Zaliens, The Garden, and HEIR POLL 10.4

Yup!  You read that right!  By the time you reach the end of this post, it’s HEIR POLL TIME!  Last time, on The Zale Family ISBI – Alphabetcy my little family got all settled in Twinboork, Tahiya died, and Juniper finally started going to work, hopefully to get me that fancy fridge that prevents food from spoiling.  This time…

Having begun all the recent Zale checks with Tahiya it is strange to begin with Ike – who is just standing around about to head to bed.
Hi Ike 🙂

Juniper is about to complete mopping up the puddle from the previously broken dishwasher.
I really like the way their new kitchen turned out.

Krypton is reading a book, and Kasidy has just finished some cake.

Kira is outside with her eldest sibling as well.
So many alien faces!

Kahless is asleep in his boat bed.
With his adorable “Under the Sea” bedding.

And lastly we have Keiko.
Off to read about the Adventures of Raymundo.

We’re just killing time for birthdays now – waiting for the Kahless to age up so we can have an heir poll.  Enjoy all the filler.

I tempt fate and have Juniper eat a magic jelly bean.
She gets a Lucky moodlet for 24 hours.  I’ll say we were lucky indeed!

Then I have her go fishing so we can have lots of decent fertilizer for the garden!
Twinbrook is so swampy!  I like it though.

I bought some random skill objects for the basement, Juniper instantly rolled a wish to discover a potion.

It went well.
We kept at it, however, and she learned how to make a bladder flow potion.  Gross.  I sold it.  I *should* have thrown it at Keiko, just because.  But fails count!

Krypton and Keiko are hungry.
And I caught Keiko bein’ a genie!

Juniper needs to restore her brain power.  I told her to do it, be she picked the spot!
I think it’s a fantastic spot!  By the koiless pond.

Juniper and Ike were away at work, so I thought I’d check in with the kids.
Krypton and Kira are watching Krypton’s fish.  Although they’ve both aged out of needing a bedroom, since they don’t sleep, they still have designated rooms.  I assume we’ll get NON-Aliens eventually, and I’ll be able to use the rooms again.

Kasidy is about to use the restroom.
Sorry for the interruption.  Are your ankles okay?

Kahless is in the shower, and Keiko is on her way for a shower.
I didn’t want to take a picture of showering Kahless, so here’s Keiko in the hall.  Boring!

Neurotic Sims are funny.
Krypton checking the fireplace.  Juniper has fireproof homestead, so I’m not worried.  I love the fireplaces.

Ike here is 94 days old.
Hi cutie.

Then – just after checking on Ike, while Juniper was out collecting seeds…
…farewell Ike.  He broke the shower too.  Awesome.

His death went unnoticed by the household.
And Grim came, urned, and left without any fanfare.  He did spare a wisp of a thought for the broken shower, however.

Although the children had better things to do…
…(Stupid rocking chair) they all get the mourning moodlet.  Fare thee well, Ike Zale.  Thanks for getting pregnant by an alien.  😐

Meanwhile, Juniper is clumsy, and I finally caught it on camera.
Whoopsy doodle!  She looks terrified.  Or furious?

Juniper’s been working hard.
And she has quite the little garden going!

I was impatiently awaiting Juniper’s exit from work, and I saw all the interesting faces of Twinbrook!
I’m excited to see who the TH is so we can start getting our hands on these fine, fine genetics!

Juniper has business in the graveyard tonight.
Spooky, foggy, rainy graveyard!

Ike and Tahiya are laid to rest next to Helen, Ramon and Imogene.

Back at the house… something is broken!
And why on earth is Kasidy in her swimwear?  There is nothing on this lot that would make her change… is she insane and I forgot?  Or maybe she just doesn’t want to drown in the puddles.

Juniper gets home and starts on laundry duty.
I really wish the maids did laundry.  They’ll pick up floor piles, and move the laundry from one machine to the other, but they never empty the laundry baskets!

Hey!  We found the Zales first new gnome!
I haven’t named it.

Kira and Krypton get home and immediately do their homework.
They’re so studious!

Kasidy had an after school activity, so she was the last to arrive home.
Bored yet?  Ugh me too.  This post is lame.


Little Kahless is cute…
Until this.
But we only have 6 more hours of it!

Six long hours…
Yes yes, tragic.

I’m going to have Juniper look through her children’s favorite foods and prepare them.  Krypton, being the eldest, gets his favorite made first.
Porcini risotto.  Like a boss.

Um… yum?
That looks terrible.

Hmm, Kira likes stir-fry and Juniper doesn’t know that recipe.  Damn.  But Kasidy gets grilled salmon.
Even though we don’t use the grill.

