Island Life 13.4

Welcome!  The Zales and I are happy you stopped by!  I’ve been loving the new house, and I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s new with our favorite family.

Zale Check!
Mindy is looking very pleased with herself, and her cake.

Mango is parenting little Noah.

Nova and Natalie are at school on this rainy day.

Here we have Nate who just enjoyed his birthday.
Silly little guy.

Skilling Noah begins!
Good heavens this area is bare… much of the house is still like that.

How cute are these two…
Playing tag around the house.

It’s almost time!
Mango will be a PlantSim again before we know it!

Oh town, how I love thee.
So pretty and different from the other worlds.

Mango continues to work hard on his LTW.

No one bothered to watch him.
But he got hungry and took a break.

I had him get a pulled pork sandwich.
Sounded good to me!

While out on the main island, Mango auditions for a couple more gigs.
He got them both.

Back at home, it was the typical demand for bedtime stories.
Run Mindy!

I noticed Mindy was stinky.
She had peed herself.  FAIL!  I’d mark it -5, but clearly I don’t keep score any more.  Oh well, I tried… for a bit.

I have Mango volunteer a story for Natalie, otherwise they’d NEVER get to sleep!
It’s a cute action, too bad it’s so awfully implemented.

The ghosts are out.  And obviously grossed out by how ghostly everyone is.
LtoR: Gustave, Juniper, Daisy passed out, Meredith, Krypton & Changpu.

Hi honey!  Reminder, Imogene drowned in the pool during a party when the Zales lived in Lucky Palms.

I might need more rocking chairs.
Some of the ghosties were route failing due to their desired chair being occupied.

Poor Daisy, she just fainted over and over and over again.
It’s more than she can handle.  Even more ghosts joined the party, but no sign of Abraham. 😦

Nova is in for a rough day.
She’s exhausted and hungry, as well as needing to wee.

It’s time!
I ALMOST flippin’ made another PlantSim baby by “picking” the fruit instead of “tending” the garden.  That would’ve been BAD.

Can’t wait!

Well – that was anti-climactic.
It says he has to get to the science lab, but that’s to cure him, right?  I’ll just let him be.

Mindy… you’re gross.
Do you not see the flies?

If I lived here, I’d never go inside.

He’s a PlantSim!
It happened when I wasn’t looking, so I’m not sure what actually happened.  I’m bummed I missed it!  Makeover is required.

His PlantSimism manifested differently this time, but I embrace it.
I love the golden yellow in his hair.

Please Mindy, for the love of llamas, read the poor thing to sleep.
Don’t let the daylight fool you.  It just means she’s probably been awake for 24 hours.

Natalie went to sleep without a story, but she’s in her sister’s bed.
Oh well.

The glorious flower trail has returned!
It also reset his lifestage – Mindy ages up in one day, I’ll age Mango up too.

Mango completes another gig!

After his performance, he takes a karaoke break.

He got way too hilariously into it.
I mean, he’s on his knees, people.

Mango arrives home to a finally rested Natalie doing her homework.
At 2:30 in the morning.  I don’t think her schedule will ever be right again.

He was still in pretty good shape needs wise, so I sent him to the park to perform for tips.
It was a lovely, quiet night, and the stars were so bright!

By the time the sun came up, however…
He wasn’t doing as well.

Back at home, Mindy is throwing darts.
She rolls wishes to do things like paint, and laundry – no one is stopping you dear!  Feel free!

Mango had to clean up a bit, there’s a party tonight!

Natalie is on her way home.
Like a boss.

Nova is too!
I LOVE that kids can use these things.

Nate had to take a water taxi, I had forgotten to give him a jetski – I fixed that, however.

4 person party!

Have I mentioned I love this house?
That is a sweet place to have a party!

Nova is first, and adds artistic to friendly, snob & genius.
She’s quite lovely!

Mindy is next.  I decide to give her a more tropical makeover – no more sweater dress and boots – I also tone down her makeup, and allow her to wear a color other than red.
(She has white shorts on, LOL)

Natalie adds charismatic to neurotic, couch potato & night owl.
I’m officially obsessed with Natalie now, who’s opted for short hair, and to embrace her curls.

Mango went last, and I have no idea what happened to him.Screenshot-46
I had just fixed his look… OH – this is his new acrobat outfit.

Well, it took me ages to fix his career look, and now he’s late for his gig.
But look!  His flower trail follows him in the water!

For a really long distance!
Screenshot-48Mango managed to perform for about 15 minutes – needless to say, it was not a good show.

❤ ❤ ❤

The sisters appear to be getting along very well!
It makes me happy!  In fact, they each have a wish to be BFF’s with each other.  I lock them in even though it’s not going to happen.

She’s my favorite

But they’re both lovely.
So whoever you pick, will be okay with me.

