Let’s Have One More (Fire) 16.5

Welcome back to another fun-filled adventure with the Zales!  Let’s see who we have running around the house.

Zale Check!
Mahmoud is feeling flirty in the bath tub.

Paisley is getting some well-deserved ZZZs.

Quest is also taking a bath in the neighboring bathtub.

Sorry to disturb your privacy.

Quay is sleeping happily.

Quill is also asleep.

My favorite form of toddler.

Ferdy is having a bite to eat.

Such a cute and good kitty.

Ferdinand then attempts to wake Quay up for school, but he doesn’t rise.

That won’t be good for his grades.

Pais heads off to work, and Quest off to school (good girl).  Mahmoud enjoys some fancy dessert.

And proves helpful, as he frequently does.

Good ISBI spouse.

Quay finally wakes up at 11:05am, desperate for a toilet.

He perks up quick enough, grabs some applesauce and joins his dad for some boob tube.

Mahmoud has a cute moment with Ferdy, and his outfit reminds me it is hot outside.

I did not recall making that outfit so colorful.

Pais gets home from work and takes a call from her sister Penny just to chat.

Aw.  (PS, I expect cars soon…)

Paisley makes dinner and Quest volunteers to set the table.

She is such a good kid, makes me almost regret that it’s a boy’s turn.

Quill finally wakes up and thankfully he found the fish tacos his momma made.

He eats them without issue.  Good.

Then I spot Quest out the window being not such a good kid.

Pais finishes her taco and makes it out there in time to explain we DO NOT MAKE MESSES.

Quay then unexpectedly cleans it up.

Thanks dude.

Apparently being squeamish makes him helpful around the house.

He does many things he hates, and has the grossed out moodlet all the time.

Oops, forgot to lock the toddler out.  Quill wakes up his momma for no reason.

Thankfully Paisley had had a fair bit of rest, and resumes potty training.

Pais is at work, both kids make it to school, and I watch Mahmoud do dishes, clean the counters, take out the trash and play with the kitty.

Gold star for the ISBI spouse!

Paisley puts her influence to use and gets the kids to do their homework.

They are very pleasant kids to be around.

I get a pop-up that Quill is at communication level 2, so I go see what he’s up to…

…Mahmoud is teaching him to talk!  Autonomously!  Sweet!

Quill finds a protein plate that Paisley made earlier, and looks like Quay is gonna feed himself too.

Good work, my little idiots.

Oh.  Oops.

This is no way to repay an excellent ISBI spouse.  I believe he begins punishing me after this.  I’m sorry Mahmoud!  I meant to make you a cake!

Nothing like a toddler on the lawn in the middle of the night playing with the cat.


The rest of the family is asleep, so the smelly toddler runs amok.

It’s a grand ol’ time.

Ferdy helps.

The good time comes to a screaming end when Quill decides he’s been dirty too long and throws a tantrum.

Paisley to the rescue!

Sorry for the shot of your badonkadonk, Paisley, but Quill looked so cute.

Pais takes a minute to work on her job, and we catch Ferdy mid stretch.

Ferdy is a precious kitty, he’s so sweet.

Quay remains shockingly helpful around the house as well.  I just watched him actually take laundry to the machine AND start it, take out the trash, and mop up this mystery puddle.

No one had failed, so I don’t know where it came from.

Paisley earned another promotion!  YAY!

Quest came home with a project, I had Paisley “assist”, but it looks like she’s just doing it for her.

To be fair, Quest did start it on her own earlier.

Another naughty mess-maker!

And on the good rug!

And although Quay is exhausted, he starts his homework on his brother’s bed.

Almost makes up for ruining the carpets.  Compared to Penny’s study habits, these kids are saints.

Mahmoud is pouting because he’s eaten too many quick or snacky meals, but took it upon himself to make a lovely spinach frittata.

Yeah Mahmoud, can relate.


And why do you look so pleased with yourself!?!  Grr.

Doesn’t seem to discourage Quest, she starts over.

Such a good girl.

The boys all gather in Quill’s room, Quay is doing his home again, Huzzah!

She did it!  I drag it into her inventory.  We might earn some points!

Definitely my favorite kid.

Hey – go sleep in your bed.

Least favorite kid.

He wakes up refreshed from his nap and seems to have disturbed his brother in his favorite homework haunt.

Why the kids all want to do their homework in here, I do not know.

I am however, not complaining.

Mahmoud has excellent cooking skills, so I have no idea why this happened.

But before I could even notice, Paisley was already putting it out.  Not quite as impressive as when Penny, Oscar, Miriam and Paisley all did it, but still nice to have one Sim who knows NOT to stand in the fire.