Aww look!  She even came and got some!

Although I’m not sure how “grilled” it was… more of a pan sear…

With Krypton, Juniper’s first born, only seven days from Young Adulthood, I age up Juniper, who still had 11 days until her Adult birthday.

She becomes a slightly more wrinkly Zalien.
Most of her children cared.

Mom and son table tennis!
They’re both terrible.

I checked to see if maybe Stir-fry was a lunch menu item, but nope, Juniper just doesn’t know that recipe.  She must not have acquired it while in China.
I have her make a cheesesteak instead, because it sounded freakin’ delicious to me.

Juniper has to head off to work soon, but it’s Kahless’ birthday!  I buy a cake, and I’ll try to have Juniper trigger it from work.
She won’t be there, but that’s okay!

It worked!
I was so pleased!  I will have to remember this.  With Juniper selected, I was able to click the cake, and have Kahless blow out the candles.  It totally triggered the party!

All but Kasidy show up to cheer.
Even if Krypton is having dooring issues.

Oops, I lied!  Kasidy was too there!  Just out of camera angle!
How cute, a little Sibling birthday party.

Kahless rolls great kisser to join dog person, clumsy and loner.
He’s freakin’ adorable and I love him.  He’s full on alien with Brain Power.

There are four teenage aliens in this house, that’s a lot of not sleeping.
I never realized how much I enjoyed the break of a Sim asleep.  It was just one more you didn’t have to worry about for a few minutes… but they just don’t sleep.  I hope they use their powers for good instead of failing.

Only one member of this house still needs to sleep.
In fact, she needs to sleep right about now!

I meant to share a picture of our little genie’s bedroom.
I tried to make it genie themed.  A spice brown loving genie, that is.  It isn’t perfect, but I really like it.

I have Juniper watch some cooking channel to try to learn the recipe for stir-fry without travelling.
It doesn’t work, but…

…she asks all her little Zaliens to join her.
I must say, I’m finally used to these faces… and voices.

Keiko’s favorite food is pancakes.
So Juniper whips up a batch.

Kahless loves vegetarian fish and chips, but we can’t make that until dinner time.  So garden interlude!  There’s a few “Special” plants in there, I’m excited to see what they are!
With all Juniper’s free time, it’s not even that much work to keep it going.  Gives her and I something to do!  I’m going to be bummed when the season changes…

The first time I’ve seen one of the children restore their brain power.
This I am still not used to.

I then got a pop up that Kira Nerys was behaving inappropriately… I track her down at the Greenwood’s house…
…Also restoring her brain power.
Although hers looks a bit more like Butt Power.

Juniper enjoys playing ping pong with her sons.
A match with Kahless this time.  She’s still terrible – Kahless a little less so.

Speaking of Kahless, it’s dinner time, so vegetarian fish and chips are on the menu.

And a batch of Juniper’s favorite too.
Good ol’ mac and cheese.  Everyone but poor little Kira Nerys gets to enjoy their favorite food.  Damn.

I bought a bunch of tablets and drug one into each of the kids’ inventory.  Kasidy is listening to a writing tabcast.
I approve!

Fail Alert.
Thanks Keiko.  -5

Juniper caught a salmon while fertilizer fishing, and rolled a wish to grill it.  I decided hey, why not?
And I make her actually GRILL it too!

With absolutely nothing to do, I decide to see if the alien can get a sun tan.
Maybe like this?
She did not get a tan.

But now the kids are home!  And it’s someone’s birthday!
The last born child is joining her sibling in teenagehood.

Keiko had easily impressed locked in, joining absent-minded, genius and loves the cold.
I spent a lot of time on her look, and I think she turned out kinda cute.  Weird.

Man, the house is Juniper and FIVE teenagers!
You can see all of them in this picture.  Kasidy and Kahless are inside.

Krypton made honor roll!
Krypton Honor Student
He cancels out Keiko’s pass out fail.  +5

Juniper and Keiko rolled the teach to drive/learn to drive wishes.  So we’re off in the motive mobile!
I assigned Keiko Flora’s old pink car after completing the skill.  Not that she’ll use it, but still kind of fun.

Look what I found in the garden!?
It’s my first ever money tree in all my playing history!  I’m so excited!

It’s leisure day, so I have the Zales sit around the fire pit and roast marshmallows.
Don’t mind Juniper there, she’s just a little burned from playing a little too close.

Keiko’s catches on fire!

Then Kahless’ does too!

Holy crap, look at this face…
What?  The?  Hell?  She may be a genie that looks like an alien, but that face is ALARMING.

