Zales! Get your Zales! (Limited Time Only!)

Hey!  I kept saying I’d throw the Zales I could find up for download, and I finally am!  It was far more work than I thought it would be, but if I could find them, I’ve uploaded them to the exchange!

Now – they will only be available on the exchange for a limited time.  If you wish to try to save a few for future downloads, you can “recommend” them, but I totally understand if you do not wish to do that.  So step right up and grab anyone you want!

A few of them are teens, and a few didn’t let me get all their traits filled in, and SEVERAL have terrible make-overs.  See, if they weren’t Young Adults, I had to age them down (or up) and then they were in terrible EA outfits.  I made a pretty half-arsed attempt at getting them to look at least a little bit like the Sims you knew and loved from the blog.  You can absolutely make any  changes you wish to any of the Zales below.

One last thing – Iris and Graham had been uploaded previously, so their last name has been changed to “Zales” so the exchange would accept them.

Click their name to be taken to their slot on the exchange!

It only seems appropriate to start with:

Abraham Zale
Clumsy, Family Oriented, Flirty, Hates the Outdoors & Socially Awkward
Waffles, Pop, Blue – Capricorn – Surrounded by Family

Flora Zale
Angler, Genius, Loves to Swim, Loves the Heat & Proper
Porcini Risotto, Rock, Pink – Aries – Creature Robot Cross Breeder

Giles Zale
Ambitious, Evil (TCTB), Excitable, Loves the Outdoors & Vegetarian
Key Lime Pie, Songwriter, Purple – Scorpio – Emperor of Evil

Giselle Zale
Athletic, Handy, Hates the Outdoors, Light Sleeper & Neurotic
Tofu Salmon, Hip Hop, Sea Foam – Sagittarius – Become an Astronaut

Graham Zale
Couch Potato, Family Oriented, Good, Light Sleeper & Perfectionist
Firecracker Tofu, Roots, Green – Scorpio – International Super Spy

Gwen Zale
Clumsy, Easily Impressed, Equestrian, Insane & Slob
Key Lime Pie, Rockabilly, Spice Brown – Virgo – The Zoologist

Hal Zale
Artistic, Couch Potato, Evil, Kleptomaniac & Star Quality
Veggie Spaghetti, Chinese, Turquoise – Master Thief

Hank Zale
Clumsy, Excitable, Nurturing, Slob & Supernatural Skeptic
Sushi, Songwriter, Blue – Aries – Super Popular

Harold Zale
Ambitious, Brave, Commitment Issues, Hot Headed & Light Sleeper
Shawarma, Rap, Violet – Taurus – International Super Spy

Helen Zale
Brave, Couch Potato, Light Sleeper, Natural Born Performer & Perfectionist
Ceviche, DigiTunes, Purple – Scorpio – International Super Spy

Ike Zale
Excitable, Good, Hopeless Romantic, Vegetarian & Music Lover
Ceviche, Western, Turquoise – Sagittarius – Hit Movie Composer

Imogene Zale
Charismatic, Friendly, Insane, Light Sleeper & Perceptive
Veggie Fish ‘n’ Chips, Epic, Black – Aries – The Animal Rescuer

Irene Zale
Absent-Minded, Artistic, Good Sense of Humor, Insane & Photographer’s Eye
Hamburger, Kids, Lime – Virgo – Vocal Legend

Iris Zale (Teen)
Can’t Stand Art, Disciplined, Evil & Grumpy
Chili Con Carne, Disco, Green – Taurus – None Yet

Ivanna Zale (Teen)
Absent-Minded, Ambitious, Good & Grumpy
Dim Sum, Rock, White – Sagittarius – None Yet

Ivy Zale
Artistic, Athletic, Bookworm, Light Sleeper & Technophobe
Crepes, Disco, Aqua – Scorpio – Golden Tongue Golden Fingers

Jenny Zale (Teen)
Clumsy, Frugal, Loves the Cold & Neurotic
Hot Dogs, Western, Lime – Capricorn – None Yet

Jillian Zale (Teen)
Cat Person, Good, Grumpy & Heavy Sleeper
Grilled Cheese, Roots, Hot Pink – Aquarius – None Yet

July Zale
Disciplined, Equestrian, Friendly, Night Owl &  Nurturing
Veggie Lobster, Roots, Grey – Virgo – Star News Anchor

Juniper Zale
Clumsy, Daredevil, Disciplined, Genius & Nurturing
Macaroni & Cheese, Rockabilly, Lilac – Gemini – Martial Arts Master

Kahless Zale
Brave, Clumsy, Dog Lover, Great Kisser & Loner
Veggie Fish ‘n’ Chips, Songwriter, Sea Foam – Virgo – The Canine Companion

