One Last Attempt in Twinbrook 11.3

Hi Friends!  I hope everyone is doing extra special, and having a fun day.  Welcome back to another adventure with the Zales!  In an attempt to save the house, I watched some YouTube videos and did some googling and TADA!  Look what I did?look what I did
I grabbed error trap and overwatch, as well as decensor.  When a move is necessary, I will move to the town that won the Poll – Appaloosa Plains!

But enough of that, let’s Zale Check!  Juniper is meditating in her work clothes, even though she has recently retired.

Krypton is painting – like always.
I liked this romantic wedding painting, I hung it – you’ll see it later.

Sam is sleeping…

So is Lilac.

And Livid is on her way to bed.

heck, Lavender too!
Such good little girls!

Levi and Leslie are exactly where you’d expect them to be.
Enjoying their last two days in baby jail.

So I always Zale Check before unpausing my game.  I start to play and whoa.
That’s a lot of vehicles!  It’s not the most I ever saw (72) and my game ran much better.

Aw look!  A snow day!
Snow day!
Let’s hope the girls go play in it!

This isn’t really how I would enjoy a snow day, Liv – but hey, enjoy!
She’s super cute.

And look!  From our fancy fridge!
I’m so happy!  And so proud of Juniper – she did SO MUCH for the legacy of Zale.

Then to commemorate his advancements in painting, and honor the original Zalien, I have Krypton paint a portrait of Juniper.
It is a Zale first!  A portrait!  MILESTONE!

Hmm, looks a little dark.
Having read enough legacies where they capture wonderful portraits of all the Sims, I scrap this and start over.

I buy a dozen floor lamps and try again.
Awesome!  This one is already so much better!

Here’s Liv accusing Juniper of being a Diva.
Nice.  Livid, you’re the diva – Juniper is about as non-diva and drama free as a Sim could get.  ❤

Lilac has decided to play outside on this fine snow day.
I approve, but you are gonna be COLD, girl!

Yay Sam!  You’re awake!
Entertain me!
Sam:  *thinks of self*

Krypton has acquired a new addition to his hand, and thinks all things are made better with a little Paint.
This is Paint infused Goopy Carbonara.  Yum.

Upstairs, Juniper, Lav and Sam spend some quality time together.
I feel like the Zales don’t interact much with each other.  So this made me happy.

Toddler alien cuteness.
Someone must’ve let them out of the swings.  And it wasn’t Krypton!

Because he’s downstairs in the basement sculpting!

He makes this cool mermaid ice sculpture.
I really like it.  Paint helps out the chainsaw.

I realize I didn’t finish Juniper’s portrait, so I send Krypton back up to finish it and dang…
Something happened to it 😦  It was going to be really good too!

Aw, just husband and wife…
…and Paint.

It’s Kahless & Kasidy!
And Kira Nerys brought pancakes!
Spares mean birthdays!

Sam takes Levi

Krypton and Paint take Leslie.

Wee!  It’s never a party unless the maid shows up.

Levi rolls artistic to join eccentric and athletic.
Ha, look at the little peanut.  He’s adorable.

Leslie rolls loves the outdoors to go with disciplined and grumpy.
She looks a little tomboyish, and I think she’s super cute.

There’s ONE more birthday, however!
Krypton is all grown up!

His family shows him much love.

Happy birthday, buddy.
Paint is happy to have shared this day with you.

Oh, there’s another spare here who we just can’t ignore.
Hi Keiko.

And like all good Zale parties, it ends with a broken appliance.
Nice work, kid.

After the party, it’s back to business for Krypton.
This is a cute, futuristic painting.

Little Levi found the barre!
I love this guy!  I need to have Krypton sign him up for ballet!

I heard a fail!
Darn you Liv! And you stink too.  -5

Here’s Krypton signing up his son Levi for ballet, and his outdoor loving daughter Leslie up for scouts.
It seems very fitting.

Ugh, you exhausted little urchins, go to bed!
I predict another fail.
Juniper is THRILLED with the attention, however.

Tada!  Tell me what I’ve won!
-5  Juniper is just standing there like “well, that happened.”

You too, Lavender?  -5

Oh Livid, that’s rich…
I just watched you pass out twice due to your addiction to bedtime stories, don’t you get all judgmental on your sister now!

Then – my game crashed, and my last save was before Levi and Leslie’s birthday (DAMN!)  I was lured into a false sense of security since my game was running so well, and I wasn’t saving as frequently as I should have been.  Levi and Leslie might look a little bit different now, as I had to give them their makeovers again – and I need to have Krypton sign them up for their after school classes again.  (If they ever go to school… you’ll see)  So anyhoo, I played and caught  myself back up again.