Kira manages to eat her marshmallows without looking like a monster.

She’s ALSO stabbing herself through the cheek.  Perhaps that is the reason for the incredibly alarming face.

I decide it’s finally time to scrap Tahiya’s painting.
Juniper is going to take up art.

The entire crew has gathered to watch Saturday morning TV.
Cute 🙂

These two are best friends!

These two are leaning towards enemies.
Kira thinks Kasidy is really boring, and their relationship is about half way down the red side.

Mean-spirited Kira Nerys is about to scare her brother.

Careful Krypton!  She’s right behind you!

I tried to warn you, buddy.

This face found that entirely far too entertaining.
She just walked away laughing – it was ridiculous.

Looks fun – sort of.
Screenshot-92Foosball is far more fun with a friend.

THEN:  My game started lagging incredibly bad!  I considered taking the generation 11 TH and just leaving EVERYTHING behind, and starting over – but then I googled, watched a couple YouTube videos, and surprisingly enough, I found solutions!  Game is running great!

Family game night!
Well, for four of them anyway.  Juniper had a wish locked in to play a game with Keiko, this did not grant that wish.

The two that didn’t get to play start bickering.
I guess they felt left out?

Mother daughter chess time!
This actually managed to grant that wish.

Outside, I discover a life fruit plant!
Life Plant
I’m so excited!  Now I want Juniper to catch a death fish so she can make ambrosia!  Just because.  She’s not going to eat it or anything.

Juniper is very slowly moving up the career that I wanted to acquire the awesome fridge.
I’m worried we will not be successful, since a new TH is inevitable.

This lovely Sim is Parker Prudence, he came home with Kira Nerys.
He sits alone with his chaotic eyebrows and does his homework.

I had Juniper out fishing, working towards that death fish, and the pond froze over!  Damn!  Oh well, there’s laundry to be done at home.
Next best thing… (Not at all)

I decide to have Juniper invite her boss over and work on a promotion the sneaky way.
They had a pretty good relationship already, but Juniper learns she’s eco friendly!

So next to her bitchin’ garden, she asks the big question!

She says yes!
And Juniper becomes a pastry chef!  I’m not sure which level that is, but progress!

I investigate the garden a little further and discover a flame fruit and another death flower!
I love the moodlet that carrying around a flame fruit gives.

Whoops!  It’s Krypton’s YA birthday!  This is an important day and I missed it all distracted by Juniper’s career!
Happy birthday Krypton!

He rolls hopeless romantic to go with eccentric, genius, athletic and neurotic.  He takes on the Descendent of Da Vinci LTW and wants to master painting, inventing, and sculpting!
And he’s adorable.

Kahless Trait Krypton Trait

I like them both, just fine, so vote however you wish!  (Not that you wouldn’t do that anyway.)

Vote here, or on!

Failing school -5:  1 (-5)
Game Sent a Service Sim -5:  81 (-40)
Passing Out -5:  34 (-170)
Self-Wetting -5:  30 (-150)
Accidental Deaths -10:  1 (-10)
Social Worker Visit -15:  0 (YAY!)
Births +5:  27 (+135)
Twin Births + 10:  8 (+80)
Triplet Birth +15:  1 (+15)
Fulfilling LTW + 40: 7 (+280)
Honor Roll +5:  10 (+50)
Randomize Traits for an Entire Generation +10:  9 (+90)
Every $100,000 +20:  6 (+120)
Spouse Tops Career +10:  3 (+30)
I Called a Repairperson -10:  4 (-40)
Repo-man -5:  1 (-5)
TOTAL: +375

17 thoughts on “Zaliens, The Garden, and HEIR POLL 10.4

  1. plumbawesim

    AHHHH who to vote for?! They’re both so great! I’m going to miss Juniper…she was a great TH! I hope she tops her career!
    Also, a tip for the garden: if you use the MOO cheat you can put walls and a roof over the plants and it’ll work as a faux greenhouse for the winter time 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      I like them both, but Kahless is my slight favorite… but I’m not really concerned with who wins, they’re both good. It took me far too long to establish that “MOO” was not some sort of cow cheat I hadn’t heard about, but was “Move Objects On”. I r smrt.

    1. Heather Post author

      Let’s see, I reset all Sims. I deleted this mountain of files buried somewhere in the game, and I set the game to run as “high priority” through the task manager. I just watched a couple youtube videos.

  2. autumnrein

    Had to vote for Krypton. He is so adorable I just love him! I can’t wait to see who he gets for a spouse. Aw, bye Ike!
    I’m pretty sure flippers is a good idea when there is a puddle. I mean you can drown in a teaspoon of water so maybe she was just being prepared. You have to be able to make it to the surface in any water situation lol. Oh those Zales, I just love them. They always make me laugh.

