Can’t Find a Man 12.0

So, the polls have been closed aaannndddd…

It’s a TIE!  Of course.
BP Poll
Blog Poll
Yup, Lavender ended up with 15 votes, and so did Livid…

I decide to go with Lavender, after much thought.  As much as I want a human, and I’m SO TIRED of the aliens, I also don’t want a face clone of Samali.  Lavender is a mixture of her parents, and with he equestrian trait, means HORSES!

On the plus side, I downloaded story progression, so hopefully Livid and the rest of the spares don’t just languish and fade away.

So with that – let’s get started!  Generation 12 has taken over!  Zale Check!

INTERLUDE – so I prepped all of the above message over a week ago, then I had to go and get sick.  Like so sick playing video games didn’t sound like fun – SO  sorry for any delays, and let’s get this show on the road!

ZALE CHECK:   They’re all still doing the birthday thing from the end of the last post… so here’s Krypton, Samali and Leslie:
Don’t look so thrilled, Sam.  Hee hee hee.


Our new TH Lavender!
Who’s in for some fun, let me tell you!

Who I will miss in all her human glory.

And Levi!
The dork.

Before I could really get started, the lot needed some work to make room for…
HORSES!  Look at that lovely barn and pasture!  I do believe it turned out quite fine.

After I’d finished building, I was just messing around in the house and I noticed this!
One of the Rirefly Roseus one of the Zales caught is escaping!  See it?  Weird…

Lav:  Hey horse shelter?
One horse please.
(Everyone in the background:  WOOO!! PARTY!!!)

And just like that, Lacey the foal joined the household.
Her name was Lady, but I changed it to Lacey… and I love her.

Ignore the palm from inside merging through the wall to be outside… I keep meaning to move that.  And with that, we say adieu to a couple of spares.  Livid and Lilac have moved out.

It’s awfully stormy, let’s put this little foal away.
She has the “missing her mom” moodlet, which is just dreadful, but before too long Lav is her dear friend and she doesn’t mind being away from her mom anymore!  Yay!

Check out the nice cozy barn!

Horsey Love.

For some reason, she can’t “nap” in her stall.  She gets a routefail and then the action cancels.  I reset her and it worked for a little while… but it’s very annoying!  Any ideas?  I tried both stalls.

And way to go Sam.
The broken dishwasher is becoming a trademark in this house.

Apparently the sad little sleeping ball of horse is very entertaining.
Krypton, Levi and Leslie watch the little girl sleep.

It’s stormy and there’s thunder and lightning!  Lavender rolls a wish to calm down the scared foal.
Easy there – you’re safe.

Lavender makes everything better.

Everyone’s favorite all powerful event arrived!
Never leave the house?  Ha!  She leaves the house all the time.

You do get to see Levi and Leslie’s formal outfits I made for them.
I don’t remember why I went all fairy for Leslie… but since there’s no prom, there ya go.

Krypton and Sam are in their wedding finery, of course…
I always think “I should change that” and never do.  Sam just wants to get some use out of that lovely gown.

Oh Zales.
That picture pretty much sums up the entire history of this family.  And nice hat, Lav.

Surrounded by her maladjusted family…
Diploma toss!

Since we’re downtown, Lav heads over to join the journalism career.
A bit more fun that using the phone, computer, or newspaper.

Back at home, we tend to the baby.
So much horsey love.

With all the horsey goodness, wild horses keep stopping by.  SHOO!

It’s Lacey’s birthday!

How stinkin’ cute amongst the falling leaves.

Phew!  She’s huge!
I guess I’d just been so used her being a baby.  But I think she’s beautiful!

Don’t you?
Here’s Lavender’s outerwear, she certainly LOOKS the part of a fine horsewoman!

There were 86 apples in the fridge, and about near as many carrots.  I stole them all and put them in Lav’s magic pockets for horsey treats.

They certainly look like a quality team…
Even if Lavender usually appears to be about ready to flop off.

