The Zale House is Full (of Glitches!) 11.2

Hi!  Welcome to the Zany Zales!  Let’s dig right in!

Zale Check!  Juniper is standing around, getting ready to restore her brain power.

Krypton, our TH – is right where we left him.

Sam is resting after giving birth to the triplets.
I don’t blame her!

Keiko is standing outside with the laundry gnome.
She has “zombie attack” in her queue.

And here we have Livid, Lavender and Lilac!Screenshot-5
Aw.  My little pink burritos.

Hurry!  Before the swings stop!

Looks like the girls are in good hands.
For now.

Aha!  What have we here?
This is not a “cheat” baby (from sauna woohoo) but a pregnancy from good ol’ fashioned shower woohoo.

Lavender takes the lead as an early favorite.
Although there are two other babies to watch Lav is the only one anyone’s showing any interest in.

She’s also the only one awake?  Not sure if that matters.
Boop.  Parenting completed.

It’s a birthday!
Not the much anticipated triplet toddler birthday, but Keiko’s YA!

Hey, that ugly girl Pansy is here.  And hang in there Krypton, you can have a slice of cake in a moment.
Sam cheers for her sister-in-law… I personally just want her out of the house.

I cannot believe the horrors that The Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy is responsible for.

Keiko rolls kleptomaniac joining loves the cold, genius, absent-minded and easily impressed.
Isn’t she lovely?

See ya Keiko!
HEY!  I didn’t give you that hair.  Oh well, toodles.

HEY PANSY!  What the heck are you doing?
Put the baby back in the swing.

You moron, she was just fine where she was.

OOOoooh, I see… you’re not just ugly…
You’re evil too.

Krypton:  You ugly, get outta my house.
*Pretends they didn’t just politely wave goodbye*
Pansy: Someone should shut up that baby.

Poor Liv… there there little peanut.
Krypton will make it alright.

Sam wakes up around 1:00am to pop into pregnancy stage one!
Both her and her husband instantly roll wishes for a girl.  Well, I hope it’s a boy, so there.

I decide to let Sam try her hand at parenting and stop having Krypton restart the swings.  We’ll see how it goes!
She’s family oriented, so I’m sure it’ll be great!

Sam: I think this delicate bundle of baby should swing EXTRA FAST!
Poor Lilac.  Sam, this is not a good start.

We have guests!  Anne-Marie, Kasidy and Kahless!

We have cakes!
It’s time to meet those triplets!

Krypton takes Livid, Sam takes Lavender…and someone is crying.  I’d assume it’s Lilac, since she’s left behind.
Anne-Marie is ROCKING out over there by the stereo.

Keiko shows up and cheers, Livid has blown out her candle, and Juniper has gone up to get Lilac.
I like how Sam, Juniper and Krypton all had the highest relationship with a different triplet.

Hurry up, Juniper!
We’re ready to meet the girls!

Lilac is first!  Throwback grandma Juniper green hair, normal eye shape, but alien in hue, the Zalien Nose Curse, nice full cheeks and lips.  What a great mix!
Her favorite color is purple (how fitting!) and she’s disciplined and easily impressed.

Livid!  She likes grey and is a neurotic heavy sleeper.  NORMAL EYES AND NOSE!
I’m so excited!

Lastly, Lavender!  She’s much like her sister Lilac, with the green hair, normal eye shape in alien black, but she has a nice proper nose!  She also likes purple (I swear, I had no influence over that!) and is a cold loving couch potato.

… …
And I don’t have a picture.  CRAP!  Oh well, you’ll see her as this post progresses, I guess.  Mega-fail on my part.  Sorry about that!  But I just couldn’t be happier with all three of the girls.

Krypton gets little Lilac in the walker.
A starving Livid in the playpen…
But no time for Lavender because…

There’s your first glimpse of Lavender, and you can’t even see her little face!

Off to the hospital!

It’s a BOY!
And a GIRL!

They’re both green (again) but I’m stoked!  I have FOUR girls to poll for heir poll, I’ve met my Boy/Girl challenge, AND Sam will complete her LTW of raising 5 babies to teenager.
The boy is Levi – he’s eccentric and athletic.
The girl is Leslie – she’s grumpy and disciplined.

By the time Sam and Krypton get back from the hospital, the triplets are a mess.
It’s a real struggle to just get everyone to STOP (hey look, it’s Lav!) and just let Krypton take care of everything.

