A Goodbye, A Victory, A Vacation and an Heir Poll! 11.5

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by to enjoy another installment of the Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy!  Lots of stuff happens, so let’s dig right in with a Zale Check!

So, here’s where I found Juniper…
I’m 95% certain gardening is not an autonomous action, so there you have it.  I cheated.

Krypton is inventing.  We have 10 days to complete the inventing and painting skills if we are to fulfill his LTW!
Get at it, buddy!

This is Sam, she’s just standing there, but her eyes are on that bookcase…
…She’s about to go get something to read.

Lilac and Lavender are outside making lovely faces…
Well, Lavender is pulling a face… that’s just Lilac’s natural face.

Livid is standing her in the living room, about to flex her neurotic trait and…
…”check a sink”.

Leslie is taking a bath.
In my ugly brown bathroom.

Levi is working out, trying to avoid the “chubby Krypton” nickname.
Have fun, only son.

Hey, that kid Dorothy Button is still here.
I think she stayed more than 24 hours AFTER I took this picture.  And she never did those dirty dishes.

Krypton learned how to make a time machine!!  First time I’ve ever had one of those!
Time Machine
I’m so excited!  I’ll have to play with it some!

Since there’s an heir poll on the horizon, I follow the girls around quite a bit.

Livid gets her boogie on.
She’s so adorable.

Lavender, whenever I go to find her is always watching TV.
I keep checking her traits for something like “couch potato” but nope!

Lilac throws darts at the wall.
I’ve hidden that lovely face for your viewing pleasure.

Leslie appears to be trapped.
She isn’t… but whatever it is she wanted to get to was apparently blocked.

Zale girls really like to dance!
Ha, she’s adorable.

The outdoor lounge chairs remain the favorite place for Zalien brain power restoration.
I put a lot of work into their yard and landscaping – I’m really glad they like to recharge out here.

It’s Leisure Day!  I told the whole Zale Clan to take the Motive Mobile to visit the festival!
But due to the close proximity of their house, they all just ran there.

Aren’t they adorable?  Love my Zales.

I try again for a nice festival pic – I hope this one turns out!
Spoiler: It does!  You’ll see it later.

Krypton rolled a wish to launch a firework.
Very nice, Krypton.

I decide it will be funny to spray tan the alien skin tone.
Good luck, buddy!

While Krypton is in the tanning machine, I check on Livid, and it looks like she may have just won the hotdog eating contest!
Either her or Jazlyn Parrott.  Certainly not the little boy with the plate full.

Krypton emerges, and appears to have a nice warm glow.
Ha ha ha.

I guess he looks a little bronzed?
We got a pop up about how he’s king of Summer – made me laugh.

Over on the rink – good heavens you two!
Sam!  Be careful!  I think you’re going to hurt your daughter!

Oh sweeties.

Oh well, try and try again!
They seem pretty happy, so that’s good – I guess?

Livid DID win the contest!
hot dog winner
I then of course forgot about the hotdogs, and was notified a couple days later that Liv was “disgusted by spoiled food in her inventory”  Oops.

Krypton goes for some face painting.  He opts for a surfer.
Levi finds it beyond amusing and freaks out about it while heading home.

Juniper wanted to play horseshoes with a Sim, so I have Krypton start a game with her.
I actually couldn’t find a horseshoe court, and had to buy one…

The roller rink is very popular, even if the entire Fox family keeps falling down.
Lilac has actually gotten quite good!

Krypton tries his hand (or foot?) at skating too.
It goes well… 😐

Lilac was so busy skating that she is about to wet her pants.
Don’t fail girl!

I hadn’t seen Sam in a bit so I go to find her and…
…Oh, she’s back home reading.  I see.

Krypton takes one last moment of leisure and reminds his wife that he still loves her.
The two have barely communicated in what would be years probably.  They’ve done almost nothing together since the baby-making phase of their marriage.  I said I would fix this once Krypton completed his LTW.  I still will, I promise!

Back to inventing!
Master this skill!  Build a time machine!
(Oops, he had built one already, I found it in family inventory later)

Lilac and Levi:

Here’s their festival portrait!
I love that it turned out, but Lilac is SO in the way… and Lavender is almost blocking Sam entirely.  It’s a rather sad representation of Samali’s little SimLife with the Zales.

