Appaloosa Plains has been Invaded by Zaliens! 11.4

Zales in Appaloosa Plains
Hello!  I’m so happy to see you!  The Zales (and their house) have landed in Appaloosa Plains.  I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the last house, so I brought it with me.  If I have problems, I’ll just begin again with a new house in a new Appaloosa Plains.  I also didn’t want to lose that garden that Juniper worked so hard on.  I played for a few minutes to see how the game ran, and then I quit for a few days.  This post will begin a little differently.Screenshot
Aside from there being no sidewalks in AP, The house fits in quite nicely.

So – I don’t have my notes, but I’m going to try to post this anyway…  We’ll see how that goes.

This is Krypton inventing.  Say Hi Krypton.Screenshot-2
Krypton:  Sup.

Lilac and Levi bond of making faces.
Screenshot-3Such good kids.

Krypton!  You’re on fire!
Krypton: What?

Krypton: *Flees*

Young man!  For a level 8 inventor, you’re awfully flammable today!

Lavender here is enjoying that fact that winter instantly ended and it’s summer again.
Have fun!

Krypton – you’re a mess.
He then rolled a wish to sell the inventing table.  Sorry homie, no can do.

Aw, kids, you’re cute…
That’s not your bed though.
(Foreshadowing:  I have taken this sleeping moment for granted.)

So, there ends my test play session, and here begins a proper update!  You know what that means!  Zale Check!Screenshot-10Juniper is playing a football video game in the study.

Krypton is busy inventing.
I have no idea where he got that outfit.  I tried to take him into CAS to fix it, and I was told he wasn’t wearing one of approved outfits for CAS.  So the mystery remains.  He favors it too, I have to constantly ask him to change into his “everyday”.

Due to her youngest children having stolen her bed, Samali has taken over one of theirs.
I do not blame her.

Lilac here looks like she’s just walking down a hallway…
…but I remember, even without my notes, that she has “clean up dishes” in her queue.  Well alright!

Livid is asleep.
Wonderful, human, teenage Livid.  Sleeping.

Lavender is upstairs watching the massive TV.

Leslie and Levi are in their own beds…
Screenshot-16 Screenshot-17
I’m pretty sure I cheated this on my test play session to get them out of Sam’s bed.

This is pretty much all Krypton does.Screenshot-18
So there’s lots of pictures like this.  At least he’s not wearing the mystery outfit, or on fire.

Lilac, you really are your mother’s daughter!
Thank you!

Hey!  Look what Krypton made!
It’s a… thing.

He’s also managed to invent a miner!
I’ve never had one of those before!

He’s also invented the harvester!
It didn’t work though, he just got stressed out, dizzy, and threw up.  Nice.

I finally got all the dead people out of Krypton’s pocket.
So many!  I still think Imogene’s little grave there in front of Helen and Ramon is super sad.  😦

This is why I got the decensor mod…
You can actually see them playing with the bubbles!  I love it!

They put all that time into animated bubbles, people should be able to see it!
Isn’t it adorable?  I always hated how the censor thingie got in the way.  I do feel a little pervy – especially when I “walked in” on Livid hopping in the shower… But I had Krypton go to the store and buy five bottles of bubble bath, now every tub has one (and a duckie!)

Lilac and Levi win this legacy.  That’s HIS bed, and I believe he falls asleep.
Screenshot-26His twin sister on the other hand, is about to drive me fully bonkers.

Lav and Grandma are tablet addicts.
Hi Sam!  *waves*

Krypton’s Kreations.
The silly maid put all the toys away though.  I should’ve thought of that.

ATTENTION!  I have discovered why dishwashers break!
*whispers* It’s the children
Look!  She CLIMBS on it when she puts her dishes away!
Seriously, Leslie!?!  I don’t think that’s necessary!

Leslie’s adventure with sleep deprivation begins.
Innocently enough with a request for a bedtime story.

Sam, being a good mother complies, but doesn’t insist on Leslie going to her OWN bed.

Levi is a good son.
(I love how he thinks his house is “new” – Isn’t it oddly familiar?)

The eldest alien children do not require sleep, and are spending time together. Screenshot-33Lavender looks grumpy – I wonder if she’s grumpy?  I don’t remember.

So more of this is happening.
I might’ve taken it because he’s level 9 now!  I’m starting to feel confident that we’re going to make his LTW!

Look who’s tired.

Look who just enjoyed a perfectly fine bedtime story on a perfectly fine bed.
And is not asleep.

Look who’s exhausted, has queued up “sleep until 7:00 am” IN THE TREEHOUSE.
It’s 6:47am.  But fine, you go sleep in the treehouse.

