Raisin’ Babies 15.5

Hi All!  It’s SimNaNoWriMo!  Welcome to what I hope will be the first update of many this month!
67 Pictures & 1602 Words.

Last time we managed to get a few children of the P generation born, we finally gave Owen a bed, and Rajan continued to putter around the too small house in his old age.  Let’s get started with this time!

Zale Check!

I had left off with the birthday party, so pretty much everyone is here.  Pax, Rajan, Natalie, Unwanted Owen & Miriam.  Don’t mind Pax’s plumbob, I was just clicking to find everyone.

Paisley is in the swing.

Pink burrito extraordinaire.

Preston is in his crib.

Or “A” crib, I should say – they aren’t exactly baby specific.

And Oscar is just standing in the living room.

Owen in the background *TOOT*

Can’t forget Ferdinand!

Looking extra floofy and extra cute while playing with the cat teaser I put out here for him.  Aw.

Oscar gets busy doing all the parenting.

And by parenting, of course I mean…


Owen turns out to be incredibly helpful.

Having his bed in this room is like a built in babysitter.  He’s been great getting all the babies to shut up.

Workin’ on those life skillz.

The house is too small for all my favorite cheat objects, the playpen & the walker… I guess I’ll have to try to skill these Zalets the hard way.

The “idiots” turn out to be rather helpful with the kids – when they’re not in each other’s way.

Very cute.

Aw, look at little Pax and his cute PJs.

His favorite color is black – and for the first time in a long time, I actually used it in his clothing.

Oscar wanted to use the stroller, so he took Paisley out for a walk.

I should probably give him a makeover, all his outfits were for the Island.  *spoiler* I still have not done that.

Pretty night!

Look at all those stars!

I see a pop up that tells me Miriam has gained an athletic skill, so I go to find her and…

…Rajan looks like he’s about to pelt her with that football.  I predict it won’t go well.

I was wrong!  Caught it like a boss!

Threw it a little less so…

WEEE!  Underhand ballet kick toss!

Owen continues to help out.

I mean, he could’ve fed him on the floor, but hey, at least he didn’t just put him in there and leave him.

Good heavens, Natalie!! What did you do to the highchair?

I mean he just had a bottle a minute ago!  Gross.  Looks like Ferdy was sick on it.

Yay!  Another work day!

I’m sure the babies will suffer, but YAY!

Oscar wants to upgrade the firetruck, but someone is already working on it.

It’s good ol’ Hunter Cottoneye, Oscars BFF.  Then an emergency sounded and we couldn’t respond to it.  Boo.  That was it for Oscar’s day.

Back at the house it’s Owen’s birthday!  Oops!  I’d bought him a cake, but I was too late.

Clumsy Miriam tripping in this shot is hilarious.

Owen had dramatic locked in, making him a dramatic equestrian outdoor hating friendly slob.  Not sure how you can love horses but hate the outdoors.  They aren’t an indoor hobby.  He had rolled a wish to be leader of the free world when he was a teen, so I’d locked that in already.

I have him join the politician career, and then it’s ADIOS!

Toodles unwanted green spare.  I hope SP treats you well.  And I gave him a beard because I wanted to.

I had Oscar get to work teaching Pax his life skills and awwww!

I’d forgotten how cute it is!  I’d been using walkers for so long…

With Owen gone, there’s a slot in the house open!

Let’s have another “P” baby!  Girls please!

Miriam actually does a little parenting.

So she is a little bet more than a pretty baby-making factory.  But not much.

Geez Raj – you’re super old.

I feel like you’ve been puttering around here for ages.  104 days, to be exact.  If you feel like dying that’d be okay.

Got a pop up that it’s Natalie’s birthday and Preston & Paisley are due too, so we’ll throw a little party.

We invite Owen of course, and Oscar’s two friends from the firehouse.  Look, I even put down balloons.  *invested*

Marisol from the fire station brought a whole turkey!

And Miriam?  Put on some pants.

Natalie officially gets the party started while Miriam proves best relationship with Preston, and Oscar brings down Paisley.

Miriam must’ve done more than put on pants while I wasn’t looking, because I doubted she’d have any relationship with the kids… Must’ve been busy while I was helping Oscar work.

Oscar has a stroller in his inventory, so instead of carrying Paisley five steps, he whips it out, put in her in it, and walks a few feet.