I spot Liv using the sauna.
Whatever she did while in there – ended up aging her down one day.  I got a pop-up that she was feeling revitalized and younger or something, and then sure enough, she was young day younger than her triplet sisters.

Levi picks up a painting he started during childhood.
He never finishes it.  I scrap it later when Krypton needs the easel.

He follows up his brief painting session with a mud bath.
The sauna is popular today.

Almost mastered!
Two down!  Only three or so skill points of painting required and then we DID IT!

To have Krypton restart his painting endeavors, I try again to get a portrait of Juniper.
I feel a Zale as special as she is, needs to be honored and commemorated.

Sam has put the books down recently and has taken to playing video games!
She is now a “nerd”.

Juniper’s portrait is complete.  It’s a little dark on one side, but there’s something about it I REALLY love.
It took 10 generations, but a Zale is finally memorialized in paint.  She somehow looks young and beautiful in this painting, even though she’s old and not likely to be remembered for her beauty (DAT NOSE!).

The kids are home from school!
Aren’t they cute?

Krypton continues to paint in this style.
Oh well.

Oh look, a bird.
It’s not even a good painting of a bird.  Sold.

He also continues the laser/light style he frequently paints in.
There’s something I like about this one, but I sell it anyway.

I’ve done nothing but watch Krypton paint, so I think I’ll Zale Check again.

Aw, sweet Juniper.
She’s really getting old.

Sleeping Sam.
Sweet Dreams!

Lilac is on her way to berate Levi’s ignorance.

Lavender is watching TV…
As she frequently does.

Sleeping Livid.
The only two Zales who need sleep are sleeping.  And it’s even nighttime!

Levi is waiting for his sister to come insult him.
Poor guy.

Leslie is in the bath.
Again.  In my ugly bathroom.  Again.

Back to Krypton… at least this one is different.
And sold.

Krypton paints weird things.
This one isn’t even “good” – sold.

My little bookworms.
The neglected women of the house.

This painting of Krypton’s is worth more than $1800!
Most I’ve ever seen.  SOLD!

Ha ha ha!  Sam and Juniper are so cute!
I’m so happy they became friends.

I’m really trying not to take a picture of EVERY painting…
…But Krypton really likes this style… I wish I could see what the paintings were supposed to look like.

Video games make me pull that face too, Sam.
She works hard at maintaining her nerd status.

Sam also rolled this:
big reader
Do you see how many she’s already completed?  Do you believe me now when I say ALL SHE DOES IS READ?  I have never seen a Sim read so much… especially on freewill!  I told you I’m constantly taking the entire Zale library out of her inventory and putting it back on the bookshelves.

Speaking of reading, Lilac is too.
And Livid!

Lavender just finished some pancakes.

Levi is playing on the water slide.

And Leslie just finished a batch of mac & cheese.
That’s her swimwear… I wonder why I let her wear a cotton hoodie?

Hey Krypton, I like this painting.
I keep the colorful zebra.

Krypton must’ve heard me, as he chooses to paint it again!
And we’re SO CLOSE to mastering the skill!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay krypton
+40!  I’m so happy!  I’ve never done this one before.

I make Krypton finish the painting that allowed him to complete his LTW.
I like it.  I keep that one too.

Krypton:  Hey wife?
I know it’s been a few years…

…I promise to be a better husband…
…Woohoo maybe?
I’ll even stop wearing this apron day in and day out…
Come on honey – let’s go grab a bite to eat!
Put on something nice and–

Goodbye Juniper Zale.

Creepy alien ghost.
Juniper never married.  The daughter of Ike Zale and some random space alien, she had 5 kids.  Three with a local man in China, and two with a genie.  She mastered martial arts, became a grand master of SimFu, mastered athletic, cooking and gardening, as well as learned all recipes except stir fry.  I did not want her to win the heir poll, I was rooting for Ike and Tahiya’s daughter July – but Juniper prevailed.  By the time of her death, I had grown to adore her, and she will be missed.  But her legacy prevails, as she had 4 alien children, and 4 alien grand children.  Farewell, to the original Zalien.

I thought Krypton and Samali would abandon their outing, but it appears they have not noticed that Juniper passed away in the rocking chair.

No one but the maid is there to witness Juniper’s departure.
The children are still at school.

Just as she dives into her urn, the kids appear and mourn for her.

It’s very, very sad.
Sorry Liv.

