More Fun Times with the Zales! 12.6

Well hello!  What’s this?  A Zale update?  Awesome!  We’re so glad you stopped by. Last time, I left off with a party that crashed the game mid-makeovers.  (Although that was before the new hardware!  WEE!)  So I’m going to skip this Zale Check, and go straight into birthdays!  The guests are already on the way.

Birthdays – Take Two:

Melody gets the nurturing trait.
She’s pretty cute, even though I gave her a weird outfit.

Mango gets social butterfly.
I still just love him.

Minnie shows us she’s human.
And per Pink’s suggestion, I have dressed her in polka dots.  Her favorite color is pink, however, so I didn’t use Minnie Mouse red.  Lavender was the final Zalien, and she had all human (well, and one plant) children.

Mary keeps the party going…
…Long after it’s over.

Our little barre addict is becoming quite graceful!
Not bad, for a plant!

Melody plays that weird Sims Animal game…
Does anyone remember this?  It’s kind of like SimsVille – something they started, and started promoting, but then totally stopped?  Like the promo video was from 2009.  I’m afraid it’s only use now was so our TS3 Sims could have something else to play.  Anyhoo…

Outerwear Meg gorges on cake.
I still love Meg.  She’s one of my favorites.

Kyle checks out his daughter’s beau.
It’s that Ray guy, I think – Great face, bad hair.

Gah!  Lavender you stop that right now!
She’s totally flirting with her brother in law, Kenji – Livid’s husband!

Meg and Mango are NOT thrilled.
Man, I turn my back for ONE second to catch the rest of the family, and THIS happens?  Good heavens.

Mango still leaves that awesome flower trail.
I love it, I just wish it didn’t have any audio.  It’s kind of creepy and crackly.

Potty time!
Little Minnie was trained her other two skills with the playpen and the walker.

A beautiful, snowy, early morning ride on Lacey.
I’m so over winter, but it’s very pretty.

After ride snuggles.

Lav “loves the cold” Zale makes a snow angel.
Per her wishes.

Video game family bonding.
Lav, Mango and Melody get their sportsing on.

Sorry Meg…
No room for you 😦

OH!  How cute!
She just plopped down on the floor to join in!

Mango loves this thing.
Fine with me, since he’ll be heir and his LTW is the acrobat thingie.  Can’t be bad for his acrobatics to be graceful and strong!

More polka dot Minnie!

She’s a cutie-patootie.
Kinda fun to have a toddler around after all my TS4-ing.

YAY!  Another baby for Livid and Kenji!
Another baby!
I guess flirting with Lavender got Kenji’s motor running.

Ew.  Sorry.

Kyle here is having a very hard time.
He’s about to become delusional.

I have him take deep breaths.
I couldn’t handle him moaning about.  Ugh.

Sheldon invited Meg on a date!  I said YES, let’s see how it goes!
I went to her relationship panel to see how strong her relationship with her boyfriend Sheldon is, only to discover that Sheldon is Mary’s boyfriend.  I knew both girls got a boyfriend/Romantic Interest from Prom, so I assumed it was the correct gentleman phoning the correct M daughter – but NO.  Meg’s RI is Ray.  And she’s now on a date with her sister’s boyfriend.

Nice weather and place for a date!
The junkyard in a snowstorm!

Apparently the “in thing” is to come here and build snowmen.
See that hint of blue behind the shrubbery on the left?  Some dude, NOT Sheldon, making a snowman.

Meg also makes one…
…next to a shredded couch.

Looks like Sheldon stood her up, maybe he realized he called the wrong sister.
Meg made that alien snowman, then sends herself home like a good girl.  I did get a pop up that Sheldon couldn’t make it, but I had missed it at the time.  Well good, that’s a little less scandalous.

I’m sure this will end well, Kyle.
I’m not sure what this trick is supposed to do, all my Sims have ever successfully created is a situation where billiard balls fly at their face.