They rode over to the equestrian training grounds were Lav met Cruz Martingale-Midden.
She’s attracted to him!

But, he’s in a relationship.
We ask his sign to grant Lav’s wish, and then head on home.

Speaking of home, let’s see what the rest of the idiots are up to.
Levi is practicing ballet.

Krypton and Samali are asleep together… Aw…
Except why Krypton is SLEEPING I have no idea.  I guess he just wanted to see what it was like.  He hasn’t done it since childhood.

Leslie is clapping about fake fruit.
SO glad I checked in.

After their outing, Lav puts the gorgeous Lacey away in her stall.
She’s such a fine horse!  I just love her!

Okay, it’s 5:36am on a Sunday –
We need to find this lady a spouse!

Maybe we should try our hand online?
A quick profile for Lav, looks pretty good!

We brows a few profiles and I send messages to the ones I like.
Barrington Calvin Kanoa Rodney
I didn’t care too much about traits, just the genetics I liked.

And then I decide we need another horse!  (That and Lav rolled a wish to adopt another one)
The only one I really like is an elder gentleman named Bailey.  And WOW that’s a “special” heart I drew next to him… good heavens.  Anyhoo, old horses need homes too, we’ll take him!

I keep finding, like an entire herd, of wild horses on the lot.
I mean, I don’t blame them, the horse set-up here is pretty posh… but they lag my lot a bit.  I need to put up the “no stray horses” gnome.

Moments later, our dear old fella Bailey is here.
He does not like newspapers in his way.  Isn’t he sweet?

That is a good way to freeze to death!

Anyhoo, hey sweet guy – have an apple.
84 left in inventory.

Aw, makin’ friends with the holiday lights on the barn.


I can’t stop taking horse pictures.
I love them so much.  ❤

❤ ❤ ❤

Let’s see if Lav can get a date!

Dude, Kanoa is a jerkwad.
Calvin’s rejection is okay – we accept both Barrington and Benjamin.  Although I’m pretty sure Benjamin is married.

I sent Lav there in the background to check on the horses, and I saw the lump on the ground!

That dark blob is Levi autonomously thawing her out.
Ridiculous.  Imagine if I didn’t have Leslie in that stupid hoodie for her swimwear?  She’d be extra frozen.

With Lacey unable to be ridden (because FOAL!) Lav takes Bailey out for an early morning ride.
There’s that damned palm leaf again.  Someone remind me to move that.  Or rotate it or something.

I’m so glad Lavender is the TH – even though she’s an alien.
I’m having so much fun!

Before too long, Bay and Lav are galloping along with ease…
But it’s time to head home, Lavender has a career based LTW to work on!

After her first day of work, I send Lav to the local karaoke bar to try to meet a mate…
There’s no one there but a scantily clad Imogene Pelly who instantly spins into a pregnancy swimsuit and the female proprietor.

There was a man upstairs, that jerk Kanoa from online dating.
He likes her just fine in person!

But he’s in a relationship… I think they all are!
Story Progression takes all the dudes – man.  I might have to plop down a lot full of random single men.

I have her call Barrington, also from online dating to see if he wants to join her.  Screenshot-56He said to try back in FIVE HOURS… so fine… Karaoke time.

She’s terrible, and Imogene boos her.
But she’s also adorable!
Even when she forgets the words.

You know, when I eventually DO have a human TH?  I’m gonna feel like they’re TIRED ALL THE TIME.  I’m hereby completely SPOILED by aliens.  Normally if you had a Sim out, after a long day of work, and their hopeful date says “try back in five hours” the night is a loss, your Sim won’t make it that long!  Lav though?  She can go all night!

Man, nothing but women in this town!
Look!  It’s Gracie!  She co-stars in LISBI by LaserKatt!  Nice to see her.

I get a pop up it’s Happy Hour so Lav buys a round for all the ladies and Mr. Kanoa.
Ha, Gracie has a tramp stamp. HILARIOUS.