Meanwhile, out on the town, Sam and Krypton are still enjoying their fine date

At least until they leave the restaurant.
Sam:  My husband takes me out for the first time in years!  I’m wearing my wedding dress!

A movie should help and they see Brews & Pounds.
It was raining the day Juniper died.  Poetic, man.

Back at the house, three of the girls bond on the couch.
Leslie, Lavender & Livid.

Ha… this is almost funny.

The movie received mixed reviews, LOL.
Sam liked it Krypton hated it
I found that entirely too amusing.

Note:  Lav and Liv made the honor roll.  +10
The teens are four days from their birthday.  I was REALLY hoping they’d get a prom, but no such luck.  Bummer.

After the date, Krypton decides to play in the time machine!
We’re heading to the past!

Oooh, blurry.
Krypton enjoyed ancient Rome, worked for his room and board, slept on straw, and frolicked in the yurt of a Mongolian Chieftain.

When he came back, he looked TERRIFIED.
And was trying desperately to shut the machine quickly.  He also earned $258.00… okaaaay.

I don’t really having anything to do… I did send Krypton and Samali on their date, Krypton’s LTW is complete, and we’re just killing time before the teens’ birthdays.  And I get this pop up.
free vacay
Besides, a nice two day vacation away from the kids is just what I think Sam and Krypton need.  So sure!  Off you go.

Besides, by the time they get back, I won’t have anymore of this:

Have fun kids!

Yes yes, crying and door troubles.  So very Zale.
I didn’t even notice Lavender didn’t come home with everyone else.

I found her later sitting outside the theater restoring her brain power in the rain.
Okay then.

The kids all did their homework, and I didn’t get a pop-up for a teen party.
I almost cheated and threw one… but it was almost midnight – and then Krypton and Sam were almost ready to come home.

Good heavens Levi – do not make that face.
And be nice to your sister.

I haven’t taken a school bus shot in awhile…
Hi guys.

La di da, killing time…

Per typical Zale vacation antics, we have a broken computer.
I thought more things would break, but this was it.

Nice try Lilac.
You’re still ugly.

It’s that nose.  It’s not your fault.
It’s your deceased grandmother’s fault.

Yay!  They’re back!
They got the lamest moodlet.  Well no, it was a cute moodlet, but it was only +5 for four hours.  They just had a romantic couple days alone, they should’ve had a great moodlet.

Fix the computer.
Thank you.

Sam missed her children.
And joined four of them in the kitchen as soon as she got home.  She’s reading, of course.

You’d think Lavender was a couch potato… ALWAYS watching TV!
How cute, a gingerbread house for sale on the shopping network.

With less than 2 days until their birthdays, I decide to age up the triplets so we can get an heir poll going.
Don’t look so grumpy, Liv.

Birthdays with the maid!
Nearly in sync!
Lavender goes first!
Ha, guess what… she is a couch potato… anyway…
Lavender rolls good sense of humor, joining couch potato, loves the cold, grumpy, & equestrian.
She likes spooky music, tofu dogs, and purple.  I’m incredibly fond of her.  Her LTW is Star News Anchor, which she rolled as a teenager, and I locked in.

Livid goes next!
Livid rolls workaholic to join neurotic, good, heavy sleeper and diva.
She likes disco, hotdogs, and the color grey.  She’s quite lovely and her LTW is Jack of All Trades.

Lastly, Lilac!
She rolls social butterfly, to go with easily impressed, flirty, disciplined & animal lover.
She likes beach party music, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and the color purple.  I’m pretty sure I can’t take another TH with that nose… her LTW is Physical Perfection.

I put a lot of work into their new looks, and they have hair and outfits designed for their traits.  (Except maybe Lilac – who has outfits, but the same hair)

So, it’s time for an HEIR POLL!  Another quick recap – and of course we can’t forget Leslie!


Happy voting!  I’ll probably close it this coming weekend.

I’m really hoping Lilac doesn’t win.  Anyone else would be fine with me.  I really like Livid because she’s a human, but just like some of you readers, I’d love a horse.  (and just a secret, I love all of Lavender’s hair and outfits…)

Until next time, Happy Simming! ❤

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  39 (-195)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  32 (+160)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 9 (+360)
Honor Roll +5:  13 (+65)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  10 (+100)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +510

36 thoughts on “A Goodbye, A Victory, A Vacation and an Heir Poll! 11.5

  1. pinkfiend1

    Heather, please don’t hate me. I voted Lilac. Before you said you didn’t want her. Then you saying you didn’t want her made me want her more.

