It’s Time to Make a Move 11.2.5 (POLL)

What’s new peoples?  Ghosts in TS4!
Ha, see how funny I am…

Anyhoo, welcome to another partial installment of the Zales!  Like the title states, without even making it an entire generation, the lovely house I built and the town of Twinbrook just aren’t cooperating with me.  But like always, let’s Zale Check!

Juniper is at work, so here’s a picture of Krypton painting.
Riveting, I know.

Sam is talking to her girls, Livid and Lilac.
Aw.  I’m totally going to miss this house and the views out the windows.

Lavender is playing with her IF, blocking the fridge.
Hopefully she won’t be too much of a hindrance.

Leslie and Levi are in the swings.
Which, as you all should know by now, is where skilled toddlers live.

Good girls!  Make friends!
I love it when the siblings get along.

Hey, Juniper is home from work!
There’s the original Zalien.

This is still weird.
Just saying.

Aw, little Livid is cute eating her pie.
I love the little human girl.

I think the gnome turned on the radio.
Everyone else is asleep!  He’s our little invention gnome.  I like him.

Krypton has been painting and restarting the swings non-stop.
It is efficient and effective, but boring.  Look!  A bike!

Juniper is level nine in the culinary career track!
Look at her all cute and chefly and rocking.  She’s really accomplished a lot in her lifetime!

I was watching Krypton paint, and I started hearing shouts of joy.
It took me a minute, but I found Liv enjoying the rocking horse.

And Lilac is also enjoying a moment of frivolity…
And is a lovely red princess.

Sam is cleaning the toilet.
I blame her stircrazy moodlet, and she’s forgotten we have a maid.  I wanted to go to the festival, but I realized I hadn’t placed the festival grounds.  Whoops.

Just for fun, I have Krypton try his hand at his first still life.
I captured an image of toddler Leslie’s head.  Looks like it’s gonna turn out great.  😐

Ha!  Riding a zebra dressed as a princess!
You go Lilac!

You’d think this house didn’t have a television.

I swear it does.
I can’t help it if the girls would rather ride their rocking horses or stare out windows.

Thank you, Samali.

Oh no, that’s not creepy at all, Krypton.

Yeah, we’ll be selling this.
*I’m afraid*

Lilac and Livid are playing tag under the full moon.  (which it is tonight!  Complete with eclipse!)
Watch out for zombies!

Krypton continues painting, and so I get to see all the stuff, I have him paint, small, medium, large, repeat.
This one pays homage to his roots.

Winter has officially arrived, and Sam is helping herself to some cake.
And about now, my game starts running REALLY poorly… It’s a struggle and it is NOT FUN.

More rocking horse fun fro Lavender.

Little Lilac is starving, but just grabs a quick fruit punch.
Looks like she might be heading out to play in the snow!

Liv has picked a LOVELY spot to play with her dolly.
That’s nasty, kid.

Krypton paints really weird stuff.
A lot of these light and squiggly lines.  Is it because he’s an alien?

I’m so bummed that I have to leave this house behind.
It looks like a winter wonderland postcard.  I just love it inside and out.  The Zales inspire me to build and I’ve loved TWO of their houses.  I’d try moving the house, but I did that with the Lucky Palms house, and it was still pretty glitchy.  I’ll make sure I save a copy.

But, it’s not all bad news!
Alright Juniper!
Juniper did it!  I’m so happy and proud of her!

She then instantly rolled this wish, and I couldn’t be happier to let her.
So there, in her fun alien outerwear, we let her retire.

Enjoy all your free time, Juniper.

And tada!
Oh man, if I forget to pack that up, I’m gonna be bummed!

Sam is very happy about the retirement.  Or the fridge.
Or herself.  ❤

Here’s sweet Sam trying to take a relaxing mudbath only to be pestered by her little ones for a bedtime story.
I can only imagine how annoying that might be, but family oriented Sam doesn’t mind.
Too sweet.

I finally get birthday pop-ups for these two…
…only two more days of life in the swing prison!

And, full on crashy crash.  I had played all the way up to that last picture in a previous session, I had only managed to get the tiniest of playing done, and BOOM.  Thankfully, nothing was really lost.

Where should the Zales move next?  Help me decide while I get a new house built for them.


21 thoughts on “It’s Time to Make a Move 11.2.5 (POLL)

  1. zefiewings

    Hey! I voted roaring heights because…well I kinda want it so I want to see it lol.
    And as far as I know those paint filters are from the genius trait. Does he have it? (I forget…)
    I am sorry your game is runny badly. Have you cleared the cash lately?

    1. Heather Post author

      I have cleared the cache pretty recently. The Lightnings were in Roaring Heights for awhile… if you want to see some of it. I think the town is “okay” but it seems to run well. Thanks for the vote!