It’s a lovely Saturday, so Mango takes everyone off to the festival!
Why they didn’t take their boat, I don’t know.

Nor do I understand why everyone showed up in their pajamas!
I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to change when they leave their home lot?

Mango challenges the three women in his life to a hot dog eating contest.
My money is on Natalie, but only because she’s hungry.

Seriously, this is so funny!
Especially because they’re in their pajamas!

Mango wins!
He gets a supply of hotdogs that I forget about until I get the pop up about the disgusting items in his inventory.

Meanwhile, Nate buys some food from the vendor.

And Noah is left sitting in the grass.

BUT – being the experienced Simmer that I am, I plopped a toy in his inventory.
See? I learn things.  Sometimes. He’s ALSO in his pajamas, btw.

This woman skates with an invisible partner.
I reset the guy, but I think he’s doomed.

A little husband and wife bonding.
At least it got Mindy out of her jammies and into her work-out clothes.

The twins helped themselves to sno-cones while Nate heads off to skate.
Super cute, even if their borderline indecent.  And heck, I can just feel the hot brick on their bare feeties.

Mango, with his maxed athletic skill, easily stops all of his wife’s goal attempts.
It was pretty fun to watch.

But, all good things must come to an end.  Noah is sleepy.
And it’s time to get him home.

I love this guy…
…As far as I know, he’s never asked for a bedtime story.  Thanks Nate!

I had Mango out on the town, auditioning for more gigs, and he rolled some snorkel wishes.
So we snorkel in the lagoon.

But it just spurred more wishes, so Mango spent the entire day in the water.
Annoyingly enough, it didn’t fill his “water” need… but it didn’t decay either.  Maybe because it’s salt water?  That makes a little sense I guess.

It was getting dark, but I had to capture a couple scuba shots.
Screenshot-69 Screenshot-70
I think the next couple TH’s will have to do something IP related.  It’s way too fun.  Heck, maybe we’ll do something with mermaids?

Sheesh woman!  No one is stopping you…
…go use one of the MANY bathrooms.

I adore Natalie.
Just look at that face!

Nate was the first to wake up Monday morning.  He made his bed…
…then went downstairs to play.  I thought it was cute.

Another gig!
Mango has unlocked the ball and the ring of fire.  Fun!

I was watching Mango perform, and I got this pop-up:
That is a LOT of vehicles!!!!  Nearly 5,000?!?  Is that even possible!?!  And stupid Phil Han is always stuck aging.

I suspect a fail is in the future…
…he’s EXHAUSTED, just went to sleep, and school is in 45 minutes.  (NOTE:  I had him sleep in class, cheating?  Maybe…I just used the drop down menu when he was in school.)

Ha, he woke up and stretched and yawned…
I don’t really see that action much.

Resting up before his gig tonight.
I know I’m all obsessed with this world, but I could almost FEEL the sunshine.  LOVE it.

Mindy has always been a good mother.
Here she is taking excellent care of Noah (and I TOLD you she had white shorts).

Nova went over to the Scott residence after school.
They have this REALLY cool houseboat.

And a green child.

Mango has a gig, but the boys are having birthdays.  I bought a couple cakes and sent Mango on his way (not wanting to be late, again…) but I had him start Noah’s birthday before he left.
Screenshot-83 Screenshot-81
As soon as Nate gets home, I’ll use Mango to start his birthday too.

But the Zale Island is so remote, it takes about 2 SimHours to get the kids home from school.
Even on the jetski.  NOTE: The Zale children just vaporize to school in the mornings.  I get the pop up that the bus will be there at 8:00am, and then ZARROOOP they teleport to school.  Fine with me!  My guess is because there’s no roads on Zale Island, so there’s no where for the bus to go.

Noah adds rebellious to good & friendly.
He’s super cute.

Fancy Mango worked super hard, even though he missed his sons birthdays.

This one woman nearly lost her mind, watching Mango’s show.
She cracked me UP!  Just LOOK at that face!

Nate finally gets to his cake, and adds bot fan to grumpy and loves the outdoors.
Due to his new “bot fan” trait, he got some futuristic parts to his new look.  I actually really like him!

All 500 laundry baskets in the house were getting full, so I had Mango devote HOURS to doing the household laundry.
Unfortunately, after he’d picked up most of the baskets, his absent minded nature made him plop it down… but FINE.

The dishwasher was also broken, for who knows how long.
The TH’s day is never done.

Which would’ve been a GREAT stopping point… but I have one more screenshot.

Mindy is VERY HAPPY her husband is a PlantSim again…
…the “flower kiss”is back, and she’s THRILLED!

