A Winter Wedding 12.1

Hey Friends!  Last time Lavender took over and struggled to find a mate, but this time well… if you can’t tell from the title, we found someone!  Let’s get to it!

Zale Check!  Krypton is reading on his tablet.

Sam is sleeping.
As human’s are wont to do.

Lavender is still enjoying her mudbath.
Too many man troubles.  Calmud take me away.

Levi is stinky and pumping iron.
He sure works out a lot.  I’m telling ya, he did NOT like being called “chubby Krypton”.

Leslie is hanging out with the horses in the barn.
I love my barn.

Bailey is out napping in the snow.
I do not like my elder horsey snow napping, but he seems pretty comfortable… ❤

Lacey is in her stall.
I think she is such a gorgeous horse, but she doesn’t photograph well since she’s so dark.

Baby Leah is about to take a nap on the barn floor…
…Since she still route fails when she tries to do it in the barn. 😦

So sweet.
I just love my horses!

Leah loves her daddy too.

It’s birthday time!
’bout time for Leslie and Levi to grow up!  Rather interesting, Leslie was like 8 days younger than Levi.  I got a pop-up for Levi’s birthday, and thought Leslie would be right after that, but NOPE, so I checked her stats, and she was WAY younger!  I was all “I thought they were twins?” and had to go re-read their birth post to see… anyhoo…

I hardly recognize Lavender in her work outfit.

Leslie rolls great kisser – joining loves the outdoors, grumpy, disciplined and supernatural fan.
Worth noting that she grew up in one of best EA outfits I’ve seen in a LONG time.

A quick little makeover to fix her hair and give her favorite color some attention and VIOLA!
Leslie!  Her LTW is Martial Arts Master, same and her grandmother Juniper.

Levi rolls star quality – joining eccentric, bot fan, athletic and artistic.
HOLY MUSCLES.  All that working out as a teen seems to have taken effect!  Good heavens!  His outfit isn’t bad either.

But seriously, look at this guy.
Look at those thighs!  I added some body hare to distract from his freakish shape.

I also gave him a dorky ITF hairstyle.
His LTW is Illustrious Author.

I let them eat their cake…
…then it’s ADIOS!

Note: I selected “kick out” but they vanished.  I think there aren’t enough houses in town.  Dang.

No one left but Krypton & Samali, Lav and the horses.
So few
At least they’re all pretty happy!

This is Lavender’s cute “athletic” outfit that I made for her.
I keep forgetting to have her change into it to go riding.  But ti’s been so cold, she’s been wearing her outerwear.

I’m just so happy with Lavender and the horses.
It was definitely a nice turn for the Zales.

Hmm, that dude Barrington, who Lavender met through online dating, and then stalked to his home only to find out he’s married, had a daughter.
Heather huh.
I do not approve of their use of my name.

Silly baby still can’t nap with her momma.
I thought it might’ve been the wall light, so I scooted it all the way over by the hay (and it’s not snowing inside… stupid barn) but that didn’t help either.

And then, even though she routefails half a dozen times, with NO action on my part…
She managed to curl up and fall asleep.  Maybe she just can’t be TOLD to nap, and has to nap on her own.  Oh, I should probably say, it’s an ISBI, but I control the horses and pets.  Always have.

Bailey was well-rested and his exercise need was low, so I had Lav take him on a snowy midnight ride.  They ended up here.
I couldn’t quite get proper pictures, because when I hit TAB all these tree branches were in the way, but it was stunning and ethereal.  Truly amazing.

True Love.

I’m bummed he’s an elder.  I just adore Bailey.

Lavender finally doesn’t look like she’s flopping around in the saddle anymore.
I feel like it’s been Winter for EVER, too.

It’s Snowflake Day!
Lavender orders a pizza and threw a party!  Samali helps out by getting the pizza, carrying it all the way around the house, then serving it next to the BBQ on the back patio.  😐

This little old lady is a party crasher named Sofia.
She brought presents, so she can stay.  And also, there’s that Shaun guy.  I’m going to let Lav try ONE MORE TIME with him.  This is also when I realized that Levi and Leslie had vanished.  There were not on the list of Sims available for invite.

