A Party and Infertility 13.0

First and foremost – I’m telling you all – disconnect your internet connection when playing TS3.  I haven’t had a single lag, hiccup or crash since I started doing so.  I read it somewhere in the vast world of “how to stop the Sims 3 from crashing/lagging/glitching” searches, and I have had nothing but 100% success.  I’m not going to guarantee that’ll work for you, but for me, amazing.  You know the post where I shared all those Zales?  I had to be connected and I had a crash.  As soon as I disconnected, I was even able to throw a party.  So hey, it can’t hurt, right?  But moving on…

Zale Check!
Here’s Kyle trying to door while holding cake.
Which is a pretty spectacular failure, since it’s just a doorWAY – not an actual door.

Lavender and the back of Mary.
More cake!

New TH Mango & Melody –
Looking at cake.

Here’s the front of Mary –
She’s looking annoyed, probably because she can’t get to the many, many pieces of cake.

Minnie is dripping wet…
…With foreground cake.

Lacey’s munching grass in the rain.

And lastly, we have Leah secure in her stall.
Zale Check Complete!

I tinkered with Mindy some more in CAS.
Adjusted her clothing, and gave her some makeup.

I think she looks amazing!
But dang, I got the pop-up that she has to go soon.  We’ll have to woo her right now!

But shoot…
Here she is scurrying off.  We were too late.

A TH that needs sleep!
It’s been awhile!

hands off orlando
Hands off, Orlando!

Mango joins the acrobat career, per his LTW.  Enjoy his stage name.
Mango Man go
Get it?  Mango… yeah – whatever.  It was funny at the time.

Mango wanted to perform for tips, so even though it’s the wee hours, we give it a go.
He’s pretty terrible!

This…erm…Lady of the Night was out and about…
And found him to be delightful!  She tipped him $16 bucks.

Come on...
She left the party, and now it’s the middle of the night!  But enjoy her while you have a moment, Orlando – she’s going to be a Zale, I tell you what.

Then mango and his flower trail jog home.
Too cute.

I got distracted while Lacey was stuck in the house again, and by the time I realized Mango wasn’t home yet, I found him chatting up Mindy all on his own!
Why thank you!  I approve very much!

They flirt, but she’s hungry.
And Mango learns she has a partner (stupid Orlando).  But I steal the moodlet manager from Lavender’s inventory
It’s so much easier to woo a happy Sim!

Being a PlantSim, and Mindy being red, I thought red roses would be very fitting.

Then I try my hand at the “flower kiss” action.
It’s seriously amazing and adorable.

I give HOTM a shot, even though Mango has not attempted to convince Mindy to break it off with Orlando.
But we are successful!
So cute.

She’s putty in his leafy green hands.

Mango gets her to break up with Orlando, and then asks her out on a date.  She mentions a dip in the pool, and Mango’s water need is getting low – so they head off to the pool.  In style!

Fancy date interrupted by… Graduation.
Wee.  Confetti.

Still kind of cute though.
And Mango was voted most likely to have a big family.  Which will probably happen!

While Mango and I were chasing Mindy – Mary was graduating too!
Guess I should move her out.

I found a huge house, on a huge lot with a single old lady living in it.  I moved Mary in with her.  I almost had Mary take the horses, but decided against it at the last second.  I’ll keep them, it’s the right thing to do.

Hey, it’s Mindy again!
(In the graduation robes sucking face with Mango)  There’s cousin Abbey too!  She came over to play with Minnie, but Minnie isn’t on the lot.  Oh well.

Operation “Mandy” (Mango+Mindy) resumes.
I’m really into that flower kiss.  I’m pretty sure Mindy likes it too!

Speaking of romance, Mary and Sheldon are a couple!
Mary & Sheldon
Sheldon and Mary have been boyfriend/girlfriend since high school.  Even if stupid Sheldon invited Meg on a date once.

Immediately after this notification, I saw they’re going to get married!
Sheldon & Mary engaged
Great!  More babies hopefully!

