No Rest for Paisley – 16.4

Hi Guys!  Oh man is this a stressful post.  Although all is well that ends well – or so I’ve heard.  Let’s get right to it!

Zale Check!

Mahmoud is standing in the hallway.

Paisley is standing in the hallway.

Quest is standing in the living room.

Quay is standing in Quest’s bedroom right up against a wall making picture taking challenging.

Sorry for down walls.

Ferdinand is standing in front of this door.

Riveting Zale Check.  At this point I hoped things would pick up.  I regret that thought.

These two find each other, and it’s incredibly cute.


Pregnant Pais practices her debate skill so she can get promoted again.

We gotta start brining in some Simoleons to pay for this house.

Mahmoud takes one stinking Quay to bed to sleep, the wafts of smell are hard to see against the cute wallpaper.

I knew I liked that wallpaper.

Aww… good ISBI dad.

The stinky, filthy little booger wakes up starving.

Thankfully it looks like he’s heading for the pancakes Paisley has just made.

Penny calls to chat!

Well that’s fun!

Potty training resumes for Quest.

While Quay pouts and emits fumes in the chair.   Rather neglected.

I had to wait for him to finish eating the pancakes to have Paisley take over.

Looks like Mahmoud might help!

He did!  What a good ISBI spouse and father!

Paisley bathes the other toddler.

Penny came to visit!

Bathroom sister hugs are the best sister hugs.

Ferdy “helps” Pais repair the broken dishwasher.

I really need to get these appliances upgraded…

Thanks a lot, Penny…

…Feel free to break things in your OWN house.

So this is cute and all, and LOOKS helpful… except Quest was about to eat dinner first.

She’s gonna wake up STARVING… Thanks a lot, Mahmoud.

Quay, however, managed to grab the fresh garlic noodles Paisley just made.

Oh good, Miriam is here to break all the plumbing.

Paisley tried to cheer her up, I think I’d read somewhere that happy ghosts don’t ruin everything.

Color change implies we were successful.

And yet… the results were the same.

Things aren’t looking good for Quay, he’s too exhausted to eat, and passes out.

FAIL -5.

Quay finds the noodles again, but he just will NOT eat them!

I don’t know what to do!

Desperate, I try a different meal.

I force him to grab a plate (ISBI Fail), PLEASE EAT IT!



Panic-stricken, I buy two highchairs and try to get Quay into the seat, but this happens.

FAIL – 5.  I have never lost a Sim to child services, I’m terrified it’s about to happen now.  I’m so tempted to cheat his needs… I don’t know what to do.

Paisley then spun into her work clothes and left before I could stop her.

But it looks like Mahmoud is going to save the day?  PLEASE EAT BOY!

Don’t just stare at him, EAT THE SANDWICH.

Oh my stars, thank heavens.

Quest ate too.  I have never been so happy to see a highchair function.

I was freaking out.

Mahmoud attempts to mop up from whatever disaster this is, but with every single appliance spewing water, it’s a worthless effort.

I’m assuming this is the aftermath of Miriam hanging around.

Quay is still miserable.  His bladder has tanked, and his fun, but at least he’s fed and not passing out while he sleeps in what was supposed to be his sister’s bed.

At least he’s no longer at risk of being taken away.

There are four broken plumbing objects, the coffee maker is also broken, and someone needs to feed the cat.

The kids also need help.  HURRY HOME PAIS!

As happy as I am to see Paisley get promoted…

I really just need her to get this house up and running again.

Feed the cat.

Fix the plumbing.

Clean the toilet.

Fix the coffee maker.

I actually had her WAKE UP Quay to help out with his distress.

Paisley fixes dinner, and the kids manage to eat it… so that’s good news!

Oh great, Oscar is here.  We literally just fixed all the plumbing from Miriam….


All the repair work and parenting took its toll on Paisley, and DOWN SHE GOES.

I’m sorry.  Almost all the fails since the move to TS4 are yours.  Almost. -5

This image, complete with the red plumbob and broken sink sums up this post nicely.

Mahmoud is asleep, Paisley is passed out in the bathroom, and the toddlers are on their own.

Fortunately, they’ve both eaten, so whatever else happens at least they won’t get taken away.

Cleaning up after you ruin the house is not as helpful as you might think, Oscar.

Don’t let Paisley’s smile fool you, far from rested her urgent need to use the restroom wakes her up.

I take this opportunity to shove a half-toddler-eaten-many-hours-old meatball in her belly.