    1. Heather Post author

      It’s really funny, Krypton is getting all the votes here, but Kahless is getting all the votes on Boolprop. I guess devoted readers like Krypton, but at a glance viewers prefer Kahless! I also kind of prefer Kahless, ever so slightly, so hey! I’m not real fussed with who wins, but who knows! Thanks for the nice comment!

  3. Susan

    Such a hard choice! They’re both adorable! Sorry we didn’t get a genie, though ;). Keiko’s nose could stab someone to death.

    1. Heather Post author

      I like Kahless too! And yes, the entire house is nothing but scary faces! I’m really looking forward to some normal returning!

  4. somebodysangel13

    Haha, I love watching where the aliens choose to restore their brain power. So often they bypass chairs and beds for the recliners. Random coding – but at least someone favours them instead of those infernal rocking chairs, I guess?

    Lols, “fine genetics” in Twinbrook? You jest, y/y? Though an ugly spouse or two might go a bit to diluting the gorgeousness in the Zale genepool, so why not?

    That hat for the culinary career always makes me laugh. No matter what hairstyle or how long their normal hair is, it’s always stuffed under the beanie. And wow, is it just me, or did Juniper change a lot on her adult birthday? She looks way more angular and wrinkly. Just me? okay then.

    Kira Nerys and her butt power. Funnies! But Keiko’s faces are seriously scary, you’re right!

    I tied up the wordpress vote, go team Krypton! His traits are much more interesting, and I’d love to see all the sculptures he makes as TH. Kahless had boring traits – I’m trying to think what kind of LTW he could get with those. Maybe one of the animal ones, or the Heartbreaker…so not fun. So go Krypton!

    1. Heather Post author

      You know, you’re right! I haven’t seen a single alien drawn to a rocking chair! Brilliant! I think Twinbrook genetics will bring a whole dose of awesome to the Zales gene pool. Maybe we can mange to get this alien look phased out? I just hope we don’t have a bunch more Keikos!

      I actually like the culinary beanie – but I don’t understand it. If you work in a kitchen, you do not wear a stocking cap all day. Maybe it’s as close as they could get to a hair net? Or as close as they were willing to try over at EA anyway. I thought Juniper looked a lot different too. I think it’s that alien nose, when you add the lines around the mouth, she just looked – well, older!

      I like Krypton’s traits too, but dog person means we’d get some pets back up in here! Heck, maybe I’d put Kahless in the culinary track LTW, since Juniper is not real likely to succeed! Well maybe – she just needs time, her skills are great… I like Kahless’ nose better, and I’m super concerned about noses at this point, ha ha.

  5. zefiewings

    Lol maybe you need to marry someone with a huge nose!
    I really don’t know who to vote for…I like them both in different ways! But I lean towards krypton but…and I know we shouldn’t choose for this reason, but if we choose kyprton this generation is over already and I’m not sure if I am ready for that yet! -//_//- ;

    1. Heather Post author

      I agree with you, we need some giant noses! Kahless has pointy ears, AND that means I’d get more time with Juniper… but I’ve never done Descendent of Da Vinci, so that sounds fun. And I’ve NEVER done sculpting, AT ALL, so that sounds super fun… So yeah, we’ll see who wins!

  6. phyrcracker93

    I finally caught up!!! Whoo! That was so much binge reading, but I really enjoyed it! Made me laugh.

    I gotta say, I didn’t like Juniper (I keep almost calling her Jupiter) at first. But she’s pretty cool! Except for that unfortunate nose… Which all of the kids inherited… They are super teeny!

    I voted for >Kah (get it? Less than Kah? Kahless? XD Not funny? Sorry…) It was kind of hard to vote, cuz I usually take appearance into account when I vote, but it’s hard to get past the nose to differentiate their other facial features… But he has the pointy ears, which is always a bonus. And I think his eyes are less squinty… Anyway! I’m rambling! I’m happy that I finally got all caught up! Can’t wait to see what happens next with the Zaliens!

    1. Heather Post author

      Such a studious little reader! Great job getting all caught up! ❤ *I* kept almost calling her Jupiter! Even did a couple times and had to go back in and edit. And I didn't like her at first either. I'm just used to her now, and we had some fine adventures.

      I'm actually out of town this weekend, so normally there'd be an update (sometimes two!) but not this time. Maybe Sunday night. Anyhoo, thanks so much for reading! I caught up on both your blogs too! Happy Simming!


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