Are the Zales Dead?!?

Hi All – in case you were wondering what is going on in my neck of the woods and with those Zany Zales, I thought I’d fill you in.

We got a puppy.

His name is Reese, I love him.

We moved.

Moving is a nightmare.  I hate it.  But we’re all settled now, and the internet is up and running and YAY!

The Sims 4 has become amazing.

The new expansions, parenting, toddlers, and all the fun new nuance they’ve created over at EA is just wonderful.  The bland beginnings of TS4 are over, and it’s only going to get better.  The game is rock solid stable, so easy to run and play.  VERY rarely glitches or crashes.  It’s like the AntiTS3.

The Zales & my TS3 in general are acting up.  The game is glitchy, laggy, and unstable. I’m having shadow graphics issues… and just getting it up and running is a nightmare.  Whenever I feel motivated to play and blog, I just get so frustrated and head right on over to my TS4 icon, where the world is free and fun and so easy.

But – I don’t want to let all this hard work die.  I mean, this is 15 Generations we’re talking about here… But struggling through it all in TS3 sounds like torture… HOWEVER – I do not want to quit playing TS3, so I will get going on this and continue along in TS3.

I think I’m going to turn shadows off, and see what I can accomplish in Isla Paradiso with Oscar.  We might have to move neighborhoods… which would suck for his LTW… but it’s all fixable… so I promise I’ll start revisiting those Zales again soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with me, we’ve come too far to quit now.



4 thoughts on “Are the Zales Dead?!?

  1. gryffindork7

    REESE! He’s grown so much already! Sorry about your TS3 troubles – all this talk about TS4 (and my latest glitch issues) is making me curious to try it properly for myself… It’s a good thing for the Langurds that I can’t afford any of the EP’s right now. 😛 Good luck and I hope to see more from you soon!

  2. zefiewings

    I am in the same position, except no puppy. Keep moving, though more or less settled now, and I just want to play sims 4 instead of 3. But I need to finish my legacy! 😦

  3. pinkfiend1

    The dog is gorgeous.
    Moving to a new hood always helps. It’s even better if you use him from CAS rather than moving him between the two worlds. He’s all nice and clean with no past life baggage.


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