It’s well after 7:00 when she begins her climb to slumber.
I don’t care if you sleep in there all day…

Nope… she heads off to school instead.

But doesn’t quite make it to the bus.
Tragic.  -5

She then goes inside and heads to her room.  I almost rejoiced!
But she’s just “napping”

Krypton’s father sense is tingling.
I must not finish these waffles.  I smell child home from school.

Aw, the little peanut looks nervous.
I almost felt bad for her.  Almost.


Then immediately let off the hook and sent to school.

I wish I could have her nap in class.

Krypton himself is feeling a little drained…
And decides that Leslie’s bed will do nicely.  Heck, someone should use it.

This kid continues to be my favorite.
He’s adorable.

Oh look who’s tired?
Little urchin.

I pull Krypton away from his skilling and intervene.  GO TO BED.
She nods approvingly, then queues up ask someone for a story.

I will NOT read you to sleep!  GO TO BED.

NO!  Do NOT ask your mother for a story.

I had Krypton attempt to send her to bed at least 6 times.  This is how successful we were.
Krypton:  I give up.

I hate you, Leslie Zale.

She then drags Lilac into her stinky, sleepless existence.
Screenshot-55I can’t care any more.

Krypton goes back to work.
We have skills to master.

Levi!  No!  Not you too!
You’re supposed to be the good one!

Do my eyes deceive me?
I don’t know which one of you did it, but that is a sleeping Leslie behind you.  I also want to point out how incredibly different Lilac and Livid are.  Considering they’re triplets!

Apparently all my suffering with non-sleeping Sims, I became rather obsessed with it, as I took these following two screen shots:
Screenshot-59 Screenshot-60
Yup, sleeping Sims.

This one however, I can understand a little bit more.  Levi remains the good son.
And Lavender is an excellent sister.

Juniper her is 89 days old.
She could go at any time.  This makes me sad.  Considering I didn’t even want her, I have grown incredibly attached.

As one of five siblings, alone time with your parents must be hard to come by.Screenshot-64Lavender makes an effort and joins them.  While being stared at by a laundry gnome.

Enjoy it!  The last shot of these two as CHILDREN.
They are pretty stinkin’ cute though.  And for being twins, are very different looking.  Levi looks like his father, and Leslie like her mother.

The Zales don’t really know anyone in AP, and I haven’t plopped down spares or SimSelves, but the kids had met a few acquaintances at school, so I invited them.  This kid is uh… Dorothy Button!  (GO MEMORY!)
I like her, I think she has a unique look, and I love her large eyes.

And, as it would figure, if I like her, Leslie doesn’t.
Too bad, she’s even at your birthday party.

Yup!  Levi and Leslie are aging into teens!

Party complete with floor pancakes.

Levi goes first, and has uh… Bot Fan!  Yeah!  Bot fan, locked in.  And that means he’s a… artistic, eccentric, athletic bot fan!  If memory serves, which I think it does!
He looks like a chubby Krypton.  I add green streaks to his green hair just because.

Calm down Lilac – you can have a piece of cake in a moment.
Hi nameless kid!  *waves*

I have never been so happy to see a Sim stop being a CHILD.
Ha, she’s scared.  Good.

Oh man, can I remember her traits?  I know she was stuck with Supernatural Fan – which considering I have it turned off will be tricky, but she herself IS supernatural so… I know she’s grumpy, loves the outdoors, and… damn.  I can’t recall the last one.
And she’s pretty cute.  And will continue to rock short hair.

And with that, dearest Sam completes her LTW!
Man, you’ve hardly seen her this post.  She just totters around and reads books.  I frequently have to go into her inventory and put all the books back on the book shelf.  I promise to pay more attention to her soon.  And when Krypton completes his LTW I’ll send them on lots of dates and stuff.

Apparently Levi didn’t like being called a “chubby Krypton”…
Feel the burn, buddy.

And, like all good Zale parties, we end with a broken appliance.
I knew it was you, Leslie.

Thank you Krypton.
Now back to work.


The eldest teens are 10 days away from their YA birthday, and then you know what that means!  HEIR POLL!  So do come back soon, yes?

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  39 (-195)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  32 (+160)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 8 (+320)
Honor Roll +5:  11 (+55)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  10 (+100)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +460

Funny afterthought:  I have the most entertaining spam messages, but this one is my favorite:

Microsoft has been coy about revealing the number of Surface tablets
that it has sold thus far. However, they require you to put up your home as collateral, so you risk losing your home
if yoou makke late payments or fail to make them at all.
You will get the bundled wireless keyboard and mouse which will
give you great typing experience.

Good heavens!  You can lose your house!  But what a great typing experience.  HA!