Krypton can sculpt in stone now!
Makin’ progress!

Then it’s another snow day!
Sam says “NO!  I need a break!  And their studies!!!”

Lilac and Liv have a lovely chat.

Lavender is watching TV

Levi needs to potty.

And Leslie just finished some macaroni and cheese breakfast with her momma.

Lilac is a cutie!

Doing things together!
I approve!

I was going to wait for Krypton to finish this sculpture, but stone ones seem to take a lot longer than the other materials – and it’s already afternoon…

So before it’s too late, we’re off to the festival!
In the Motive Mobile!  Sweet!

Have fun, everyone!

We tried to take a greeting card picture, but after three hours in the booth – nothing happened.  But three of the kids tried skating!
Aren’t they cute?  I wish they were wearing their outerwear, however – I worry about them getting cold.

Speaking of getting cold…
…This is Lucy Ferne.  She must be FREEZING.

Come on Krypton & Paint!  You can do it!

Paint: screams

I wish that paint palette would catch on fire…
You’d think it would be flammable…

Ha ha ha!  That’s Kira Nerys tackling that snowman in the background while little Lavender warms herself up.
I’m glad Krypton lit the fire, people were really drawn to it.

Juniper gets some skating in too,
And then I decide to send them all home.

But they left poor Lavender behind!
She ran to catch up, but the left without her.  She had to ride her bike home in the snow storm.

Little Levi starts a painting all by himself!
He gains skill incredibly fast!  He made it to level two and a half in just that one painting!

Then I got a pop up that Leslie was getting better at skating and I thought, “is she still at the festival?” But nope!
The pond I built for the koi (sad) is large enough for skating!

I decide to check on Juniper, I feel like she could be getting pretty old.
She’s 84.  Good – I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to the Original Zalien.

Paint and Krypton made this stone coffee table!
It was worth $1388!

It’s ANOTHER snow day – third in a row.  Not good for traits for the older girls.  Or honor roll points.

Paint and Krypton make PB & J

Paint, Krypton & Leslie eat PB & J

Thank you Sam!  Everyone keeps standing in front of the fridge, then spinning into their outerwear to go eat outside.
Making a lovely pile of laundry.

Father/Son skilling.

You are too cute, Samali – and very helpful!
If it wasn’t for Sam, I think there would be a sentient laundry beast in this house.

Cute boys.
I love Krypton and his son, Levi.

Snow cancels school YET AGAIN, it’s four birthdays today, and Krypton has sculpted a masterpiece!
I sold it.

Krypton, and his dear friend Paint have mastered sculpting!
One down, two to go!

You know those birthdays I mentioned?  Well it’s time!
The “purple girls” and their mother are all celebrating today!

Livid goes first, she has good locked in.  Stupid snow.  She is now a good, neurotic heavy sleeping diva.  She gets lots of make-up for her diva trait and a cool new hair I bought from the store with feathers in it.
I think she looks fantastic, and I love her.

Lavender goes next…
…and see how pretty Liv is?

Lavender had “difficulties” with her studies, and is stuck with grumpy – making her a cold loving, couch potato, grumpy equestrian.  Ha.
I tried to embrace her more lazy nature, and I think she turned out great.

Momma Samali goes next.
Too cute!

Work it girl!
No midlife crisis for Krypton OR Samali!  YAY!

Last but not least, Lilac!
Levi cheers for his sister, aw.

Lilac has flirty locked in – this makes her a flirty animal lover who is disciplined and easily impressed.  She is also cursed with that terrible nose.
I try nearly every hair I have, and decide she looks best with this face framing natural look.

And that’s that!  By the end of this post, my game was pretty laggy again.  So I’m going to go ahead and make a move to Appaloosa Plains.  Join us again soon!  Until then, Happy Simming!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  37 (-185)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  32 (+160)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 7 (+280)
Honor Roll +5:  11 (+55)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  10 (+100)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +430

18 thoughts on “One Last Attempt in Twinbrook 11.3

    1. Heather Post author

      Yes, they all took after their mother’s more rounded face, but I think when they age up to YA, we’ll see some of that tone down. I’m looking forward to it too!

  1. plumbawesim

    Oohhh the purple girls are looking good! 🙂 We have lots of lovely Zaliens to choose from for the heir poll 🙂

    Sorry about the lag from Twinbrook, but I’m glad to hear that the nRaas mods are helping you a little bit. I was also amazed at how much junk bogs the game down. All the cars and tvs and such. It’s crazy. Hope to have better luck in Appaloosa!