Like this.
I’m shocked. 😐

Lavender, in her career clothes, gives Minnie a snuggle.
Good ol’ Mango and that barre!

Married couple foosball.
Gotta keep the love alive.

Here’s Melody’s adorable outerwear.
And yes, it’s STILL WINTER.

Uh oh, looks like Kenji’s going to die before his second baby is born.
Adios Kenji
That’s too bad.

Oh!  Never mind!
thoughtful reaper
Well, that’s kind of nice, except it means as soon as the baby pops out, Livid will be a widow with two kids 😦

I’m just passing time, and a little bit bored…
So Kyle and Lavender have some igloo ‘hoo.

AH!  Watch out for that tree!
Or.. just ride right through it…
Because Sims.

Looks comfy, Mango.
I’m obsessed with your leafy skin.  I made his PJ’s lime green briefs just so I could see more of him.  I felt pervy though, so I didn’t snap a picture…

I’m going to miss being able to do this…
Is it REALLY the end of the Zaliens?!?  WOW!

Random note:  Melody rolled the Zoologist LTW while petting the neighbors cat.   Meg rolled Culinary Librarian while… something.  Both were locked in.

The snow is gone!

It just isn’t a Zale update without one.
Broken dishwasher…

The last baby will not be a baby for long!

My my!  His skill seems to be improving!
So fancy!

Too adorable.
What a little peanut.

Oh look, it’s snowing again.

Horsey pic!
Because it’s my party and I said so.

I invited Livid and her daughter Abbey (who is now a child) over.  I really wanted to see Abbey and give her a makeover if needed… but Abbey couldn’t come.
Bummer.  Hurry up and have that baby, Liv!

❤  Sisters.

Livid listened to my request!
Lacy is born
They named her Lacy, like our horse.  Except our horse is “Lacey”.

I’m worried about all the girl births, I’m afraid there might be something wrong with my NRaas Mod.  I have gender set to random, which I’m pretty sure is correct?  I do think I saw a toddler boy though, so maybe we’re fine, it’s just a lot of ladies right now.

It’s quite stormy out, and Leah got startled, so Lavender rushes out to calm her down.
Much better.  Leah looked so panicky, it was sad.

After the weather cleared, they head out for an evening ride.
I’ve had fun with the horses, but I’m a little tired of them.  I’m glad Leah didn’t have a foal.

While out for their ride, Leah went and birthdayed into an elder.
How nice.

Then – uh – Mango got arrested… and they took him away.

So!  We just lost our heir!  Can’t have that now can we.  Let’s check that previous save file.  It’s only four minutes old, go me!

Here he is, safe and sound a friends house.
Watching their crappy TV from their crappy couch.  I’m going to keep an eye on him and make sure he makes it home before curfew.

Leah had her elder birthday again, this time at home.
That looks really awkward and uncomfortable!

Mango is talking to this interesting red girl named Mindy.
She’s an M!  She might have to be spouse!  I mean, she’s red!  I didn’t make her, I never use berry sims… but this town has one red family in it somewhere.  I see their SP pop-ups from time to time.  I think that’ll be fun.  Mindy and Mango, the red girl and the plant.  We’ll have to see what happens.  I use an action and send Mango home, just so we don’t lose him permanently to the police again.

I follow him the whole time, making sure he doesn’t get lost in the fog.

Safe and sound.
We almost lost you buddy, do be careful?

Darn you Kyle!
Quit aging yourself down a day.  I’m still going to age you up when Lavender does, so it’s no use.

Speaking of aging up!  We have a few birthdays today!
Meg gets to stay home from school, since she’s one!  Kyle and little Minnie too!

Ha, you’re both dorks.
I wish Kyle had passed down something other than hair color.

Still dorks.
Nice face, Kyle.  Maybe I’m glad you passed down a little less.

Minnie gets a go too!

A nice small family affair.
Nearly half the crew is at school.

