Oscar Throws Up Twice & Gets Attacked By Cat 15.8

Welcome back!  Let’s just dive right in since it has NOT been hundreds of days since I posted last.  Note – this post is VERY LONG AND NOT A LOT HAPPENS.

Zale Check!


Standing by beloved rocker.

Miriam is sleeping.


Oscar just finished cleaning the gross shower.

Because why would anyone else do anything.

Both Pax & Paisley are enjoying their new beds.

And a trifecta Zale Check (Left to Right):

Pete, Preston & Penny.

Can’t forget Ferdinand!

He’s sleeping outside in the cat house.  Aww.

School time for the kids!

Hi Paisley!

Oscar gets Pete in the playpen to teach himself life skills just before the carpool comes.

Happy learning, little one.

I hope you have a fun day, Oscar!

I like how he manages to dress properly for work, but not when there’s an emergency.

Workin’ on da fire truck.

(I think I took too many useless pictures…)

A quick outfit change because why not?

And we’re off to a fire!

Ah, I see Oscar has utilized the broken wrist method.

A unique approach.

But effective.

Change back into the work uniform for the ride back to the station…

Okay dude.

Back at home I rush to blow out the candles for Preston’s birthday.  The Sims 4 has me all paranoid about forgetting them.

Surprisingly enough, Miriam took him.  Say what?

While Preston preps to sparkle on the grass, I found this while clearing notifications.

Oscar got promoted!  Good job, buddy!

Preston did not finish all of his skills it would seem, so bookworm is locked in.  His favorite color is spice brown.

He has very pretty eyes!  I hid them behind bookworm-ish glasses in the rest of his outfits.

Not wanting to fail to skill the last toddlers (oh what a nice phrase “the last toddlers”) Oscar plops Penny in the playpen.

Then promptly threw up.  I have no idea why.

(That’s one)

Pete then works on his walking skill.  At midnight.  In the yard.

Zale life, amirite?

Followed by Pax passing out.

FAIL.  Paisley doesn’t look far behind.  Oy.

Preston proves himself brainy and starts practicing chess.

I approve of skill building activities!  You’re the new favorite!

Attempting to avoid another fail, I have Oscar send Paisley to bed.

Oscar enjoys himself some yard cake while casually monitoring Pete roaming all over tarnation.


Clearly unable to sleep without books being read to them, the kids queue up to pester Natalie for stories.

Natalie too, is about to pass out.  This cannot end well.

With the bedtime nightmare out of my control, Oscar and I settle in to watch a little TV.

Leisure time for Oscar is at a premium, so I hope he enjoys himself.

Preston remains a favorite by not nagging everyone and being cute.

Natalie might actually starve to death because of these kids…

Pax!  Good boy!

And Natalie!  You’re not going to starve!

I was actually concerned about an accidental death.

Fewer babies means an update to the nursery.

Lots of bunkbeds when the house is this tiny.

I heard a thump.

Natalie has passed out in the kitchen.  FAIL.

I went to find Paisley, as she’s sure to fail next but NOPE.

She’s asleep in the treehouse!

Oscar rescues the toddlers from the yard.

I hadn’t seen Mir in awhile… Ah.  Waffles in lingerie.

Stay classy.

I realize I take many pictures of Oscar sleeping… but like… he DESERVES it.

As dreams of Ferdinand fade…

I went to locate Preston, and he’s in a rocking chair pulling faces.

I’m not used to children being obsessed with these things.  I hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come…

He then went to bed, without asking for a story.  I mean he’s in his activewear, but hey.

School also starts in like, five minutes, but still – Good boy.

Paisley slogs in and uses the All-in-one.

Good!  (And I definitely took too many random pictures)

Pax feeds himself.

And OMG look at his adorable face.  *squish*

Miriam!  You’re helping again!

This post is so positive!

Oscar wakes up ready to go and resumes skilling the toddlers.


Before he can make any real progress though, it’s off to work.

His relationship with his co-workers is important to his job, so…

… we chat up “lip-curl dude”.

Lip-curl Dude:  That’s neat, can I watch?

Oscar:  Um – sure.

There’s a “disaster” (not sure what that’s about), but Oscar runs to the emergency rather than take the Woo-Woo.

And what is up with that car?  HA – affordable body damage repair.  Not sure I’d seen that before.

Not sure what’s going on, but Ruby Broke is freaking out outside the restaurant.

Oscar casually and bravely enters.

Ah – it’s a busted gas line!

That’s kinda cool.  Oscar completes the emergency with another A.  Our little 4.0 hero.

Oscar gets home and prevents the horde from starving.

