Miriam’s Motherhood 15.6

SimNaNoWriMo Update 2!
67 Pictures (again, how funny)
1,033 Words

Welcome back!  It’s time for another Zale Update!  Last time I mistakenly enjoyed all the new little babies in the house, and this time – well, buckle up!  It’s a riot! (ha.)

Zale Check!

Weird, I’d started with Rajan so many times, it’s odd to begin with Natalie.

Feeding a treat to Ferdinand!

Miriam is parenting – with Pax & Preston.

*Foreshadowing:  This is about the last time Miriam is kind, useful, etc…

Oscar is sleeping a well-deserved sleep.

He works so hard!

Newest members Penny & Pete are in their cribs.


Ferdy is very popular considering there’s FIVE babies that could use some sort of interaction.

But these two boys are doin’ okay for now.

And stinkin’ Cute.

(This is very bad)

Here she is!  Hard to photograph in the playpen.  I’m sorry I forgot you, little one.  I’m so sorry.

Back in the house, Miriam is looking very sweet and demure.

After breaking the computer.  Thanks a lot.  Oscar will need to fix that later.

OMG – leave the cat alone.


No.  The blue one.  Your third son.  Pete.

Not the pink one.

I decide to find out where Natalie is off to, not helping.

Ah yes, the rocking chair.  About to pee her pants too.

Right on cue.

Worthless.  Ya’ll worthless.

Yes, Miriam.  Good.  This one.

*slow clapping*

This wouldn’t be TOO bad… except she’s shoving Pax’s head into the light fixture.

And Preston’s swing is on FAST.  *le sigh*

Okay – it’s pretty cute.

But wake up soon, Oscar!

Oh yay!  He heard me!

OMG, Paisley has been screaming for hours.  Fall asleep you little wretch!

Oscar has been ping-pong parenting since he got out of bed…

Since apparently Paisley needed a crib to sleep, I have to put poor Penny on the floor to do a switch-a-roo.  And he’s already so tired!

Right about now Oscar gets invited to a random party that Owen is throwing.  I failed to get the snip, but you’ll see the reminder later.  It starts at 5:59 – okay then.

I know poor guy, I’m exhausted too.

And Nat and Mir are always in the way!  I’m sorry!

Go have some cake.

And a nap.

Just about now I realize Oscar has like 50K happiness points so I grabbed him the better sleep reward.  I have him try to get a nap in before Owen’s party.

Yay!  She’s sleeping!

I predict she will be the worst with bedtime stories.

Here’s the party snip!

And we’re off!

HEY!  Who stole Oscar’s car?

It was Miriam.  I found it in her inventory.  Grr.

Here’s Owen’s house – not sure who else might live here.

It’s cute.

It appears he lives in the garage?

(Walls down on purpose)  He was just standing in there forever.

I make Oscar go in and chat.

Ahoy!  I spot Betty Simovitch.

She looks like she could be the mother of all the faceones.  I also think I saw her marry someone just after this on an SP popup.  It wasn’t Owen.

Also spotted in the house, one Maximus McDermott & Jebidiah Wilson.

And a snot-with-a-cold colored wall.  Charming.

But look at these countertops!

Adorbs, I’ll have to remember that!

This party is lame and everyone is starving.  Thankfully, albeit selfishly, Owen made hotdogs.

Great party hotdog-corner-eating-dude.  Hasta.

5 kids be damned (and oh, they will be)…

…It’s sleep time for these two.

Hmm – apparently Natalie too.  She must’ve inherited Owen’s sleeping bag when he moved out.

Alrighty then.

Only Preston & Pax are doing okay for now.

And it’ll only get worse.

Miriam is awake!

Well no wonder this one is crying… on the bathroom floor.


(She put her back down.)  😐

Oh dear.

Uppies again for Penny…

Complete with suffocation a la boob.  Don’t just stand there pulling faces – DO SOMETHING.

NOT.  THAT.  Aaaaannd, back down.

(Sorry for camera angle, hard to photograph in this bathroom.)

Okay, well – this one is about to get repo-ed, so yeah – help HER.

If you put that starving child in there and walk away…


Miriam Zale?



I’m so sorry Paisley!

At least it woke up floor bag Natalie.

Who stinks.  (And hi Ferdy, things aren’t so great in here).

You know what Natalie?  IF SHE IS BOTHERING YOU SO MUCH…


Miriam:  Who left the screaming baby in here?  That’s gross.


Natalie: Whelp, see ya kid.  You’re obnoxious.

I am SO about to lock them both in a very small room with no doors.  :@ ~!@#$&

I’m sorry Oscar, there was no time to put it to a vote.



Even Owen with the green skin and orange hair could plop a freakin’ bottle down.  Your wife and mother are fools.  FOOLS.

Poor little Penny probably didn’t remember she could even be so comfy.

No longer trapped on the bathroom floor by a filthy toilet.

OMG, Paisley.

She’s all alone and so filthy.

OoOooOOh Miriam.  Don’t you DARE make that face about that poor baby.

The second you put her down Oscar is going to make everything better.

Get outta those stinky jammies.



A little ride on the bee!

Work on that last skill.

Aww, she looks so shy.  Poor little thing.

Oscar is a hero.

And not because he’s a fireman.  Natalie, GTFO of here with your “work” clothes.  Worthless hag.

He cleans up.

He makes sure no one starves.

Human & Feline.

Fixes everything the family breaks.

And JUST BARELY remembers it’s Pax’s birthday!

A quick cake in the nick of time!


Pax rolls friendly, which he adds to disciplined and eccentric.

I go for eccentric with his hair, and I think he looks adorable.

And since I am SO done with these kids, he can sleep in the treehouse for now.

That’s all for this post!  What a chaotic, hilarious mess!  I can’t believe I said they’d have more “P” kids if there was room in the house.  NO WAY MAN.  NO.  WAY.

Come back soon, and Happy Simming!

6 thoughts on “Miriam’s Motherhood 15.6

  1. zefiewings

    Oh my thats not a good time for poor babies. Felix is the man.
    Can’t believe we are already working on P. This makes me wish I could continue my legacy, but alas. I’ll just have to enjoy yours!
    Maybe I’ll try my own (not recorded) Alphabet ISBI….

    1. Heather Post author

      Zefie! 🙂 I like the ISBI part, but after so many generations, I’m regretting the Alphabet part! Are you playing TS4 at all? I love your story telling and blogging, I’d love to see you start something you could actually play & finish.


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