So – that’s all for now!  Next post will get us to an HEIR POLL between Natalie and Nova!  Can’t wait to see what’s next, so come back again soon!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

29 thoughts on “Island Life 13.4

  1. Sammy-Sama

    I have to admit, I share the love for Natalie. She’s so adorable! All the kids are cute though and it’s so cool to see Mango as a PlantSim again. I still haven’t experienced having one in my Sims game(since I tried playing The Sims 3 recently and I only got so far as to update my sim!self before having to quit. So much lag!). I hope you get mermaids next gen! That’ll be fun to see!

    1. Heather Post author

      I love Natalie super bunches – but yes, all the kids are at least endearing in some way… I too am very happy to have Mango back as the PlantMan! I think mermaids are definitely in the future – and I love the scuba diving, so I want that too… but we’ll see! There’s lots to do in IP!

  2. pinkfiend1

    IP sims end up with odd skin colours because they gave ghosts odd skins and their descendents all inherit it as it goes through.
    Mermaids are a nightmare as controllables, I dread to think what an uncontrollable would be like.
    I wish Noah could be heir.

    1. Heather Post author

      You want Noah? How funny – well, if I remember I can upload Noah and Nate so people can download them. Maybe you can get a Noah in your game 🙂

      I think the Mermaids, although terrible, might at least be interesting… should be fun I think!

  3. somebodysangel13

    I did not know sims could play tag around the house! Mine always go outside, even in the dead of winter.

    So many ghosties! I kind of can’t wait until I have so many, even though I don’t want to let go of my simmies 😦 And lol, poor Daisy. Yttrium is the same in the Rourkes, though she has only haunted once.

    The Plantsim change isn’t a huge deal, it just looks like they’re changing clothes. But I do love his look, for some reason, his being a plant sim really suits him.

    Love the looks of both girls; I think Natalie is going to win by a fair landslide, though – Nova looks too similar to many of the previous heirs. Though, upon further comparison, Nova does have Mindy’s mouth, so not a total clone, yay.

    With all the boats and jetskis around IP, there are more than other worlds, but 5000 sounds way too many.

    1. Heather Post author

      You know, I didn’t know they could play tag in the house either – come to think of it, I think they started playing tag on the third floor balcony, which probably counts as “outside” – so maybe that’s how it started?

      It is nice to see the ghosts, super cool that they’ve managed to survive save files and all the moving that’s happened. It is a little sad, but mostly it fills me with a very clear sense of accomplishment.

      Well, I’m glad I didn’t miss some cool animations when Mango reverted to his plant state. I agree, Mango should be a PlantSim – for that brief period when he was a pale skinned human, he was SO BORING.

      I prefer Natalie, so I hope she wins, but both girls are pretty cool, so I’ll be happy enough if Nova wins…

      And I agree, nearly 5000 vehicles scares me, and you’d think I’d see them? I got a secondary pop-up for a nearly equally high amount… I really want Isla Paradiso to work out for a few generations… there’s lots I want to do here, so hopefully it’s not a sign that the world isn’t working out for some reason.

      1. somebodysangel13

        I’m not sure what Overwatch counts as ‘vehicles’ – maybe all those boats/jetskis in IP count? I could see how those could accumulate quickly, with every townie having one in their back pocket.

  4. plumbawesim

    CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!!! I don’t know how I’m going to be able to choose between Natalie and Nova they are just SO DARLING.
    I do hope that you choose one of the IP lifetime wishes. They’re super fun! I also really like playing with mermaids, so I do hope that you get a chance to do so as well in this legacy! 🙂 Although they swim EVERYWHERE. you have to explicity tell them to use their jet ski or whatever because otherwise they’ll spend 10 hours swimming to wherever they need to be -.-
    I’m still loving the house! It looks like a relaxing vacation home! The Zales are so lucky 🙂
    Can’t wait for an update! ❤

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks! Both girls are pretty great – but Natalie has a different nose, and I’ve had Nova’s nose on every Zale born to Sam & Krypton (and family) so I’m super drawn to Natalie. I really want to do the IP LTW’s as well. Like all of them, since I’ve done none of them before!

      Do mermaids have extended lifespans?

      I absolutely love the house too. I’d live in it for sure! Thanks!!

      1. plumbawesim

        I don’t remember them having longer lifespans, but I haven’t played with mermaids in a while.
        True about the nose, it’s become the Zale family nose! Very strong genetics haha 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      These guys don’t have any alien in their family trees since the move – I think it’s just because they can’t get to the school bus. But maybe not! Works for me, otherwise they’d be late to school every day.

  5. TinyPiglet

    I love the girls. Bare feet on brick in summer though, not advisable. XD
    I love IP, it is so pretty. I had a mermaid once, she didn’t last long. One annoying point about mermaids that I encountered is that she swam all the way from work to her room on a small island. It took so long!! 😦
    Yay Mango’s a plantsim again. I laughed at the flower trail following him in the boat! XD

    1. Heather Post author

      Oh I know, I have a brick back patio, and I’ve mistakenly thought I could walk on it when taking my dogs out once or twice in the summer – it’s tootsie torture!