    1. Heather Post author

      I think they look pretty good myself! I’m pleased with the number of girls we have to poll myself! I’m surprised that Twinbrook was giving me so much trouble. My old computer always did really well in Twinbrook, so I was pretty surprised to see so much lag with my new one. I’ve moved the entire lot to Appaloosa Plains (I just wasn’t ready to give up that house!) and it’s doing great so far – we’ll have to see how it goes!

  2. Susan

    I honestly think those mods make the game a LOT smoother. The rest are to add features, but ErrorTrap and Overwatch are to make things WORK. I do hope they, um, work for you.

    The purple sisters came out really interesting looking! I love seeing sims that show off the variety you can get with Sims 3 genetics. That alien nose really is awful, though :).

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m so sick of that nose. If Lilac wins the heir poll, ugh. Juniper had it (of course) and Krypton has it – and Lilac. Thankfully everyone else got their momma’s nose. I’m enjoying overwatch and errortrap. Hopefully, they keep my game running smoothly.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, I’ve been asked before… I have the HP – ENVY Desktop – Intel Core i5 – 12GB Memory – 2TB Hard Drive with these specs (I just copy/pasted from the place I bought it from):

      Intel® 4th Generation Core™ i5 (Also known as the CPU). The part of the computer that interprets and executes instructions. Think of it as the brain of the computer.

      Processor Speed
      3.1GHz How fast a computer processor carries out instructions. In general, faster is better, but processor speeds across brands may not be equivalent (i.e., a 3.0GHz AMD processor may not be the same speed as a 3.0GHz Intel processor).

      Cache Memory
      6MB A small segment of memory that stores frequently used information for fast access by the processor, improving response time.

      System Memory (RAM)
      12GB The memory a computer uses to run its operating system, applications and active data files. Greater amounts of RAM improve speed and enable more applications to run at once.

      System Memory (RAM) Expandable To
      16GB Maximum amount of memory a computer can support (as opposed to the amount that comes preinstalled).

      Type of Memory (RAM)
      DDR3 SDRAM

      Intel® HD Graphics 4600 Type of graphics (video) adapter (usually built into the motherboard), identified by manufacturer and model.

      Video Memory
      Up to 1792MB (total available as allocated by Windows 8) Manages display functions, including screen refresh rates, resolution and color. The more video memory a computer has, the better graphics and video will look.

      High-definition with up to 5.1-channel surround sound capabilities; Beats Audio


      Network Card
      Built-in 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet LAN Allows a computer to connect to a network either by using cables (Ethernet) or wireless technology (IEEE 802.11).

      Wireless Networking
      Built-in 802.11b/g/n wireless LAN

      Recordable DVD Drive
      Yes, double-layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive that can read CDs and DVDs, as well as write and rewrite CDs and various types of DVDs.

      Recordable DVD Drive Speeds
      8x DVD+R DL; 8x DVD-R DL; 16x8x16 DVD+RW; 16x6x16 DVD-RW; 5x DVD-RAM; 40x24x40 CD-RW Maximum write (DVD±R), rewrite (DVD±RW) and read (DVD-ROM) speeds of the DVD±RW drive.

      Direct-Disc Labeling

      Digital Media Reader or Slots
      Yes, digital media card reader

      Available Expansion Bays
      Internal: 1 (2.5″)

      Available Expansion Slots
      3 PCI Express x1, 1 PCI Express x16 For digital cameras and digital audio players: Slots that allow the addition of a removable memory card, such as Secure Digital or CompactFlash, to increase storage capacity.
      For computers: Slots on the motherboard that accept sound cards, video cards, memory and other upgrade cards.

      USB 2.0 Ports
      4 USB 3.0 (2 top, 2 rear); 8 USB 2.0 (4 front, 4 rear) Ports that allow high-speed (up to 480 Mbps) data transfer between compatible devices.

      Operating System Platform

      Operating System
      Windows 8.1

      Operating System Bit Version
      64-bit The terms “32-bit” and “64-bit” refer to the way a computer’s processor (CPU) handles information. A 64-bit operating system handles large amounts of system memory (RAM) more effectively than a 32-bit system.

      Graphics Chip

      Drive Capacity

      Hard Drive Size
      2TB Capacity for storing programs, photos, video, music and other electronic information. Hard drive capacities range from a few gigabytes to several hundred.

      Hard Drive Type
      SATA (7200 rpm) Hard drives are classified based on the interface they use to connect to a computer. Common interfaces for internal hard drives include EIDE, PATA (also known as, ATA and IDE), SATA and SCSI. Common interfaces for external hard drives include USB 2.0, FireWire and eSATA.