Kasidy Zale
Absent-Minded, Clumsy, Disciplined, Eccentric & Genius
Grilled Salmon, Western, Irish Green – Capricorn – Perfect Student

Keiko Zale
Absent-Minded, Easily Impressed, Genius, Kleptomaniac & Loves the Cold
Pancakes, Beach Party, Spice Brown – Pisces – Master Thief

Kira Nerys Zale
Kira Nerys
Bookworm, Grumpy, Heavy Sleeper, Mean Spirited & Workaholic
Stir Fry, R&B, Lime – Leo – Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous

Krypton Zale
Athletic, Eccentric, Genius, Hopeless Romantic & Neurotic
Porcini Risotto, R&B, Blue – Gemini – Descendent of da Vinci

Kyle Zale
Rebellious, Unstable, Dramatic, Photographer’s Eye & Childish
Frog Legs, Latin, Lilac – Taurus – Rock Star

Lavender Zale
Grumpy, Loves the Cold, Equestrian, Good Sense of Humor & Couch Potato
Veggie Hot Dogs, Spooky, Purple – Scorpio – Star News Anchor

Leslie Zale
Loves the Outdoors, Grumpy, Disciplined, Supernatural Fan & Great Kisser
Veggie Dim Sum, Egyptian, Irish Green – Libra – Martial Arts Master

Levi Zale
Star Quality, Eccentric, Bot Fan, Athletic & Artistic
Cookies, Rock, Green – Libra – Illustrious Author

Lilac Zale
Animal Lover, Disciplined, Easily Impressed, Flirty & Social Butterfly
PB & J, Beach Party, Purple – Cancer – Physical Perfection

Livid Zale
Diva, Good, Heavy Sleeper, Neurotic & Workaholic
Hot Dogs, Disco, Grey – Taurus – Jack of all Trades

Mango Zale
Absent-Minded, Athletic, Family Oriented, Green Thumb & Social Butterfly
Veggie Spaghetti, Dark Wave, Lime – Cancer – Master Acrobat

Mary Zale
Absent-Minded, Brave, Friendly, Green Thumb & Star Quality
Mushroom Omelet, Island Life, Spiceberry – Virgo – Super Popular

Meg Zale
Ambitious, Easily Impressed, Loner, Nurturing & Shy
Fried PB & Banana, Western, Turquoise – Pisces – Culinary Librarian

Melody Zale (Teen)
Easily Impressed, Excitable, Nurturing & Music Lover
French Toast, French, Turquoise – Leo – None Yet

Mindy Vazquez-Riffi (hopefully soon to be Zale)
Good, Heavy Sleeper, Irresistible, Mooch & Slob
Porcini Risotto, Soul, Pink – Aquarius – Leader of the Free World

Ramon Zale
Childish, Computer Whiz, Light Sleeper, Nurturing & Workaholic
French Toast, Pop, Spice Brown – Gemini – More than a Machine

Tahiya Zale
Artistic, Friendly, Genius, Good & Vegetarian
Cookies, Electronica, White – Virgo – Forensic Specialist DNA Profiler

And that’s all that I could find!  Well, except James Zale (who?  I know, right?) he was the only male child in the J generation… He looks like this:
But apparently I didn’t click the “Share” button, and I don’t feel like going to find him again… if someone decides the REALLY want the awkward fellow – I’ll go looking for him.

Also – I noticed that all of my aliens uploaded as human, so I’m sorry if you wanted to grab a Zalien and actually have them BE a Zalien.  *sigh*

It was super cool to see some of the old faces, especially the “I” children, who I think are all so wonderful.  I hope everyone who wanted one of these Zales manages to get one before they are removed from the exchange.

There’s updates on the horizon – both Zale and Lightning – so come back soon!  Happy Simming!


13 thoughts on “Zales! Get your Zales! (Limited Time Only!)

  1. somebodysangel13

    Yay, downloadable Zales! I grabbed a whole bunch, there will definitely be Zales as spouse options for future Rourkes! …wow, I just counted how many I got – 18! You can tell how much I was looking forward to putting some Zales in my game 🙂

    My Maloney aliens didn’t save as aliens either – maybe they can’t be shared like that?

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha ha, awesome! 18! Cool! I’m so happy you grabbed some.

      Thanks for sharing that your aliens didn’t upload as aliens either – good to know it wasn’t just something stupid I did. Can’t wait to start seeing Zales running around other people’s games!

  2. Jenn

    Some very unique faces once the aliens invaded, eh. I don’t download sims3packs, so I am quite sad.

    Aliens – if you use MasterController you can just put their Alien DNA back to 100%

  3. Senkime

    I downloaded a few of the Zales too for my Sims game for mischief and entertainment. We might see them in my random legacy or ISBI that I am working on right now.


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