Livid certainly makes an entrance!
She fell on her butt a moment later, HA!

Lilac is here too!
Hi dear!

Lavender calls everyone to open presents.
I found the three sisters sitting together adorable.  But then my game crashed!  I thought I’d lost a ton of playtime, but when I restarted it was just before the party!

Okay, party take two – this time it appears that Lilac is the one who’s been busy in the future.

And this woman is our party crasher this time.
Her name is Vallari Chandra.

Then my game crashed AGAIN.  Fine – no party for you.

Lav still had the wish locked in to order a pizza, so I still did that a third time, then sent her and Lacey off for a ride, but HARK!  A MALE!

Ride aborted.  Begin operation seduce pizza man.  His name is Kyle Sleater.

Okay Lav, he’s a little boring – maybe even faceone – but let’s just see, shall we?

He’s a compatible sign!
AND he’s single.


He didn’t stick around for long, but that’s okay!
We made some progress on finding a mate!

What.  The hell.  Is this?
Good heavens.  A mouse over told me it is Gretchen Bedlington – but how freaky?

Oh.   Apparently it’s a very late trick-or-treater.  It’s actually SNOWFLAKE day, not Spooky Day.
But at least we’re not being invaded by blue alien children.

And my game crashed.  AGAIN.  I went and cleared my cache files, did a little clean up, and it definitely ran better.

However, since my game had been so finicky, I had saved JUST after meeting Kyle.
So on the plus side, we get a boyfriend out of him, this time around.

And as cute as they are together compatibility wise…
…he’s definitely a faceone.

I have them head off on a date anyway.

Maybe I’ll have to give him a makeover?
I do like them together.

I was out with Lav on her date when the camera panned home…
…It’s Krypton’s birthday!  Oops.  Sorry buddy.  I hate missing former TH birthdays.

He isn’t impressed.

I decide that all those years of flowing hair, that he’d go a little bald in his old age, and finally grew out that stubble to a proper beard.
I think he looks flippin’ adorable.  Very “Grandpa Eccentric Alien”.

Back to Lavender’s date, I decide that I need to get Kyle out of his work clothes.  I have them head on over to the public pool and make them dive in.

I was surprised to see that hair hiding under his hat.

After their outing to the pool, Kyle and Lavender return to her house.
Kyle may have gotten a little tan while at the pool.  Hee hee hee… I had to change his face some, he was absolutely Faceone.  I sculpted his nose, cheekbones, chin and mouth, and I obviously darkened his skin.  He had those purple-ish eyes all on his own, however.  I think he looks amazingly handsome – if I do say so myself.  I know it’s a little cheaty – and I was planning on taking Lavender to the future to spouse hunt, but the two of them genuinely were getting along so well.

Oh look!  He’s childish!
Reminds me of Ramon.  Aw.

Check out this couple!

I love him.

In the steam of the sauna (which we did NOT have cheaty woohoo in) we ask him to move in.
He agrees!

Welcome to the household, Kyle!
Check out those traits!  I’ve never had unstable before.  I didn’t even look when I had in him CAS, so this was all a surprise!  Rebellious, unstable, childish and dramatic… he’s like, the poster Sim for mental health awareness.

I swear, it’s been Winter forEVER.
Lav and Bailey enjoy another ride together. ❤
Lavender went looking for friends and colleagues to interview for her job.  She’s had a couple promotions and now needs to write up events and people.

Upon returning home, the new couple enjoy a meal together.
Looks like an interesting conversation?

Speaking of the new couple, I think it’s about time they made this permanent!


Kyle is so funny and emotional!
He pulls these lovely crying faces…  He thinks about her all happy, and Lav thinks about when she can head off for her next ride.  Too funny.

Sam and her daughter talk about the snow together.
Samali is ready for grandbabies!

Alas!  Look at what has happened!
Is this something I can take care of without controlling him?

Oh dear, he barely knows who he is?
oh my
I’ll have to send him to the hospital – make it his one YA action – it’s just before the wedding!  We can’t have him like this…

I hope he’ll be okay.

There’s an event happening later today!
But before the wedding, there’s also a couple birthdays today.