STOP putting the babies in the highchair.
I finally realized it was my fault for putting this in the dining room, and I eventually move it up near the nursery.

Just let Krypton fix things.
There there, Liv.  Daddy’s home.

And he knows best!

Beware the claw!

Alright Sam, I’m watching you – please don’t turn the swings on “fast”.
Note:  See that painting Krypton is in the middle of?  He’s used that same block-style MANY times.  Interesting.

For a few brief moments, all five children are taken care of and happy.
Lav and Lil.


And Leslie and Levi.
We have peace.

Now paint my pet.
There is much work to be done!

Dang it Sam!  “Feed on floor” is a perfectly fine option.
Apparently I haven’t moved that thing yet.

Um, Lavender?  Are you okay?

So… that’s not good.
Krypton?  Little help?

Dang, you’re busy potty training Lilac.
Hang in there, Lav – He’s going to save you next.

All fixed.  Well that was alarming.

Parenting is hard.
Krypton and I working very hard with these little munchkins.

Let’s see if Liv has a better adventure with the walker than her sister.
Note:  It was fine this time.

Two down, one to go!

How cute are the girls?
Answer:  Very cute.

Juniper just got promoted!
Only ONE MORE to go!

Look at all that nasty floor potty.
Trying to train up triplets will do that to you.  I like how the invention gnome is very carefully NOT touching the mess.

Maid:  Looks like I’m done here!  *Plops garbage on floor* -$125.00

Nice work Sam…
You broke it!

It’s not like Krypton doesn’t have fifty million other things to do…
…single-handedly raising your FIVE children.

Aw, look at this cute painting Krypton made?
It’s the first one he’s painted that I’ve kept.

Oh Lavender… why is it always you?
Is it because I missed your CAS shot?

Whoa, look what Juniper made!
It’s a flaming angel food cake!

Just so happens Krypton is hungry!
He got a cute “warm fuzzies” moodlet for 2 hours.

Aw, too adorable.
These two played in here so long, they’re best friends.

This stupid skill is taking FOREVER.
I’m sure it has nothing to do with the constant interruptions of five children.

It’s not for the triplets, however.

It’s Leslie’s birthday!

Juniper’s too!

And of course little Levi!

Here’s Leslie!  Alien colored eyes, normal shaped, dark hair and a proper nose!
Leslie likes Irish green.

Our Levi has taken on more of his mom’s face shape, but Krypton’s facial features.
His favorite color is regular green.

Juniper would NEVER change her hairstyle, so here she is!
A slightly more conservative outfit.  I think she looks adorable.

Uh… Juniper?
Good heavens my Zales are glitchy today.
Juniper: *Scratches butt with armpit cake*

Speaking of glitches, how many can you count in this picture?
I see two.  Liv’s invisible IF, and Lil playing INSIDE the block table.

Alright Livid, five toddlers is hard enough without you crying for no reason.
Do cease, please?

One down!
Cutie patootie Levi!

Juniper is an adorably doting grandmother.
She’s also very helpful!

Sam DOES still live here.
She’s mopping up potty, it’s very helpful.

You have no idea how difficult this was:
As soon as Krypton would get one put in, Sam or Jupiter would take them out, or put it on fast, or go in for a tickle attack, or stand in the way, or just INTERFERE.  So, left to right, Lilac, Levi, Livid, Leslie, and Lavender.  I present, generation L!

I started calling it the “assembly line” in my head while playing…
Sam is actually helping this time.

It’s birthday time again!  The “Purple Triplets” are ready to become children!
Aw, super cute:

Livid rolls diva, joining heavy sleeper and neurotic.  I give her a little subtle make-up to suit her diva trait.

Lavender adds equestrian to couch potato and loves the cold.  She gets to wear a cowgirl hat and boots!

Lilac rolls animal lover to go with easily impressed and disciplined.  The tiny Zale Nose Curse looks terrible on a rounder face.
But I just love all three of them. ❤

Liv’s first act outside of the swing is to break the dishwasher.
Thanks heaps.

Lil and Lav just eat cake like normal little girls.

Except nice…
Try not to stay there too long, you’re blocking the fridge!

And with that – the parenting/painting nook heads for simpler times.

At least…
Until the bedtime story madness begins!