    1. Heather Post author

      GAHH! PINK! How could you!! I can’t handle a third generation of that damned nose! LOL – Whatever happens happens. I’m sure Lilac and I would have lots of fun. -_-

      1. pinkfiend1

        You could be the first (I think) to do an ISBI double heir. Switch the controllable every day.
        Just be grateful that you blocked it so you can only vote once. Or Lilac would have more votes. Although I could use the desktop downstairs, that has a different IP address. *evil grin*

      2. Heather Post author

        Ha ha ha! Well I can vote at home, at work, on my phone, on my iPad and on my husband’s laptop! SO THERE! Hee hee hee.

      3. pinkfiend1

        Ok I have IE and Crome on laptop. The desktop has Crome, Firefox and IE. so thats 5. (I wonder if that will work?) If I use my brothers who has crome and IE thats 7. (I can’t use work its banned)

      4. Heather Post author

        Alright, you go team Lilac. You can vote on boolprop too. But if she wins, I’m going to be very, very sad.

      5. pinkfiend1

        Comfort yourself. I’m not creating a boolprop account, and I sincerely doubt that I could be bothered to use the other computers.
        Besides I’ll have another heir poll eventually and you can choose someone I don’t like.

  2. somebodysangel13

    OMG, such a hard choice. Unlike Pink, I won’t be going against your wishes – I agree, two THs with the alien nose is quite enough, especially when we have other options. But which option should I chose??? I love Livid, but she’s a face clone…actually I think Leslie might be also, the alien eyes make it less obvious. But grey is such a boring colour for the house. Leslie has Irish Green like Samali! Though I know you don’t like that. Lavender has the cute green hair and bigger lips, which complement the chubby cheeks. Possibly I’m thinking about this too much…

    Anyway, loved the chapter! Great to get to know the girls a bit better. And it’s nice that they get along, for the most part. Livid and Leslie are adorable with the dancing – it’s one of my favourite autonomous actions, they all look so adorable when they dance. Especially when they really rock out to slow music (was it in the Zales where someone did that? I read too many sims blogs…)

    Hahaha, so not surprised at my simself with the reading. She’s exactly like me, taking herself home from an outing to read MOAR BOOKS! But so very nice of Krypton to romance his wife again after all that time apart. They are so cute together! I wasn’t expecting to be added to the family, but I’m so glad Krypton chose her, they’re one of my favourite Zale couples.

    …seriously, I have no clue who I’m going to choose. I may have to vote for different people here and on boolprop. Could you do double heirs? It would mean only two babies per TH – and only IF both Samali and Krypton died reasonably soon, so maybe not.

    1. Heather Post author

      Everything you said about the Zale girls I agree with completely. Except I’m not sure why you said I don’t like Irish Green! I have no problems with it! 🙂 You’ll have to let me know who you settle on in the end.

      The kids DO get along, except Lilac and Levi – they bicker frequently. I love the dancing too, they get soo cute all boogalooing. And yes! It was the Zales who jammed to slow music. Helen and SimSelves. I took a video but there was no sound.

      SimYou was like, PEACE! I need to go read. ha ha ha. They’re a pretty cute couple if I do say so myself. You’ll have to let me know who you pick! Double heirs won’t really work, because like you said, Samali and Krypton would need to die soon, and they’re not even elders… You’re just going to have to make a decision, ha ha ha 🙂

      1. somebodysangel13

        I did the same thing you did – voted for two different girls. Livid here and Lavender on boolprop. But now I kind of want to vote for Leslie too, coz I like her too, and she needs votes! Of the Zale polls I’ve participated in, this is the most torn I’ve been!

        Hmm, maybe it was Pink who didn’t like Irish Green? I know I read it on some blog…

        And I totally agree about the skintone thing you mentioned in a reply to another comment (totally not stalking or anything). I wouldn’t mind the alien so much if they had normal noses and normal skintones!

  3. Echo Weaver

    Heir poll!

    I always vote once in my own polls too. And, in addition, I resolve ties. I figure that it’s my challenge; I ought to get a tiny bit more power.

