Go the *Bleep* to Sleep 14.3

*tap tap tap*  Uh hi… is this thing on?  This is a REAL BONA FIDE Zale Update!  Can you believe your eyes!

Me either – so let’s check up on the household so we know who everyone is, shall we?

*Warning: Mild drug references in this post*

First, we have Mindy!
About to enjoy some cake.

Mango tossing darts, rocking his new tattoo.

I caught Rajan just about to walk into his work.
He actually got promoted this play session.  Great for an Idiot!

Natalie was doing some much needed laundry.
I’ve said it before, but I dislike that the maid will pick up floor laundry and wash it, but won’t get the laundry out of the baskets.

Ophelia is climbing on the dishwasher…
It’s like, are we mad?  She’s gonna break it, but yay responsibility?

The Green Olive is doing nothing, with nothing in her queue.
Cute jammies, though.

Oscar is looking a tad bit creepy waiting to be picked up.

And that’s the household!  Mindy is 84, Mango is 78 – lots of life left for the oldies.

Hey look!  It’s Imogene!  The tragic Zale drowning death.
Always nice to see her, she was one of my favorite spares.

If I lived in this house, I would never leave the patio.
Ever.  Except for snow.  Which I turned off in this world.

Mindy wanted a cane, so I got her one.
She hobbles all slow now…

But can be quite agile when she wants to be!
She’s always been entertaining!

Cute, Rajan.
Handsome, even.

I noticed the girls had to take the water taxi home from school, so I bought them jetskis.
Imagine if that was real life.  HA HA HA!

I cheated and made them go out and do a little boating.
Screenshot-14SO cute and SO unsafe.  Just love it.

Officially expecting!
I hope it’s a boy!

Natalie immediately wants a massage.
Peace out.

A little married couple bonding.
They can be super cute sometimes!

Man, I still LOVE this house, but it’s getting pretty laggy.
I’m afraid we’re going to have to move before TOO long.

Natalie wants ANOTHER massage…
Off we go!

I’m so glad it’s a boys turn, Oscar is the CUTEST!

OMG!  What’s happening here!?
Is he pouting because he doesn’t want to get off?!?  I DIED!

Yes girls, thank you for cleaning up.
But Ophelia here is about to pass out!

Ophelia: Hi Grandpa, I know you’re not busy, may I have a story please so I may sleep?
Olive: ME TOO!

Grandpa Mango:  Sure, let me put this completely non-sleepy baby in the crib and…
… What were we doing?

Ophelia: Grandpa? My story?

Olive: ME TOO!
This is a nightmare.

Everyone:  We’re so very tired.
Baby Oscar:  NOT ME!  WEEEEEEE!

Great job Mango, but that’s YOUR bed.

See?  You can sleep without a story. Learn from this.
You have to go to school in like, five minutes… but LEARN.

Olive:  I’m so tired.  I wish there was a bed somewhere I could sleep in.

It’s a miracle.
But the school day has nearly begun.

Sure, now HE’S tired.
But it’s okay, Natalie is here. ❤

I think Natalie is the cutest momma.
I can’t wait for the new nooboo!  I hope it’s a boy!

Hi girls.
Let’s try sleeping tonight.

Alright!  It’s GO TIME!

I send Nat off to the hospital and…
…it was only a matter of time.  Don’t look so shocked there Olive, you’re not doing much better!

Meanwhile, across town, Natalie in the throes of labor, is waddling towards the hospital.
Screenshot-36Nat: Did I remember to update my graphics card?

Seems reasonable.
In heels.  While a human is trying to exit your body.

Hey look!  It’s Noah!
Noah: Noah.

Okay then.

YAY!  A boy!
I name him Owen (clearly) and he is a friendly slob.  (Rolled)

Dark skinned like mom and dad.
I guess little Olive is the only one to acquire the throwback berry genes.

Or not…
Natalie: Hmm, he looks green in this light, but I thought…

So did I Nat, so did I.

Some ghosties come out.
LtoR: Bettina, Lavender, Krypton & Shelley.  (Not pictured, Leif)

The family is pretty well rested, so I decide this Saturday is Festival Funday!
The babies stay home, and the kids catch up.

I like how nearly all of them are in their pajamas.
Keep it classy, Zales.

Mango was too cool to throw water balloons with his family, so he wandered off to gorge himself on hotdogs.
Have fun.  You look ridiculous, by the way.

Rajan eating a snow cone and watching his family play is adorable.
Seriously.  I died a little.

He then wandered off to roller skate.  Be careful!
Rajan: Is that weed?

I missed the excitement, but it looks like Mango won!
(He did, I found the rotting hot dogs in his inventory later.)

Um, okay guys.
Rajan: I think that’s weed.

Random Skaters: Do I smell weed?

Police Officer:  Alright, where’s the weed?
Everyone Else: WEEEEEEEED.
Seriously, I have no idea why everyone on the skating rink is thinking about some plant.  I even tried to find it… no such luck.

It’s another Noah sighting.  Hi love!
And OLIVE!  Where are your shoes?  (She really is adorable.)

Sure Ophelia, you do your homework.
In your pajamas.  Nerd.  And look at cute little Mindy and her rainbow snow cone!

Okay old lady, you’re a little less cute.
FAIL x 2!  Too bad I seem to have stopped keeping score.

