Miriam Still Sucks, but the Kids are Cute 15.7

Well hello there!  What do we have here?  My good friend Sammy started something new which is very exciting!  And it inspired me to get out here and post a Zale update!

Also, I have been nominated for a Golden Plumbob Award!  I’m very honored for the nomination, especially since they’ve been so quiet lately.  If anyone so desires, you can head on over to Boolprop and cast a little vote for The Zales.


So without further ado, let’s get started… It’s only been 171 days since I opened the game… should be easy… Let’s see if we even recognize any Zales.  Man, I forgot how long it takes this game to load.  Here we go.  ZALE CHECK!

Little old lady Natalie reliving her lifeguard days.

You do you, dear.  She’s 78 days old, so we’ll see her puttering around for quite a bit longer, I’d say.

Here’s about the best pic I could manage to get of Miriam, as she’s climbing the stairs.

See?  Already causing problems.   I haven’t disliked a spouse this much since Alejandro… back in the G Generation.

Oscar our dear TH is taking care of baby Penny.

Poor Oscar works SO hard.

Pax is out here being adorable and riding the bee.

I barely remembered him, but he’s adorable.

Paisley and Preston are napping in swings.

Good.  I wonder what the psychological damage would be if you really raised a child like I raise Zale babies.  QUICK!  PUSH THE BUTTON.  And never let them out.

Last human, baby Pete.

And his IF.

And Ferdinand the kitty.

He’s caught mid-leap jumping off the couch.

The madness from last time I was here has not completely left my psyche, so I can relate to Oscar’s desire to GET OUT!

I lock it in for him.  It magically resolves itself later, you’ll see.

Dangit Miriam!  Not already!  I’ve been unpaused for like – two seconds.

We were USING that crib.  UGH!

Yes, I’m sure your one lifetime act of almost helping was exhausting.

Go to bed – it’s in the other building, so GTFO of the house.

I then officially got sick of that crappy looking wallpaper and give it a quick fix.

There – better.

Some wizardly parenting from Oscar – thanks, my man.

I can’t imagine doing this without the magic baby jails.  I mean, if it wasn’t an ISBI it’d be okay.

I try to finally send Oscar over to rest and the freakin’ All-in-One bathroom was spewing water everywhere.

Oscar thinks it’s exhilarating though!  I think he might be losing it.

After mopping everything up and repairing the bathroom, he was too hungry to sleep.

Love the flying eggshells.

Just as Oscar finally gets a chance to rest, I get a pop-up that it’s Paisley, Penny & Pete’s birthdays!

I was excited at first, but then realized it meant I’d have 3 toddlers.  Gross.

While Oscar rests, Miriam does her best attempt at parenting by existing in the same space as her son.

In lingerie.  So okay.

Ferdinand!  Bad kitty!  Did you wake him up?

Look at that face though – couldn’t stay mad at Ferdy.

The kids could actually really use some attention right now.

Let’s see if Natalie can come through for us.  I mean she raised…(goes and looks)…Four children herself.

No no no no no no no no NO.  NO.  That is NOT where you put a baby that needs food!

Okay Miriam, let’s see if you can do better.

Miriam: *Puts swing on fast*

Thanks.  Thanks a lot to the both of you.  Your helpfulness really means a lot to me and… *RAGE*

Okay, Natalie, thank you.  I’m not sure how much more I could’ve handled…

So feed her okay?  Give her food?

HOLY CRAP.  Do NOT scream at her!

Okay… deep breaths…

Fine Natalie – you can scream at all of the babies as long as you help them afterwards.

Deal?  Thank you.

I then watched Natalie gag all over the shower she’s had an urge to clean for about a decade.

I think the ISBI might be getting to me.  After all this time.

Oscar!  You’re up!  Bless you!

Am I happy to see your cute cute face.

It’s okay Miriam, you don’t have to bother, your husband is on the way to fix everything.  Wait – you’re actually helping.  Your action is solving the need problem of the infant.

*wipes tear*  I’m so proud.

And you’re cleaning?

I’m just as surprised as you are.

I had no idea Oscar could upgrade his fire extinguisher, so we do that…

…for all of two seconds since time spent not taking care of everyone is quite limited.

Oh, if anyone was wondering where Natalie is…

… 100% of the time.

Aw, Ferdy is actually using the cat castle I bought for him!

WIN!  And ice cream truck!

Oscar!  Oscar!

Go get ice cream!

Oscar *Runs*

*Grants “GET OUT!” wish*  (See?  I toldya.)


You are so cute:

I am super attached to Oscar, one of my favorite TH’s to date.

A little prep work for that triple birthday.

And Pete goes first!

Paisley is second.

And Miriam can’t get to cake because of air.  Paisley gets to roll and adds loves the heat to brave and genius.

And although I started these birthdays 5 hours ago, Penny doesn’t get to her cake and ages up on the floor.

I complete Paisley’s makeover first – with her favorite color being red, I embrace it.

I think she’s so cute.  Glad she’s heir potential.

Pete get’s his makeover next.

Green is his favorite color.  I used to use their favorite colors all the time, I’m going to have to go back to that.  He’s brave and hates the outdoors.

Lastly Penny!  And what do we have here?

It’s great-grandma Mindy & grandma Natalie’s hair!  Yay genetics!  Her favorite color is lime, so obviously I can’t do that… so my attempt at using fav colors lasted a whopping two screenshots.  Ha.

Look how cute she is!

Since Natalie never leaves the rocking chairs, I sell her big bed and make this a room for Paisley and Pax.  Pax does not have to sleep in the treehouse anymore.

The house is officially too small, but I don’t care.  I like it, so cram in there, kids.

Aww, Paisley is such a precious little helper.

I really like her, I’m glad there will be an heir poll too. 🙂

And with one final press of the magic parenting button, I end this post.

Don’t forget to VOTE FOR THOSE ZALES!

Until next time, Happy Simming!




5 thoughts on “Miriam Still Sucks, but the Kids are Cute 15.7

  1. Sammy-Sama

    I love seeing Zale updates! I went and voted on Boolprop before I even read the chapter haha. I hope you win, it would be well deserved!


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