I trigger them so they do not interfere with the festivities later.
Leah is becoming a full grown horse!

She looks nearly exactly the same – just bigger.
I honestly found her spots more appealing when she was a baby – grown up she looks a little silly to me.  But I still love her.

I caught these two in an adorable hug.

Just before Sam’s birthday!
In her swimsuit…

The whole household arrives to cheer.

Ha, everyone’s face.

Sam is NOT impressed.

But I think she looks just lovely.
I decide that all those years of reading fatigued her eyes, so she wears glasses now.

Some of the wedding guests have arrived!
I forgot that I gave Livid a full on makeover that would work if she won the TH poll, so she looks like a bride!  We can’t have that…

There we go.
All better.

Um, excuse me maid?  Go around maybe?

They’re all crooked now, thanks dude.
*grumble grumble*

The guests are adorable.
The woman on the left is one of Lavender’s co-workers.

Tada, married!

My little indoor Winter wedding.  Krypton in his athletic gear really ties the party together.

Cake cutting!
Screenshot-80 Screenshot-81

And then of course, first dance as husband and wife.
Even though he kept stepping on her feet.

While Livid eats wedding cake, she also adopts a puppy!
puppy for liv
Funny 🙂

Hey Liv?  You’re being a bit of a creeper.

Your sudden outfit change does not make things better…

It’s okay though, Kyle only has eyes for his new wife.

The moment the last guest had left, Lavender pops pregnancy stage one.
Phew!  Close call!  I keep getting fortunate.  Ike and Tahiya got married while she was pregnant too – just finished in the nick of time!  Lavender immediately wishes for a boy – so do I!

She scurries off to tell her mom and dad.
(She actually told Kyle first, but he was outside in the dark on the waterslide, so I couldn’t get a good picture)

You’re going to be a grandma, Samali!
And with that, the first of Generation M is on the way!  AMAZING!

That’s all for now!  Come back soon to see what’s next in store for those Zany Zales!  Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  8 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  39 (-195)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  32 (+160)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 9 (+360)
Honor Roll +5:  15 (+75)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  11 (+110)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +530

31 thoughts on “A Winter Wedding 12.1

  1. autumnrein

    Oh my gosh. So much to laugh at and just.. plain.. gape at. I am in total awe of Levi’s muscles! Just wow. *scrolls back up* yep, wow factor is still there.

    Also, ” Calmud take me away”. I could not believe it when I saw that. We were just talking about that old commercial in the lunch room today at work! Only, a girl I work with has to have a CT scan done so they gave her Valium for her to take before hand (big claustrophobia) so we were joking about “Valium, take me away”. *wipes away a tear* too great. That just made my day again.

    I am so glad we have a man! Well, that Lavender has a man but you know what I mean. I’ve never seen the delusional trait before either. I hope he doesn’t loose his traits often. I’m all up for you bending the rules to send him to the hospital to get new ones, the poor guy might not have any left if he loses them too often in an isbi lol. Welcome to the family Kyle.

    1. Heather Post author

      I was so flippin’ shocked when Levi turned into muscle man. Seriously! Look at his neck? HAA!

      I was afraid no one would get the “Calmud” joke – since most readers are very young, and you’re right – it’s an OLD commercial. I’m so glad you got to enjoy it! “Valium, take me away” is definitely a more current spin on the old slogan!

      I was thinking that Kyle might not have any traits left if he kept loosing them to being “unstable”. We’ll have to see what happens with him, I’m not sure if I’m going to be too concerned with him after I’ve used him for his baby making skills (that sounds super pervy)…

      1. autumnrein

        Haha I would almost let Kyle go and see if he ends up with no traits. That would be hilarious! You don’t have to worry about me with old commercials. I remember when the slogan of the year was “Isn’t this heaven, don’t pay a cent ’till ’97” lol.

  2. somebodysangel13

    Ooh, Unstable trait, I’ve never had that before either! According to Carl, they’re supposed to get new traits, not lose them. The idea being that their personality is constantly changing. But I like the personality he had already – you’re right, such a poster child.