Makes sense.  Owen is cute and cares.


There’s little old lady Natalie (after makeover).

A bit closer look

I thought she’d keep her lifelong hairstyle.  She looks great!

Newly toddlerfied Preston

And his twin Paisley!

Who has already managed to find her IF.  They’re both adorable little boogers.

Looks like Pax is jealous of his siblings creepy dolls.

Gross.  *Fun fact – they both came with the name Cosmo.

All in all, the party was pretty successful!

No one caught on fire, everyone who was supposed to age up got cake, and no one died!

Confession – I bought three walkers and a playpen.  I just put them all outside.

I couldn’t help it – we were never going to get them skilled!

Oops, spoke too soon.

Lookin’ a little sparkly there, Raj.

Farewell, Rajan!

Thanks for everything!  Sorry very sad Natalie and Oscar.

Um guys?  Where ya goin’?

Apparently Rajan wanted to die in the living room.

Okay then.

Hey!  Someone is expecting!

There’s now two house slots, so maybe we’ll get twins!

Ferdy got fleas.  Gross.

Bath time!  I love how The Sims think this is how bathing a cat goes.  There’s not nearly enough blood and screaming and tears.

I heard this horrible wailing.

You all know that one occasional Sim who cries so realistically and agonizingly that you can’t stand it?  This was Natalie.  I don’t think we have a moodlet manager anymore, so I just cheated it away.  Without guilt.

I cave and buy two more swings too.

I got rid of Owen’s bed and the cute changing station I never used to make room.  A quick “slow” for everyone from Oscar and it’s off to work!

I took this next screenshot to show you guys that the fire was RIGHT next door to the fire station.

But you can’t tell because it didn’t capture the icon… but I was saying to myself it’d be quicker if he ran!

And then he did!

I LOL’d.

A little garage fire…

Not sure how the ground spontaneously combusted, since there’s nothing in here to burn, but a fire is a fire, and we happily put it out.

Oscar got home from his day at work, and I had him parent, scrub, clean, repair, and generally bust his little pixel butt.

He didn’t even pass out or wet himself.  I was very proud of him.

Hey Miriam – how’s that bun coming?

Still baking?  Good.  Good.

Aw, look at the little nuggets.

So happy and adorable.

Back at work for Oscar and there’s another new face at the fire house.

They chat for a bit.  And that couch is awesome, I want it.


It’s a “large house fire”!  Maybe he can actually save some Sims!

Holy cow!

Nice digs.

Now hurry Oscar!

I was so busy playing and trying to make sure I saved the people that I didn’t take any pics of the rescues.  There was a baby on the floor!  We grabbed it first and set it outside.  Then he convinced two other people to run after breaking down a door.  I’ll do better next time with the pictures.  After he’d rescued everyone, he had to resume putting out the fire…

Apparently by standing in it.

You okay there buddy?

While watching Oscar burn, I saw Owen got promoted.

Good job, dude.

Oscar put out the fire with a “B” grade, and earned himself a service award!

We’re off to get it.

And he’s inside.

Riveting stuff.

He actually saved 3 Sims.

I guess maybe only two were innocent?

Back at the house I discovered everyone all in the babies’ room.

Oscar and Miriam had been pretty distant, so I quickly fill up their relationship bar again.

I get to work having Oscar get everything fixed up since his time at work, parenting and such…

…And I hear this strange grunting.  HOLY CROW!  You’re in labor!

I’m sorry, Mir – I didn’t even notice.  Miriam: I shouldn’t have eaten that mac and cheese!

Sorry love, Oscar’s coming – and apparently bringing Pax with him.

Okay then – I don’t recall seeing that happen before… Miriam must’ve been in porch labor for quite some time, for as soon as she walked in she came right back out…

…With a basket!  Yay!

A boy!  BOO!

Meet Pete.  He rolls hates the outdoors and brave.

And a GIRL!  YAY!

Little Penny – she rolls eccentric and grumpy.  I like her already.

And Oscar is officially insane, smiling his serene smile with all these children (in his swim trunks).

That’s all for this post!  There’s now 5 little Zalets running around.  I’d have more if there was room!  We’ll have to see how long Ferdinand & Natalie live…

Come back soon for the next installment!

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