Oh look, another lovely female.
Where are the men in this town?

We get notified that Barrington can’t meet up.  So fine.  We’ll stalk him.
Nice digs!  I’ve never seen this house before, it’s flippin’ awesome.

While waiting for Barrington to answer the door, I get a pop-up about Levi learning how to make an alien snowman!
It took about six years to render, but tada!

Back to the task at hand…
Yes Mr. Busy – let her in.

Aaannnd… he’s married.
I have Lavender let him know how VERY WRONG it is to post a dating profile online when you’re MARRIED… we’re struggling here, folks.

Back at home, surrounded by the warmth of her family and familiarity of a broken dishwasher…
Lavender decides to give up on men for awhile.

Human men, that is… Bay is the only one she needs.

He even took her to work!
They were out for a ride when it was time for her to head to work, so Bailey just automatically took her there.  It was awesome.

Krypton is enjoying being out from under my rule, doing things like sleeping and…

Sam is adorable and as sweet as ever making waffles.  She’d rolled a wish about a decade ago to make “great” waffles.  These actually turned out to grant that wish!
I was very happy when that happened.

Levi and Leslie are on their way to school.
Note:  They both made honor roll.  +10

HARK!  A MALE!Screenshot-72
He’s texting some old lady – we can break that up!

Oh man, He’s texting Livid too!?
Hurry and get off work, Lavender!

Hmm, not a good start…
You don’t like him?  He DOES have kind of weird eyes… but YOURS are alien, so maybe not be so picky?

He has kind of a weird face, but right now, I’m just elated to have found a male!
She talks about her work, and other happy friendly things…

He’s kind of cute?
No?  Don’t care! LOL

No, where are you going!?!
STOP!  The fate of the legacy is in your hands!


I have Lavender call him immediately and invite him to the winter festival.  Screenshot-79He blows us off for that, but after Lav returns home, agrees to meet him at the Zale Estate.

Thank heavens.
I’m afraid he might be our only hope.

A quick chat with mum to kill time.
Come on Shaun, where are you?  (That’s his name – Shaun – in case I didn’t mention it before)


OMG, that outfit…
…  Well, that’s okay, we can fix that… FLIRT LAV – FLIRT!


Okay, he’s an idiot, we’ll give up on him… AND while I’m wasting all that time worrying about Crappy Dresser Creepy Face – I miss an important happening – making me hate him even MORE.
Lacey had her foal!
I name her Leah.

And I love her.

Look at the precious peanut?
She’s spotty and adorable!

❤ ❤ ❤
So much loves.

Even Leslie loves the new addition.

And with that, Lav gives up on the men of Appaloosa Plains and settles into a relaxing mud bath.
We’ll have to figure something else out, when it comes to the future.  😉

That’s it for now!  More updates coming soon!  Whatever shall we do with Lavender?!?  Until next time, Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  39 (-195)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  32 (+160)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 9 (+360)
Honor Roll +5:  15 (+75)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  10 (+100)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +520

17 thoughts on “Can’t Find a Man 12.0

  1. mishieftressTanja

    I voted Livid, but I’m really liking Lavender as the TH so far 🙂 If you need a male spouse, eventually have your readers create some for you? Then you could make a bachelor household and try and see if she likes one of them 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      That’s a fun idea! I think I’ll do that for one of the future generations. I’d do it now, but I plan on playing today, and if I asked you guys to make me Sims, I’d have to wait! I COULD do a Lightning update today and play tomorrow… Hmm. Thanks for the fun idea!!

  2. Echo Weaver

    I love that foal!! OMG best horse gene combination EVAR! Seems like usually you end up the front half one parent color and the back have the other.

    If you have StoryProgression installed, you just have to accept that you’re going to break up a relationship. It pairs everyone off way too quickly. I don’t break up married couples, but I considere mere boyfriend/girlfriend fair game.

    1. Heather Post author

      I think the foal is pretty awesome too!