11 thoughts on “Appaloosa Plains has been Invaded by Zaliens! 11.4

  1. pinkfiend1

    I hate the bed time story. It so rarely works.
    I don’t want the heir poll yet, I don’t know who I like most, well dislike least with this generation. (sorry)

    1. Heather Post author

      That’s okay, Pink! We have ten days to play with all the little L kids as teens, I’m sure we’ll learn lots more about them!

  2. plumbawesim

    Yay teenagers! Leslie was a really cute kid though 🙂 what hair did she have? (if you can remember I mean)

    I hope that Appaloosa Plains is a less laggy home than Twinbrook was. It seems that the Zales like it there so far 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what happens with the L teens 😀

    1. Heather Post author

      Hi! Yeah, Leslie was a pretty cute kid. I got the hair from the store. Are we friends on I tried to find you, but I didn’t recognize any as you. If we are, let me know you’re name, and I’ll send it to you. If we aren’t, well, let’s fix that! And then I’ll send it to you, LOL.

      Appaloosa Plains is running brilliantly so far. I am also looking forward to the teens!

  3. autumnrein

    Wow, Levi is really giving Livid a run for her money in my books now. He was such a good little boy all chapter and grew up great! I think my vote will be decided on if you want a female heir or a male heir. I should consider myself lucky that I’ve got one chosen for each side lol.

    Poor Krypton too! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him catch on fire so many times in one chapter. It always makes me laugh that they roll wishes to sell the inventing table as soon as they get injured. It’s too funny really. I know when I get frustrated at inanimate objects I debate throwing them out.

    1. Heather Post author

      I alternate boy/girl/boy/girl and I have all this time! It is a girl’s turn, so Levi is not in the running, but I adore him nonetheless, he’s a good little Sim.

      I think it’s super funny too, when they roll wishes to sell something, makes me laugh.

  4. somebodysangel13

    Aw, Leslie, she does indeed look nervous about skipping school. That’s totally how I would look if my father was about to scold me like that.

    Lol, those pictures of Livid and Sam sleeping one after another shows me how much they look alike. Face clone is okay though, because hoomin!!

    I think Leslie and Lavendar have the best mix of their parents, but aliens 😦 Can we handle a third alien TH in a row? I’m not sure…

    Tottering around reading books all day. Totally sounds like me. I’ve finished the first 3 books in the ASOIAF series in the past few weeks…so much extra time when I’m not simming.

    PMSL, that spam message is awesome! Of course a wireless keyboard and mouse can totally replace your home!

    1. Heather Post author

      I thought she looked so cute when she was about to get scolded. I was all “aw, poor thing – wait a minute! It’s her own danged fault!” Yes, I can tell they’re face clones, but I SO want a HOOMIN! But ya know, no matter what happens, it’s fine with me. I’ve learned that by now, ha ha ha. I agree with you about the L girls, but Lilac is a good mix too, Mom’s more rounder face and full cheeks, and mouth… but Krypton’s nose. However, if I have to have ANOTHER alien, please let’s get rid of that nose?!?

      I feel so bad that I’m neglecting your Sim so much. It’s like I was all “thanks for the babies! >IGNORE<" But your SimSelf is really just a delight to have around – doesn't cause me any fails, and pretty much never leaves the upstairs.

      And isn't that Spam too much?!? I love Spam, they entertain me.

  5. zefiewings

    I’m so excited for another vote! but I think if you end up finishing this legacy before I even get another generation in I am going to have a complex. -_-‘
    Joking aside I do not know who I will be voting for. Equestion VS human is a tough call for me.

    Supernatural Fan in a normal world isn’t so bad. I think I could be called one: my favorite stories are about supernaturals and I love reading creepy legends and folk lore and stuff. In fact, it makes more sense in a normal world because in a world were they are everywhere its like saying ‘I’m a fan of redheads” as a trait. I mean…I love red hair but its certainly not one of the five main things about me. But with it not in world its an INTEREST. 😉

    That spam is weird. The first part makes it seem like its going to be a ‘don’t be fooled by mircosoft’ ad, then it sound like a warning about their weird contracts, then its like they are trying to sell it, which they should really not have mentioned the other stuff if they were. :/ I don’t get the motive…

    1. Heather Post author

      Ha ha, you’re funny! I’m far from finished, I’m certain you’ll have at least another generation or two finished before I complete this! I like Equestrian too, but the house would need to be remodeled, I don’t have room for a horse right now. Mostly I’m dying for a little humanity – but whatever happens, happens!

      I agree with you about the “supernatural fan” in a regular world. I suppose I am a bit of a fan myself, in a way.

      I think the spam is hilarious. I have a couple other good ones too. I might have to start putting them at the end of blogs just for their entertainment value.


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