      1. somebodysangel13

        As someone who has been looking at new computers recently, I am glad to check out someone else’s specs. Pretty high end, so much RAM! Doesn’t really explain why your game keeps crashing. But hopefully nraas mods will reduce that 🙂

      2. Heather Post author

        I’m glad it is a decent computer – I really wanted something that wouldn’t age out immediately. I need to get at least five years out of it before I can justify buying a new one. My Sims hobby is very expensive, ha ha ha.

  3. zefiewings

    Paint is a new family friend!
    I would have reset him right away…but its SO much funnier that you didn’t. 😉
    I should take my tips from you and just go with the flow more.

    The girls! SO much grumpy! D:
    I still lean towards Lavender because I want to see Horses in the story…but in my heart of hearts I know Livid is prettier AND has better traits. (Isn’t grumpy!) So I don’t know who I am going to vote for. @_@

    1. Heather Post author

      I did reset him I think, but the paint palette just stayed there, so I had to figure out how to work with it without it driving me absolutely insane.

      I love horses, I promise that the Zales will have them eventually! I like Lavender too, but more than anything else, I just want a human again. So badly. I have had enough aliens for now! I like grumpy though, they pull the best faces. ha ha ha!

  4. somebodysangel13

    Haha, I have never seen that paint glitch. Chisels and mixing bowls yes, paint palette, no. As Zefie said, it’s so much funnier that you didn’t reset him right away. Paint-infused goopy carbonara sounds yum. /sarcasm

    All the kids are so cute! I think Livid looks like a faceclone of my simself, just with green skin (though totally different personality, Heavy Sleeping Diva is about as far from me as you could get). But then, she’s the only non-alien, and after 2 alien THs, will probably get lots of votes. I think Leslie is my fave atm, but we’ll see how the older girls act as teens.

    Glad to see Samali is still endearing herself as an idiot. Other than the kids not sleeping, you’ve been doing pretty well with the points – hopefully this continues in Appaloosa Plains.

    Oh, and THANK YOU for the gift! Will definitely be trying out these new clothes when I fix up my laptop. I’m considering running it CC-free for a while (though with some mods, like you are now) – but atm laptop overheats before the game finishes loading 😦

    1. Heather Post author

      Yes, I was super annoyed with Paint, but I couldn’t fix him, so I just had to work with it. My favorite part is when he was snowboarding with Krypton, ha ha ha…

      I think Livid is probably a face clone of SimYou too, but HER HUMANITY! I JUST WANT THE HUMANITY! I can’t believe how many aliens I have, it’s kind of annoying to have SO MANY Sims puttering around the house 24 SimHours a day. As soon as Leslie and Levi age up, I’ll have 6 aliens. That’s six Sims I’ll never get a break from. Ugh. Only you and Livid to keep me sane, ha ha ha!

      Spoiler: I moved the house to Appaloosa Plains. I put WAY too much work into it to lose it after less than one generation. I love that house, inside and out, so I’m going to try it out there. I’ve only played a few minutes, but it seems to be working for now. I also didn’t want to lose the garden.

      And you’re most welcome! I’m sorry your laptop is being a hot mess (ha ha, I’m so clever) I hope you get back into those Simmies in no time! ❤

  5. autumnrein

    I love Liv! I think she is my favourite. She’s so beautiful! Oh, that poor girl in the snow wearing nothing but her underlooms, I think my body temperature dropped for her. Brr!! So many pass outs too. That stupid “have to have a bedtime story or I’ll die” need of the children drives me crazy. I would have so many less fails if they would just go to sleep.
    I should get that mod, I can only imagine how many things it would delete to tidy up the game. *heads over to MTS* hopefully my game won’t throw it back up.
    I’ve seen bowls and cups stuck to hands but never the painting pallet. That is too funny. Hopefully it will come off soon. Or maybe it did when he had his birthday? I do hope they eventually make it to Appaloosa Plains but I’m glad they can stay in Twinbrook for a little while longer. It sucks moving everyone to a new town and trying to get situated when you just want to play.

    1. Heather Post author

      I love Liv, I’m super attached to her, and I hope she gets voted in… but I’m okay no matter what happens. Juniper has really changed this legacy, and I love her for it – so if we keep having aliens, so be it.

      Paint did not separate himself from Krypton on his birthday – I thought it might’ve, but I was most disappointed to see it was still there.

      This was their last time spent in Twinbrook – they’re already settled in in Appaloosa Plains, so you’ll see them again before too long! ❤


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