      Everyone she’s met, except Kanoa who’s kind of a jerk, was married, not just in a relationship. I’m sure we’ll get SOMEONE for her.

  3. zefiewings

    Yay! She was my second choice but I am happy with Lavender. Heck, I’m happy with anyone. ❤ horsies!
    It looks like its going to be a fun generation. What letter is next? "M"…I wonder what 'm' babies we will be blessed with…and how many? I can't wait!
    I kind of want to make a goal to finish my current generation before…well I wouldn't be done before 'M' takes over. maybe 'n'? hmmm
    I've been trying really hard to write but I've been having trouble with it lately. Its always inspiring to read your stories.

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m really enjoying her too!

      I’d love to see you make it through the current gen by the time N takes over! I love your updates!

      Aw, you are too sweet! I’m glad you enjoy my Zales. ❤

  4. plumbawesim

    First of all, I’m sorry that you have been sick 😦 that’s no fun. I’m glad you’re feeling better and back here with your Zales. 🙂

    And with THAT said…yay Lavender! I’m so excited to see where her legacy takes us. THE FOAL IS SO CUTE. ❤

    Since she seems to be having problems finding a male sim, can Lavender be with a female sim?

    1. Heather Post author

      Thank you! Yes, sick sucks.

      I was tempted to push Lav towards a female, but when she met Cruz over at the training grounds she got the “attracted” moodlet and rolled a wish about know his sign, so I *think* she’s straight? I don’t like pushing Sims to be with a gender they aren’t programmed to be attracted to… As weird as that might sound. Sometimes I can never tell, but sometimes they get a prom date or an RI on their own, or like Lavender, get the attracted moodlet in certain company. I’m sure we’ll figure something out!

  5. pinkfiend1

    I was just thinking that too plumbawesim. Or if your set on a man you could turn simsselves into males. I bet sim Heather would look good as a man and she does have cute kids.

  6. somebodysangel13

    Yay, Lavender! I say that they were tied, and I was wondering who you’d pick for heir. As much as I love Livid, I am glad it was Lavender.

    Zomg, Story Progression mod is amazing. Though you’re right, it does pair off sims ridiculously quickly – but since everything is adjustable, there are ways of making the population a bit more balanced between single and married. Just have to play around with the settings 😉

    The foal is so cute. I’m very impressed with the mix of genetics – SP will help with that too! There are settings under ‘pregnancy’ where you can get advanced blending or something, it really helps avoid face clones.
    Man, you guys with all your gorgeous pets, making me want to try Pets in my game again. But the two games I’m playing are so laggy already, I might have to wait and put them into a new save.

    Maybe Lav could find a mate out of AP? The future, or university or one of the WA towns? Or hey, just drop some randomised males into town and see who Lav likes.

    1. Heather Post author

      I totally love Livid too, and it wasn’t an easy choice, but I’m super happy with the decision I made.

      I messed with the settings in Story Progression, but I can’t really tell what I’m looking at… Oh well.

      Leah was super cute as a full, but I’m not nearly as fond of her as a full on horse. I love the Pets. They’re adorbs.

      I was thinking of sending Lav off to the future for a spouse. I’ve already taken a couple from University – Liz and Ramon… but none from the future! That’ll probably be next. 🙂 Or I’ll do a “Make-a-Mate” and make you guys make some, then poll them.

  7. autumnrein

    The barn is so gorgeous! I absolutely love it and Leah the foal. The spots just steal my heart lol. I find that too, when I have story progression going all of the single sims are scooped up faster than I can get my heir out of the door. You may have to have her waiting on a lot and then throw someone on it and have her grab them before story progression can get it’s grubby little paws on him. Or break up a marriage… which I always feel bad about even though there is no way their relationship bars can be that high after 24 sim hours. I can’t wait to see who she finds!

    1. Heather Post author

      Thank you for the nice compliments on the barn! I thought it turned out lovely myself!

      Yeah, I’m enjoying SP, but everyone was certainly paired off!


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