So – just to see what was going to maybe happen in the future, while Mindy was over I thought I’d see what the TFB options were.
Move in maybe.
So this is promising!  We’ll just have to see after she moves in.

Which means we have to get her moved in!  So in the orange bathroom, Mango invites her to join the Zale house.
Of COURSE she says yes!

Now that I can see Mindy’s wishes, I saw they both wanted to watch the stars.
Aren’t they so cute?  Answer: Yes.

I was feeling a tad romantic, so I set the mood with a cozy fire…
And have Mango ask Mindy to be his girlfriend.

Of course she says yes!

And, immediately after the girlfriend part…
I just LOVE her face.

She graciously accepts.

Mango’s room gets a slightly more grown up makeover.
And he and Mindy get settled right in.

Mindy:  Nice place…
Mango:  Mindy…

Now that I have a sleeping TH – let’s see what everyone else is up to.
Lavender is still in her formal from graduation and thinking about floor cake.

Kyle is sitting like a Zombie in the rocking chair.

Melody is squatting unceremoniously over the sauna mud.

And Minnie, who is rather tired, is playing on the rocking horse.
I love the rocking horse.

Poor Minnie.  Just wanted to get some sleep.

Mango wanted to photosynthesize.  I had know idea what would happen…
So he swirled down into the ground like a drill bit.

Then looked like this!

He had a few thoughts.

And it fulfilled all his needs except social.
And made him very happy.

A VERY long time later, he climbed back out.
Alright then.

These two are supposed to be playing in the sprinkler together.
But instead Mango looks annoyed, and Leah photobombs.

There is an event looming.
And I’m gonna do it up right, too.

Oh, you two are too cute – but get some sleep!
It’s a big day tomorrow.

Speaking of big days!  Sheldon & Mary are now Sheldon & Mary Zale-Shepherd!

Both Livid and Meg also have boyfriends now.  Meg is dating high school sweetheart Ray, and Livid found some older gentlemen named Calvin.
more spare love
Based on the last name, there is some connection between Calvin and Mindy… they both have “Riffin”  I’m happy he’s an elder though, Livid will be an elder herself very soon. She’s one of the triplets with Lilac and Lavender, and they’re both elders.

I got a pop-up that it’s Minnie’s birthday!  Well, that can’t happen since it’s the wedding and all, so I click to find her to age her up early and…
…just no.  That is just no.

She has excitable locked in, which joins brave, loner & couch potato.
She’s always had a bit of an emo look, so I embrace it for her teenage years.  Even if her favorite color is pink.  And she’s not blinking or squinting, she just has REALLY small eyes.

With a wedding happening later today, I have Mango make sure the horses are clean, shiny and happy.

The guests have arrived, and Mango is ready in all his planty glory.

Mindy is also looking her finest.
I finally found a good use for that flower hair.

Some familiar faces are getting seated.
Lilac, Mary & Livid.  Ronnie, Lilac’s husband is in the background near the horses.

All in all, it’s not a complete failure!

Even if the mother of the groom is sitting on the other side of the property.
She still swooned, so I guess aliens have x-ray vision.


And Aw.

Mindy and Mango Zale!
Wedding Success!

Polite clapping and rice throwing.

Followed by a little cake.
Note:  The entire cake was gone by the end of the party.

A newlywed keg stand.
Because why the heck not (sorry it’s getting dark).

And lastly, karaoke!  (SPAM)
Seriously, how freakin’ cute are they?  SO CUTE!  Even if they sing terribly.

Afterwards, I had Mango and Mindy TFB… I heard a jingle, but noticed a forbidden fruit appeared in her inventory.  I wasn’t 100% sure it wasn’t there before, to I tried again, another jingle, and another forbidden fruit.  Drat.

So we’re off!

We’re going to try to engineer a baby in the future.
They arrived safe and sound.

