I’m Sorry.

Hey people who read the Zales.

First, an apology.  I was nominated a couple times for the Spirit Animal award thingie, and I ignored it like a complete ass.  I’m very sorry, and I appreciate the acknowledgement and kindness you guys showed me, that I clearly don’t deserve.

Second, I still love my Zales (and those Lightnings) and eventually I will get posts up.

Lastly – 16 years ago, when I was just 19 years old, I got a puppy and kitten.  For 16 years they were with me.  Countless homes, relationships, and furry, furry face snuggles.  The happiness, joy and love they added to my life was unparalleled.  And I have lost them both.  Within a couple short months of each other, both my sweet, wonderful furbabies were called across the rainbow bridge.
My babies
I miss them beyond words.

The loss has been hard on our house, and blogging just hasn’t been something I’ve felt like doing with my time.

So, please forgive my absence, and my ignoring of the wonderful Spirit Animal awards that went around our beautiful community.

I’ll be back – I promise.

Until then – Happy Simming!

6 thoughts on “I’m Sorry.

  1. laserkatt

    Heather, I’m so sorry 😦 Life is just fucking awful sometimes and I don’t think anyone blames you for ignoring your blog (and you deserve every nomination, damnit), considering the circumstances.

    Take care of yourself *hugs*


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