    I voted for Livid, but I could also go for Lavender. She’s the only sim in the group who rolled a skill-specific trait. Plus I like horses. Couch Potato and Equestrian are an odd mix. I guess she can ride horses on her own lot all day without getting Stir Crazy.

    Maybe I’ll vote for Lavender on Boolprop :).

    1. Heather Post author

      I thought couch potato and equestrian is kind of funny too… but I like it for some reason. Funny you mentioned it… I voted once on here, and once on boolprop – for two different girls myself! 🙂

  4. btaylor7409

    Was upset by the death of Juniper, I didn’t think I would be but she seemed like she was great fun. I was torn between Livid and Lavender but I had to go with Livid. She seems so pretty and it would be nice to see a human in charge again. Though I can’t get the poll to work here, I guess I’ll have to vote on boolprop instead.

    1. Heather Post author

      I was too, surprised the heck out of me… well no, not quite, I could tell by painting her portrait and stuff, that I had grown pretty attached. I’m sorry my poll isn’t working for you!

  5. autumnrein

    Had to vote for Livid. As much as I like the Zaliens I wanted a human again in the gene pool. I can’t believe Juniper passed away. But she was pretty ancient, so I guess it was just her time. I love the family portrait too even though poor Sam is stuck in the background and you can’t see her whole face. I can’t wait to see who wins.

    1. Heather Post author

      I really want a human too! But part of me thinks the next Zalien can’t POSSIBLY have so many alien babies… What I want, more than anything, is regular skin tone. I’m sick of weird gray/green ones.

      1. autumnrein

        Yea, it’s nice to just have regular sims now and again. I like my berry sims but the regular ones are by far my favourite.

  6. plumbawesim

    I voted for Lavender. She’s cute and we would get a horse out of her. There hasn’t been a Zale pet in the household for a while.

    I will miss Juniper 😦 she was a good sim. That portrait of her is beautiful! 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      I like Lavender, and I want a horse too. If Livid wins, I’ll get a cat or something, because you’re right, I don’t think we’ve had a pet since Daisy was alive.

  7. zefiewings

    Great chapter! Our poor Zalien though…

    And now the ever difficult vote. I am not drawn to Lilac but I am having a really hard time choosing between the rest.
    Livid: I am not particularly drawn to her personally but it would be nice to start breeding the alien out of the Zal.
    Lavender: I really want the equestrian…though her traits are really contradictory arn’t they? Grumpy – Good sense of Humor? Couch Potato – Equestrian?
    All though actually…Equestrian in this games sense just means she loves horses. I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean she wants to own and take care of them or ride them.
    Leslie: I think she is adorable and actually I love the idea of her being obsessed with the supernatural. I think that could be such a fun story trait!
    Hmmmm. You know what? I actually love Leslie the most, I am just stubbornly not wanting to let go of the horses. But I am sure it will come up again.

    1. Heather Post author

      I agree with everything you say about the girls, except Leslie, that is. Since I write such an observational blog, “stories” don’t really come out, and just being honest here, I’m unlikely to do much with her supernatural fan trait – depending on the wishes she rolls I guess. I haven’t played with the trait much, and I’m not sure what kind of things she’d be interested in. But I *do* think she’s adorable, and Lilac is really the only one I don’t want – Maybe I should just get them a horse, LOL.

      1. zefiewings

        lol I knew that too.

        I just have to vote with my heart no matter how I get there! And writing out my thoughts helps me realize who I want.

    1. Heather Post author

      But it’s still nice! I hate it when heir potentials don’t get any votes. I’m glad she has you rooting for her.

  8. evilmaniac88

    I really like lavender – it would be great if she got a horse (horses have always been one of my favourite features but I can’t use pets because my stupid computer won’t let me 😦 ) and in my opinion she’s the coolest looking if all of them, I really like the hair you used for her. Great chapter 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      I really like her, too 🙂

      I LOVE the horses, they’re so wonderfully done. I really like that hair too! I just got it in the store! I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter!

  9. Voguishstorm

    Gardening can be performed by idiots. They just wont plant, but my idiot green thumb takes care of the garden, so maybe you didn’t cheat :P.
    I’ll miss Juniper. Even though I didn’t want her to win the heir poll either at first.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah – I feel ya. I didn’t want her to win either, but it’s been quite the journey! But yeah – I’m pretty sure I cheated, ha ha ha.


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