They scurry off to the hospital…
…Albeit a little strangely there, Mango.  *Plod plod plod*

But “Engineer a Baby” is not an option.  Poo.  But curing Mango of his PlantSimism is… so I do.
And lame.

But Mindy doesn’t seem to mind.
And that’s it!

I was so disappointed that Mango and Mindy couldn’t have a baby together, either at home, or in the future.  I’m not 100% sure what I’ll do, but maybe impregnate Mindy with human Mango, then have him eat one of the forbidden fruits, and turn back into the PlantMan.  Or I might just leave him human and call it a day.  I AM surprised by how pale he is.  Considering he’s supposed to be a clone of Lavender, he should’ve been grayish.  I might just turn his skin green, and his eyes gold, and keep him kind of like a PlantSim, but just a green human.  At least that way we could see what the kids would have looked like…  We’ll see.  If you have any input or ideas, let me know!

Oh – and sorry it’s been so long, I’ve been working lots of hours at my second job, and training a new co-worker at my regular job, so my Simming (and blogging) have taken a bit of a back-burner.  I’ll be working on those Lightnings next – so I’m sure I’ll see you again real soon!

Until next time – Happy Simming!


22 thoughts on “A Party and Infertility 13.0

  1. autumnrein

    Wow it sounds like you have been super busy with work. Our Admin clerk just went off on medical leave for a undetermined length of time so I’ve been filling in for her, whilst watching the work pile up on my desk *sigh*, and I have to start training someone new next week x_x. Oh the joys of working for a living. I think we should all just win the lottery. That would be nice lol. But good luck and I hope the training goes ok. It’s always so nice when they’re a quick learner.

    I haven’t had a single crash with TS4, so maybe it’s because I’m not connected to the internet. That would be interesting if thats what it needed.

    It’s too bad Mandy couldn’t have a baby together with the whole plant sim thing. But maybe, like you said, you could change him back once all babies have been born that you would like. You could make his skin green and give him the plant hair? Either way, I’m sure they will make super awesome babies and I can’t wait for another chapter.

    1. Heather Post author

      I agree, independently wealthy is the way to be. Training is going great, she’s a great gal. I had one crash with TS4 on the day after release day, and I think that was because I accidentally tried to open it when it was already running. I do play connected to the internet when I TS4, just not TS3. So nice.

      When it comes to Mandy, I think I’ll try a couple things. And I’m looking forward to seeing the babies myself!

  2. Jenn

    I forgot Plantsims couldn’t have regular babies! That really stinks. There is a setting in Woohooer that has an option to let them have babies the old fashioned way. I agree that you should just make him a human that looks like a plantsim!

    My sims 3 does not connect to the internet. Ever. So, I am glad that is not something I have to worry about. My crashing is almost always due to some lame thing like having too many stuff packs installed along with 600 store items. I also cannot handle EA skin/eyes/hair, so of course that brings in the CC and countless mods. I did try playing without all that (for like a week this month) and couldn’t handle it. So, I just deal with my crashes (I’m down to a crash maybe once a week) and whine about it. I gave up running the game through the launcher and I think the only sims3packs (too many of those will kill your game too) I use are from the store.

    Sorry that your work is taking up a lot of your time. I’m seriously wishing mine would pick up. I just hang out and play sims until I need to fill in for someone. LOL Good thing the family does not need my income to actually survive.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah – I don’t really want another mod, at least not yet, but I think I will just keep him kind of like a human plantsim… at least some of the time. I might try a few different things.

      I want to hang out and play Sims all the time! You know, I was watching more videos on that new TS4 expansion, and I was wondering what a household does when more than one Sim has to go to work at the same time? I mean, what do you do? I’m interested to find out. Looks like tons of fun though!

      1. Jenn

        I agree wholeheartedly. I am actually removing mods instead of looking for new ones. Good luck with whatever you do for him!

        TS4 – I have been wondering the same thing. I keep thinking maybe a reverse rabbithole? Maybe the family at home will go in stasis while you take your sim to work. I do agree that it will be very interesting to find out.