And that’s it for this post!  Do join us again soon, won’t you?  Until then, HAPPY SIMMING!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  34 (-170)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  32 (+160)
Twin Births + 10:  9 (+90)
Triplet Birth +15:  2 (+30)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 7 (+280)
Honor Roll +5:  11 (+55)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  10 (+100) (Keiko was the last of the K’s)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +445

27 thoughts on “The Zale House is Full (of Glitches!) 11.2

  1. pinkfiend1

    Awww. You admitted it was cheating. That really made me laugh actually.
    I’m not sure which nose is worse, the thin alien or the large regular one. I suppose there is the hope they will grow into the regular one.
    The kids do all look kinda cute though. Any of them have the alien needs or has that been eradicated?

    1. Heather Post author

      I know they’ll grow into that nose, it’s Sam’s and she’s cute as can be. I can’t tell if any of them are aliens yet. Doesn’t show up until their teen birthday if they have brain powers. I’ve been meaning to listen closely to voices. I think that’s a pretty good giveaway.

  2. plumbawesim

    So many babies and toddlers at once! I don’t know how you did it. Now that the girls are children though I guess Krypton will have an easier time caring for the little ones 🙂 I was hoping that at least one of the kids would be flesh colored and not green but oh well. They’re all cute anyways! Are you sick of Zaliens yet?

    I think Juniper is going to make it to the end of the culinary career! That fridge will be yours before you know it!!!!

    It’s so nice to see Anne-Marie here and there in your game 😀 she looks like she is having a great time ❤

    Hope your next play will have less glitches! (Although I will admit that they are pretty funny from a reader's perspective :D)

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m finally fully grateful that the aliens don’t sleep! But Krypton was ran pretty ragged. I too, was hoping for a flesh-toned kid. They’re almost gray, it’s weird. They are super cute, and I am enjoying the “breed out the alien” that we’re doing right now, but yes – I’m pretty sick of them.

      I think Juniper is too! I’m so excited!

      I’m enjoying Anne-Marie as well, I’m always happy when I see her.

      At least the glitches weren’t causing serious problems. Remember when Gwen glitched in the walker when the Zales lived in Monte Vista? That was insane.

  3. somebodysangel13

    Yay, babies! I love all the toddler stuff – my LTW is perfectly chosen, I always love sim kids.

    That’s so great that all three triplets have a favourite parental figure. I can never get that in my game, so never get the cool multiple cake shots.

    I’m pretty sure that alien eyes = alien. Which is annoying, but I do like how my rounded face has mixed with Juniper/Kryptons more angular one. Early favourite is Livid due to the real eyes – and upon a second look, I think she’s almost a face clone of me, just with the green skin.

    And hey, did any of the Ls get Juniper’s pointed ears? I don’t think any of the girls did, maybe Levi? It would be sad if that got bred out, the pointy ears are cute.

    1. Heather Post author

      It’s the only LTW I can get non-TH’s to achieve, so I’m always a fan! I was very fortunate with the relationships for all three triplets.

      Ah! Alien eyes equals alien! I’ll have to remember that one! We’ll see with all the kids, that would mean that only Livid isn’t an alien! SERIOUSLY? They’re only 1/4th alien anymore, it shouldn’t be that strong! Although, if Krypton is an alien, they’d be half alien… but you know what I mean…

      I haven’t noticed any pointy ears, I’ll have to check!

  4. autumnrein

    Aww! I think I like Livid the best so far. She has a lot of her mom’s genetics but still has a few traces of her dad. I can’t wait to see what the triplets look like as teens. I bet they’re all going to be adorable. Poor Levi won’t have a chance at heir but there are still some pretty awesome girls to choose from.
    Juniper made a very graceful elder as well. I hope she can get a promotion before it’s time to pass away. I’m rooting for her!
    And prop to Krypton for being such an awesome one man army, painter, and child rearer! He is truly fantastic! At least Sam gave it a shot, even if she did almost make everyone motion sick from having the swings on high lol. How is it coming with the Sims 4? Have you been able to play much? Did you get chance to upload those Zales yet?

    1. Heather Post author

      I like Livid the best too, now that I know she’s the only human. I can’t wait to see the triplets as teens too! I know Levi doesn’t stand a chance, but he still holds a special place in this legacy, as he helped me reach the “at least one child of each gender” rule. I agree that Juniper made a graceful elder, but her transition to full on adulthood was super intense, LOL.

      I just started a new family in TS4, I’ve only played the game twice now, and I’ve never had a girl be born. I do like it, it’s fun, but it isn’t TS3 ❤ I can't wait for some expansions. I haven't uploaded those Zales yet… I'll make a post when I do, and I'll try to do it soon!