All on her own, however, she headed off to those fancy all-in-one bathroom thingies and tidied herself right up.
I HOPED she’d put on some proper clothing after this shower… no such luck.  Love the broken one spewing water everywhere and the lurking teenager.

Aw!  All of the Zales have taken over the weed rink!
Zales:  What’s that smell?

I guess something as fun and special as a day spent at a seasonal festival is just too BORING for the girls.
Fine.  Do your homework then.

Oh yay!  Nova is pregnant!
Prego Nova
Excellent!  I loved Nova.  She was my choice for heir, but you voters picked Natalie.  It’s cool though, it’s cool.  Not bitter.

Hey look!  Noah is getting married!  A good day for the N kids!  (Except Nate)
Noah getting married
So Karlie is older.  She’s a divorcee with three children.  The oldest is a teenager.  Noah is still a YA.  I doubt we’ll bet another Zale Cousin out of this union, but it’s still fun and interesting!

Back at the house after a long and fun day, Rajan shows off his excellent parenting skills.
Hang in there Oscar, Mom will be up soon.

Well, Natalie invited a bunch of people over to a party, but none of them showed up.
So the family opted for a quiet couple of cakes on the patio.

At least the maid was there.
The rest of the household showed up too.

Oscar adds excitable to brave and insane.
His favorite color is black, and I think he’s VERY cool. ❤

Owen has his grandpa’s PlantSim golden eyes, and his grandma (and mother’s) red hair.
His favorite color is (fortunately) orange – I thought he’d be hard to dress with all the colors, but he turned out pretty stinkin’ cute!

And here’s as good a stopping point as any!  Next post I will be focusing on Natalie’s LTW and career – the Seaside Savior one, since her breeding days are over.  Should be fun!  Hopefully there won’t be the lifetime wait between this update and the next.

Fun note:
I got a kitten ❤
Trin paws Trin
Her name is Trin.  I’m head over heels.  ❤

6 thoughts on “Go the *Bleep* to Sleep 14.3

  1. gryffindork7

    Well, I woke up wondering if I should watch men’s gymnastics or a Korean drama, but this was a much better option! I’ve missed these guys! ❤ I would gladly kill them for their patio though, just putting that out there. Isla Paradiso is SO gorgeous in your game (why didn't I think of disabling snow/winter??) and that toddler animation on the bouncy toy is priceless. Oscar is a cool little guy, but I suspect Owen is going to grow up cute too… could be a tough heir poll! We'll make sure to choose the one you like the least. 😉 Not gonna lie, I cracked up at the weed part XD (And that pun was totally unintended…)

    P.S. I've said as much, but Trin is too adorable ❤ And I'm at my parents' house, so I can say it without fear of jealous claws in my face!!

    1. Heather Post author

      I’ve missed them too!! Thanks for being such an awesome and supportive friend! I know. That patio. There’s three other outdoor areas, but that one is my FAVORITE. Clearly. I didn’t turn winter off completely, I like the winter festival, and wanted to hang lights and maybe do holiday stuff, but I made the season 5 short days, with snow turned off. It’ll get chilly and frosty from time to time, but no snow! I had never seen the toddler be like “NO!” I recreated the “ride bouncy toy” thing like, fifteen more times, and every other time he got off like a good boy, so I’m SO HAPPY I was paying attention and caught that. I hadn’t seen it before or since! I’m sure it will be a tough heir poll, and the not favorite will probably win, as that is what frequently happens! And whatever plant EVERYONE was thinking about while roller skating was SOOOOOOOO weird… so I had to write it in somehow! (And ya know, it’s legal in my neck of the woods…)

      Trin is the most amazing kitten that ever kittened. I love her to bits! And I’m glad your own kitty didn’t hear you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. somebodysangel13

    Yay, the Zales are back! I actually finished rereading just a week or so ago, so slow at work lately, so I’m right in time for a new chapter.

    Oh yes, the return of the dreaded bedtime story loop! Yet another example of something good in theory, but badly coded by EA (a lot of Generations stuff seems to be that way…). Though you’re right that the jammies are adorable. Love the birds on Olive’s!

    Speaking of PJs, cannot believe the whole family went to the festival in theirs. Too funny. And the weed skate rink, wtf, game?

    Aw, both the boys are so adorable, going to be a tough choice. On the one hand I love Oscar, and would love to keep the darker skin in the family. But I *love* the name Owen, and he got Mindy’s red hair.

    Also, so jealous of you guys with the good timezone for the Olympics. Everything fun is on in the middle of the night for me, so I’m either losing sleep or not watching live. On the other hand, so many sports to watch!

  3. Voguishstorm

    I already saw your cat on WP, but I STILL LOVE HER!

    On a totally unrelated note because the most important thing is the cat, Nat and Rajan’s kids promise to have such interesting genetics. Most interesting faces ever!

    I didn’t even know those bouncy things could be for toddlers. It’s sooo adorable!

  4. zefiewings

    Sorry it took me so long to comment. Computer trouble. :/

    Yay the Zales! I am so happy and every time I read your story it makes me want to work on mine like no other story does. >.<
    Nats genetics are so awesome.
    Hehe Mindy and her Cane.
    I love your new kitten! ❤ She is so cute.


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