    But Kyle is such a cutie! I love the purple eyes and dark skin combo. Can’t wait to see what the babies look like – please, Heather’s game, no more aliens! Or at least no more green skin!

    LMAO, Levi still looks kind of chubby…just also muscular. Sort of like those guys who think that lifting weights every day will help them lose weight – no, you mostly just put muscles on top of your fat. Leslie is gorgeous, too; you’re right about the great outfits EA put them in.

    Aw, old simself. And Krypton. You did a great job of making them over. Glasses is so perfect, too much reading!

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, I could tell he was supposed to get a new trait, but there was just a “.” there. I don’t want him to end up just being a shell of a person with only “Unstable” as a trait…Wouldn’t that be creepy?

      OMG I know, Please, oh game of mine, hear Sam’s plea. NO MORE ALIENS OR AT LEAST NO MORE GREEN SKIN! And I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but they aren’t really even green anymore, just like an ashy gray…

      Wasn’t Levi too much? Oh man, he reminded me a little bit of founder Abraham – but not nearly that bad. Leslie looked lovely, I agree.

      I’m glad you liked the glasses, I was hoping it would be okay with you 🙂

      1. somebodysangel13

        A single trait on an adult would indeed be creepy…but also kind of hilarious in an ISBI. I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of things Kyle gets up to with those strange traits of his.

        I have noticed the loss of colour; strange. Must be that the game is trying to blend the green and normal skin colours and failing? I have heard about that, that the game randomises the colour ramp and the place on the ramp; so the kids may have received Krypton’s green ramp, but Samali’s place on the ramp, which is way lighter than Krypton’s was? Either way, we’re sick of it, Heather’s game! Bring on Kyle’s dark skin.

        Of course glasses are okay; I sometimes wear them IRL, but for distance not reading 🙂

  3. Jenn

    Generation 12?!? Where the hell have I been. See what happens when I finally go through my reader and edit everyone so new posts hit my email? I’ll see you next week, I have at least 6 gens to catch up on…prepare for mass wall of likes.

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha ha ha, I’m not gonna lie, I’d noticed you had stopped being an active participant on my blog. I didn’t give it much concern, but I’d noticed! I’m glad you’re back and that you’ll catch up.

  4. phyrcracker93

    Sweet! Lavender finally found a man! I like his genetics! (Post makeover of course!) I’ve never seen the unstable trait, but I had heard about the whole “switch traits” thing. I just hope that next time that it happens, that it actually switches to a TRAIT! Not that he’d lose one permanently…

    Holy wideness, Levi! It’s almost as if his body doesn’t know what it wants to be… Fat, or buff… XD When I first saw him, all I could think was that it looks like the width of his body is trying to combat the width of his nose! Bahaha! Sorry… I’m tired. Just ignore my weirdness… XD

    Had you not found a spouse for Lav (makes me think of bathrooms… Like lavatories… XD) I would have offered one of my ISBI males… But then I remembered that you had said that you don’t know how to download .sim files. Have you figured it out?

    Great chapter! Can’t wait for more!

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah! I like Lav’s (which also makes me think of a restroom) man too! After makeover, of course – 😀

      Isn’t Levi just ridiculous? I plopped that stupid ITF hair on him and didn’t really care that he’d vanished. Leslie’s disappearance was a little more disappointing.

      I still don’t know how to download .Sim files. Wanna teach me?

      So glad you enjoyed!

      1. phyrcracker93

        I would like to teach you. I was planning on sending you an email with screen shots of my computer, and how to do it and stuff… but I’m not sure when I’ll be able to do it… but if I can find a tutorial for you, then I’ll shoot you the link. If I can’t, then I might be able to do the email… just not right away.

      2. Heather Post author

        Hey! Thanks! Any help, at any time would be great – don’t you worry about a thing, like how long it might take you – it’s a great favor to me, and I’d be very appreciative!

  5. Echo Weaver

    Wow. Your edited Kyle is hot!

    Whenever I consider bringing a service sim into my household, at least after I’ve been playing in the world long enough to lose the pregenerated ones, I usually open them up and click the face randomizer a bunch of times until I get something I like. That gives me at least SOME sense that I’m letting the game determine genetics.