Kyle gets old.
I told him all that time in the sauna was for naught.

We also can’t forget our TH!
It’s Lavender’s birthday too!

Don’t worry Lavender, I’ll get you fixed right up.  *shudder*

Meg, who went first – adds nurturing to loner, shy, easily impressed, and ambitious.
I love those purple eyes!  Thanks Kyle!  I think she’s VERY pretty.

Minnie rolls couch potato to join loner and brave.
I thought she’d have an easy hairstyle (she is lazy, ya know) and want something to hide her face (loner)  She has pretty eyes too, not sure where the color came from exactly.

Old man Kyle.
Screenshot-69He looks rather severe.

And Lavender.
A rare occurrence of still being the TH while an elder!  And I hate to say it, but she aged terribly.  I still love her, though.

And, we’ll end this post on a sad note.
final farewell
Kenji has died, and Livid is now a widow and mother of two.  We’ll keep an eye on her, I promise.

That’s all for now!  Until next time, Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  8 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  40 (-200)
Self-Wetting -5:  31 (-155)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  33 (+165)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 9 (+360)
Honor Roll +5:  13 (+65)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  11 (+110)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +515

19 thoughts on “More Fun Times with the Zales! 12.6

  1. somebodysangel13

    Aw, poor Livid. I guess that’s what happens when you marry an old man. Though at least she popped out some kidlets. Finally, the Zales have cousins! Have the rest of the Ls done anything noteworthy in SP?

    Glad and sad to be done with the Zaliens…now if only we could get rid of the alien green skin. Oh wait, Mango should definitely get rid of the alien skin, yay! Speaking of Mango, I have done a lot of googling regarding plantsims for the Maloneys – apparently plantsims can have babies the normal way with the use of the Woohooer mod; can’t have plantsim babies, but can blend the genetics. Not sure if you would want to put that mod in as yet – maybe try genetically engineering babies in the future first?

    So glad you got him back, that would have been a disaster, no heir and the TH about to turn elder!

    LMAO at Kyle’s obsession with the mud bath. Verlaine did that a lot in Sunlit Tides too. It’s like they’re actively trying to foil you, sometimes.

    I love Meg’s traits! Would dearly love to put her (or any other Zales) in my game, if you are able to save them out?

    1. Heather Post author

      I know! Livid is the bestest! Zale Cousins! Abbey and Lacy! I can’t wait to go find them here before too long. Maybe they’ll actually be home one of these days. Lilac has a fiancé named Ronnie. Levi and Leslie, when I kicked them out, there wasn’t an open house, so they vanished.

      I am also glad and sad to be done with the Zaliens. Yeah, I’m not so keen on the green/grayish skin tone! Looks like I’ll have some green/red coming up… which could be gross, but fun. I’m thinking he should be able to impregnate a normal human? But I’m going to try future engineering too. If all else fails, I’ll get the mod.

      Isn’t that funny! I got a pop up that he, and one of his sisters were out after curfew and being arrested, I go to click on him to follow and he’s not on my panel! It was so freaky! Good thing I keep those running save files, I tell you – saved my bacon a dozen times.

      Kyle is annoying. I can’t wait for a new spouse.

      I keep meaning to go through all my files and upload any Zales that I have so people can grab them. They’ll just go to the exchange, so they’ll only be up for a little bit, but that should be fine. I’ll make sure I get Meg uploaded though, just for you! I’ll link you here in the comments once I’ve uploaded her. Hopefully tonight!

      1. somebodysangel13

        Aw, even with SP the spares disappeared? That’s so weird. The kicked out Maloneys usually move in with someone if there’s no empty houses.

        Obviously not enough legacy players have played with plantsims, all this wondering over how the legacy will continue. Looking forward to seeing what Mango comes up with. And the red kid looks like a good spouse; red and green feels so Christmassy!

  2. autumnrein

    Oh those Zales. Poor Lavender did age terribly but at least she had that super epic moment of riding through the tree. Any normal person would have fallen off but not super fantastic Sims!

