Living in the Lap of Luxury LTW.
Isn’t she pretty?  I think so.

And our little old Helen.

After the excitement of the party dies down, Tahiya returns to the easel.

And Ivanna heads out on her own.
*waves back* Bye honey!  See you at parties!

Ike’s singing still moves Tahiya.
So sweet.

Cute family is cute.
Ike’s face.  ❤

Passing time until the baby arrives!
❤ Tahike ❤

It’s TIME!

The maid freaks out, but the soon to be parents remain calm and collected.
And they’re off to the hospital!

Funny, Tahiya picks out Flora’s old car, which has been sitting unused for ages.
Works for me!  She can have it!

At 12:08 on a rainy Saturday…
…Tahike enter the hospital.  When they emerge, we will have the very first member of Generation J.

The End.

Come back soon to meet the nooboo!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

33 thoughts on “I Like Ike 9.0

  1. Sammy-Sama

    Waah baby-cliffhanger! D:
    Tahike is the cutest. I kept thinking Ikhiya but now that it’s spelled out it looks funny xD
    I was so worried that Tahiya wasn’t going to work out when she didn’t come visit again at first. I thought you were going to have to go back to Egypt and try to drag her back lol. I’m glad it worked out!
    I can’t wait to see the new baby!

    1. Heather Post author

      I know, aren’t I evil? 🙂 Hmm, Ikhiya might have to be what we use, since it sounds like Ikea… I was afraid she wasn’t going to come too! And since she can’t leave her shop, we couldn’t propose or anything while we were there… but it all worked out in the end! I can’t wait to show you the new baby!

  2. laserkatt

    Ahahaha, love it ❤ So sorry for being such a terrible (almost) home wrecker 😐 Keep your grubby little paws away from Ramon, SimJulia, dammit 😐 Can't take you out in public WITHOUT RUINING WEDDING PHOTOS. Seriously. I'd apologize on behalf of my simself, but I doubt it would help ;3

    When the picture of Shark-Ike popped up I laughed so loudly that my boyfriend complained that I was ruining his film. LAWL o/ Tahike's room is beautiful, I love the colours and the patterns. And Tahiya is adorable ❤ Can't wait for J-generation, also known as the best letter ever AND YOUR 10th GEN BABY. DAMN. Well done. *shakes hand and hands over trophy*

    1. Heather Post author

      I love your SimSelf, she’s always up to something entertaining, and that’s about all you can ask for! I thought the Shark thing was pretty funny too, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Tell your boyfriend that I’m SO SORRY to be so outstandingly witty as to ruin his films. The letter J IS one of my favorites (as it is the first letter in my last name) and can you freakin’ believe it? The 10 generation has been born!!!!!!! *accepts trophy with grace*

  3. chalcedonyrose

    Is it just me or did Tahiya’s nose structure change between pictures…? It looks reeeeeaaallllly different in the “she says sure” picture… Anyway, lovely chapter as always. Looking forward to gen J! Did you decide what to do about TS4?

    1. Heather Post author

      Tahiya has a very weird nose, and she frequently makes faces that are less than flattering, I just try not to capture them. I do see what you’re saying though. If you look closely at her nose in the wedding vows picture, the one where Ivy is frowning, I think you’ll see that it’s the same nose she’s always had. :-). I haven’t fully decided, but I think I’ll just keep playing them in TS3. Thanks for the comment!

  4. plumbawesim

    Eep! Nooboos! Ike sure works fast. Although now that you want a girl for the next TH, I think the baby is going to be a boy :/ but I’m sure the first J baby will be FAB 😀
    Tahiya is adorable by the way! She’s such a cute spouse. Hope Ike treats her right 😉 (and I hope she doesn’t turn into an Alejandro :I)
    Their wedding was…nice. At least it was pretty to look at XD
    And I totally understand the sims and their appliances! Oh my god. I don’t know why they choose to live off of snowcones but they do! In the upcoming winter part of the culturacy I gave my sims an updated kitchen with the deep fryer and ice cream machine and all they want to eat is ice cream! -__- stupid sims don’t know what’s good for them.
    Helen is FINALLY AN ELDER! And she’s a beautiful sweet old lady. Hope she lives a good long retirement.
    Great intro to Ike! Can’t wait to see more ^_^

    1. Heather Post author

      Ike DOES work fast. He rolled a woohoo with Tahiya wish, so we went for it, then had to get the wedding planned real quick like so she wouldn’t pop before the nuptials. I also couldn’t take any shots of her vomiting, or I’d give I away! Ha ha, the wedding was a fiasco! But I managed to take a couple pictures that looked okay, ha ha ha. And YES! Sims are SO funny with the alternate “food” sources. I am also SO GLAD that Helen is finally an elder, Ramon is going to pass away way before she does 😦

  5. pinkfiend1

    It’s nice that you still go to the effort with weddings. I’ve gotten bored of them now. Plus the whole day date was nice. Maybe I’ll try and make the effort with Prince, when he’s not raising his siblings.

    1. Heather Post author

      I don’t think I’d had a proper wedding in awhile, but I don’t know, I like Tahike , or Ikhiya so much that I felt they deserved it. And it makes for nice pictures, sort of, ha ha ha! Yes! I think Prince should definitely do some proper courting and a wedding when his time comes…

  6. zefiewings

    Perfect first action! ❤
    I think I must just be in denial because I am so sad. 😦
    I really like Tahiya. She is so pretty.
    Woo surprise baby! Perfect ❤ What will it be…?