Behind close doors I find these two… Whatever they are doing is very cute.

Which is good, because this post is very stressful!

Paisley’s needs are just good enough to repair some things AGAIN.

Looks like she’s about to pop!

Good heavens… what’s happening out here?

This house is in shambles.  (I almost named this post “Shambles”)

Oh for heavens sake…

I failed to have Paisley pay the bills.  WE WERE VERY BUSY.

Really Mahmoud?

Thanks a lot.  We seriously needed more broken things for your wife to fix.

Okay… Well… Thanks a little.


FINE.  I appreciate you now.  ARE YOU HAPPY?

Paisley gets home from work, and doesn’t even have the energy to pay the bills before I rush her off to bed.

Trying to avoid the fail.

After enough rest not to collapse, we get the lights turned back on.

Try to get the house repaired…

Prevent her from starving to death…

She must really like that salad.  Good on ya, honey.

Oop!  It’s time!

I leave Mahmoud this time, to watch over the other kids.  Apparently the hospital staff are all deceased.

I hope we can have this baby without a fail.  First time for everything.

At least the doctor in charge of the birth is living.

(Plumbob reminds me why I took Mahmoud prior… ha)

YAY!  It’s another boy!  We’ll be able to have an heir poll!

I name him Quill.

Welcome home baby Quill!

Note, there are three birth certificates there…

Whatever the eating problem was with Quay, it seems to be resolved!

Phew.  What’s wrong Pais?  Don’t like your eggs?

With Paisley at work, Mahmoud actually does a great job with the kids, and has reached parenting skill level seven.

The room I made for Quest gets a makeover for Quay.

He was the only one who used it anyway.

Besides!  It’s someone’s birthday!

She needs a more grown up room.  Quest rolls goofball and adds rambunctious scamp as her aspiration.

She grows up pretty cute and takes over Penny’s old room.


Thanks Miriam, I hate you.

I’m so glad Quest isn’t a toddler anymore.

Things are looking up!

Mahmoud continues to be a helpful parent.

I do appreciate him… … …

Penny comes to visit after Paisley gets home from work.

She just pouts while the family watches TV.

I have Paisley call in and take a vacation day from work.  Oscar haunted and now the house is in disarray.

But first I let her sleep in.



After a cat butt sandwich, Paisley gets to the repairs.

And laundry…

Cleans the kids…

Fixes the washer…

And then the dryer…

I hate this house.

Feeds the baby…

HEy!?!? What happened to the other birth certificate???

Quill briefly defies the space-time continuum and is both floating baby and floor toddler at the same time.

Quill rolls wiles.  Oh Goodie.  He suffers the same odd look as his siblings…

…but they seem to grow out of it okay.

I forgot how cute toddlers napping could be.

Inefficient, but cute.

Quest enjoys her new big girl room with big girl activities.


First time since moving to TS4, since Penny refused.

AND sets the table?

Quest FTW!



Having had enough of the ghosts, I have Paisley release them to the Netherworld.

A rare moment of being able to read Quill to sleep.

Mahmoud continues to be an excellent parent.

Definitely and ISBI hero.

Whatchoo got there Pais?

Why, might it be one less toddler?

WOOHOO!  Quay rolls squeamish and adds artistic prodigy to his aspiration.

He also proves that although Pais & Mahmoud make “interesting” toddlers, they grow into cute kids!

Phew – that’s it for this post!  I was certain the kids were going to be taken away, but we muddled through it!  We have enough boys for an Heir Poll!  WOO!




5 thoughts on “No Rest for Paisley – 16.4

  1. zefiewings

    Wow! What a mess! I don’t blame you for releasing the ghost. You have enough problems with the alive idiots. At least Mahmoud is a great dad! And that toddler hug was just the best! Yay for future heir poll! AT least I came back in time that I will be able to participate! Woo! Quest is a good girl. Sorry, you cant earn your way to heirdom though honey.

  2. somebodysangel13

    OMG, ghosts in TS4 are the worst! At least in TS3 they mainly wake people up, don’t destroy the house. The kids seem to grow out of the weird toddler faces, so that’s good.

  3. mojot89

    NTH toddlers in TS4 are terrible. I just had triplets in my most recent generation and it almost killed my will to finish lol. I don’t know what packs you have, but if you have movie hangout, get the popcorn machine. The popcorn doesn’t spoil and toddlers can grab it autonomously when their hunger gets low. I’m pretty sure its the only reason I didn’t lose any toddlers that gen lol


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