    Meg turned out so awesome and I’m glad we’ll be keeping an eye on Livid. Since she is still pretty young-ish maybe she will have a chance with love again.

    The end of the Zaliens. Or is it? I have mixed feelings about them being over, but maybe one day some poor male heir will be abducted and we will have a chance to see them again. The word Zalien just has such a nice ring to it lol. Great chapter Heather!

    1. Heather Post author

      Lavender looked just awful – ugh. And yup! She went right through it!

      Meg is surprisingly awesome. I didn’t care about her at all when she was born, since I needed boys, but then she ended up being my fav. I PROMISE to watch over Livid, and she is Lavender and Lilac’s triplet, so she should be an elder any moment. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t find love again!

      Oh man, I never even thought about the fact that a future heir might get abducted… I just thought we were finished! Yeah – I thought Zalien was pretty clever if I do say so myself! I’m so glad you enjoyed the chapter, and thanks for such nice comments all the time!

  3. Sammy-Sama

    It’ll be so interesting to see what Mango and Mindy can do together in regards to children. Your house will be all Christmas-themed, red and green sims running around haha. Poor Lavender did age badly, which is unfortunate. I can’t believe we’ve got our first elder torch holder. Can’t wait for Mango to take over! 😀

  4. pinkfiend1

    ‘ve been getting lots of boys in my hood. 6 boys when I all want (well they want) is a girl.
    I’m sure Livid will be fine on her own. She’ll have probably remarried within a week.

  5. plumbawesim

    Oh no! The end of the Zalien reign? 😦 kind of sad but I suppose you were getting really tired of the pale green-gray skin.
    I kind of hope Mango and Mindy become a thing 🙂 that could be really adorable. I’ve never played with plantsims so it’ll be interesting to see how you’ll approach spreading the genetics.
    Lovely update from the Zales, as always 🙂

    1. zefiewings

      This made me laugh so hard. Those Curfew police have always been harsh (I don’t that you are an older teen across the street from your house, fishing! You are a menace to society!) but this really takes the cake!

  6. Echo Weaver

    I haven’t played in four months, so my first plantsim is still a toddler. I didn’t know the flower effect crackled. I’ll have to see what I think of that. Heheh. I’m still entirely too entertained that you have to potty train a toddler who photosynthesizes.

    BTW: Since I hate the whole plantsims-are-clones things, I used NRaas to open mine and created a blended face with the “father” and his girlfriend using Play with Genetics. That one thing — an actual new, genetically blended face — made me so much more interested in playing Plantsims.

    I think I see some of Kyle in Minnie. The Unstable trait kind of scares me. I haven’t rolled it yet.

    You’re almost to generation M! Way further than I think I’ve ever seen a normal-lifespan alphabetacy go.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah – it’s a faint crackle, but it definitely makes noise. I’m used to it now, however.

      Yeah, I don’t really mind that Mango is a clone of Lavender, since nearly all the children look exactly like Lavender anyway, and he’s the male version, so it looks different.

      Unstable is annoying, I’ve just let him be for ages now, and besides unstable and childish, I’m not sure what traits he has anymore. I’ll have to look into it.

      Can you believe it! I’m bound and determined to finish! We’re half way!!!

  7. FranklinMarklin

    You know, you’ve mentioned a couple of times that Levi and Leslie disappeared when you moved them out. When you say that, do you mean “They’re nowhere to be found in the neighborhood, but they’re still on the family tree” or “They’re nowhere to be found in the neighborhood and they’ve both disappeared from the family tree.” Because the first means they’re just homeless because they had no friends to move in with, and the second means they were homeless but got deleted. Let’s hope it’s the first one!

    1. Heather Post author

      They vanished from relationship bars and the neighborhood. Not sure about family tree, I’ll check that out. It’s okay if they’re deleted, I only have a few of them saved anyway.


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