      1. zefiewings

        Sorry…I guess I gave that no context.

        I meant my gnome burring her head rather than think about the loss of her gnome friend Eve

      2. Heather Post author

        OH! okay, yes. Your gnome was refusing to accept the reality of the situation. Poor little thing.

      3. zefiewings

        lol I was like
        ‘Nope. Everything is fine. I can’t see anything bad down here. Nope nope nope.’
        aww…that came out even sadder than I intended

    1. Heather Post author

      Hee hee hee, I know! Ike and Tahiya TFB almost the second she arrived for her second visit. I had to REALLY rush to get the wedding ready before she popped! And I almost didn’t make it! Between ceremony and cake cutting! 😀

  7. gryffindork7

    I did it! I FINALLY CAUGHT UP! *collapses in an exhausted heap* This has been such a fun journey, and I’m so glad it’s not over yet. Your love for your sims is contagious, and I’ve loved getting to know every one of them, from Abraham to Daisy (still my favourite Zale!) to Giles and now to Ikhiya/Tahike. I can’t wait to meet their spawn! And to read and comment in real time with everyone else! So yeah, thank you for this wonderful blog 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      You DID! You made it ALL THE WAY THROUGH! Yes, Daisy was pretty awesome! I REALLY enjoyed Erik too. I’m honored to have you as a reader, and I’m so grateful you took the time to go through it all. I’m touched ❤ Thank YOU for all the time who shared with The Zales. I'm very happy to have you around! 😀

  8. Echo Weaver

    Tahike? I must humbly submit Ikiya.

    Wow. Tahiya looks great. Veronica got to be friends with her in the Sample legacy. She’s one of the few sims I think looks good in that lank base game hair, but your makeover is gorgeous.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, Ikiya won out 🙂 I actually like that hair. I think the problem is, we get so sick of base game stuff in general, that we stop using it. I do think her makeover was quite lovely, however. 🙂

  9. somebodysangel13

    Tahiya is so pretty. I love the idea of marrying in people from each of the travel destinations. Though I don’t have WA, I’m so going to use the different futures (ITF) to choose spouses. And hey, Tahiya is dark-haired! Maybe gen 10 will be the one without any blonde children? I think that would be the first for the Zales, no?

    I know what you mean about picking up the flamingo. Someone keeps kicking all my gnomes (I think it’s Bonehilda) and they poof around the lot still kicked. Very annoying. I try to have different people pick them up, but then the next time I see them, most of them are down again. I can’t see all the cool poses they make if they’re always kicked! And then I Dismissed Bonehilda, to find that the mean-spirited, evil Valencia was also kicking them! Can’t leave these guys alone for a minute.

    Haha, Tahiya’s flat belly in those last few photos makes me laugh. Oh EA, your coding fails are always amusing. Make the pants available for maternity but without a pregnancy morph.

    I love Ike’s new look – turquoise is such a bright colour, the white jacket works better for him.

    Also, how do you pronounce Tahyia’s name? Tah-yi-ah? Tay-i-ah? Tay-yah?

    1. Heather Post author

      OMG, the future! I haven’t gone spouse hunting there at all! You’re a genius! I’m going to have Juniper (who I’m nearly certain will win the heir poll) go get her spouse from the future. Probably. I’m trying to think of all the J kids and you know? Not a blonde among them. Jillian’s hair is my favorite!

    2. Heather Post author

      Oops, I wasn’t done, ha ha. Oh I know about Tahiya’s shirt being pregnant, but not her pants, ha ha. I was like, oh well, whatevers. I also really preferred Ike’s new look. As for pronouncing Tahiya’s name? No idea. I say it in my head “Ta-hee-uh” most of the time, but when I’m paying attention to typing, I say “Ta – hiya” like Oh Hiya! How ya ben? And that was just so I could get the hang of spelling it right.

  10. roserainboweve

    *waves* Hi Heather! I’ve been out of touch with the Sim world for a couple months now but one of the first things I did was come back and start reading your Zales! 😀 The Eve gnome had a very short life if I’m remembering correctly back to when you replaced it, but that’s ok because I don’t feel like I deserve a top commenter gnome anymore. Ivanna is soooo incredibly beautiful, I hope she goes out into the time stream and has lots of beautiful babies. I also love Tahiya! Ike hasn’t grown on me yet but we’ll see how it goes as this generation progresses. 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi dear! You’re back! I’m so happy! I hope you’re doing well! I’m so happy to have you reading, I have missed you. And I just moved the Zales, and I made sure to pack up your deceased gnome self. Don’t worry if you don’t cherish Ike, he only gets a few chapters! 😀

  11. Voguishstorm

    I’ve been trying so hard to catchup with you 😀 That’s how far I am. Bet you didn’t know you’d get new readers still 😛 I hope my future legacy one day when I stop being lazy will be just as cool as yours.

    I had never seen what happens when the makeup fails and Ike looks hilarious with it. I love Ramon’s eye color so I hope there’s many many throwbacks in the future. :3

      1. Heather Post author

        I’m pretty sure you’re just the sweetest! I would LOVE to see another ISBI Alphabetcy! I officially can’t wait until you get started now! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      Well hi there! I love new readers! ❤ I'm so happy you're enjoying the Zales! Whenever you get your legacy off the ground, make sure you let me know, and I'll be your first follower!

      Oh Ramon – I miss him still! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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