  3. Echo Weaver

    I love the idea of impregnating Mindy as a human and then making Mango a Plantsim again. Maybe give both of them Fertility treatment and do all the multiples-enhancing game to see if you can get triplets.

    I’m curious to see if Mindy’s bab(ies) use Mango’s plantsim colors if she gives birth after he’s a plantsim again. The game is notorious for calculating genetics at birth, not at conception. On another blog I read, a sim got his wife pregnant, then became a vampire, and the baby was a vampire.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yes, I was thinking exactly like this. I know that what was going on during conception has little to do with what happens when the baby is born. I’m thinking about doing the first pregnancy with human pale skinned Mango, then turning him back into a plantsim before the baby is born, and see what happens. I know that a female Sim can be pregnant with the final baby to fill the final slot in the house, then there’s a death, and then Poof! Now it’s twins! It’ll be kind of interesting to see what happens.

  4. zefiewings

    Yay! Wedding! They looked so good! And heck yeah Lavender has x-ray vision!

    Sad about the baby. 😦 Do what you gotta do though. I kind of feel the turn Mango back after you are done option so you can enjoy playing a plant sim but that’s just me I guess. Whatever you do will be fun!

  5. plumbawesim

    Oooh I like the idea of keeping Mango’s plantsim colors, but that’s mostly because I think he looks much better as a plantsim than as a flesh colored sim. But I also get the feeling that you’re tired of playing green sims hahaha. Maybe each baby will have a different looking Mango and we’ll see how they all turn out lol
    I love Mindy’s makeover. She’s so pretty ❤ Her and Mango will have gorgeous kids (hopefully lots of baby girls)

    1. Heather Post author

      I think Mango looks way better as a PlantSim too, but that might only be because that’s how I’m used to him looking. I should actually see if giving him a makeover would help. And hey, the aliens were kind of grayish for ages… almost a bit blue? And Mango’s color is very, very green.

      I like Mindy’s makeover too! I think she’s just as pretty as ever. I hope they have lots of baby girls too!

  6. somebodysangel13

    Wow, great wedding setup! You’ve outdone yourself, this is the best Zale wedding yet!

    Haha, the photosynthesize is way cool. I’ll have to try that out with Zachery sometime.

    I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to get a plantsim baby through Woohooer, though Zia Maloney got her dad’s green skin and yellow eyes even though she was human. Hopefully this will happen when with Mandy – even if you go the route of turning him back to plantsim while she’s pregnant. Personally, I’d like this last option; then we have a chance to get a pale Zale! It’s been so long with alien skins, a normal tone wouldn’t go astray.

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m glad you liked the wedding! I like doing simple private ceremonies, but I feel like you can’t do that EVERY time, so I decided to do it up right!

      The photosynthesize takes forever, so make sure you have lots of time 🙂

      I think I’ll try a few different things with the Mandy pregnancies. Might as well see what happens!

  7. loralie0512

    I really liked your wedding setup! I didn’t even think about using the karaoke machine. Aw I keep forgetting you don’t use woohooer and that’s kinda a bummer they couldn’t engineer s baby in the future. Personally I’d go with making him green and keeping him human, you could always change him back when they are done having kids 😉

    1. Heather Post author

      I thought the karaoke machine at the wedding was a nice touch myself. Gives the newlyweds something cute to do together.

  8. Voguishstorm

    How sad, but I wonder what happens if you turn him back into a plantsim right after the jingle? Since I think genes are rolled at birth, maybe it would take PlantSim genes? Or not. 😐 Turn his skin green and eyes gold, then turn him into a PlantSim to trick the genes into somehow resembling the father?

    Mindy is adorable however. And I have to agree that the wedding was amazing.

    1. Heather Post author

      All I know is we’ll get kids out of Mindy & Mango one way or another!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the wedding! I wished more of the guests had enjoyed the festivities. I even hired a bartender!

  9. Pingback: 1.04 – Full House | Young Forever – a backwards isbi

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