And hmm, it seems Penny is crying somewhere.

Wonder how I figured that out.  #experiencedsimmer

Thanks, Natalie.

Oscar totally needs more things to do.

And I cheated.  Three times.

If those kids didn’t go to sleep I was gonna quit forever.  #sorrynotsorry

More skilling.

At 1:00 am.


Hey!  Lookie what I found!

Owen has found love!

Oscar cleans up by eating the kid’s leftovers like all good parents.

Checking on Miriam I see she’s rolled this.


Good, sweet Oscar.

Realizing I haven’t seen these two interact at all, and their relationship is suffering…

…kill a couple birds with one stone, as it were.

Then some much needed rest before the carpool comes.


Pax and Paisley head off to school.

Preston is in the tub, but I think he’ll make it.


Still grossed out by the toilet.

For obvious reasons.

(This is why this post is 97 pictures.)

Nothing like trying to meet all your needs at the office.

Just when he gets in the shower, an alarm!


3 outfit changes later and Oscar opts for his athletic gear to put out the fire.

Our hero in action.

He gets an A – and while I’m clearing notifications…

Looks like Owen’s girl has moved on.

Too bad.

To thank Oscar for his service, the local housecat comes out and ATTACKS!

I laughed out loud.  I don’t think I’d ever seen that before!

Oscar comes home to this:

That’s Miriam.  Those babies are happy.  Those swings are on slow.  WOW!

No skill bar!

Pete’s done!

And we get started on Penny.

Omg, that face though.

This is Preston.  Waiting for Natalie.  In his parents bed.  For a bedtime story.

So much for being my favorite.

Uh oh – What’s this?

I found her two inches away stinking up the front yard.

She’s also trying to get a story out of Natalie.  😐

Penny is finished!

Those two are certainly related – look at the faces.  And Preston is off to his bed… so some favor returned.

Um, Miriam?  Whatcha doin’?

I mean, it’s not a fail, so… okay?

Things turn around for Owen!

Come on babies!  We need some cousins.

In spite of Oscar’s grumpy face, it’s a beautiful Saturday morning!

So he rounds up the clan and…

It’s off to the summer festival!

Ever studious Preston does his homework with Trisha “goiter” Crosby.

I couldn’t find Paisley at the festival – she’s back at home having a very angry time on the rocking horse.

That’s okay gurl, live your best life.

Um – how cute is he? And that’s puke number two.
Phew, clearly a good time was had by all.

Oops, just as it starts to storm, Miriam has a birthday!

I mean – we totally came to the festival to celebrate Miriam’s birthday – on purpose.

I give her some new outfits.

And she begins her midlife crisis.  She is a very pretty Sim.

The following day it’s Pax & Oscar’s birthday, and Penny & Pete are just one day away, so I decide we’re doing them all NOW.

Miriam’s bald spot:  *toot*!

Pax rolls adventurous, and I work in his emo look with his favorite color. (black)

He’s cute and my new favorite because he doesn’t need bedtime stories to sleep anymore.

Penny rolls daredevil.  Her hair is hard to coordinate with, but she’s also very cute.


Pete rolls dog person.

Also adorable.

No new pic of Oscar – you’ve seen him enough, ha!

And PHEW – that’s all for now!  Thanks for hanging in there!  Until next time – Happy Simming!


5 thoughts on “Oscar Throws Up Twice & Gets Attacked By Cat 15.8

  1. Sammy-Sama

    Always love seeing Zales updates! Had to read it before I went to bed haha.
    The kids are all so adorable and reading this makes me miss playing TS3 haha. I just reinstalled it but it would take forever to go through all the CC and mods I would want haha. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah – don’t miss TS3. I’m still plugging along here, but I doubt I will finish this challenge here. TS4 is SO much better… At least when it comes to stability. And besides, so many expansions at this point, it’s super fun too!

      1. Sammy-Sama

        Couldn’t you remake the family in TS4 and continue the legacy there? Just so the whole game doesn’t crash and burn on you before you finish? You’ve been keeping it afloat so long!

  2. somebodysangel13

    Can never have too many useless pictures, longer posted are excellent! Interesting how those last three pics all the kids have the same nose. Seems Miriam passed on quite a few of her genes.

    I just cannot get into TS4 at all. I’ll play for an hour and be bored out of my brain, even with the expansions and game packs and such. The sims just all seem the same to me, not nearly as much personality as TS3. Each to their own, I guess. I still enjoy reading about other people’s TS4 adventures.

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m sorry you don’t like TS4! I think it’s great! 🙂 I do think they look a lot a like to me, but personality wise I find them to be different.


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