      1. autumnrein

        Take your time! I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss them after you took the time to upload them. I read that the TS3 site is already starting to shut down the forums :(. I wish they wouldn’t abandon it completely but life must go on I guess.

      2. Heather Post author

        Gasp! That means I bet they’ll shut down the exchange eventually! How will I share my Sims! I’ll have to learn another way! *gasp*

      3. autumnrein

        I’ve had really good luck with mediafire. Have you ever tried that? They better let me buy the bohemian fruits and nutts and the bakers station and the tea set before the shut down! I will go all crazy on their asses lol!

  5. zefiewings

    Interestingly enough I liked Lilac best as a toddler because the tiny noes is not so prominent then as kids…I don’t know yet. But I like Lavender’s traits better so far I think. I find Diva more tolerable in a man sim for some reason and it might be fun to do horses with the Zales. We’ve done cats and dogs so far its time for the big pets!

    1. Heather Post author

      I agree, I prefer the “diva” trait on men as well. I also think it’s time for a horse! I love TS3 horses, and the Zales absolutely need one, one of these days!

  6. Sammy-Sama

    I love all the kids, when the triplets were toddlers, I think Lilac was my favorite. Those alien features are just so cute on toddlers, I love them haha. I think as they age, I’m liking Livid more, only because her features fit better with her face shape. I’ll know for sure when they’re teens.
    The twins however, I already have a bit of favoritism for Levi, because I named my sim!self’s son Levi in my Sims 4 ISBI haha. They’re both super adorable though. I can’t wait to see them as children :D.
    Hopefully the glitches get better soon!

    1. Heather Post author

      I knew I’d read the name Levi not that long ago, but I’ve always loved it. I had a lizard named Levi once when I was like, 10. I don’t mind the alien features on toddlers either, but since I know how horribly they turn out, well – it’s just I’ve had enough of NO nose.

      I love all the kids too, however. My whole Riverview is glitchy… and I just finished that damned house… GRR.

      1. Sammy-Sama

        Scoop up the house and plop it somewhere else 😀
        Apparently the name Levi is a popular name right now, I found it on a baby naming website and it’s also the name of a character in Attack on Titan. It’s a pretty sweet name.
        I agree with the no nose, it’s cute for a few toddler days and then as kids/teens/adults it gets really old. Hopefully someone with a nose wins heir! 😀

  7. phyrcracker93

    Wow… 5 kids already! I’m not sure which girl I like the best… I just know that I’m not a big fan if the Zalien nose… I think it might take me until they are all teens before I might be able to choose, cuz that’s when you can really see the genetics.

    And thank heavens that Keiko is gone… she had a very… interesting face… XD

    And hey! Completely random… but if you wanted to find more simselves, you could always download mine… he’s in the downloads page of my isbi… but that’s all up to you…

    Anyway! Great chapter!

    1. Heather Post author

      I know! I’m not a fan of the Zalien nose either, but it’s definitely best to wait until teenagedom to REALLY pick a favorite.

      Oh man, that Keiko… scariest creature ever.

      I’m a n00b, and I don’t know how to download Sims that aren’t on the exchange. (or upload for that matter) I tried to follows some instructions I googled once, and that didn’t go well.

      1. phyrcracker93

        It’s actually fairly simple. *cracks knuckles* All depends if you have sims saved to your library in CAS.

        If you do, then in documents>electronic arts>sims3 there should be a folder titled SavedSims. You just move all the .sim files there… And the person should end up in your sims library in CAS…

      2. Heather Post author

        Hmm… sounds simple enough… I are skeered. Alright, I’ll give it a try, and try to get you and Pink in my game. NO PROMISES.

  8. gryffindork7

    SO MANY TODDLERS!! You seem to be pretty good at managing them though. I could only dream of rallying the six kids of Gen 2 into an assembly line… and mine isn’t even an ISBI! 😛

    Anyway, hi, I’m back to get caught up on the Zales! 😀 I’m avoiding the table of contents so that I can be surprised by the heir results — so far, I really like Livid. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the triplets’ personalities!

    1. Heather Post author

      I’m so happy to see you reading again! I had no idea you were so far behind, ha! You’re in for lots more adventures. If you catch up, you’ll be able to vote for Gen N TH! No rush though, I haven’t played them recently and the options are still teens.

      1. gryffindork7

        Haha yep, I’ve been slacking pretty hard. (Well, you know, trying to graduate and stuff. :P) Hopefully I’ll catch up in time!!

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