      I’ve seen mermaids in the game once or twice, and Bettina’s spouse Leif was a merman before their wedding, but that’s all I’ve experienced. Did your mermaid not last long as in, *died* or did she just lose her mermaid-ness? The swimming everywhere might be pretty terrible for any “idiots” but I think I’m gonna risk it!

      I was surprised to see the flower trail in the water, but it looks pretty!

      1. TinyPiglet

        The one mermaid I had was in short, a idiot. She ended up dying of dehydration as she decided to sunbathe instead of swim as I had originally told her. That’s what I get for not paying attention though! XD
        I wouldn’t rule out having mermaids again though.

  6. dashingsyndrome

    Ok, so I just got caught up… And I LOVE IT! Your writing style is hilarious and I love what you’ve done with the family.
    Though I am bummed that since I started at the beginning I’ve been able to keep going and now I have to wait for more!
    But Natalie vs. Nova… I’m excited for the result!

    1. Heather Post author

      Aw, thanks for reading and what a lovely compliment! I’m glad you’re enjoying the Zales! I hear ya on the bit of a let down when you catch up with a blog poster… you went from being able to read new stuff all the time to having to wait for updates!! BUT! On the plus side, your input will matter for the next heir poll!

      Thanks so much!

  7. autumnrein

    I love seeing the kids on the Jet-skis. That is so awesome! And that Mango is back to being a plant Sim and his flower trail even follows him in the boat. That is just too cool! I have no idea which one of the girls I’ll vote for for heir but I think something to do with mermaids would be really cool. I love reading about them in people’s blogs.

    The town is so pretty. Great chapter Heather!

    1. Heather Post author

      I didn’t even know kids could use those things! Made me super happy!

      I want mermaids too, Natalie/Nova might have to go find and marry one! Or turn into one? They can do that right? With the kelp? Or an LTR or something? I’ll have to look into it some more! 🙂

      The town is stunning – and thanks!

  8. Voguishstorm

    D; I won’t know who to piiiick. Both personalities are interesting. A friendly snob? A neurotic couch potato? Nova has the name and the greenish hair, but Natalie has the face, and am I wrong but her eyes are close to purple? Either way she looks bada–. I love that you chose Island Paradise for a world, since I wont get to play it, my own computer can’t handle it very much. Through you, I’ll live the life, discover some island and stuff. x)

    1. Heather Post author

      Natalie’s eyes are indeed kind of a dark purple! But I agree, Nova has the name for sure, the green hair doesn’t do anything for me after all the aliens, but Natalie might finally bring a different nose to the party, and that excites me, LOL.

      I have had IP for so long, but my old computer couldn’t really handle it either. I’m super excited to finally get to enjoy all of it’s lovely features and LTWs!

  9. Natalie Dulka

    I desperately love Natalie. Could be due to our similar name and curly hair but she is my favorite. It’s probably because of her different nose. As much as I loved Samali, the nose has got to go.

    1. Heather Post author

      Sorry for the delayed response! Natalie is a great name, so that would make sense! I loved Samali, too – but yeah – I’m beyond ready for a new nose!!!

  10. gryffindork7

    Very sneaky of you, spamming us with awesome pictures of Natalie to sway our voting choices. 😉 However, even though I have a tendency to do the opposite of what I’m persuaded to do, I really like her as well! She actually reminds me of a contestant from America’s Next Top Model a few seasons ago. Of course, Nova could still change my mind between now and the heir poll. She does have a kickass name!

    Super glad to be all caught up again! I’m absolutely in love with Isla Paradiso just from reading this, so I’m totally down for oceany/mermaidy shenanigans if you choose to do that. 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      Whatever are you talking about? Hee hee. I’m so glad you’re caught up! Great to have you reading the Zales again! ❤️

  11. laserkatt

    Okay, finally getting around to commenting, finally on my computer instead of the tablet, which means I can type without autocorrect going “you meant raccoon, so I graciously changed it for you” THANKS BUT NO THANKS D’:

    I’ve read all the way from the start of Juniper up until now ❤ There are a few things that are good with suddenly disappearing for almost a year, so many chapters to read xD

    Love Mango, I never really played with plant sims, but he's really cool 😀 (also that red costume when he got promoted, hurrhurr)
    So yeah, I want their house, it looks amazing ._. I've read that isla paradiso is quite glitchy, have you noticed? Because it looks lovely and I wanna play it :c

    Also you got mods \o/ They are SO worth it, I've had overwatch remove like… 27000 cars once. WHERE FROM IT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE. This game. I don't even know.

    1. Heather Post author

      Hey Julia! Great to see you!!! I now have to catch up with YOUR blog! I have not been experiencing many glitches. And IP is just fantastic! You should give it a go some time.


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