    OTOH, I’ve also been known to download a sim from MTS and flat-out replace the service sim, then put the traits/favorites back to what they were. I just love seeing how expertly sculpted sims breed.

    I’m surprised that you’re getting so many clones. I thought that advanced genetics in SP was on by default. It’s possible you don’t have that package installed? I think it’s just SP Population, but I’d have to look it up.

    1. Heather Post author

      I like the service sims because of the hidden traits. I didn’t even THINK about the random button, that’s a really good idea. That’s how I got Abraham the founder!

      I did get the “Population” one, but I have noticed that all my maids are faceone, still… I might have to do something in the settings? I was just in there though… and didn’t see anything. Oh well…

      Thanks for the nice comment!

      1. Echo Weaver

        Buh. I think that comment about genetics was intended for another blog. The Scatterday Matriarchy was complaining that most of her kids were clones. :-p Apparently I merged two comments I intended to make. THERE’s a big fail. :-p

        I have found a way to get good service sims — provided that there’s interesting genetics in town. There’s this buried optionOptions:Emigration/Immigration->Replace Service Sims with Immigrants. The docco SAYS, “Whether to replace services with immigrants generated using your library bin,” but it actually enables a whole bunch of Immigrant generation options that you can customize. Immigrants are the genetic descendants of two randomly-selected sims, either from your CAS sim bin, your town, or randomly generated. I have my random generation set to 0.

        You can increase your chances of getting something good by adding downloaded sims with interesting genetics to your town or your CAS bin.

      2. Heather Post author

        Ha ha ha, you made me laugh!

        Where is this option? I haven’t seen anything like that before… sounds fun.

        I don’t really mind the bland services Sims, I usually ignore them past the first couple that are usually quite interesting. The Zales haven’t married a maid, however – worth investigating at some point 🙂


      3. phyrcracker93

        Completely random… but I know that most maids have the hidden “never makes messes” trait… which can be passed down to their children… so if you marry a maid, you’ll get like the freaking cleanest sim kids ever. XD I think…

      4. Echo Weaver

        Oook. Digging it up. (Man SP has so much stuff in it) City Hall->NRaas->General Options->Options: Sims->Options: Emigration/Immigration

        Totally obvious, right?

      5. somebodysangel13

        OMG, thanks Echo Weaver, I never knew that. I used Awesomemod purely for the NoPuddingFace feature, but I would much rather get rid of that huge mod altogether, I really hate how the creators treat others on that forum. Glad to know that I can do something similar with nraas mods!

  6. Jenn

    Yay, I’m all caught up! I skimmed the last few chapters because aliens are gross, but they were still enjoyable. I love the house and barn! Leah is still cute, even fully grown! But then my horses are some sort of crayon splattered freakshow and her spots would be wonderful to have.

    .sim files are the way to go, along with phyre, that is why I never offer my sims. SIms3packs are to hazardous to saves and I refuse to accept them by anyone. I find having to run Sims3pack through custard (especially downloaded worlds) a big pain in the butt. I only allow store bought stuff through my launcher (and some worlds). Just make a folder. Name it SavedSims and plop them in there. Then they show up in CAS, but in the pre-made section. Click the gear icon up top and it filters out the EA ones. No cc attaches to them which is the best perk of all. Luckily .sim files and even library sims are really the safest way to go. Hopefully the link above helps you, then I can beg for Leah and mate her with Baxter.

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m glad you’re caught up! Yeah – the alien turn of events was not my favorite, but hey – it happened. I’m used to it now though – I can upload Leah on the exchange until I get the hang of these .sim files. Phyre emailed me some great advice, so I think I’ll be a .sim pro in no time.

  7. pinkfiend1

    Calmud-I just assumed you had meant to write calm mud but ran the words together.
    The mud bath in the sauna adds a day or two to a sims life whenever they use it so it can really mess ages up.
    Yay for almost gen M.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, I noticed people kept getting younger. Juniper used it all the time – doesn’t bother me! I’ll age ’em up if they fall too far behind – not sure what Leslie’s deal was – she wasn’t known to be in the bath often.


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