  2. somebodysangel13

    I’m having fun with the paintings, too, with Jess Rourke. Don’t get to see them too often when at the low level skills.

    The girls are all so cute; Livid looks scarily like me, albeit with green skin; but I do love her. And I have noticed that about the rocking horses too, kids are addicted to them! Especially evil and brave sims, for some reason.

    It’s weird that you have so many issues, given the mod-free game. Maybe something small like Overwatch or Errortrap might help? I have found those two help my game run a *lot* smoother.

    Sucks about the house…though I do love watching your house tours, so not completely devastated. I vote for Hidden Springs; there are some great genepools in there, and it’s a nice mix of pretty and functional. If you marry in Liam O’Dourke we could get some red hair into the Zales!

    1. Heather Post author

      I’ve never even mastered the painting skill before, so I’m pretty excited about what I’m seeing. I think he’s only level 5 or something. I’ve also found that loner children are drawn to the rocking horses.

      Yes, I should probably get a mod like that. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t know how. 😦

      I like Hidden Springs too. I think that’s where the Lightnings live right now. It’s a lovely town. And we definitely need some red hair!

  3. autumnrein

    Krypton’s paintings are turning out really cool. He’s really “developed his own style” as it were lol. I am glad you sold the photo of the baby, that one was pretty freaky. Like something out of a horror movies involving a demon child with the power to control bees and her body is like a hive to them *shudders*. And yea, I just made all that up unless there really is a movie like that out there. Nothing would surprise me. I was torn between Moonlight Falls and Appaloosa Plains, but just to be different I picked Moonlight falls. Can’t wait for another chapter!

    1. Heather Post author

      I agree, Krypton’s paintings seem to be unique to him. Which I’m sure isn’t true, but it seems that way! I thought the demon baby looked like a hive too! Although I didn’t take it quite as far as you did, ha ha ha. And you’re right, I wouldn’t be surprised if there already was a demon baby beehive movie.

      I love Appaloosa Plains, and it’s what I voted for. I don’t think I’ve ever played with Moonlight Falls. I’m looking forward to getting some playtime in too! And get Levi and Leslie aged up to children!

  4. btaylor7409

    Oh look an update even if it is only a partial one. Those kids are so great looking I can’t wait for them to get older and really shine. I voted for Hidden Springs because it is just so pretty there. It really sucks you will lose the house and I sure hope you can come up with another just as nice.

    1. Heather Post author

      I love the kids too, although someday I hope to return to flesh colored Sims, and not green ones. Hidden Springs IS lovely!

      We’ll see about the house, I have a design in mind that might work. 🙂

      1. btaylor7409

        Oh I’m sure you are. This is 3 generations that are green I’d be more than ready for something different/normal.

        I hope it works then!

  5. pinkfiend1

    Those paint filters are just weird sometimes.
    Try building a smaller house this time, or at least on a smaller lot size. Size really does matter when trying to not get glitched.

  6. Susan

    I don’t suppose you’ve tried the resetsim * cheat? Sometimes that helps if the problem is routing in the town. Stuff like that can build up.

    You may already know that kind of thing, but I thought I’d mention it :). I hate that you keep losing your houses.

    1. Heather Post author

      Yeah, the resetsim * was definitely helping – but I was having to do it pretty frequently, and then it felt like cheating, since it jumped all the Zales needs way up…

      1. Susan

        Yeah, you know, I really wish there was a variant of that command that left the active family alone. If I think any of my actives are the problem, I’ll reset them by name.

  7. plumbawesim

    Aw I’m sorry your game is lagging so badly 😦 the Twinbrook house is lovely. My vote went to Hidden Springs but whichever one wins I won’t be too disappointed 😉

    The geometric painting looks so creepy! Glad you sold it haha.

    Can’t wait to see the toddlers grown up! ❤

    1. Heather Post author

      I know! I’m so bummed it’s not functioning very well. I’m not too worried about which wins either… and wasn’t that painting the worst?!? I also cannot wait to see them grown up! And the children as teenagers! There’s lots happening if I can ever get it working!

  8. Voguishstorm

    So frustrating when the game starts glitching. Even after watching videos and looking up stuff, it’s never quite good enough. 😦 I hope if you ever find a magical unicorn solution, share it PLEASE 😛

    P.S How do you take screenshots with the UI? Do you play in windowed mode? The only way I got is a print screen and it’s not so efficient.

    1. Heather Post author

      I wish I’d found such a solution. However, I *did* discover that an upgrade to my computer’s hardware, as well as disconnecting my internet connection has helped significantly!

      I technically play in windowed mode, but my window fills all of my screen except the task bar. This allows me to the “Snipping Tool”. I can then take snip-its of my screen. It’s a little trickier to catch mouse-overs, but the keyboard shortcut is Alt+N (for new) then R (for rectangle) and that is what allows me to capture moodlet captions, etc.

      If you want more instruction, let me know!


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