After the fire, Paisley talks to Penny while using the toilet.

Funny!  I may or may  not be able to relate to this.  #dontjudge

Pretty sure that’s not the most efficient way to “eat” your applesauce, kid.

Cute though!


These two are pretty cute chatting with one another.

I do wish at least one kid had gotten Mahmoud’s hair color.

Quay is the only one I’ve managed to catch playing with the toys.

Although he did just hit himself in the head.  Careful buddy.

Not this again, they still haven’t recovered from the last one!


Paisley, of course, takes care of things.


I buy a smoke detector not that we really need it.  Replacing the $13k stove with the $5k insurance payments is really hurting their finances.

Paisley doesn’t make that much, and the house is over $3k every bill cycle.  So much for Mahmoud’s aspiration – not that I’m feeling much sympathy for him right now.

If you catch this on fire again, I’m demoting  you from a good ISBI spouse to the worst.

I hate you.

Paisley walks away before the flames have even died all the way down with a very clear attitude of “all in a day’s work”.

Thanks for constantly extinguishing your husband, and goodbye to another $13k to replace the stove… AGAIN.

Yeah dude, an you eat the cooked food please?

There’s plenty in the fridge.

Hey, Quill mastered his movement skill.


What do we have here?

Another noobo!  (not easy to tell in the picture).  I decided Paismoud could have one more baby.  Maybe we’ll get another boy for heir poll purposes, or maybe we’ll get Mahmoud’s lighter hair.

Mahmoud:  Yay, another one for me to take care of while you’re working…

Don’t complain.  I don’t wanna hear it from you right now.

Mahmoud DOES love the kids though, and I capture anti-gravity playtime.

Quill wakes up starving, as per the norm, and find’s Quay’s poorly prepared chicken nuggets.

Oh well, better than being taken away!

Except he did NOT like them.

Sorry buddy.

Young man, you have a bed.  You have an entire bedROOM.

Paisley has asked Ferdy a hundred times to stay off the counters.

Legit cat moment.

When Mahmoud isn’t burning down the house, he does remain a quality ISBI spouse.

Quest is getting an A!

+5 Definitely my favorite.

Meanwhile, this little guy is all wound up and running around sans clothes.

He has like three energized moodlets, so he took the action of a wild child.

Kids come home a mess a few minutes later.

They’re both very unhappy and Quest is clearly filthy beyond all reason.

Apparently it’s smoggy outside?  It bums out both the kids.

I had never seen this before.

And that’s saying something!

Paisley gets home and doesn’t like the air either.

She starts coughing.  That cannot be good for the baby!

Looks like it’s time to release Quill from toddlerhood!  Just in time with a new baby on the way.  HOW CUTE ARE THEIR FACES.


How cute are they?

Quill rolls genius and adds the motor aspiration.  Quite the cutie!

Such eyes!  I buy him some monkey bars which I’m sure he will not use.

Quest wastes no time hanging out with her newly aged up brother.

Awww, look at the way Pais is looking at them.  Bless.

Bless the Zales.  And sleeping Ferdy.

Um, Mahmoud?  Why are you singed?  You don’t have the singed moodlet?

And I’m not judging or anything, but you’re getting a little pudgy.  Just sayin’.

*Mahmoud standing by fridge eating cake *

Note Quills first child action is taking out the trash!  I hope this is a good omen! *touches wood*

And that’s it for this post!  You’ll have to come back next time to see what Paisley has cooking.  We didn’t lose any points this round – although I think I’ll need to change the scoring system, as this is for a TS3 challenge… But I’m too lazy to do that right now.

Failing school -5: 1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5: 8 (-40)
Passing Out -5: 42 (-210)
Self-Wetting -5: 42 (-210)
Accidental Deaths -10: 1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15: 0 (YAY!)
Births +5: 40 (+200)
Twin Births + 10: 13 (+130)
Triplet Birth +15: 2 (+30)
Fulfilling Aspiration + 40: 10 (+400)
Getting A in School: 16 (+80)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10: 14 (+140)
Every $100,000 +20: 3 (+60)
Spouse Tops Career +10: 3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10: 5 (-50)
Repo-man -5: 1 (-5)
TOTAL: +535

1 thought on “Let’s Have One More (Fire) 16.5

  1. zefiewings

    wow that ISBI spouse title keeps yo-yoing from best to worst very quickly. Chill with the fire Mahmoud! I remember when the Cultrics had a weird fire thing going on, was very scary. you do not need that in your idiots.
    More heir choices I hope! Can’t wait to find out!


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